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Water pouch mainly use for party, outting use. Filled the water pouch with wine and water carry out for drink use. MOQ start from 20000 pcs, delivery within 3 weeks.

Water PouchCustom Print | With Iron Hanger, Foldable, Durable

Water pouches are a new idea or saying of easy carrying spout pouches, they basically are another type of spout pouch, just made the pouch add with one special safe lock and press to open spout and a simple iron hanger lock at the bottom of the pouch for easy carry.

Water pouch can be stand up on the table when filling with air or water inside.

Water pouch is with the same volume compare bottle, but much easy to carry, If you have a water pouch out along with you, when finish drink of the water inside it, it is easy to fold it and put in your pocket but not taking large space and room.

Furthermore, water pouches come in handy during camping and hiking activities.

  • Produced with the high barrier and durable, dust-free material;
  • With 10 colors print at most, delivery within 3 weeks;
  • MOQ start from 10000-20000 pcs for a start;
  • BPA free and FDA approved;
  • 100% leakage proof, thick material to 6-8 Mils;
  • Made with window, foil, hanger hold, spouts options;

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MOQ100 Pcs by Digital Print, 10K Pcs by Gravure Print
Size70*100+30mm(Min)    300*420+120(Max)
Thickness70Mircons-200Mircons (2.5Mil-8Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, Spout(All Diameter Available)
PrintingD-Met Printing, Metallize, Vanishing, Matte Finishing

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed water but you couldn’t access it? For any emergency plan, having clean drinking water is often the most important element.

Humans are outfitted to deal with phases of starvation, but not accessing water can generate quickly to dehydration, confusion, and ultimately death.

Tedpack extensive selection of water pouches helps you stay hydrated for a shorter time period as you wait for help.

Tedpack foil packaging technology ensures that durability is maintained making our pouches both hygienic and lightweight. Our pouches are perfect for reusing.

We recommend keeping the water pouches in your workstation, school desks, or car for those emergency events.

Bottled water has a shelf life of almost one year due to the fact that plastics break down.

Our water pouches are designed to store a quite substantial amount of water for those urgent and unforeseen events.

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Water Pouch: The Ultimate Guide

The requirement for a good appearance is packaging. Packaging plays a significant role in determining the worth of a product.

Without packaging the product is susceptible to many things. Without packaging, the content cannot be presented to the consumers in its manufactured form.

Water PouchWithout packaging, the content will be exposed to factors that contaminate it. Without packaging, there is no way brand can present their details to the public.

Having seen the importance of product packaging, the question of how to package water is posed. Do you know?

Traditionally, the rigid packaging employed for the packaging of water has failed. Most of the reasons and the types of this rigid packaging will be shown in the body of the study guide.

It has been found that flexible packaging like water pouch has been a solid solution for water packaging.

For this reason, Tedpack considers it pivotal to keep all water industries updated on all that is pertaining to water pouch.

The content of this research study features highly insightful chapters. Each chapter is loaded with content that offers you the capacity to make informed decisions.

As you open new chapters of this study guide, remain enlightened and have an adequate understanding.

Chapter 1: What is Water Pouch?

For understanding to prevail, a little exposition on water is required.

Do you know? There is no product in the domain of drink manufacturing that is as sensitive as water.

Water requires a hundred percent purity. For example, gin, vodka, wine, beer, fruit juice, and milk are all products that are optional.

They may be specific to categories such as age, sex, society respectively. A person may choose not to take wine. Water, on the other hand, is not optional.

Water PouchIt is essential to all living things. It is essential even to infants that are just given birth to. For this reason, it requires utmost attention and the most careful preservation.

Water is the most important phenomenon in nature. Having seen what water is essential and the great degree of importance it attracts in preservation, let us proceed to see what a pouch is.

The first thing that should come to your mind when you hear a “pouch” is the understanding “flexible material packaging”.

An elaboration of the above follows. A pouch materially comprises polyethylene resins.

This piece of drawstrings material is produced in about three layers and beautifully shaped into a container of water.

This packaging material is absolutely food grade. And for this reason, the water pouch is exclusively recognized by the FDA and USDA.

The three layers have each function they perform. The inner layer which is absolutely sterilized ensures the purity of the water.

The middle layer serves as the carrier of the brand name and details of the water industry.

Conclusively, the outermost layer features greatly helps in the prevention of barriers to gain entrance into the water pouch.

These layers, when combined, guarantees a 3-4 mil thickness required for lack of leakage and hard to puncture capacities.

Depending on the specifications of the manufacturers of water and the producers of water pouch, water pouch comes in various closure options.

Water PouchAlso, it may come with a spout that affords the consumers easy drinking and the manufacturers easy filling.

It is usually sealed to be airtight on three sides via a hot sealing process. It features dynamics by which it is produced in different types, shapes, and forms.

Prior to the creation of a water pouch, water had already been packaged with different products.

However, our water pouch has a shelf life of five years, therefore you can stash them for emergencies and in effect forget about them. At Tedpack, we have carved ourselves a niche by manufacturing and consequently supplying a wide variety of water pouch packaging film.Our features include

  • Resistant to tear
  • Attractive and appealing  look
  • Moisture proof
  • Durable
  • Flexible and versatile

With many people advocating the banning of plastic bottles as a means of delivering hydration water, water pouches are filling the gap since they save on money, energy, and otherwise reduce the recycle bottle handling process.

Water PouchPouches have gained a footing in the flexible packaging industry with more sectors switching from cans and bottles to pouches.  Pouches are becoming more prevalent due to the fact that they extend the shelf life of a product.

Water pouches are manufactured using a variety of laminations centered on the shelf life and compatibility.

There are stringent specifications when it comes to water since the materials ought to be organoleptic. Hence the materials used are PET/AL/PE. When compared to bottles, our water pouches use less  PET material.

What are the advantages of using our water pouches;

  • Able to stand up when filled
  • Less storage space required for storage
  • Helps in reducing the carbon footprint on the environment
  • Storage for longer periods
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Easy to open

It is common to find pouches marketed towards kids for juice drink blends and many fruit juices. For pouches, there is an endless array of opportunities since they are an alternative to going green and a suitable method of delivering hydration to many people according to their needs.

With many people understanding the effects of bottles, moving away from them and using easier hydration methods such as water pouches is becoming more prevalent.  Camping, hiking, and trips where water availability is not a sure bet, the use of our water pouches is a choice that is perfect.

Tedpack water pouches give you less headache when choosing the right water pouch for those emergency situations and plans.

However, the historical account in the subsequent chapter has the knowledge to share. Scroll down

Chapter 2: Thinking Outside The Rigid Packaging Materials

In terms of the historical account, water pouch has a recent recognition in the domain of water packaging.

The term “water bottles” is not in any way alien to people. However, it has long been forgotten. Water bottles come with a whole lot of problem applying to both consumers and manufacturers.

Problems begin right from the place of bottles production where an explosion of bottles may cause serious injuries or death to the factory workers.

Water PouchIts heaviness also requires great manpower to move the bottles from one end to another. After production, problems proceed to the context of an arrangement in storage facilities.

The problems at this point usually result in inefficient use of space. After bottles are taken from the storage systems, the problem of bottles graduates to the exorbitant costs of transportation.

Also, there incurred is an incurred cost for machinery maintenance because of the weak engine resulting from heavy loads.

After the water bottles have been distributed to the retail shelf, the problem proceeds to the retailer.

In the place of arranging product on the retail shelf, an accidental fall of the water bottles make bottles break and another loss will be incurred.

This does not exclude the wide space bottles take on the retail shelf. With excessive space taken, some products may not even get to stand on the retail shelf.

The fragility of the bottles also affect the consumers. Its accidental breakage may cause injury. This includes inconvenience in carrying because of rigidity and heaviness.

Consumers also find that after a very short time, water packaged in bottles begin to have colors, taste, and smell.

This is mainly because the water bottles do not offer an absolute resistance against the barriers such as oxygen, dust, heat, and odor.

People begin to see settlements of dusty particles in water. The problem became worsened when it was discovered that bottles will make the environment less convenient for the present and unborn generation.

It was hard to dispose of and also lacked to some extent recyclable features. At that point, it was obvious that bottles packaging was not favorable to both manufacturers, distributors, and consumers.

For this reason, engineers began to think of a better alternative. It was an arrival of plastic for water packaging.

Plastic water pack came as an alternative to bottles packaging. It was a solution to the fragility, the injuriousness, and the heaviness of bottles.

Water PouchWith plastic water, accidents in the factory, retail shelf, and other places do not imply breakage and loss of content.

Plastics was less rigid, heavy, and movable than bottles even though it could not be said to be flexible.

To many extents, it was like a final solution has arrived in bottles. The transportation cost and production seemed cheap like never before.

Though, there was still a slight burden on the waste facilities and the recyclability that ensures environmental prosperity.

However, in due time, the problem persisted. After about 6 months on the retail shelf, dirt begins to form in the water.

Interestingly, the water was pure in the packaging period. The closure is yet to be opened. The question of how the water still forms dirt is asked.

After adequate research, it was found that the plastics are not airtight seals as it ought. After a given period, the barriers still gain penetration into the plastic.

It was a known fact that the problem of inadequate water preservation is still continuous.

Polyethylene was great material, the problem had to do with the rigidity and the closures. This makes engineers begin to think outside the box of rigid packaging materials.

Water PouchAwareness began to rise that the packaging materials should be something that can be squeezable, flexible, extremely light for even babies who want to drink water and portably shaped in size.

All this could still be achieved with the same different measures of water that was contained in rigid packaging.

This could be done with absolute barrier resistant materials and absolute airtight closure and seals. With this, the water can remain fresh for decades.

The water can remain purified in the same purification it had during the packaging period. The answers and the result of the features give rise to the production of water pouch.

Water pouch is the product of thinking outside the rigid packaging materials. It is the perfect alternative that has come to surpass all the previous ones.

It is absolutely user-friendly and offers a great environmental advantage for being absolutely recyclable. It comes in 60% less polyethylene than that of rigid plastic.

With this great benefit, comes other benefits of less generation of CO2 emission during the production of water pouch reusable for other things.

Water pouch meets all the criteria required of a perennially purified water. After this great benefit, here comes a misconception.

The Error of This Misconception.

Because of the flexibility of water pouches, many still believe it can be less effective in terms of preservation than the bottles.


Water PouchRigidity and flexibility is not a determinant of how durable, preservative and preventive a packaging material can be.

It is the toughness of the layers that determine this. To prove this fact, you can deliberately throw a bottle from 3 story building and see if it can remain durable.

Definitely, it will break and destroy. The water in it will waste away. On the other hand, if you go to a 10 story building and deliberately throw your water pouch down.

It will remain intact and your water will remain contained, shielded, and well preserved without any contamination whatsoever.

This assures a generation that grows up drinking water from water pouch flexible packaging more confidence, accuracy, and speed without the assurance they are well protected.

There is still many more to learn about water pouch. A scroll down will give you the benefit of learning more.

Chapter 3: Reasons for the Adoption of Flexible Water Pouch

Reasons that support the adoption of flexible water pouch is featured in many areas.

This chapter will keep you informed on the integral areas.

  • Budget

Water PouchMoney is the primary factor of every production. The main purpose of every business and production is to maximize profit. For this reason, this chapter shows you how water pouch applies to your money.

Do you know?

The production cost of water pouch is 70% cheaper than that of bottles.

Also, it is 50% cheaper than that of rigid plastic because of gross reduction in the use of plastic films which is the active material for their making.

With this, you can save cost in the packaging of the water for sales.

Do you also know?

With the production and distribution of water pouch, less manpower is required. This is because of the ease in carrying pouches in the factory and during the process of supplying water to the retailer.

With less working force, you can save more and treat your staffs better.

Do you also know?

A truck can carry twice less quantity of flexible packaging than the same quantity of rigid packaging. With this, the budget for fuel, servicing transportation machines can be reduced by up to 50%.

If money is of importance to you, do not have any second thought in opting for flexible packaging. Water pouch targets great profit with efficient use of funds invested.

  • Time Management

Water PouchThe idiom “Time is Money” is true in every sense. This is because efficient and wise use of time has great benefits of its own.

Do you know?

The production of water pouch flexible packaging is way faster than all the rigid packaging.

With this, the time before the quantity demanded by you is supplied to you will be very fast compared to the other packaging material.

Because of its lightness in weight, the time that man or machinery will use in offloading the product from the truck or ship is also faster than another rigid packaging.

The features such as easy mobility, flexibility, and lightness in weight all offers users the capacity to be speedy in actions.

With the limited time properly used and the purpose well achieved, you can proceed to other important things like helping your kids with their assignment, making time alone with your loved ones and other pleasurable things.

Do you know?

With the speedy use of working time, you can have enough time to rest well. If the body is given adequate rest, the body will have sound health.

  • Consumers-Friendliness

Water PouchA major determinant of good packaging material is one that gives consumers ease and satisfaction. There is no packaging material that is as easy to carry as the flexible packaging material. If you doubt this, ponder on the questions below and give an intuitive answer.

Will it be convenient for you if you carry a bottle filled with 1 liter of water when jugging and doing exercise? Will it be convenient for you to carry a pouch filled with 1 liter of water when jugging and doing exercise?

If you have to think long before answering this question, it must be that you have not carried a water pouch before. The most favorable for sports activities is undoubtedly the water pouch.

As a matter of facts, this ease of use and high advantage over other rigid packaging applies to other areas of consumers life.

With water pouch, a nursing mother can easily give her infant water for a long time without having muscle pull. A baby can pick water in flexible pouch up and drink without using any help from an adult.

The lightness in weight also affords weak people like old aged to drink well without having pain in the hands.

Also, water pouch is created with features it offers for easy dispensing of up to 99.9% of the water it packages. It affords even a baby the ease to suck water from pouch conveniently.

There is more to this great benefit. Scroll down and see.

  • Fast Response to Refrigeration

Water PouchDuring summer, water is best served chilled. For this reason, water that responses fast to the cooling system and ice blocks is better. The flexibility of and the layers of water pouch is very accommodating the coolness radiated by the cooling systems. Without much time, your water can be chilled and good to drink in summer.

  • Environmental Prosperity

If you care for humanity and its environment, then you should use a product that is suitable for this environment.

Water PouchDo you know?

There are some land waste fills and residential environment all over the world that is still filled with shards of bottles. There has been a remedy for this kind of environmental pollution.

Using a product then necessitates whether the product is easily disposable and reusable, and recyclable. All these criteria are contained in the features of water pouch. Mineral water pouch is easily recycled without causing degradation anywhere.

  • Health Benefit

Water PouchAn intake of terrible water is certainly a threat to human life. Especially for babies and adults. The health scientists have shown that the adult’s body can still develop some resistance for contaminated water.

In the worst-case scenario for an adult, the drinker of the water may fall sick. But in the cases of babies, it is not. An intake of contaminated water by a baby may result in premature death.

This necessitates the need for an absolute barrier-proof packaging. With the use of water pouch, the water cannot be contaminated with dust, moisture, oxygen, odor, and germs.

This assures all consumers of water from a mineral water pouch good health and a hygienic or sterilized water. This is the product of good health.

  • Legal Accreditation

Water PouchWater Pouch has been pretested by the leading recognized bodies that are in charge of all that passes through the mouths. Water Pouches are FDA and USDA certified to be suitable for water packaging and other related liquids.

  • Color-Friendly

The advertisement is an essential area of production too. Every brand desires to reflect the brand name to the world. This is done via art designs which are in color.

After a long time on the retail shelf, some packaging that is use stickers for brand details may peel off. You should know…

Water PouchWith water pouch, you need not to stick your details via stickers that may remove. This is because your brand details can be permanently printed on the water pouch middle layers.

After which, these details are well protected by the outermost layer. This does not in any way disturb the visibility of water to consumers.

The artworks and brand details can be printed in a very strategic location.

  • Clarity Of Water

It is not a doubtable fact that people always desire to look at water container and see how clean and pure the water it contains is.

Water PouchDo you know?

If you package even pure water with a packaging material that attracts dust, it will make observers think water is not clean. Water pouches are not attractive to dust on the retail shelf. They do not change and depreciate in clarity because of dust.

With water pouch, the people can see the clarity of your water on the retail shelf. This is a great determinant of high demands.

  • Standup Option

Water is not only used for home settings but also for official meetings. For this reason, water is served on official tables at conferences.

Water PouchWater pouches are made with flat bottoms and durable sizes that afford it the capacity to stand up for a long time. It has great stamina on the retail shelf, on the kitchen shelf, in the refrigerators, and on official tables.

Having seen these great benefit that is characterized in the use of water pouch, there is still. more other features to see. Scroll down and acquire significant things.

Chapter 4: Pitfalls to Avoid When Choosing a Flexible Water Pouch

You have had an adequate ground to opt for the use of a water pouch. This is great. However, before your triumph becomes achievable.

It is important to know there are still mistakes that you may make in the process of getting water pouch. These mistakes are great impediment and pitfalls to the success of your product.

Be open-minded and focused as you are guided with this great research.

  • The Conversion of Pouch

Water PouchIn the art of production of pouches, there is conversion. With this art, the pouch can be changed from one size to another and recycled. This is done by many manufacturers.

However, the expertise by which they can do this conversion of the pouch without having a leak and other imperfections in the pouch varies from manufacturers to manufacturers.

At Tedpack, we have versed engineers who have been trained in the technicality of this task. The methods that are adopted in conversion and sealing do not allow for any mistake that may be through leakage or other things.

This has been done consistently and its excellence has become a part of our system.

  • Pouch Prototype and Self-Creation

Water PouchSome water producing companies are common for getting engineers of their own who will help in the creation of pouches instead of getting these materials from external consumers.

It may be a good way of funds management but it has its own requirement. Some pouches give occasion for folding or buckling of the polyethylene resins.

This is done can lead to stress fracture. Subsequently, it can result in ultimate leak inflexible materials. Also, liquid pouches may have the closure that is too wide in size for one-handed dispensing.

This kind of pouches commits engineers to create a die-cut handle by which consumers can grab water with the right and left hands and pour easily.

For creating pouches prototypes and having creation by yourself, you can partner with experienced suppliers to created innovative and outstanding water pouches.

This hint is needed. Tedpack is one of the best suppliers and producers of flexible packaging materials in the world.

At Tedpack, we supply prototypes that are printed in the name of your company. There is more.

  • Filling Machines

Water PouchWhen the suppliers are making the water pouches you demanded, be sure to have a knowledge of the nature and type of filling machines used for you.

For example, some special areas to account for the sealing bar may be required on some certain pouch filling equipment.

You cannot take the filling process of water production with levity. This is because it is a determinant of the shapes and designs in which the water pouch will be made.

  • Flexible Packaging Materials

The structure in which the flexible packaging pouch you want to adopt comes, scores a vital point in the failures or excellence of the pouch.

Water PouchYou should recall… Water pouch is made up of multiple layers and each of the layers has a specific function it plays for the excellence of the pouch.

Ensure that you multiple layers are combined and designed in a unique way. This is to avoid resemblance in your products and similar products on the retail shelf.

With an original combination of layers and specialist, you can have a unique end result of water pouch. Conclusively, consumers can identify this uniqueness to your brand alone.

There is more to learn

  • Pretest of Water Pouch

Before you put all the content of your product in a pouch, it is prudent and strategic that you conduct a pretest for this water pouch.

This will enable you to have a forecast of the measure of time to which your water will remain refreshed and hygienic on the shelf.

There are standards of things to test in the domain of flexible packaging engineering or manufacturing. The testing should feature in:

  • The compatibility of water to packaging. E.g ” Does the packaging makes water clear and visible from afar or not? “Water Pouch
  • A test on the compression
  • A test on sealing
  • A test on how hard to puncture the water pouch is
  • A test on tensile
  • A test on nursing
  • A test on vulnerability to odor
  • A test on dropping. Every of this test plays a critical role in determining how perfect and ready the pouch is for industrial and market use.
  • Spouts and Fitment: For water, there is no limit to the significance of spouts and fitment. What has made water pouch fascinating to the users of the pouch is the continuous creativity that pouch manufacturers have used in creating spout and fitments?

Do you know?

Innovations in the areas of spout and fitments are on the increase with great features. Features such as easy opening, resealing, one-handed evacuation capacity, measured or controlled dispensing.

Get a brochure of the newly created spout and pouch from your suppliers. It is from this brochure that you can pick the spout that is most suitable and desires to you.

Water PouchAt Tedpack we have a brochure prepared to give our clients an indirect perception of the innovations is the domain of flexible packaging.

You have been great and been helped from making mistakes and avoid the pitfall. However, You are yet to know the numerous types of water pouch that can be found in the market.

The next chapter is richly and accurately contained with them Scroll down and have a good understanding and identification of them.

Chapter 5: The Common Water Pouches in the Market

This chapter is filled in giving you source materials for identifying the different types of water pouches in the market. Solutions to water packaging are ready for you.

  • 5.1: Drinking Water Bag

Water PouchDrinking water bags are the standard order by which excellence of water pouch backpack is measured. It comes in clear window makeup that affords utmost clarity and visibility of water.

It comes in different kinds of spout and fitment that can be applied to it. It is absolutely user-friendly with ease in handling.


1Recyclable and Disposable
2Easy filling and dispensing
3Absolute resistance to destructive force
4Absolutely hygienic and accredited to take the lead

What you need is exactly below…

  • 5.2: Flexible Standup Water Pouches

Water PouchA drawstring material built in a flat bottom that produces a king on the retail shelf, flexible standup water pouch remain stable. Its stability can also apply to the official tables of company executives.

It is very easy to handle and offers a 100% protection against the barrier and a 99.8% dispensing. It comes in a window version that expresses the purity of the water packaged.

No comparison with flexible standup water pouch among other water pouches Walmart.

1Prevention of natural dangers to good water
2An unhindered filling and evacuating option
3Easy mobility and handling
4Hard to Puncture and free form leakage
5Stability and firmness like no other
  • 5.3: Water Pouch with Spout

Water pouch is originally made in clear plastic films that are hygienic in and sterilized on the outside. This seems like all that is needed until the great innovation of water pouch with a spout.

Water PouchWith spout as an additional option, the packaging company rejoices for easy filling that is free from wastage and spillage of water during the filling process. Also, consumers are afforded free cause to drink thoroughly without living water left.

  1. Easy filling, dispensing, and absolute evacuating of product.
  2. Preserve the  purity of water
  3. It is easy to transport
  4. It promotes brand details with color-friendly layers.

Scroll down and see

  • 5.4: Shaped Stand Up Water Pouch

The shaping of the water pouch is proof that beauty is important in determining a great pouch. This together with durable stability creates a great benefit in the market.Water Pouch

  1. It is great in beauty
  2. It gives water longevity in purity
  3. It is very easy to transport
  4. It is hard to puncture and does not leak.

There is still more to see

  • 5.5: Clear Flat Water Pouch

Water PouchWater is the source of life. This source of life has been well preserved by the production of clear flat water pouch. Made with clear plastic films, this water pouch ensures the longevity of water. It comes in great advantages.

  1. The sports people have things to squeeze and sip when doing sports events
  2. It is affordable and is produced in great quantities
  3. It is easy to transport
  4. It keeps water pure for long term use.
  • 5.6: Drinking Water Foil Pouch

Water PouchDrink water foil pouch is a combination of polyethylene and aluminum foil. This makes it very hard to puncture and not susceptible to leakage.

With drink water foil pouch, the shelf life of purified water has found great expansion.

  1. It remits less landfill waste
  2. It gives water a prolonged shelf life
  3. It is easy to transport
  4. It has reusable options

Chapter 6: Water Film Pouch

There is a great invention of water film pouch. It has more than 3 mil thickness and brand independence to choose the measure of the thickness of their own with an absolute of 6 mil thickness.

Water film pouch comes in varieties most of the wish are all ambassadors for water longevity.

  • 6.1: Water Packaging Films

Made of polyethylene terephthalate and EVA, the thickness of this great packaging vary from 30 to 200 microns.

  •  6.2: LDPE Water Pouch Film Roll

Water PouchThis is a product of both high and low-density polyethylene. Primarily used for water, LDPE water pouch roll can be multipurpose.

Consumers have reasons to keep their water for long with this great packaging option.

  • 6.3: Water Pouch Film

Notable for its hermetical sealing that hinders contaminants and germs, water pouch films is a product of strong mechanical properties.

  • 6.4: Gusset Water Pouch  Films

Commonly known for three sides seals that offer an expansion of pouch when filled with water, gusset water pouch films has recorded triumph with both consumers and manufacturers.

Its preservative layer is second to one only.

This study guide shall proceed to answer the questions of importance to you.

Chapter 7: Water Pouch FAQs

1. How long should water for babies in a pouch last after opening and before consuming?
Water Pouch has airtight seals that protect against barriers even after the first opening. It can last for as long as the water remains fresh. However, for babies, it can last for a week.

2. Are your products tested and accredited by FDA and USDA?
Yes, all our products at Tedpack have been approved by FDA and USDA

3. Can I reuse water pouch?
Water pouch can be reused for other liquid products like wine, juice or beverages. However, it should not be reused to package water over again.

4. Does pouch water vary in taste?
The pouch does not add any taste to water at all. The pouch comes in the original water sensation to the tongue.

5. Can I make good sales with a water pouch that is not clear?
In terms of water pouch, clarity is essential. Consumers like seeing the purity of what they buy. And unless they see, the water visibly, they won’t want to take the risk of buying. Buying an opaque water pouch will affect sales and profit greatly.

6. If I am not pleased with the prototypes for pretest, can I cancel the transaction?
We will present you another pretest samples. If you remain displeased, you are at liberty to terminate transactions.

There is still more to learn.

Chapter 8: Tedpack Water Pouch

This chapter features Tedpack requirement for consumers. A true response provided in this section will prosper the business partnership between you and Tedpack.

  • State whether your water company has gained the approval of an internationally recognized body for foods, drinks, and drugs or not.Water Pouch
  • Present the exact location of the supply point which may be either your company or your home.
  • Would you give room for more than one-time delivery if circumstance warrants?
  • If the company requires for the issued receipt of the product purchased, would you not have issue presenting it?
  • What form of delivery and payment option do you want for the contract?

However, at Tedpack this is the proposed shipment and payments terms.

Before we proceed to the shipment of the purchased product, our customers can balance the 50% upfront payment that must have been deposited when the agreement is reached on sales.

In alternative cases, we give our long-term the privilege of balancing after the supply has been made. We can accept payment via Western Union and PayPal for a payment of $1000 or less.

For shipping option, we offer EXW, CFR, FOB, CIF. To an extent, we can change this delivery strategy if our clients what another mode of delivery.

A clarity in comment and response in the details given will ensure our cordial relationship.


Having given yourself wholly to the study of this guide, you have broken the walls of “I don’t know”. You now have the required knowledge needed for the longevity of purity of your water. Success is yours with a water pouch

Water Pouches-The Definitive FAQ Guide

What are Water Pouches?

Water Pouches are produced with the target that they should be ideal for basic packaging and storage of water and related products.

Water pouches are produced to meet certain desires and requirements for which they are being manufactured. Therefore, there is a significant reason why Water Pouches are being utilized by companies that are into the business of packaging drinkable water.

There are different Water Pouches made with a definitive target that those in need of the packaging of water can pick the types that fit for the packaging of water. Tedpack is experts in the planning and naming of different water pouches. This is upon the need of the client.

Furthermore, on the off chance that you are finding it difficult to come up with the best type of Water Pouches for packaging, Tedpack offers different types of style, and they can help you make a choice as well.

Water Pouches

Water Pouches

How is Water Pouches manufactured?

The thought behind structuring and assembling of Water Pouches is centered on the very basic level of how to effectively package water in such a way that it remains safe to consume.

A critical number of measures are being utilized. A genuine model is utilized, and this is mainly about structuring Water pouches in such a way that they are consistent with the solicitation that is being made.

In rare cases, Other than the packaging of Water, Water Pouches are designed in such a way that they are ideal for similar types of liquid.

This depends on the appropriateness of the pack to meet the prerequisites required for the storage of such fluid products

What are the material decisions accessible for Water Pouches?

Getting the best material for Water Pouches is important. This is in light of the fact that it is an important determinant for the possibility of the pouch being of the highest quality, amidst other significant components.

A lot of materials are being utilized for the packaging of Water Pouches, and every one has its own special piece of a bit of leeway over another.

The material used by Tedpack for Water Pouches production includes the following:

  • Metalized pet
  • Polypropylene
  • Kraft paper
  • Aluminum foils
  • Polyethylene, and so forth.

Tedpack utilizes these materials for the packaging of water pouches, and you can make a request to learn more about them before placing a request.

What are the Advantages of water pouches?

Water Pouches are most likely the best packaging choice for water and some other types of fluids

Although there is other unbelievable favorability in utilizing Water Pouches, there are different tendencies that make them appealing over various types of packaging bags and pouches for storing water

 Some of the positive focal points you should pay special attention to before picking a Water Pouches to include the following:

  • Labeling of the item for advert reason
  • Safety of the water being stored
  • Simple packaging  
  • The best treatment for water
  • Storing water for as long as possible
  • Minimal effort of production

For the naming and printing of your Water Pouches, Tedpack offers you the absolute best alternatives you could ever get. Also, you can offer conclusions and contemplations if need be.

What are the sizes available for Water Pouches?

At Tedpack, there are different kinds of sizes that you can pick for your water pouches. Choosing the most appropriate size impacts the flexibility of packaging water. It also means that you can sell in various sizes. Hence, the various sizes for Water Pouches build worth and efficiency

Should a client have different alternatives on sizes other than the ones offered by the sale personnel, they can analyze this with Tedpack, and furthermore, make a point to include this in the deal while placing in the solicitation.

Are Water Pouches Approved?

All Tedpack packaging bags and pouches are FDA and ATSMA attested. This construes that they guarantee the quality and freshness of each item that is being bundled, an extraordinary quality for all packaging products.

FDA endorsement is essential, particularly for the packaging of edibles things.

Is there a potential for Water Pouches to tear?

This is one of the most significant considerations that must be taken looked into during the production of Water Pouches.

It is additionally befitting that Water Pouches have more thickness than most types of packaging bags and pouches, and this is on the grounds that they are generally utilized for the packaging and storage of liquid products

Water Pouches being produced to be cut safe is in order to be impenetrable by just minimal touches. The most significant explanation is so that the entire products can be sufficiently kept and stored to prevent the possibility of been squandered through spillage.

Hence, Water Pouches are made so their surfaces are strong and sufficiently prepared to withstand cut.

Tedpack approaches the assembling of Water Pouches using overlaid structures that make them sufficiently able to withstand cut, and simultaneously, escape wears and tears.

How thick can a Water Pouch be?

Tedpack water pouches are produced to have a thickness between the range of 70 microns to 200 microns. In millimeters, this is about 2.5 mil to 8 mils.

What extra Features can Water Pouches Possess?

A lot of features can be utilized while designing water pouches. It may be a feature that is intended to make them easy to pack or one that makes the item extremely simple to store.

Some of the highlights that are being used in the assembling of water pouches by Tedpack are:

  • Water pouches with zippers
  • Water pouches with different body parts
  • Water pouches with holes for hanging
  • Water pouches with handles.
  • Clearwater pouches

Tedpack adds these features to the production of Water Pouches. However, majorly depends on the prerequisite of a client and the sort of feature they choose for one reason or another

What is seal Testing of Water Pouches?

This is one of the most basic methods for ensuring that a Water Pouch has gone through all of its assembling stages, and has been sufficiently designed and arranged to be utilized for the packaging of various items.

Seal testing is done with a fixing machine that checks and ensures that packaging pouches or bags are impeccable and endorsed for the efficient storage of the products they are manufactured for.

Tedpack uses seal testing for most of its packaging bags and pouches, especially for those that are utilized for the storage of fluid and products similar to these.

What is Pressure Testing for water pouches?

This sort of testing is done to measure the weight that packaging pouches can withstand. Pressure testing is done with the main aim of preventing the pouch from a burst or tear. It can likewise be alluded to as weight testing.

Weight testing is significant for fluid pouches, and this is because most of them have the tendency to tear or puncture easily because of the products that they are used to store. The same cannot be said for other types of packaging bags and pouches.

What is drop testing for Water Pouches?

This testing is done to assess the susceptibility of a water pouch to cut.

Drop testing is significant in light of the fact that in general, it evaluates the idea of the material being manufactured such that it is impermeable. Hence drop testing is a good way to assess that.

What are the components or prerequisites to Consider Before Choosing a water pouch?

There are various components you ought to consider before utilizing Water Pouches for the packaging of your items.

Some of the components include the following:

  • Type of liquid to be packaged
  • The materials utilized for bundling the items
  • Plans and workmanship required for production
  • The expense of production

Will water pouches pick up fragrances or aromas from different items?

All Tedpack water pouches are odor and scent proof. This means that After the pouch has been sealed, regardless of how powerful smell of the environment or other packaged products are, it would not be picked up.

Will creepy insects and different pests get into Water Pouches?

Water Pouches are manufactured such that they are prevented from irritations against creepy crawlies. Anyway, this can’t be said for vermis like rodents and the likes.  

 In this way, it is critical to keep your Water Pouches in places where rodents would not be able to chew or cut them open.

Would you be able to add a spout to your water pouch?

Spout could go about as an extra feature for liquid packaging materials like Water Pouches. For this situation, it is imperative to keep the spout closed at all times so that the water is not contaminated.

One major advantage of this feature is that it makes it possible to store the water for a longer period of time, as it can just be closed and stored till further notice, except product storage says otherwise.

Spouted Water Pouch

Spouted Water Pouch

Are Water Pouches eco-friendly?

It is fundamental that packaging packs and pouches are being created to be biodegradable such that they are ecofriendly.

Today, a great deal of manufacturing companies has taken to this, and they don’t utilize packaging materials that are not eco agreeable or biodegradable.

Sequel to this there are strict governmental standards and rules that are being given to guarantee that packaging materials are not hazardous in nature.

Because of these, all Tedpack packs and pockets including Water Pouches are created so that they are biodegradable and ecofriendly.

Is it possible to inscribe on Water Pouches?

Tedpack makes just printable packaging pouches, bags, and packs. The materials utilized for the production of Water Pouches make them really printable.

Tedpack uses the most advanced printing strategies and this is profitable for Water Pouches and other types of packaging material on the grounds that it helps to promote brand awareness

More importantly, for delicate products out there, FDA necessitates that unmistakable and justifiable naming should be on their packaging bags and pouches.

This requires permanent craftsmanship and creation, something Tedpack ensures for all their packaging products.

What are the types of Water Pouches?

There are different types of Water Pouches that can be utilized for storing and packaging.

Some of the most common ones used today include the following:

  • Stand up Water Pouches
  • Level or flat Water Pouches
  • Gusseted Water Pouches
  • Clear Water Pouches
  • Water Pouches with zippers
  • Level bottomed Water Pouches

Clear Water Pouches

Clear Water Pouches

What are stand up Water Pouches?

This is the sort of Water Pouches manufactured with the objective that they stay standing by themselves. This structure makes it simple to store the water and in some cases other liquid products

They are structured so they have gussets that are fixed on the various sides of the pouch. The gusset is also folded upwards and inwards.

It is the side segment of the gusset that makes it feasible for Water Pouches to stay upstanding.

Furthermore, these packs have a base gusset that keeps them stable and this proffers very easy storage

Stand up water pouches can in like way take up different types of features. For most situations, they use are manufactured with a zip lock and/or clear windows.

Stand up Water Pouches are apparently the best kind of water pouches since they are made with immaculate overlaid material.

The overlaid materials help shield the product being stored from oxidation, UV light, different microorganisms, and so on.

They are additionally totally printable, and this makes them a great choice for different organizations and also for brand awareness.

Tedpack manufactured to stand up Water Pouches with the consolidation of any sort of feature that wants to be utilized based on the order that is being made.

What are Flat Water Pouches?

Flat or Level Water Pouches are utilized by most ventures today for water the storage and packaging of water.

They have the advantage of not being difficult to pack and seal, and this is why they are anything but difficult to use for the effective storage of water.

They are very unique, and in relation to stand up Water Pouches, level water pouches don’t have side or base gussets, neither do they have folds.

They are versatile types of Water Pouches, and this is a staggering property for water pouches since they can be used effectively to take a lot of features, structures, fragments, shapes, styles, and sizes.

With Tedpack you can get different designs for your level water pouches.

Level water pouches are in like way simple to modify such that they easily meet the basic necessity of the client. Besides, they have exceptional quality and this adds to their points of interest.

They are different types of level water pouches, and they include:

  • 3 side fixed Water Pouches
  • Aluminum Water Pouches
  • Vacuum Water Pouches

All of the aforementioned are being manufactured by Tedpack and you can place an order to get yours now.

Stand up Water Pouches.

Stand up Water Pouches.

Would you be able to store different items in Water Pouches?

The most appropriate product for Water Pouches is the storage of water, and they ought not to be utilized for any type of product except stated otherwise

Tedpack manufactures various types of packaging bags and pouches that are strictly product-based and they include the following:

How is an order for Water Pouches placed with Tedpack?

Here is a breakdown of placing an order with Tedpack?

  • Communicate with the sales personnel and present order for the production of your Water Pouch
  • A draft will be sent back. the draft will take a duration of 48 hours; after which it would be returned for examination.
  • When the draft sent in avowed, manufacturing procedure commences and the whole assembling will be done in 24 hours.
  • You can also request a sample before bulk production

To what extent can the product inside water pouches last?

It is possible to store items inside a Water Pouches for a long period. But this is mainly determined by the water packaging company

Tedpack produce and equip water pouches such that they can be used to store water for a very long period of time

What is the printing strategy for fluid sacks?

Tedpack uses different printing procedures. These methods include:

  • Metallize printing
  • Evaporating printing
  • Matte wrapping up
  • D-met printing

 All of these are extraordinary choices and procedures for water pouches.

How smooth are water pouches?

Water pouches are made so that their materials are smooth polymers that don’t wrinkle or bend

What is the best possible temperature for stockpiling water pouches?

Water Pouches are best stored in the fridge. Ultimately, this depends on the consumable options available for the products.

Is it possible to reuse Water Pouches?

All packaging bags and pouches manufactured by Tedpack can be reused and this includes water pouches. However, the ability to do this effectively depends on the type of water pouch that is being utilized.

What is the minimum order for Water Pouches?

At Tedpack, the minimum order for water pouches is 50000 pcs. Notwithstanding, customers can request for more based on solicitation being made.

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