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TedPack Company Limited



Factory located in Dongguan, an hour drive from HongKong.

TedPack specializes in the manufacturing of flexible packaging products, export to Europe and USA, offering consultations, analysis, Quality Assurance, and One-stop Logistic services.

To date, we have served 30 + industries from 15 countries.

From experience gained in dealing with traders, end-product users and purchases for group packaging projects, we have managed to better our services more.

TedPack will be your perfect choice when buying packaging bags & pouches.

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Meet Our Team

Yong Liu
Yong Liu

Joined TEDPACK since the year of 2011, and has been in the packaging industry for more than 20 years.

Noah Zhang
Noah Zhang
Business Development Director

Joined TEDPACK since the year of 2011, innovated and actively explored.

Ann Ouyang
Ann Ouyang
Supply Chain Director

Joined TEDPACK since the year of 2011, ensures the materials the products arrives at the right time, and error-free.

Alex Lei
Alex Lei
Business Consultant

Dedicated to overseas and domestic B2B sales for 20 years, knowledgeable and experienceable.

Allen Zhou
Allen Zhou
Financial Manager

Joined TEDPACK since the year of 2019, operates a comprehensive and compliant financial and audit system.

Wei Wang
Wei Wang
Engineering Manager

Joined TEDPACK since the year of 2014, excellent at trouble-shooting.

Ning Zhang
Ning Zhang
QA Manager

Joined TEDPACK since the year of 2013, meticulous and rigorous.

April Zhang
April Zhang
Marketing Manager

Joined TEDPACK since the year 2020, excellent in developing and executing marketing strategies.

Gallery of Our Factory

  • Tedpack-Factory



  • TedPack-factory-blowing

  • TedPack-factory-laminating

  • TedPack-factory-bag-making


Data of Our Plant

Founded: 28th May 2011
Area: 11000 Square Meters
Capacity: 500000pcs bag/day

Employees: 60 Staffs
Industry Served: 30 more
Annual Sales: US$6.5 Mil-US$7.0Mil

Machine: 2 Sets of Production Line;
With 9 and 10 colors printer each;
8 all types of bag-making machine;
A quality control lab in-house.

Huge Cost Saving
Buying directly from our factory, Save at least 30%-40% from buy in Europe&USA.
Trustful buying
100% quality assurance, Replace or compensate at once the quality problem occurs.
Excellent Customer Service
Experienced customer service experience, Over 11 years in exports and sales.
Flexible Way
Free unprinted sample before ordering, Accept small MOQ and delivery in 2 weeks.
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