Aluminum Foil Bag China Manufacturer
The shining and highest barrier pouch for food, retort, vacuum packaging, Gold, Silver, Bronze color all available. MOQ from 10000pcs for a start.

Aluminum Foil BagHigh Barrier&Durable | Custom Printed & Sizes

Aluminum foil bags must be the most common bags use for high barrier products packaging, like coffee, tea, or some airtight and high puncture resistance products. Sometimes looking for the most ideal packaging formats for your product can be a merely challenging task especially when you need a multi-layer structure design.

Aluminum foil bags made with 3 or 4 layers high resistance material, normally it will have one layer aluminum foil or metalized film in the middle of it to keep the products reach out of sunshine or direct light, this will keep products with longer shelf and have higher barrier properties.

  • FDA approved material and BPA free products
  • Highly durable, long shelf-life for products, against UV light, moisture, and oxygen
  • Good for chemical or products need keep reach out of light
  • MOQ start from 10000 pcs with lower cost
  • Suitable for coffee, tea, pet food or premium products packaging
  • Can be added with zipper, valve, laser scoring, window

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MOQ20K-30K Pcs
Size70*100mm(Min)    450*600(Max)
Thickness70Mircons-200Mircons (2.5Mil-8Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, Valve, Ziplock, Spout, Tin-tie
PrintingD-Met Printing, Metallize, Vanishing, Matte Finishing, Stamping

You do not have to go through the hard yards of searching anymore, In fact, you can simply get your preferred packaging format by placing an order with one of the best manufacturers in China of flexible packaging.

TedPack aluminum foil bags are made by laminating polythene and a barrier foil of polyester to offer advanced sealing abilities. This also makes them highly resistant to chemicals and other unwanted elements.

We make our aluminum foil pouches by converting the aluminum barrier foil laminate into either gusset, shaped or flat pouches that are worthy for sea exports. Mostly aluminum foil bags are used for packaging or storing items that need to be maintained at zero atmospheres and vacuum packed.

The main reason behind this is the fact that aluminum foil gets rid of excess humidity and acts as a shield to protect the contents in the bags from other unwanted atmospheric elements. Besides offering protection from oxygen, TedPack aluminum foil bags will keep the contents fresh for long-term preservation.

Small BagsPET/AL/PE50g-500gSnacks and candies
Degassing ValvePET/Nylon/PE250g-3kgCoffee and tea
Anti-StaticPET/PETAL/PE100g- 1KgElectronic parts
High CapacityPET/AL/Nylon/PE500g-5KgLaundry liquid

Stand Up Aluminum Foil Bags

Stand up aluminum foil pouches are made from laminated film materials that offer exceptional barrier quality and appearance on the shelves. Hygienically prepared, moisture-free and airtight, these pouches are designed to preserve the freshness, flavor, and quality of the preservatives added on the edible products. They also give the product a visual appeal with beautiful print info if you need your pouches printed. These types of bags are used to pack various types of snacks, like cocktail snacks, spicy snacks, backed snacks, and fried snacks.

Stand Up Aluminum Foil Bags with Resealable Ziplock

Stand up aluminum foil bags with resealable ziplock comes in a simple design and top quality materials. They are re-sealable, long lasting zipper, and an aluminum foil inner layer. Primarily, the zipper is used to add reclosability to these bags. Additionally, they have a strong bottom that allows them to stand upright on any shelf. The aluminum foil bags with zippers are used for packaging coffee, tea, and other edible stuff. These pouch bags are available in different sizes that can hold between 1 oz -5 lb capacity.

Stand Up Aluminum Foil Bags with window

Stand Up Aluminum Foil Bags with Window are bags used for different packaging products. The window allows the clients to see the content before buying the product. The materials used to make the foil bags are waterproof and puncture/tear resistant. These pouch bags are the ideal long term storage solution for coffee, tea, food snacks, nuts, and sugar. The laminated films used are environment-friendly and FDA approval. If you want custom-made bags, we will let you choose the color, size, window size/shape, and the type of reclosable zipper you need.

Customized Printed Stand Up Aluminum Foil Bags with window

Customized Printed Stand Up Aluminum Foil Bags with Window are bags used for different packaging products. The window allows the clients to see the content before buying the product. The materials used to make the foil bags are waterproof and puncture/tear resistant. These pouch bags are the ideal long term storage solution for coffee, tea, food snacks, nuts, and sugar. The laminated films used are environment-friendly and FDA approval. If you want custom-made bags, we will let you choose the color, size, window size/shape, and the type of reclosable zipper you need.

Customized Printed Stand Up Aluminum Foil Bags with Resealable Ziplock

Most custom printed stand up aluminum foil bags with resealable ziplock are manufactured with the name of a company on them. We will have your company log, user guide, or any product info printed on the bags. Come with your preferred artwork, and we will create the best-printed aluminum foil bag. We use modern technology such as rotogravure, flexographic, and digital printing equipment to ensure you get the best pouch printing. These machines increase the visibility of your products. At TedPack, we offer safe packaging since the printing procedure is USDA compliant and FDA approved.

Customized Printed Stand Up Aluminum Foil Bags

The customized printed stand up aluminum foil bags have become an essential tool in the contemporary packaging industry. TedPack gives you the chance to customize your stand up bags, depending on your preferences. We allow you to choose your preferred size, color, and shapes of the bags. You will also decide on the graphics and printing style to be used on the pouches. The inner lining is made of aluminum foil plus other films that get laminated together to protect the content packaged from oxygen, UV light, order, and odor. The bag is ideal for packaging of pet food, food products, powder mixes, snacks, and nuts.

3 Side Seal Aluminum Foil Bags with Resealable Ziplock

3 Side Seal Aluminum Foil Bags with Resealable Ziplock are famous because they come with a perfect closing system, and they offer high barrier properties. The bag can be used in the packaging of various products in the non-food and food industries. They include pharmaceuticals, cosmetic products, used for stocking fresh meat, poultry, smoked salmon, goji berries and dried fruits. You can reseal the bag after use since it comes with a resealable ziplock system. Additionally, these pouch bags are made of aluminum foil to protect the contents from moisture, UV light, and oxygen infiltration.

3 Side Seal Aluminum Foil Bags with Reusable Ziplock

3 Side Seal Aluminum Foil Bags with Reusable Ziplock is with shining silver film for all kinds of food and non-food packaging, we can make it in customized print or keep in without print, ziplock with be easy for reuse or reclose.

Stand Up Aluminum Foil Matte Gold Bags with Ziplock

Stand up Aluminum Foil Matte Gold Bags with Ziplock are designed with soft and attractive aluminum foil film that is matte gold colored. They can be used to package tea, coffee, and many other products, both edible and non-edible. Even though the material might appear light, it has a perfect barrier features against odor, UV lights, and moisture. These bags come with zip locks to ensure that you end product users can reclose them after every use

Aluminum Foil Stand Up Spout Bags

The Aluminum Foil Stand Up Spout Bags are still the best sprout pouches in the packaging field. They come with a laminated film that is created from high-quality material such as PET, AL, and PE to guarantee perfect protection of the packaged goods from UV lights, odor, oxygen, and moisture.

Additionally, these bags are heat sealed by the edges to avoid spillage. Also, they are fitted with spout caps for easier filling, opening, closing, and pouring ability. The aluminum foil stands up spout bags are used for packaging beverages, liquid cleaning agents, and some powder products.

Aluminum Foil Stand Up Bags with Spout

The aluminum foil stand-up bags with spouts provide a flexible and practical solution for liquids and beverage packaging. They come with an incorporated closure and pouring system (spouts). The bag’s user-friendly design has made the bags ideal for liquid and pasty products like sauces, cleaning agents, pureed fruits, drinks and other fine bulk goods like rice and sugar. Apart from the laminated films used for making the strong, durable, but flexible structure, the edges are heat sealed to avoid bursting and any leakage.

Customized Printed Aluminum Foil Stand Up Bags with Spout

At TedPack, we know the importance of having sleek and unique products on the shelves. That’s why we have introduced the customized printed aluminum foil stand up bag with a spout. The pouch is perfect for packaging of drinks like juice, beverages, liquid cleaning agents and many others. Based on the branding design you want, we will use three different high-quality machines like digital printing machine, flexo, and rotogravure to make sure the results meet your advertising needs. These bags come with laminated foil to protect your product from barriers like moisture and UV lights. They come with spouts for easy filling, sealing, resealing, and pouring.

Aluminum Foil Flat Bottom Bags with Tin-tie

Aluminum foil flat bottom bags with tin-ties are famous types of a packaging solution that comes with a flat bottom, side gusset and tin-ties for resealability. The tin-ties enable customers to roll-down the pouches and reseal the bags, thus preventing oxygen, moisture, pest, and odor infiltration. At TedPack, we use eco-friendly and food grade materials to make these bags. They are also made using laminated films such as aluminum foil, Kraft Paper, PET, PE and many others. We will also design a custom-made bag, but you need to come with basic details like pouches dimension, artwork, add-on features, and quantity.

Aluminum Foil Flat Bottom Bags

Aluminum foil flat bottom coffee bags are also known as box pouches, flat bottom pouches, or block bottom pouches. The expandable side gussets offer adequate space for more content. Our quad seal pouch comes with double side gussets and can self-stand easily. The gussets are joined to the panels by four seals. So, all the sides of the pouch are sealed, including the top part that is usually sealed after the filling procedure. All these features offer the bag a secure stru

Aluminum Foil Flat Bottom Bags with Customized Printing

Many clients love the aluminum foil flat bottom bags with customized printing because they can stand on their own. They are created using high-quality laminated films such as aluminum foil to protect your product against external effects like odor, UV light, moisture, and oxygen. The flat bottom allows the bag to self-stand, thus providing a stylish look that attracts clients on the shelves. With our modern digital, rotogravure, and flexo printing equipment, all you will need to provide is your pouch artwork. Our top quality logo, labels, user info imprints, and graphics will make your product stand out on any crowded shelf.

Aluminum Foil Fin Seal Bags

Nowadays, aluminum foil fin seal bags offer one of the best and fashionable way to package your products. The seal edge of these pouch bags is situated at the center of the pouch from the back and gives it a complete packing appearance and an aesthetic look. The fin seal bag does not only come in small size, but the bags are also convenient to carry. Additionally, the bags are made of aluminum foils for advanced barrier protection reasons.

Aluminum Foil Mylar Bags

Aluminum foil Mylar bags are used in the packaging of various products such as snacks, chocolate, and nuts. They are made from high-quality and glossy laminated materials to attract your clients. For excellent barrier, these bags are made of laminated film such as PET/AL/PE to make sure your packaged content is free from moisture, UV light, and oxygen. Lastly, the size, color, and shape of these bags will depend on what you are packaging or your marketing strategy.

Aluminum Foil Quad Seal Flat Bottom Bags

Many clients love the aluminum foil quad seal flat bottom bags because of their incredible barrier properties. Even though the aluminum foil is the main materials, other high-quality materials like PET and LLDPE helps to keep off UV lights, moisture, odor, and oxygen. For quality packaging, these bags are FDA approved and BPA free. Lastly, their flat bottom allows them to stand upright on the shelves.

3 Side Seal Aluminum Foil Bags

Our 3 side seal aluminum foil bags are sealed on all the sides while one side is left open for filling and emptying purposes. These bags are used in different applications such as in non-food companies like pharmaceuticals, beauty products. It can also be used to stock raw meat, dried fruits, smoked salmon, and goji berries. Additionally, they are re-sealable as they come with zippers. Lastly, the structures are of high barrier properties.

-Aluminum Foil Side Gusset Bags

The aluminum foil side gusset Bags are used for packaging coffee, snacks, granola, tea, and nuts. The bags are made of high-quality material to protect your products from moisture, oxygen, extreme temperatures, and UV light. These pouch bags feature four gusset sides and a flat bottom that allows them to stand upright on shelves.

Aluminum Foil Side Gusset Bags with Customized Printing

The aluminum foil side gusset bags with customized printing are known to be gusseted since they are folded on either side. These aluminum foil side gusset bags expand once they are filled with content. The weight of the content holds the pouch in an upright position. The format of the bag has two panels on the front side and the back for branding purposes. This design is mostly used in packaging of coffee and tea. However, they are also used for packaging pet food, powder products, and other food products. 

3 Side Seal Aluminum Foil Bags with Customized Printing

The 3 side seal aluminum foil bags with customized printing are designed to offer a flexible laminated packaging solution. They are perfect for packaging cosmetic products, medical products, and edible products like fresh meat, dried fruits, and smoked salmon. With our modern flexo, digital, and rotogravure printing machine, we will make sure you get attractive pouches that attract your clients. The bag is made of high-quality laminated film to offer an excellent inner environment for your products.

3 Side Seal Aluminum Foil Bags with Window

Our 3 side seal aluminum foil bags with window are sealed on all the sides while one side is left open for filling and emptying purposes. These bags are used in different applications such as in non-food companies like pharmaceuticals, beauty products. It can also be used to stock raw meat, dried fruits, smoked salmon, and goji berries. Additionally, they are re-sealable as they come with zippers. Lastly, the structures are of high barrier properties.

Kraft Paper Stand Up Aluminum Foil Bags with Window

The Kraft Paper Stand Up Aluminum Foil Bags with Window comes with an aluminum foil lamination from the inside that offers a barrier against oxygen, moisture, and light to preserve the contents. The bags are designed with bellows from the bottom part. When the bag has content in it, the bellows expands, and this allows the pouch to self-stand when placed on the shelves. These bags are ideal for different packaging products like tea, coffee beans, cookies, herbals, and dry fruits. Lastly, the Kraft paper makes it possible for their hot stamping, labeling, or graphics designing.

Aluminum Foil Bags, TedPack - China Premier Supplier and Manufactuer

Aluminum Foil Bags: The Ultimate Guide

If your eyes are reading this, it is no doubt you are concerned with quality product packaging, you are at the right place where you needed to be. Over a couple of years now, bags and pouches made of aluminum foil have been outstanding in the packaging arena.Aluminum Foil Bags

TedPack aluminum foil bags are normally made by laminating together a number of films using adhesives to make them strong and durable. Mostly, we use three layers as they serve very critical roles.

Not for product packaging characterized by the excellent barrier properties which confirm shelf longevity only but also material durability, strength, convenience, and versatility.

With the market changes; customers have become more and more concerned about product packaging. Due to such a need, there have been advancements in products packaging which is attributed to:

  • High-end technological innovations in the manufacturing of pouches and bags,
  • Need for quality Consumer and non-consumer product packaging
  • Need for Eco-friendly bags
  • Increased investment in pouches and bags manufacturing industries.

Due to such necessities, Aluminum Foil bags/pouches came about.

If you are concerned about Aluminum Foil bags and pouches, below will take you through every detail you need to know about them.

Chapter 1: Definition of Aluminum Foil Bag

Aluminum foil bags and pouches get manufactured from high-quality aluminum foils. The structure is set in a way that you are to get your anticipated product packaging needs handles to perfection.

We manufacture foil pouches of different dimensions, styles, sizes, and with different add-ons according to the specifications you provide, bags convenience and usability.

Are those not your main concerns?Aluminum Foil Bags

Aluminum Foil pouches are made up of multiple laminated layers from specifically designed and selected material films. This kind of material structures makes aluminum foil bags strong, durable, flexible and able to resist punctures.

Additionally, if you needed bags or pouches that can provide a barrier to oxygen, vapor, moisture, odor, pest infiltration, and avoid packaged product contamination, then look nowhere else.

For products which degrade when exposed to sunlight, you need opaque bags and not the transparent type. Aluminum foil bags are made for such a need. We manufacture opaque aluminum foil bags and those with clear windows, it all depends on your requirement.

Product packaging is never a simple task, before choosing the type of bag you need, you must be sure of how to use them. What are the sizes, dimensions, add-ons, styles and material structures do you need?

With such details, be sure we at TedPack are up to the task. Our in-house artwork designers, engineers, and other workers are all professionals in what they do.

We work under your requirements, instructions and market need to produce bags which will serve you well in the ways explained in chapter 2.

Chapter 2: Uses of Aluminum Foil Bags

In honest words, no matter how well products get manufactured, if you fail in the packaging process, be sure the shelf lifespan of your product will get affected.Aluminum Foil Bags

Our manufactured Aluminum foil pouches are made to safeguard your product from intense cold, heat, oxygen gas, pest, moisture, odor infiltration, and water vapor. Such are the known agents which cause degradation o packaged product quality or fastens product spoilage.

Our material choose which will be discussed in chapter 6 clearly explains why we recommend these pouch types if you need quality product packaging and extended shelf longevity.

Remember, our pouches are manufactured using a multi-layered material film structures. At times, an aluminum foil which is a food grade material gets used as the innermost layer.

Trust us; we care about life through quality and FDA approved packaging. We understand any issue concerning our pouches culminates in losing a customer which is a minus to us. We are in business; remember! The materials we use are very hygienic.

If you need bags that can package cereals, count on us. Our bags are of quality material and designed to ensure low/zero rates of moisture and vapor transmission. Additionally, your grains will be protected from pest infestation.

When planning to store coffee beans or coffee powder, our foil pouches are what you need. They will offer excellent barrier and even entrap your coffee aroma for long.

Note: Aluminum foil pouch application/uses are not limited to food product alone. If you need to package surgical instruments and medical products, these are the pouches you need.

Remember, there are even vacuum pouches made of aluminum foil. These pouches are designed to offer top-notch product protection, a barrier from contamination and high-end hygienic standards.

If you need quality product packaging, count on use. Our pouches are of quality material meant for excellent service provision.

Product packagedAluminum foil Bags type
Coffee, Tea,Stand Up foil bags with valves, Stand Up foil bags with zipper, Gusseted Foil bags with valves, Aluminum foil Gusseted bags with a Square Bottom, etc.
Laundry detergents, e.g. bath beads, soapsPillow Foil made bags, Four sides sealed Aluminum Foil Bags, Stand Up foil bags with zipper, Aluminum Foil Vacuum pouches, etc.
Coffee pounder, spices,Aluminum Foil Vacuum pouches, Stand Up foil bags with valves, Stand Up foil bags with zipper, etc.
Industrial productsAluminum Foil Vacuum pouches, Pillow Foil made bags
Liquid productsAluminum Foil spout pouches etc.

For any packaging bag, feel free to contact us. We are a flexible company which can prepare aluminum foil bags of different sizes, styles, and capacities for different purposes.

Chapter 3: Benefits of Using Aluminum Foil Bags

Are you tired of using poor quality bags and pouches which cannot protect your product from moisture, oxygen, pest, vapor, odor infiltration or even offer aroma entrapping?

Worry no more, with quality Aluminum foil pouches made from TedPack, you are assured of quality barrier material structures and top-notch manufacturing techniques that will ensure the extension of products shelf life and preserve your product freshness.

Below are some of the main benefits you and your customer will accrue from using our manufactured pouches.

Chapter 3.1: Excellent Barrier Properties

Our foil bags are multi-layered made of about 3-4 layers. Such kind of film structure stamps the professionalism, designing, and perfection employed in the manufacturing of these bags.Aluminum Foil Bags

We use each and every material layer for a specific reason. Every layer adds to the structural strength of these pouches. Is an excellent barrier property what you need? Count on us…

We do not take chances, but our commitment to serving you right is unquestionable. For all the product you need to be packaged using quality material structures, we have a solution for you.

Whether you need packaging bags for medical/surgical instruments, cereals, coffee, tea, industrial products, or any consumable, our flexible foil bags have a wide range of usage.

Our manufactured bags are safe for both food and non-food packaging.

Remember, for beverage packaging; you can get Aluminum foil spout bags as well.

Chapter 3.2: Eco-Friendly

At TedPack, we are fully committed to environmental protection. For that reason, our manufacturing line is geared towards the production of sustainable and eco-friendly packaging pouches and bags.

All our bags are made of environmentally friendly materials which are all designed to reduce negative impacts on our environment and as well improve the safe recycling of our bags and pouches materials.

Apart from using biodegradable materials, the materials we use require less energy in production.

The amount of energy we require in the manufacturing of these bags is way less compared to the one used in plastic bags and pouches manufacturing. Additionally, the manufacturing processes of our foil bags create fewer emissions into the atmosphere.

Lastly, our pouches are light weighted. Such adds to the fact these bags are Eco-friendly because they require less energy during transportation which reduces fuel emissions.

Chapter 3.3: Customized Shape and User-Friendly

Our Aluminum foil pouches are user-friendly. You can use these bags for several reasons. Our manufacturing process depends on the specifications and instructions you provide us with.

If you need quality packaging bags for pharmaceutical industries, health supplements, computer and other technological hardware, beverage industry and other consumable, these are the best bags to use.

We manufacture/customize our bags in accordance to your expected shape, size, and specification. For example, if you need bags that allows air-tight sealing, count on us.

Chapter 3.4: Excellent Product Display

With the current market competition, every retailer or mall owner is much concerned about the best way to improve his/her product display.

In the same line, every product producer who is willing to shake off market competition must package his or her products in attractive bags and pouches.

With our Aluminum foil bags, it is possible to have various bag decorative features such as imprints, graphic designs, matte/gloss finishes, and other add-on deemed essential such as hang holes.

Much of add-ons will get discussed in the following chapter. But remember, with these types of pouches, you will be able to attract customers thus shaking off market competition bit by bit.

Lastly, there are also self-standing bags which can rest on any shelf well thus improving your product display.

Chapter 3.5: Good for Product Storage   

As you are concerned about getting pouches that will provide a formidable barrier for your products; storage space is the other thing you should have in mind.Aluminum Foil Bags

Our Aluminum foil pouches are designed to provide the kind of barrier you need. Apart from the instruction you provide us with, we go a step further and research on how best we can offer you quality bags.

From such research make bags made of quality material structures which can provide an airtight environment and a barrier to oxygen, pest, moisture, odor, and sunlight.

Our pouches are self-standing which makes them ideal for any shelf. If you need to increase your display as well, you will enjoy different types of hang holes.

Lastly, if you are looking for pouches which can serve you well in hot temperatures or get used for fridge and freezer conditions, think of getting foil made bags.

Chapter 3.6: Puncture-Resistant

One thing that does frustrate customer most are bag punctures. On the other hand, retailer and product producers experience significant losses in their business when bags get punctured on their shelves.

Such means their packaged product will go to waste, have a reduced life-span, lose the needed aroma, experience pest infestation, experience odor infiltration, or have product freshness affected due to moisture loss.

But if you are in need of a solution to such issues, think of using packaging bags made of aluminum foil material.

The laminated multi-layered films we use produces a strong and tough structure that resists tear and puncture but maintain flexibility.

Chapter 3.7: label Application &Printing

Product visibility results in demand increase. If you are willing to make your product more visible on the shelf to attract more customers, think of having labels, graphics and different types of imprints on your bags.

We can do all that, our material structures do allow any label, graphics or logo application/printing.

Our in-house designers will help you get the type of imprints you need on your aluminum foil bags. We use the latest Digital, Gravure, and Flexo printing techniques to help you get the kind of prints you need.

Proper imprints will help inform your customers about your product usage as well as nutrients contained in your food products.

Chapter 4: Add-ons (Features)

Usability and convenience are some of the things we take note of in our bags manufacturing process. A well-manufactured aluminum foil bag will not serve you well if the right add-ons are not added.

We have researched and taken enough time to study the market on what customers need and what type of add-ons makes it easy for them to use foil bags.

A well-manufactured pouch provides the following benefits to a customer:Aluminum Foil Bags

  • Easy opening
  • Easy closing ability
  • Easy hanging and,
  • Easy carrying ability.

Additionally, if you need any add-on fitted on your foil bag; feel free to talk to us. We are flexible and ready to serve you right.

Below is an explanation of the main add-on options we have for you.

Chapter 4.1: Rounded Corners

Aluminum foil made bags are tough and strong. Such is a characteristic Aluminum Foil Bagsthat makes them tear and puncture resistant.

Are such not the bags you need, bags that can provide a strong and tough barrier that will protect your packaged product?

But as we were doing our market study, we realized some customer complain of injuries made by aluminum bags sharp corners.

As a response to such crucial reasoning, we invented round corner add-ons which can be fitted on your bags at will.

This is a kind of professional finishing meant to ensure our customers are safe as they handle or use our manufactured bags.

Chapter 4.2: Re-closable ZipperAluminum Foil Bags

Some packaged food products are not meant to get consumed at a go; for example, coffee. For this reason, there is a need for you to have bags that can offer a resealing or re-close ability.

When packaging coffee, tea, cereals or even farm input product like pesticides, you need to know customers might need to reseal these aluminum bags after scooping or pouring the amount they needed for that particular time.

Resealing ability ensures your products stored are free from pest, odor diffusion, water vapor or oxygen infiltration. The resealing ability impacts shelf longevity and product freshness positively.

In connection to all the importance attached to the resealing ability, we have re-closable zippers as the add-ons you need.

These zippers will help you reseal you bags after opening them any time. Lastly, these are the kind of add-on that makes it possible to recycle these pouches.

Chapter 4.3: Tear Notch

For most of the aluminum foil bags we produce, we prefer using tear notches. But in case you do not need them.Aluminum Foil Bags

Foil bag structures are mostly tough and resistant to tear. But will these bags stay sealed forever without getting opened? Customer must access the packaged product easily and effortlessly. Tear notches are thus essential to make that happen.

Tear notches are meant to coax a customer to initiate a tear at the right place which makes clean and a straight.

Even though you will manage to tear a bag with no tear notch, tears done where there are no tear notches look ugly. A nice tear should be straight and ultra-clean

Bags which are fitted with tear notches are easy to open, and looks more professional.

Don’t you love decency?

Allow us to give you and your customers with decent aluminum foil bags fitted with tear notch add-ons for easy opening.

Chapter 4.4: Degassing Valves

When packaging products which do emit some gas as it happens with roasted coffee, you need foil bags with degassing valves.

Degassing valves are one-way vents that allow the gas produced to get out but allow no gas from the outside into the pouch.

If such product produced gas is left in to accumulate in the bag, it might lead to bag busting which can expose your bags to other unwanted condition like oxygen, moisture, and contamination.

Degassing valves ensure the storage of packaged product for an extended time, the preservation of nutrients, aroma and product taste.

We use two types of degassing valves. Below are they:

Chapter 4.4.1: Wipf Valves

Wipf valves are also referred to as wicovalves.  These are valves made of silicone oil membrane which opens when the pressure inside the aluminum foil bags build to about 3 millibars. After opening, they all degassing until the pressure reduces to about 0.5 millibars after which they reseal once again.

Chapter 4.4.2: Goglio Valves

The Goglio investment group produces Goglio valves. These valves are made up of polyethylene caps, silicon oil which forms a viscous layer, flexible rubber discs, polyethylene plates, and paper filler. They are assembled using a Golgi machine that ensures perfection something that makes us trust them.

Chapter 4.5: Euro/Round Punch Holes

To make your product visible to customers, you might find it essential to hang some around the shelves or your counter.21-Aluminum Foil Bags

In other words, at times shelves are full, but you have some extra products that you must display, at this time you will need the help of these add-ons called punch holes.

They make it possible for you to hang your product. On the other hand, product end users will find it good that they can hang their aluminum foil bags full of coffee, tea, spices or anything when their pantries are full.

Chapter 4.6: Top Slider Zipper

Do you deal in the packaging of liquids, gels, powder or granules? What type of bags do you trust most? Have you tried aluminum foil bags with top slider zippers?

If you deal in food packaging that needs re-closable zippers, think of getting pouches or bags with top slider zippers as add-ons.

Our in-house engineering department is well equipped, knowledgeable and skilled. Their innovative skills will ensure you get the right type of add-on you need for your pouches.

These types of zippers enable you to reseal your bags and protect your packaged products from pest, moisture/vapor infiltration, odor, diffusion, and oxygen.

Talk to us today; we are a listening company ready to offer you the kind of service you need.

Chapter 4.7: Clear Windows

If you are a product producer or retailer, you might have meant customers who must see the quality of the packaged product they are about to buy.22-Aluminum Foil Bags

For example, customers who are buying cereals, snacks and seeded products are prone to this habit. As a product producer, you are left with no other option but heeding to their demands.

That is why you need aluminum bags with clear windows as add-ons.  Clear windows will help customers see what they are buying, something that adds/boosts their confidence in what they are buying.

Clear windows are some among the add-ons we are willing and able to fit on your Foil bags. We understand your success will trickle down to us making us successful as well.

Chapter 4.8: Ergonomic Handle

If you are to package some heavy products in aluminum foil bags, think of adding carrying convenience to your bags.

Note: customers are much concerned about bags reliability, convenience, and product quality/quantity. Owing to such a reason, why don’t you allow us to help you add convenience and reliability to the type of bags you use in product packaging?

With your instructions and permission, we can fit ergonomic handles to your aluminum bags to make it possible for customers to carry their bags with ease.

We provide different types/styles and sizes of ergonomic handles. Depending on your customer’s preference, our ergonomic handle are well designed to add handling and convenience to your bags.

Chapter 4.9: Tin Tie

For a long time now, gusseted aluminum foil bags have been dear to retailers and end product users.Aluminum Foil Bags

Besides that need for these bags, re-closing ability has been an issue. For that reason, we at TedPack Bags and Pouches Company have decided to have adhesive tin ties to make these bags resalable.

At a reasonable additional charge, you will enjoy this accessory/add-on which will give your foil bags some re-close ability.

Application of tin ties will save the time you use while resealing your bags and as well protect your packaged products fully.

We have automatic tin tie application machine which can make this job easy for you.

Chapter 4.10: Laser ScoringAluminum Foil Bags

Laser scoring add-ons are almost similar to tear notches but fitted on one side; either on the top left or right side of an aluminum pouch.

They are much needed on foil bags because they make it easy to tear these bags. They help avoid the ugly and not straight tear lines

In case you are concerned about tearing convenience, think of having these type of add-ons.

Chapter 4.11: Glossy or Matt Finishes

Profit making is the primary reason as to why you have your retail business, product processing or manufacturing company.

Note; before a customer gets to buy or taste your product, first they should get attracted by the product packaging.

For that reason, we have gloss and matte finishes for you. These finishes are meant to make your aluminum foil bags appear good by client’s eyes.

First, for the matt finishing which looks rough and somehow dull, they give an ultra-professional impression where your bags look original and natural.

With this type of bag finishing, be sure your bags labeling, imprints, and other graphics will be visible to your customer from far. Is that not what you want to improve your product display?

Secondly, the gloss type of finishing makes your aluminum bag surface look more shiny and well-polished. Any picture, logo, graphics or imprint done on these bags will be visible to clients easily and from far.

All in all, both types of finishes serve the same purpose of making your bags stand out easily but in different ways.

Chapter 4.12: Pocket zipper

Because Aluminum foil bags have a strong material structure, it sometimes gets difficult for product end user to tear these bags and get access to the packaged product.Aluminum Foil Bags

Additionally, if your customers complain of getting irritated when the packaged product is stuck on other zippers as they try to pour or scoop the wrapped product, pocket zippers are the best option.

They open from one side thus making it possible to fill these bags and gain access to the packed product.

To open them, all you do is pull the zipper tap, and you will get full access to your packaged product.

Both flat bags and gusseted bags can get fitted with pocket zippers.

Chapter 5: Types of Aluminum Foil Bags

After getting done with your production process, the packaging process is the next step. There is no point in trying to produce quality food and non-food products but fail to package them well to ensure shelf longevity.

Poor packaging will bring about taste and aroma loss as well as oxygen, odor, moisture, and pest infiltration. Such are all factors attached to product spoilage.

If you are concerned about your customers and product life-span extension on the shelf, which is a must do a thing, consider quality packaging.

At Ted Packaging Bags and Pouches Company we care about you. We produce quality Aluminum foil bags designed for product preservation.

Regarding any product you are planning to package, whether medical, surgical, food, industrial or any product, we have suitable packaging bag for you.

We produce foil bags of different styles, types, shapes capacity, and sizes. We are ready to manufacture the kind of pouch you need.

All we need to know are the pouch dimensions, the purpose of the bags, shapes, types/style, required add-ons and any specific requirement you need.

Characteristics of Aluminum Foil Pouches:

  1. Performs better at keeping moisture out of the bag compared to polyethylene
  2. Performs by keeping humidity levels inside the pouches under 40RH
  3. Offers exceptional protection against physical damage, sunlight rays, oils, grease, acids, alkaline, bad odour, oxygen, and biological damage. (See even Matt Damon use aluminum foil bags store poops when on Mars)
  4. Sealing layers have different composite, structures, and sizes.

Applications of Aluminium Foil bags:

Plastics granulate, Masterbatches, Automotive components, Food products, Pharmaceuticals,

Chemicals, Food spices, Medicines,  Optical instruments, Electronic instruments, and gadgets.

We produce aluminum pouches of different types:

  • Stand up coffee pouches
  • Flat coffee pouches
  • Side gusseted coffee pouches
  • Sprout pouches
  • Block bottom coffee pouches

Below are the main and mini categories of these pouches.

Chapter 5.1: Aluminum Foil Stand Up Bags

Stand Up pouches/bags are commonly referred to as Doypack bags. Over the past years; the popularity of stand-up pouches has drastically grown.

These are bags with gussets which are folded upwards, inwards and well-sealed on all sides.

Aluminum Foil Bags

At the bottom, these bags have bottom gussets which enable them to rest well on the shelves as well as support the side gussets.

Most retailers and customers love these self-standing bags because they can be well arranged or organized on a shelf.

We manufacture stand up foil bags of different colors, made of quality materials and with notable add-ons.

It all depends on the instruction you provide us with. But something to note is you will get the right bag and of the right quality.

Depending on your packaging need, we have several stand-up foil bag types with different add-on features and can carry different product volumes.

The table below will help you understand various to take note on when ordering these bags.

280.993. mil.6000015-20 days
703.534.757.91.22.5-7.7 mil.5000015-20 days
1505. mil.4000015-20 days
1003.534.757.92.352.5-7.7 mil.4000015-20 days
2508.826.191.42.5-7.7 mil.3000015-20 days
50017.647.510.21.752.5-7.7 mil.3000015-20 days
100035.279.2513.22.02.5-7.7 mil.2000015-20 days
3000105.8211.819.74.252.5-7.7 mil.2000015-20 days
4000141.1014.921.66.292.5-7.7 mil.1000015-20 days

Note: The measurements are in inches but based on theoretical figures. The actual sizes might differ but not enough to affect stand up foil bags usage or quality

Below are different styles of aluminum Stand Up bags.

Chapter 5.1.1: Stand-Up Foil Bags With Valves/Without Valves

Aluminum foil stand-up bags are used for several reasons. First, they are flexible bags with excellent barriers against UV light, oxygen, odor, and moisture. Secondly, they ensure your product aroma and taste are entrapped and well-preserved.

These are bag types which are used for countless packaging options. About bag size, you will get stand up foil bags that can take in 1 oz. to about 5 lb.

For example, if you deal in the packaging of products which emit some gas after packaging, for example, coffee, you need stand-up foil bags with valves.

Those degassing valves are essential because they allow the excess gas produced by the packaged product to escape and they will not let any air from outside get into the bag.

This degassing act prevents bag bursting when the entrapped gases build to very high levels.

For other products which do not release any gas, you can choose stand-up foil bags with No valves. These are foil bags with all the other needed material film structures and add-ons but lack degassing valves because they are of no use.

On either of the two bags; you can have logos, graphics, and pictures printed to improve your packaged product advertisement. Our in-house workforce is ready for any order you got. Just talk to us.

Chapter 5.1.2: Stand Up Foil Bags with Zipper

As a way to improve customer convenience, we decided to add on our foil manufacturing line stand-up pouches with tap-to-close zippers.Aluminum Foil Bags

If you are looking for a user-friendly pouch with high barrier properties, quality sealing, high mechanical support strength, and non-leakage properties, these are the bag type you need.

Our manufactured stands up foil bags with zippers are perfect if you need bags with re-close abilities. They will give you an option to re-seal your pouches after opening them.

Lastly, they can get fitted with various add-ons of choice not to forget you can use the opaque side of these bags as an advertisement billboard.

Chapter 5.1.3: Custom Printed Stand-up foil bags

When customers get into your mall or retail shop, the first thing they notice is the product packaging.

Are you in need of professional-grade custom printed stand up bags? At TedPack we are here to guarantee you of the high-quality packaging experience.

As we produce our foil made bags, we pay attention to pouch quality in-terms of structures and appearance.

We understand consumer first get impressed by stand up bags appearance which draws them close to the product thus holding them.

Remember, our aluminum foil bags structures are durable, strong but at the same time flexible and lightweight.

It is possible to get any professional graphics, logos, and images printed on these pouch types for advertisements.

Our pouches will offer your packaged product protection; enable proper product display, shelf organization, customer handling convenience and lastly prolonged shelf storage span.

If you are concerned about making your product brand visible outside there, consider our quality made and well-designed custom printed bags.

Chapter 5.1.4: Clear Foil Stand Up Pouches

True to our word, we are flexible bags and pouches manufacturing company. Our main aim is to provide the right foil bag depending on your requirements.Aluminum Foil Bags

First, understand our aluminum foil bags are made up of multiple laminated layers. The main reason as to why we do that is to provide flexible bags which can resist puncture, and protect your packaged product from odor, vapor, moisture, pest, and oxygen.

If you are planning to package products that are affected by UV lights, clear foil bags are not the best, your need bags with some opaque material structures for that matter.

Clear foil bags have transparent (clear) structures that give your packaged product a 5-star show.

For example, if you deal in food packaging, we have food grade clear foil bags. These pouches will give your customers an opportunity to see and gain confidence in the product they are about to buy.

Some of the food products packaged in clear foil bags are dried fruits, nuts, trail mix, and snack items.

These pouches provide an excellent barrier against water vapor, oxygen, pest, and odor infiltration.

Chapter 5.1.5: Aluminum Foil Stand Up Pouches with Clear Window

Besides clear foil bags which are designed to have one full side being transparent (clear), you can as well opt to have your bags fitted with a shaped clear window.

These clear windows serve the same purpose as transparent film structures which help clients view or see the packaged products, before purchase. Such is essential to assist in confidence building

We manufacture stand up foil bags of different sizes and with different add-ons for example zippers, tear notches, hang holes and many others.

Depending on your requirements, we have a solution for you; our bags with clear window will protect your product from pest, odor, moisture, oxygen, and contamination effects if you are packaging food, medical or surgical objects.

Lastly, it is possible to get custom colors, logos, and other graphics printed all to make your foil bags visible on the shelves; a factor that helps you shake off market competition.

Chapter 5.2: Gusseted Aluminum Foil Bags/Pouches

Gusseted aluminum foil bags are most popular among those who deal in coffee and tea packaging. These are bags or pouches with gussets on all sides including fins that run from bottom to top.

They are mostly preferred for packaging of food products due to their ample space. They can handle different capacities depending on your manufacturing instructions.

Secondly, they are much loved because of their self-standing abilities on the shelves. When filled, they mimic a box structure that enables them to sit well on your mall shelves or customers pantries.

But that does not limit then to food packaging alone. It is possible to use these foil bag types in other areas especially farm input or medical supplies industries.

At the bottom of these foil bags; they are well sealed to form a strong basement. At the top, they are opened with an option to have different types of re-close add-ons like pocket zippers, tin ties, slide zippers, and others.

These bags are made of quality laminated material structures. They provide adequate protection barrier for your packaged product against UV lights, oxygen gas, pest, odor, and water vapor.

If you need foil pouches and bags with enough printing surface to have your logos, graphics, labels and other types of imprints designed, these are the bags types you need.

They will provide you with cost-effective billboard space to market and attract your product buyers. The four sides of these flexible bags help in product advertisement and shelf presentation.

Depending on your pouch usability, there are several add-ons you can decide to have. You can have ergonomic handles, tear notches, degassing valves, tin ties or any other add-on you deem useful or will add customer convenience.

Below are vital details that you need to know regarding these type of pouches.

2508.826.191.42.5-7.7 mil.5000015-20 days
50017.647.510.21.752.5-7.7 mil.4000015-20 days
100035.279.2513.22.02.5-7.7 mil.3000015-20 days
3000105.8211.819.74.252.5-7.7 mil.2000015-20 days
4000141.1014.921.66.292.5-7.7 mil.1000015-20 days

Note: The measurements are in inches but based on theoretical figures. The actual sizes might differ but not enough to affect stand up foil bags usage or quality

Below are different types of Gusseted Foil bags:

Chapter 5.2.1: Gusseted Foil Bags With Valves

For those who are planning to package coffee and other gas emitting products, you need gusseted foil bags with valves.Aluminum Foil Bags

These bags as specifically designed to make it possible for you to package product like roasted coffee safely. The degassing vent allows excess gas to get out thus preventing bags bursting.

The gas vetting out ability ensures that your packaged product will remain safe for an extended time on the shelves.

Apart from the degassing valve add-on, these aluminum foil bags can get fitted with other add-ons like zip locks, slide zipper, tear notches and other essential add-ons.

On these bags side gussets, you will be able to have imprints of choice to help you market your products. We use the latest printing technology to help make your packaged product visible to buyers.

Chapter 5.2.2: Square Bottom Gusseted Foil Bags with E-zip

For the sake of perfect pouch resealing, you need bags which are fitted with E-zip. This type of add-on makes it possible for customers to reseal their pouches and open them with ease.

Zip locks are add-on features that get machined on these pouches to help create a clean and uniform bag sealing feature.

With this feature, it means your pouches will not need other bag re-closing add-ons for example bag clips, tin ties or re-sealable tapes. Bags with these type of add-on are loved because these pull-tap zippers are easy to open, offer maximum pouch sealing and convenient filling option.

Additionally, you will enjoy a squire bottom that will give your pouches a self-standing ability.

Lastly, the four sides will provide you with enough billboard space where you have logos, graphics and other essential info printed.

Chapter 5.2.3: Easy-peel Aluminum Gusseted Bags

These are bags which are designed to add convenience to end product users because they are easy to open. They have a back center seal which customers can grip to open their bags.

With this easy to peel back seals, you do not need extra human strength or some pair of scissors to open them.

These foil bags are made of quality laminated materials which provide the product the protective barrier you need.

With easy-peel aluminum gusseted bags, you are not only going to enjoy bag opening abilities but also product protection from moisture, oxygen, pest and UV light.

Additionally, you product aroma and taste will be preserved for long.

If you need quality logos, label and advertisement imprints, we use the latest pouch and bags printing technology like gravure and flexo printing.

Lastly, there are several add-on features you can have on your bags such as valves. We are committed to helping you get the best packaging service. Talk to us and let us help you.

Chapter 5.2.4: Quad Seal Gusseted Aluminum Foil Bags

In case you need bags that can package heavy products, you better go for quad seal gusseted aluminum foil bags.Aluminum Foil Bags

Four-side seals characterize them. The 4 side gussets are notable on these bag types as they give them a strong structure needed to hold heavier products.

The innovative designing of these bags give them a self-standing structure. Many love them because they can take in a volume of up to 20 lb. and rest comfortably on the shelves.

Because product protection comes first, these aluminum foil bags offer perfect protection against oxygen, pest, moisture, and vapor infiltration not to forget aroma entrapping.

They are puncture resistant bags with ample space for making imprints. The front, back, and side panels are enough billboard spaces.

You can advertise, brand, have labels or have educational instructions printed on the products you are selling.

Lastly, you can have any add-on you need. These bags can get fitted with valves, tin ties, pocket zippers, tear notches or any feature you need.

Chapter 5.3: Aluminum Foil Spout Pouches

Aluminum foil spout pouches are user-friendly kind of bags which are used to store pasty, liquids, or any loose bulk product.Aluminum Foil Bags

Spout bags have a re-closable cap and a welding spout. These are the two features that make these types of bags unique.

The spouts are engineered to control spillage, add package product safety storage and user convenience. Such is what makes aluminum foil spout bags useful when packaging liquid such as beverages, cleaning agents or sauces, pharmaceuticals, health and beauty types of products.

If you happen to compare aluminum foil spout bags with plastic and glass bottles, you will realize they are more efficient regarding being self-standing, lightweight, and good looking.

Depending on your requirement, our TedPack designing and engineering department is skilled and equipped to provide you with the style, size, shape and bag capacity you need.

The surface structure of these bags makes it possible for you to have the kind of imprints you need.  The same material structure provides quality protection for your bags.

There are several add-ons you can have on these pouches. For example clear windows, gloss and matt finishes, round corners and ergonomic handles.

Chapter 5.4: Aluminum Foil Vacuum Pouches

When storing food products or non-food products which need airless (vacuum) environment, you need Aluminum foil vacuum pouches.Aluminum Foil Bags

These are bags manufactured using best material quality to ensure an airtight environment and to protect your packaged product from corrosion, oxidation, and degradation.

At TedPack we use multi-layered material films which makes our manufactured vacuum bags have a high resistance to puncture and moisture infiltration.

At the top part, these pouches are heat sealed after air is sucked from them to achieve a vacuum environment.

We understand that product freshness, aroma entrapping and taste preservation comes first to you. That is why we are asking you to help you maintain a competitive position for your packaged products in the market.

We have experienced and passionate in-house designers and engineers who are determined to offer  Aluminum foil vacuum pouches that will serve your intended purpose to perfection.

On the add-on part, these bags can get fitted with tear notches, round corners, hang holes and others essential add-ons to boost customer convenience, safety, smooth opening, and product display.

If you need bags branding, labeling or any other type of imprint, we have an in-house designing department equipped with the latest printing machines.

Talk to us, and you will not get disappointed. We give you our word.

Below is a table showing various details regarding the types of Vacuum foils bags we produce.

501.763.153.941.182.5-7.7 mil.6000015-20 days
802.823.154.330.982.5-7.7 mil.6000015-20 days
903.173.154.921.102.5-7.7 mil.5000015-20 days
1003.533.155.511.182.5-7.7 mil.5000015-20 days
1505.293.545.511.182.5-7.7 mil.4000015-20 days
2007.053.945.911.182.5-7.7 mil.4000015-20 days
2508.824.925.911.382.5-7.7 mil.4000015-20 days
40014.115.127.871.382.5-7.7 mil.3000015-20 days
50017.645.128.661.382.5-7.7 mil.3000015-20 days
80028.223.946.501.182.5-7.7 mil.3000015-20 days
100035.275.919.841.572.5-7.7 mil.2000015-20 days
200070.557.8712.601.572.5-7.7 mil.1000015-20 days

Chapter 5.5: Foil Made Retort Pouches

Are you concerned about the packaging of ready-to-eat food products?  Foil made retort pouches are also known as reportable bags.  They are used in packaging of a wide variety of food product such as:

  • Pre-cooked foodstuffs
  • Soups
  • Fresh food products
  • Pet foods and
  • Organic foods

The material structure used in the manufacturing of these bags sustains protection of food from oxygen, odor infiltration, pest, moisture, and vapor. Additionally, the material structure is durable and can resist puncture.

If you were looking for a packaging style that will replace the traditional industrial food canning method, look nowhere else. These pouches contain a thermal processing environment. They are mostly used for aseptic and sterilization of food.

One thing you must note regarding these aluminum foil bags is they will maintain your packaged product freshness for an extended period.

Chapter 5.6: Aluminum Foil Flat Bags

Retailers mostly love flat Aluminum foil flat bags due to their simplicity. They are used for packaging food products, medical, surgical or industrial products.Aluminum Foil Bags

Their simplicity structure settling makes it easy to arrange them on the shelves, fill and seal them.

Note, these bags have no folds, nor gussets. It is possible for you to weld them by the sides or at the bottom.

Depending on your packaging requirement, we produce different bags styles of different sizes, shapes, and seals.

Even if you need customized pouches with additional add-ons for convenience, we have tear notches, re-closable zippers, round corners; hang holes, transparent/clear side and many other add-ons.

Lastly, you can request that your flat aluminum foil bags get printed. We can have quality graphics, labels, and logos printed on your pouches for branding reasons.

Chapter 5.6.1: Pillow Foil Made Bags

As the name suggests, these flat pouches take the shape of a pillow. Among all the packaging pouches you will come across, these are the most economical type.

They consist of a top part which is mostly left for opening, the back/front part and the bottom part which is mostly sealed.

These foil pouches are also referred to as T-Seal or Back pouches. They have strong barrier properties needed to protect your products from oxygen, moisture odor, and water vapor.

If you are in need of economic bags with a substantial printable area which as no break; Foil made pillow Bags are the ones to use. They offer a large space to have your graphics printed which helps improve your product display.

Lastly, you will enjoy the convenience and reliability brought about by a wide range of add-ons.

Chapter 5.6.2: 4 Side Sealed Aluminum Foil Bags

Among all aluminum foil bags in the market today, these 4 side foil bags are the most popular.

They are flexible bags because you can get manufactured in any style you wish. There are those which have 4 sides fully sealed or those with three sides sealed plus one open side which meant for filling purposes.

If you need full product protection, you can order our 4 side foil bags which have to option for sealing all the four sides.

Some of the benefits of using these pouches are:

  • Appealing shelf appearance
  • Less effort filling option

If you would like to have a particular add-on for convenience reasons, you can get them. Such as:

  • Re-sealable zipper
  • Matt and gloss finishing
  • Clear window
  • Tear notches of different types
  • Hang holes and,
  • Round pouches

Chapter 5.6.3: Three-Side Seal Aluminum Foil Bags

Do not get confused between 3 side seal aluminum bags, and 4 side aluminum bags; they have a big difference.Aluminum Foil Bags

3 side seal aluminum bags are made from one laminated material film. They have two sealed sides where the top part can either be sealed or left opening according to your instructions.

They are useful due to their high filling volume. Additionally, these foil bags are among the most economical flat pouches due to the material required in their manufacturing. Secondly, they are light-weight which makes it convenience during transportation.

They also offer an ample space where you can get your imprints done for the sake of product marketing.

Lastly, you have several add-ons to choose from such as spouts and other fitments, tearing notches, valves, clear windows, hang holes and re-closable Ziplocs.

Chapter 5.7: Kraft Paper Bags with Aluminum Foil Lining

To provide our customers with quality bags which will be meaningful to their product packaging and help attract customers, we realized Kraft paper bags with aluminum foil lining could serve you better.Aluminum Foil Bags

For example, when packaging coffee, you need some Kraft paper bags that will give a fresh from the farm or a natural impression to customers.

That is why when manufacturing our laminated material structures; we decided to have Kraft paper as one of the materials.

These bags can take product volumes from 28g to about 5 kg. Depending on your requirement there are those bags which have a standard thickness of 100 micron and others with customized thickness depending on your requirements.

When it comes to appealing client purposes, we can have hot logo printing and several add-ons of choice. Some of the most crucial add-ons are tear notches, re-closable zippers, valves, hang holes, ergonomic handles, and many others.

Chapter 6: Material Choice

In our bags and pouches manufacturing process, material choosing takes the best of our time. We understand product protection is made possible by having the right type of material structures in place.

But something to note, all our bags are made up of laminated material structures. We put together different material films to ensure a formidable pouch structure which will withstand harsh market, shelf, and transportation environments.

Every material film is designed to serve a particular purpose in the laminated material structure.

Here are the different material compositions for each layer:

First layer: an external layer of polyethylene is used to offer mechanical strength at various levels of temperatures.

Second layer: this layer is normally to shield the contents in Aluminum Foil Bagsthe aluminum foil bags from moisture and other aggressive components like grease. It mostly the aluminum foil or atmospheres foil.

Third layer: this is the innermost layer of aluminum foil bags. Mostly, polyethylene of low density is used to make the laminate acquire heat sealing abilities without destroying the outer polyester film.

For example, when preparing a shampoo aluminum foil pouch, we use the following material details. The foil film is much needed due to its non-porous nature. It helps keep the shampoo product intact for an extended shelve time span.

Additionally, it is impossible to experience any leakage; aluminum foil layer takes care of that.

The next layer of a shampoo foil bag will be a polyethylene terephthalate also known as “PET” or “Poly PET.” This is a thermostatic layer essential of heat sealing.

The PET serves two primary functions which are:

  1. Act as glue to keep the inner aluminum foil layer intact and,
  2. Provide material film structure strength

The third and the outer most layer is used to add more on barrier properties. This same layer makes it possible for you to have your product information, company logo and other detail you deep essential to get printed.

Besides all that, our aluminum foil bags manufacturing depends on the instruction and specification you provide us with. We manufacture bags in line with their usage and customer instruction.

For example, below are some of the common material structures we use.

  • PET/ AL/ PE
  • PET/ NY/ AL/ PE
  • PET/ PE
  • Kraft paper/ PETAL / PE

The following are the materials we use in our Aluminum foil bags manufacturing.

AL: Aluminum foil: used to provide the best barrier against oxygen, UV lights, Moisture and ensure aroma entrapping.

PET: Polyester, (Polyethylene Terephthalate): this material is the most essential when it comes to temperature resisting and heat sealing

PE: Polyethylene

EVOH: Ethylene-Vinyl Alcohol copolymer: this material is sensitive to high humidity, but it’s excellent in ensuring a formidable oxygen barrier.

EVA: Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate copolymer: it mainly used to make aluminum foil bags a bit soft.

Kraft paper: used to give most bags especially coffee bags a natural appearance.

CPP: Cast polypropylene

BOPP: Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene

Chapter 7: Aluminum Foil Bags FAQs

1. What is the minimum quantity of bags can I order?

Our minimum quantity starts at 10000 bags. However, it depends on the type of foil bags you are ordering. Please contact us for more details.

2. Is it possible to get volume discounts? At what volume does your discount begin?

Sure, we do that, but 1000 pcs is our minimum volume for a discount. But again, it depends on the item you are purchasing. Contact us for more details.

3. Do you sell pouches and bags to distributors?

Sure. We deal with several distributors across the USA and Europe.

4. Do you offer samples to customers for testing purposes?

We will be glad to do that; we strongly recommend that. Please provide us with your location we will send several aluminum foil bag samples to you.

5. In case I need custom sized bags, but I don’t need the printing service, will I need to meet all the minimum requirements?

Yes. We treat customs size order as specialized projects.

6. Can your company help me with completing my artwork modifications for a printed project?

Yes. We have an in-house graphic designing department ready to assist you. All artwork designing and all types of modification services are available for you at a minimal fee.

7. Are you pouches recyclable?

Yes. Kindly check our listed eco-friendly foil bags.

8. The material you use, are they FDA approved for food packaging?

Yes. We will send your order with our FDA certificate, ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certification for you to confirm.

9. Which payment method do you prefer?

You can use T/T or Irrevocable L/C but, for further clarification, contact us.

10. Which are the shipment terms do your company accept?

We accept CFR, EXW, CIF, FOB, and many others.

11. How long will my order take before delivery?

After order placement, within 20 days, you will have your aluminum bags. We work with China shipping company for quick shipping logistics. But we can work with a company of your choice.

12. What add-on type do you offer for foil bags?

We have several of them. We can fit in tear notches, euro punch holes, re-closable zippers, ergonomic handles, transparent window, and many others.

13. What printing technology type do you offer for custom printed bags?

We print bags up to 8 colors and use the latest rotogravure technology and flexo technology.

14. What type of information do I need to provide when ordering for aluminum foil bags?

We need the basic information regarding the type of pouch you have in mind. For example bag dimensions, required artwork (graphics), quality, add-ons, and color.

15. How will I know my order has been received?

After we have received your order placement, we will send you a notification.

Chapter 8: TedPack Aluminum Foil Bags/Pouches

TedPack is among the leading manufacturers you will ever meet. We deal in manufacturing and supply of a wide range of high-quality aluminum foil bags. For any foil bags that you need, count on us. Whether you need flat pouches, stand up pouches, shaped pouches, gusset bags or customized, we are here for you.

We take pride in our quality production, innovation, experience, and high-quality designing.  Allow us to help you in developing a brand of product packaging that will take your production to the next high level. We are a flexible company ready to offer you a listening ear at any hour regarding any bags and pouch concern

Our production innovation is top notch. We do not only rest and wait for you to bring us the needed styles. We conduct our market research which helps us manufacture unique pouches and bags that will help your products stand out in the market and shake off competition.

For us to avoid defects or anything that can hinder our quality bag manufacturing, we have a quality assurance system which we follow. Our bags are passed through three quality assurance step. One during the manufacturing process which is manned by 3 engineers always, the second one after production and the last one during packaging.

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What are aluminum foil bags?

Aluminum Foil Bags are the most versatile packaging material on the market today.

They are arguably the most common bags use for high barrier products packaging, like coffee, tea, medicines and other products that would be damaged by the environment, as well as some airtight and high puncture resistance products.

No other material can claim to be the lowest cost absolute barrier to light, moisture, and oxygen.

TedPack specializes in the manufacturing of flexible packaging products.

Aluminum foil bag

Can pickles be stored in aluminum foil bags?

Glass is best used to store anything acid or salty, like pickles.

Aluminum foil bags are lined with plastic, which gives off chemicals, although not very dangerous, but not healthy either.

Are aluminum foils dangerous to health?

There have been studies that have claimed debatable links of aluminum with Alzheimer’s. Nevertheless, if shipbuilders, who by the way, breathe in the aluminum by-products of welding in enclosed spaces, as well as the inhaled and ingested  particles from the air, are doing just fine, then household users don’t have to worry. Aluminum is safe for daily use, even in food preparation.

What are the differences between tin and aluminum foil?

The difference between these materials is basically the thickness and the level of resistance of high temperature. “Tin paper” is produced by metal tin rolling, and “aluminum foil” is produced by metal aluminum rolling.

Also, tin foil is softer than aluminum foil and cannot be heated due to its low melting point, and can only be used in food packaging.

Aluminum foil on the other hand won’t start to melt until it’s heated above 660 °C. It can be used for common grilled foods and baked goods; it is clean and hygienic and maintains the original flavor of the food. Nonetheless, since aluminum metal affects brain development, the surface of the aluminum foil is coated to avoid the release of metallic aluminum.

What are the features of a good aluminum foil bag?

  • High durability and affordability
  • Retains moisture
  • Light weight
  • Temperature resistant
  • Retains aroma and flavor
  • Opaque – doesn’t transmit light
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Hygienic – Sterile when heat treated in production
  • Non-magnetic property– provides excellent non-magnetic shielding
  • Good for sealing by heat and induction
  • Doesn’t water or other liquids
  • Non-soluble i.e. will not combine with foods and other substance
  • Imparts no detectable taste or odor on the products inside

Why should I use an aluminum foil bag?

These packaging aluminum bags do not give off any odor to the products which is one of the reasons they are considered ideal for storing different materials.

Also, Aluminum Foil Bags provide excellent protection against spillage, infestation and spoilage.

What is aluminum foil bags made of?

Aluminum foil bag has two different kinds of material, VMPET and AL.

VMPET: It has a bright metallic luster and compounds other material(PET).

Al: Pure aluminum foils material and high purity.

What are the Differences between VMPET and Al?

VMPET means metalized PET (Vacuum Metallized Polyethylene Terephthalate).

This material consists of PET which has been metalized with aluminum.

It serves as a barrier against light and oxygen, and is often used instead of aluminum.

Its appearance is slightly smoother appearance than that of aluminum; however, it is slightly less efficient as a light/oxygen barrier.

Nevertheless, it is cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

Al is an abbreviation for aluminum and is also used as a light and oxygen barrier in 3 ply materials, due to its excellent and effective insulation against oxygen and light.

What are the Advantages of Aluminum foil bags?

1. These too are opaque and hence good for products that are sensitive to light
2. Opacity helps in bringing out the printing naturally without having to employ under-printing
3. Puncture resistant and strong structures are available

4. Al can be used for food packaging, can be used for packaging meat products, and dried aquatic products, duck, chicken, roasted pig, ham, cooked meat, bacon, sausage, hummus, and frozen food.

What are the disadvantages of Aluminum foil bag?

  1. Pure Aluminum foil material can easily wrinkle
  2. The price is higher than other kind of material.

What are the characteristics of an Aluminum foil bag?

PET: the excellent printing effect;

NY(PA): low oxygen permeability;

Al: a strong barrier, opaque;

PE: ordinary packing;

CPP: high-temperature cooking within the layer.

Is Aluminum Foil Recyclable?

The quick answer is yes, but it doesn’t end at that.

Aluminum cans, used for sodas and other popular beverages can be recycled.

Above glass and plastic are cans on the list of the beverage container with the highest recycling rate in the U.S., Recycled cans move from the recycling bin to store shelves within 60 days.

Now to the complicated part- Aluminum foil is just as recyclable as aluminum cans, but some recycling programs aren’t equipped to process foil.

Aluminum foil is covered in food scraps most times and most recycling facilities won’t accept such items.

Also, smaller aluminum foil scraps can clog the recycling machines.

How to Choose the Right Aluminum Foil Bag?

First of all, aluminum foil bags are classified into the following-electronic aluminum foil bags, aluminum foil bags for food, medical aluminum foil bags, aluminum foil bags for industrial use, etc.

Electronic aluminum foil bags are used for a variety of electronic equipment used in electronics, IC chips, data lines; food refers to packaged edible items and other related products, such as meat, snacks, dried fruits, Coffee, etc.; and medical aluminum foil bags are used to store biomedical products and other related equipment, such as family planning supplies, meds, etc.

Why Do Mask Bags Use Aluminum Foil Bags?

Aluminum foil bags are known to be superior to ordinary plastic bags.

For a common aluminum foil bag, its surface generally has an anti-gloss characteristic, which means it does not absorb light, and it is made of multiple layers.

Hence, aluminum foil paper has good light barrier property and strong insulation, and the composition of the aluminum is inside, so a mask bag also has excellent oil resistance and softness.

Are Aluminum Foil Bags Print Compatible?

They are opaque which ensures that the product can’t be seen from outside.

It also has a very good puncture and surface resistance.

Therefore, these packaging materials are excellently compatible with printing high quality and impressive graphics for the aesthetics of the product.

This way, it is easier to label the package and also allows for the designing of the packaging.

The attractive packaging differentiates the product packaging from the competition and motivates the customers to buy it.

What colors are available for printing on aluminum foil bags?

TedPack packaging offers quality, durable and high barrier printing of about 10 colors on aluminum foil bags.

Are Aluminum Foil Bags Cost Effective?

Metalized pouches are highly cost-effective to manufacture when compared to traditional rigid packaging.

They save considerable cost on the packaging.

In addition to this, they can be easily stacked and they don’t take much space at all.

Thus, it gives room for more products to be transported with less fuel and energy consumption, thereby; reducing cost of transportation.

What are the Common Uses of Aluminum Foil Bags?

  1. Food Products
  2. Baby Products
  3. Pharmaceuticals
  4. Cosmetics
  5. Electronics

How is Metalized Pouches Different from Foil Packaging?

Cost of Manufacturing:

Metalized pouches are made from plastic polymers like propylene or PET and are coated with aluminum by vaporization.

These metalized pouches give a metallic appearance with its gloss.

The aluminum foils, on the other hand, are made from thin sheets of real aluminum and thus are many times costlier compared to the metalized pouches.

Printing Capabilities:

It is important to consider printing before choosing the packaging material for products.

Both can be printed upon in different manners and they both have different optical variants.

Chemical Resistance:

Metalized pouches and aluminum foil do not react with the chemicals in the food products and they both ensure that the food products retain their original odor and taste.

Puncture Resistance:

The metalized pouches can resist puncture better than the foil packaging.

Seal Performance:

Metalized pouches have a better seal performance than the foil bags.

This is as a result of the differences in the surface characteristics.

What are Stand Up Aluminum Foil Bags?

Stand up aluminum foil bags are made from laminated film materials that offer excellent barrier quality and appearance on the shelves.

Stand up aluminum foil bags

What are Stand Up Aluminum Foil Bags with Re-sealable Ziploc?

Stand up aluminum foil bags with resealable Ziploc comes in a simple design and are made of quality materials.

They are re-sealable, have an inner layer made of aluminum foil and long-lasting zipper.

Basically, the zipper allows for reclosability of the bags.

Stand Up Aluminum Foil Bags with Re-sealable Ziploc

What are Stand Up Aluminum Foil Bags with window?

Stand Up Aluminum Foil Bags with Window are bags used for different packaging products.

The window allows the clients to see the content before buying the product.

Stand Up Aluminum Foil Bags with window

What are Customized Printed Stand Up Aluminum Foil Bags with ResealableZiploc?

Majority of custom printed stand up aluminum foil bags with resealable Ziplocs are usually produced with the name of a company on them.

We will have your company log, user guide, or any product info printed on the bags.

You can come with your desired artwork, and we will give you the best-printed aluminum foil bag you’ve ever seen.

Customized Printed Stand Up Aluminum Foil Bags with Resealable Ziploc

What are Customized Printed Stand Up Aluminum Foil Bags?

TedPackallows customers to customize they’re own stand up bags however they desire.

We allow you to choose the size, color, and shapes of the bags depending on your preferences.

You will also be allowed to decide on the graphics and printing style to be used on the bags.

Customized Printed Stand Up Aluminum Foil Bags

What is the 3 Side Seal Aluminum Foil Bags with ResealableZiploc?

3 Side Seal Aluminum Foil Bags with Resealable Ziploc are famous because they come with a perfect closing system, and they offer high barrier properties.

The bag can be used in the packaging of various products in the non-food and food industries.

They include pharmaceuticals, cosmetic products, used for stocking fresh meat, poultry, smoked salmon, goji berries and dried fruits.

3 Side Seal Aluminum Foil Bags with Resealable Ziploc

What is the 3 Side Seal Aluminum Foil Bags with Reusable Ziploc?

3 Side Seal Aluminum Foil Bags with Reusable Ziploc has a shining silver film for packaging of all kinds of food and non-food.

TedPack can make the bags in customized print or without print.

Ziploc will be easy to reuse and reclose.

3 Side Seal Aluminum Foil Bags with Reusable Ziploc

What are the Aluminum Foil Stand Up Spout Bags?

The Aluminum Foil Stand Up Spout Bags are considered to be the best sprout pouches in the packaging field.

They are made with a laminated film that is created from high-quality material such as PET, AL, and PE to assure perfect protection of the packaged goods from UV lights, oxygen, odor, and moisture.

Aluminum Foil Stand Up Spout Bags

What is the Aluminum Foil Stand Up Bags with Spout?

These bags with spouts provide a flexible and practical solution for the packaging of liquids and beverage.

What is the Aluminum Foil Flat Bottom Bags with Tin-tie?

Aluminum foil flat bottom bags with tin-ties come with a flat bottom, side gusset and tin-ties for resealability.

The tin-ties enable customers to roll the pouches down and reseal the bags, thereby preventing oxygen, pest, moisture, and odor infiltration.

What is the Aluminum Foil Flat Bottom Bags with Tin-tie?

Aluminum foil flat bottom bags with tin-ties come with a flat bottom, side gusset and tin-ties for resealability.

The tin-ties enable customers to roll the pouches down and reseal the bags, thereby preventing oxygen, pest, moisture, and odor infiltration.

Aluminum Foil Flat Bottom Bags with Tin-tie

What is the Aluminum Foil Flat Bottom Bags?

Aluminum foil flat bottom coffee bags are also known as “box pouches”, “flat bottom pouches”, or “block bottom pouches”.

The expandable side gussets allow for adequate space for more content.

Aluminum Foil Flat Bottom Bags

What is the Aluminum Foil Fin Seal Bags?

Recently, aluminum foil fin seal bags give one of the best and fashionable methods of packaging a product.

The seal edge of these pouch bags is placed right at the center of the pouch from the back and gives it a complete packing appearance and an attractive look.

Aluminum Foil Fin Seal Bags

What is Aluminum Foil Mylar Bags?

Aluminum foil Mylar bags are for packaging of various products such as snacks, chocolate, and nuts.

Aluminum Foil Mylar Bag

What is the 3 Side Seal Aluminum Foil Bags?

TedPack’s 3 side seal aluminum foil bags are sealed on all the sides while one side is left open for filling and emptying purposes.

3 Side Seal Aluminum Foil Bags

What are Aluminum Foil Side Gusset Bags?

These aluminum foil bags have four gusset sides and a flat bottom that allows them to stand upright on shelves.

Aluminum Foil Side Gusset Bags

Where Can I Get Aluminum Foil Bags?

TedPack is a leading China packaging bag and pouch manufacturer and supplier of various types of customized and branded bags and pouches that are used for the packaging of food products, candies, electronics, medicines, and agricultural products.