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A new and fashion packaging of big volume red and white wine packaging pouch. Low MOQ from 10000pcs for a start, delivery in 3 weeks.

Wine PouchWine Fitment | Multi Volume Options, Custom Print, 10k MOQ

Wine pouches are heavy-duty large volume liquor and wine packaging spout/fitment pouches. These pouches are with both top and bottom gusset, add an easy pour tap and fitment on the pouch front, normally made in 4 or 5 layers high barrier aluminum laminated material.

Wine pouch can hold from 750Ml to 5L large volume red wine packaging, some pouches can also hold 10L.

The spout on the wine pouch also called tap or fitment is specially made with PP or PE material with a foil seal on the tap, also a wing on the tap for double protection in case of leakage.

TedPack wine pouches can be adding spouts/fitments both by machine or by manual, with production capacity around 40000pcs /day, so we have enough capacity to deliver you pouches in a very short production time.

  • Heavy-duty high barrier material, BPA free and USDA, FDA approved;
  • Low MOQ from 10000pcs for a start, friendly for the start-up wine business;
  • Delivery within 3 weeks and print up to 10 colors at most;
  • With customized size, shape, window, hole, fitments/spouts;
  • Safe packing and simple for transportation, easy filling, and packing.

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MOQ100 Pcs by Digital Print, 10K Pcs by Gravure Print
Size750ml, 1000ml, 1500ml, 3000ml,5000ml
Thickness150Mircons-200Mircons (6Mil-8Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, Window, Spout Tap
PrintingSpot Glossy Printing, Metallized, Vanishing, Matte Finishing

Wine pouches were a newcomer in the packaging market. Wine lovers have ensured that they keep this on their side anytime they travel. The pouches have become common for picnic and party-goers.

Wine pouches perfectly blend with mixed cocktails and red wines. They are more convenient and provide safety when in use.

The pouches have also been recorded to have a positive impact on the environment. This is because they consume no more than 70% of raw materials when compared to glass or wood containers.

The wine pouches we produce mainly target the wine consumers or producers at a very fair price ensuring that you get some huge savings.

The physical shapes of our pouches have been designed with the aim of attracting more customers to your shop. The wine pouches profess a customizable anti-spill valve to prevent any spillage as you enjoy your wine.

On top of that, an easy-to-open cap has been placed for easy opening and closure. The pouches are also light in weight ensuring that you can carry them anywhere without having to strain.

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clear cooking wine pouch

In most cases, clear cooking wine pouches are used for packaging different wine types where color is used as a significant marketing factor. Although these pouch bags are made of laminated films, all the materials used are transparent. The transparent nature helps customers to see the color and the state of their favorite packaged wine. In connection to that, your product visibility will increase, thus making thus improving your sales. Additionally, these pouches are fitted with spout fitment, which helps in pouch reclosability and spillage avoidance during wine pouring.

clear stand up wine pouch

Clear stand-up wine pouches are a perfect replacement for plastic and glass wine bottles which are bulk, easy to break, not easy to recycle, and expensive. Clear stand-up wine pouches can perfectly self-stand on any shelf when filled. Such a possibility is what makes them perfect for wine marketing not to forget cutting down all the disadvantages attached to glass bottles. Also, these flexible pouches are made of multi-laminated layers which ensure they are puncture/tear-resistant. Lastly, they are heat sealed to avoid leakage and are fitted with either taps or spouts for non-spillage and easy to pour reasons.

clear wine pouch

Clear wine pouches are made of FDA approved. Secondly, food-grade materials used are also environmentally friendly. Their transparent structure ensures customers can spot from far which wine is red, white, clear, or of their favorite color. Depending on the wine type you intend to package, we will ensure you get pouches made of the right laminated films. Additionally, there are other vital details, such as spouts or wine pouring tabs that you need to decide which one fits your packaging style best. But all in all, you will get durable, flexible, and high barrier pouches of any size, shape, or design as you desire.

custom printing portable wine pouch

Custom printed portable wine pouches are mainly used by companies that need to promote their products, advertise, or improve their visibility in vineyards, and liquor stores. We can custom print your company logo, name, advertisement message, or any other marketing graphics. Secondly, when customers carry these portable, flexible, durable bags, your product identity will also get advertised there. Apart from the painting ability, you can also order for any shape or size of custom printed portable wine pouches you need. Lastly, these bags are fitted with taps and spouts for spillage free pouring and reclose ability.

custom printing stand up wine pouch packaging

Custom printed stand up wine pouch packaging bags are fashionable due to their self-standing ability. With their self-standing ability, these bags are quite visible owing to the fact they are custom printed. Depending on your marketing strategy and branding style, we have flexo, rotogravure, and digital printing machines. Additionally, these bags are highly durable and can be counted on even when they dropdown. They are flexible, puncture resistance, of high tensile, and have high barrier meaning you will not worry about moisture, oxygen, odor, UV light or bursting after dropping off.

custom printing wine drinking pouch

Custom printed wine drinking pouches can be used to package wine product that customers wish to drink on the go. For such a reason, these pouch bags are fitted with pouring taps that allow customers to pour their wine easily and without spillage. Also, the valves ensure reclosing at will. On the other hand, these custom printed pouches are easily visible on liquor stores and even vineyards due to their custom graphical imprinting and designer branding. Lastly, custom printing helps you to personalize your wine product look thus improve their visibility.

custom printing wine pouch

Custom printing wine pouches are made of laminated films depending on the wine type. Some of the films laminated to develop strong, durable, puncture resistance, and high barrier films are PET, PP, AL, CPP, LLDPE, and many others. Additionally, the laminated films used are all FDA approved, and the ink used in custom printing has no hazardous health effect on humans. This is the reason why we can have your logo, advertisement message, and product branding is done in a highly detailed style to achieve the best result ever.

custom red wine pouch

Custom red wine pouches are flexible wine packaging pouches that are customized to meet marketing, retailing, and end-user convenience. For example, they are fitted with different add-ons such as spouts, pouring taps, and hang holes. Additionally, these pouches are made of laminated films such as PET/VMPET/PE, PET/PA/PE, and PET/AL/PE for durability, high puncture resistance, and high barrier reasons. Some of the things you can customize on these bags are shapes, sizes, colors, and printing. You can have personalized logos, company name, and promotional graphics printed on your pouch bags.

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Watch Out on Wine Pouches!

Wine pouch maybe be a newcomer in the market, many people have seen it, but still, a lot didn’t, so before you decide to buy a wine pouch, you should know what is the common problem when you use a Wine Pouch?

  • Don’t know how to do a massive filling job;
  • Don’t know what machine can do for filling job;
  • Hard to set the nozzle/tap/spigot into the bag and close properly;
  • The nozzle/tap/spigot leaked after breaking the seal;
  • The pouch leaked when you fill wine/liquor inside;
  • Need instructions before using this kind of wine pouch;

If you have ever met about an issue when you use this kind of wine pouch, reach TedPack to know how we dealing with it.

Wine Pouch -001
Wine Pouch-002

Why Wine Pouches Remarkable?

Wine pouches are simply like a bigger version stand-up pouch, just the pouch is not only with the bottom gusset, it also has a top gusset, so in a professional way of saying, we call it a double gusset stand up pouch, and the pouch is adding with a wine tap in front.

On pouch making side, the stand-up pouch is simple, but why there didn’t have too many suppliers in the market can produce quality wine pouches? And what is the difficult part of this pouch?

  1. The pouch is very thick so it is not easy in pouch-making;
  2. The sealing will be a problem with so many edges and corners on the pouch;
  3. Tap added by hand is hard to control in the right middle of the hole;
  4. The mold cost is very high in each new volume and shape customization;
  5. Not all machine can add taps on pouch automatically and perfectly;

TedPack solved all above eternally for all, if you are interested in buying Wine Pouches, contact us now!

Wine Pouch: TedPack, China Wine Pouch Supplier & Manufacturer

Wine Pouch: The Definitive FAQ Guide

1. How would the tap on a wine pouch be set up?

The tap on a wine pouch will appear on the bottom part of the bag.

The tap should include a small lever or other feature that dispenses the wine.

A stopper will work inside the tap to ensure the wine does not move out unless you press the lever again.

wine pouch

2. How can you clean off the valve on your wine pouch to prevent things from being dirty?

You can clean the valve with water.

No soap is necessary for the cleaning process.

Make sure the tap is dried out before serving once again.

A slightly moistened tap could negatively impact the wine that comes out.

3. How high up should the valve on the wine pouch be?

The wine pouch can be up to an inch above the bottom part of the bag.

The placement ensures the tap can take in more contents.

The spot also ensures the user won’t grab the bag and pour something out on one’s own.

The wine pouch should be placed near the edge of a table for the best results.

4. Can you get a tap on the top part of your wine pouch instead on the bottom?

You can place the valve on either the top or bottom.

The wine pouch tap has to appear in a spot where it is easy for people to get wine out of the pouch.

wine pouch tap on top

The design comes as gravity’s pull will naturally move the wine down.

A tap could still be on the top part, but that would require the user to pick up the bag or other vessel and pour it from there.

Place the valve on your wine pouch based on what you feel would be recommended for serving.

5. How much weight would a 750 mL wine pouch be when compared with a traditional 750 mL wine bottle?

An average wine pouch will be about ten times lighter than a glass bottle.

The pouch does not have to be as thick as a bottle, thus keeping the weight down.

6. Does a wine pouch have to be secured inside a box, or can you use a wine pouch outside that box?This includes having something with a base that doesn’t require anything.

Wine pouches are available inside and outside boxes.

A pouch inside a box is easy to handle for storage purposes.

A pouch outside of a box may include a handle on the top part.

You can get a separate cardboard material to surround the rest of your wine pouch.

The cardboard should have a shape where it can fit the spout or tap.

The cardboard should allow enough room for the bag, although a small opening may work for a handle or see-through feature.

box and wie pouch

The design should be strong enough to keep the wine protected.

A box may also be ideal for larger quantities of wine, although the pouch on the inside should be accordingly sized.

7. What temperature conditions should a wine pouch be secured? Should it be kept at room temperature, or is it best to chill the wine?

You have the option to chill your wine if desired.

You can keep the wine at room temperature provided you do not expose the box to the light.

8. How long would it take for the wine pouch to become chilled?

The plastic and polymers in the wine pouch can take a little longer to cool off than glass.

The pouch may take a few hours to become chilled.

A rule of thumb is to spend at least three hours chilling the wine before serving.

The type of wine will dictate the temperature that the pouch should be chilled.

Extra time is also necessary for larger wine pouches, what with there being more wine.

9. How would a wine pouch be designed to keep UV rays from impacting the wine and possibly hurting its structure?

A UV-blocking polymer will help with keeping UV rays from entering the wine.

The plastic polymer will work best when a dark painted appears on the pouch.

You can also get extra protection by storing the wine pouch inside a box.

Regardless of what works, it is still best to keep the wine pouch in a dark environment when not in use.

10. How do you keep the contents inside the wine pouch from going bad after you have opened it up?

Make sure the tap on the wine pouch is kept clean and closed when not in use.

Keep the pouch from being exposed to bright light.

11. How much wine can a wine pouch hold?

Wine pouches are available in a variety of sizes.

A standard pouch can be about 750mL in size.

The 750mL size is the same standard used for wine bottles.

Some of the smallest wine pouches are available in sizes like 250 and 500mL.

You can also order 3-liter wine pouches that carry four bottles’ worth of wine.

12. Can wine pouches be sized to where one pouch can fit a single glass of wine?

A wine glass will hold at least 120mL or four fluid ounces of wine.

You can get a wine pouch sized to that smaller total if you wish.

wine pouch one glass

13. Are there childproof features on a wine pouch?

A small lock feature may appear on the tap.

The lock may appear on a recessed part of the tap.

The lock can keep the tap from opening when pressed.

The effort ensures a child will not attempt to get anything out of the wine pouch.

14. Can you clean out a wine pouch and reuse it after you are done with the wine on the inside?

You have the option to reuse an old wine pouch.

You need to use these steps to get the wine pouch cleaned out:

  • Empty the pouch all the way.
  • Remove the old spout or valve.
  • Wash out the bag and the spout with hot water and a small bit of dish soap.
  • After rising everything out, you can taste the water to see if it does not taste like soap or wine.
  • Rinse the bag out with hot water a few times; this ensures the pouch can stretch out well enough.
  • Allow the pouch to air out for a day; make sure it no longer smells like wine or soap.

The process works with most types of wine pouches.

The key is to ensure that the pouch does not have a soapy scent to it and that any old wine compounds are cleared out.

15. Is there a particular type of wine that would do better inside a wine pouch than another?

There are no limits as to what types of wine can go into a wine pouch.

Among the most popular wines that you can secure in a wine pouch include:

  • Riesling
  • Pinot noir
  • Chardonnay
  • Shiraz
  • Piemonte
  • Sherry

16. Is a wine pouch biodegradable?

A wine pouch is not biodegradable.

You have the option to recycle your wine pouch after use.

17. Can you add a wine pouch into a wine cellar? This would entail securing the wine for later consumption alongside any other wines that you might have.

The wine pouch can go in a wine cellar, but only for a bit.

The wine inside a pouch can only last for a few months after packaging.

Be cautious if your wine pouch features a box.

A box can wear out with age and will become even weaker if exposed to moisture.

wine pouch for cellar

18. Is there a potential for your wine pouch to take in oxygen when the spout is used?

Oxygen can prematurely age any wine if too much gets in.

The oxygen that your wine takes will dissolve in its body.

The dissolution ensures the wine will feature a relatively sweet taste.

A small bit of oxygen will enter through the spout, but that is enough to ensure the flavor is noticeable.

The spout should be closed when not in use to prevent excess oxygen from entering.

Any wine that takes in far too much oxygen will taste flat and won’t have any noticeable complexities.

19. Is there is a potential for the wine to spoil due to the open space inside the pouch?

The wine pouch will develop open space from the wine being dispensed over time.

The open area could potentially take in excess oxygen that can move its way into the wine itself.

The tap on the pouch should prevent oxygen from entering into the wine pouch.

Be sure the tap is closed when not in use to prevent excess oxygen from entering.

20. Can the wine pouch be chilled after it has been partially used?

Chilling the wine pouch delays the possible spoilage of any wine contents.

21. How is a wine pouch filled?

The winery will fill the wine pouch.

The wine reserve would be poured into the open spot on the pouch.

The tap or stopper will go into the open space to keep the wine from leaking.

22. How would a wine pouch be sealed?

A heat seal may go on the wine pouch to secure the spout to the body.

23. Can a vacuum seal work on a wine pouch?

A vacuum seal may help remove the excess air from inside the pouch.

The effort reduces the amount of oxygen inside the pouch.

24. Can a wine pouch resist rain and other outside forms of moisture?

The sturdy body can keep moisture from getting into the wine pouch.

Make sure the pouch is sealed for the best results.

It may be best to keep the wine pouch from exposure to rain to be safe.

25. How can you get graphic designs added to a wine pouch?

A printing process can incorporate unique graphic designs.

The printing work can entail various appealing colors.

The design should make the wine pouch more enticing.

26. How long can you expect the wine inside a wine pouch to last?

The unique nature of getting a wine pouch filled makes it to where the wine will not last too long.

The wine contents can last for about six to eight months after packaging.

A “use by” note should be included in the package.

The date will let customers know when they should consume the product.

27. Could the wine inside your wine pouch be hurt if you kept shaking the wine around? This includes concerns where the wine might be shaking while being transported to a distribution center or inside a car.

Shaking the wine can cause sediment to shift around the pouch.

The sediment can negatively influence the flavor of the wine.

The best point is to avoid shaking the wine pouch.

The concern is more likely to develop in wines that have been partially used.

Wine Pouches: The Ultimate Guide

The importance of product packaging for the success of the product cannot be overemphasized.

This is because the packaging of a product determines the status of preservation of the products, worth of the content of the product, and it represents the image of the production company.

Wine PouchIn this light, we will be considering wine pouch with the understanding that wine pouch is an integral part of the market strategy for wine producing companies.

Also, we will adopt the wine packaging that is most acceptable to both the producers and consumers of wine.

Traditionally, the common materials by which wine are packaged are leather, wood, barrels, and jars.

In more recent times, with the advent of technology and modernity, glass containers have been the popular material for wine packaging.

However, because of the fragility of glass and its heaviness of weight in the process of distribution, producers have designed a better type of packaging.

Wine Pouches are now the trending innovations of the wine packaging industry.

Since every product is required to have a suitable packaging that is cherished and easily usable by the consumers, wine pouches are the most suitable packaging for any kind of wine because they are easily accessible, usable and movable by the consumers.

Wine PouchIt is of no doubt that many wine-packaging industries have considered wine pouches as a highly suitable option.

To take lead in the world of wine competitive market, you will need to invest your major attention on the most suitable packaging for your wine products.

Although, there are many varieties of materials that you can adopt for wine preservation and packaging, yet after a diligent research, it has come to our understanding that wine pouch is the best of them all.

Reasons for this can be seen in the features wine pouches such as longevity, affordability, suitability, and movability.

It is in this light, that this guide offers you an extensive knowledge of wine pouches and all that pertains to it.

A continuous study of this guide will help you to understand what there is to know about wine pouch packaging for wine drinks.

Chapter 1: What is a Wine Pouch?

Let’s assume that you have a full understanding of what a wine is, so, let’s proceed to do a clarification of the term “Pouch”.

Wine PouchA pouch is a piece of drawstring material that is beautified and shaped into a bag or a sack or similar receptacle and is used to package various liquid and solid products.

A wine pouch will then be any of the aforementioned material that is used for wine packaging.

I present to you TedPack wine pouch as the best material you can adopt for packaging your wine product.

They come in different types according to your desires. Wine pouches are produced in various forms which are spouted stand up pouches, foil stand up pouches, and shaped stand up pouches.

Wine pouches serve as the most suitable material for packaging your wine products.

This guide shall proceed to compare wine pouches with other packaging containers. It shall offer you good reasons why your choice of wine pouches over others will be a profitable one.

Chapter 2Wine Pouches vs. Other Containers

Historically, the means of packaging wine is as old as the production of the wine itself.

You must know that ancient text recorded the use of wineskins. Wineskin in its time was a very light material for packaging wines.

Wine PouchHowever, it didn’t survive the old generation because it could not serve as a lasting storage for wine.

It also failed because it makes wine quickly sour. Because of the necessary need for wide storages of wine and long preservation, attention was shifted from wineskins to jars.

For centuries, jars which were made from clays were used to store, ferment and transport wines.

But in spite that the jars required a special art of pottery, it could not also preserve the nutrient of the wine for long.

And also, because of its less hygienic process, the focus began to shift to other kinds of wine containers.

The use of wood was introduced into the wine industry. The wood did not guarantee an airtight seal so once again the longevity of wine was threatened. The wine had to be consumed faster than they originally ought to be.

This was to avoid wine turning to vinegar. After a century of dominance by the woods and barrel method of packaging wine, innovations and modernity gave rise to a more recent way of packaging wine.

The use of bottles was introduced to the wine industry. The first bottles that were adopted were short and squat.

This made them be stored upward and impossible to be placed on their sides. It was discovered that the upright position of the bottles makes the wine spoil quickly.

This observation made a platform for the creation of more recent bottles.

Wine PouchThe innovations of men ushered in another type of wine packages which was the bag-in-box wine packaging.

The bag-in-box seemed to prove more merits than the bottles because it minimizes manufacturing cost and it is not fragile. But it is still less comfortable to be handled and movable as it may not be flexible enough to be put or squeezed in a pocket.

Because of its flexibility, wine pouches hold more convenience both in the hands of consumers and in the manufacturing and transportation process of producers.

However, the bottles-packaging method is still the most commonly used in the wine industry.

It is for this observation that this study guide offers us brief reasons for us to think outside the bottle packaging.

Chapter 2.1: Thinking Outside the Bottle Packaging 

However, bottles are not without its problem. The transportation of bottles from different locations made it less suitable for wine packaging.

It was expensive to transport due to its massive weight. Obviously, the weight of the bottles is greater than the content i is to package which is the wine.

Wine PouchMore expenses through the use of fuel and automobiles were used on bottles than it was used for wine in the area of transportation.

The hazardous nature of the bottles also makes it less suitable to be adopted for wine pouches. Experience has recorded the terror that people take upon themselves and others via the use of bottles.

Wine Pouch, on the other hand, is the most suitable material for packaging wine.

This is because it is created as a solution to the consistent problems of wine packaging. Wine pouches are highly movable because of their lightness and it is not prone to any form of hazardous use at all.

Wine pouch comprises materials that cannot be used as objects to pierce into human bodies and it is also has a hardcover by which its longevity is guaranteed.

Because of its longevity, wine pouches are more suitable than the bottles because of its fragility.

On the grounds of comparison, wine pouches are of no doubt the best material for packaging wine.

This guide still has a lot more to offer in helping you make a profitable decision in the purchase of wine pouches from us.

Chapter3: Why Use Wine Pouch?

Environment Factors Support Wine Pouches:

Wine PouchThere is an increase in the attempt of wine producers to manage the space of production and fasten the process of distribution.

For example, the space that can contain any certain quantity of bottle-packaged wine can contain fifth the number of pouch-packaged wine.

So obvious that this can help you and your wine consumers in minimizing manufacturing cost and adequate management of production locations and product storage.

It also fastens the distribution of wine products since the transportation can be used to distribute more quantities of wine than it would have otherwise been used to distribute if another packaging is used.

Wine Pouches are also more advantageous than all others because they are more eco-friendly, lighter in weight, and flexible.

Wine PouchFor example, in the process of transporting goods to the consumers, if an accident occurs, a wine product that is packaged in bottles will most likely break resulting in a loss in profit of production.

In addition, the shards of the bottles will cause environmental dangers. The loss of profits and the environmental hazards can both be prevented through the use of wine pouches for wine packaging.

If wine packaged in wine pouches drop, they will not break because of their nature. They can be picked up and cleaned for the final consumption. They are easier to dispose of and faster to waste than bottles.

It Offers Convenience in Handling:

Wine PouchThere is no special care required for handling wines that are packaged in pouches because they are not fragile at all.

Handling one may be as convenient as inserting a pouch of wine in your pocket for refreshment while jogging or doing other exercises.

They are 20 times lower in weight to the traditional bottles making them highly movable.

It is Wiser to Use Wines in Pouches in Parties:

Wine PouchParties are places of merriment but amidst the merriment, fights may come up. Bottles may be used as a weapon to cause injury or death in the process of the fight.

Also, an intoxicated person may mistakenly break a bottle and get injured by the shards of the bottle. But wine pouches are safe and cannot cause harm both to the producers and the consumers of the wine product it is used to package.

They are specifically produced for this kind of purpose. They serve as prevention to any form of hazard that may want to affect the joy in a party.

Their Longevity is Guaranteed and They are not Fragile:

They are made of good layers that may be metalized PET and polyethylene in the inner part. This makes them both impossible to break and difficult to puncture.

For this reason, they have a long duration before it becomes less in quality. Wine pouches are suitable for a different kind of weather and atmosphere and they can be readily be acquired from us at any time of need.

The Wine Content in Wine Pouches Stays Fresher Even after Opening:

Wine PouchTo prevent the wine from an oxygen exposure that reduces the flavor of the wine, wine pouches are made to have a shelf duration of 9-months minimum.

This is done because of the awareness that wine lovers may buy wine and keep in stores for months before total consumption.

Having expressed briefly reasons for the use of wine pouches over others containers, this study guide still has a lot more to offer on the storage of wine pouches and the suitable environment it can be placed.

So, follow our lead in understanding more about wine pouch warehousing and storage

Chapter 4: Wine Pouch Warehousing and Storage

An important aspect of wine production is the storage and management of the warehouse that is used for production. In this light, we will consider the features of a wine warehouse and storage system.

Wine PouchThis session of the guide will exclusively feature how wine pouches are the most suitable of all kinds of wine packaging for warehouse and storage.

The importance of wine warehouse study is derived from the understanding that poorly stored wine spoil faster than they originally would.

This is because the originality of a wine is largely determined by the level of temperature it is exposed to. The best temperature to store wines is in a cool atmosphere.

This is because this atmosphere minimizes high temperature that makes wine lose its flavor.

The constant problem of wine producers is the problem of how to store wine for a very long time in any kind of atmospheric condition.

Our wine pouch storage system has put into consideration the requirements for a good wine warehouse and storage facilities.

Below is a brief explanation of the requirements of the wine warehouse that we apply to our wine pouch.

Temperature and Humidity:

Wine PouchA notable question to ask any wine packaging industry is the nature of the storage environment.

Our wine pouch is made suitable for cool and warm temperature.

We are aware that the bottle packaging gets the wine to spoil easily because of heat. To solve this problem, the inner layer of our wine pouch is designed with materials that reduce heat and restores coolness.

And the environment of our wine pouches storage is made free from heat via the fixing of cooling devices. This is done in accordance with the standard recommendations for wine preservation and storage.

Wine pouches are designed to be highly sensitive to temperature and humidity. However, they are in their best forms when kept in ambient and temperature control areas.

LED Lighting as a Solution to UV Exposure:

Wine PouchOur wine pouch environment and storage facilities are ideal.

They are ideal in that they are filled with LED-lightings to prevent the environment from being in the slightest way exposed to UV.

Our storage facilities are also designed with modern technologies that make our storage free from vibration, dust, and emission.


Wine PouchA good wine storage environment must be security-guaranteed. A good wine pouch warehouse and storage system must have a 24/7 security-monitoring with surveillance cameras.

There should be heavily strong doors to prevent any forced entry and to ensure rogues- resistance. And the atmosphere should be preserved with pesticides and insecticides to prevent any form of damage on the products.

Our wine pouch warehousing facilities are designed with adequate considerations of these security requirements. Our wine pouch warehousing system has the best fire extinguishing devices.

And appropriate technologies have been put in place to take fire precaution.

Maximization of Space:

Wine PouchWine Pouch Warehousing maximizes locations more than other forms of wine packaging warehousing. The lightweight of the pouch makes it take advantage of space.

Wine packaged in pouches can take twenty times less space than wine packaged in bottles can take. Also, accidents in a warehousing of wine packaged in bottles will certainly result in great loss of products and money since the bottles can break.

On the other hand, some accidents may not lead to the destruction of the pouches. Therefore, the wine products may still be protected even in the place of some minor accident.

Our wine pouches warehousing is obviously more dependable and the good condition of the product is guaranteed.


Wine PouchThe hygiene of a wine storage system is not always taken importantly. This is because more emphasis is always given to the hygiene of the wine drink itself.

In our wine pouch warehouse and storage system, this is not so. The equal hygienic attention that is given to the drinks is also given to the location the wines are kept.

Our wine pouch warehouse has a sanitation team to ensure its cleanness at all times. We maintain a completely clean system because we know cleanliness is a top priority of our customers.

We also have pest control procedures to prevent rats and birds from messing the environment up. We also maintain a constant fumigation by which we spray insecticides and refresh the atmosphere.

The warehouse also has industrial air curtains on every entrance and openings in the warehouse to prevent any form of dust and birds from entering.

Our Wine Pouch Warehousing Offers an Orderly Handling, Segmenting and Quarantine Strategy:

Wine PouchWine pouch warehousing management has many customers and wine producers they work for.

For this reason, we have put in place good ways of classifying different products of wine in specific quarters.

This is to avoid any possible confusion in identifying goods of any specific customer. Each product is kept in different segments for easy and clear description.

We avoid vibration which may make the wine spoil easily. Wine products are moved from one location to another if a necessary need arises for it to be moved.

The preservation of our products is our utmost priority. The shelving of the warehouse is designed to be vibration-free. Only authorized personnel are allowed into the warehouse.

This is to account for all the products within the warehousing and storage facilities. We have made airlock areas in all entrance and exit sections to prevent clouds of dust and winds passing through.

Having shown the benefits of wine pouch warehousing and storage environment, this guide shall proceed to explain the types of wine pouches that are used in the packaging market.

Chapter 5: Types of Wine Pouch Use in Market

Because of the dynamics of product, wine pouches come in varieties to suit the consumers’ interest.

Wine PouchThe reason for making wine pouches in varieties is because of the different ecosystems in the world.

For example, the kind of wine pouches a Russian consumer will demand will be quite different from the kind of wine pouches an Arabian will demand.

This is because of the different climates in the two areas. Another reason for the production of a variety of pouches is because of the difference in consumers’ interest.

However, the kind of wine pouches commonly used in the market is the ‘stand up pouches’.

This kind of pouches come in three types namely, ‘spouted stand up pouches’, ‘Foil stand up pouches’, and ‘shaped stand pouches’.




150ML3-4″ width x 4-6”length+1.5”Bottom50K

4 weeks

Bloody Marry

350ML4-4.5” width x 7-9”length+2”Bottom30K

4 weeks

Brew Coffee

500ML4.5-5” width x 8-11”length+2.5”Bottom30K

4 weeks


1L6-7” width x 10-12”length+3”Bottom20K

4 weeks


1.5L6-8” width x 10-12”length+3.5”Bottom15K

4 weeks

Mojito1.75L7-8” width x 11-12”length+3.5”Bottom15K

4 weeks

Chapter 5.1: Stand up wine pouch

15-Wine PouchThis kind of pouch was introduced in the early 1960s. The demand for stand up pouches grew because of its benefit. It is flexible, easily disposable, eco-friendly, and cheap.

They are essentially made from plastics and in some cases, from the combination of both plastic film and foil of aluminum.

Their outer part is made in ways that make color, logo, and design permanently stay on it.

The bottom layer of a stand up pouch is made to be good such that it can stand firm even when the wine content is full.

Below are the types of wine pouches:

Chapter 5.1.1: Spouted stand up wine pouch

Wine PouchAnother name for spouted standup pouch is fitment pouch. The spouted stand-up pouches have been successful in the market because of the availability of fitments and convenient spouts.

The spouted stand-up pouches are produced with a creative shape to avoid any leak.

Interesting part:

They are built with long-lasting outer thickness and greatly high cover strength. They are designed with good closure to preserve the nutrients of their content.

Examples of the closures include spout with squeezable valves, screw cap closures, and push-pull products.

All these closures are all useful in their ways. They are all readily available at the demand of the consumers. Sounds great for packaging your wine, why not consider buying from us today

Chapter 5.1.2: Foil Stand up wine Pouch

This is a kind of standup pouch that is made from a combination of different material. However, the active material for foil stands up pouch is aluminum.

It is different from other stand up pouch in that it consists of more than one polymer layers. For example, the polymer layer is used for ensuring a good structure for the foil pouch.

Also, the outer layer prevents the content of foil pouches from exposure to oxygen which may spoil the content. Layers are used to preserve the wine and they do not have any chemical reactions to the wine.

Foil pouches are very good because they fulfill the expectation of producers of the products they are used to package. Consider buying from TedPack today, We offer high-quality wine pouches for your wine.

Chapter 5.1.3: Shaped stand up wine pouch

Wine PouchThis is a kind of standup pouch that comes in modern shapes that make them highly packable or movable at all convenience.

Shaped stand up pouch is designed with a variety of shapes. For example, a die-cut shaped pouch is commonly known for being suitable for branding, easily usable, and stability on the shelves.

They are also designed with adequate layers that prevent any form of stress cracking.

Though there are many kinds of shapes, these shapes can be readily customized with speed and accuracy based on the specification of wine producers.

These are examples of the different forms of wine pouch shapes we offer;

(a) The shapes come in a rounded corner.  This form of shape ensures an easy handling of the pouch. It also makes the outer layer of the pouch with designs that make it balance on the shelf.

(b) Hourglass shape: This kind of shape makes the pouch ideal for wine production because it guarantees the longevity of the wine and convenience to consumers.

(c) There are also squeezable shapes that are made with inbuilt pouches that do not require straw or fitments for drinking wine.

Having made a brief explanation of some kinds of wine pouches used in the market, the study guide shall proceed.

Chapter 5.2: How to Measure a Spouted Stand Up Wine Pouches

With the rise of technology, producers are now interested in the method of having a precise view of the shape and measurement of spouted pouches.

To achieve a precise measurement, you should consider the width of the wine pouch and the top to the bottom height of the wine pouch.

In addition, there should be the calculation of the width of the bottom gusset that ensures the stability of the pouch too.

Finally, no calculation should be made in the area of the top of the wine pouch that has a spout. This is because this area is not for filling and cannot have any wine content within it.

Chapter 5.3: Top Differences – Wine Pouches vs. Bottles or Box

This session of the study pack shall offer you top differences between wine pouches packaging and other forms of packaging.

It shall show you clearly that the use of wine pouches for packaging is more advantageous than the use of bottles or box for packaging.

Chapter 5.3.1: Security of Life Factor

Life is very valuable and it is the most important thing. It is a bad thing to lose lives in the place of celebration.

Wines are always found in parties and any kinds of celebration. Experience has shown that fights may come up in parties and even amidst any celebration.

When fights happen, people usually look for weapons to inflict pain on their opponents.

For this reason, it is better to use wine pouches than bottles because bottles may be used as a dangerous weapon that can cause death or serious injury.

On the other hand, wine pouches are made up of flexible materials that are harmless to the body.

Therefore, to preserve lives and to enjoy a blood-free celebration at our parties, it is better you choose wine pouches over bottles for packaging wine.

Still, also in party-use, wine pouches make the chilled wine lasts longer than bottles or box because its material making is designed to preserve coolness.

Chapter 5.3.2: Convenience Factor

Wine pouches prove to be highly convenient to handle than both the box and bottle package.

For example, wine pouches are so convenient that they can even be put in a pocket while a person is carrying heavier goods.

Also, according to some customs, the bottles are viewed as a symbol of irresponsibility since bottles carriers are seen as drunkards and rogues.

This affects the sales of wine products that are packaged with bottles in the market. Wine pouches on the other hand, because of its innovative form, design, and outlook carries a symbol of decency.

For this reason, wine pouches are most suitable for all circumstances. It can be used appropriately at both religious event and secular events without being viewed negatively.

For example, it is most adoptable even during exercise like jogging and running because it is convenient to handle.

Chapter 5.3.3: Free from Fragility

The fragile nature of bottles has made it less dependable.

A careless handling of a bottled wine will result in the breaking of the container, and probably the injury of the holder.

Also, reports of goods that are destroyed in accidents because of the fragility of products packages. All these can be averted via the use of wine pouch because wine  pouches have proven to be no fragile or less fragile.

It makes them dependable for guaranteeing the producers goods that are less destructible via accidents.

And also, it guarantees the consumers of the leisure of handling drinks without the fear of injury or loss of products.

Chapter 5.3.4: Fresh Comparison

Wine Pouches are made with materials that make them not exposed to oxygen. By this,your wine lasts longer than bottles after the first opening.

Research shows that wine that is packaged in wine pouches last for a minimum of nine months after the first opening.

This is more promising than other forms of packaging which are more prone to oxygen. Thus, on the ground of longevity and freshness of wine, wine pouches are the best form of packaging for wine.

Chapter 5.3.5: Ease of Disposal

Boxes and bottles create a lot of issues when they are disposed of. When they are thrown into the garbage, toxins are usually discharged from them.

This promotes environmental degradation. In the case of wine pouches, the financial cost of disposing of them is low making the process of discarding and recycling faster than another packaging.

Wine Pouches are easy to dispose of because they weight twenty times less than bottles and ten times less than boxes. Thus, making wine pouches easy for good environmental processing.

Chapter 5.3.6: Storage Efficiency

It is highly uneconomical to use bottle packaging because the weights of some bottles are even heavier than the wine content in it.

For this reason, a storage that is supposed to use for the primary purpose of keeping wine may end up storing more bottles than wine.

Also, the cost of distributing bottled and boxed wine from locations to locations via sea and land is costlier.

On the other hand, wine pouches are a better option because they are light and they take less space.

If we are to maximize our storage system and use it efficiently, wine pouches are the best packaging form to go for. Consider TedPack wine pouches for the best wine pouches

Chapt 6: Advantages of Different Types of Wine Pouches

Wine PouchThe varieties of wine pouches that are used in the market come with different advantages that speak of their credibility.

This session of the study guide shall offer us knowledge on the advantages of the varieties of wine pouches.

Obviously, the advantages of the individual kind of wine pouches will be almost the same with that of the general advantages of pouches.

This study is aware of this yet we believe it is in the best interest of our readers to understand the advantages as it applies to each type of standup pouch.

This is important for the purpose of easy and clear usage and purchase.

Chapter 6.1: Spouted Stand Up Pouches

(a)Normal pouches can lose more than 20% of the wine contents in the process of packaging.

But spouted stand-up pouches, on the other hand, evacuate almost all its wine content with a 99.5% increase. This is a good advantage that is worth the consideration of consumers

(b) Just like every other pouch, spouted stand up pouches is lighter than all non-pouches packaging. This makes it good for business purposes.Wine Pouch(c) They are easily produced and this makes them fast and plenty in production. For this reason, they are surplus for any kind of massive productions.

This makes them readily available at demands. The fact has it that the energy that is required for their production is approximately 50% lower than that of another packaging.

(d) Also, this advantage is shared with other kinds of pouches. Wine pouches are used to maximize space in the warehouse.

This is because they are light and the space within can contain wine that is suitable for normal consumption

(e) During the production of spouted stand-up pouches, technicians have observed that fewer CO2 are generated. This makes it more resourceful are more efficient in the management of resources.

(f) Also because of its light weight and portable size, it is easy to dispose of. Hence, it takes less space in the waste-destruction section.

(g) It requires less truck or ship for transportation. Hence, it gives room for fuel management and huge profit-making.

(h) Its outer layer offers logo and designs that have the kind of permanence that can stick irrespective of either rainy or snowy weather.

Wine PouchChapter 6.2: Foil Stand Up Pouch

(a) This kind of wine pouches consists of aluminum unique layers that make it very hard to leak.

(b) Also, it is highly protected from oxygen thus extending the freshness of any of the wine content it packages than any other wine packaging would guarantee.

(c) One good advantage of the foil stand up wine pouch is that they are designed in ways that ascertain that they do not have chemical reactions to the content of the wine.

Therefore, the possible disease that can be contaminated from easily expiring products can be long averted when foil stand up packaging are employed.

Chapter 6.3: Shaped Stand Up Pouch:Wine Pouch(a) The beauty of shaped stand-up wine pouch is derived from the understanding of its name. They are made with creative shapes that put into consideration the desires of the consumers and producers

(b) Shapes of this kind of wine pouch make them perfectly fitting for shelf-use. Their longevity is preserved and they also prove to be highly stable when served on the table.

(c) Another quality that marks the uniqueness of shaped stand-up wine pouch is that they take the convenience of easy consumption importantly.

For this reason, they do not require fitment or straw to draw their wine content. But they are made with inbuilt pouches for thorough-going drinking.

Having made great progress in keeping you informed on the best pouch, this guide shall proceed to other sections. In the next session, this study-guide promises to offer you useful knowledge.

It shall feature the role of filling, sealing, and packing of wine pouches in choosing the type of wine packaging for a product.

Chapter 7: Wine Pouch Filling, Sealing, and Packing

As it is clearly stated, this part of the study guide shall comprise the process that takes place in packaging a wine drink.

At the end of this chapter, you should be able to make a decision on the kind of packaging that offers your wine products the best preservation and packaging.

Chapter 7.1: How to choose the Right Wine Pouch for your Products: Shelf-Life and Barrier Influences

The shelf-life of wine is the duration of time the wine takes before it becomes sour, tasteless and reaches its vinegar taste.

This longevity status of wine is not just something that happens by chance. The longevity of wine on the shelf is achieved when wine lasts long on the shelf without losing its original flavor.

This is strictly determined by the kind of packaging given to the wine products. For example, the kind of wine packaging materials that are produced without considering its maximum protection from vapor, moisture, oxygen will make the wine spoil faster.

It is in this awareness that this study guide how wine pouches are the most suitable for shelf-life consideration of your wine products.

To extend the shelf-life of a wine product, it is required that the product is put in a place that is cool and heat-free.

According to our study, even at this point the longevity and preservation of the wine products are not guaranteed.

The reason is that it is not only the storage of the products that require consideration. More focus should be given to the inner layer of the wine packaging since it is directly applicable to the wine.

For example, if a wine that is packaged in a material that is not heat-resistant is stored in a cool place, it will still spoil quickly than it ought to.

This is why wine pouches are produced to generate at least 14 degree Celsius. This is to ensure a cool preservation for the wine and make it have an extensive shelf-life.

This makes wine pouches the best option if shelf-life is put into consideration.

To choose rightly, you can revisit the advantages of the types of standup pouches offered in this study.

Also in choosing the right wine pouch to use to prolong the shelf-life of a wine product, covers are important.

The most suitable wine pouches are the ones that promise the most firm covers such that there is a strong barricade for air, dust, and vapor.

This is a thing that should be taking into consideration in choosing the best wine. After the first opening of wine before the final consumption, the best wine pouch should have a cover that is air-resistance.

A study on the advantages of wine pouch will guide you in making a choice.

The packaging of wine must be done with the appropriate means that ensure a hygienic and air-free.

For this reason, this study guide shall proceed to the process of packaging adopted for wine pouch.

Chapter 7.2: Filling of Wine Pouch

  • In the filling process, the cover of the wine pouch may be totally detachable from the pouch itself with the help of spouted pouches.

This can be done and dust, air, vapor, and moisture will still be constrained. Here, the product will just have to be poured through the spout. After this, the cover can then be reclosed.

  • In the process of filling, the cover and the pour spout may still be attached to the wine pouch. However, a hole is to be made for the pouring of the product into the pouch.

This is done with a very fast device such that their air, vapor, and moisture is still prevented from entering the wine pouch.

After the pouring has reached the desired quantity, the hole can then be shut through heat sealing.

  • There are cases whereby the wine pouch has a unique shape that is specially designed for a purpose.

There are also cases where the pour spouts are too small and using them may take the process of filling slow.

In such cases, the adequate device is used to make a space for filling in a very efficient side of the wine pouch. After the filling is done, space can be heat sealed.

Chapter 7.3: How to Seal a Wine Pouch

A wine pouch can be sealed using a heat sealer machine. Heat sealer has the inbuilt capacity to join same materials together.

It can also join different materials together so far there is a thermoplastic layer in the material. Below are some of the ways to seal a pouch:

  • Wine Pouches can be sealed using hot bar sealers. They use bars or iron to heat the wine pouch to create a bond and cover a space.
  • (Wine Pouches can also be sealed using continuous heat sealers. This kind of sealers adopts the moving belts more than using the heating elements. They are specifically used for pouches that have very flexible materials.
  • Induction Sealing is used to seal wine pouches. They seal the wine pouches even without touching the wine pouch. This kind of sealing has the best advantage. It prevents any form of leakage or melting that may come up in the process of sealing.
  • Vacuum Sealers: This kind of sealing uses the method of extracting all the air in the wine pouch. It then seals the product firmly. With this kind of sealing, there is assurance that your product’s preservation is ensured.

Chapter 7.4: Packing of Wine Pouch

After the filling and the sealing has been done, wine pouch can be packed manually to different means of transportation.

Wine Pouches are not like bottles. As it has been stated, there is no special skill required for packing wine pouches for sales and distribution.

Wine pouches are light in weight. They utilize the space of the truck or other machines. They reduce the cost of fuel because of their efficiency in being distributed.

Chapter 8: Common Mistake to Avoid When Using Wine Pouch

You have to be mindful of things to avoid when using wine pouches. This is because unlike a solid substance, liquids are very risky to lose.

When a solid substance drops it can be easily picked. Liquids, on the other hand, become waste when they are poured accidentally.

The use of glass and bottles has proven to be unreliable.

This is because an accidental dropping of wine pouches may have resulted in the total loss of their content.

There was a time that attention was shifted to pure aluminum can packaging.

However, it was abandoned because the aluminum element melts and changes the original taste of the wine.

Cartons and bags were also adopted at a point.

But they didn’t find much acceptance because they are uneasy to carry and quite weighty.

Finally, the solution-finding industries proceeded to the use of standup wine pouches.

Stand up wine pouches succeeds in being the most suitable packaging for all kinds of drinks.

Its advantages range from its beauty, flexibility, easy packing to lightness in weight.

However, to sustainably enjoy the use of a stand-up pouch, there are some things that have to be avoided. Wait.

This study pack has got you covered in offering you knowledge on the things to avoid.

We shall now proceed to the common mistakes to avoid when using stand up pouch.

Chapter 8.1: A Need to Convert Your Stand Up Pouch

It is a mistake to think that all wine pouches are made with the kind of material that guarantees reliable packaging.

This is because some pouches are specifically designed for things that are solid and not things that are liquid.

To such stand-up pouches, the focus is not mainly on blocking every possible leakage in the pouch.

Whereas bottles can shatter resulting in loss of products, cartons cannot easily spill and cannot survive harsh weather condition like rain.

The solution that is perfect for packaging then becomes stand up wine pouches.

In choosing your stand up pouch, you must carefully observe if the pouches are laminated and capable of holding the product firmly to avoid leakage.

TedPack offers the best wine pouch for your wine product, contact us today for more on wine pouches.

Chapter 8.2: Employ the Method of Designing Prototype

To assume that all pouches are designed to serve the same purpose is the height of error.

Uses of pouches differ and they are specifically designed by the size and form of the products they are to be used to package.

For this reason, before making use of any stand-up pouch, request for the prototype to try out.

The purpose of this prototype is for you to use them as examples to test run how fitting they are for the products you intend to use them for.

If you do not employ the prototype strategy and proceed to order mass production of standup wine pouches, you may end up making the wrong and unfitting wine pouches for your products.

This will result in a great financial loss, material loss, and time waste.

TedPack as a Packaging supplier has a duty to present you a digitally printed prototype or at the absent of this, soft copy of prototypes.

These prototypes always capture the brand name, graphics design, and logo.

Therefore, it gives you a prior idea of exactly what your products will look like at the final stage of production.

Chapter 8.3: Be Careful of the Filling Equipment

The filling is an integral part of the production. A mistake in the aspect of filling will definitely affect the success of the product in the competitive market.

For example, a filling machine that mistakenly splashes wine on a wine pouch will most likely not attract consumers in the market.

Ensure you have a smart and credible supplier that has great capacities to fill your wine pouches with your products.

In addition to this, it is also important that you to acquire knowledge so as to know the kind of filling machine to be used for your product and to send your queries in cases where the filling does not meet up with your expectations.

Chapter 8.4: Product and Pouches Compatibility

Even after the whole process has been done the right way, you should not stop asking the questions about the status of compatibility of your product and your pouch.

This is because you have to be dynamic in your products. Try to get the consumers’ view of your products and if there are any modifications to make, you can contact us for more information.

For this reason, try to get for yourself a supplier that understands the flexibility in the business of pouch such as TedPack.

This means that the supplier should know that at times the standup wine pouches may require modifications according to the desires of the consumers.

The purpose of this is to avoid spending a whole new cost for the production of another stand-up wine pouch.

With a prior agreement, the cost of modification will be minimal.

The conclusion is don’t make a mistake of not reaching a clear agreement with those who supply you stand up wine pouches.

Chapter 8.5: Test Your Pouches in Many Ways

The number one error in the use of stand up pouches is the error of assuming things are alright and the pouches are in good conditions.

This is not so. It is wise for you to separate some finished products with the view of testing them.

You will then generalize the state of your wine pouches by your observation of the little you make the test on.

For example, you may soak some of your wine pouches that have wine in them in water to know if they are produced to be rain-resistant.

You may also deliberately puncture some pouches to know how tough their layer is.

Put your wine pouches through all the test of the process and hazards it passes through from production to distribution and final consumption.

The purpose of this is to know how guaranteed and sustainable your products are.

Chapter 8.6: In Light of Innovations, Don’t Jeopardize your Pouch

Obviously, we are in a world of innovations when new things and design are given rise to daily. This is a good thing.

However, any modification or innovation on an existing pouch should be done carefully so that the original purpose for which the pouch was created will not be lost or destroyed.

Chapter 9: Wine Pouch Product and QA

It is very important for your business to have a good business relationship with your suppliers.

This relationship also extends to you having an adequate understanding of wine pouch production and quality assurance about the wine pouch of your choice.

Here at TedPack, we offer you the best packaging materials that are made in adherence to all safety and medical regulations.

Our packaging materials are also made with initiatives on the desires and want of the consumers.

Especially for wine packaging, our service is essential for offering non-poisonous and easily usable packaging materials that are easily disposable and recyclable.

9.1 Production Schedule and Influence of Delivery

Our production is readily available as requested by you.

Also, the date and schedule and influence of delivery are basically determined by the time proposed in the agreement you reach with us.

This is so because we firmly value the interest of those who require our products and services.

We have our lines open at all times to attend to any of your requests and to take specification for any wine packaging stand up a pouch of your desires.

When you reach us to render our services to you, we are committed to giving you quality information and professional advice on wine pouches as regards production time, date, distribution, and delivery.

After your order is granted and execution begins, we proceed to carry out an indoor QA by our quality control label to assess the readiness of our products before distributing them to our customers.

Also, we request for all your specifications concerning the packaging and label we attach on your purchased wine pouches before delivering them to you.

9.2 Wine Pouch Artwork and Printing Approval Option

We have had an extensive research on the things of consideration to create an impressive and attractive artwork on your design.

It is not the only packaging of products that are necessary to get approval for your design and to make a breakthrough in the competitive market.

Some factors are equally significant in putting your wine pouch design on the top of the game. These factors include:

  • Security of Product:

The importance of product security cannot be overemphasized. This is because it is a fundamental thing to do for all productions.

The wine pouch must be able to sustain your products through all possible hazards leaking, spoiling, storage, and shipping.

It is important that due attention is accorded to the security of products because customers will easily reject products that have proven to be less in quality than it is in its original form.

Therefore to please your customers, you have a strict duty to make your products safe, sustainable, and secured.

  • Project Appealing Appearance of your Products:

Whatever image you project of your product on your desired wine pouch must create a lasting impression in the hearts of your consumers.

For this reason, dedicate your time to creating an appealing and unique appearance that can easily catch the attention of your consumers at a glimpse.

  • Put Cost and Materials into Consideration:

In the place of creating your product graphics and designs, cost and resources used should be put into consideration.

This is to avoid excess spending on materials. And this is to make the monetary transactions of your productions fall in good record and account.

The design, graphics, and purchase of printing materials should not be done outside of the production budget.

  • Easy to Understand:

Do not assume all your consumers are Albert Einstein and make designs that are too complex for an average person to understand.

Make a design that is applicable to all people irrespective of age or educational background.

The simplicity of your design and how it can be easily comprehended is an advantage to the success of your products.

Let the content of your design capture the description of your product and how to use it. A lengthy design will most likely frustrate your audience.

Therefore, avoid it and make your design content as clear and precise as possible.

Don’t relent in acquiring the best knowledge and understanding of how to get the best for your product.

Our study guide still has a lot of cogent package for you as it proceeds to answer the important questions you pose in your hearts.

Chapter 10:  Wine Pouch FAQs

1. Have your wine pouch packaging material from FDA for packaging wine products?

Our products have passed through the test of FDA and have gained approval because they are found to be good for use.

2. Are there limits to the number of wine pouches I can order at a time?

There are many factors that condition the quality of wine pouches you can order at a time. These factors include size, materials, artwork and many more.

Nevertheless, because we are committed to giving you the best of your needs at all times, we can cover your order irrespective of how high they are.

3. Is there a specific range of numbers of colors that you can offer?

In this aspect, we respect any specifications you give us. We are committed to giving you the best print. But printing color are depends on machine, our machine can print 10 colors at most.

4. How do you pack printed wine pouch?

The method we adopt in packing our printed wine pouches is by bulking them in corrugated cartons.

Unless you give us a personal specification, we retain the right to change cartons if needs arise so as to ensure that your products are well packed and sustained.

6. How can I contact you for a design?

We are based on GMT +8, and we’ll reply within 24 hours when contacted. Our lines of inquiry are always very active.

For more inquiries, you can mail us too. Check our contact page for more.

7. What shipping terms and payment option do you offer?

We propose to our customers a term of 50% deposit + 50% balance before we proceed to the shipment of the purchased product.

If there is a necessity for us to offer our long-term customers credit, We can accept payment via Western Union and PayPal for a payment of $1000 or less.

For shipping option, we offer EXW, CFR, FOB, CIF. However, this depends on the request of our clients.

It seems we have done a great work of learning all about wine pouches. Progressively, let us proceed to ask you important questions that will determine the production of your stand up pouch.

Chapter 11: TedPack Wine Pouch

At TedPack, we ask our customers some questions that guide us in the description of the jobs they have assigned to us.

To get the specifications and requirements of our customers, we have formulated these questions for our customers:

  • What are the products you want us to package?

– We are required to know the type of product that will be the content of our pouch. This is because, for every product, there is a suitable pouch and vice verse.

A clear answer to this question gives us insight on what to do.

  • By what method will the drink be poured into the wine pouch?

 It is required of us to know if the liquid will be poured into the pouch via a spout or another method. A clear answer on this will guide us in the kind of form and shape in which the pouch will be designed

  • At the time of filling, what will the temperature of the product be?

 when we clearly know the status of the temperature of the content of our pouch whether it is chilled or hot or warm, it helps us in designing the package to suit this temperature.

  • Where will the spout be directed towards?

A clear view of whether the spout of your wine pouch will be directed towards the center or the sides will go a long way in making us provide the best pouch for you.

  • what forms or shape should the wine pouch spout take?

 A clear response in answering this question will help us in knowing the bags by which it will be sent to you.

This also determines the price of the bag. However, it is more advantageous if you give us the liberty to select the best spout the fits your products because we understand wine pouches features adequately.

  • Is there a Need for Clear Window for the Bag?

 The answer to this question will be either you want a transparent pouch that will make the consumers see the content of the pouch or you prefer the pouch to be opaque such that its inner content which is the liquid cannot be seen unless the pouch is opened.

Having learned a great deal about wine pouches and how they best fit the packaging of your drinks, this guide shall proceed to see how people generally view wine pouch.

Chapter 12: Peoples’ Perception of Wine Pouches

There is no unity in peoples’ perception towards wine pouch.

But on the general ground, we can still classify this view based on country to countries.

Having observed the nature of the world, we see that there are different ways by which people react to things. This also applies to wine pouch use.

For example, in countries like the UK, China, and Germany, the majority still hold the view that the flexibility of packaging and its suitability to its content is very essential.

This implies they want packaging that is last long, tough in layers, and are not repacked.

However, in Germany and China, much emphasis is given to packaging safety.

For this reasons, the Germans and the Chinese prefer to pack their edibles or drinks in other containers before keeping in the refrigerators or storage.

In China, products are preferred when they are separately wrapped.

The result of the observation of peoples attitude towards wine pouch in the types that are favored per country will be shown in this session.

In China, the kind of wine pouches that will hit the market is one that ensures the safety of its contents more than others.

In Germany, people are commonly known to favor packaging that is environmentally friendly, reusable after the first usage, resalable, and averagely protective to the products.

However, for the UK market, superiority is given to packages that can be easily recycled and reused.

Though there are slight differences in this peoples’ perception of this people towards wine pouches, it should be noted that every kind of stand up wine pouch has something to offer the needs of this people. No stand-up wine pouch is useless to any country.


Product packaging is an integral part of success in the competitive market.

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Now Compostable & Recyclable Pouches Available!
  • Recyclable
  • PCR
  • Biodegradable
  • Compostable
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