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Kraft Paper Pouch China Manufacturer
Kraft Paper, Rice Paper, Cloud Dragon Paper, White Board Paper, all kind of recycle paper material kraft paper pouch available. MOQ from 100pcs for a start, mainly for coffee and tea packaging.

Kraft Paper PouchPremium Custom Print, Size&Window| 100Pcs MOQ

TedPack Kraft paper pouches are made from natural Japanese Daio Paper and Canadian kraft paper that offers bags with remarkable quality. Our kraft paper pouch has a laminated interior that has a barrier or foil lining to extend its shelf life. We can offer both white, black, and brown option paper and stand up pouch, flat bottom pouch for your choice.

Besides longevity, TedPack Kraft Paper Pouches are designed to offer your products maximum barrier protection counter to odors, UV light, and moisture.

This is made possible as our bags come with resealable zippers and are airtightly sealed. Our heat-sealing option makes these pouches tamper-evident and keeps the contents safe for consumer use. You can use the following fittings to enhance the functionality of your Kraft Paper Pouches:

  • Punch Hole, Handle, All shaped of Window available.
  • Normal zipper, Pocket Zipper, Zippak zipper, and Velcro Zipper
  • Local Valve, Goglio & Wipf Valve, Tin-tie
  • Start from 100 pcs MOQ for a start, print up to 10 colors.
  • Can be printed on plastic or directly on kraft paper, paper color all available, white, black, brown options.
  • Recyclable paper, high barrier property, premium looking.

Contact us to know more about our kraft paper pouches now!

MOQ 100 Pcs by Digital Print, 10K Pcs by Gravure Print
Size70*100+30mm(Min)    300*450+120(Max)
Thickness70Mircons-200Mircons (2.5Mil-8Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, Valve, Ziplock, Spout, Tin-tie
PrintingMetallize, Vanishing, Matte Finishing, Hot-stamping

Volume (coffee)

Stand Up Pouch


5 1/10 * 8 1/4 + 1 1/5


6 3/10 * 9 + 1 1/2


7 1/2 * 10 1/5 + 1 1/3


9 1/4 * 13 1/5 + 2

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Quad Seal White Kraft Paper Pouches

Quad seal white Kraft paper pouches with block bottom have expandable sides that stretch out when filled to accommodate more content. The bag mimics a box model when filled with content. The quad seal offers exceptional durability, and the package can sit for long on the shelves. It is ideal for packing rice, oats, cookies, dried foods, herbs, seeds, and any other substance that require airtight storage. Additionally, the four side panel made of laminated Kraft paper offers ample space for hot stamping, labelling, logo and graphics imprinting.

Flat Bottom White Kraft Paper Pouches With Resealable Ziplock

Flat bottom white Kraft paper pouches with resealable ziplocks are famous because of their self-standing ability and reclosing ability. These pouches are ideal for packaging both solid and liquid products. They can be placed in a freezer because the ziplock is tight and will not allow any moisture into the bag. Lastly, flat bottom Kraft paper pouches with ziplocks are made of laminated films that ensure the product packaged is kept safe from moisture, odor, oxygen, and UV lights.

Quad Seal White Kraft Paper Pouches With Resealable Ziplock

Quad seal white kraft pouches are known for their ability to self-stand and their gussets expanding when filled. The quad white Kraft pouches have four panels that offer enough space for printing and branding. With the help of the ziplock, these packaging pouches do ensure that end product users leave their products safe after every use due to resealing. Lastly, the white Kraft paper beside the imprinting adds to your bag visibility.

White Kraft Paper Pouches With Pocket Zipper

White kraft pouches become unique and convenient when you add a pocket zipper. The zipper tightly seals your content and combined with the technology behind Kraft paper lamination; your product remains safe for an extended period. These stand up pouches are ideal for packaging coffee, potato crisps, tea, seeds, granules, nuts, and pastries. Lastly, these Kraft pouches can stand on the shelves; therefore, they are ideal for marketing.

White Kraft Paper Pouches With Transparent Window

White kraft pouches with windows are an excellent way to market your product. The transparent window allows your consumer to view the packaged product. When you combine the window feature and standing ability when filled, your products will stand out on the shelves. You can use these bags for packaging doughnuts, confectionaries, nuts, coffee, and tea.

Side Gusset White Kraft Paper Pouches

Side gusset white Kraft pouches are pouch bags with side gussets that expand to increase they product filling space. Secondly, the side gussets provide enough surface area for printing your product branding details. Since they are found in white color, it means your product visibility will always remain at the peak. But, several add-ons such as tear notches, ziplocks, degassing valves, and many others are available to ensure you’re bags are convenient for both retailers and product end users. You can use these bags to packing coffee, tea, and nuts.

250g Quad Seal Brown Kraft Paper Pouch with Resealable Ziplock

250g quad seal brown kraft paper pouches with resealable ziplocks are excellent for different product packaging. They are made of laminated films that ensure your products are safe from moisture, odor, UV lights, and oxygen. Additionally, they are fitted with a reclosable ziplock which give the customer the option to keep their remaining product after every use. Note; the 6mm thick structure ensures your products safe from tear and puncture. Lastly, the four sides offer enough panels for printing and branding, and they also expand after filling, which makes them carry the 250 grams comfortably.

500g Quad Seal Brown Kraft Paper Pouch with Resealable Ziplock

500g quad seal brown kraft pouch with resealable ziplock is perfect for product marketing because of its self-standing ability, the natural brown look, and the expandable side gussets. The bag is made of laminated films that keep your products safe for long. All the four sides are heat sealed and protect your products from moisture, contamination, and air. Best for packaging coffee, pet food, and pharmaceutical products.

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New Trending | The Plastic-free Kraft Paper Pouch

What are plastic-free kraft paper pouches? A new trending in kraft paper pouch range, due to the strict eco-friendly policy, now we present the new plastic-free kraft paper stand up pouch and flat bottom pouch products to the market.

  1. Made with 100% pure white, brown and black kraft paper;
  2. No heat seal layer like PE or PP in the pouch;
  3. Use only glue on the kraft paper replace the old plastic heat seal;
  4. Cost cheaper and MOQ start from 100 Pcs by digital;
  5. Can be printed up to 10 colors at most, flexo, gravure, and digital;
  6. Applied to all pouch types, including stand up pouch and flat bottom pouch;

This pouch is suitable for light products, especially good for garments packaging, want to know about these plastic-free products? Inquiry to TedPack now!

Kraft Paper Pouch
Kraft Paper Pouch

Why Use Flat Bottom Pouch?

The flat bottom kraft paper pouches now have been seriously decreasing cost compared to the past 10 years, if you are still using traditional stand-up pouch, as an expert in the packaging pouch industry, TedPack can tell you from the data shows flat bottom pouch are now more and more welcome in the market.

At the same time, whole products development and cost engineering are also helping buyers switch to flat bottom pouches. Do simple math on coffee bags below:

Only around 10% price difference but raised at least 50% more eye-catching opportunities, why not try the new thing maybe it is another world for your products. Contact us to quote now!

Kraft Paper Pouch: The Complete FAQ Guide

What are Kraft Paper Pouches?

Kraft Paper Pouches are types of paper-made pouches that are used for the packing of various types of products.

Ther have 3 main kraft paper options in the market, white, brown, black.

There are also have other similar kraft paper pouches using rice paper, dragon cloud paper, and more.

kraft paper pouch

 Kraft paper pouch

What are Kraft paper pouches used for?

Unlike in past times, Kraft paper pouches are now in high demand in the packaging business, and this has led many manufacturing companies like TedPack to start investing in them.

They offer a wide array of packaging options and this makes them a top choice packaging bag for various companies across many industries.

Now it is mainly used for coffee and tea packaging also can be used for other dry food and non-food products.

Is Kraft paper environmentally friendly?

A lot of manufacturing companies endeavor to treat kraft paper with some chemicals to ensure that they are environmentally friendly.

This makes kraft paper a degradable packaging material regardless of what product it is being used for.

As our information to know, at least white and brown kraft paper are eco-friendly, but black kraft paper is not.

Is Kraft paper waterproof?

There are various categories of kraft papers, there are the waterproof ones and the ones that are not waterproofed.

Tedpack makes use of waterproof kraft paper for kraft paper pouches.

Cause we normally use a plastic outer or inner layer to prevent water leakage from inside or come in from outside.

Apart from being waterproof, the kraft papers are also resistant to puncture, making them a quality packaging material for most products.

Waterproof kraft paper pouches

Waterproof kraft paper pouches

What are Kraft paper pouches properties?

The properties of kraft paper pouches depend on what material that the kraft paper pouch is used, and this is the choice of the company that needs the kraft paper for packaging.

Companies choose kraft papers based on the types of products they would use them for.

Some of the properties of Tedpack kraft paper pouches include the following:

So this can make kraft paper: light-proof, waterproof, smell/aroma proof, high resistance, and more.

If you want to reach a certain property, let us know here.

What are Kraft paper Pouches manufacturing processes?

Tedpack ensures a quality manufacturing process, and this also depends on the demands of the company that is in need of the kraft paper pouch.

A few major steps that TedPack follows for the manufacturing of kraft paper pouches include the following:

  • Demand Analysis: Here customers are to give details of kraft paper pouches that they need in terms of size, colors, and any other features needed.
  • Design and Artwork: Here the designers and sales personnel will come up with the perfect kraft paper pouch based on the previous step.
  • Start plate-making, work on gravure printing, film and kraft paper lamination, and then pouch-making, after that will ship the pouch to your hand via sea or air.

What products is Kraft Paper Pouch used for?

Kraft paper pouches are majorly used for edible food products, but some industries also use them to package other products.

Some of the products that kraft paper pouches are used to package include the following:

What are the benefits of Kraft Paper Pouch?

Kraft paper pouches are being preferred to other packaging bags and pouches because they offer a lot of benefits.

Some of the notable benefits of using kraft paper pouches include the following:

  • They keep the product fresh for a long period of time
  • They make it easy to display the products for marketing purposes
  • Kraft paper pouches are recyclable or compostable, and this saves cost for customers. This benefit also helps them reduce wastage.
  • They can be used to package a lot of products, and this makes them a flexible packaging pouch.
  • Kraft paper pouches for packaging are usually waterproof and puncture-resistant, and this makes them a durable packaging option.
  • The ability to design on the pouch makes it favorable to brands and companies for advertisement purposes.

Is Kraft Paper Pouch sealable?

Yes, kraft paper pouches are sealable after adding zippers or tin-tie, and this helps to keep the contents fresh, and away from moisture and other forms of contamination.

Can Branding and labeling be done on Kraft Paper Pouch

This depends on the customer needs of the kraft paper pouch.

TedPack is not only a company that focuses on the manufacturing of kraft paper pouches, but they also help in both branding and labeling of the pouches.

What is the weight of a Kraft Paper Pouch?

The weight of a kraft paper pouch depends on both the size of the pouch, the thickness of the pouch, and the material that is used to manufacture the pouch.

What are the additional features of Kraft Paper Pouch?

Depending on the demands of the customer, Kraft paper pouches take various forms or features that enhance their ability to package a product, some of these include the following:

  • Kraft papers pouches with punch holes
  • Kraft paper pouches with zippers
  • Plastic or direct printing on kraft paper pouches
  • Kraft paper pouch with a flat bottom gusset
  • Kraft paper pouch with window
  • Kraft paper pouch with tin-tie

Kraft paper pouch with zippers

 Kraft paper flat bottom pouch with tap/pocket zippers

What are the types of Kraft Paper Pouch?

TedPack manufacture various types of kraft paper based on demand from customers, and they include the following;

  • Laminated kraft paper bottom gusseted pouches
  • Kraft block bottom pouches
  • Kraft side gusset pouches
  • Kraft flat pouches
  • Aluminum foils kraft paper pouches
  • White kraft paper strip pouches
  • Metalized kraft paper strip pouches
  • Windowed kraft strip pouches. Etc.
  • 100% plastic-free kraft paper pouch

What are Kraft Paper Bottom Gusseted Pouches?

There are types of Kraft paper pouches that are manufactured in such a way that the products are protected with laminated material.

Kraft Paper Bottom Gusseted pouches are also able to stand on their own because of the way the bottom is shaped.

What are Kraft Paper Side Gusseted Pouches?

These are types of Kraft paper pouches that are used majorly for the packaging of food and snacks because of the storage capacity.

Kraft Paper Gusseted Pouches also have a squared bottom that stretches fairly well to package the smacks and food products very well.

We also call it gusset bags.

Kraft side gusseted pouches

Kraft paper side gusseted pouches/gusset bag

What are Kraft Paper flat pouches?

These are simply styled kraft paper pouches, used majorly by small-scale retailers.

They are designed in such a way that packaging is done very easily, and there isn’t much effort expended on sealing or filling.

Kraft flat pouches are perfect for the packaging of tea, coffees, and other easy to package products.

Kraft flat pouches

Kraft paper flat pouches

What technology is used for printing on Kraft paper Pouches?

Tedpack makes use of the best types of manufacturing machines and equipment for branding and printing on kraft paper pouches.

Some of the latest kinds of technologies help ensure that labeling and printing on kraft paper pouches are done in the best way possible,

And three of these technologies that TedPack employs include:

  • Rotogravure printing various colors on plastic film or kraft paper
  • Flexo surface printing direct print on kraft paper
  • Digital printing used on both film and paper

And above 3 printing ways are commonly used in the market as well.

Both above 3 ways can reach a superior quality of printing, inquiry us to know more.

Kraft Paper Pouches: The Ultimate Guide

Kraft paper pouches are multi-layered food carriers or bags.

They are made using Kraft paper which is laminated using other materials to improve its quality and food preservation on the shelves.

Some decades ago, plastic bags and pouches had taken the center stage in food packaging debates.

Plastics had their specific advantages, but Kraft paper pouches did take the upper hand until today.

Such is due to Kraft paper flexibility, durability, branding abilities, and many other benefits.

Kraft paper pouches for such a reason have risen to be an answer to packaging needs if not a solution.

This Kraft paper pouches eBook is a step-by-step guide that covers everything you need to know about these pouches.

By the end of the 11th chapter, you will have learned Kraft paper pouch uses, benefits, add-ons, types, materials, production, warehousing, order placement, and shipping.

Chapter 1: Definition of Kraft Paper Pouches

Kraft paper pouches are food-grade types of bags that are made up of laminated barrier films.

They are found in different structures (models) as you will find in chapter 5.Kraft Paper Pouches

Their brown and white color (exterior paper color) helps communicate the freshness or rather naturalness of products.

Is that not the perspective you want customers to view your products?

For you to understand what Kraft paper pouches are, you must understand what Kraft papers are first.

Kraft papers are produced from chemical pulps.

Kraft paper making process involves chemicals conversion of selected wood type into wood pulp.

Lignin and cellulose are among the primary components contained in wood that make these pouches.

Note: Kraft paper is 100% virgin fiber. Such a factor makes it non-toxic for making food-grade pouches.

The advantages explained in chapter 3 make these materials dear to many industries and mostly the food product packaging and production industries.

As consumers are becoming more and more cautious and conscious of food pouches, we at TedPack got your back.

Remember, “Food packaging is the food itself.

In case the food packaging process registers a problem, food safety gets threatened as well.

In connection to that, customers will begin to sideline your food products.

We are pretty sure that is not what you want.

Kraft paper pouches are here to keep your food products safe, free from moisture, oxygen, maintain product aroma, and at the same time be attractive to your customers.

Kraft paper pouches are manufactured using sustainable types of material and using modern machinery while adhering to strict international FDA food-grade pouch norms.

Chapter 2: Uses of Kraft Paper Pouches

No matter how good food products are processed or manufactured, if you are not careful with the packaging pouches, you might end up losing the real market grasp.

You need quality packaging pouches that will serve the following main functions:

  • Maintain your product freshness for long
  • Protect your food from, oxygen, moisture, and other forms of contaminants, and lastly
  • Provide excellent shelf display for customer attraction

In comparison to plastic or other types of bags, Kraft paper pouches have emerged the best.

For example, when packaging coffee beans; the natural look portrayed by these bags helps much in customer attraction.

Kraft paper pouches look portrays some freshness or out-of-the-farm appearance.

In these chapters, you will learn various uses of Kraft paper pouches.

They are used in packaging of:

  • Snacks
  • Nuts
  • Candies
  • Confectionaries
  • Bath salts
  • Spices
  • Powder Mixes
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Granola
  • Pet foodKraft Paper Pouches

It is not out of the blue that these paper pouches are used in such a varied range.

The materials used in Kraft paper pouch manufacturing tell it all.

Kraft paper and other materials are used to protect your packaged products from issues like moisture, odor, Ultraviolent light effects, oxygen, and lastly maintain puncture hole-free bags.

Are such not the problems which can downgrade your food product quality or destroy packaged food aroma?

We provide you with quality Kraft paper pouches that are made of multiple layers. Chapter 6 will explain more about materials.

Kraft paper-made pouches guarantee you thicker and sturdy food packaging.

These Kraft paper bags will resist all hazardous effects that your products face on their way to customers and while on the shelves.

What makes Kraft paper pouches dear to many is their flexibility.

Kraft paper is one versatile type of material that can be customized to fit different applications.

Below are the details on why kraft paper pouches are the best.

Chapter 3: Benefits of Kraft Paper Pouches

Are you a food manufacturer or retailer who is tired of substandard types of pouches?

Our Kraft paper pouches are what you need. We have different types of bags to suit your needs.

Additionally, we are not only concerned about packaging; we factor in what customers love and find beneficial.

If we offer you a way to improve product shelf longevity and attract customers, would you take our deal?

We produce Kraft paper pouches of various sizes, structures, and shapes all meant for food packaging and pharmaceutical markets.

On top of that, we give a listening ear.

Do you have a specific way in which you want your Kraft paper pouches made?

Talk to us. We are one flexible company that is ready to make that plan and idea come into reality.

Advantages of Kraft Paper Pouches:

  • Recyclable: Product packaging formats that are 100% reusable are what manufacturers and consumers are looking for. This means a great reduction in waste that comes from our daily activities.
  • Versatile: Consumers are always looking for packaging options that are convenient and easy to carry from one place to another. Kraft stand-up bags can be used for food and other many uses that are economical and environmentally friendly.
  • Heat seal-able: Most manufacturers are looking forward to using Kraft stand-up bags for their products due to their ability to retain the freshness of the contents.
  • Durable: In the packaging industry, the ability of Kraft stand-up bags to resist puncture and stand erect on their own has made them resilient.
  • Ergonomic design: Kraft stand-up pouch has a wide front panel design to provide a wonderful exposure of the product to promising consumers even while on the store shelves.

Read on to know and understand the various benefits of using Kraft paper pouches.

Chapter 3.1: Food Grade Pouches

Food is life.

It does not matter whether you are a consumer, manufacturer, or retailer.

Any pouch you are planning to use for food packaging should be within food safety and regulatory standards.Kraft Paper Pouches

Do you ever think twice when food is packaged in plastic bags?

The kind of Kraft paper bags and Kraft paper pouches we produce are FDA approval, ISO 9001, and ISO 22000 certified for food packaging.

The kind of Kraft paper we use is tasteless and non-toxic. They are a perfect replacement for plastic food bags.

For extra food packaging benefits, our bags are well laminated a factor that makes them stand out in line with their specific purpose of food packaging.

Kraft paper pouches are strong and resilient which allows efficient filling.

Secondly, they are safe and will keep your packaged product free from odors and taints.

Kraft paper pouches are well-suited and approved for any direct contact with food.

Chapter 3.2: Environmental Friendly

You will agree with us that consumers are getting more environmentally cautious and considerate every day.

Customers are developing a high affinity for products packaged in environmentally friendly pouches.

Kraft Paper pouches play a significant role in ensuring the environment is clean.

Take for example the hazardous nature of plastics and nylon bags.

Kraft paper pouches have plant fiber as the primary material which is biodegradable.

Remember, in the year 2023, in the EU, US, and Canada, any paper bag or pouch made from a non-renewable resource is not accepted.

Our produced Kraft paper pouches are popular in malls and supermarkets due to their quality as well as being Eco-friendly.

When Kraft paper pouches are thrown away, be sure they are biodegradable.

Chapter 3.3: Heat-sealable

If you need kraft paper pouches that are heat-sealed, we can do that as well.

Heat sealing is the process through which bags are sealed after passing them through a heated film.

Also now we present 100% plastic-free but heat-sealable kraft paper pouches, want o know more? Contact us!

Chapter 9 will show you more details about Flexible Packaging Films.

If you deal in coffee, tea, and powdered food mixes, heat-sealed metalized Kraft paper pouches are the best.

They are well designed to protect your packaged products from moisture and oxygen.

After sealing it is impossible for oxygen and moisture cannot pass through nor will the product aroma seep out.

heat seal kraft paper pouch

If you need heavy-duty laminated Kraft paper pouches for candles, cookies, or any 3-dimensional product, then you are at the right place.

We produce durable bags which are heat sealable as well.

Chapter 3.4: Cost-Effective

If you compare different types of Kraft paper pouches to the traditional packaging options, Kraft paper pouches are by far cost-effective.

Take for example the plastic packaging methods. Plastic bags were expensive to manufacture and harmful to the environment.Kraft Paper Pouches

On the other hand, Kraft paper pouches are found in different styles.

If you take for example gusset pouches, the top part is reduced into a seal or a zipper in Kraft paper pouches.

Such reduces the material used to make the top box cover.

Chapter 3.5: Branding/Design/Labeling

The use of Kraft paper pouches is beneficial when it comes to business competition eradication.

This type of pouch material gives you an opportunity to become different from the products produced by your competitors.

When you are packaging food products, your pouches must be presentable, pleasing, and attractive.

That is what will make that first impression on a customer.

Kraft paper allows you to print pictures, labels and write anything you deem vital for advertisement and client informing.

Printed Kraft paper bags look professional and sophisticated, something which is a plus to your product pricing and customer attraction.

Unique packaging and labeling will help brand your commodity thus making them stand out on the shelves.

Regardless of how your design or logo looks, print it. Talk to us.

Chapter 3.6: High Burst and Tensile Strength

Kraft Paper PouchesWith Kraft paper bags or pouches from TedPack, you do not have to worry about puncture holes or burst probability.

Kraft paper pouches have high Tensile strength. Tensile is defined as the maximum force a paper can withstand before breaking.

Breaking and bursting should not worry you. Kraft paper is strong enough not to forget out pouches are multi-layered.

Their breaking strength is high, and they will not shame you by tearing off.

You can carry your tea or coffee in these bags without a worry; they are strong and durable enough.

Chapter 3.7: Light–Weight

Although these bags are laminated, they are not heavily weighted. They are simple to carry and lightweight. Their grams are almost negligible.

Smaller pouch only weighs 0.5gram each.

This kind of weight helps in reducing transportation costs, either when transporting produced bags or packaged products.

Chapter 3.8: Waterproof

Kraft paper pouches are waterproof to some extent. A plastic surface layer makes Kraft papers become moisture and water-resistant.

waterproof kraft paper pouch

If you compare our Kraft paper pouches to other material bags, you will realize our laminated films surpasses those other bags’ quality by far regarding being waterproof.

This kind of resistant barrier is vital when transporting food products.

It ensures that your products get to the market while still fresh and ensures shelf life longevity.

Chapter 3.9: Gloss or Rough Surface

For packaged products to remain safe, our Kraft paper pouches can be made into glossy or rough surfaces.

A glossy surface reflects light which adds to the Kraft paper pouch UV light barrier.

When light rays are reflected away it means your products will be safe from light effects and your bags will not fade.

Your bags will remain in the same color for as long as they stay on the shelf.

Chapter 3.10: Brightness

Remember, your labels, images, or any branding imprints must be visible.

For that reason, our Kraft bag’s surface is made brighter and easy to print.

The high the brightness, the more your hot stamp and label printing will be visible.

Chapter 3.11: Opacity

In case you package food products that should not be visible through the pouch material, Kraft paper pouches materials are opaque.

Brown Kraft paper pouches are better known for being opaque.

Chapter 4: Add-ons (Options or Features)

Depending on the type of product you are planning to package, you need specific add-ons for the very purpose.

We have various types of Add-ons you can have on your pouches.Kraft Paper Pouches

For every add-on you decide to have on your pouch, it will have an impact on packaged product accessibility, its life on the shelf, and visibility.

On our side, all we need is explicit instruction on the kind of add-on you need.

The rest to do is relax; we will manufacture the type of kraft paper pouches you need.

Chapter 4.1: Re-sealable Zip Locks or Re-closable

We produce Kraft paper pouches with zip locks or re-closable add-ons.

A re-sealable zip locker is made up of two plastic strips (components) which can interlock on each other.

The interlocking ability is what brings about the pouches becoming reclosable.

kraft paper pouch

Zip lockers are positioned on the top part of a pouch.

If you deal in food packaging, then you need extended preservation of aroma, nutrients, taste and as well keep off unpleasant odors.

That is the reason we produce Kraft pouches with re-closable zippers.

A re-closable add-on ensures your products remain fresh for a long time on the shelf.

Lastly, a zip locker enables consumers to re-zip food pouch after pouring or scooping the amount they needed.

Such ensures their food will be free from contamination.

Chapter 4.2: ValvesKraft Paper Pouches

Valves are also known as vents. Note, these valves are a one-way vent.

They let gases out but never allow any gas into the pouch.

Valves are attached a few millimeters from the top seal of Kraft paper pouches.

The primary function of this add-on is to vent out or degas any unwanted gas.

When packaging products like roasted coffee, you need degassing valves.

Roasted coffee continues to release some gas after getting roasted for more than seven days.

If such gas is left to accumulate in the pouch for long, chances of Kraft paper bags bursting do rise.

These valves also come in handy when a customer wants to smell the aroma of the packaged product.

Valve positioning depends on our client’s instruction although, we have a standard valve positioning if the client does not specify theirs.

Below are the main types of valves we use.

  • OY valves( TedPack manufacture our own)

This is the valve we have our own mold using for coffee, widely use for our main customer.

It is 30% cheaper compare to others cause it is China locally made and our own facility’s machine made.

Contact us to ask for sample and data sheet.

  • Wipf Valve

For coffee roasters and tea producers, we gave the Wipf valve options for you.

Wipf valves are also known as microvalves are made of silicone oil membrane. This technology helps to degas CO2 produced by coffee after roasting.

When the gas amount produced reaches three millibars pressure point, the Wipf valve does open to let the gas out.

When the pressure inside the bag reduces to about 0.5 millibars, the membrane reseals again.

  • Goglio valves

Goglio valves are the most sophisticated type of degassing valve but are effective.

The Goglio group of manufactures realized that pouches could get effective with valves and produced Goglio valves.

Goglio valves are made of polyethylene caps, elastic rubber disc, silicone oils used to make a viscous layer, paper fillers, and polyethylene plates.

Goglio valves are assembled using a machine to ensure perfection. That is why we trust them on our Kraft paper bags.

This kind of add-on ensures that pressure equilibrium between the inside of a bag and the outside atmosphere.

Chapter 4.3: Clear Die Cut / Transparent Windows

Since Kraft paper pouches are mostly opaque, if you produce products that clients need to see; then we have different sizes of clear windows we can install on your bags.

These clear Die Cut window add-ons help consumers to gain confidence in what they are buying.

Take for example you are selling pet food. Pet owners need to see how those pet food pellets look like before purchasing.

Product visibility is thus a plus on some food products.

If you find them essential to you and your products; then we are ready to have them on your pouches.

Chapter 4.4: Tearing Notches

Kraft Paper Pouches

A tear notch is a pre-cut part on the top of a Kraft paper pouch.

It is positioned there to coax product consumers to initiate a tear-off action.

This add-on ensures a straight ultra-clean pouch opening.

Product packaging pouches with tear notches are easy to open.

If you are a snack packager, you need this kind of add-on on your Kraft pouches.

Children, travelers, and any other customer will have a comfortable and quick opening of a pouch due to the availability of a tear notch.

Straining to open a Kraft paper pouch can lead to packaged product pouring.

That is why tearing notches are needed.

Chapter 4.5: Ergonomic Handles

If you are planning to package heavy food products, it would be an advantage of convenience to your customer if they get ergonomic handles on their Kraft paper pouches.

Ergonomic handles

Ergonomic handles are add-ons designed to ease the carrying ability of pouches.

We manufacture bags of different styles and sizes of but we install ergonomic handles for all of them if need be.

Talk to us, and we will get that type of ergonomic handle you need.

Chapter 4.6: Round Punch Butterfly or Hang Holes

Kraft Paper Pouches

Kraft Paper Pouches are flexible bags.

But to add on their flexibility, euro or round punch holes are added.

These are designed, and machine-made add-ons.

They make it possible to hang your food product well on counters and shelves thus improving on display.

Additionally, customers and retailers love Kraft paper pouches with round punch holes because they increase their shelves space.

When their shelves are not enough, it is possible for them to hang their packaged products.

Chapter 4.7: Laser Scored Opening

Laser scoring is a type of tear notch opening.

It is an add-on feature added to Kraft paper pouches to enhance pouch opening

laser scored opening

Laser Scored Openings are mostly used when packaging nuts, and snacks.

These openings make it possible for children and other customers to access packaged products easily and quickly.

Laser Scored Openings get positioned on the top part of a Kraft paper pouch; either on the left or right sides.

Chapter 4.8: Tin Tie

Kraft Paper Pouches

Tin tie application on different types of Kraft paper pouches is becoming a point of focus to customers.

The main reason for such is the ability to make their bags re-sealable.

Every customer admires the ability to reseal their coffee, pet food, or snack pouch.

We produce bags with different sizes of adhesive-backed tin ties.

If you specify what you need, that is what we give you.

At our factory, we have incorporated machines used for tin tie applications.

After increasing a little additional cost, you will get Kraft bags with tin tie add-ons added.

Chapter 4.9: Aplix/Velcro Zipper

Aplix/Velcro Zippers are zip closures that look like hooks.

When those hooks interlock on each other, the bags are closed perfectly thus maintaining the freshness of the contained food product.Kraft Paper Pouches

When closing or opening a Kraft paper with this kind of zips also known as easy locks, they are designed to produce some audible and tactile feedback.

That sound helps you realize which part of the seal is closed and which is not closed.

Chapter 4.10: Hot Stamping

Hot stamping is one cost-effective printing process.

Hot stamping involves transferring color pigment or metallic print on a Kraft paper pouch using pressure and heat.

hot stamping kraft paper pouch

If you are looking for a cheap, quick, and straightforward brand or label printing, we have hot stamping for you.

The process is extra simple, and there is no complicated printing technique used.

But be assured your brand or label will be visible enough.

Chapter 4.11: Matte and Glossy Coating, Soft Touch, Sand Touch

We have explained how strong Kraft paper-made pouches can be.

But at times, bags get abrasions due to repeated touching by customers.

Since you cannot bar customers from getting hold of pouches as they read the information or check the food they are about to buy, you need bags with matte and gloss coating which makes them durable.

This coating will protect your material and will not affect the visibility of your imprints.

Matte and Glossy coating are only designed to protect your bags, now we also present sand touch and soft touch surfaces.

Is that not what you need, to increase the shelves life of your Kraft paper bags?

Chapter 5: Types of Kraft Paper Pouches

We have Kraft paper pouches that can fit all your needs.

Our production is customer-oriented an ideal that touches on usability, convenience, product protection and lastly ensuring shelf longevity.

In honest words, your need or idea is well catered for by our technology, manufacturing perfection, and lastly human professionalism.

Below are the types of bags we produce but are not necessarily tied to them.

Talk to us and let’s discuss that concern or type of bag you need.

We rest when we get our job done.

All you need to do is order, then sit back and wait for your order delivery. Order delivery will be discussed in detail in chapter 7.

Chapter 5.1: Laminated Kraft Bottom Gusseted Pouches

The above name itself speaks much.

Kraft bottom gusseted pouches are well laminated using the highest material quality.

These pouches have three layers consisting of Kraft paper (outer layer) Al/ PET/ PETAL(middle layer) and LLDPE/CPP (as the innermost layer).Kraft Paper Pouches

Such construction ensures your packaged products will be under a formidable layer of protection.

This laminated material structure provides an ultimate barrier of protection against moisture, UV light, and oxygen.

Apart from the extended product shelf life, there are different add-ons like tear notches, zip closers, and others to give your Kraft paper pouches the usability needed.

Bottom gussets are designed to give your bags a stand-up nature. Lastly, we also do branding for the sake of informing the customers and attracting them.

You can be sure with all the add-ons, display advantages, and preservative nature of Kraft paper pouch your packaged products will be dear to customers.

Chapter 5.2: Kraft Block Bottom Pouches

Kraft Block Bottom Pouches are also known as box pouches or flat bottom pouches.

kraft paper block bottom

Such names are derived from the way their bottom part looks like.

They are Kraft paper pouch types with the ability to sustain heavy product filling.

They can hold more product weight compared to Side Gusseted Pouches and Bottom Gusset Pouches.

These Kraft paper pouches have three gusset sides; on the right, on the left, and the last one on their bottom.

If you need attractive pouches on your counter and shelves, Kraft Block Bottom Pouches are a go.

They are well designed to be attractive to customers and as well provide ample space for product labeling and branding.

Their large side spaces do act as perfect advertisement billboards for your products.

You will be able to attract, inform and educate your customers regarding your packaged product with well-visible imprints.

These Kraft pouches are ideal for rental shelves and home pantries.

They are designed to store dry food products, granules, and powdered products.

Chapter 5.3: Kraft Side Gusseted Pouches

Are you a coffee or tea producer?

If yes, probably you have come across Laminated Kraft paper side gusseted pouches.

If not, allow us to explain how these bags can be of help to you.

Kraft Paper Pouches

First, their storage capacity is big enough.

They have a square bottom that stretches out well when filled.

Additionally, there are side gussets with fin-seals from the pouch’s top to the bottom accompanied by horizontal sealing.

They are well fitted with degassing valves for vent function.

Of late, the popularity of Kraft paper pouches with side gussets has increased owing to their usage flexibility.

They are used for the packaging of snacks and other food types.

Owing to the four sides of these Kraft paper pouches, they provide a large space from branding and imprints of your choice.

Their surface will act as an ample cost-effective advertisement billboard to boost the visibility of your products on the shelves.

Their vertical display and horizontal setting make them perfect box packages replacements on the shelves.

Chapter 5.4: Kraft Flat Pouches

Kraft flat pouches are also known as pillows or Lay-flat bags.

Kraft Paper Pouches

If you are planning to sell your products to small-scale retailers; then Kraft flat pouches are the most economical retail Kraft paper pouches.

For once, they are flexible packaging pouches designed for easy and quick packaging. They require little filling and sealing effort.

Additionally, they have no folds or gussets, but they are bottom and side-sealed.

They are inexpensive and extensively used for packaging coffee, tea, and other food products as long as their size is allowed.

Chapter 5.5: Custom Printed Kraft Paper Pouches

Are you contemplating how to market your product using pouches imprints?

Custom printed Kraft paper pouches are the best option you got.kraft paper pouch

Owing to their durable laminated material which is vital for the high oxygen and moisture barrier, these types of pouches are cheap billboards.

If you need your bags to get printed for the sake of product advertisement, that is what we do.

These types of Kraft paper Pouches allow printing through other materials (substrates) like the PEP and OP as well as direct printing.

Additionally, custom printed Kraft paper pouches is found in different pouch styles.

There are flat pouches, side gussets, stand-up bags, and others.

Custom printed Kraft paper pouches are suitable for packaging:

  • Coffee/tea
  • Bakery products
  • Granola, snack foods, and confectioneries.

Chapter 5.6: Kraft Paper Pouches with Aluminum Foil

kraft paper pouches with aluminum foil

Kraft paper pouches with aluminum foil are aligned with an inner aluminum foil lamination.

They are designed to provide top barrier abilities.

If you need to bar off oxygen, moisture, and UV light, then these aluminum laminated Kraft papers are the ones you need.

Their protection will help you keep your food product safe for long and free from contamination.

To add more to the barrier abilities, we have add-ons you can decide to have.

For example, there are zip lockers, zippers, easy–locks (Aplix), tin ties, and others.

If you need Kraft paper pouches with aluminum foil with any of the above add-on features, let us know.

Our manufacturing professionalism is capable of providing you with Kraft paper pouches worth your pay and of a certain quality.

Chapter 5.7: White Kraft Stand up Pouch

White Kraft stand-up pouches are white just like their name highlights. They are made up of natural white Kraft paper.

Kraft Paper Pouches

White Kraft paper pouches have laminated layers of MATT BOPP (outer layer) white Kraft paper/PET/PETAL(at the middle) and LLDPE (as the innermost layer).

Additionally, these bags are manufactured with matte finishing for durability purposes.

It is possible to have various add-ons on these bags such as zippers, strip windows, tear notches, and others.

You can as well decide to have your company or product logos on these pouches, and we will do it with a hot stamp if need be.

Secondly, we can have your label or any imprint you want on your white Kraft paper pouch.

They are Eco-friendly pouches with various uses such as packaging of sugar, flour, and snacks.

Chapter 5.8: Kraft Paper Pouches with Windows

As we produce your pouch orders, we always reason what will your commodity customer say or think about your packaging.

Kraft Paper Mini Coffee Bag

In connection to that, we come up with Kraft paper pouches with windows of different shapes.

These are add-ons specifically for products that customers love to see before purchasing.

There are several food products that clients love to check before purchasing.

Such are Coffee, organic products, and tea.

We produce eye-catching Kraft-made pouches with round, oval, rectangular, or any shape as instructed by you.

We have other add-ons, and all materials are biodegradable.

Lastly, we can do printing of labels, logos, and any writing you want.

Their material construction is Kraft/PET/LLDPE. Such material lamination forms moisture, oxygen, aroma, and UV-light barriers.

Chapter 5.9: Kraft Metalized Flat Pouches

If you deal in the packaging of organic goods, trail mix, baked products, or cocoa products, you need Kraft Flat pouches which are metalized.

Open kraft stand up pouch

Kraft Metalized Flat Pouches are made up of Kraft paper/ VMPET/LLDPE.

Such a construction provides a barrier against oxygen, UV lights, and moisture.

They are metalized pouches that can replace foil-made bags.

Apart from the barrier issue, you can as well have logos, images, and labels of choice printed on these bags.

The metallization act will make your imprints even more visible.

Chapter 6: Material Choice

As a food product manufacturer, retailer or packager, you only have one and the only opportunity to impress your customer.

That is always by first sight. You must ensure you have one strong product brand image that is uniquely designed to enhance your product awareness.

On that same line, we at TedPack bag and pouches manufacturing are not only interested in what meets the eye but to go further than that.

We are determined to deliver different types of Kraft Paper Pouches with quality material.

Our material construction is designed to protect your packaged product from oxidation, light, odor, moisture, and any other forms of contamination.

Our Kraft paper pouches/bags are flexible enough and can be utilized for different purposes.

Our bags are laminated for the sake of high performance.Kraft Paper Pouches

Our pouch materials include BOPP, PET, PETAL, Aluminum, Nylon, CPP, CPPAL, PE, and many others.

Details and abbreviations will be elaborated on below.

Note, we produce Kraft paper pouches based on client instructions and material properties.

Before we get to the manufacturing process, we take into account the role which your bag will play.

Your pouch application determines our film structure design.

For example, if you need a Kraft paper pouch with moisture and oxygen barrier properties, we prefer Kraft paper pouches with aluminum foil.

In case you need bags with water-vapor and gas barrier, heat sealable, stiff, and with mechanical strength, we prefer you get Kraft papers with polymers from us.

We use adhesive lamination to help join different materials.

We produce bags of different sizes and properties using the following material structures.

  • Kraft paper in white, black and brown
  • AL: Aluminum Foil, AL is mostly used in the manufacturing of Kraft paper pouches for the sake of barrier abilities.
  • LLDPE Linear low-density polyethylene:  This material provides a higher heat-seal strength more than that of LDPE although with high haze.
  • MATT-PET: Metallized PET film, If you need an opaque film that will bar off oxygen and moisture, this is the material we use.
  • MATT-BOPP: Metallized OPP film, this provides water vapor and oxygen barrier on Kraft paper pouches
  • BOPP: Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene, OPP is essential when we are producing heat-sealable bags made of Kraft paper.
  • CPP: Cast polypropylene, CPP is highly recommended for Kraft paper pouches that need a heat-sealable layer.
  • EVOH: Ethylene-vinyl alcohol, EVOH provides a substantial barrier to oxygen. But, it must be co-joined with Polyethylene to ensure a formidable moisture barrier
  • PET: Polyethylene terephthalate, If you need tough Kraft pouches which can resist temperature rise and are strong enough, Kraft pouches made of PET is what we use in making your bags.
  • PP: Polypropylene, PP has a high melting point which makes it one of the best temperature resistant materials.

TedPack Kraft Paper bags are of high quality.

They are made by laminating together several layers of films to form the side panels of the pouches.

The following are the material that is common in most of our Kraft Paper Pouches: BOPP and PET laminate kraft paper or directly use kraft paper in the first layer, AL FOIL in the second layer, CPP and LLDPE as the third layer.

Depending on the type of product you want to package, you can decide to go for high or medium barrier levels.

Chapter 7: Production and Quality Assurance

Our production is geared towards kraft paper pouch usage.

Below are the measures we employ to ensure you get what is worth your pay.

We understand good packaging helps in building emotional connections between your product and its consumers.

When a consumer is drawn close to a product by good packaging, chances they will love what is packaged get raised.

Chapter 7.1: Production Process

If you are interested in Kraft paper pouches, all you need to do is email us, visit our factory, or call.

We replay emails by 12 hours. After calling us, we follow a defined outline to ensure quality production.

Demand analysis:  When placing your order, with our sales department, there are details they will need from you.

You will be asked about Kraft paper pouch sizes, types, color, purpose, and add-ons you need.

Such information is meant to help us understand what to manufacture and what will serve you well.

Lastly, we will need your expected time of delivery (ETA), the mode of transportation you need, and the port or airport of delivery.

Research and Artwork: after we have received all the detail regarding the type of bags you need, we retreat on research and artwork.

Our highly qualified salespersons and a designer will take the time to research all the details required according to your requisition.

After the research is done, Artwork designing then begins. We use computers to help us come up with that specific Kraft bag will all the details as you instructed.

Design templates are done to perfection regarding measurements, thickness, structure layout, and anything that our client deems necessary.

Chapter 7.2: Product Testing and Quality Assurance

At TedPack we understand the need for quality production. We are always working to give you the best of Kraft paper pouches.

In connection to that, our quality assurance is not a one-time thing.

We have different stages of ensuring pouches quality is maintained. Although 0% defect can never be promised, we allow a defect percentage of 3%.

We categorize defects in the following classes:

  • Minor defects which do not make bags unfit
  • Major defects which we do rectify and
  • Critical which renders your bags unsuitable.

But to ensure good quality, we subject our Kraft paper pouch production to the following quality assurance steps.

Chapter 7.2.1: In-line Inspection Quality Assurance

After feeding materials into our quality modern machines, we do not rest.

We have engineers working on shifts to keep an eye on the manufacturing process.

This type of inspection ensures 100% quality pouches that meet our customer’s requirements.

Such ensures that any defect noticed is rectified immediately.

Chapter 7.2.2: Final Inspection

After the whole production process gets done, we have professionally trained inspectors.

Their task is to ensure quality got maintained and there are no defects which can render our pouches unfit. We employ the following testing techniques:

  • Tensile testing: Tensile testing is aimed at determining the maximum breaking force our Kraft paper pouches can resist. This is much needed for coffee and tea pouches.
  • Heat seal testing: This testing determines how reliable the seals are. If they can hold cutting strength to our acceptable limit, then the next testing process begins.
  • Friction coefficient testing: At this stage, we are concerned about how will our pouches resist sliding on the shelves. If they can resist sliding well, then we know our clients will be exempted from products falling off their shelves.
  • Gas chromatograph testing: For Kraft paper pouches meant for package aroma containing food products, we test how well they can entrap the smell inside and bar oxygen gas from getting inside the pouch.

Chapter 7.2.3: Packaging/Outgoing Inspection

Before our produced Kraft paper gets to this point, they must have passed the other two vital quality inspection stages.

At this point, another inspection is done to ensure all the pouches are of good quality before they are packed ready for shipping.

Chapter 8: Warehousing and Storage

After all the inspection stages are done, we now get into the shipping process.

We have our shipping and department that takes care of such details.

True to our word, after placing an order with us all we promise is you relax because we will deliver within the specified 15 to 30 days.

We work with China clearing and forwarding services. We trust them, and we assure you of smooth delivery to your specified destination.

We deliver products in more than 15 counties across, USA, and Europe

We take care of every detail on cargo transportation, shipping, and customs clearance.

We have warehouses at specific ports and airports.

Our warehouses are clean, and all we can assure you is your Kraft paper pouches will be safe and free from shipping defects.

You do not have to worry about any shipping or freight logistics. We are organized both on sea and air services.

Regarding warehousing and shipping charges, we discuss everything on the day of your order placement.

If any charging rate change happens, be assured we will communicate in time.

Lastly, be sure you will get your Kraft paper pouch cargo in time, at the agreed time, and in a sound state.

Chapter 9: Packing, Filling, and Sealing

After the production is done, the last but most vital step is the packaging/ filling and sealing process.

No matter how good food products are processed, or the pouches are manufactured, if you and we are not going to think twice about packaging, filling, and sealing, the packaged product might not see their full longevity on the shelves.

Chapter 9.1: Packaging and Filling

For quality assurance, we use filling and sealing machines. There are different Kraft paper pouch filling machines for food products.

For the pouch filling process alone, we use machines with filling equipment like Tablet fillers and auger fillers.

For the fast packaging process, there are vertical, Form-fill-seal (VFFS) machines and Horizontal Form-fill-seal (HFFS) machines.

Some of these machines can clock up to 300 pouches a minute depending on the pouch’s size and quality to be filled.

Horizontal Form-fill-seal (HFFS) machine: HFFS are high-quality machines designed for the production of flexible and semi-rigid Kraft paper pouches. They are used for providing perfect fill & seal solutions for food packaging.

They are suitable for a wide range of materials like PETG, Kraft paper, PP, PET, and other,

They are expensive and require a power supply of 230V/480V, 3 phase, 60 amps, and a water cooling requirement of 3 GMP.

Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS): For those who deal in the packaging of snacks, frozen foods, candy, chocolate, seafood, powder, coffee, or tea, they need VFFS.

These are high-speed filling and sealing machines that can make 100 cycles every minute.

Chapter 9.2: Sealing of Kraft Paper Bags

Quality machines should be used in sealing Kraft paper pouches used in food packaging. Such ensures perfection and 100% preservation. Sealing being the last step of food packaging, sophisticated machines are used to ensure no oxygen will get entrapped in the Kraft paper pouches. Below are some of the machine types.

a. Impulse pouch sealer: involves an electric burst. Electrified resistance wire is used to melt Kraft paper pouch top parts and weld them all together. This is a type of sealing machine is mostly operated manually.

b. Automatic or continuous pouch sealer: These are powerful sealing machines that can handle big Kraft paper pouches at a very high speed. They contain moving belts that ensure a continuous sealing process. But, note these sealing machines are expensive than sealing machines like Impulse pouch sealers.

c. Vacuum pouch sealer: Vacuum pouch sealer help in drawing out air from Kraft paper pouches before sealing. If you need zero air entrapping, you need these machines.

They are used in the sealing process just before automatic sealer.

Additionally, there are vacuum sealers for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). They are automatic and faster. Such are mostly used in big company production.

They are used by producers in dry/ fresh food production, meat packing companies, medical devices, and nutraceuticals.

Chapter 10: Kraft Paper Bags FAQs

1. Which technology do you use for custom print?

We have the latest kind of technology that can print various colors using rotogravure, flexo, and digital printing

2. What are material specifications do you offer?

We produce Kraft paper pouches from a wide range of laminated materials customized to meet your necessities. Get more details from our customer care department.

3. What types of pouch add-ons does your company offer?

We have a wide range of add-on features including valves, clear windows, zippers, easy-tear notches, and many more.

4. Do you offer Kraft paper pouch samples?

Sure. We offer samples of all our bags, confirm your sample delivery point, and we will be glad to send them for free.

5. What is the minimum pouches quantity per order?

Our minimum order is 10000 Pcs for gravure, 100pcs by digital print.

6. What mode of payment do you accept for security?

We accept L/C and T/T, Paypal. But kindly contact our customer care for more instructions.

7. What terms of shipment do you accept?

Our company accepts FOB, CIF, EXW, CFR, DDU, DDP, and others. But, we are ready to discuss this in-depth with you.

8. What is the estimated delivery time?

We take 15 to 30 days depends on the quantity.

9. What type of material do you use
Our material selection is based on your requirement and pouch usage.

E.g.: Kraft Paper/ PET/ CPP, Kraft Paper/ PET/ PE, Kraft Paper/AL/PE, Matte-BOPP/Kraft Paper/PET/PE are some of them.

10. Are your kraft paper materials recyclable?

All the materials we use are Eco-friendly, and FDA approved. If you want a plastic-free kraft paper pouch, inquiry to know more!

11. How will I confirm pouches’ quality before you ship them to me?

If you need a third-party inspection, we can arrange for that. But note, all our products meet EU and FDA standards, ask us to send you a test report now.

12. Are your services insured?

Sure. From production to shipping we are well insured. We have insurance policies that cover our service for mutual benefits.

13. Will you organize warehousing and shipping for me?

Once you have placed your order with us, we take charge until you get hold of your Kraft paper pouches.

14. How many pouch designs do you produce?

We manufacture several designs of different sizes and structures. Contact us for more info.

15. How will I know you have received my order placement?

Once we receive your order, we will send you a confirmation.

Chapter 11: Why US – TedPack

For quality Kraft paper pouches, at TedPack we never disappoint.

We are a factory located in Dongguan, China.

We take pride in five core values: Cost-saving, Easy communication, Professional advice, Fast delivery, Good after-sales services.

We are focused on delivery in line with customer needs and make use of the latest innovation and technology.

Such helps us design products aimed at responding to market needs.

Try us; we give you our word.

All to expect is positive feedback from end-product users and distributors as well.

Is that not what you what; seeing your packaged product winning attraction?

For the years we have been in business, responsibility and integrity have helped us account for everything we do.

We deliberate keenly on every action. Such is an act that has helped us do the right thing for our customers, suppliers, colleagues, and business partners.

We are an enthusiastic and energetic company made up of certified professionals.

We make use of quality Kraft paper and other materials which have yielded positive results owing to the positive feedback we get from our esteemed customers.

We make use of state-of-the-art technology and the finest raw material available in production.

Such does help us provide high-quality Kraft paper pouches which are Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved.

In case you need quality branding and labeling, we offer market-oriented quality branding.

Our experts in the branding and labeling sector are not just professional but experienced.

We will provide you with a solution to not only Kraft paper pouches production but also an answer to your branding worries.

Let’s work together for a plus point to us both.

Get to use now!


Is food one source of life?

We at TedPack believe in such a statement.

For that reason, every step we take in the production of Kraft paper pouches holds on to the fact they are food-grade pouches.

Apart from having standard pouch production procedures, we are a listening company.

We will customize your pouches according to your requirement to ensure proper food packaging.

If you order from us, you will enjoy the following:

  • Save a significant amount since there are no middle people, but you work directly with the TedPack factory.
  • Pouches will be customized as you require.
  • Be assured of excellent quality and good services.

Allow us to help you with this and your product will attract customers by themselves.

We design quality Kraft paper pouches with customer-liked add-on and perfect branding.

Order from us today, sit back, and wait since we got your back.

If you have a question, any concern, or need any clarification, contact us. Our customers will answer all your question.

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