Stand up pouch with spout

Customized the Perfect Water Pouch with Spout for Your Business

TedPack is known as one of the leading manufacturers for the product packaging especially water pouch with spout and other pouches.

  • Over 100 types of spout available
  • All pouches are using food grade materials
  • Professional and with 20 years of production experiences
  • 100% product quality assurance and refundable with poor products

Your Leading Water Pouch with Spout

TedPack is the best product packaging to make your product growth. Send us your preferred design and we can help you make the design you want for your product to be easy to buy for your costumers.

Water Pouch with Spout

TedPack is a solution for people who love drinks. Tedpack can give you not only safe product packaging but also gives you an affordable and friendly price.

shaped clear spouted pouch

Clear Water Pouch with Spout is an environmental product, as it uses 75% less plastic than rigid packaging, and it gives good protection to the product. It obviously has the ability to stand up the shelf for maximum sales impact and its saves greatly in freight and storage space.

customized water pouch with spout

Customized Water Pouch with Spout is more flexible packaging for holding water, it is almost always the best choice of clients because it is useful and can be recycled and also can be easily demonstrated for costumers.

Stand up water pouch with spout

Stand Up Water Pouch with Spout can keep product cleaner for longer and provide excellent barrier control to protect against the elements. It also can be used to safeguard your products and provide extra protection against moisture and others.

TedPack Stand Up Water Pouch with Spout Customize Capabilities

stand up pouch material-2
Choose The Right Materials For Your Water Pouch with Spout

Tedpack use the right selection of packaging materials to maintain the product quality and all material are approved by the Food and Drug Administration

  • Printing (Surface) Layer: BOPP, PET, NY
  • Barrier (Laminated) Layer: NY, PET, PETAL, AL
  • Heat Seal (Inner Food Contact) Layer: HDPE, LDPE, CPP, CPPAL, RCPP
stand up pouch feature-2
Customized Your Water Pouch with Spout Features & Accessories

As one-stop packaging solutions provider, we provide flexible accessories that make it easy for the costumer to get everything that they need.

  • Spouts | Fitment Options: Child resistance caps, ez-pour spouts, wine fitments, all diameter spouts
  • Treatment Options: Laser perforation, Cut handle holes, Custom windows, Tear notches, Pouch shaping, Matte&Shiny finishing, De-metallize
stand up pouch print-2
Best Printing Options On Your Water Pouch with Spout

Tedpack deals with all kinds of flexible printed with bright and clear printed pouches and other printed products.

  • Flexo Printing: Surface simple print, low cost and easy text & images
  • Gravure Printing: Quality reverse print, medium cost and complicated text and images
  • Digital Printing: Medium quality surface print, high cost and complicated text & images
stand up pouch factory
Hi,Hi! I am Noah, BD Director of TedPack. If you are looking for a perfect solution in customizing your pouches for your business, then you are looking at the right person. For over 20 years of experience in the packaging industry, We can certainly provide you the perfect water pouch with spout for your business. I'm looking forward to build a good relationship with you in line with the business and make a nice quality of water pouch with spout for you.
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TedPack Water Pouch with Spout

TedPack gives your needed standard for your pouches and product packaging. Gives you the design to be printed, color combination, the shape of the pouch. TedPack has professionally trained with the right skills to make the best water pouches and render the best service.

We have more than 20 years of experience manufacturing for pouches and another product packaging that can provide fit packaging for your product.

TedPack not only produces pouches for every volume and viscosity of contents which suffices all our clients but also assist you for what kind of packaging will suit best for your product.

By choosing Tedpack, which the best and right manufacturer we always produce your quality packaging for your product.

Water Pouch With Spout: The Definitive FAQ Guide

Today’s guide will answer all questions you have been asking about water pouch with spout.

Whether you want to learn about the benefits, features, quality tests or type of material, amongst others.

Let’s dive right in:

What is A Water Pouch With Spout?

Water pouch with spout is a portable container for carrying water.

It is made from flexible materials which makes it easy to carry and use.

Water Pouch With Spout

Water pouch with spout

Water pouch with spout is specially made for the healthy and safe packaging of water.

The bag features a narrow opening called a spout through which water passes through.

What Are The Benefits Of Water Pouch With a Spout?

Water pouch with spout is an innovation in water packaging that offers numerous benefits.

The benefits of water pouch with spout include:

  • Water pouch with spout is easy to use
  • It is flexible— it is handy and portable.
  • It is convenient and multifunctional
  • It is user friendly, and it is easy to use by children
  • It has a high storage capacity
  • It is strong and durable
  • It is a healthy packaging choice

These are just a few benefits of water pouch with spout.

If you’re looking for water storage with protection, flexibility, commercial appeal, and high functionality, then water pouch with spout is the perfect choice for you.

What’s The Difference Between Water Pouch With Spout And Water Pouch With Straw?

The difference between water pouch with spout and water pouch with straw is the pouch design.

Both pouches serve the same purpose as water packaging.

However, they are different in forms.

Water pouch with spout comes with a spout, which is a narrow opening through which you can access the content of the pouch.

On the other hand, a water pouch with straw comes with a straw hole.

While you can drink or pour from the water pouch directly through the spout, you can only drink water pouch with straw by putting a straw into the opening.

Other than that, both pouches are are similar in terms of material components, physical attributes, and quality.

water pouch with straw

water pouch with a straw

Why Should I Choose a Water Pouch With Spout?

Water spout with pouch is an innovation in water packaging that gives you easy access to the content of the pouch anytime, anywhere.

You should choose water pouch with spout because:

  • It helps you to save money on water with expensive packaging.
  • It is a convenient way for you to store water.
  • The pouch offers clarity of the water, which is necessary for ascertaining the state of the content.
  • You won’t have to worry about leakage or breakage.
  • It easy for you to move around.
  • Water pouch with spout requires lesser refrigerator time.
  • The pouch has a stand-up option. Hence when filled with water, the pouch can stand on its own without requiring any support.
  • The pouch is reusable- which means you can refill the pouch with water.

By choosing water pouch with spout, you will be taking a step in the right direction.

What Are The Innovative Features Of a Water Pouch With Spout?

Water pouch with spout possesses some innovative features that make it a packaging delight.

These features ensure that the pouch offers ultimate utility to users.

These features aim to make the pouch fit for day to day activities, easy usage, and good storage.

  • The material components of the pouch keep water in perfect condition away from external factors.
  • Additionally, the spout allows for easy access to the content of the pouch.
  • There are several spout caps that you can use to seal the water pouch with pouch. The spout cap allows for flexibility and effective customization.

Why Is The Water Pouch With Spout Preferable To The Water Bottles?

In case you are wondering what makes water pouch with spout more preferable to a water bottle.

These are some of the reasons why you should jump on the water pouch with spout train:

  • Flexibility – Water pouch with spout is essentially a flexible packaging bag that allows for secure storage and movement.
  • Filling – Water pouch with spout is easy to fill compared to water bottles.
  • Resistance – Water pouch with spout offers stronger protection against external factors such as odour, heat, and oxygen compared to water bottles.
  • Health Factors – While water bottles may cause the water to have colour, odour, and taste after a period.

Water pouch with spout ensures that the pouch retains its natural freshness.

  • User Friendliness – Water pouch with spout is easy to use by even children, and you can access 99% of the water content of the pouch.
  • Disposition – often you end up with tons of empty water bottles that you cannot reuse and is very difficult to recycle.

This difficulty might require that you throw them in the trash. Unlike water bottles, you can reuse water pouch with spout.

This saves you the trouble of disposing of water bottles and taking several trips to the grocery store to restock.

What Types Of Water Pouch With Spout Are Available?

Water pouch with spout that you can choose from includes:

  • Plastic Water Pouch With Spout – Plastic water pouch is a combination of PET films and Polythene.

It is perfect for the packaging of water and protects the contents from external factors.

This pouch creates an extra space for packaging, which makes it a popular choice amongst consumers.

  • Clear Water Pouch – this pouch allows for clarity and a clear view of the content of the pouch.

It is aesthetically appealing and distinctive.

  • Aluminum Foil Water Pouch With Spout – we use metalized film in making aluminum water pouch. Aluminum water pouch with spout is highly durable and efficient.

Plastic Water Pouch With Spout

 plastic water pouch with spout

Can I Customize Water Pouch Spout?

Yes, you can customize water pouch with spout in any manner that you fancy.

The nature of the pouch allows for design, printing, and customization.

You can choose various colours and styles for your water pouch with spout customization.

We use different methods in the printing, design, and customization of water pouch with spout. The techniques range from:

  • Digital printing
  • Metallize printing
  • Evaporating printing
  • Matte wrapping up
  • D-met printing

You can watch this video to learn more about how water pouches are filled with content.

 Pouch Spout Nozzle

 Pouch Spout Nozzle

Is The Water Pouch With Spout Biodegradable?

Water pouch with spout is biodegradable and eco-friendly.

The sustainable material used in manufacturing the pouch makes it recyclable.

It is up to you to choose the recycling method for your water pouch.

What Additional Can Features Be Added to an Eco-friendly Water Pouch With Spout?

There are several additional features that you can incorporate into water pouch with spout.

The essence of these features is to ensure that the pouch is 100% fit for its required purpose.

Additionally, the inclusion of special features makes the pouch commercially suitable.

Some of the extra features you can add to water pouch with spout are:

  • Different spout diameters
  • Handles
  • Punch hole
  • Flat bottom base
  • Vent holes, Etc.

water pouch with spout and handle

water pouch with spout and handle

Does The Water Pouch With Spout Keep Water Cold?

Water pouch with spout is capable of keeping the water at a regulated temperature.

The interior of the pouch comes with insulating films, which makes the pouch perfect for storing water cold.

The insulating film prevents external factors such as heat from affecting the temperature of the water.

What Are The Benefits Of Packaged Drinking Water Pouch With Spout?

Packaged drinking water pouch with spout is fast replacing other types of water packaging.

This is due to its stand out qualities and packaging benefits.

The benefits of packaged drinking water pouch include:

  • It offers easy mobile accessibility to water.
  • It is flexible and capable of serving different purposes.
  • It is easy to display on counters as it takes lesser space.
  • You can carry it along when jogging or exercising
  • It is more child friendly in comparison to water bottles.
  • It takes lesser time to manufacture and fill compared to water bottles.

Can Water Pouch With Spout Withstand Hard Freeze?

Water pouch with spout can withstand hard freeze better than water bottles.

The flexible packaging films used in making the pouch makes it highly resistant to the tear, leakage, and breakage that can result from a hard freeze.

How Long Can Water Stay In The Water Pouch With Spout?

A distinctive characteristic of water pouch with spout is its longer storage capacity.

The pouch is capable of keeping water fresh over a lengthy period of up to 18 months.

The insulated nature of the pouch reinforces the pouch.

It protects the pouch from all external factors capable of negatively affecting the content.

What Kind Of Water Pouch With Spout Would Give Me The Best Value?

All types of water pouches with spout is fit for the healthy storage of water.

Clearwater pouch with spout is one of the most common types of liquid pouches.

Clearwater pouch stands out for its high clarity capacity and aesthetic appeal.

When it comes to water packaging, consumers prefer a storage pouch that allows a clear view of the content.

Hence choosing clear water pouch with spout will give you a high return on your investment.

Clearwater pouch gives you the best value in terms of quality, durability, aesthetic appeal, and market value.

 clear water pouch with spout

 clear water pouch with spout

What Is The Barrier Capacity Of Water Pouch With Spout?

Both the interior and exterior of the pouch comprises insulated films that protect water from all external factors such as heat, oxygen, dust, and smell.

The thickness of the pouch is between 3mm – 8mm, which creates a high barrier against external factors.

How To Test For The Quality Of Water Pouch With Spout?

Before you start to use a water pouch with spout, it is prudent and strategic that you conduct a pretest to verify the quality of the water pouch.

This will enable you to determine the measure of time to which your water will remain refreshed and hygienic on the shelf.

The various standard tests that you should carry out for water pouch with spout are:

  • A test of compatibility – this is to ensure that the water pouch is compatible, and not capable of contaminating water.
  • A test on the compression – this is to ascertain that the water pouch is resistant to air pressure.
  • A test on sealing – this is to ensure that the pouch is strong enough to hold the content.
  • A test on puncture, breakage, and leakage – this is to ensure that the pouch is not susceptible to puncture, damage, and leakage.
  • A test on vulnerability to odour –this is to ensure that the pouch is safe from any smell that can affect the freshness of water.
  • A test on spout and fitment – this is to ensure that the spout is well fitted and measured. And to guarantee that the fitment covers all diameter of the spout.

Is Water Pouch With Spout Reusable?

Water pouch with spout is reusable.

You can easily refill water pouch with fresh water and store it in your refrigerator.

Some of the benefits of the reusable capacity of water spout are:

  • Its economic benefits – it saves you the cost of having to restock your refrigerator frequently.
  • It is convenient – it is easy to use and doesn’t require too much space.
  • Water pouch with spout can come in handy, especially during odd hours and emergencies.

Clearly, there are so many things you should consider before buying a water pouch with spout.

The best part, this guide has explored everything you should know.

At TedPack, we design and manufacture a range of water pouch with spout.

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