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Window Pouches: The Ultimate Guide

Window pouches are packaging pouches that come in different material films with a small opening at the center of the pouch.

Normally, the small opening is covered with a transparent film known as the window.

The window gives consumers a glimpse of the content of the pouch without having to open the pouch.

Window pouches are popular […]

By TedPack

Squeeze Pouch: The Ultimate Guide

Squeeze pouches are packaging pouches used for the storage of both consumable and non-consumable products.

They are structured in such a way that makes it easy to handle and also for easy storage of various products.

This product comes in a variety of shapes, size, colors and they can be used in various applications such as […]

By TedPack

Stand Up Pouches: The Ultimate Guide

Stand up pouches are flexible packaging bags that can stand on their own on any flat surface.

This is made possible by the presence of a flat or gusseted bottom which provides stability when filled.

They have drastically gained popularity due to their versatility and availability of various designs.

Gusset stand up pouch

Best Material for Making Stand […]

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