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Custom Perfect Mylar Bags for Your Product
Mylar bags are small bags made of metallized or aluminum foil laminated plastic material, mainly for high barrier purpose. MOQ from 100pcs and delivery within 10 days.

Custom Designed Mylar BagsAll Printed, Color Customized | MOQ From 100 Pcs

Mylar bags are small flat or stand-up bags, made with simple 2 layers or 3 layers metalized and clear material can be added with zipper, the front of pouch normally print with images or left with a window can be seen through. Most mylar bags are with one side transparent and one side silver material.

Mylar bags are used for a lot of packaging purposes, mainly for food, grocery, chemical, dog-treat, and daily use industry, it is leakage, smell, and aroma proof, with medium or high barrier properties can be shelf products inside between 12-18 months. It is also widely used for cannabis products in the USA since 2013.

TedPack has been producing hundreds of million mylar bags for clients around the world. Mylar bags with simple material, convenience printing, and fast bag-making speed, with TedPack’s facility, we can produce half a million mylar bags per day. Normally first order we can finish within 10 days and repeat order we can finish within one week even for printing.

  • All kinds of mylar bags available, material, size, color all customized;
  • With silver and clear material, both front and back customized;
  • Start from 100pcs for the digital print order, also many color stock bags available;
  • Delivery fastest in one week and some pouch cost lower to $1/100pcs;
  • BPA-free and USDA, FDA approved material.

Contact TedPack for a fast quote within 24 working hours now!

MOQ100 Pcs by Digital Print, 10K Pcs by Gravure Print
Size50*70mm(Min)   420*600mm(Max)
Thickness70Mircons-200Mircons (2.5Mil-8Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, Ziplock, Window
PrintingD-Met Printing, Metallize, Vanishing, Matte Finishing

The bag revolution is taking new turns and food storage has not taken the backseat. Mylar bags are one of the most common types of food storage bags today.

Developed in 1950, these bags are made of polyethylene terephthalate. The bag is light and flexible with high tensile strength. That’s why it’s considered the best for food storage.

TedPack is one of the leading company in processing Mylar bags in China. We have been manufacturing these bags with expandable capacity and we have been producing them with prowess.

The Mylar bags we design ensure that there is a total separation between your food and the environment. We understand that the key to making your food last for years is to remove as much oxygen as possible.

The chemical combination that we use, PET/VMPET/PE, makes the bag super-rigid and tensile. We assure you that your food will be free from light, heat moisture, oxygen, and even rodents.

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Small Mylar Bags

Small Mylar bags are also known as Mylar foil mini pouches. Mostly, these Mylar barrier bags are found in 5” by 6” measurements. For color range, small Mylar bags are manufactured in 610 colors, and they can be custom sizes, shapes, and sealing as per your instructions. Small Mylar bags are made using laminated films with aluminum as the main material for barrier reason. That is why small foil bags are used for packaging medical products, e.g., disease test kits, pregnancy kits, drugs not to forget electrical and food products.

Mylar bag with handle

Mylar bag with handle is loved due to their carrying convenience. Depending on your packaging quantity and weight, handles, also known as ergonomic handles, will give you a comfortable carrying ability. You can choose between custom printed ziplock Mylar bags with handles or plain color pouches. But, get assured your customers who need carrying convenience will prefer your products due to the handles

Mylar bag with zipper

Mylar bag with zipper is high barrier packaging bags used to store products for a long time. Mylar bags with zipper are used for packaging both dehydrated and dry products such as seeds, rice, corns, beans, coffee, fertilizer, and medical products. With the zipper addon, the endproduct users can seal and reseal these foil bags. Depending on your packaging duration, the metalized films and the strong laminated film can keep off oxygen, moisture, UV light, and other product contaminants from the external environment. Note, your packaging quantity will determine the Mylar bag with zipper sizes to purchase, but with us, you will get all the sizes you need.

Mylar bag with window

Mylar bag with window are pouches meant for packaging products that customers must see them through the window before purchasing. Coffee, Tea, milk powder, chocolate, snacks, candy, medical, and electronic products can get packaged in Mylar bag with window. The laminated materials used are FDA approved and environmentfriendly. For custom packaging, we allow you to decide on a size, color, window shapes, and types of zip locks.

Stand up Mylar bags

Stand up Mylar bags are also known as metalized stand up pouches denoted from their looks. They are best for moderate barrier packaging against oxygen, moisture, and contaminants. If you need clear poly and foil bags alternative, these stand up Mylar bags are the best. The base structure of these standup pouches is made strong to allow upright and stable standing, which improves product visibility on retail shelves. If you need food grade pouches, these Mylar bags can be used for packaging cookies, nuts, snacks, seasonings, and spices

Silver Mylar bags

Silver Mylar bags cut across the packaging of products, from edible, nonedible to medical products. The silver color can be used to attract customer as well as reflect away UV light rays. For quality barrier, the laminated film structure made of PET/AL/PE ensures your packaged product is free from humidity, oxygen, extreme temperature, and UV light. Depending on your packaging need and style, we manufacture stand up silver Mylar bags and flat pouches with 8mm thickness.

Clear Mylar bags

Clear Mylar bags are used to add client visibility on products. In these bags, one side is opaque, and the other is clear through which a customer can see the packaged products. They are perfect for packaging sugar, rice, beans, nuts, dried fruits, medical products, electronic products, snacks, cookies, and many others. Apart from moisture, oxygen, odor, and contaminant barrier, these bags can get heat sealed or get fitted with zip locks.

Large Mylar bags

Large Mylar bags are used for packaging products of large quantities. Any Mylar bag of size 15” and above that is considered as a large Mylar bag. They are made of strong laminated films of thickness 7/0 mm. These barrier properties make them perfect for packaging chemicals, electronics, pharmaceuticals, medical products, automotive parts/ adhesives, defense, aerospace and telecommunication devices.

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Mylar Bags
Mylar Bag

What Makes Mylar Bags With Good Smell Proof?

Mylar bags’ smell-proof performance performs so well, these 3 layers of film lamination(BOPET laminated Aluminum and Polyethylene) make the pouch can be perfectly produced out and with very high barrier properties for all kinds of products. It contains 2 keys that make the mylar bag stand out:

  • All the 3 films have very good high-temperature resistance, cause the mylar bag-making procedure is using very high temperature, the film still with stable chemical performance after heat seal.
  • Both PET and AL are with very good OTR and WVTR performance as well, so very few aromas/smells will leak or release out after rather a long shelf life.

That is why mylar bags are always been the 1st choice for most of smell proof requirements products. Know more?

Mylar Bags – The Definitive FAQ Guide

1. What is Mylar, and how does it work on Mylar bags?

Mylar bags feature a distinct polyester film.

Mylar is a film stretched out from a PET polymer.

Mylar is a sturdy fabric that also produces a powerful barrier against aromas and gases.

The Mylar body is also stable enough to handle various outside conditions without wear.

The most important part of the bag is that it will ensure outside air will not enter and potentially harm the inside contents.

mylar bar product

2. Who makes Mylar?

Various groups can make Mylar, but the Mylar name itself is a trademark.

Mylar is a registered trademark with DuPont Teijin Films.

The Mylar name is used thanks to how familiar and common it is.

3. How thick can a Mylar bag be?

A sheet for a Mylar bag can go from 12um to 350um in thickness.

These are equal to 0.0005 to 0.014 inches.

The measurement shows that Mylar is light in weight and easy to prepare.

A Mylar bag does not need to be too thick; a thicker bag does not mean it is more effective.

4. Is aluminum foil included on a Mylar bag?

Aluminum foil will appear in the middle part of the bag to block out oxygen.

mylar bag aluminum

5. How smooth are Mylar bags?

Mylar is a smooth polymer that does not wrinkle or bed easily.

Multiple bags can go alongside one another without them chafing.

6. How is Mylar produced?

A few steps are critical to the production of Mylar:

  • Polyethylene terephthalate or PET will be extracted as a film.
  • The film goes on a cold surface like a roller.
  • The film is then drawn in both directions.
  • Heated rollers will draw the film out in one direction and then the next.
  • The film is heated under tension at 200 degrees Celsius or 392 Fahrenheit.

The process ensures the Mylar can handle even the most challenging conditions.

7. Is there a potential for a Mylar bag to take in or produce static electricity?

Mylar is not going to conduct static electricity.

The polymer instead insulates the contents inside the bag from any electric impacts.

The body works as an electrical insulator.

8. Can Mylar bags handle humidity well enough?

Mylar bags can prevent excess moisture from entering.

You should still keep from immersing the Mylar bag or keeping it in rainy conditions.

9. What are the proper temperature storage considerations for Mylar bags?

Mylar can be stored in various temperature conditions.

Mylar will retain its qualities at conditions from -70 to 150 degrees Celsius or -94 to 302 Fahrenheit.

You should still use the storage rules for whatever foods you plan on storing in your Mylar bags.

10. What types of foods can go in Mylar bags?

You can use Mylar bags to store an assortment of foods.

Mylar bags are ideal for dry foods.

You can also add dehydrated or freeze-dried foods to the bag.

The ability of the Mylar bag to prevent moisture from entering ensures you can store dry foods without risk.

11. Do Mylar bags contain BPA?

Mylar does not include BPA.

12. Can Mylar bags produce scents, or are they capable of resisting scents from various foods?

Mylar bags can keep scents from spreading too far.

The film is not as porous as other comparable materials.

Gas particles are not going to enter the bag or last for too long while inside.

The quality ensures that you won’t bear with stale scents or other unusual odors coming out of your Mylar bag.

13. Can you reuse Mylar bags after using them?

You can wash out the Mylar bag after you use it and then reuse the bag later.

The bag should be completely dry after it is cleaned out before use.

The dry design ensures the contents on the inside will not become damp.

14. How would you clean out a Mylar bag?

You can clean a Mylar bag with white vinegar and water.

15. Can Mylar bags handle bright things like UV light?

The dense body of the Mylar bag will keep light of all sorts from entering.

It is still best to keep the bag in a dark place in your home to be safe.

16. Would a pet be harmed if it tries to chew the Mylar bag?

A pet will not be at risk of harm, but it helps to keep the bag away from a pet to be safe.

17. How much weight can your Mylar bag handle?

You can get a bag to fit as much weight as it can manage.

You can test your bag on occasion to see how it works.

The rule of thumb is to keep from adding too much at a time.

mylar bag colors

18. Is there a potential for oxygen to get into your Mylar bags and possibly hurt the contents?

Oxygen would be likely to enter the bag if you kept it open or there was a leak.

The key is to seal the Mylar bag as close to the middle or bottom part as possible.

Doing so ensures there will be very little space for oxygen to move around in.

19. Does a Mylar bag have to come in a silver color?

Silver is the most popular color for a Mylar bag.

You can order a bag with a different color if you prefer.

20. How long can the contents inside Mylar bags last?

You can potentially store foods inside a Mylar bag for five to ten years.

Soft grains can last in a Mylar bag for ten years.

Hard grains can stay in the bag for as long as twenty years.

The foods will stay intact for a while provided you keep the Mylar bag away from moisture.

21. Can oxygen absorbers be included in Mylar bags?

You have the option to add oxygen absorbers with a Mylar bag.

These materials may not be necessary in all cases.

22. Can Mylar bags be vacuum sealed?

You have the option to vacuum seal a Mylar bag if desired.

23. Can you store flour in Mylar bags?

You can store flour for up to five years on average.

The lifespan inside a Mylar bag is much longer than what you’d get out of another storage option.

Flour can only last for three to six months when stored in other items.

24. Can you cook foods inside their Mylar bags?

Do not attempt to cook foods inside the bag.

The Mylar bag may be harmed by boiling water or heat from a microwave.

The weakness comes in spite of the ability of Mylar to handle various temperatures.

The bottom layer of a Mylar bag may feature a plastic compound.

Intense heat can cause the material to wear out and harm the Mylar after a while

mylar flat bags

25. Can insects and other pests get in your Mylar bags?

Mice and other rodents can chew through Mylar bags.

Some insects may also be attracted to the foods inside a Mylar bag.

Keep your bags inside protected areas where pests are not likely to be found.

26. How would zippers work on Mylar bags?

A zipper can appear on the top of a Mylar bag like anything else.

27. A gusset hole may show on Mylar bags. How would a hole be included?

The gusset hole will appear as it would on a coffee bag.

The gusset hole allows carbon dioxide and other gases to leave the bag.

The one-way design of the hole ensures that oxygen will not enter the bag.

28. Is there a potential for a Mylar bag to leak?

A Mylar bag will not be at risk of leaking in most situations.

There is still a potential for a pest to trigger a leak by chewing through the bag.

You would have to store the Mylar bag accordingly to ensure the bag is not going to leak.

29. Can you add any printed materials on your Mylar bag?

A Mylar bag’s smooth surface makes it easy for unique graphics to be printed on its body.

30. Can a Mylar bag be used for marijuana purposes?

A marijuana bag can be made of Mylar if you wish.

The body will insulate the odors produced by the marijuana product.

The bag would still need to feature the necessary legal warnings printed on its body.

31. Can you add a spout to your Mylar bag?

A spout pouch can also feature a Mylar body.

You’ll need to keep the spout closed up to ensure air will not enter.

The spout can also be cleaned out as necessary, although it should be cleaned with the rest of the bag if possible.

32. How large can your Mylar bag be?

Mylar bags are available in many sizes for all customer needs.

A smaller bag can be about eight to ten inches.

The largest bags can be 50 to 60 inches.

The ideal size for one’s needs should be based on whatever contents are to go in the bag.

Mylar Bags: The Ultimate Guide

In light of the various competition the market faces, it is very needful that one has a good understanding of the product one considers. In the area of product sales, the packaging that is given to the product to many extents determines the success of the product in the market.

Mylar BagInclusively, the packaging of the product also create the image the producer wants to project to the consumers and increases the value of the content it packages. Since it is obvious that packaging is an essential part of any form of production, a quality research has been directed towards the best form of packaging we can make use of for our edible and non-edible products.

In our best knowledge, ‘Mylar Bags’ are the most suitable to make use of. Having made this observation, this study guide is a thorough research that offers you quality knowledge on ‘Mylar Bags’ with the assurance that your desire to know will be adequately met.

For easy understanding of our readers, this study guide is designed to be in chapters with each offering you specific knowledge on Mylar Bags. The study guide also includes some comparative clarity in which Mylar Bags are compared to other forms of packaging.

Some sections of the chapters feature the final result of the comparison, and you can do well to study thoroughly when you scroll there. Integrally the study guide offers you a clear view to know that Mylar bags are the most benefiting for both producers.

Chapter 1: What is Mylar Bags?

Mylar bags is a packaging material that derives its production from the trademark of Dupont Teijin Films.

It stands out among other packaging materials for food to be the most suitable being a purified and long-lasting polyester film material that is refined from Biaxially-comprising polyethylene Terephthalate (BO-Pet).

Historically, its first production dates back to 1952. Since then, it has survived the dynamics of the market with better innovations that put your desires into consideration. These bags are various types which include a pure polyester resin that is combined with aluminum foil.

It is a wrong conception to think mylar bags are only used for food packaging. In light of its uses in modern times, mylar bags serve as packaging materials for both edibles and non-edibles.

For example, the NASA space suit adopts mylar bag to ensure critical and assuring protective layer. It is also used for other industrial purposes.

This study guide still wants to take you on a ride to know more about your chosen product.

Chapter 2: Mylar Bag and Food Storage System

Ever since mylar bags have been adopted for food storage, producers questions on the means of preservation of food have been answered in the most practical way.

The major problems and constraint to long-term preservation of food have been threatening to producers and it has slowed down profit and excessive complaints from their consumers.

Since every packaged product requires a location to be stored in, this study guide shall offer you knowledge on the efficiency of the mylar bags to the locations where the foods are stored. In this light, mylar bags will be shown to have met the requirements of a good food storage systems.

1. Maximization of Space: In making a choice of the best packaging to adopt for your product, you are to put the product that maximizes space into consideration. Mylar bags are designed to be good for space maximization. This is because they are not built with material contents that make them heavy but they are light. Foods that are packaged in mylar bags take twice lesser space than foods that are packaged in tins and in cylinders.

Mylar Bag2. Humidity and Atmospheric Conditions: Any choice you make in getting a packaging material for your product, without putting the adaptability of the packaging to atmospheric conditions is wrong. Mylar bags are dutifully made for these purposes. Some products are highly destructible by heat while some, on the contrary, is highly destructible by cold, and all seems to spoil faster when exposed to oil.

3. Pests and Rodents-Resistance: It is possible that a storage system has rodents or pests. You will be surprised when you package your goods in a tin or ordinary plastic only to see small ants making way into such packaging. This is because either there is a leak in the packaging adopted or there is an exit to the fragrance or aroma of the food contents. All animals are highly responsive to smells. Mylar bags are designed in this awareness to be tight such as not to release the aromatic content of the food product so as not to be traceable to animals, insects, and birds.

4. Prevention of Mylar bag from UV: After purchasing your mylar bags and before use to package your products, it is essential that you put these mylar bags in a location that is filled with LED lighting. This method serves as the best strategy in preventing your acquired mylar bags from vulnerability to UV exposure. Exposure to UV makes the mylar bag weaker and therefore the food it packages gets spoiler than it is originally guaranteed.

Mylar Bag5. Hygienic Consciousness: Having directed much of the hygienic attention to the food content itself, people tend to leave the hygiene of the packaging material of the food. This ought not to be so as there should be a correspondence of hygienic responsibility given to both the food content and its packaging material. Of course, mylar bags are not designed to take hygienic responsibility for itself. That means there are some things you should know about ensuring a lasting hygiene for your products.

6. Security: For every storage system, there must be highly effective working security teams and devices. This security teams and devices must be at work 24/7. This is because the natural phenomenon like air, moisture, rodents, pests, and light are not in any time on break. As it directly applies to the food content, mylar bags are highly secured from air, light, water, and moisture because it is not vulnerable for leak or entrance of external natural phenomenon. The security of mylar bags is highly guaranteed. Also, the storage facilities of the mylar bags are designed with pest resistance doors with the atmosphere preserved with pesticides and insecticides.

7. Cool Location: For a good preservation of your food product, the atmospheric condition of the location you put your food is highly significant. After much research, researchers seem to favor 33-70 Fahrenheit. This serene condition also determines the longevity of your food product.

Mylar BagFrom the explanation above, it has been shown that there are two sides to the storage of food. First, there has to be a strict consideration of the inner layer and the outer layer of the packaging material as it directly applies to the food content.

Second, there has to be a strict consideration of the environment and the storage facilities of the packaging material as it indirectly applies to the food content.

TedPack services offer you the best products that have taken this consideration into dutiful effects. Therefore, with TedPack mylar bags, you can have the best material packaging for your food products.

Chapter 3: Required Size for Product Storage

We have many sizes of mylar bags that are available for your food products. They include 8 x 8 inches, 10 x 16 inches, 20 x 30 inches and many more. However, in cases where there is a specified size from our buyers, the making of such sizes of mylar bags is visible.

To make the figures clearer, the 8 x 8 inches mylar bags will be sufficient to contain about a quart of product. If we employ a striking similitude, this weight is equal to almost 1.75 pounds of wheat.

In more explanatory terms, the 16 x 20 inches size of mylar bag will be sufficient to contain a food product that weights a little bit more than one gallon. If we employ a concrete example to make things clearer, this weight equates to about 8.5 pounds of wheat.

The 20 x 30 inches sized mylar bag happens to be the biggest size that is commonly demanded by consumers of mylar bags.

In size, a mylar bag of this size will easily be inserted into a 6-gallon pail. This is just an example but in the space within the mylar bag, it can hold more than a product that has a weight that is similar to 6 gallons.

Let us retain our assumption that the 20 x 30 sized mylar bag is inserted into a bucket of 6 gallons, it will sufficiently contain a product that has a weight that corresponds to about 45 pounds of wheat. Wow, that seems a lot spacious for your food product.

Chapter 4: Why Use Mylar Bag for Your Product?

In light of various materials packaging that is available for food storage and packaging, consumers are bound to ask the question of the authenticity of mylar bag product that separates this product from other competitive packaging materials.

Mylar BagThe summarized answer to the question is that on a note of comparative analysis, mylar bags have been found to be the most plausible material packaging for food products.

Using Mylar bags, ensure the preservation and longevity of your food products both in the hands of manufacturers and in the hands of the consumers.

Another plausible answer to the question is that apart from its protection from external air, some packaging still uses to generate internal air on their own which can be equally destructive to the food content.

Our full grade 5.4 mil mylar bag has the inbuilt capacity to reduce this self-generated air or moisture to the barest minimum.

This is because this thick mylar bag is designed with a middle aluminum material layer with appropriate thickness (.00035 which is perfect for any middle layer) and there are two distinct layers in the inside and outside of the mylar bag respectively.

Chapter 5: Mylar Bags Vs. Other Packaging Materials 

Having explained that mylar bags have proven to be the best choice for material packaging of food products because it is the best compared to others, this chapter offers you a comparative view.

Mylar BagIn this chapter, mylar bags are compared to other packaging material used for a food product, with a clear and vivid show that mylar bags have a whole lot to offer.

There are so methods and material packaging for storing food. But it will be a mistake of the highest order to think that one material can work for all varieties of food as some are specifically made for preserving some kind of foods.

Also, some materials are specifically designed to preserve food that is made for quicker consumption. Thus, such packaging material will only be suitable for short-term preservation.

However, there is a packaging material that has been trending in the market because of its numerous dynamics by which its makers designed it to cater for different varieties of food and for both long-term and short-term purposes. Below is a comparative view of mylar bags with other packaging materials.

# 5.1: Mylar Bags Vs. Aluminum Foil 

There seems to be a gross misconception that mylar bags and aluminum foil are the same things. But in the true sense, these two packaging materials composed of entirely different materials that are distinctive from each other.

Mylar BagWhen “Mylar” is mentioned, what comes readily to the mind of people is the shiny silver balloons but this too many context contrast the original material of mylar bag. In the real sense, mylar bag contains no metal at all as it is made of crude plastic materials.

‘Mylar’ is a brand name that expresses polyester resin. Though there may be aluminum elements in the makeup of mylar, such materials are not the active material of mylar as they may be used or not used. To make mylar bag, the polyester resin is melted and reformed into thick, thin, flexible, and flat sheets.

Aluminum foil, on the other hand, is made up of an active element of bauxite ore. There is a melting of the ore and a constant mixing. This enables the ore to be detached from aluminum oxide.

From this point, there is an electrolytic reduction on the aluminum oxide to separate the oxygen from the metal. The making of Aluminum foil integrally constitutes the heating of aluminum that is passed on to a device that rolls it constantly.

# 5.2: Mylar vs. Plastic Bags 

Having said that mylar bags are made from plastic, it seems to be confusing if there are another plastic bags that contrast mylar bag. It is true that there is another plastic bag that differs from mylar. They differ not in their material composition but in the method from which they are produced.

Mylar BagPlastic bags are thin and those who have the coolness in them are more relatively thin. They are highly breakable and do not offer an exclusive protection from the air as their cover are not air-tight. For this reason, they are only fitting for foods that are intended for a short time storage.

Mylar bags, on the other hand, are highly designed with due cognizance to the requirements that ensure a long-term preservation of food products. Mylar bags are not vulnerable to the penetration of air, water, light, and moisture. Outside rodents and pests, these are the determinant factors that make food spoil more than they ought to spoil.

# 5.3: Mylar vs. Vacuum Storage Bags 

The vacuum storage bag bears its name from the understanding of the term it expresses. Such as the food saver, the vacuum storage bags are used with a vacuum packing machine. They come in different and fancier fashion but they all perform the same function.

Mylar BagTheir major function is to extract all air and moisture out of the plastic bag to ensure that the food is duly preserved. They have proven to be very useful in the area of food packaging.

However, on a more comparative note, mylar bags offer plenty of merits than the vacuum storage bag. Merits abound in both the size of mylar bags, the financial efficiency of using mylar, and the easy vulnerability of vacuum storage bag to be open to air.

The size, elasticity, and flexibility of the mylar bag cannot be overemphasized in the area of comparison. This is because it goes a long way not only in adding to the value and beauty of the mylar bag but it also saves a whole lot of cost in many respects.

Another weakness that consumers have attributed to the vacuum storage bags is that their seal is susceptible to losing over time and this gives entrance to air, moisture, light, and maybe water.

Also, in cases where the food will be open only for the remnant to be kept and used later, vacuum storage bags prove to be highly unpromising in preserving foods that fall within such a context. Mylar, on the other hand, is very hard or even impossible to leak and because of this, the products are ensured more longevity and preservation.

Chapter 6: Benefits of Using Mylar Bags

This section of the study guide offers you knowledge on how mylar stands as resistance to factors that are known to be common threats to the long-term preservation of food products.

# 6.1: Effects of Air (Oxygen) on your Stored Products

Mylar BagThe most dangerous natural terror to the preservation of your food is air. This is because there are substantial numbers of germs in the air. This gives the taste of your food some kind of distortion and sourness that makes it seems displeasing to eat.

It also affects the freshness because air transports germs that attract insects on the food. Mould and toxin can easily flourish as a result of the procreation of bacteria on your food.

This section of the study guide offers you knowledge on how mylar stands as resistance to factors that are known to be common threats to the long-term preservation of food products. 

# 6.1.1: Mylar Roles Against Air (Oxygen)

Mylar BagMylar bags work as an oxygen extractor so that the foods can be preserved. Its outer layer is designed with the kind of thickness needed to avoid being vulnerable to be penetrated by air. When mylar bags are combined with an oxygen absorber to resist oxygen, it works perfectly well and gives an outstanding result that agrees with your desires.

The thickness of the outer layer of the mylar determines the immunity the mylar enjoy from air invasion. In cases where the mylar is very thick, the food products are promised to be preserved for a very long time. This is why it is not recommended of you to store your products in packages that are not thick as it will give a loophole for air invasion.

# 6.2: Effects of Light on Your Stored Products

Mylar BagThe sensitivity and destructibility of foods to light vary among foods. Some foods are more sensitive to light. As a matter of fact, research has also shown that for some food to be preserved they require light.

However, for the sake of clarity light can be highly detrimental to the preservation of your foods. This is because a penetration of light into your packaging material will bring a disastrous effect of increasing the temperature of the product.

Lights cause product to lose their authenticity in respect to taste, handling, and view of the consumers. Foods that are open to light get destroyed quickly than foods that are not. For this reason, a profitable choice in getting a packaging material should put into consideration the packaging material that is light resistance.

# 6.2.1: Mylar Roles Against Light

Mylar BagThe aluminum-furnished mylar bag is specifically designed to resist light for a very long time. They serve as an absolute hindrance to light to enter into your products.

However, mylar mags that are recommended for strong light-resistance are the 4.5mil mylar bags and above. In cases, where you have already acquired a 3.5 mil mylar bag to package your food products, there is a need for you to double pack the mylar bags before setting them in your food grade bucket. This is required because the food grade bucket is also not free from light invasion.

Have you ever wondered why food manufacturers of this modern generation store products like chocolate bars and crisps in mylar bags? This is because they offer the best and most features that include light-resistance. Mylar bags are a light barrier material and keep the product in its coolness for the purpose of long preservation that guarantees more than nine months longevity.

# 6.3: Effect of Moisture on your Food Products

Food products that are in storage can destroy easily when open to moisture. The consequences of a food that is exposed to moisture are that such foods begin to have damp on it. This makes the food slightly wet and unpleasant to look to human beings. But to insects, fungi, and bacteria, on the other hand, this damp is highly attractive. To avoid terrible diseases, you should choose the material that is designed to be moisture resistant.

# 6.3.1: Roles of Mylar against Moisture

The facts that mylar is made with a combination of polyester resin and aluminum foil makes it possess the kind of thickness that is required to resist water or moisture.

Mylar BagIf there is a heavy rain or flood, food products that are kept in mylar bags stand a high chance of remaining cool and dry. However, an atmosphere that is humid, mylar bags storage only may not be enough to store your foods. This is because of high condensation that is caused by humid weather.

In addition to mylar bag, you can employ the use of a desiccant (moisture absorber) and an oxygen absorber if you reside in locations of humid weather. It is important to note that the use of silica desiccant has a negative effect of its own as it increases the chance of its users to have cancer. Also, most of the desiccants are food grade and suitable for things pertaining food so you don’t have to fear.

# 6.4: Effects of Odor on Your Food Products

It is obvious that it is not only one product that is usually kept on the food shelves as many products can be kept on the food shelves. If your shelves have food products that are packaged in materials that are not odor proof, the implication is that there will be odor riots and a mixture of your food products.

Mylar BagThis is usually displeasing to the consumers. Imagine you went to buy a chocolate and when to open your chocolate for consumption and you begin to smell onions or tomato. This will definitely be displeasing to you and will affect your view of the manufacturers of such products. Most foods have the tendency to absorb external odor quickly and it makes them spoil easily.

A mixture in the odor of food also distorts the taste of food. In cases where a consumer who is allergic to garlic begins to perceive garlic in a non-garlic specified food, the consumer has the right to sue or question the integrity of the manufacturers. A vulnerability to external odor makes your packaged food depreciate in value. It also brings the viability of your food storage low.

# 6.4.1 Roles of Mylar against Odor

The same material quality that makes mylar bag moisture, light, and air resistant also apply to odor. The aluminum foil which is combined to polyester resin in making ensures a thickness on the mylar bag that constrains external odor or gas to gain entrance into the food products it is used to package.

Mylar BagFood packaging materials like plastics and aluminum foil are not recommended for packaging because they may not be able to give the outer layer thickness required when faced with some harsh weathers. Some materials may even contaminate the food with their own odor.

Mylar bags serve as the best packaging material because other than its significance in maintaining good financial income and defense against natural disasters, it also put other factors into consideration. Terrorists may release gas that contaminates foods.

Foods that are stored in mylar bags are immune to such terrorist attacks as they are odor and air proof. Also, because of the essentiality of the portability of your packaged foods, mylar bags come in sizes that are very convenient for carrying.

Chapter 7: Getting Rid of Air Oxygen from Mylar Bags 

Oxygen absorbers have proven to be highly supportive in the use of Mylar bags.

Mylar BagOxygen removers are non-toxic and BPA-free devices that come with iron powder packages. They come into effect when dry foods are being packaged.

In the process, they are used to extract air from the material package. An input of oxygen in an airtight container makes all the oxygen in the packaging material get stuck into the iron in the oxygen absorber. The only thing remained in the air is nitrogen which is not in anyways destructive to your food.

The use of oxygen absorbers does not leave you without adequate reasons why it is right to use. Reasons for using oxygen are given below:

  • The use of oxygen absorbers prolongs the longevity and preservation of most dry food for at least 30 years.
  • Since oxygen is the life-ensuring substance. Extraction of oxygen in your mylar bag will make every living organisms such as fungi, bacteria, and any germs die. They cannot grow outside oxygen.
  • Exposure to oxygen is a threat to the flow of vitamins A, C, and E because they cannot work effectively when consumed with oxygen.
  • The use of oxygen absorbers helps in preserving the flavor and the fragrance of your food products.
  • Since insects and germs procreate. The eggs they lay will easily be destroyed because they cannot survive without oxygen.

Oxygen absorbers offer to be the best and the most prolonged form of preservation when combined with mylar bags. However, it is not all food products that require a combination of the mylar with oxygen absorbers. Our mylar bags can sufficiently ensure good longevity for some food products. Foods that are recommended to be stored with oxygen absorbers are mostly dry foods.

However, after acquiring your oxygen absorbers, there are steps required before it is fully ready to use.

Below is a vivid show of the required steps in preparing your oxygen absorbers for use.

Step 1: You have to ensure the cleanness and the dryness of the mylar you intend to use. The lead has to be readily available so as to seal the mylar immediately the food product and the oxygen is added.Mylar Bag

Step 2: You have to ensure that there is no debris threat to your food, especially, if the food products are beans. You can then put the food in the mylar. However, you are not to add lid this time.

Step 3: Any oxygen absorber that is not currently in use at this point should be stored in a highly protective place so as not to let it start working immediately. This is because oxygen absorbers are always fast in soaking up oxygen.

Step 4: Bring out one oxygen absorber and ensure the rest are protected in a mason jar. You can then proceed to add the oxygen absorber you brought out to your mylar bag. However, in this process, there are two tips you should know.

Follow our tips: 

Tip #1: The ideal way oxygen absorber should be when used is to be like there is something soft and powdery within them. In cases where the oxygen absorber seems hard and chunky, that implies that all the air has been extracted. It will only continue to absorb-chunk the air.

Tip #2: Oxygen absorbers will definitely heat up when putting to work. Therefore, in cases where the absorber is warm or hot, that is an indication that the absorber is fully effective. Immediately this is observed, ensure your mylar is sealed up.

Step 5: Seal your mylar bag

Step 6: Give a label or logo to your food. The essential thing that should be on the label is the name of the food product within the mylar bag, the packaging date, and the expiry date. Information of the manufacturing industry should also be included.

Step 7: Take a break, and verify if the oxygen absorber has successfully removed all air from your mylar bag. The time of waiting may be as long as days but at most a week. Since you are using a mylar bag, you have a duty to verify if your seals are an inadequate condition

Step 8: Scroll back to step 4 and 5 and repeat their contents again.

Step 9: In cases where the oxygen absorber has now fully absorb oxygen from the mylar, you have to reseal them. You should not discard these oxygen absorbers if they are still effective because they have the lasting capacity of about 6 months to one year. You can then store these oxygen absorbers in an airtight mason jar.

If you bring them out to use after the storing time and you observe that they are hard and chunky, that means they are no longer effective. You can then discard them.

Chapter 8: Common Types of Mylar Bags 

Mylar bags are not just designed in one single way. They come with various designs and forms that make them dynamic and usable to different food products. This chapter focuses on the types of mylar bags that are available in the market.

# 8.1: Flat Mylar Bags  

Mylar BagAs the name suggests, these are the packaging materials that have the material composition of mylar and are designed to be flat. They are specifically made for products that require flat containers and they come in different sizes so as to be available for different uses.

They come in mini pouches, medium bags, large bags, and heavy duty bags. The quantity of the food products they are used to package determines the size that you should get. Sounds great right? Why not consider buying from us today.

# 8.2: Zipper Mylar Bags 

Mylar BagThese are the packaging materials that are made up from the polyester resin as the active material and aluminum foil as the outer layer.

What marks their description as ‘Zipper mylar bags’ is that there opening is made with zips in contrast to covers. Consider buying from TedPack today, We offer high-quality zipper mylar bags for your products.

# 8.3: Stand up Pouches 

Introduced in the early 60s, stand up pouches proves to be an outstanding mylar making waves in the market.

Stand up pouches are essentially produced from polyester resin and in some cases, the foil of aluminum may just be a secondary material for its makeup.

What distinguishes stand up pouch from other mylar bags is that it sits on its bottom with his coverage upward. Stand up pouches are commonly used to package liquid foods and drinks. Does it seem like a perfect pouch for your product? If yes, contact us for finest of quality of mylar bags.

# 8.4: Gusseted Mylar Bags 

Mylar BagFrom the term gusset, this bag comprises added materials such as polyester resin, aluminum foil, metal or more. When opened, the gusset bag features first folds flat and expands so that it can contain a good quantity of your food products.

The gussets offer more space, stand up and be filled easily. It offers convenience in filling even when a single person is handling the filling. Gusseted mylar bags is the best option for your product, buy from us.

# 8.5: Standard OD Mylar Bags 

This is a mylar bag that is standardly and specifically designed to open at one end. They are usually sealed with an iron, food saver or other devices. In cases where the food saver does not generate enough heat, a clamshell, an impulse sealer or hair straightener will do a perfect job. We offer a quality standard of OD mylar bags for your products.

# 8.6: Channel Mylar bag 

These mylar bags are specifically designed to have textures on the side. These textures enable them to be vacuum sealed in any vacuum sealed device or a food saver.

The level of hot temperature that is required to seal these bags can only be produced by a high-end food saver.  This type of mylar bag is a great choice for your product. We offer the best quality in the market.

# 8.7: Tamper Evident 

Many food products use this type of bag because it is designed to specifically to detect if the food has been tampered with.

It has a ziplock that has been preserved by us. It gives the consumers awareness if the food has been tampered with when opened.

The filling of a tamper-evident mylar is done from the bottom of the bag and then, it is hot sealed. Buy from us today as we offer the finest of quality mylar bags.

Since you now have knowledge of the common types of mylar bags that you have in the market, you are required to know the advantages of these kinds of mylar bags. You do not need to worry about yourself. This study has your interest covered in the next chapter.

Chapter 9: Advantages of Kinds of Mylar Bags

The various types of mylar bags used in the market come with distinctive features that strike them out among others.

# 9.1: Flat Mylar Bags

Mylar-BagIt is built with the standard requirement for both an outer and inner layer that resists moisture, oxygen, light, and odor

  • It does not have an issue with leaking
  • It makes the logo of the brand inscribed on it last long.
  • Although it is flat it is elastic such that it has space in it when filled with food products
  • It is highly flexible, light in transporting, and hard to puncture

# 9.2: Ziplock Mylar Bags

35-Mylar BagIt offers a powerful resistance to the factors that make your food products spoil quickly

  • The zip is designed to be airtight. This makes the food products not to be vulnerable to being invaded by oxygen.
  • When you use zipper mylar bags there is nothing imposing you to finish all your food products once. Its zip gets the food product preserved even after the first opening. It gives room for a long-lasting shelf life of your food products even till the time of the final consumption.
  • Its zip makes it suitable for different weather conditions of different geographical locations.
  • It comes with easy usability, flexibility, and lightness that make it advantageous for both manufacturers and consumers.

# 9.3: Stand Up Pouches

36-Mylar Bag

  • Normal mylar bag may lose some of the food product when packaging. But stand up pouches made of mylar on the other hand because of its shape, contains up to 95% of the content that is put into it when packaged.
  • The lightweight, flexible and the easy handling it offers makes stand up pouches made of mylar efficient for business purposes.
  • Also, because of their lightweight, tough layers, and flexibility, they guarantee users dependable longevity and efficiency in maximization storage space and location.
  • The logo design and graphics on its outer layer proves to be permanent for a very long time.
  • It serves as an absolute resistance to the things that make your food products spoil quickly.

# 9.4: Gusseted Mylar Bags

  • Mylar Bag
  • In its varieties, it provides your food product with a highly promising resistance against moisture, air, UV light, temperature, and rodents.
  • It has the capacity to serve as repellants to pest and insects because its material composition is not habitable to pest and their eggs.
  • In its dynamics, it is designed to put into consideration products that are intended for long-term storage and products that are intended for short-term storage
  • At its center, its foil model allows consumers easy access to open your package for easy consumption.
  • According to public views, it has proven to ensure a lasting preservation for food products of various sorts

# 9.5: Channel Mylar Bags

  • Just like every other mylar bags, it guarantees the product maximum security from moisture, oxygen, light, temperature, and odor
  • Its swift production makes it readily available for manufacturers to use at the time of needs.
  • It is designed to have a textured space that makes it be used with vacuum seal device swiftly than other mylar bags.
  • It is very easy to dispose of and light making its storage system before and after use of a huge financial burden.
  • They have multi-usability as they can serve as good packaging material for both products that require the long-term use and short-term use.

# 9.6: Standard OD Mylar bags

  • 38-Mylar Bag
  • After sealing it does not give any loophole for the entrance of oxygen, moisture, light, and temperature that are highly destructive to your food products
  • Its outer layer is made of foil aluminum and polyester resin makes it very hard to puncture or tear after a very long time of use.
  • The inner layer of standard OD mylar bag has an incredible capacity to generate coolness which is highly required in the preservation of food.
  • It is light and very easy to handle. It offers convenience to consumers and it is easily transportable.
  • It is highly efficient in terms of long-term and short-term preservation of food.

# 9.7: Tamper Evident Bag

    With the use of Tamper evident mylar, there is no chance for moisture, air, light, temperature, and bad odor

  • It is specifically designed such that a third party cannot tamper with it other than the manufacturers and the consumers.
  • It is very hard to puncture because of the thickness of its outer layer
  • It is highly disposable with ease and comfort. And the cost of transportation is cool because of its lightness and flexibility
  • It offers you a highly sufficient preservation that you desire for your foods

There is a lot for you to know. Let us open to the next chapter and see what it has in store for us.  

Chapter 10: Things to Avoid When Using Mylar Bags 

Assuming all Mylar Bags are the same:

You should not assume all mylar bags have the same texture, inner, and outer layers. This is because various types of mylar bags are made for specific purposes. Some are designed specifically for packaging solid foodstuffs while some are designed for packaging liquid foodstuffs.Mylar Bag

However, it is not wrong that there are mylar bags that are adequate for both solid and liquid products. Therefore, in choosing your mylar bags, it is highly essential that you consider the dynamics of the types of mylar bags. Some are specifically designed for long-term storage while some may be specifically for short-term storage.

Design prototypes in the place of production:

One error that you can make in acquiring mylar bags is to make an order with the assumption that all mylar bags have the same features.

Before you make an order of large amounts of the mylar bags you want to use for your products, ensure that you request for prototypes of the mylar bags your suppliers have in store. These examples go a very long way in giving you insights to make the best choice for packaging your products.

Give due attention to the packaging process:

Mylar bagsOne of the most integral parts of food production and packaging is the filling and the sealing process. This is because an error in this process has a long way in reducing the worth or value of the products.

For example, in cases where the hotness that is used to seal the mylar bags leave some tear on the mylar bag, if you do no verify, consumers will be definitely displeased. This may be a threat to the sales of your products in the market.

Also, in the area of filling, filling machines may splash some of the food content on the mylar bag. This will certainly put the mylar bags in disorderly forms and reduce the worth of the food it packages.

Remember to verify the compatibility of food and the type of Mylar Bag chosen: 

That the production and packaging have been successfully achieved does not mean all works are done. You still need to check if the food is compatible with the kind of mylar bag you used to package it.

You are required to get consumers’ feedback on the product and to know if there is any need to modify the packaging. In cases where the mylar bags need to be redesigned to suit the product, you can then report back to your mylar bag suppliers.

For this reason, try as much as possible to get suppliers that understand the dynamics and flexibility of the consumers’ view.

Put your Mylar Bags through many tests before distributing to consumers:

Mylar BagAfter the food products are absolutely successful in production and packaging, you can pick samples from them and test them.

For examples, you can deliberately expose some of your food products to oxygen to know if the mylar is genuinely oxygen resistant or deep your product into the water to know if water cannot gain entrance.

After putting the samples to test, you can then generalize using your observation of the samples through they all passed through the same process of production and packaging. It will be a very costly mistake not to test your products before distribution. This is because a bad product in the hands of the consumers will create a bad, poor and disorganized image of the food production company.

Chapter 11: Mylar Bag FAQ 

Here are the answers to your frequently asked questions concerning mylar bags

  • What is the mylar bag?

Registered under the trademark of Dupoint Teijin Films, the first production of mylar bags dated back to 1952. Mylar bags are made from Biaxially-comprising ppolyetheneTerephthalate into clear and durable polyester resin.

This is the active material as some materials like the foil of aluminum or metal may also be added in the makeup of mylar bags. Mylar bags are designed to preserve your foods for more than forty years.

  • What are the main obstacles to the longevity of my food storage?

Basically, we have four factors that serve as threat and reduction to your food preservation and shelf life. The amount of oxygen that gains contact with the food makes the food spoil quickly.

The amount of humidity, moisture, and light that comes in contact to the food also makes the food spoil quickly. And the temperature of the location of storage is also a determinant factor that gets the food destroyed easily.

  • Are mylar pro bags all food grade and are they approved by the FDA?

Yes, all mylar bags are food grade. They are not damaging to any of your food. They have also been approved by the FDA.

  • What size of mylar bags do I need?

It comes in varieties of main sizes.

They are 8 x 8 inches, 10 x 16 inches, 20 x 60 inches, and many more.

However, don’t be too rigid about the size. If your products require any other size specification, you can always communicate with your suppliers and producers.

  • Without buying a separate and expensive sealer, how can I still vacuum seal my mylar bags?

It is true that without a sealing device you can still vacuum seal your mylar bag. You can do this using a common attachment tool that is an ordinary vacuum cleaner and you can also make use of the clothes iron you use for smoothing clothes in your households.

  • How thick are mylar bags?

Mylar bags have at least the qualification for the thickness that makes your packaging material oxygen, moisture, light, and water resistant.

The least thickness mylar bags come in is either 4.3 mil thickness or 5.25 mil thickness which are both adequately good for storing your food products.

  • Are Mylar bags airtight?

Absolutely yes. After sealing, your mylar bags guarantee you more than forty years resistance from the invasion of air

  • Do mylar bags avoid the invasion of sunlight?

Absolutely yes. Mylar bags are designed with a special foil outer layer that makes it impossible for light to gain access into it.

  • How long does it take for my oxygen absorber to start to work?

Technically, the oxygen absorbers are designed to work immediately it has been triggered to work. However, the process of extracting air from your mylar bags or other containers usually take a time of 18 to 30 hours. In cases where there is a great amount of oxygen in the bag, the oxygen absorber also works in a great capacity.

And in cases, where there is a low amount of oxygen in your bag, the oxygen absorber works steadily to extract the oxygen.

  • Are all TedPack products in stock?

Yes, all our products are in stock. They are readily available whenever you make demands on them. Their removal comes in real time.

This study is so filled with insights. You look so bright reading it. Let us proceed to the next chapter and you will see how brighter you can look.

Chapter 12: TedPack Mylar Bags 

In TedPack packaging company, we do not just work outside the directives of our customers. We create folders for questions and submissions for our customer that will guide us in meeting their needs.

Below are the questions we have formulated to get an up to date specification and requirements from our customers:

*What are the products of you require us to help you package?

A clear answer on this gives us insight into prescribing the most suitable mylar bags for your food products. This is because there are specific mylar bags that are made for specific products. Your response will make us eat the nail on the head and offer you the best mylar bag for your products.

  • By what method will the filling of the product inside the mylar bag be done?

A clarity to this answer affords us insights on the kind of shape or form your mylar bags should be in. So that it may be convenient for both the filling machines and the personnel that are to fill.

  • At the point where your foods are being filled, what will their temperature be like?

A knowledge of the temperature of your food content whether it will be cool or hot affords us clarity on the type of mylar bags that we will prescribe for you. This also helps us in designing the mylar bags in such a way that it is suitable for the temperature your food comes in at the time of filling.

  • What forms or shape should your mylar bag come in?

A clear answer to this question will give us a purposeful design for your specification. It will also give us the capacity to make a good estimation of price. However, we propose that you give us the liberty to make the choice of shapes and forms of mylar bags for you. This is because we have insights into the dynamics and the advantages of the different shapes of mylar bags adequately.

  • Is there a need for a clear window for the bag?

By this, we mean if you require a transparent mylar bag that will make the consumers see the product just by handling the mylar bag without opening it. Or if on the contrary, you want an opaque mylar that will deny the consumers visible access to the food in the bag unless it is bought and opened. A clear answer on this will keep us informed in giving you the mylar bag that is suiting to your view.

Chapter 13: Myths and Misconceptions of Mylar Bags 

This chapter will state some public statements concerning and explain the falsity of these views.

  • The removal of oxygen makes your mylar bag look vacuum packed.

False. The removal of oxygen is not determined by “vacuum packed look”. However, it is true that vacuum packed effect may be seen. But there is no such effect and does not mean the oxygen removal has not been effective. It is a wrong conception to think that oxygen absorbers absorb air. Absolutely no.

The focus of oxygen absorbers is oxygen majorly. The oxygen that is extracted is 21% air which is 1/5 approximately. This means that the remaining 4/5 air is still contained in the mylar bags. This air that is not oxygen is more than 98% nitrogen and they are not in the slightest way destructive to your food products.

  • Thicker Mylar bags work best

False. This is not so because it is not the physical strength and toughness of the mylar bags that make it dependable. However, it is the aluminum foil on the storage that constrains oxygen from entering. 7 mil thick mylar and 2 mil mylar offers the same capacity to constrain oxygen from entering your food products.

  • Check your new mylar bags for leakages. Some are not original because they have small holes at a folded increase.

Truly, there may be tiny breaks that may have been on the mylar bags in the process of filling and transporting the mylar bags. And when placed under light, the tiny breaks are always visible. But do not panic, they are not holes at all. The properties that prevent them from factors that spoil food are not affected in any way. Therefore, your mylar bag is still secured.

  • Mylar bags are not good when they fail the flashlight test.

The view that metal has been added to the transparent mylar to increase is barrier-resistance is highly false. Although, it is true that light is highly damaging to food products. However, because the mylar bags are transparent when exposed to light does not mean it is open to penetration to light. The inner layer and the outer layer of the mylar bags are highly preventive for the barriers.

Having given you clarity on the public views that surround the use of mylar bags, you are certainly convinced of choosing mylar bags as the best packaging material for your food products.


It is a fact that cannot be contested that product packaging is an integral part of your food production business. When your packaging is made in the best forms, your success in the competitive market seems to be highly achievable.

A consistent study and adoption of the ideas and insights offered in this study guide promise you a good result. The study guide is promising to guarantee your business triumph because it is the product of adequate research, observations, and study.

We have the assurance that the acquired knowledge in this study guide will help you to make informed decisions in getting suitable packaging materials for your food products. It will ensure your prosperity in the market and will also make you sustain that prosperity.

Tedpack is readily available to render our services for you in the area of food packaging. We are confident that working with us will not only give you a growth and triumph in the market, it will also make you understand all that is required in getting a suitable packaging material for your food products.

If you want further inquiries, make it time with TedPack. Your interest and success in the market of food production is our priority. Remain triumphant in the market.

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