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TedPack window pouches attracts a lot of customers in your brand in the market. These feature enables to show off your product while maintaining the freshness, aroma & flavor intact inside the packaged pouch. Our window pouches offered in different shapes like rectangular, circular, or oval. These windows help people to see what they are buying.

TedPack window pouches are eco-friendly. It takes lesser space in a landfill and can be reused as well. Our window pouches also protect the product from dust and moisture. Although the window is transparent, it does not let harmful ultraviolet rays to pass through.

Our window pouches are available for custom printing and custom labels. You can design your own window pouches with custom window shapes, sizes, print and logo. Along with the other features these pouches offer, including stand up capabilities and optional hang hole and a valve. Also, using zip locks makes our window pouches more convenient, reusable and can keep food fresh for a long time.

MOQ100 Pcs by Digital Print, 10K Pcs by Gravure Print
Size50*70mm(Min)    350*600mm(Max)
Thickness50Mircons-120Mircons (2Mil-5Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, Metallized
PrintingD-Met Printing, Vanishing, Matte Finishing, Stamping
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TedPack - The Window Pouches Manufacturer in China

TedPack window pouches feature a high barrier lamination. The windowed pouches are available from stock in assorted colors, designs, and sizes. Every pre-made light-weight pouch with a window is equipped with a resealable zipper and a tear notch. High clarity windows allow your product to be seen.

TedPack offers outstanding printing when laminating with substrates such as PET, OPP, Matte OPP: up to 10 colors in high definition. Also, to support your start up business, we can support from 10000 pieces of window pouches. In TedPack, all our raw materials are FDA approved and BPA free, so you don’t need to worry of the safety of the products.

At TedPack, we can provide you with a full range of customized services according to your requirements, Improve the consumer’s attention to your brand. By choosing Tedpack window pouches, you can reach more potential customers and increase your turnovers.

Window Pouches: The Definitive FAQ Guide.

What are window pouches?

Window pouches are packaging bags designed with transparent panels to allow buyers to get a preview of the product.

The viewing window is covered by a transparent panel that can be in different shapes like rectangular, circular, or oval.

Window pouches are manufactured by Tedpack who are experienced in the design and production of different types of packaging materials.

Window pouch

Window pouch

What is the idea behind window pouches? 

The idea behind window pouches is the production of packaging bags with an opportunity for product visibility.

Generally, consumers like to have a glimpse of whatever it is they are buying and window pouches give consumers a display of the product.

Window pouches satisfy the need for manufacturers to be able to showcase a part of their products, and also the need for buyers to get a glimpse of what they are buying.

What products can window pouches be used for?

Window pouches can be used for an array of products in order to offer buyers a glimpse of the product.

Some of the products that window pouches can be used for includes:

  • Coffee Packaging: Window pouches can be used for the packaging of coffee powder or coffee beans, and make the product visible to consumers.
  • Candy Packaging: Consumers tend to get attracted to colourful and attractive candy, so, adding a window in candy packaging can attract consumers.
  • Cookie packaging: Window pouches can be used for the packaging of cookie products, in order to give consumers a view of the cookies.
  • Spice packaging: Window pouches can be used for the packaging of spices and seasoning products, in order to show the colour and appearance of the spice.
  • Food packaging: Window packaging can be used for the packaging of food products such as beans, maize, millet, etc.

Why you should use window pouches?

Window pouches have several benefits that make it a good option for your products.

Some of the benefits of using window pouches include:

  • Window pouches give customers a glimpse of the products.
  • Window pouches enhance brand image and attract buyers.
  • Window pouches give you a chance to showcase your product while maintaining the freshness, aroma & flavor intact inside the packaged pouch.
  • Window pouches make your products stand out from other products.
  • Window pouches allow for easier identification of your products by consumers.
  • Window pouches are very easy to use by manufacturers and very accessible by consumers.
  • Window pouches are user-friendly and are very easy to handle.

What are paper window pouches?

Paper window pouches are paper packaging bags with transparent panels to allow buyers to get a view of the product.

Paper window pouches are made with hard cardboard papers, and the viewing windows can come in various shapes.

Paper window pouches can be used for the packaging of various products such as candy, cookies, snacks and other non-liquid products.

Paper window pouches keep the product in a perfectly dry environment and they are easy to use by manufacturers and by consumers.

Paper window pouches

 Paper window pouches 

What are foil window pouches?

Foil window pouches are packaging bags made with quality tin foil with transparent panels that gives buyers the chance to view a part of the product.

Foil window pouches can come in different shapes and colours,the viewing windows can also be in different shapes.

Foil window pouches can be used for the packaging of various products that includes coffee products, spices, food products, and several other products.

Foil window pouches are water and smell resistant, and the products are kept in a cool, dry place without any negative effect on the state and quality of the product.

Foil window pouches

Foil window pouches

What are plastic window pouches?

Plastic window pouches are packaging bags made with plastic with transparent panels to give buyers a glimpse of the product.

Plastic window pouches can come in different shapes, colours, and sizes, and the viewing window also comes in various shapes.

Plastic window pouches can be used for the packaging of various food products such as rice, beans, millet, flour, and various other food products.

Plastic window pouches are odour and water-resistant, and the products are kept in a healthy environment.

plastic window pouch

Plastic window pouch

What additional features can be added to window pouches?

Window pouches can include various additional features and clients can include several additions in other to make window pouches perfect for their products.

Clients can demand the inclusion of any feature or the combination of several features in order to satisfy the needs of their products.

Some of the features that can be added to window pouches include:

Window pouches with handle:

All types of window pouches can include a handle, and clients can demand the inclusion of a particular type of handle in window pouches.

Window pouches made from paper, foil, and plastic can all include an additional handle feature.

The handles on window pouches can be effective in the hanging of the products on counters for better display and easy identification by buyers.

window pouch with handle

Window pouch with handle

Window pouches with zipper locks:

Zipper locks are strong zip lock that is used to seal various packaging bags and window pouches can include a zipper lock feature.

Zipper lockers are effective for sealing of packaging bags because they keep the product fresh, odorless and the smell of the products can only be accessed when the product is opened by the buyer.

Zipper locks ensure that the product is safe and the product retains its natural quality and taste.

Window pouches with round transparent panel:

Window pouches can feature a round transparent panel from which buyers can view part of the product.

Clients can determine how big they want the transparent panel to be, they can also determine the positioning of the transparent panel in order to suit the need of their products.

Window pouches with rectangular transparent panel:

Window pouches can feature a rectangular transparent panel from which the buyers can get a glimpse of the product.

Clients can decide the size of the viewing panel and the position of the panel in line with the demand of their product.

Window pouches with oval transparent panel:

Another additional feature that can be added to window pouches is an oval viewing panel to give buyers a glimpse of the product.

The oval viewing panel can be added to any type of window pouches and clients can determine the size and location of the viewing panel to fit the need of their product.

What printing and design options are available for window pouches?

Window pouches are the perfect packaging option for your products and there are various design options available for window pouches.

Clients can request for a specific design that fits their brand and is suitable for their product.

When it comes to the designing of packaging bags, clients are allowed the opportunity to decide on the design that suits their products.

Clients can be rest assured that Tedpack are committed to making sure that all designs are of the best quality and ultimately in line with the specifications of the clients.

In designing packaging bags, Tedpack design team utilizes state of the art technologies and innovations in graphic design and printing of all packaging materials.

In order to fully satisfy the design requirements of clients, Tedpack deploys the following considerations in the designing of all packaging materials:

  • Ensuring that all brands have a distinct design identity from other brands.
  • Tedpack design team gives utmost attention to details in order to guarantee visual appeal.
  • A brand design that provides easy recognition and identification.
  • A design that promotes the growth, enhancement, and image of the brand.

Tedpack are experts in various designing technique and they possess a team of experienced professionals who are capable of effectively satisfying the graphics demands of the clients.

Some of the printing and designing methods are:

  • Metallize printing
  • Vanishing
  • Dmet printing
  • 3D printing

Are window pouches FDA approved?

Window pouches are designed and manufactured for the packaging of edible products hence they are produced in line with FDA guidelines.

Window pouches are carefully manufactured in line with the strict health and safety requirements of the FDA in order to guarantee that they are safe.

Window pouches are designed to ensure that the quality and state of every product are not in any way interfered with and the products are kept in a safe, healthy environment.

All packaging bags produced by Tedpack are FDA approved, and window pouches are produced in line with the standard guidelines and regulations of the FDA.

Are window pouches eco-friendly?

Tedpack operates in an environmentally conscious manner, and all packaging products manufactured by them are eco-friendly.

Tedpack recognizes that amidst the environmental awareness that is being canvassed by the increase in climate change, it is necessary that packaging bags are designed to be biodegradable.

Today most government laws have emphasized the necessity for environmental conservation, and it is legally binding that packaging bags and pouches meet this requirement.

Environmental conservation and sustainability is an important factor in the production of packaging bags by Tedpack.

Window pouches are made with materials that are eco-friendly and in line with strict government rules and regulations in regard to the use of eco-friendly manufacturing materials.

Tedpack are strongly dedicated to assisting manufacturers in developing a sustainable and eco- friendly approach, and also in developing a strong environmentally conscious brand.

Are window pouches recyclable?

Tedpack adopts an environmentally conscious approach, hence all packaging bags and products manufactured by Tedpack are recyclable.

Window pouches are recyclable and the recycling capacity of window pouches makes it a cost-effective and environmentally conscious choice.

Every type of window pouches including Paper, Foil, and Plastic are all recyclable and reusable.

The recycling nature of window pouches shows the commitment of Tedpack to the manufacturing of high-quality packaging bags and to environmental conservation.

Manufacturers can decide on the recycling method they want to adopt in the recycling of window pouches.

How can I place an order for window pouches?

Manufacturers and clients who are interested in purchasing window pouches can easily place an order on the company’s website.

Clients can go ahead and state the type of window packaging, specify the features and designs, and also the number of window packaging they would like to purchase.

The minimum order and other relevant information regarding the purchase of window pouches can be easily accessed on our website.

How long does it take to receive an order for window pouches?

Individuals and companies can conveniently place an order for window pouches on Tedpack website and after doing so, they are required to wait for a period of 4 to 5 weeks for the delivery.

After placing the order the minimum of 30 days waiting period is used by Tedpack for the designing, manufacturing, and transportation of the packaging material.

The chain of events involved in the manufacturing, designing, and delivery of packaging products includes the following:

  • You’re required to reach out to the sales personnel with your order, and you will be told about prices.
  • Thereafter, you can state your requirements and the designs you want to be included in the packaging bag.
  • The design team will come up with a soft copy and samples for you
  • As soon as you approve, manufacturing or design activities will immediately commence.

Upon successfully concluding the above process you are expected to wait for 30- 40 days which is the duration for the shipping and delivery of your order.

How can I communicate with the manufacturer?

Manufacturers who are interested in ordering window pouches or who want to inquire about the product can contact Tedpack manufacturing company by both email and phone number.

Tedpack operates a twenty-four hours customer care service in order for clients to be able to leave their comments and feedback on the company’s website

Tedpack manufacturers are committed to fully satisfying all the packaging needs of their clients, hence they are always eager and happy to hear from their clients.

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