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Tedpack customized gusset bags and pouches are mainly for coffee bean, tea and cookie packaging. Can be stand when filling full with products. Tin-tie or valve added available, start from 100 pcs, Delivery in 2 weeks.

Gusset BagDegas Valve Options | Coffee Bean Packaging

Gusset bag has three options: 1、Side gusset(normally two sides), we call it side gusset bag, normally use for coffee or tea packaging, can be standing on the table when laid the bag filled with products inside;  2、Bottom gusset(only one bottom), bottom gusset bag we call it to stand up pouch widely use for most industries, can be directly stand up even no products in it; 3、And the last one is both side(two sides) along with bottom gusset(one side) pouch option, we call it quad seal bag or block bottom pouch, box pouch or flat bottom pouch, normally use for premium products and it cost higher and complicated than above two bags.

Made the pouch with two side gusset or one bottom gusset depends on your needs, they made with both clear, aluminum foil or Kraft paper material. Gusset pouch has been used for hundreds of years, if you are someone searching for an ideal packaging format for your commodity, then, you are probably looking for the best deal available.

  • Coffee, tea, healthy, daily use, both food, pet-food, and non-food packaging
  • Start from 10000 pcs can be added with zipper, valve, tin-tie, laser scoring.
  • Matte and Glossy finished, with or without window.
  • Up to 10 colors printing and thickness, size, material customized
  • Stand up gusset bag can choose K, round or plow bottom

For about past years, gussets bags have been of great packaging advantages. Most packagers prefer gusset bags to other pouches for they are highly profitable and require minimal storage space. Send your inquiry on TedPack gusset bags now!

MOQ100Pcs By Digital Printing, 10K Pcs By Rotogravure Printing
Size80*150+30mm(Min)    300*540+120mm(Max)
Thickness70Mircons-120Mircons (2.5Mil-5Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, De-gas Valve
PrintingD-Met Printing, Vanishing, Matte Finishing, Stamping
Vol.250g 500g1kg2kg
Nuts 70g150g250g500g

TedPack Gusset Bags

Now, a single bag can have both bottom gusset and a side gusset as the quad seal bag comes out. Well, years before, the two gusset cannot in one individual bag cause they are jointly exclusive.

The major issue here is the structure of both gussets is made in a manner that the presence of one does not allow a relaxed existence of the other. This is mainly because they both have one-of-a-kind properties and features and manufacturers could run into technical issues when they try incorporating the two together.

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Side gusset coffee bags

Side gusset coffee bags are designed specifically for packaging coffee. Remember, a simple mistake can reader well-roasted coffee useless. But, these coffee stand up pouches are made of laminated film structures to bar off oxygen, UV light, moisture, and Odor. Precisely, an aluminum inner layer is used to ensure the protection of oxygen and moisture infiltration. For the color choice, coffee packaging marries perfectly with Kraft paper, matte black, matte white or silver look which are all colors we provide at TedPack. Lastly, add-on such as zipper, clear windows not to forget degassing valves are added to ensure excellent coffee preservation.

Side Gusset Bags

Side gusset bags are stand up pouches well known for their gussets. These bags offer top-notch convenience for packaging coffee, floor, food products, tea, farm inputs, medical products, and powder form products due to their expandable gussets sides. When these bags get filled, the 4 side gussets expand, thus assuming a stable rectangular box-like shape. The bottom part is heat sealed while the top part is either sealed or left open for filling and emptying reasons. Lastly, the side gussets offer ample space where you can make your product promotion imprints.

Flat Bottom Gusset Bags

Flat bottom gusset bags are loved by many due to their self-standing ability. These gusseted bags are manufactured using premium laminated materials for advanced barrier property reasons. But what stands out most is their flat bottom. Their bottom can either take a rectangular or square shape depending on our client’s packaging need or preference. You can use them to package spices, chocolate, coffee, tea, pharmaceutical products, and liquid product, i.e., dairy products. All in all, the flat bottom enables them to steadily stand, thus offering an elegant appearance to attract customers on the shelves.

Gusset Poly Bags

Gusseted poly bags are versatile pouches used for packaging both bulky products and oddly shaped products. Their side gussets shape up once filled with the intended product, which gives the very product a good shelving appearance. Additionally, gusseted poly bags are popularly used for packaging food because they are FDA approved, made of low-density polyethylene resin (LDPE), heat sealable, and lastly can offer exceptional puncture and tear resistance.

Custom Gusseted Poly Bags

Custom gusseted bags are used for varied application. You can use them during product packaging and shipping. Mostly, they are used for food and health care product packaging. The good thing about these stand up pouches is they are customized to fit the designated customer need. Their shape, size, materials to get laminated, and the add-on to be fit-in all depends on our client’s packaging need. The good thing about these pouches is all side gussets are expandable, which makes this pouches conform to intended product shape and also expand to offer extra packaging space.

Round Bottom Gusseted Pouches

Round bottom gusseted bags are the most used stand up pouches for lightweight product packaging. The round bottom, which is made up of laminated layers offers a supporting structure for self-standing ability. Since the bottom of these gusseted bags are round, they make the best option for packaging small amounts of loose tea leaves, flour, coffee, or grains. Apart from the standing ability, which ensures product visibility, any imprint done on these bags is excellently made visible as well.

Custom Printed Gusseted Bags

At TedPack, we understand the necessity of sleek products looks. That is why we have custom printed gusseted bags for your coffee, tea, flour, candy, pet foods, and powdered product packaging. Depending on your product branding design, we have 3 different but high-quality machines such as rotogravure, flexo, and digital printing machines that will ensure our custom-print meets your marketing need. For wholesale gusset bags ordering, all we need is your artwork. With that, our self-standing pouches made of laminated films will give your products some top-notch visibility on retail shelves. 

Plantation Patterned Gusseted Bag

Plantation patterned gusseted bag are mostly used for coffee packaging. If you’re concerned on how to package coffee, the chic and natural look of plantation patterned gusseted bag will perfectly grab your customers attention once they set their eyes on them. The coffee leaves and beans designs on the gussets give these pouches a fresh and just-off the farm impression. Secondly, the natural Kraft paper used plus other laminated material do ensure top-notch barrier protecting and a standard gloss look for customer attraction. Lastly, the side gusset will as well offer you enough space to incorporate hot stamps and labels for branding reasons.

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Gusset Bags- The Definitive FAQ Guide

What are the gusset bags?

Gusset bags are packaging bags that are commonly used for food packaging, storing hardware items, soil, crafts, etc. Some of the gusseted bags stand upright, while the other varieties do an excellent job releasing scents and avoiding the spoilage of the content.

There are so many kinds of gusset bags available, and each type manufactured by TedPack is certain to provide you with wholesale packaging for your business at an affordable price.

These bags are capable of storing bulk items (such as- beads, candies, nuts, pebbles, marbles, etc.) and bulky items (such as- gift bag items, bread, produce, baked items, etc.). Gusset bags have the capacity to be expanded—gussets are materials that increase the volume capacity of a bag.

Clear Transparent Gusset Bag

Clear Transparent Gusset Bag

Why Should I Use Gusset Bags?

Gusset bags can be used for the packaging of the following products:

i. Food like nuts, coffee, snack, tea

ii. Chemical Products like fertilizer

iii. Cosmetics

iv. Pet food

v. Household care

vii. Pharmaceuticals

vii. Earth products and other Industries

viii. Diary

Food Items Stored in Gusset BagsFood Items Stored in Gusset Bags

What is a side gusset bag?

Side gusset bags are both sides of a bag expanded from a fold after the bag is filled with items.

The bottom of the bag is sealed using the heat-seal technique while the top is left open for filling of the bag.

Side gusset bags allow for more options for shelf display to buyers.

This format for packaging has two long faces, or panels, on the front and the back for product branding.

Side gusset bags are the recognized format for the packaging of coffee today.

Also, they are widely used in packaging pet food, teas, powder goods, and all other specialty food items.

How to measure side gusset bags

 How to measure side gusset bags

What is a bottom gusset bag?

As opposed to lying flat, bottom gusset bags stand upright and are inclined to be handier in terms of size and shape.

Basically, not all bottom gusset bags need to be shaped like a box; but the overall size of bottom gusset bags is often bigger than the size of side gusset bags; even if the number of items in them is the same.

If you want to go for a box pouch styled bag, you’ll have just four sides to advertise your product.

More often than not, bottom gusset bags are used for packaging confectioneries, coffee and pet food packaging.

Side Gusset vs. Bottom Gusset Bag: what are the differences?

Stand up pouch bags with gussets are not a uniform entity.

They are divided into two primary categories.

  1. Side gusset bag
  2. Bottom gusset bags

Both types of gusset bags have some unique features which include:

Gusset Location in a Bag

This is the most noticeable difference between these two bags. Just as the name implies; bottom gusset is found at the bottom of the bag, while side gussets are situated along the sides of the bag.

Storage Efficiency

Storage efficiency refers to hoe a filled gusset bag can efficiently fit inside a refrigerator.

Results from previous tests show that side gusset bags occupy less room than its counterpart.


Subjective opinions have shown that people prefer bottom gussets when it comes to aesthetics.


Side gusset bags have just one seal that extends across the entire width of the bag and runs through the bottom.

Bottom gussets are divided into plow bottom, K-seal, and round bottom gussets.

The plow bottom gussets don’t have a seal; however, k-seal and round bottom gussets have seals along their walls.


Two bags containing both gusset types of the same size do not have similar volume.

A pouch with a four-inch bottom gusset will have lesser volume than a pouch with a four-inch side gusset.

Then again, a bottom gusset bag will be larger than a side gusset bag of similar volume.

  • Are Gusset Bags Puncture Resistant

Producers of heavy products don’t have to worry that flexible packaging won’t be effective enough to support the weight of their product.

The type of gusseted bag you’ll use depends on the type of product you want to keep in it- that’s how to judge the effectiveness of such a bag.

The weight of the items will support the bag, resulting in a symbiotic relationship.

Then the flexible packaging keeps everything locked in tight and will be resistant to puncture, tear or breakage.

Are There Various Available Sizes of Gusset Bags?

Below is a size chart of gusset bags size available at TedPack.

Gusset BagCoffee and Powder

However, you are advised to reach out to our sales team before you order as the actual size may be different.

Why is foil gusset bag a good option?

The foil gusset bags are made of a high amount of aluminum foil and a low amount of clear poly; hence the name foil gusset bag.

They have the highest barrier level of protection against moisture, UV light, and oxygen.

Foil gusset bag is available in different colors such as black, gold, red, black, bronze, white, silver, matte white, matte black and so on.

How Can You Differentiate a Quad-Seal Gusset Bag and a K-Seal Gusset Bag?

Quad Seal gusset bags usually have all four corners sealed along the full length of the bag.

The difference from pillow bags is that quad seal pouches provide an uninterrupted printing area to both the front and back of the bag; thereby giving the bag a unique look.

These bags are commonly made of multi-layers moisture barrier films.

With K-seal bottom, the bag will square-off the bottom when filled.

It is perfect for grains, rice, pet food packaging, etc.

Seals from both sides of a k-seal bag rise from the bag; thereby, taking the stress off the seals on both sides of the package.

Are Your Gusset Bags FDA Approved?

Yes, all products offered by TedPack meets all FDA requirements.

How are the dimensions of a gusseted standup bag measured?

It is quite easy to measure up the dimensions of bottom gusseted bags.

A gusseted bag has four essential measurements –Length, width, thickness, and gusset (bottom or side).

Measuring the length and width: 

All you need to do is flatten an empty pouch and measure its length and width with a scale.

Measuring the bottom gusset:
To measure the dimensions of a gusset, you’ll need to open it up and place it on a flat surface.

Then you measure the depth with a calibrated scale.

Measuring the thickness:
A micrometer screw gauge can be used to measure the thickness.

Usually, stand up pouches for food packaging have a thickness of 2 mm or less.

If you have more questions regarding the measuring standup pouches, you can contact us and we’ll be happy to help you out. E-mail:

Check our contact page for more.


How Long Can a Poly Gusset Bag Last?

The shelf life of a typical poly gusset bag is between 2-3 years with a service life of about 5 years.

How Are Gusset Bags Sealed?


Sealing the gusset bags is done using heat sealing to prepare it for packaging and transfer them to the warehouse to be stored properly.

Although, there are different varieties of sealing machines that can be used; but from our experience as professionals in the industry, due to the presence of gussets on the pouch, a typical hand impulse sealer can’t effectively seal gusset bags.

Some sealers that can be used include:

Double Impulse Sealer: this uses two heating wire which is located at the top and below so as to properly seal through your gusset bag.

Direct Heat Sealers: these are the best option for sealing thicker gusset bag materials like coated aluminum, mylar, kraft paper, etc.

A thermostat has been equipped in the sealer to help regulate the temperature accurately.

Gusset bag heat seal

Gusset bag heat sealer

Foot/ Table Top Direct Sealers: these types make use of a thermostat or an electronic temperature controller to help control the heat emitted for a different type of gusset bags.

Band Sealers: this is the ideal sealer to use if your gusset bags are made of thermoplastic materials.

Vacuum Sealers: This this done by removing the air around your product and then sealing the product using a vacuum. This method of sealing protects your products from spoilage, oxidation, and corrosion.

This can be used to seal a gusset bag that is meant for food, medical supplies packaging medical supplies and so on.

How Should Gusset Bags be Stored?

They should be stored under shelter and cover to protect them from dust and dirt.

What Forms of Gusset Bags Are Available at TedPack?

The varieties of gusset bags are:

1.  Easy-Peel Gusseted Bag

2. Foil Gusseted Bag

Foil Gusseted Bags

 Foil Gusseted Bag

3. Poly Gusseted Bag

4. K-seal Gusseted Bag

5. Quad-Seal Gusseted Bag

Quad Seal Gusseted Bags

Quad Seal Gusseted Bags

6. Square Bottom Gusseted Bag With E-Zip

Square Bottom Gusseted Bag With E-Zip

Square Bottom Gusseted Bag With E-Zip

7. Square Bottom Gusseted Bag

8. Square Bottom Bag with Clear Gusset

Square Bottom Bag with Clear Gusset

Square Bottom Bag with Clear Gusset

9. Round Bottom Gusseted Bag

Round Bottom Gusseted Bags

Round Bottom Gusseted Bag

10. Plow Bottom gusset bag

11. Paisley Patterned Gusseted Bag

12. Plantation Patterned Gusseted Bag

  • How do You Choose the Best Gusset Bags for Your Products?

Before packaging your products, it is important to know the right gusset bag for your product.

There are factors that should be considered before picking a gusset bag for your product.

These different factors ranging from the barrier influences i.e. the type of selected material for your gusset bag, compatibility with a product, the strength of the seal and shelf-life of the gusset bag.

  • Material Selection

From our professional point of view, this is based on how much light, oxygen, and moisture your product should be exposed to.

  • Product Compatibility

You have to make sure your product is compatible with the gusset bag you want to use for your product.

  • Seal Strength

This is also an important requirement when selecting a gusset bag.

As we have many years of experience in product packaging, we recommend using the type of sealing for your gusset bag that perfectly fits your products.

Are Gusset Bags Print Approved?

To create impressive artwork on your gusset bag, you have to take a lot into consideration.

Before getting approval for the designs, you have to go beyond just filling the gusset bag with your product.

So the factors to be considered include the protection of the product, cost, and materials, easiness in usability, creating an attractive appearance.

In What Colors Are Your Gusset Bags Available In?

All you need to do is tell us the colors you’d like. We can print 10 colors at most.

We offer white, nature (clear), brown, ivory, burgundy, buff, coffee, red, beige, pink, cerise, orange, hot pink, goldenrod, dark green, mint green, yellow, silver-grey, black, teal, light blue, navy blue, sky blue, dark blue, lavender, violet, wilco blue, and lots more.

How long does it take to get a designed gusset bag?

Once we are filled in with the details of what you want alongside the logo of your company, we will bring together a team of expert designers within 72 hours.

Then you’ll be sent a draft within 72 hours to ask your opinion on the design.

So, if you are satisfied with the design, the remaining job will be concluded within the next 7 days.

  1. Product packaging is an important thing to consider for the success of your products.
  2. Apart from the fact that product packaging keeps your product protected, it also represents an important aspect of your brand image.
  3. Example of such product packaging is the use of a gusset bag.
  4. Gusset bagIt is an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. However, customers only value and favor product package such as the gusset bag that speaks for itself in the retail marketing and e-commerce industry.
    The use of gusset bags to package your product will help you generate more customers. Take it or leave it, using the right gusset bag for your product packaging will give your consumers a good impression of your brand. Then, you will have to make a catchy gusset bag package that will encourage your potential customers to choose your product over another product.
  5. Therefore, it is important to know that product packaging keeps the world organized. This new guide covers everything you should know about packaging your product using gusset bags.
  6. There are vast varieties of product packaging materials that you can use for your products including gusset bags, stand up pouch, quad seal bag, shaped pouch, aluminum foil bag, kraft paper pouch, vacuum pouch and many more. This Guide will assess virtually everything you need to know about the Gusset bag to promote your business enterprise.
  7. Chapter 1: What is a Gusset Bag?
  8. Gusset bagFirstly, let’s do a justice to the word “gusset” – a piece of added material such as plastic, rubber, metal, or more that increases the amount of volume of bags and adds mobility and strength to a product. When opened, the gusset is just like a panel that folds flat and expands so it can contain more of your products.
  9. What’s more?
  10. Gusset bags are bags offers expanded capacity for your products and they come in different varieties as desired. While gusset bags have either bottom or side that expands, they are divided into bottom gusset bag and side gusset bag respectively, offering a great solution for packaging and showcasing your products.
  11. Chapter 2: Gusset Bag Use?
  12. You can use gusset bag to package as many products as you desire. They include the following:
  • Food like nuts, coffee, snack, teaGusset bag
  • Pet food
  • Diary
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Household care
  • Chemical Products like fertilizer
  • Earth products and other Industries
  1. Having all this in mind, let’s discuss the benefits of using Gusset Bags for your product;
  2. Chapter 3: Benefits of Using Gusset Bags?
  3. In past, when most companies brands their products with wooden containers, clothes, glass jars and many more. Nowadays, there has been a fast evolution in the world of product packaging where gusseted pouch bags are being used for almost all packaged products in the marketplace. Hence, many industries today, now favored gusseted packaging medium over another medium due to the benefits they derived from them.
  4. Gusset Bags Main Applications:
  • Most food and consumer products.Gusset bag
  • Easy to carry and high barrier products.
  • Products that require good display or presentation.
  • Coffee & Tea products.
  • Powder and lightweight products.
  1. Gusset Bags Key Features:
  • Cost-save in production and low transportation cost.
  • Easy to carry, fill and seal.
  • Can be with valve vacuum or with re-closed zipper.
  • Can have a window, high barrier property.
  1. The following are the benefits of using gusset bags for packaging your products to make it attractive in the marketplace
  • Gusseted bags occupies less space
  1. Gusset bags tend to occupy fewer spaces unlike other packaging materials like bottles, plastic packs, plastic jars, and wooden packs.
  2. The real deal for your product is, when packed within the packs, they can fit on a store shelf, kitchen cabinet, and your closets appropriately without taking much of your space. As a result, it makes your market surroundings well organized, less clustered, and attractive to potential customers.
  • You can easily carry the gusset bag from one point to another
  1. When your products are well packed with this pouch bag, your product can be easily carried around as the weight will be uniformly distributed.Gusset bag
  2. This will make it easier for retailers, store owners, and potential consumers to carry them around. Then, your consumers will prefer your well-packaged products to other products.
  • Are available in Varieties
  1. Gusset bags are available at the sheer amount of varieties. You can choose to package your products with the infinite number of shapes and size combinations they offer. They also offer a vast variety of materials with a large surface area that allows for expansive product designs.
  • Offers more filling volume for your products
  1. You can easily pack more of your products in a container as a result of the gusset expansion these pouches offer.
  • Reduction in waste at the landfill
  1. The use of gusset bags translates into the fact that you’ll have fewer overall waste materials after use. They occupy little space at the landfill when used and as well are eco-friendly which makes it easy to recycle.
  • Improved storage space and durability
  1. These bags essentially mimic a box in terms of the quad space. The gusset offers more extension of storage ratio and as well offers the ability to handle a diverse selection of product types.
  2. Gusset bags offers features that resist puncture from products that have sharper edges. Therefore, they offer strong and durable high-barrier film that helps to avoid product deterioration.
  3. Chapter 4: Gusset Bag Warehousing and Storage?
  4. Warehousing and storage of your packaged products constitute an integral part of your production process.Gusset bag warehousing and storage
  5. It is highly important to consider high-quality packaging material that can be easy, safely handled and stored.
  6. Ensure to test all selected gusset bags from the manufacturer for risk assessment to identify hazards as well as control actions for storage areas.
  7. Hence, it is therefore important to understand the type of materials you want to adopt for your product packaging.
  8. Check the following tips out for proper storage of your gusset bags;
  • Store gusset bags in a cool & dry place inside its original packaging until you are ready to use the bags for product packaging. Keep your warehouse at a temperature below 400C with a relative humidity which is less than 60%
  • Protect your gusset bags from moisture and dust. So store them under shelter and cover to protect your bags from dust and dirt.
  • The service life and shelf life is also important. The shelf life of a typical poly gusset bag is 2-3 years with a service life of up to about 5 years. The shelf life of kraft paper gusset bags can take up to about a year with maximum protection for your products
  • Ensure to protect your gusset bags from high-heat and UV light. Exposure to UV light may cause the material of your bags to crack and discolor.
  1. Why not buy from us today? Contact at
  2. Chapter 5: Two Gusset Bags in the Market
  3. Gusset bags are one of the most popular bags for packaging most products. This is because they allow you to pack more of your products to be safely packed in a limited amount of space.
  4. Here at Tedpack, we offer side gusset bags and bottom gusset bags.
  5. All our bags are approved by FDA for direct food contact and are great for packaging all other products like cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, household care, chemical products and more.
  6. Chapter 5.1: Side Gusset Bags
  7. Gusset bagSide Gusset bags have gussets on their sides with flat bottoms. The flat bottom helps to ensure stability in the structure of the bag. With their modern feels and smart forms, side gusset bags are expanded on both sides after filling it up with your products.
  8. Heat-seal techniques are used to seal the bottoms of the side gusset bags and the top portions of side gusset bags are kept open to allow proper filling of the products. The side gusset bags tend to offer larger overall size than the bottom gusset bag.
  9. Does it seem like a perfect bag for your product?>>>>>>
  10. Best part:
  11. Our side gusset bags offer the following features
  • Keep your product safe with air-tight packing;
  • Leakage-free, heat resistant & torn resistant;
  • Keeps your product fresh and are contamination free;
  • Perfect and safe for storing eatables as well as FMCG products;
  • Easy to move/carry with more options for shelf display to your retailers;
  1. Chapter 5.2: Bottom Gusset Bags
  2. Gusset bagBottom gusset bags are pouches with gusset at the bottom of the pouch. As a result, bottom gusset bag folds at the bottom and expands when filled to contain more of your products.
  3. The truth is:
  4. They don’t lie flat like the side gusset bag, but rather, they stand upright and offer more versatile shapes and sizes. With their wider bottom that offers extra spacing, bottom gusset bags will help you enhance the sale of your products.
  5. Best part:
  6. Here are the unique features they offer:
  • Are made from quality materials with precise designs
  • Have easy closing and opening features zip lock available
  • Available in different sizes & customized designs
  • Easy to carry with abrasive & torn resistance
  1. Read on to know more about the top differences between the bottom and side gusset bags
  2. Chapter 6: Bottom Vs Side Gusset Bags
  3. These two bags are great options for your products and the gusset bags form-fit your products. Both types of gusset bags have unique features that differentiate them from each other.Gusset bag
    You may be finding it difficult to identify both bags, we offer our professional tips to help you differentiate bottom gusset bags from side gusset bags.
  4. The top 5 differences include;
  • Gusset Location
  1. The location of the gusset is the most obvious of all the differences. As the name of each type of gusset bags implies such as the bottom gusset bag – the gusset is located at the bottom of the gusset bag. For side gusset bags, the gusset is located along both sides of the bag.
  • Bag Aesthetics
  1. At the moment, there are few or no studies done as regards the aesthetics of both bags. However, based on personal account and endeavors, most people prefer bottom gussets to side gussets for better aesthetics. This is due to the vast variety of shapes and sizes bottom gusset bags offered.
  • Bag Storage EfficiencyGusset bag
  1. In terms of storage efficiency, the side gusset bag is more efficient than the bottom gusset bag. Efficiency here means the amount of space they occupied when stored. This shows that side gusset bags occupy less space than bottom gusset bags.
  • Bag Volume
  1. When you measure both bags, from our point of view both types of gusset bags in the same size do not offer the same volume. For example, a gusset bag with four-inch bottom gusset offers lesser volume compared to a gusset bag with four-inch side gussets.
  • Sealing Technique
  1. The sealing technique for both bags is also different. The side gusset bag differs with a single seal that extends through the entire width of the bag and runs through the bottom. But the bottom gusset bag differs as it offers different varieties such as plow bottom gussets, round bottom gussets, and the k-seal.
  2. Chapter 7: Varieties of Gusseted Bags
  3. Now that you have understood the major types of gusset bags, here is an eye-opener into varieties of gusset bags that you can obtain from these two types of gusset bags. Each of these varieties showcases either of the two types of gusset bags.
  4. So, it means they are a form of side gusset bag or side gusset bag. So here is the list of the forms of gusset bag we offer at TedPack
  • Foil Gusseted Bag
  • Poly Gusseted Bag
  • K-seal Gusseted Bag
  • Quad-Seal Gusseted Bag
  • Square Bottom Gusseted Bag With E-Zip
  • Square Bottom Gusseted Bag
  • Square Bottom Bag with Clear Gusset
  • Round Bottom Gusseted Bag
  • Plow Bottom gusset bag
  • Easy-Peel Gusseted Bag
  • Paisley Patterned Gusseted Bag
  • Plantation Patterned Gusseted Bag
  1. Chapter 7.1: Foil Gusseted Bag
  2. Gusset bagThis type of gusset bag is a form of side gusset bags. You can find them handy for the product as they are a popular style of option for tea and coffee packaging.
  3. The foil gusset bags are made of a high level of aluminum foil and a low level of clear poly which is where the name foil gusset bag originated from.
  4. Foil gusset bag is available in varieties of colors including gold, black, red, bronze, silver, white, matte white, black, matte black and many more.
  5. Why not buy from us to enjoy the following advantages of foil gusseted bags now? Contact Us.
  6. Foil gusseted bags offers the following benefits to help you ensure an improved product offer.
  • Highest barrier levels that protect your products from direct exposure to moisture, oxygen, and ultraviolet (UV) light. This barrier also helps to seal in the aroma of your eatable products
  • The side-seals of this gusset bags allows you to add more brand signature like labeling, hot stamping and other such as placement of the valve.
  • The center-seal at the top of this gusset bags offer a firm hand grip area to allow easy opening of your package for consumers.
  1. Chapter 7.2: Poly Gusseted Bag
  2. This variety of gusset bag is made of clear poly. The poly gusseted bags are available in both side gusset bag and bottom gusset bag.
  3. Gusset bag
  4. Poly gusset bags range in sizes between 2 oz. up to about 5 lb. with a wide range of colors which provides a broad spectrum of gusset bag options for your product.
  5. This type of gusset bag is cost effective due to the absence of foil which makes it a perfect gusset bag for high turnover products.
  6. If you are looking for a gusset bag that can help you package product that cannot sit on the store shelf for too long, consider our poly gusset bags.
  7. Make it a date with TedPack for product package solution with poly gusset bags and you won’t be disappointed. Here are the benefits of using poly gusset bags for packaging your product;
  • Poly gusset bags provide an airtight environment for your products
  • Protection of products against oxygen and moisture
  • A great alternative for products with a lesser shelf life
  1. Chapter 7.3: Quad-Seal Gusseted Bag
  2. The quad-seal otherwise known as the corner seal bag is a side gusset bag with four sided-seal designs. This gives more reinforcement to hold your products with heavyweight effectively.
  3. Gusset bag
  4. With the seals on all the four corners of this type of bag, the front and back panel remains smooth giving more room for designs and labeling.
  5. The quad-seal gusset bags are made up of aluminum foil and nylon which makes the gusset bag one of the best barrier bags in the market.
  6. Following the advantages below the quad-seal gusset bag is a great choice for your products.
  7. Read on the following, you will get to know more about the benefit of the quad-seal gusset bag
  • This gusset bag is versatile and durable with high puncture resistant
  • The seal’s designs of this gusset bags allow the bag to hold its shape together when placed on the store shelf
  • This gusset bag is a great moisture, aroma, and moisture barrier for your products
  • It’s also available in varieties of colors such as black, gold, silver and many more.
  1. Chapter 7.4: Square Bottom Gusseted Bag with E-Zip
  2. The square bottom gusset bag with E-Zip offers the combination of traditional side gusset and those of a stand-up-pouch.
  3. Gusset bag
  4. Enjoy the advantages of both types of pouches in a single gusset bag. This innovation of the flat bottom allows your lowest density product to sit securely on storage shelve without tipping over.
  5. The square bottom gusset bag is made from almost 100% foil which makes it a perfect gusset bag for your product.
  6. This gusset bag is the perfect choice for your product due to the following benefits;
  • Protect your products from exposure to UV light, moisture, and oxygen
  • Allows easy opening and closing because of the E-Zip attached to the bag
  • Allows you to add more brand signature like labeling, graphics, and hot stamping
  • Available in varieties of colors including black, white, matte white, and matte black.
  1. Chapter 7.5: Square Bottom Gusseted Bag
  2. This type of gusset bag offers the feature of the stand-up pouches and the traditional side gusset bags. They differ to the square bottom gusset bag with E-Zip with the absence of E-Zip.Gusset bag
  3. Instead of the E-Zip, these gusset bags are sealed at the top side of the bag. The square bottom gusset bags offer a high-level barrier made from laminated aluminum foil and other available options include metalized or clear poly.
  4. Enjoy the best of the square bottom gusset bags by simply placing an order for this type of gusset bags – a trial will convince you.
  5. The following advantages make the square bottom gusset bag a perfect gusset bag for your product;
  • Are the best option for packaging ground/whole bean coffee and loose tea leaves
  • The square bottom gusset bag allows a low-density product to sit narrow and sturdy on your storage self without ever falling off
  • The square bottom gusset bag offers a paneled look that makes them a great choice for graphics, hot stamping, and degassing valve
  1. Chapter 7.6: Easy-Peel Foil Gusseted Bag
  2. The easy-peel gusset bags are the perfect option for your products. These gusset bags offer one of the best barriers that help seal in aroma and protect against moisture and oxygen.Gusset bag
  3. As the name implies the bags comes with an easy peel feature and can be used in a countless number of packaging applications.
  4. Another interesting thing about the easy-peel foil gusset bags is that they allow the application valves.
  5. Easy-peel gusset bag is one of the best options for packaging your product for the following reasons;
  • Easy-peel feature on easy-peel gusset bags makes it easier for customers to open than ever before
  • Easy-peel gusset bag offers a bag center seals for easy opening and grips without the use of superhuman strength or scissors
  • Makes your product as fresh as ever
  1. Chapter 7.7: Plantation Patterned Gusseted Bag
  2. Here at Tedpack, we offer one of our best gusset bag known as the plantation patterned gusset bag.
  3. This bag offers coffee bean and leaf designs that will give your product a just-of-the-plantation feels for freshness as well as purity.
  4. The inner part of the plantation patterned gusset bag is lined with foil materials and the outer is made up of the natural Kraft paper.
  5. This type of side gusset bag is the best choice for your eatable product such as coffee. Buying from us would be a good choice.
  6. Our plantation patterned gusset bag offers a few numbers of advantages that make the gusset bag a suitable packaging option for your product. They include;
  • The plantation patterns on the gusset bag make it attractive to your potential customers
  • The foil material used to line the inner part of the gusset bag helps to ensure that your products remain fresh
  • The natural Kraft paper on the outside gives a wholesome texture compared to the high-gloss packaging
  1. Gusset Bags Size List
  2. The following table contains sizes that depend on logical data. The actual sizes may not be the same and you are advised to contact our sales team prior to ordering.

Gusset Bag

Coffee and Powder



















  1. Chapter 8: Filling, Sealing, and Packing
  2. Filling, sealing, and packing of products differ from product to product and from manufacturer to manufacturer. You can carry out this process depending on the number of your products you want to pack in your gusset bags.
  3. Gusset bag packing
  4. If your products are of the low quantity you may not require the use of an automated machine to fill and seal your bags.
  5. However, if your products are in large quantities, then you may require an automated machine to help you to fill, seal, and even storing your products in gusset bags for you.
  6. Many of the manufacturers out there prevent outsiders from having access to information about the packaging process they use for their products. This is because they don’t want you to copy their process since you’re among their competitors and they end up patenting their packaging techniques.
  7. So, it is a bit hard to know how different manufacturers go about the packaging process of their products into the gusset bags, but it is possible to have a general knowledge of the packaging technique they use.
  8. Chapter 8.1: How to Choose the Right Gusset Bags for Your Products: Shelf-Life & Barrier Influences
  9. Before the packaging process, choosing the right gusset bag for your product is very important. A lot of factors are meant to be considered before you can actually pick the right gusset bag for your products.
  10. These factors range from the barrier influences which is the type of material for you gusset bag, product compatibility, seal strength and shelf-life of the gusset bag.
  11. Follow our tips on how to choose the right gusset bag for your product:
  • Material Selection
  1. From our professional view, this requirement for the selection of your bag is based on how much light, oxygen, and moisture your product can safely be exposed to.
  2. Also, another important factor is how your product will be stored. Our technical expert here at TedPack normally takes these factors into consideration so as to help you achieve the goal of selecting the material with enough of a barrier to properly protect your products without overspending on unnecessary materials.
  3. Contact us now, our technical specialist will guide you
  • Product Compatibility
  1. Your product must be compatible with the gusset bag required for the packaging of your product. Each product has specific requirements, for example, fine powders and aggressive chemicals require a very specific requirement for the inner layer of the gusset bag to be used.
  2. Do you know that; Even some products like natural ingredients can react with the inner layer of the gusset bag. Other products leave residue or cause problems during heat sealing such as oily products, fine powders and many more.
  • Seal Strength
  1. This is also important for the selection of gusset bag. With many years of experience in product packaging, we recommend the type of sealing you can use for gusset bag that best fit your products.
  2. Chapter 8.2: Filling Of Gusset Bags
  3. There are several ways by which you can fill your selected gusset bags. It can be straightforward if your product is small in quantity. So, you can use kitchen utensils for filling your gusset bags such as a jug, a glass, a bowl, and many more convenient containers.
    For a large number of commercial products, automated machines are required. The machine picks up gusset bags from a large container and places it on the conveyor belt while automated robotic arms open the mouth of the pouch for filling underneath a nozzle.
  4. Then the nozzle pumps your product into the gusset back and the machine then transfers the filled gusset bag to the sealing machine. However, this process requires no manpower except for a human operator that will keep an eye on the process. 
  5. Chapter 8.3: Packing of Gusset Bags
  6. After sealing the next is packing of sealed gusset bags. This can be done manually or by an automated machine. Manually you can pack your sealed gusset bags for proper storage in your warehouse or you allow the automated machine to do that for you.
  7. Chapter 8.4: How to Seal a Gusset Bag
  8. After the gusset bag has been filed it is transferred to the sealing machine. The sealing of the gusset bag is carried out by heat sealing to make it ready for packaging and transfer to the warehouse for proper storage.
  9. There vast varieties of sealing machine that can be used to seal gusset bags. However, from our professional point of view, due to the presence of gussets on the pouch, a single element sealer such as the typical hand impulse sealer cannot seal gusset bags properly.
  10. Check the following sealers to understand how to properly seal your gusset bags
  • Double Impulse SealersDouble Impulse Sealers
  1. Double Impulse Sealer is one of the perfect sealers you can use to seal your gusset bags. Double Impulse Sealers uses two heating wire which is located at the top and below so as to properly seal through you gusset bag.
  • Direct Heat Sealers
  1. Direct Heat Sealers are the best option for sealing thicker gusset bag materials such as mylar, coated aluminum, kraft paper, and many more. These sealers are equipped with an electronic temperature controller known as the thermostat to help to control the temperature accurately.
  2. As a result, both jaws of the Direct Heat Sealers are heated simultaneously which offers a better heat penetration to seal thicker gusset bags. For more details on this contact us
  • Foot/ Table Top Direct Sealers
  1. Foot/ Table Top Direct Sealers use a thermostat or an electronic temperature controller to help control the amount of heat for a different type of gusset bags. Both units of Foot/ Table Top Direct Sealers use a footswitch to control the movement of the upper jaw for proper gusset bag sealing. The jaws are of different varieties including the meshed and the serrated jaw.Gusset bag
  • Band Sealers
  1. If your gusset bags are made of thermoplastic materials, the Band Sealers is the perfect sealer for you. The Band Sealers are of varieties including the vertical and horizontal band sealers which allow band sealers to have a wide range of application and industries.
  2. Band Sealers have a very high speed and are considerably faster with up to 472 inches per minute compared to other types of sealers.
  • Vacuum Sealers
  1. This type of packaging involves the removal of air around your product and then sealing such product in an impermeable package known as the vacuum. This type of packaging will help to protect your products from spoiling, oxidation and corrosion.
  2. This can be used to seal a gusset bag that is meant for packaging medical supplies, food, clean room applications and many more.
  3. Chapter 9: Gusset Bag Production & Artwork
  4. It is important to understand gusset bag production and quality assurance about your selected gusset bags as well as the supplier. Here at Tedpack, we offer packaging materials that are in conformity with safety and medical regulation. Especially for food materials, we offer non-poisonous packaging materials that are easily recyclable and degradable.
  5. Chapter 9.1: Production Date, DeliveryGusset bag manufacturer
  6. Our production time depends on you. Likewise, normally takes 7 days for plate-making, and then another 10-15 days for production, but a lot will influence the delivery, like your sample approval, artwork approval date, your payment schedule, changes or revision during production.
  7. We are always ready to offer you the best gusset bag for your product packaging. Please contact us make a request and give us information about the type of gusset bag required for your product.
  8. Then, we will give you our professional advice about the gusset bag as regards production time, date, and delivery.
  9. After we carry out your order, we then carry out an indoor QA by our quality control label before we send out to our clients. Also, before packing we request for information about carton size and label information you want for your gusset bags packing.
  10. Chapter 9.2: Artwork and Printing Approval Option
  11. To create impressive artwork on your gusset bag, there are lots of considerations that will make it worthwhile. Before you get approval for the designs, you should be sure to go beyond just putting your product in a gusset bag. So these factors should be considered when choosing a design for your gusset bags.
  • Protection of your product
  1. Product protection is very important. The gusset bag must be able to hold your product safely and keep it from fading breaking, experiencing wear and tear through handling, storage, and shipping. You should be careful because customers do not want to purchase or receive worn or broken items. So ensure to offer the best packaging to make your stay safe and your customer stay happy in the process.Gusset bag production
  • Create an appealing appearance
  1. Designs or artworks that are appealing are very important for your gusset bags. They must be unique to catch the attention of your consumers. If not, customers may find your product unattractive and end up going for other product on the shelves.
  • Cost & Materials
  1. When selecting your designs, materials, and cost should be considered. The quality and the availability of such materials are very important. Another aspect to take a look at is the cost of printing, materials, and quantity ordered, manufacturing. All this should be part of your production budget.
  • Easy to use
  1. The designs on the package must be simple and easy for your customers to understand. This should cover the description of your product and how to use the product. A design that is too bulky may frustrate your customers.
  2. Keep your designs simple – it should look simple, elegant and timeless. As a result, your product will be attractive to consumers and avoid frequent redesigns
  • Follow the style guide of the producing company – for example, when you purchase your gusset bags from us, we will give you a guideline to follow in designing your product designs. To avoid inconsistencies, we offer the best designs for your product and as well can help you with printing.
  • Keep the designs legible and understandable- If the purpose of a particular product is not clear, then everything is a waste of time and energy. So simple font will do the magic
  • Include on your gusset bag with any mandatory labeling such as pricing, ingredients barcode, and other necessary requirements. The government has a specific requirement for chemicals, food, medical product and many more.
  1. Chapter 10: Gusset Bags FAQs
  2. 1、Are your gusset bag materials approved by FDA for food products?
    Yes, we offer products that are in line with FDA requirements
    2、What quantity of gusset bags can I order at a time?
    The quantity of gusset bags that you can order at a goal depends on many factors including size, materials, colors, before discussing quantity please let us know these.
    3、What is the range of colors you can offer?
    Just tell us the colors you want for your product, we can print 10 colors at most. We offer nature (clear), white, ivory, buff, brown, coffee, burgundy, beige, red, cerise, pink, hot pink, goldenrod, orange, yellow, mint green, dark green, teal, lavender, violet, dark blue, navy blue, sky blue, light blue, wilco blue, silver grey, black and many more.
    4、How do you pack your printed bags?
    We normally bulk pack our printed gusset bags in corrugated cartons with pallet and wrapper with shrink films. Unless you requested for another type, we reserve the right to change cartons so as to best pack your gusset bag.
    5、How long does your design take?
    Once we have the full idea of what you want with the logo of your company, we will arrange the best designer for your design within 72 hours. Here we will send you the draft within 72 hours to seek your opinion. Once you are okay with the design we will finish the rest within the next 7 days.
    6、How can I contact you for a deal?
    We are based on GMT +8, and we’ll reply within 24 hours when contacted. You can mail us for more detail. E-mail: Check our contact page for more.
    7、What payment option & shipping terms do you offer?
    We offer our customers terms of 50% deposit + 50% balance before shipment. For our long-term customers, we offer credit if necessary. For payment of $1000 or less, we can accept payment via Western Union and PayPay.For shipping option, we offer EXW, CFR, FOB, CIF depending on or clients request. All terms include DDU, DDP are also available.
  3. Chapter 11: Standards in Different Countries
  4. The standards of gusset bag packaging differ from country to country. Likewise people’s perception and attitude toward gusset bag storage.  When it comes to today packaging, customer’s attitudes vary, so it is really important to take a look at what customers think and how satisfied they are with you gusset bag packaged products.
  5. More of this below>>>>>
  6. In countries like China, the UK, and Germany, consumers think that packaging should be flexible and adaptable to its content. That is the packaging should be durable, strong and not be repacked. However, Germans are much more concerned about packaging safety than the UK likewise in China.
  7. So, repacking food in other types of containers before storing in cupboards or freezers is less preferred. In China, individually wrapped products are preferred.
  8. Also, the customer’s attitude towards the packaging of fresh foods in these three countries is quite similar. But it seems to play a bigger role in the choice of products in the UK and Germany than in China. Based on importance and satisfaction, for product packaging, China has the largest satisfaction followed by the British and German consumers.
  9. Lastly, the kind of packaging people is willing to pay more for differs for these countries. In China, people are willing to pay more for product packaging that offers proven food safety.
  10. In Germany, people are willing to pay more for product packaging that is environmentally friendly, followed by reusable packaging, product packaging that can be resealed and packaging that protects your product to a considerable extent. This isn’t the case for UK users; the order is packaging that can be resealed, followed by recyclability, and reusable packaging.
  11. Conclusion
  12. Product packaging is very essential in planning your business.  Follow the tips explained in this guide for the packaging of your product using our wide varieties of gusset bags.
  13. Now that you have all the information about gusset bag packaging, you can use the best out of it. We hope that the knowledge you have gained in this guide will help you in your business endeavors.
  14. Do not hesitate to contact for your product packaging solutions especially for gusset bags.

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“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “Fastest Delivery in 2 Weeks”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “Order delivery in 2 weeks, if gusset bag with coffee valve or spouts will need 3 weeks.Repeat order shorted to 15 days.”
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “MOQ From 10K Pcs for A Start”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
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“text”: “Low MOQ start from 10,000 pcs, if your pouch size very big we can accept 7500 pcs as well.”
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “Print Up to 10 Colors, Matte & Glossy Effect Available”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “We can print up to 10 colors, and also we can do partial matte or allover matte, partial glossy or overall glossy printing.”
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “All Material And Pouch Thickness Customized”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “Offer plastic laminated aluminum foil, or Kraft paper material, thickness are customized.”
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “All Size and Shape Are Customized”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “We can customized all size and making irregular shape for all kinds of gusset bag.”

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