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TedPack is one of the popular wine bladder bag manufacturers in China. We manufacture perfect packaging solutions for you.

  • 20 years full flexible packaging industry experience;
  • Packaging offered at competitive prices
  • 100% FDA approved and BPA free material
  • Extreme airtight and leakage proof



Your Ideal Wine Bladder Bag Manufacturer

As a professional packaging manufacturer, we had served 30 + industries from 15 countries. We offer a wine bladder bag with custom solutions to meet specific requirements and business demands. Send us your design and we will make it for you.

TedPack Wine Bladder Bag Customize Capabilities

stand up pouch material-2
Choose The Right Materials For Your Wine Bladder Bag

As one of the leading manufacturers of wine bladder bags, TedPack offers an excellent barrier for wine bladder bags.

  • Printing (Surface) Layer: BOPP, PET, RICE PAPER
  • Barrier (Laminated) Layer: NY, PET, PETAL, AL
  • Heat Seal (Inner Food Contact) Layer: HDPE, LDPE, CPP, RCPP
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Customized Your Wine Bladder Bag Features & Accessories

TedPack provides a wide variety of bag shapes, sizes, styles, and feature options. You can discuss your own specifications for your needs.

  • Closure Options: single and double, tap, child resistance, inno-lok, velcro hook & loop zipper closure
  • Valve Options: One way degas valve, double way degas valve, Goglio&Wipf Valves
  • Tin-tie Options: Copper Tin-ties, Iron Tin-tie, Paper Tin-tie
  • Treatment Options: Laser perforation, Cut handle holes, Custom windows, Tear notches, Pouch shaping, Matte&Shiny finishing, De-metallize
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Best Printing Options on Your Wine Bladder Bag

In TedPack, we offer different printing options, simple to complex printing. TedPack will let you benefit from our latest printing offers.

  • Flexo Printing: Surface simple print, low cost and easy text & images
  • Gravure Printing: Quality reverse print, medium cost and complicated text and images
  • Digital Printing: Medium quality surface print, high cost and complicated text & images
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TedPack Wine Bladder Bag

Do you find difficulties looking for premium packaging solutions? TedPack got you covered.

We offer a wine bladder bag in full range of quantities, sizes and add-on options.

TedPack wine bladder bag will keep your wine products fresh and delicious. It delivers outstanding content preservations for up to 12 months.

The freshness and taste remain as if newly poured. TedPack wine bladder bag has a strong barrier to keep the wine from contact with oxygen, light, and other contaminants.

If you are a wine producer or retailer, a TedPack wine bladder bag suits you.

Our experienced and knowledgeable engineers are in-charge of designing. You can consult them for a specific solution.

We provide technical support to make sure we met your exact needs.

As market demand for high-quality wine bladder bag keeps growing, we continuously evolve our packaging solutions.

TedPack wine bladder bag provides an efficient way to preserve the quality and flavor of wine products.

By the way, aside from wine, it can also suit for spirits – mixed cocktails.

Attract your customers with eye-catching, brand-maximizing packaging solutions from TedPack.

Whether consumers might use/ carry it for sporting events, parties or outdoor activities, they ensure compact bag solutions.

In camping trips, picnics, backpacking, TedPack wine bladder bag ensure complete filling system.

In TedPack, we design a wine bladder bag able to operate at peak performance. TedPack wine bladder bag design is excellent.

Functional and fashionable packaging solutions are what TedPack used to offer. TedPack wine bladder bag will maximize the shelf life of your product.

Plus, it minimizes manufacturing costs. Combining value-added safety and convenience, you will find the best choice for packaging your wine products.

Anywhere to take the product, it is safe and secured.

For the past 20 years, TedPack specializes in flexible packaging to preserve solid and liquid products. We continuously develop innovative packaging to meet market trends.

TedPack brings wine bladder bags to help your brand stand out in the crowded marketplace. We are providing superior convenience, portability, and sustainability.

We have several options in terms of material, features, and product printing options. For custom solutions of the TedPack wine bladder bag, please feel free to contact us today!

Wine Bladder Bag: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Wine bladder bag offers safe and convenient packaging solution suitable for marketing.

So if you want to start a wine bladder bag business, here is a perfect guide for you.

It covers everything you would like to know about wine bags.

Let’s get started:

What is Wine Bladder Bag?

Wine bladder bag is a type of fashionable and functional bladder bag used for packaging wines to enhance its shelf life.

A wine bladder bag keeps your product delicious and fresh.

It preserves your content for approximately 12 months.

During summer a wine bladder bag can keep your wine cold for up to 5 hours.

It is suitable for wine retailers and producers.

Also, a wine bladder bag is suitable for spirits and mixed cocktails.

 Wine bladder bag

Wine bladder

What are the Features of Wine Bladder Bag?

To make the wine bladder bag convenient for your use several features are added to your wine bladder bag.

They include:

· Closure Options

Closures are added to a wine bladder bag to prevent spillage during pour and protect the properties of your wine.

Closure option meets stringent oxygen and moisture barrier necessary to preserve freshness and flavor of your wine.

Closure option preserves the flavor and hinders spoilage for an extended period.

Closure option augments brand integrity and quality every time consumers use your product.

Based on your customer needs there are several closure options you can choose from.

They are taps, zipper closure, Velcro hook, inno-lok, and child resistance.

Inno-lok is a resealable closure option that offers your customers convenience and protects the properties of your product.

A tap is added to a wine bladder bag for convenience, prevent spillage, and to protect the properties of your wine.

It allows air to escape from your wine bladder bag, allow resealing, and allow your customers to pour wine without spillage.

Velcro hook help in securing your wine bladder bag and holding it with significant strength.

Zipper closure prevents the penetration of external odor.

Also, a zipper closure preserves the taste of your product.

Child resistance closure has a lock that prevents the tap from opening if pressed.

This ensures a child cannot access the content of a wine bladder bag.

· Valve

A valve is added to a wine bladder to release pressure from an airtight package and prevent the entry of the external atmosphere.

It protects your wine from damage by moisture and oxygen.

When the pressure in a wine bladder bag surpasses the opening pressure of the valve, the rubber disk of the valve opens and allows gas to leave the bag.

There are several valve options for a wine bag you can choose from and they are one-way degassing valve, two-way degassing valve, Wipf valve, and goglio valves.

·  Tin Tie Options

The tin tie is a reseal option for your wine bladder that equips it with a secure and strong re-seal to protect your product after purchase.

You can choose copper, iron, or paper tin-tie.

· Treatment Option

You can add additional features to your wine bladder bag to make them appealing to your customers.

You can add a hang hole or bag shaping.

Bag shaping allows you to shape your wine bladder bag according to your needs and hang hole allows you to hang it for display.

Which Material is Wine Bladder Made of?

Different materials are used in making the layers of a wine bladder bag.

Small wine bladder bag

Small wine bladder bag

· Inner Layer of Wine Bladder Bag

The inner layer is made using High-density polyethylene, low-density polyethylene, Cast polypropylene, reportable Cast polypropylene.

High-density polyethylene is a lightweight, upper strong, impact-resistant, rot-resistant, and chemical resistant material that can be molded into any shape.

Just like high-density polyethylene low-density polyethylene is also tough, matter resistant, and flexible material.

High density and low-density polyethylene are suitable for heat resistance however high-density polyethylene is more heat resistant.

Cast polypropylene and reportable Cast polypropylene are both transparent, impact-resistant, tear-resistant, and moisture resistant.

They have great heat seal characteristics and cold temperature performance.

· Laminated Layer of Wine Bladder Bag

The laminated layer is made using nylon, aluminum, or polyethylene terephthalate.

Nylon has a high melting point, great clarity, and excellent stiffness.

Nylon also has exceptional oxygen and odor resistance.

Aluminum has great oxygen, odor, and moisture resistance.

Huge melting point and exceptional stiffness and clarity.

Also, it has excellent aroma and oxygen resistance features that make it suitable for packaging.

Al known as aluminum foil are layered to plastic films to generate excellent moisture, aroma, and oxygen resistant features.

While polyethylene terephthalate is a lightweight, strong and clear material.

· Outer Layer of Wine Bladder Bag

The outer layer is made using biaxially-oriented polypropylene, polyethylene terephthalate, and rice paper.

Biaxially-oriented polypropylene is a flexible finishing, low toxicity, moisture resistant, fatigue resistant, and rigged material.

It is also resistant to acids, bases, and solvent.

The outlined features make biaxially-oriented polypropylene appropriate for printing.

Rice paper has a layer that can withstand paint or block ink.

Its smooth side can be used for calligraphy.

Can you Print on Wine Bladder Bag?

Yes, you can print on a wine bladder bag.

Using flexo printing, gravure printing, and digital printing techniques you can print texts and images on a wine bladder bag.

· Flexo Printing System

Flexo printing system is appropriate for the simple printing of the surface.

Flexo printing system is used for printing simple texts and images.

As such it costs less.

· Gravure Printing System

The gravure printing system uses copper plates in printing complex and medium images as well as texts on a wine bladder bag.

Gravure printing system prints up to nine colors and has a minimum order quantity of 10000 bags.

Gravure printing system print high-quality texts and images at low prices on a wine bladder bag.

· Digital Printing System

The Digital printing system prints complex images and texts on a wine bladder bag.

The Digital printing system does not have a minimum order quantity.

You can order any number of bags.

The Digital printing system produces high price, high-quality wine bladder bags.

Is there a difference between Wine Pouch Packaging and Wine Bladder Bag?

Unlike a wine pouch packaging, a wine bladder bag does not stand up on its own on a shelf.

Wine pouch

Wine pouch

 Wine bladder bag

 Wine bladder bag

What are the Spout Design Options for Wine Bladder Bag?

For your wine bladder bag, there are various spout design options you can choose from.

These design options are flip lid, largemouth and pull ring, twist and cork mini, child-friendly spout.

The child-friendly spout is used on a wine bladder bag to prevent children from accessing the content of the bag.

It cannot be opened easily by children.

Cork and twist mini cap situated on a pout.

To access the content of the wine bladder bag the cork and twist mini cap are twisted.

Largemouth and a pull ring is a spout with a pull ring surrounding it.

It protects your content from contamination.

A lip lid has a tiny pin, lit, and a hinge that acts as a cork that covers a wine bladder bag opening.

Why use Wine Bladder Bags?

There is a wide array of benefits that you will enjoy when you use a wine bladder bag for your products.

They include:

A wine bladder bag maintains the taste and freshness of your wine.

Due to the strong barrier of a wine balder bag, it keeps your wine from light, oxygen, and other forms of contamination.

A wine bladder bag also offers your customers convenience.

It guarantees a condensed bag solution.

Therefore, consumers can carry it for outdoor activities, parties, or sporting activities.

A wine bladder bag enables a total filling system during a picnic, camping trips, and backpacking.

Apart from preserving the properties of your products a wine bladder bag is also suitable for branding.

It can be designed to capture the attention of your consumers.

A wine bladder bag minimizes your cost. Due to the convenience and safety, it offers it eliminates the cost of damages associated with glass packages during transportation.

Are there Disadvantages of using Wine Bladder Bag?

Just like a wine bladder bag has advantages, it also has disadvantages.

With a wine bladder bag, your customers will not enjoy the popping of a cork associated with a glass wine bottle.

How do you Customize Wine Bladder Bags?

To differentiate your wine bladder bag from that of competitors you can customize it to your customers’ needs.

Wine bladder bags can be customized for use in a wine purse.

Wine purse allows your customers to drink the content of the wine bladder bag from a wine purse.

You can print your wine bladder bag according to your specification.

You can choose simple images and texts or complex images and text or leave it plain.

The spout of your wine bladder bag is customizable.

You can choose from wine fitment, diameter spout, or ez-pour spout among others.

The dispensing tap of a wine bladder bag is customizable.

You can choose liquid-sure, VINIflow, VINItap, TruTap, or T215.

Which Type of Wine Bladder Bags are there?

There are several types of wine bladder bags that you can select from.

They include:

·  5L Easy Fill Wine Bladder Bag in a Box

This type of wine bladder bag is easy to reuse and fill.

The screw cap at the top makes it easy to drink from, fill, and clean for reuse.

It is BPA free and recyclable.

Since it is BPA free it is safe for the environment.

It is versatile. You do not need to carry many bottles of wine because it can carry up to 5 liters of wine.

There is no spoilage.

The airtight spout hinders the entrance of oxygen during dispensing thus keeping your wine fresh for long.

It is convenient. You can use it again and again for events and storage.

· 2 pack Wine Bladder Bag

It is a refillable and reusable clear bladder with a dispensing spout and screw cap.

The wine bladder bag can hold up to 3 liters of wine. This is equal to four standard bottles of wine.

This wine bladder bag is collapsible.

When it is empty you can fold it and store it in a bag.

You do not need a funnel to refill this wine bladder bag.

It fits in a wine cellar bar. It is designed to fit in the portable of a bartender and insulated wine bags.

· Portable Wine Bladder Bag

A portable wine bladder bag is leak proof.

It has a cap that inhibits leakage and entrance of air thus keeping your wine fresh.

A portable wine bladder bag has a large capacity.

It can hold up to 750ml of wine.

A portable wine bladder bag is made using safe materials.

Besides, it is made using food-grade plastic with no transfer of taste, safe, reusable, and clean.

With a portable wine bladder bag, you no longer have to worry about glass breakage.

It is a foldable lightweight bag suitable for outdoor activities.

A portable wine bladder bag is easy to clean.

You just add dish soap and water, vigorously shake, then rinse.

· 3L Wine Bladder Bag

A 3L wine bladder bag keeps your wine tasting delicious and cool.

It keeps white and red wine insulated to a perfect temperature.

A 3L wine bladder bag has a spill-resistant spout.

The functional and fashionable spout allows your customers to drink your wine without spillage.

A 3L wine bladder bag is reusable.

Your customers can wash and reuse it over and over.

· L&QQ Wine Bladder bag

L&QQ Wine Bladder bag is made from BPA free and food-grade aluminum foil.

They are recyclable and durable.

L&QQ Wine Bladder bag is aseptic.

Your customers just have to pull up a spout and fill the bladder with your wine.

L&QQ Wine Bladder bag prevents air entry and leakages.

Thus it keeps your wine fresh for weeks after the package is opened.

Can you fill Wine Bladder Bag with other Liquid?

Other than wine, a wine bladder bag can also be used for packaging other types of liquids.

They include champaign, water, juice, alcohol, cocktails, juices, coffee, cider, syrup, sauce, milk, and cooking oils.

How much does Wine Bladder Bags Cost?

The cost of a wine bladder bag varies with size, printing technique, and additional features.

The more you customize your wine bladder bag the higher the cost.

Can you Reuse Wine Bladder Bags?

Wine bladder bag is not designed for single use.

After using a wine bladder bag, you can clean it and fold it for future use instead of disposing of it.

The characteristics of the wine bladder bag allow your customers to reuse it over and over before disposing of it.

You can transform a wine bladder bag into a convenient and practical ice pack that perfectly fit at the bottom of a cooler.

What are the Available Sizes for Wine Bladder Bags?

Wine bladder bags come in different sizes.

They are available in small, medium, and large sizes.

Based on your specifications you can specify the sizes that you need.

You can choose 3L or 5L or any other size of a wine bladder bag.

Are Wine Bladder Bags Eco Friendly?

Wine bladder bags can contribute to your environmental sustainability initiatives and appeal to your environmentally conscious customers since it is ecofriendly.

  • Wine bladder bags are 100% recyclable. Your customers can reuse it several times before disposing of it.
  • Upon disposal, wine bladder bags produces low packaging waste that is convenient and easy to deconstruct.
  • Wine bladder bags use limited material. It is 50 percent lighter than the other packaging alternatives.
  • Wine bladder bag reduces carbon emission. Wine bladder bags occupy less space and thus less fuel is used in transporting it.

How do you Test Quality of Wine Bladder Bags?

To ensure that you receive a high-quality wine bladder bag, there is a wide array of stress and permeability tests that are done on a wine bladder bag.

They are:

· Burst Strength Test

A bust strength test is done to ascertain the ability of the seal to withstand transportation and storage stress.

To determine the strength test of a wine bladder bag the bag is pressurized continuously until the seal of a wine bladder bag ruptures.

A burst strength test identifies the weak spots on the seal and allows you to get a strong and high-quality wine bladder bag.

· Barrier Test

A barrier test is done to ascertain the oxygen and moisture permeability of a wine bladder bag.

Three tests are done under barrier tests and they are oxygen transmission rate, water vapor transmission rate, and modified atmosphere packaging.

Oxygen transmission rate tests the degree at which oxygen permeates the coating of your package.

Oxygen causes spoilage since it impacts the color, odor, and flavor of your product.

Therefore, the oxygen transmission rate guarantees that the transmission rate of oxygen aligns with your requirements.

The rate of oxygen transmission can be customized based on the needs of your products.

A water vapor transmission rate test is carried out to establish the rate at which water vapor permeates the coating of your package.

Since wine needs a certain volume of moisture to retain its taste it is important to control the degree of moisture penetration.

The lower the degree of moisture penetration, the lower the degree of penetration.

Modified atmosphere packaging test is done to remove air from a wine bladder bag.

Also, substituting it with gas that diminishes the impact of oxidation and accumulation of microbes.

The air employed in this process depends on the properties of your wine.

What are the Functions of the Three Layers of Wine Bladder Bag?

A wine bladder bag has three layers namely the printing layer, barrier layer, and the heat seal layer.

Each of these layers serves different purposes.

The printing layer is the outer layer of a wine bladder bag.

A printing layer is a branding tool.

The printing layer is made of a material that allows you to print your product image and information.

Also, it adds to the strength of your packaging thereby preventing puncture.

The barrier layer is the middle layer of your wine bag.

Besides, the barrier layer is made using material that is resistant to smell, oxygen, light, and moisture.

As such the barrier layer prevent external factors from damaging the properties of your product.

The heat seal layer is the inner layer of a wine bladder bag.

The inner layer is made of materials that have heat sealability.

Thus the heat seal layer protects the temperature of your product.

Are Wine Bladder Bags FDA Approved?

 Wine bladder bag

 Wine bladder bag

Wine bladder bags are FDA approved.

The materials used in making the three layers of a wine bladder bag are all approved by the FDA.

Can you Refill Wine Bladder Bags?

When the wine in your wine bladder bag is finished you can refill it.

A wine bladder bag has a spout that your customers can use to refill your wine bladder bag with wine.

What is the MOQ for Wine Bladder Bag?

There minimum order quantity of a wine bladder bag is 20000 pieces.

Are Wine Bladder Bags Leakproof?

The wine bladder bag is leakproof.

It has a multilayer that prevents leakages, puncture, and also prevent oxygen from entering the bag.

Further, the materials used in making a wine bladder bag are resistant to elements and puncture.

Are there Collapsible Wine Bladder Bags?


There are collapsible wine bladder bags that are foldable and lightweight.

When unfilled a collapsible wine bladder bag easily folds up and can fit in your suitcase, purse, and any bag.

As such it occupies less space and can be used for other beverages such as alcohol.

The outlined features make them suitable for tailgating parties, boating, the beach, cruise, and hiking.

How does Wine Bladder Bag Manufacturers in China support OEM?

Wine bladder bag manufacturers in China are supporting OEM by applying the label to their packages.

In doing so they show Chinese consumers and other consumers across the globe that no matter source of the wine, the packaging is locally sourced.

We also help in design and quality control process.

At TedPack, we design and manufacture a range of wine balder bags that we supply in the American, Australian, and European markets.

If you need high quality and affordable wine bladder bags, contact us now.

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