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Shaped Pouch mostly for promotion or candy products,and festival use products, especially use for Christmas and Halloween. Start from 100pcs by digital print, can be made with stand up pouch, also zipper, spout adding available.

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The shaped pouch is named according to its main feature which is the shape. Implying, they have irregular shapes compared to the normal pouches.

TedPack shaped pouches come in many different custom-made shapes and sizes that can be specifically designed to fit your brand, by using a die-cutting pouch making way to ensure offer you shaped pouches as your wish, it will meet all your product storage and marketing requirements.

  • Up to 10 alternate printing colors, matte and glossy print finish
  • Handles, round corner, zipper, window, spouts add upon request
  • The material can be made with clear, aluminum, or kraft paper
  • Can be done with 100% compostable or recyclable material as well
  • Both liquids, fluids, and solids can be packed with a shaped pouch
  • Leakage-proof, smell-proof, and high puncture resistance
  • 100% FDA-approved material and BPA-free for food use

For more information about shaped pouches, contact TedPack now!

MOQ100 Pcs by Digital Print, 10K Pcs by Gravure Print
Size50*70mm(Min)    360*550mm(Max)
Thickness50Mircons-200Mircons (2Mil-8Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, Ziplock, Spout
PrintingGlossy Vanishing, Matte Finishing, Soft Touch, Hot Stamping
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Shaped Pouch for kandy

Confectionery and candy packaging must be done uniquely if you want to maintain your market base. That is why you need shaped pouches for candy and confectionery packaging. These pouch bags are specially shaped, printed, and labeled to attract the right customers. If you’re packaging candy for kids, customized shapes will help your products stand out on the shelves. Additionally, our bags are BPA free, FDA approved, excellent regarding barrier protection and fitted with the necessary add-ons for eased opening, resealing, hanging, carrying, and previewing.

Stand up Shaped Pouch for mask

The stand up shaped pouches for the mask is designed to provide a convenient carrying experience. They come with die cut handle that lets the user insert his or her finger on the handle, easing the carrying ability of the bag. Due to the handles, the pouch is ideal for bulky packaging items like cosmetic masks. The bag is made from high-quality material in the inside to offer a good barrier against moisture, heat, and oxygen.

4oz Shaped Pouch for kandy

4oz shaped pouches for packaging of candy are famous due to their attractive shapes, graphics and portability. These shaped bags are expressly designed and labeled to grab the attention of the intended clients. If you are packaging candies for children, the 4oz shaped pouch bags will help your products stand out on any crowded shelf. The pouches have a measurement of 4 11/16″ x 3″ x 7 1/4″ and can hold a capacity of 4oz of content. For high barrier reasons, these bags are made using different laminated films.

Shaped Pouch for snacks with transparent window

The shaped pouch for snacks with a transparent window is designed to provide customers with a previewing option of the contents. Transparent windows give customers a chance to preview the shapes, sizes, spices, color, and quality of the product packaged. The bag is ideal for packaging of snacks and spices. The shaped bags come in different shapes, colors, and size, so you can choose the one that fits your needs. The windows can have different shapes like circular, oval, rectangular, and square.

Shaped Pouch with ziplock

Shaped pouch with ziplocks are primarily manufactured to serve two necessities. That is to attract customers with their excellent looking shapes and resealability. These pouch bags are meant for packaging more than one-time serve products. You can use them to package coffee, snacks, dry fruits, nuts, juices, among other products. Meaning, after improving your sales due to their outstanding ability, customers will still come back due to their sealing and resealing convenience.

Stand up shaped pouch with transparent window

Stand up shaped pouches with transparent windows are purposed to offer clients a previewing option for the packaged products. Clear windows give customers a chance to preview the sizes, shapes, quality, and color of the packaged snacks, spices, nuts, seeds, pet treats, candies, and many other products. The windows can also be of different shapes such as oval, circular, rectangular, or square depending on your packaging style, packaging taste, or preference.

60g shaped pouch

The 60g Shaped Pouch allows you to package products of small quantities. The bags are specially shaped, labeled, and printed to catch the user’s attention. If you want to package candies, nuts, and snacks for children, a customized 60g shaped pouch will assist your items to stand out while on the shelves. All our bags are certified by the FDA, made of laminated films, and they come with important add-ons for easy hanging, opening and resealing.

Customized shaped pouch

Custom printed shaped pouches are meant to improve product visibility. Apart from being manufactured using laminated films for barrier reasons, they are meant to stand out on the shelves too. We at TedPack can manufacture shaped pouches of different shapes, colors, sizes, and with different accessories. But, custom printing and graphic designing depends on the products to be packaged and your pouch branding style.

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Die Cut "Sharp" Shaped Pouches

Many people don’t know the truth, that is people will only spend 2-7 seconds deciding if they will buy a product.

The “Appearance/Face” Score becomes so important when you present products to the market. The plain-looking pouches will ruin your business; if so, why don’t try TedPack die-cut shaped pouch technology?

  • Always present new things to the market;
  • Customized your imagination;
  • Fetch people’s eyes in the next one second;
  • Stand out on the shelf;
  • Make your products attractively and magnetic;

Contact TedPack, we will help you work out what you care about!

Shaped Pouch
Shaped Pouch Making

Shaped Pouch Mold Options

TedPack offers thousand of different shape options for the shaped pouch, but did you aware that the mold for the shaped pouch in production also have differences?

Shaped pouch making always needs a shaped mold used during pouch converting, here we offer the below 2 options:

  • Tungsten Carbide industrial-grade blade molds for small order;
  • Aluminum CNC machined molds for large order;

Both Options work well for pouch converting when making a shaped pouch, but the quality will have a slight difference due to mold using difference, using the right mold will help a lot in finished shaped pouches. If you want to know more about our mold details, welcome to send us an email or drop us a line.

How Shaped Pouch Made ?

Most people don’t know how the shaped pouch is made, instead, they always see a lot of beautifully shaped pouches on shelves on Christmas Eve, but the truth is making a shaped pouch is way more simple than you imagined.

Basically, there are 4 steps for shaped pouch making at TedPack:

  1. Decide a shape you want, or draw a draft pouch shape on paper you like;
  2. Send the draft to TedPack turn it into a shaped pouch drawing to design;
  3. Both sides approval the pouch details before running into production;
  4. Set molds and start pouch trial production for the test, then run mass production;

That’s all the steps for how the shaped pouch was made, contact TedPack now!

Shaped Pouch Making_01

Mold Dimensions & Mold Types

Shaped Pouch Mold
Shaped Pouch Mold_01

Before you decide to buy from a supplier, the key is to confirm if the supplier can produce the shaped pouch size you want or not.

So how to confirm the size can be made before you decide to choose this supplier?

Actually, the shaped pouch mold sizes will decide the pouch size.

So simply ask the supplier about the pouch-making machine’s specifications, the machine will decide the mold they can use, big machine equipped big mold, small machine matched small mold, and different suppliers are equipped with different pouch-making machines.

If this supplier is equipped with enough pouch-making machines, apparently they will have more possibility to get different sizes’ shaped pouch mold can be equipped, then more pouch size options can be done from one single supplier.

How big or small shaped pouch size you can buy from one supplier?

More pouch-making machines, more molds can be equipped, more pouch sizes can be done in one supplier.

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What Are Shaped Pouches?

Shaped pouches are packaging pouches that are manufactured in such a way that they come in various shapes and sizes.

A lot of product sellers use them because they come in shapes that would bring out the aesthetics of their product and make it more appealing.

Tedpack deals in the printing of bags and pouches.

Shape Pouches

What Are The Types Of Products That Shaped Pouches Can Be Used To Pack?

Shaped pouches can be used to pack a wide array of products, ranging from edibles like snacks, tea, and coffee, pet foods, candies, etc., to non-edibles like detergents, soaps, chemicals, agricultural products, etc. you can reach out to the manufacturers of the shaped pouch to know if they are perfect for the packaging of your own product.

Features Of A Shaped Pouch

Tedpack shaped pouches are available in numerous features.

Some have sealing zips and this is very effective for products that are long-lasting, some have hanging holes for easy storage of the shaped pouch, some have the degassing valve for volatile products, etc.

Make sure that you choose a shaped pouch with a feature that best suits your product.

What Are The Types Of Printing That Can Be Used For On-Shaped Pouches?

The two types of printing for shaped pouches are digital print and rotogravure print.

At Tedpack, digital print can be used for up to 100 pouches, while rotogravure print can be used for up to 10,000 pouches.

Digital Printing

What Are The Printing Effects That Can Be Used On Stand-Up Pouches?

This depends on if the plastic or paper strategy is being used.

For the former, printing effects like matte and gloss can be used, for the latter, Kraft paper printing is possible, as well as foil sampling, which is perfect for brands design.

Can Shaped Pouches Be Used For The Packing Of Food Products?

For FDA-approved shaped pouches, the packaging of food or any other type of organic product is allowed.

So if you are dealing with edibles or any organic products, make sure that the shaped pouch is FDA approved.

What Are The Advantages Of Using ShapedPouches?

A shaped pouch is probably the best type of packaging technique for a number of products.

Some of their advantages include the following:

  • Branding of the product for advert and awareness purpose
  • Attractiveness and aesthetics of the product
  • Protection of the product
  • Easy storage of the product
  • Easy handling of the product
  • Long term storage of the product
  • Low cost of manufacturing

For branding and printing of your shaped pouch, TedPack offers you some of the best service options you have ever seen.

What Is The Disadvantage Of Using Shaped Pouches?

Shaped pouches are also disadvantaged based on the fact that there is limited technology for filling, and this reduces production.

Also, it will normally need a mold for set up, it increases the mold a little bit.

What Are Shaped Pouches Made From?

The production of shaped pouches is from various layers of plastics, and this majorly is the raw material that is being utilized in its production.

The plastics used are resins that are made of polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene, and more.

Normally it is made of laminated material.

Who Invented The Shaped Pouch?

A shaped pouch has been in existence since as far back as the 1980s.

And the first-ever shaped pouch for packaging was done by Louis Doyen, who was the head of a manufacturing company in France.

They first invent a stand-up pouch, then a shaped pouch worked out after since.

What Is A Stand-Up Pouch?

This is a type of shaped pouch that is designed in such a way that it is made to stand upright.

There are a lot of stand-up pouches available for printing at TedPack.

stand up pouch

Are Shaped Pouches Good For Baby Foods?

There are a lot of good food pouch options for babies, but it is important that the ingredients used make the food is undoubtedly healthy for babies.

Some shaped pouch food even helps babies gain more appetite.

shaped Pouches for baby foods

Can Shaped Food Pouches Be Reused?

The reason why some companies that deal with consumable products make use of shaped pouches is so that the products will last for a long time.

This means that a lot of shaped food pouches can be reused if they are not contaminated.

When Is A Food Pouch Contaminated?

Here are some ways that you can contaminate a shaped pouch that is meant for the packaging of food.

  • Putting a spoon or another object into the pouch
  • Leaving the seal of the pouch open for a long time
  • Not storing the pouch in the recommended way etc

When a pouch is being contaminated, it cannot be reused.

Can Shaped Pouches Be Freeze Stored?

Freeze storing a shaped pouch does not have any effect on the pouch itself.

Also, it would not affect TedPack’s printing and branding.

So freeze storing only has to do with the products that are being stored in the pouch.

It is advisable to follow the manufacturer’s storage procedure on this one.

Are Shaped Pouch Caps Recyclable?

The processing of shaped pouch caps is always difficult due to their size, however, pouch caps are highly recyclable since they are strictly plastics.

What Are Spouted Shaped Pouches?

These are stand-up-shaped pouches that are used for the packaging of products.

Spouted packages are also shaped pouches that are of very high demand in TedPack.

It is considered one of the best packagings for liquid and beverages products in China.

Spouted pouches

What Are Transparent Spout Pouches?

These are a type of spout pouches that are made from a slightly different material to offer protection benefits like rupture resistance and prevention of leakages.

What Is An Aluminum Foil Shaped Pouch?

These are shaped foils that are made out of aluminum materials alone.

These pouches go through some manufacturing processes like sterilization, and this helps them become more durable.

TedPack offers aluminum foil printing and customization services.

What Colors Are Available For Shaped Pouches Printing?

Tedpack packaging offers durable and high barrier printing of about 10 colors on shaped pouches.

aluminum foil pouch

Where Can I Get A Shaped Pouch?

TedPack is a Leading Chinese bases manufacturer of various types of customized and branded shaped bags and pouches.

They can be used for the packaging of food products, candies, chemical and agricultural products.

Shaped Pouches - TedPack, China Premier Supplier and Manufacturer

Shaped Pouches: The Ultimate Guide

Brands are revolving towards unique shapes for their packaging as a way of attracting more consumers, promoting brand building, and in some cases achieving a certain function of the package.

Shopping can be quite hectic; trawling past aisles full of bags of crisps, cereal boxes, and many more.

In a crowded marketplace, it becomes difficult for new products to make an impact despite their quality and pricing.

Shaped Pouch

The use of pouches is a guarantee that the product profile is increased on the shelf as compared to your rivals.

The latest entrant to the packaging industry is the shaped pouches which are mainly used in the food and beverage industry.

Shaped pouches have huge flexibility when it comes to size and shape.

According to this, shaped pouches are able to match any brand purpose and general appearance for various packaging applications.

This makes it very convenient and user-friendly for the flexible packaging industry.

Shaped pouches establish good shelf options for brand building, and help in the reduction of transportation costs due to their flexible characteristics.

Chapter 1: Types of Shaped Pouches

  • 3-Side Seal Shaped Pouches

The 3 side seal pouch is also known as a flat pouch.

As the name suggests, the pouch is sealed on 3 sides with one side opening end.

The 3 side seal is quite simple and an inexpensive packaging solution.Shaped Pouch

3 side seal pouch can include a variety of add-ons such as resealable closures, hanging options, laser tear notches, windows, and many more.

This pouch allows for high-impact graphic design and printing.

The pouch can be used in a number of applications such as;

  • Seafood
  • Snack food
  • Pet food
  • Confectionery
  • Ready to eat products
  • Household/garden products

Stand-up-shaped pouchesShaped PouchStand-up pouches are most common in the packaging industry.

They come in different shapes and sizes according to the product weight and quantity.

Stand-up pouches use matte, glossy, and paper laminates for their design options.

Cone-shaped Pouches

coned-shape pouch

Most cone-shaped pouches are made from food-grade materials.

The reason is they are commonly used in the food packaging business.

They come in small and medium sizes depending on the customers’ desires.

Dispenser Tip Shape Pouch

Dispenser tip pouch

We have dispenser tip pouches that are structured uniquely and have the capabilities to resist high heat levels of up to 250°F for about one hour for hot fill.

They are also recommended for compounds that might be aggressive.

Circle PouchesShaped Pouch

Circle pouches are commonly fitted with tear notches that allow for easy opening.

They are ideal for small items that are meant to be used once such as medicines.

Mason Jar Bag

These are reusable zipper bags that are printed to look like vintage jars.

The Mason jar bag is easily filled and labeled.

Shaped PouchThis flexible format gives any brand a vintage allure of a mason jar plus the added touch of printed graphics.

Various products including cosmetics, toiletries, health food, and dry goods can be packaged using a Mason jar bag and directly sold to the consumers.

Mason Jar bags are simply shaped zipper pouches that are structured and printed in a manner that simulates vintage jars.

They are easy to use as they can be filled and labeled without too much hassle.

Tedpack customers can place orders of these vintage-jar-like pouches and get their products in a jiffy.

There are a wide variety of products that can be packaged using this type of shaped pouch formatting ranging from fresh and dry foods to toiletries and cosmetics.

Customers can get these mason jar like shaped pouches in the following print design:

  • An image of a hinge latch lid on a clear gloss pouch
  • An image of a jar with a twisted lid and frosted effects

Chapter 2: Benefits of Shaped Pouches

These are some of the benefits and advantages of shaped pouches.


Ecofriendly pouch

They can be used as compostable and recyclable material, some pouches can be reusable, and more environmentally friendly.

Branding and marketing

The use of bright colors and graphics opportunities strengthens brand presentation and recognition.

Shaped pouches have the ability to stand on the shelves.

This increases the visual impression for better sales.

Cost ReductionsShaped Pouch

Due to the use of low-cost materials for the pouches, they tend to be cost-effective when it comes to transportation and lightweight packaging.

Product Visibility

The use of transparent windows makes it possible for products to be visible before purchase.

Comprehensive Features and options (Add-ons)

Shaped pouches come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs incorporating add-on features.

These prominent features include euro or round punch holes, re-closable zippers, tear notches, valves, ergonomic handles, and many more.

Excellent Barrier Properties

The use of excellent barrier materials greatly improves the shelf life and protects the product from oxygen, light, infestation, moisture, odor.

Perfect for special applications and purposes

Shaped pouches can be customized for special uses such as sterilizable, microwavable, and pasteurizable material.


Shaped pouches cater for high-speed filling making them cost-effective. They also cater for fully or semi-automatic filling applications such as cold or hot filling.

DurabilityShaped Pouch

They can handle bumps and knocks without any damages to the packaging, unlike tins and glass.

Advantages of Shaped Pouches

  • Easy to store: shaped pouches come in different shapes and sizes that ensure maximum use of space. Their storage capabilities also make them best for shelf displays.
  • Eco-Friendly: TedPack shaped pouches are manufactured using raw materials that are environmentally friendly as they produce reduced amounts of evasive waste.
  • Unique: unlike other pouches, shaped pouches are more appealing to consumers as they have one-of-a-kind structure, design, and artistic printing.
  • Optimized Film Barrier: TedPack shaped pouches are built by putting together layers of films to make the bags acquire high sealing levels and add longevity.

Chapter 3: Shaped Pouches features and add-ons

Recloseable or Resealable Zippers

Shaped Pouch

TedPack provides recloseable or resealable zippers as a feature of the pouch.

The zippers are produced from two plastic components which interlock that make it easy to be closed.

The zipper ensures that the products stay fresh for a very long time.

Therefore, shaped pouches can be used for the storage of products that needs extended time for preservations of taste, aroma, and nutrients.

Furthermore, zippers help in the diffusion of unpleasant odors.

Valves or Vents

Shaped Pouch

A pressure relief valve is attached to pouches to expel unwanted gases from the contents of the shaped pouch.

This helps in maintaining the freshness of the product.

Furthermore, the valves can be used by the end-user to smell the product. That is why they are called “aroma valves”.

For additional ventilation, vent holes can be added to the pouches.

Through customization, enough perforations and dimensions can be made depending on the barrier requirements of the clients.

Clear WindowsShaped Pouch

Shaped pouches have clear windows for packaging that is transparent.

The windows come in various sizes and shapes for clear visibility of the product.

The add-on shows the consumer the contents of the pouch.

This boosts confidence in product purchases.

Tear Notches

Tear notch pouch

A portion of the pouch is pre-cut to persuade the consumer to initiate the tear-off action.

Tear notches provide shaped pouches with clean and straight openings.

Thus it is easy to open the pouch by hand.

Ergonomic Handles

Ergonomic handles

Ergonomic handles are intended to increase the value and boost the convenience of the consumer.

The ergonomic handles come in different sizes and styles for better carrying and handling of the contents of the pouch.Shaped Pouch

Euro or Round Punch Holes

Euro or round punch holes add flexibility to the pouch.

These add-ons can be hung and viewed by the end-user as the retailers consider necessary.

Rounded Corners

Rounded corners generally make sharp corners round.

This gives the pouch a professional look to the pouches while at the same time preventing bodily harm while being handled.

Spouts and fitments

Shaped Pouch

These features apply to a wide variety of applications in the liquid, food, and nutraceutical industries.

Household chemicals and cleaning products can be capped off using different fitment and spout features.

The main goal of fitments and spouts is to enhance the ability of the pouch to dispense and re-seal products.

Applications and Markets of Shaped pouches

A shaped pouch is one of the most popular packaging formats used by most manufacturers in today’s world.

The main reason why most producers are embracing shaped pouches is that of the unique shapes that make them stand out among other related products in the crowded retail and supermarket shelves. The following are the uses and applications of shaped pouches.

Cone Shaped Pouch(Food Grade)

· Foods: Cakes Decorations, Candy, snacks sachets, Guacamole, and Popcorns

· Craft Uses: Gift Bags, Decorative packaging

Shaped Pouch TypesUses and Applications
Cone Shaped Pouch (Food Grade)Foods: Cakes Decorations, Candy, snacks sachets, Guacamole, and PopcornsCraft Uses: Gift Bags, Decorative packaging
Dispenser Tip Pouch (Withstand high temperatures and best for liquids)Aggressive chemical compounds essential oilsGlues&PastesEnergy GelSpreads and ButterEpoxy
Circle Pouch (Round pouch with tear notch)Food and CandyNutritional Supplementspharmaceuticals

More product features that can be added upon request

  • Laser scoring
  • Degassing valve
  • Any shape include rounded corners
  • Squeezable shapes
  • Euro slots (hang holes)
  • Resealable zippers
  • Spouts for liquid commodities
  • Matte and shining finishing
  • Built-in handles

Chapter 4: FAQ about Shaped Pouches

1. Which are the available design options for shaped pouches?

The main design options are clear font windows and shape windows, we have some optional shapes for choices.

2. Where can I use these bags?

These pouches have been designed for different uses according to their shape specification.

Others are used to carry solid products like bread while others can carry a liquid product like juice.

3. Do the materials used to make shaped pouches for storage of human food safe?

Absolutely Yes!

The chemical combination of the materials used for shaped pouches has been scientifically tested and found not to cause any harm to humans.

You can go ahead and use it safely.

4. What are the sizes for shaped pouches?

The pouches have been designed in four main sizes.

These are small, medium, big, and heavy-duty pouches as well.

5. What are the printing techniques?

Gravure print, flexo print, digital print works at TedPack.

Spout finishing, Matte finishing are common printing techniques.

6. Do you have a minimum order Quantity?

Yes, it depends on depending on the size, material. But small quantity also accepts.

Now we present 100 pcs start by digital print.

7. What is the thickness of these Pouches?

The thickness of these pouches mainly ranges between 3mils to 7mils.


The design of your pouch definitely makes your brand visible;

However, shaped pouches have one advantage over other packaging solutions.

Consumers are able to actually see what they are purchasing.

This means that consumers need not necessarily look at the packaging, advertisements, or anything else for them to judge the product.

They will immediately see through the shaped pouch and see the product before they purchase.

This transparency between the consumer and the product boosts the confidence in the product thus allowing the product to sell itself.

Apart from seeing the product, shaped pouches allow you to feel the content of the pouch.

The ability of the pouch to allow the consumer to literally feel the quality and integrity of the product makes it possible for the purchases to go a notch higher.

Clearly, more than any other form of flexible packaging, shaped pouches are in a world of their own when it comes to tactile interactivity.

Custom-shaped pouches allow your brand to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

With their numerous benefits, shaped pouches assure you the best for your home or business packaging solutions.

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