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TedPack is one of the professional white coffee bag manufacturers in China. Focus on providing a wide variety of high barrier pouches/ bags.

  • 20 years experienced offering most effective packaging solution
  • Low MOQ 5,000 pcs custom white coffee bag
  • White coffee bags available with low price
  • Customize your own design, logo, and other promotional messages

Your Reliable White Coffee Bag Manufacturer

As a leader and best source of flexible packaging, we specialize in designing and manufacturing the most effective packaging. We are involved in this industry for over 20 years. Contact us to get a quick and better quote!

White Coffee Bag

TedPack design best-quality white coffee bags that can be done with different great features. Get your ideal packaging and customized to your own coffee brand.

white coffee bags with valve

White coffee bag with valve keeps your coffee products freshly package. Strong barrier against oxygen, moisture, and other contaminants. TedPack offers a comprehensive range of coffee bags with valve options. Find your perfect packaging solution to your product labeling and branding.

250g White coffee bags

250g white coffee bags made from TedPack is easy to store and fill. Maintain product freshness with a strong packaging structure. The product can be custom-design and custom print to build your brand. TedPack carries an extensive range of 250g white coffee bags for you to choose from.

Flat bottom white coffee bags

Flat bottom white coffee bags are a great way to improve your brand visibility. TedPack has different sizes and styles of flat bottom white coffee bags available at great prices. Additionally, it can be added with valve and zipper and other custom accessories making your product extra attractive.

Paper white coffee bags

Paper white coffee bags contain strong barrier protection keeps out UV light, moisture, oxygen, and other contaminants. TedPack paper white coffee bags are available in different sizes. Our selection can be customized to your coffee brand.

Aluminum white coffee bags

Aluminum white coffee bags are made from FDA approved material. It is 100% food-grade, ensure-safe products. Coffee’s freshness and quality will not be degraded. TedPack aluminum white coffee bags provide barrier protection from air and moisture.

White stand up coffee bags

White stand up coffee bags provide wide space for your product. These bags can be added with a wide, tear notch opening that makes it easy to fill & refill. TedPack makes excellent-quality white stand up coffee bags with state of the art printing system.

TedPack White Coffee Bag Customize Capabilities

stand up pouch material-2
Choose The Right Materials For Your White Coffee Bag

TedPack white coffee bags are made up of the finest quality material, ensure safe and reliable packaging.

  • Printing (Surface) Layer: BOPP, PET, RICE PAPER
  • Barrier (Laminated) Layer: NY, PET, PETAL, AL
  • Heat Seal (Inner Food Contact) Layer: HDPE, LDPE, CPP, RCPP
stand up pouch feature-2
Customized Your White Coffee Bag Features & Accessories

TedPack design white coffee bags with custom features and accessory options. To enhance the performance and quality of the bag.

  • Closure Options: single and double, tap, child resistance, inno-lok, velcro hook & loop zipper closure
  • Valve Options: One way degas valve, double way degas valve, Goglio&Wipf Valves
  • Tin-tie Options: Copper Tin-ties, Iron Tin-tie, Paper Tin-tie
  • Treatment Options: Laser perforation, Cut handle holes, Custom windows, Tear notches, Pouch shaping, Matte&Shiny finishing, De-metallize
stand up pouch print-2
Best Printing Options on Your White Coffee Bag

Printing white coffee bags are processed into state of the art technology. Take your brand to the next level with high clarity and effective printing.

  • Flexo Printing: Surface simple print, low cost and easy text & images
  • Gravure Printing: Quality reverse print, medium cost and complicated text and images
  • Digital Printing: Medium quality surface print, high cost and complicated text & images
stand up pouch factory
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TedPack White Coffee Bags

TedPack white coffee bags are designed perfectly for coffee products, teas, and other specialty foods. Our products are made from food-safe material with high-barrier properties. It has excellent protection against oxygen, moisture, and UV light.

Maintain your coffee freshness and quality with TedPack white coffee bags. The matte white color of bags improves your brand visibility. We have multiple bags that can hold 6-1o ounces of coffee products for you. Some bags are constructed with a bottom seal, valve, windows, and zippers.

Each and every add-on features definitely maximizes the flavor and aroma of your products. Also, it provides durability and sturdiness.

TedPack white coffee bags design offers a solid case for product labeling and branding purposes. TedPack has different latest printing options to choose from. There are digital and gravure presses where the bag process.

You can guarantee your custom white coffee bags photographic quality, color consistency, and smooth surface is exceptional. Effectively help your business stand out and create own fine brand identity.

TedPack white coffee bags are an effective and efficient way to take your brand to the next level. As stated, we have a variety of white coffee bags, different styles, materials, and sizes.

No doubt, you will find the exact packaging suit your products. If you have coffee production, retail business, TedPack white coffee bags are your ideal packaging. If ever, you might feel unsure what packaging best for you, TedPack will help you, suggest you what’s right.

Our experts can give advice, aiming for a great collaboration. With 20 years of experience, we offer bags in unique and innovative designs.

TedPack develops quality white coffee bags in plastic, aluminum, and paper forms. All white coffee bags are fully certified by FDA regulations, 100% food-safe and food grade.

If looking forward to white coffee bags wholesale, look no further, TedPack can provide a minimum of 5000 pcs per design. Additionally, printing design offers no extra charges!

No wonder, TedPack could give the most effective packaging solution you desired of. As a leading manufacturer of white coffee bags, TedPack provides you one-stop service.

Get TedPack white coffee bags today! Send us your inquiries and questions.

White Coffee Bag: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

The best white coffee bag depends on various factors such as what your customers like, the filling process, quality material, and safety features, amongst others.

That said, every business in the coffee industry will find this guide helpful.

It will help you choose the high quality white coffee bags from China.

What is a White Coffee Bag?

A White Coffee Bag is a bag designed with a valve to help release naturally trapped gases and carbon dioxide, as well as, prevent outside gas from entering the package.

This bag is ideal for packaging tea and coffee products.

It can either have a flat or gusset bottom to enable the bag stand independently on the shelf.

White coffee bag with valve

White coffee bag with valve

How does a White Coffee Bag and Brown Coffee Bag compare?

Despite being distinct and sold separately, White and Brown Coffee bags share some common similarities.

That is in the aspect of functionality, features, and properties.

Brown coffee bag vs white coffee bag

White coffee bag vs brown coffee bag

· Convenience

White coffee bag and Brown coffee bag are both high quality, durable and flexible bags used to package dry foods, tea and coffee products.

They are portable and light-weight.

They have similar features ranging from the essential to additional features such as windows, valves, tin-ties, and zippers.

· Color

Just as their names suggests, White Coffee Bag is white while Brown Coffee Bags are brown.

The brown color of the Brown Coffee Bag is to appeal to brands that are shifting towards healthier choices.

Also, the white color of the White Coffee Bags is to improve the look of the bags to appear as more sophisticated and professional.

· Customizable

Both White Coffee Bags and Brown Coffee Bags have excellent customization capabilities.

These may range from the closure options, valve options, size, shape, design, printing techniques, and materials used.

· Eco-friendly

The two bags have low environmental impact.

Their production, transport and storage contribute to little greenhouse gas on the environment.

The reason for this is because these bags are made using 60% less material, 50% less fossil fuel consumption, and less greenhouse gas production during production.

How do you Measure a White Coffee Bag?

White Coffee Bag can be gusseted or flat.

If a White Coffee Bag is lay flat, the three main dimensions are the length, width, and gauge.

Firstly, you measure the width which runs across the opening of the bag.

Secondly, you measure the length which runs from the opening of the bag to its base.

The gauge, on the other hand, measures the thickness of the bag and in Mils.

However, if a White Coffee bag is gusseted, there are four main dimensions of length, width, depth, and gauge.

In this case, you first measure the width which runs across the opening of the bag.

Secondly, you measure the depth of the bag through fully extending the gusset.

Thirdly, you measure the length that runs across the bag opening to the bag base.

What are the Different Types of White Coffee Bag?

Even as people chose White Coffee Bags over rigid packaging, brands seek these bags which are unique.

They need coffee bags which are suitable for packaging their products and meet their needs.

In that regard, there are different types of White Coffee Bags:

  • 12oz White Stand Up Coffee Bags
  • Custom Design White Coffee Bags
  • Tin Tie White Coffee Bags
  • White Coffee Bags with Windows
  • White Kraft Paper Coffee Bags with Front Zipper
  • White Coffee Bags with Zipper
  • White Stand Up Coffee Bags
  • Aluminum White Coffee Bags
  • Paper White Coffee Bags
  • Flat Bottom White Coffee Bags
  • 250g White Coffee Bags
  • White Coffee Bag with Valve

White Coffee Bags are Suitable for what Products?

You can package any of the following products:

  • Coffee Beans
  • Dried goodies
  • Coffee treats
  • Tea

What makes White Coffee Bags stand out?

White Coffee Bags are very popular in the packaging industry and considered suitable for packaging coffee in this industry.

This coffee bag stands out due to these factors:

White coffee bags with valve

White coffee bags with valves

· Strong Materials

White Coffee Bags have a three-layer foil barrier that provides protection against moisture, oxygen, chemicals, UV light, and pests among others.

Similarly, you combine different materials to create a foil/laminate with excellent properties suitable for packaging coffee products.

· Excellent Branding

White Coffee Bags have adequate surface to print unique and excellent graphics.

This attracts as well as appeals to customers attention.

You can similarly use over 8 colors to print on the surface of the coffee bag.

· Convenient

White Coffee Bags are light weight and portable.

They have degassing valves which keep the freshness, smell and potency of the product intact.

This coffee bag has round corners to improve user friendliness as well as its appearance.

· Safety

White Coffee Bags are made using FDA approved materials making them safe for direct contact with food.

The bags are made with excellent barrier properties to protect the potency, aroma, and health of the products.

This barrier also helps extend the shelf-life of the products in the bag.

· Additional Features

White Coffee Bags have additional features such as windows, tear notch, valves, round corners, zippers, and tin-ties which enhance the functionality of the bags.

As compared to rigid packaging, these additional features on White Coffee Bags make them more popular.

They are popular among brands seeking to appeal to their clients and improve their sales.

· Color

The matte white color of White Coffee Bag improves the look of the bag to make it appear professional, sophisticated and unique.

White Coffee Bag, therefore, stands out, and the color attracts the attention of potential customers while on display on retail shelves.

Are White Coffee Bags Eco-friendly?

Absolutely, they are.

Firstly, White Coffee Bags are made using materials which are recyclable and biodegradable.

Since the bags can be reused, White Coffee Bags contribute less landfill waste.

The bags are made using less material hence they are small in size.

Their small size means that they occupy limited space during storage and transport.

As such, you require fewer trucks to transport the bags from the supplier to the clients.

Fewer trucks are associated with less fossil fuel consumption as well as release of greenhouse gas into the environment.

What are the Add-on features of a White Coffee Bag?

White Coffee Bag has additional features which improve its functionality.

These additional features include:

Tin-ties; they improve the functionality of your White Coffee Bag as they allow easy opening and closing of your bags.

Degassing valves; used to release trapped gases out of the bag as well as prevent the entry of gases into the bag.

Tear Notch; this feature easy and hygienic tearing away of the bag.

Zippers; used for opening and resealing a White Coffee Bag.

Windows; this feature provides transparency and clarity allowing the products to be seen by clients.

What Maximum Volume can White Coffee Bags hold?

The maximum volume of a White Coffee Bag is customized.

However, this bag can hold up to 16oz and beyond depending on a client’s specifications.

What are the Suitable Printing Options for WhiteCoffee Bags?

Gravure and digital printing are the most suitable for White Coffee Bags.

Printed white coffee bag

Printed white coffee bag

· Digital

Digital printing involves transferring graphics on a computer to the surface of a bag.

It is highly expensive as there is high per unit cost.

And, this is because the printing minimum bag is 500 White Coffee Bags.

As compared to others, digital printing does not require separate plates.

You can print several colors on a bag at once.

· Gravure

Gravure printing is done using etched cylinders and this is associated with several benefits.

These cylinders create depressions onto the surface and then fill ink into the spaces.

Gravure printing is characterized as an excellent printing process.

It is more detailed, delicate, and more precise coupled with good repeatability.

Gravure printing is affordable due to the low per unit cost.

It begins at minimum of over 500 bags at a time.

Additionally, gravure printing involves the use of environmentally friendly as well as food grade ink to ensure the safety of the products.

The printing is durable with high quality coloring.

Are White Coffee Bags Reusable?

Yes, they are.

Once you are done using a White Coffee Bag you can wash it using hot water and then dry it.

Once dry, you can use it to store other products which could range from tea, dried foods, and confectionaries among others.

What are the Materials used to make White Coffee Bags?

Some of the most popular materials include:

Aluminum Foil; provides excellent barrier properties to keep the products safe.

This material is used to make the outer layer of the coffee bag.

Kraft; Kraft paper is a material made from wood pulp.

It has excellent barrier properties, its strong, improves a bag’s appearance and are compostable thus appealing to health and environment-savvy brands.

Plastic; has high tensile strength to improve the stability and durability of white Coffee Bags.

Polypropylene plastic is suitable for making the inner layer of the bag if the WhiteCoffee bag is made using solely plastic.

Are White Coffee Bags FDA Approved?

Absolutely, yes.

White Coffee Bags must meet the Food, Drug, and Administration specifications on suitable and safe materials.

Are White Coffee Bags Cost-Effective?

Yes, they are.

The production costs of White Coffee Bags are cheaper.

The bags are made in bulk at around 5,000 pieces and more at a go.

Producing bags in bulk lowers the production costs as the suppliers enjoy economies of scale.

And, this contributes to the final price of the bag.

Also, the quality control costs of the White Coffee Bags are cheaper.

If the bags are made in China, there will be lower production costs and this is due to the lower labor costs involved in the whole production process.

Are there Size Limitations to White Coffee Bags?


There are no size limitations to White Coffee Bags as clients are allowed to place their specifications regarding bag size during the design of their White Coffee Bags.

A White Coffee Bag size can be3 3/8″ x 2 1/2″ x 13″

The sizes also vary depending on the volume of products to be packaged in the bag.

A bag can hold up to 10 ounces of products.

At this point, the size of the bag is larger.

Are White Coffee Bags Recyclable?

Yes, they are.

White Coffee Bags are made using materials which are recyclable.

White coffee bag with zip

White coffee bag with zip

What is the Closure Option for White Coffee Bags?

The closure options for White Coffee Bags are tin-ties, and zippers.

These closure options are placed at the top of the White Coffee Bag to facilitate easy opening and closing of the bag.

Can you get Free Samples of White Coffee Bags?

Absolutely, you can.

However, for custom orders, you will get free samples after paying some commitment fee.

You can discuss this with your white coffee bags manufacturer.

What are the Factors to Consider when Choosing a White Coffee Bag?

You should consider the following:

· Style

Every brand strives to distinguish itself from its competitors, and the best way of achieving this is through your packaging bag.

The best way of creating a bag that can draw attention is through printing it with attractive artwork.

Additionally, you can integrate zippers, valves, colors and unique measurements.

One can similarly improve consumer friendliness through using laser perforation to make opening the bag easy.

· Cost

Every brand or user will go for a White Coffee Bag that is affordable.

Besides, one will pick a bag sold at a price that falls within their fund range.

· Material

A White Coffee Bag made using material with special properties.

This guarantee protection and safety.

Coffee is a highly sensitive product to external influences, hence the need for strong barrier properties.

Also, a client who prefers a compostable White Coffee Bag will go for one made using Kraft material.

· Design

The design of a White Coffee Bag should be one that improves the functionality of the bag.

Besides, an excellent design has to be one that attracts the attention of customers.

A flat bottom bag design allow one a lot of capabilities in terms of sizes, zippers and design.

A gusseted bag, on the other hand, improves its capability to stand erect on the shelves.

· Closure Option

You can have a zipper or a tin-tie as a closure option for your White Coffee Bag.

Choose White Coffee Bag with a closure option compatible with the product.

A zipper is suitable for users who intend to use all products at a go.

A zipper is mostly suitable for one-use products.

The White Coffee Bag must also have a degassing valve to create a suitable airtight environment for coffee products.

· Eco-friendly

The majority of brands todayopt for eco-friendly White Coffee Bags as they strive to appeal to a group of clients who are health conscious.

Eco-friendly bags are those made using compostable, biodegradable or recyclable material.

The bags are also made using less material and this will be shown by the size of the White Coffee Bag.

How do you test Quality of White Coffee Bags?

Below are the tests done to test the quality of White Coffee Bags:

Burst test; this is a destructive pressure test used to determine the maximum pressure at which a bag will burst.

This test is also to determine the minimum burst pressure.

Drop test; the position from which you drop a bag vary to evaluate the more common places where impacts may affect the products.

Compression test; this test determines the compressive resistance of White Coffee Bags. It involves subject a bag to varied air pressure forces for set lengths of time.

Tensile strength test; this test involves pulling apart the bag to determine the maximum amount of force it can withstand.

This test helps establish the mechanical properties of a White Coffee Bag.

Puncture-resistance test; this test is to determine the puncture-resistance of a bag.

It involves exposing the bag to a set amount of pressure which is done through a puncture.

Seal strength test; this test is done to examine heat seal quality.

Alabthinktensile tester can be used to examine the seal strength of White Coffee Bags.

Interlayer adhesive test; this test is to determine if the adhesive used to bond the three layers of the bag are strong and high quality.

Product compatibility test; this test is to determine if the material used to make the bag reacts to the product or not.

A suitable laminate material should be one that is highly resistant to physical and chemical change from reacting to the material the bag is made of.

Barrier testing; since coffee packaging bags must have excellent barriers to protect the products, a barrier test of the bags is important.

This test involves measuring the moisture and oxygen permeation rate of the bag to ensure that the barrier is at the right level.

Further, you have to remove oxygen from the bag and replace it with gases that slow microbe growth as well as oxidation impact.

How long does it take to ship White Coffee Bags?

Typically, it takes 2-3 weeks to ship White Coffee Bags from China.

However, it can take less or more time to ship the bags depending on the means used as well as the involved logistics.

As you can see, there are many factors you should consider when choosing white coffee bags.

The best part, this guide highlights critical aspects.

However, if you have any question, feel free to contact us.

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