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For easy storage, reusable, refillable products packaging, with a simple ziplock on pouch. MOQ from 100 pcs as a start, printing up to 10 colors. Easy filling and packing pouch.

Ziplock PouchResealable & Reusable | Custom Print, 10K MOQ

Ziplock pouch is very convenient when it comes to packaging stuff. They make it easy for us to store food, thanks to ziplock we can even keep or fridge fresh because the food is safely locked away.

Also, ziplock make it easy for us to carry food and other items safely from one place to another. Because they do seal up good, we are able to confidently carry products without being worried about accidental spillages.

Most manufacturing companies also embrace these positive features of a ziplock pouch. That is why you find most products like nuts, candy, coffee, tea, and even drinks are stored in a ziplock pouch.

  • Suitable for all common products packaging, powder, liquid and more.
  • Printing up to 10 colors, delivery within 12 days fastest.
  • All material available, include plastic laminated and paper laminated.
  • Keep products safely store, enhance shelf life.
  • MOQ from 20K pcs for a start.
  • All material is BPA free and FDA approved

Each pouch can be customized to meet your design requirements. Contact us now!

MOQ 100 Pcs by Digital Print, 10K Pcs by Gravure Print
Size70*100+30mm(Min)    300*420+120(Max)
Thickness70Mircons-200Mircons (2.5Mil-8Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, Valve, Ziplock
PrintingD-Met Printing, Metallize, Vanishing, Matte Finishing, Stamping
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White kraft paper quad seal Ziplock Pouch with resealable zipper

This pouch is made of white eco-friendly Kraft paper and other plastic films which are laminated together to offer high packaging barrier. Secondly, these bags are fitted with resealable zip locks that ensure easy pouch opening and easy resealing. Thus by resealing, it means infiltration of oxygen, moisture, odor and pest that can affect your product freshness is therefore avoided.  These pouches are suitable for packaging snack food, grains, cookies, coffee, snacks, and dried fruits. Lastly, some of the films laminated together with the white Kraft paper are AL, PET, VMPET, LLDPE, and many others.

Kraft Paper Stand Up Ziplock Pouch with Window

The construction of this pouch includes Kraft paper from the outside and other films such as PE, PP, LLDPE, BOPP, PET and others from the inside. These materials offer strong puncture/tear resistance as well as high barriers against external environmental factors such as oxygen, odor, moisture, and UV light. Secondly, these bags are also designed to be self-standing something that improves your product visibility on the shelves. Additionally, a fitted zip lock makes it easy to open and reseal these pouches for product freshness maintenance. Lastly, transparent windows are fitted which enable consumers to view the content packaged without necessarily opening the bag.

Brown kraft paper Ziplock Pouch with window

This pouch is ideal for packaging snacks, seeds, coffee, pet treats. The outer side is made from brown colored Kraft paper but laminated with other films such as  PE, PP, PET, AL, and others to provide durable construction. Also, a transparent window if fitted on the front side which allows customers to preview the packed product. At the pouch top side, we have a resealable zip lock that provides tamper-evident packaging not to forget the sealing and resealing option at customers will.

Brown flat bottom Ziplock Pouch for coffee with ziploch

Designed with a rectangular base, this side sealed pouch can self-stand on any shelves. Furthermore, this bag provides plenty of space for branding or printing option. Secondly, films like brown Kraft paper, aluminum foil, and linear low-density polythene are laminated together to provide excellent proof against vapor, oxygen, and water. Lastly, reclosable ziplock add-ons are included to keep the product secure and fresh for long even though an end product user will open it for several times.

250g Quad Seal flat bottom Ziplock Pouch with resealable zipper

250 quad seal pouch is manufactured using laminated films such as PET, AL, LLDPE, and PP to prevent oxygen, odor, and moisture from infiltrating your pouches. Secondly, these bags are made with expandable side gussets and a flat bottom that improves thee bags ability to hold the 250g comfortably. The four sides of the pouch provide enough room for excellent custom printing to enhance marketing display. Also, a zip lock is added to enable easy opening and resealing of your bags.

Matte Stand Up Ziplock Pouch with Resealable Ziplock

This is a unique pouch made from BOPP/PET/ALU/LLDPE laminated materials. They come with a smooth black matte finish that attracts customers’ attention due to their attractive look.  For reclose ability, these pouches are fitted with zip locks that ensure conveniently and repeated resealing after every opening. Since the pouch is heat sealed for maximum protection, a tear notch makes it easy to open the bag by tearing uniformly. Lastly, these are self-standing bags that stand erect on shelves something which makes them very visible.

Stand Up Ziplock Pouch with Valve for Coffee

This coffee packaging pouch has a flat bottom to enable it to stand erect on shelves. It comes with one-way degassing valve ideal for packaging freshly roasted coffee beans. The degassing valves allow excess gases that coffee produces after roasting to escape while ensuring that oxygen does not enter the coffee pouch. Also, they are made of high barrier laminated films, and this is why they can preserve your coffee flavor and aroma for long. Lastly, practical zip lock ensures that the pouch can get opened and sealed over and over again the packaged product is used to the last bit.

Brown kraft paper Ziplock Pouch with customized printing

Brown Kraft paper zip lock pouch with customized print is made laminated films such as natural Kraft paper, LLDPE and aluminium foils.  This Eco-friendly material protects your product from odor, moisture, pest, and oxygen gas. All the food grade materials used are non-toxic, unscented, FDA approved, and safe for food product packaging. Additionally, the resealable zip locks ensure that these bags can be used over and over again without warring of exposing your packaged product. Lastly, these bags are custom printed to improve product visibility.

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Ziplock pouch to keep your brand fresh

The ziplock pouch is a cost-effective & re-sealable packaging option that meets the needs of a wide range of industries.

– In the food industry, ziplock pouch allow your goods to reduce moisture, air, and insect infestation, maintaining freshness and quality.
– In the pharmaceutical industry, ziplock pouch is used to maintain sterility, seal, and provide proof of contact with children.
– In the cosmetics industry, the lightweight and reusability of ziplock pouch increase the likelihood that consumers will keep the ziplock pouch, increasing the visibility and distribution of your brand.

If you want to get more ziplock pouch information, please email us!

Ziplock Pouch

Ziplock Pouches: The Complete FAQ Guide

What are Ziplock pouch?

Ziplock pouches are in vogue packaging pouches that are used by various company for the packaging of array of products.

Today, Ziplock pouches are one of the most utilized packaging materials.

Ziplock pouches

Ziplock pouches

Are Ziplock bags made of polyethylene?

No, Tedpack ziplock pouches are made from plastic material, and the most common raw materials used for ziplock pouches is the polythene resin.

One advantage that ziplock pouches have over other packaging materials is the multiple plastic layer.

Why was the Ziplock pouch invented?

Initially, ziplock pouches were invented to keep food products fresh and protected against contaminants.

How do Ziplock pouch work?

Ziplock pouches are one of the most convenient packaging materials.

This is because they are able to store the products, especially edible one, safely. Products in ziplock pouches cane are refrigerated too

What products are Ziplock pouch used for?

Ziplock pouches are suitable for a lot of edible products, and this is because of they are sealable and they prevent spillage of the product.

Most companies that make use of ziplock pouches deal in products such as the following:

  • Liquid drinks
  • Coffees
  • Teas
  • Nuts
  • Candies etc.

How to choose Ziplock pouch for your product?

Choosing ziplock pouch for your products may be a challenge if you are not conversant with the packaging material, or you are used to other types of packaging materials.

Some of the important things you should ensure before choosing a ziplock pouch for your product are:

  • The preservation time of your product: long term or short term
  • Qualities of the ziplock pouch
  • Transparency or opaqueness of the ziplock pouch
  • Seek counsel from the manufactures of the pouch
  • Request for samples

What are the types of Ziplock pouch?

Depending on the product and aesthetics, there are various types of ziplock pouches you can use for packaging.

The types of ziplock pouches that Tedpack manufacturers include the following:

  • 3 side seal ziplock pouch
  • Standup ziplock pouches
  • Zeal lock pouches for children
  • Quad seal ziplock pouches
  • Front tap ziplock pouches
  • Slider ziplock pouches

All of these ziplock pouches have specific benefits over one another.

3 side seal ziplock pouch

3 side seal ziplock pouch

childproof ziplock pouch

Childproof ziplock pouch

What are the benefits of child proof ziplock pouches?

The benefits of child proof ziplock pouches includes the following

  • Prevents children from coming in contact with products that can be hazardous to them.
  • Some products are not tested and approved for the use of children, and one of the best ways to package such products is by using childproof ziplock pouches.

Can Ziplock pouches be used for hot products?

Yes, they can.

Ziplock pouches meet FDA approval for the packaging and preserving of food products.

This include the use of fridge and microwaves too.

Although using ziplock pouches for hot food is possible, the degree of hotness also matters.

Are Ziplock pouch reusable?

Ziplock pouches are reusable, and this is an important economic advantage they have over other packaging bags and pouches

How are Ziplock pouches cleaned?

Ziplock pouches are reusable, and depending on the products they are used to package, they can be washed for further use except manufacturer manual says otherwise.

The following steps are the best way to clean ziplock pouches:

  • Before cleaning make sure that your ziplock pouch has the ability to retain its previous form after cleaning it. This can be ascertained by the qualities of the pouch
  • Turn the ziplock pouch inside out
  • Rinse in carefully with a cold or lukewarm water.
  • Leave it to dry.

Can printing and designs be made on Ziplock pouches?

Aside from being a durable packaging product, ziplock pouches are also good for promoting and advertising through printing, artwork and designs.

This is one of the numerous services that Tedpack oversees, with great printing and labeling technologies to ensure good aesthetics.

What extra features can be used for Ziplock pouches?

There are a lot of extra features that can be added to ziplock pouches so as to meet be able to package products efficiently.

Companies might also add features that would improve the value of the products.

Some of the features include:

  • Flat bottom for the ziploack pouch
  • Ziplock pouch with valve
  • Ziplock pouch with pocket
  • Bottle shaped ziplock pouches
  • Stand up zip lock pouches

What are the Benefits of using Ziplock pouch?

Ziplock pouches afford a wide variety of benefits that might not be gotten from other packaging pouches and bags, and they include the following:

  • Ziplock pouches makes it easy to move the products from the manufacturer to the consumers
  • Ziplock pouches have great resistance to contaminations that could possibly poison the products
  • Ziplock pouches help in the promotion of both the product and the brand through printing on the surface of the pouch
  • Ziplock pouches are also reusable, and this is a great economic benefit for the consumers

What are the varieties of Ziplock manufactured for packaging?

Manufacturing companies design ziplocks for additional purposes, and they include the following:

  • Fragrance Zip; this is a zip that is designed to have a nice smell, and the fragrance has been added in the manufacturing process
  • Slider Select: this is designed in scuba way that it is easily opened to add content
  • ZIP360: this ziplock is designed to have a wider opening

What are child proof Ziplock pouches?

This is a type of ziplock pouch that have features which make them inaccessible to children. They are very easy difficult handle and are weighted too.

Child proof ziplock pouches are great for products that are not made for children, such as drugs and the likes. Tedpack deals in the manufacturing of this products and a lot more.

Ziplock pouch with valve

FiZiplock pouch with valve

Who are the manufacturers of Ziplock pouch?

There are a lot of manufacturers for packaging bags and pouches.

Tedpack is a Chinese based company that deals with manufacturing, branding, printing, and labeling of packaging materials.

Tedpack services are worldwide, and they can be reached via email or telephone number

Are there aluminum Ziplock pouches

Yes, there are aluminum ziplock pouches, and they are made from just aluminum foils.

Tedpack manufacture all types of ziplock pouches, including aluminum ziplock pouches.

Aluminum ziplock pouch

Aluminum ziplock pouch

Can Ziplock pouches be used for pet’s food?

Yes, since they meet FDA approval for packaging of edibles, ziplock pouches can be used to package pet foods or similar products.

TedPack ziplock pouches are manufactured using the high-quality material. This enables them to be durable and resistant to wear and tear.

Thus you can be able to safely transport your product without having to worry about accidental spillage or contamination from external contaminants such as insects or dust.

We also manufacture ziplock pouches that have a child lock feature. So if you manufacture products that are not safe to be around children, then this pouch design would be ideal for you.

They are eco-friendly. Which means that they are bio-degradable and can be recycled. So, you can be assured that our ziplock pouches are environment-friendly.

Ziplock PouchTedPack ziplock pouches are also easily customized. Which means that we can come up with a design to suit your needs. This is particularly important because we understand that for a product to be able to stand out from its competitors, it needs to be well packaged and designed. That is why we make it easy for the pouches to be easily customized to meet every manufacturer’s needs.

Our pouches have ample surface area which makes them easy to be stored and transported.

They also have an aluminum layer that goes a long way in ensuring that the product remains safe and free from external pollutants.

TedPack ziplock pouches can also be shaped into eye-catching and functional pouches. Which means that if you prefer your brand packaging to be shaped in a particular way to attract more clients, you can look for such services from us. We are vastly experienced in manufacturing shaped pouches in various functional shapes.

Ziplock Pouch:The Ultimate Guide

One of the most fundamental and significant parts of production is the packaging by which the product is presented to this world.

Ziplock PouchThis is because it is the assessment of the packaging material that the consumers first do before they have access to assess the product itself.

For this reason, if you want your product to make waves and triumph in the competitive market, you are required to invest quality time, resources and focus in ensuring that you have the best and most suitable packaging material for your product.

The packaging material you employ also speaks a lot about your company because it is an emblem that represents and presents your company to the outer world.

The packaging material is the best and most productive form of advertisement that has been in use even before the advent of civilization, mass communication, and technology.

Having been enlightened on the essentiality of packaging material, the focus of this study guide is to give you an extensive and qualitative knowledge on Ziplock pouch. The success of Ziplock pouch is tremendous and this ultimate study guide shall do justice in keeping you informed about all its uses and the vivid areas it is very advantageous to your products.

Ziplock PouchThis ultimate study guide is far from being a product of armchair research where the researcher just sits in a secluded place making speculative assumptions about the material. On the other hand, this ultimate study guide is a product of extensive and quality research that features field works in both the manufacturing company, retailing market, and from the consumers’ perspective.

To have a triumphant accomplishments in the market through having the best and most suitable packaging material for your product, do well to open your heart of understanding as you scroll down from pages to pages.

Let us begin…

Chapter 1: What is a Ziplock Pouch?

In defining what a Ziplock pouch, this study guide is committed to enlightening its audience of the materials that compose Ziplock pouch. When this is achieved, the knowledge of what Ziplock pouch is will have been acquired.

This is because unless the pouch has Ziplock, it will remain a common pouch.

However, what makes this Ziplock distinguished in making up Ziplock pouch is its outstanding qualities that make food products and even non-edible products last very longer than they should.

Ziplock PouchA pouch is made up of multiple plastic layers both inwardly and externally. Of all the plastic layer materials, the most fundamental part of them is the polyethylene resin. The resin itself comprises granules of polyethylene. This granules when finally made is the most common thermoplastics you know. When these granules are melted, they can be used to make a pouch or other materials.

What distinguishes pouches from other packaging materials is that it consists of many layers which have distinctive features of their own. When summed up these features, it gives the best packaging material that has earned itself the name “pouch”.

The layers come with their respective features. The outer layer essential feature is to stand as a shield against the external factors that can destroy the content and it is always very hard to puncture. The outer layer may or may not be transparent.

In addition, the inner layer is made specially to keep food fresh and safe by generating the kind of coolness that is required for food preservation. The inner layer is not in any way poisonous to the food because it is specially designed to be food grade.

Even if a young child licks the content on the inner layer, he is safe because it has no health detriment. The middle layer which may also be termed the outer layer since the outer most layer is transparent has its own advantages too.

It serves as the carrier of the brand name, graphics, and logo which comprise the advertisements of the content producers. All the artworks and designs are achieved via the use of ink.

These pouches now come in various shapes and forms as they are cut in various measures and are heated together to make a whole.

Having the essentiality of all pouch materials, the Ziplock pouch comes with an additional feature that makes it very useful and plausible for you for food preservation. It comes with a zip. The zips of Ziplock pouches are manufactured distinctively and separately.

Ziplock PouchThe procedures that follow is that the zips are bonded with the bag through heating. After this process, they are perfectly ready for use to package edible and non-edible products.

The Zips primarily enables the users to keep the food preserved even after the first opening and before the final consumption. For this reason, it is the consumers best option. The features of the zip also include other important relevance that will be stated as the study guide proceeds to the subsequent chapters.

The Ziplock pouches are modern innovations that are fastly substituted for the traditional packaging because they are eco-friendly, economical, massively produced, barrier resisting, hard to puncture, light-weighted, and easy to transport among many other equally important features.

It will be unfair to your business and product if you deprive it of such an advantageous packaging material. For this reason, this study guide informs you to consider Ziplock pouches as your best option for packaging materials.

However, don’t make a very fast and unthoughtful decision. This ultimate study guide still has a lot to show you so that you will be convinced you are making the right choice.

Chapter 2: Why Use Ziplock Pouch For Your Products?

Ziplock Pouch
Before you engage in a mass purchase of any product, it is very integral you ask yourself the question of the reasons for taking up such a financial undertaking.

Unless you are convinced of the reasons, you should not proceed to make such sales.

This chapter focuses on keeping you informed on the quality leading and integral reasons that support your buying of Ziplock pouches from us.

As it is stated, there are other important reasons, but this chapter focuses more on the integral ones.

This is because the ultimate guide is written in the awareness that its readers have busy schedules and may not have the luxury of time to read what is less relevant.

  • Ziplock pouches are suitable for dynamic weather conditions: One of the greatest mistakes you can make is to buy a packaging material based on the season you are only. There are rainy, sunny, and snowy season among many others. It will be a very implausible thing to buy a packaging material that may be suitable for summer both is easily destructible and vulnerable to barriers at winter.

Ziplock pouches, on the other hand, are special with both the inner-outer layer and the outermost layers that are eco-friendly and are sensitive to the dynamics of atmospheric conditions.

For example, during the dry and sunny seasons, the inner layer of ziplock pouch can still preserve the food product from excessive heat which destroys it fast because it generates coolness from within.

In rainy and snowy seasons, on the other hand, the outermost layer is made with a very hard to penetrate and puncture the skin. This skin serves as a barrier to the external factor. The content is totally contained and is not exposed to the environmental factors of the external world at all.

The best reason is yet to be revealed. Come and see…

  • Easy Mobilization for both Producers and Consumers: The very fact that all goods cannot be used at the manufacturing house necessitates transportation as a very important factor to be considered in every business.

Ziplock PouchIn a research carried out by a team of researchers, it is found that some packaging materials weigh far more than the product they package.

This is becoming a very degradation in efficiency for the producers of content.

The cost that is used to transport the content is vested in transporting weighty packaging materials.

The implications are that in cases where the producers are to deliver the content of a product worth 2000kgs, they end up carrying a total weight of 5000kgs because of the weight of the packaging material.

This will waste fuel, weaken the transporting vehicle or ship, waste time, and result in misappropriation of funds. This ought not to be so.

Ziplock pouches are made to be very light in weight saving you the energy and fuel invested in transporting and moving your products from one place to another. For efficiency in the cost of mobilization, Ziplock pouches are the producers best option.

There is nothing more annoying for the consumers than carrying a product that is heavy and does not offer any convenience at all. Consumers love it when their product is lightweight and squeezable.

Ziplock pouches are specially designed to meet these criteria that result in guaranteeing consumers convenience in moving product from the retailing shelves to the kitchen and the refrigerator.

From the consumers’ perspective, ziplock pouch is the best option packaging material to be adopted for convenient mobilization of products.

Let us take a look at more quality reasons downward.

  • The Most Promising Barrier Resistance: The major aim of every packaging material is to ensure the longevity, freshness, and nutrient of the products. Any packaging material that cannot boast of the characteristics is poor. No matter how beautiful or easily movable it is.

In modern times, there have been no better barrier resistant packaging materials than a pouch.

Ziplock PouchThis is because the pouch is made with both inner and outermost layers that are specially designed with the capacity to block the invasion of the barriers.

With pouches, oxygen, specks of dust, odor, light, water, moisture, and germs or pests cannot gain access to your content.

Hence, the longevity and freshness of your product are duly preserved.

However, there is still a problem that may come up.

In cases, where the food is not totally used up after the first opening and there is still a content to be stored before final consumption.

It is not all packaging material that is built with the feature to resist oxygen at the interval of opening and closure of your pouch. The zips that are bond heated on the ziplock pouch enables you to do that.

The zip that is on the ziplock pouch enables users to keep the food fresh and nutritious even after the first opening and before the final consumption.

This is because the zip itself resists barriers on its own and does not easily slack like other covers such that barriers will easily penetrate.

For a prolonged shelf life for your edible and non-edible products, ziplock pouches are the most suitable packaging material to be adopted.

It is indeed a great knowledge acquired thus far but other ones are still available. Scroll down.

  • Ziplock Pouches are the Most Efficient for Storage and Warehouse:

Ziplock PouchTo choose the best option for any packaging material, one of the integral factor to consider is the storage and warehouse efficiency factor.

This consideration features space management and the need to preserve the production content from rodents which are the dangerous creatures that spoil food in the warehouse and storage systems.

Research shows that traditional packaging materials such as bottles and boxes use up more space than expected in this storage system.

The implication of this is that production is ceased or slow down since there is no place to store the produced product before moving to the market. This ought not to be so and can be very much avoided with the use of ziplock pouch.

Ziplock pouch offers great space maximization for your products when stored in the warehouse or other storage systems because it is squeezable, well-shaped, and light. Since there is a whole lot of space to store finished products, the process of production is high.

Also, research shows that animals perceive more with their noses than with their eyes. The implication of this to the warehouse or storage system is that if the packaging material is not able to contain the odor of the product.

The odor will find its way out and attract rodents who will come and eat the product up and destroy all the foods. This ought not to be so.

Ziplock pouches offer its product a perfect seal via its zip closures that do not give any exit whatsoever to the odor of the food it contains.

Since this is so, even when rodent roams around the packaging material, they may not eat the product up because they will certainly not perceive the smell of the product.

For your storage and warehouse efficiency factor and rodent resistant capacity, Ziplock pouches are the most suitable options for you to adopt.

Do not relent, this guide still has another reason to offer you.

  • Permanence and Beauty of Graphics and Logo: As it is stated in the introduction of this study guide, one of the integral uses of packaging material is that it serves as a platform to project the brand to the outer world. Hence, it works as the best form of advertisement for your company. However, it has its own barriers that frustrate its effects.

Ziplock PouchOne of the challenges that graphics and design usually face on packaging material is that the graphics design and logo and the brand details contained fades away with time on the shelf life.

For this reason, since all packaging material boast of a prolonged shelf life that they offer a product, it becomes a subject of consideration to ask if this packaging material also has the layers to ensure the longevity of the graphics design, logo, and brand details on the shelf.

The answer is strict “no, most packaging materials do not”.

The terror that makes this artwork fades away include excessive heat, excessive coolness, dust, water among others. Imagine, you went to get a food packaged in a carton at the grocery.

And on your way home, it rained heavily. It is highly possible that most of the artwork on the product is washed away. People then begin to doubt if you have in fact bought the product or another product since there is no brand name to verify.

This happens with many packaging materials but it ought not to be so.

Ziplock pouches have proven that artworks can be permanent even as the longevity of the content is ensured. Reasons for this are stated below.

Ziplock pouches are made with three layers which include the inner layer, the outermost layer, and the middle layer. To ensure the longevity of the artwork, attention is focused on the outermost layer and the middle layer.

The outermost layer is usually transparent. It is very hard to puncture; it is much secured from the invasions of all the barriers including water and specks of dust which make artwork fades quickly.

The artwork is designed on the middle layer with ink.

The middle layer is made with materials that are color friendly making the beauty of the artwork very outstanding and great.

The outermost layer is then placed and sealed on the middle layer since it is transparent. For this reason, the transparency of the outer layer enables the consumers to see and appreciate the artwork.

It also protects the artwork from the barriers that affect its longevity.

For this reason, if you are considering buying a packaging material that guarantees your image beautifully projected in the market, ziplock pouches is the best option because it is both advantageous to the manufacturers and the consumers.

  • Ziplock Pouches are Reusable:

Ziplock PouchOne of the plausible advantages of packaging materials is for the packaging material not only last long but be reusable at other times.

Because ziplocks have zips, it is user-friendly. Users who are curious may open pouches forcefully and tear because it proves easy to open.

Ziplock, on the other hand, is very easy to open because of the Zip.

After the content has been fully used up, the body of the Ziplock pouch still retains its good shape and can be used to package other things.

If the reusability of packaging material is what you are looking for, Ziplock pouch is your best option. You can get yours at Tedpack now.

Having learned a great deal about the reasons for using a ziplock pouch for your product plausible, do not relent.

This study guide has stocked another fundamental answer to the question that concerns you in the next chapter.

Scroll down and have a share in this knowledge.

Chapter 3: How to Choose the Right Ziplock Pouch for Your Product?

Let us assume you have made a decision to go for ziplock pouches for your products. It is not the case that we have only one ziplock pouches. Ziplock pouches vary in types and shapes and these qualities are very important in helping you choose the right ziplock pouches.

Know Your Products:

  • The very first and essential thing to do before choosing the type of ziplock you want for your products is to know the types of packaging material that is flourishing for your product.
  • Questions such as “Are my product sensitive to filling and evacuation? does my product require to stand on the bottom of the shelf? Or is it just to be laid flat on the shelf?
  • Does it require long-term preservation and does it require short-term preservation?”.
  • These and more equally related questions will make you arrive at a reasoned answer before choosing the right ziplock pouch for your product.
  • Some products do not require long-term preservation but require some other feature like stability on the shelf and vividness of graphics.
  • There are many qualities which include easy movability, barrier resistance, storage efficiency, and others.Ziplock Pouch

So to know the best ziplock most suitable for your product, know the needs that are more required by your product itself.

  • Transparency and Opaqueness of Ziplock Pouch: In this aspect, you are required to know your targets whether they will like to see the product itself on the shelf or whether they will like an opaque ziplock pouch that will not make them see through it.

The answer to this deliberations will keep you informed in making the right choice of ziplock pouches for your product.

  • Request For the List of Ziplock Pouches Available and their Respective Features:

Ziplock PouchKnowledge is power and power is knowledge.

For this reason, liberate yourself of every ignorance by reading the brochure that shows the list of Ziplock pouches in stock.

Don’t act under the assumption that you already know what you want or all the Ziplock bags there are.

If you invest in reading the brochure that shows the Ziplock pouches and their uses, you will be surprised, informed and blessed by the knowledge you acquire.

  • Seek the Counsel of Your Suppliers:

Even the most tangible knowledge may fail when taking into the field of practice.

The relationship between the product and the packaging material may be tricky at times.

For this reason, you are required to seek the counsel of your suppliers. Notify your suppliers of your products and the kind of expectations you require from the products.

They have wealth of experience in the dynamics of the market and the products you want to package. Remember the idiom that states that “Experience is the best teacher”.

  • Request for Samples and Prototypes:

After having an adequate knowledge on the kind of ziplock pouch you want for your product, you can then proceed to request for the prototype of the pouch before making a large demand.

The prototype will serve as a form of reexamination to the study and decision you make. You can now test if the conditions and features that you read in the guide correspond exactly with that of the prototype. When you have the prototype and samples, you can subject to tests by verifying the certain qualities that you require of your ziplock pouches. You can verify if it is hard to puncture, barrier resistant, light, easy to move, squeezable, zip-active, and lots more.

Having learned on the conceptions that you must follow before making the best choice for your packaging material, let us proceed to the next chapter.

You have been doing great thus far by deriving good ideas from this ultimate study guide. However, do not relent as next chapter promises to be an eye-opener to things you are yet to know.

Come and see…

Chapter 4: Types of Ziplock Pouch Used in the Market

This chapter of this guide takes you through a vivid identification of the different ziplock pouches available in the market. There are many types of ziplock pouches used in the market but because of the maximization of time, the study guide has researched into the common uses ones. They are contained below.

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# 4.1: Common Types of Ziplock

These are the common types of ziplocks making waves in the market.

# 4.1.1: 3 side seal Ziplock pouch

Three side zeal ziplock pouch is notable for making waves in the market because it serves as the suitable package for an option in packaging frozen food, bread, baked food, meat, and other innumerable varieties of products.

Ziplock PouchIt comes in different sizes which can be made according to the specifications given to the suppliers.

It is very easy to handle as it offers manufacturers and consumers the beauty and longevity desired packaging material. Integrally, it includes a zip that has been bond on it and that gives the consumers absolute ease in accessing the product.

It can come in different kind of barrier resistance qualities. If you want a medium for a preservation not too long it is available. And for long-term preservation too, it is available.

# 4.1.2: Standup Ziplock pouches

Ziplock PouchAre you looking for an amazing Ziplock pouch that is designed to meet the dynamics of the market? You don’t need to search in vain.

Standup Ziplock pouches are made to be suitable for both liquid and solid products.

Of course, as an essentiality, it features a zip that makes it easily accessible and fresh even after the first opening.

It offers the convenience of filling in the manufacturing process and convenience of evacuating to the consumers.

If you want your product to take the lead among all products on the retailing shelf then you need not let the standup ziplock pouch bypass you. It stands out as it stands up making your brand name absolutely visible to all. The longevity and freshness of your food are perfectly guaranteed.

# 4.1.3: Quad Seal Ziplock Pouch

Ziplock PouchQuad seal ziplock pouches have been a trending packaging material that commits itself to ensuring that numerous varieties of products like biscuits, nuts, pets food, and other varieties of food have a long-lasting shelf life and nutrients freshness.

As a significant aspect of it, it has a zip that makes you preserve your food duly even after the first opening.

The Quad seal ziplock pouch may come with either a gloss and matte finish. It usually comes with an optional handle attached to it that makes it very very easy to handle irrespective of the weight of the pouch. Also, they are color friendly making a brilliant and beautiful graphics and logo ever radiant on its texture.

# 4.1.4: Child-Proof Ziplock Pouch

Ziplock PouchThough Ziplock pouches come with various features essentially ziplocks that make it secure from barriers such as light, oxygen, water, moisture, germs, dust, and odor, there is some product that still requires extra protection from other barriers.

There are some products that are not edible and are for specific uses. This products usually need protection and security from being accessible by the wrong persons.

A pharmaceutical or medical products or foods that are injurious to certain kinds of persons who may have health reasons not to take such need to come in a Ziplock pouch that is not easily accessible.

If your products fall within this context of products that are sensitive to use and that should not be easily accessible to young consumers or idiots or old folks, then you need not to make a mistake of using the inappropriate packaging material. Child-proof ziplock pouch is the best option for such use.

However, they are absolutely user-friendly to adults. They are flexible, reusable,  recyclable, light, long preservative, and easily movable.

Their features make them suitable for market dynamics. You can get yours at Tedpack today.

# 4.1.5: Slider Ziplock Pouch

Ziplock PouchTrending tremendously in the market and being a form of material blessing to the product it packages, slider ziplock pouch comes with amazing features that make it the best option for your kits and gift, all foods packaging, and packaging of bulk products.

It is absolutely user-friendly as it offers good convenience in filling for manufacturers and easy in dispensing of product to consumers. The longevity and freshness it gives to your food product make it an ideal choice for you.

To grab yours, don’t stress yourself because TedPack has got it readily available for you at your demand. It comes in various sizes that will be produced as specified by you.

# 4.1.6: Front Tap Ziplock Pouch

Ziplock PouchThe front tap ziplock pouch comes with a very needful feature that guarantees convenience for users in terms of evacuating of products.

It also features in ensuring convenience in transporting your product for one place to another because it is light.

With a front tap on the retailing shelf, your products will definitely stand out among its competing products.

If your major desire is to get a product that is very durable and longevity-trusted, do not exhaust your energy in searching vainly.

Front tap zipper pouch is the best option for you. You can order for a very large number of them at Tedpack. Your food preservation and longevity is our own top priority.

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# 4.1.7: Double Ziplock Zipper Pouch

Ziplock PouchThis is the consumer’s best option mainly for packaging liquid product.

To preserve your breast milk and ensure the taste stays fresh before the time of final consumption by the baby, double Ziplock zipper pouch is the best option.

It is not vulnerable to the invasion of barriers at all. It is trustworthy in resistance. Get yours at Tedpack to see what an advantage it possesses.

Having acquired a great deal of knowledge in the ziplock pouches used in the market, this ultimate study guide proceeds to keep you informed on the types of ziplock applications that are used for Ziplock pouches.

# 4.2: Types of Ziplocks Used in the Market

This section comprises the types of ziplocks that are used for your ziplock pouches.

# 4.2.1: Zippak Ziplock

Ziplock PouchZippak is a name of the production company that focuses on making various ziplocks that are bond heated to pouches and other packaging materials.

Below are some the varieties of ziplocks that are manufactured for packaging use.

  • Fragrance Zip: This zip is designed to bring out a fragrance that is appealing to the perception of the nose as the zip is opened and closed. The fragrance has been vested in the zip during the manufacturing process.
  • Slider Select: This is easily accessible by the user of any age including weaklings and children. It is leak free. It features easy opening that guarantees easy filling and dispensing for both manufacturers and consumers.
  • ZIP360: This creates a wider open that gives convenience for consumers to assess the product. Designed to close on itself, without giving occasion of full termination of perimeter resealability. In the place of manufacturing, it also economizes materials.

# 4.2.2: Aplix-Velcro Zipper

Ziplock PouchThe aplix-velcro zipper is a hook to hook zipper closure that is designed to be absolutely user-friendly as it guarantees convenience for users. They also feature strong resistance against barriers and are not always found to leak. The is one of the best consumers options for ziplocks.

# 4.2.3: Slider Zipper

Ziplock PouchJust as the name depicts, slider zipper offers users the convenience of opening the pouch without any stress at all. The process of opening the slider zipper is always without interruption, unlike some zips that are usually stiff when opening.

The slider zippers are very useful and advantageous in applying to your packaging material because of the user-friendliness it offers consumers.

Let us proceed to see some of the benefits of different Ziplock pouch. This will help you in choosing the one that best suits your requirement.

Chapter 5: Differences & Benefits of Different Ziplock Pouch in the Market.

This chapter keeps you informed on the benefits of the different Ziplock pouches in the market. There are some criteria that all the varieties of Ziplocks in the market meet. These criteria include light weight, flexibility, good zip for closure and opening, easy handling, easy transporting, massive availability, barrier Resistance, and others. This section will not focus on this common benefits that all the varieties of Ziplock pouches have. However, attention will only be vested on the unique quality(ies) that makes this commonly used ziplock pouches outstanding and advantageous in the market.

# 5.1: Benefits of 3 Side Seals Zipper Pouch

  • Because it has three sealed areas, it serves as an absolute protection from the barriers and the longevity for your product shelf life is more secure than others.
  • It is very cost-effective. If you want to use efficiently the cost of packaging material for your product, go for the three side seals zipper pouch.

# 5.2: Stand Up Zipper Pouch

  • If you want a packaging material that will totally advertise you by revealing vividly your graphics and logo when put on the retailing shelf, stand up zipper pouch is your best option. This is because the upright position of the standup zipper pouch makes all its artwork lucid and easily perceptible in the market.
  • If you require firmness and stability of your product when on the retailing shelf, refrigerator, kitchen shelf, transporting truck then you need the standup Ziplock pouch.

# 5.3: Benefits of Quad Seal Ziplock Pouch

  • It features an optional handle that gives you absolute convenience to carry around.
  • It offers you an adequate viability by being reused again after the first products have been totally evacuated. It is long lasting.

# 5.4: Benefits of Child-Proof Ziplock Pouch

  • It serves as a barrier to users like children who are not authorized to open the zipper pouch. The accessibility of the zipper pouch is made complex for this reason.
  • For products that are not food tested and guaranteed, that is, a product that may have health repercussions and detriments if taken inappropriately by children, the best option packaging material is the child-proof zipper pouch.

Having been filled with the required enlightenment in choosing the ziplock pouch based on their benefits, let us proceed to the next chapter where all answers to frequently asked questions concerning ziplock pouches are clearly stated.

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Chapter 6: Ziplock Pouch FAQs

These are answers to the frequently asked questions concerning Ziplock pouch.

  • Is it appropriate to fill a product which is hot at a boiling degree inside Ziplock pouch?

No, it is not appropriate. Ziplock pouch is made up of polyethylene plastic and it may not be suitable for such degree of hotness

  • Can ziplock pouch be put in the microwave?

Yes, ziplock pouch is absolutely microwavable. All Tedpack ziplock bags meet the criterion specified Food and Drug Administration. This condition states that for any packaging material to be classified as one, it must be adaptable to temperatures of defrosting in a refrigerator or reheating in a machine like a microwave. All Tedpack products meet this requirement.

  • Is it appropriate to rinse Ziplock bags and reuse for packaging other product after the first use?

So far the ziplock pouch is FDA tested and accredited, it is appropriate if you are convenient with reusing it after the first use.

  • Is it advisable to put a hot food in ziplock pouch?

You can put a hot food in a ziplock pouch. However, the degree of the hotness should also be considered. If the food is very hot and you want to immediately package it and put in a refrigerator, you must consider the health implications because such food is vulnerable to bacterial and other chemical dissolution.

  • What are the methods that are most advisable to clean ziplock pouches?

The first thing to consider before starting to clean ziplock pouches is to examine if pouch has the capacity to retain its qualities that make it viable for use. After this has been verified and the ziplock pouch is s very much viable, you are to turn the ziplock pouch inside out. Then you can rinse with either cool or hot water. Ensure that the water at this point is not hot. Finally, let the ziplock pouch dry off and it is ready for reuse.

  • Are there limits to the number of ziplock pouches that can be supplied.

At Tedpack, all your orders can be supplied irrespective of how large they are.

  • Is there any help that can be rendered in designing the ziplock pouch or am I meant to do it alone?

At Tedpack, our services include designing the best artwork. We have a team of highly trained graphic designers that are ready to give you the very best.

These are the basic questions. However, if any other question arises, you can do well to contact our customer service department at Tedpack.

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Chapter 7: Tedpack Ziplock Pouch

Ziplock PouchAt Tedpack, it is our core duty to ensure that the products we package have a prosperous return in the market.

Because we have taken this as our core commitment, we have designed some questions that are to be presented to costumers.

A vivid answer to this question guides us in giving you the packaging material that will make your product triumph in the market.

Below are some of the things we want to know.

  • State the products you want to package in your ziplock pouch
  • State how the ziplock pouch will be filled and the kind of evacuating option you desire
  • State the targeted consumers of your product in the market.
  • State the kind of shape you want your ziplock pouch to come in. Note: At this time, we do not have provision for clear window zipper pouch that makes its content visible to consumers.
  • State the method of delivery you want for your ziplock pouches. It can either be self-delivery or you may require our services.

There are more to the list to fill to enable us to work with you as will bring out your expectation.

To have more of this information, you can contact Tedpack customer service department.

You have indeed done a great job in acquiring knowledge concerning ziplock pouch.


Ziplock PouchProduct packaging is a major part of productions. This has been greatly proven in this study guide as you have seen the great wealth of having what it takes to choose the best packaging material. The knowledge you have acquired is able to make you stand prosperous and indefeasible in the competitive market.

Of no doubt, it is evident that ziplock pouches are one of the best packaging material you can adapt for your product. Ziplock pouches not only help in lifting your product to the height among its competitors but also help in sustaining the growth of your product for future generations.

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