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For hot filling, hot packing and cooked food packaging, mainly for cooked meat, fish and ready to eat food, start from 100pcs and delivery within 2 weeks.

Vacuum PouchFreezable & Retort Pouch | Custom Print, Size

Vacuum pouch packaging is still one of the most efficient methods to preserve food. Made with simple Nylon laminated PE material or Nylon with PE extrusion material flat pouches, sealed at three sides and leave one side open.

It is the best solution to avoid bacteria proliferation or reduce the chances of food getting spoiled. Vacuum pouches can help keep food for a long period of time. With these pouches, you can seal individual or family-sized portions of meals or snacks to increase their shelf life.

Vacuum pouches are normally without printing, but for some premium frozen food, there still have some simple printing on it. TedPack has been producing vacuum pouches for years, we offer like frozen dumplings, meat, fish products company vacuum pouches to meet their huge demands in food packaging.

  • MOQ start from 100pcs and delivery within 2 weeks;
  • BPA Free and FDA approved material;
  • Suitable for minus 20 degrees frozen use or 95、105、121、135℃ retort use;
  • High barrier and 100% tight sealing property;

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MOQ 100 Pcs by Digital Print, 10K Pcs by Gravure Print
Size100*150mm(Min)    400*540(Max)
Thickness75Mircons-200Mircons (3Mil-8Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle
PrintingD-Met Printing, Vanishing, Matte Finishing
100100 x 150
180120 x 180
270150 x 200
270160 x 240

We have a lot of inventory of vacuum packaging pouch products at your disposal. Our company has realized there is an increasing demand for packaging. This is due to a shift in consumer behavior across the globe.

In this day and age, consumers are looking for several qualities in their packaging products. These qualities include ease of use, convenience, and portability. Similar qualities are also sought by retailers. That’s where TedPack comes in.

We’re one of the leading company in China responsible packaging solutions, supplying a broad range of vacuum pouches and other packaging products and services to companies and individual customers.

If you frequently buy or store food in bulk, our vacuum pouch provides a far more secure way to package and store it than using zip top and plastic wrap bags. For instance, if you seal protein foods such as seafood, poultry, and meat, without freezing them, you will keep your freezer away for a long time.

Frozen raw proteins can be stored for about six to twelve months. Storing the food in our vacuum pouches removes 99% of the air. As a result, the raw protein can last for more than three years.

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Vacuum Pouch for food

Vacuum pouch for food allows you to preserve and prolong your product’s shelf life. These are industrial strength pouches that will make your food remain fresh for a more extended period than conventional storage techniques. The pouch features an 8-inch open end for sealing, and the laminated film structure is made of 20% nylon and 80% polythene. It features a third layer of mesh substance that has a 3mil thickness for great strength. Lastly, the bags can be refrigerated, frozen, boilable, and microwaved due to the airtight environment provided.

Clear Vacuum Pouch

With a clear vacuum pouch, you will preserve and prolong the shelf life of your products, not to forget the transparent structure that allows customers to preview the packaged products. This is one of the best industrial strength pouches that will maintain the freshness of your products for an extended period thanks to the clear laminated films. Additionally, they are the most cost-effective storage options in the market. The bags are designed to securely seal any liquid or solid products with any chamber packaging equipment. This is to guarantee long-lasting freshness, and it has an 8-inch unclosed end for sealing.

Printing Vacuum Pouch

Printing vacuum pouches are designed to let you balance the need for marketing and protecting your products with the increasing demand for cost-efficiency. First, these are poly-nylon pouches that allow for maximum fill temperatures of 160 degrees. These bags will enable you to present your products depending on your packaging needs since you can print any information on them. Also, these bags are made of high-quality laminated films to provide moisture and oxygen barrier properties, puncture resistance, consistent clarity, and impressive side seal strength.

Customized Vacuum Pouch

Customized vacuum pouch offers an excellent way to improve the visibility of your products in a cost-effective means. Created using printable laminated films, it is a guarantee your bags will have stunning printings.  Secondly, customization does not touch on printing alone, you can order for different pouch shapes and with customized sealing add-ons. Lastly, these pouches are available in various sizes, but the most common size is 250mm by 150mm. Lastly, the structure from the laminated film is heat-sealed for airtight sealing.

Vacuum Pouch

High-quality vacuum pouches are designed to give you long shelf life through airtight sealing and high barrier properties. They are made of high-quality laminated materials to offer better barrier protection against gas odor, and moisture. Note, these pouch bags are created using 80 percent Retortable Cast Polypropylene (RCPP), 20 percent nylon and feature a hard-wearing perforated layer that is puncture resistance. The pouch is used for packaging food products like fish and meat.

Vacuum Pouch for fish

Vacuum Pouch for fish is an industrial-strength pouch that is meant to be used in chamber-style vacuum packaging equipment and will preserve your fish freshness for long. These bags are constructed with a durable design as they made of 20 percent nylon and 80 percent polythene. This makes the bags strong enough to resist abrasions and punctures. Additionally, they are ideal for vide cooking since they can be microwaved, refrigerated, frozen, and can endure being boiled for 20 minutes.

Vacuum Pouch factory

Vacuum pouches and bags are designed to keep and maintain the freshness of your products up to 5 times longer than conventional storage techniques. For this reason, the bags offer a cost-effective packaging solution. The bags are ideal for packaging of substantial items, such as steaks, asparagus, or liquid items such as tomatoes puree, soup, and vegetable stock. This allows you to store a range of ingredients and food. So, you will have a chance to prepare a section of the meal days before serving without affecting taste or quality. Lastly, all this is made possible by laminated films, heat sealing, and airtight sealing.

China Vacuum Pouch

China vacuum pouch is designed for a wide range of application. They will extend the shelf life of the items while preparing them for sous vide cooking. The bags can be used for any external vacuum packaging tool, and they come with a zip lock for easy reclosability. The bag is meant for industrial usage. For this reason, the pouches have a three mil thickness and are resistant to abrasions and punctures.

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The Savior of food—Vacumn Pouch

Food preservation methods include preservatives, nitrogen, and vacuum pouches. There is no doubt that the vacuum pouch is the most natural and healthy method of these methods.

1. The operating principle of the vacuum pouch is to remove air and oxygen. It inhibits the growth of microorganisms that rely on oxygen and slows down the mildew rate of food and the oxidation rate of nutrients in food. At the same time, it can prevent food from getting damp, reduce bacteria and insect pollution in the external environment, and avoid odor and moisture between foods.

2. Vacuum pouch is widely used in the field of application, including beans, rice, fresh meat, dry goods, tea, etc.

If you want to know more about the vacuum pouch, please feel free to email us!

Vacuum Pouch

TedPack: Vacuum Pouch Leading Manufacturer in China

Vacuum Pouches -The Definitive FAQ Guide

What are Vacuum Pouches?

Vacuum pouches are flexible packaging pouches that are used for the packaging of various products (mostly food products). They also serve as a means of food preservation.

Vacuum pouches

Vacuum pouches

What is Vacuum Sealing?

This is the method of sealing that is used for both vacuum bags and pouches.

It this method, all oxygen contained in the bag is being removed.

Vacuum sealing is used for certain products so as to ensure preserve them and ensure their longevity.

What products can be vacuum sealed

Vacuum sealing does not only apply to edible products.

There are some inedible products that are also vacuum sealed.

Common Vacuum sealed products include the following:

  • Fish
  • Meat
  • Bread
  • Cookie
  • Vegetables
  • Blanket, pillowcase, bed sheets
  • Band-aids
  • Ammo etc.

What are the Uses and Application of Vacuum pouches?

Vacuum pouches are special types of pouches used for the packaging of various products that cannot be packaged with other packaging materials.

Some of the uses and applications of vacuum pouches include the following:

  • Used for the manufacturing of food products such as butter, peanut, sauces, condiments, etc.
  • Used as packaging in meat factories
  • Used in greengrocer industries
  • Used in restaurants and fast food for packaging of food (takeaway)
  • Used for packaging of agricultural products
  • Used for packaging of drinks like energy drinks, protein shakes, coffee, yogurt, raw cattle milk, honey, and juice.

What are the advantages of using vacuum pouches?

Some of the advantages of using vacuum pouches and vacuum sealing over other packaging bags and methods include the following:

  • Serves as barrier and protection against contaminants
  • Preserves the nutrients of the food and ensures longevity as well. Vacuum pouches preserve foods about 3 times better than other types of food packaging
  • It makes it easy to either heat or freezes the food at will.
  • Extends the shelf life on the product while in a refrigerator
  • Makes it very easy to arrange food for packaging or in refrigerators.
  • They save consumer time in getting ready-made food products instead of going through the process of getting raw products
  • The vacuum bag is reusable, and this is a great economic benefit
  • Vacuum bags are easy to handle and light-weighted
  • They are very flexible and user-friendly. This prevents injuries in handling them
  • Vacuum packaging makes it possible for the product to survive various weather conditions
  • The outermost part is also perfect for artwork and design, this is good for brand awareness and advertisement
  • They are biodegradable, and this makes them environmentally friendly.

What are the similarities between vacuum packaging and other types of packaging?

Some of the similarities between vacuum packaging and other types include the following.

  • Most packaging techniques serves as protection against barriers
  • Most packaging techniques are usually very difficult to puncture
  • Most packaging techniques make use of certain preservatives for food packaging.

What are Factors to consider before choosing a Vacuum pouch?

There are various factors that you should put into consideration before making a choice of vacuum pouch to use for packaging.

They include the following:

  • Make sure that manufactures have authentication to produce the vacuum pouch.
  • Make sure that the vacuum pouches meet FDA standard for packaging and distribution of edible products
  • Consider the products and if they are the typical vacuum-sealable products
  • Request for samples before placing a huge order.

What are the types of Vacuum pouches used for packaging?

Tedpack deal with the manufacturing of various types of vacuum pouches depending on the choice of the customers.

Some of the most common types of vacuum pouches include the following:

  • Clear food vacuum pouches
  • Vacuum pouches with zippers
  • Gusset vacuum pouches
  • Black and clear vacuum pouches

Vacuum pouches with zipper

Vacuum pouches with zipper

What are the sizes of Vacuum Pouches?

As Tedpack, the sizes for vacuum pouches are based on the client’s requirements.

Some sizes common for vacuum pouches include the following:

  • Pint vacuum pouches
  • Quartz size vacuum pouches
  • Gallon size vacuum pouches

What is the thickness of Vacuum Pouches?

At Tedpack, the thickness for vacuum pouches is within the range of 3.5-4 mil, and this makes it one of the most durable packaging material available.

Gusset vacuum pouch

 Gusset vacuum pouch

Can you freeze Vacuum Pouches without affecting the products?

Vacuum pouches manufactured by Tedpack are designed in such a way that they eradicate oxygen that usually causes freezer burn.

This makes it possible to freeze vacuum pouches without affecting the products that are being packaged.

Can products in Vacuum Pouches be heated?

Products in vacuum pouches can be heated, however, depending on the strategy for heating, there are some precautions that must be adhered to for effecting heating.

  • While heating with a microwave, ensure to make a puncture in the vacuum pouch so that the steam will escape.
  • For simmered heating in water, make sure that the vacuum pouch does not touch the bottom or sides of the pot.
  • For this to happen, it has to be immersed in a lot of water.

Where can I find manufacturers of Vacuum Pouches?

Tedpack is professionals in the manufacturing of various packaging bags and pouches, and this includes vacuum pouches.

The company is located in Asia, China.

Black and clear vacuum bag

Black and clear vacuum bag

Are Vacuum Pouches Reusable?

Vacuum pouches are reusable. However, to reuse them you have to make a good cut while unsealing so as not to damage the bag.

Also, make sure that the bag is devoid of oxygen before reusing.

Rinse and leave the bag to dry out before using again.

What is the best way to seal a Vacuum Pouches?

Vacuum pouches are heat sealable, and this is the best way to seal them.

What are Vacuum Pouches made from?

Vacuum pouches are made from a certain plastic known as polythene.

Can Vacuum Pouches be used for pet foods?

Vacuum pouches can be sued or the packaging of pet foods that need the preservation and longevity that vacuum sealing provides.

Tedpack is experts in the manufacturing of various types of pf vacuum pouches, including those for pet foods.

Can Vacuum Pouches be used for infant foods?

No, Vacuum pouches are not used for the packaging of infant foods.

This is because infant food does not require vacuum sealing.

Vacuum Pouch: The Ultimate Guide

Perennial food wastage as necessitated the need for quality food packaging.

Customers are getting more and more concerned about food packaging.

They have realized well-packaged food last longer on the shelves, maintains its freshness for long, food aroma remains for an extended span, and food contamination gets reduced.

For that reason:

  • Food industries have embarked on packaging researches
  • Colossal investments have been made in packaging industries
  • Customer purchase habit has changed; regarding food packaging habits and lastly,
  • The need for customer convenienceVacuum Pouch

As an innovative, scientific and quality standardization response, Vacuum pouches were invented.

They are packaging pouches made of the quality laminated material film for food preservation.

For any products that need an air-free environment, this eBook will take you through vacuum packaging pouches that you need to use.

Chapter 1: Definition of Vacuum Pouch

A Vacuum pouch is an example of a carrier pouch designed for products which need an airless environment.

A vacuum environment purpose is to protect either food product or any product from dust, air, moisture aroma loss or any form or external damage or contamination.Vacuum Pouch

Before sealing these bags types, they go through a vacuuming process which entails the removal of air from inside the pouches until an ultimate vacuum space gets created.

Remember, the microscopic organism that causes packaged food fermentation, or contamination do depend on oxygen.

For that reason, vacuum packaging removes air from the pouches be for filling and sealing.

Such a process ensures an airtight (airless) environment which eliminates any form of food oxidation which causes deterioration of packaged food quality.

When these pouches get sealed, it means the packaged food will be devoid of any moisture or food pathogens. Chapter 2 will explain much on these.

Insect infestation which results in eggs or larvae presence also gets removed.

Note, these insects depend on oxygen gas for survival.

With no oxygen; it means your packaged products will be safe.

For medical product or iron made products that need an airless environment to avoid product contamination, oxidation and rusting, vacuum pouches and bags are what you need.

Chapter 3 will elaborate more on benefits to accrue from vacuum bags.

At a glimpse, our TedPack manufactured vacuum pouches have the following characteristics:

  • 65 micron of size range which is suitable foremost vacuum filling and selling machines.
  • Are made of food-grade materials but can also be used for medical product packaging.
  • Can withstand freezing temperatures and are of high clarity
  • Are made of Laminated material structures

Lastly, our manufacturing process does not meet preservation needs only; we are also into producing good-looking pouches which will attract customers.

Our professionalism is top-notch; we take pride in cautious production, orientation to details and timely delivery.

More on shipping and warehousing will be explained later in the guide.

Chapter 2: Applications of Vacuum Pouches

Vacuum pouches are loved due to their varied uses.

At TedPack, we produce various types of vacuum pouches as they will be explained in chapter 5.Vacuum Pouch

Vacuum bags are beneficial; that is why product producers, retailers, and product customer love them.

They are multi-layered pouches with the ability to keep packaged products for long on the shelves, preserve product aroma/taste and keep iron products free from rusting.

There are some vacuum pouches which are made of up to 5 material layers or even more. We do that to ensure product protection and conservation of sensitive products.

If you decide to use this kind of pouches, be sure you the will preserve the freshness, quality, and flavor of your products.

Chapter 2.1: Pet Food Packaging

vacuum pouch for pet food

At times, pet food packaging can be too expensive, either for the customer or retailer. Any contamination from micro-organisms or product oxidation whether on mall shelves or customer pantry can register great losses.

With that in mind, quality product packaging is needed to ensure shelf longevity and food freshness preservation.

Whether you are planning to buy/package dry or wet pet food, proper packaging comes in handy.

Poor packaging will mean retailers will go on losses when food goes to waste on their shelves, not to forget losing customers due to unsatisfaction.

Customers will always look at properly vacuum sealed pet food. Vacuum packaging preserves food quality, aroma, and aroma.

Additionally, vacuumed pet food pouches can get branded and labeled for customer attraction. Premium rotogravure printing does confirm our graphic imprints quality.

Lastly, our pet food vacuum pouches are fitted with proper add-ons for easy opening/resealing.

Chapter 2.2: Food Packaging

Among human food category, there are several subclasses on which vacuum pouches can be used. Depending on the type of food to be packaged, we produce different pouches and bags but all with the ability to provide airless environments.Vacuum Pouch

Food products need quality packaging environment. The following are some of the negative factors which vacuum pouches are designed to bar:

  • Gases and vapor
  • UV light and sunlight
  • Friction, tension, and bursting pressure
  • Extreme temperatures and corrosive contaminants and substances

Below are different human food which needs proper vacuum environments:

Chapter 2.2.1: Confectionery, Dry Food, and Snack

Vacuum pouch

At times, you may need vacuum pouches to help in the packaging of dry fruits, snacks confectionery or any other food type.

If you fear oxidation can become a deteriorating effect on any of these food types, vacuum pouches are what you need.

These are flexible bag types with proper barriers from all gases and climatic effects.

With proper imprints and graphic designing, be sure your product identity and attraction to customers will be something worth your pay.

Lastly, your customers will enjoy several add-ons which add to product use convenience. All to do is inform us of the type of add-ons you need.

Chapter 2.2.2: Processed Foods

16-Vacuum Pouch

If you are looking for packaging pouches for chilled, frozen or seafood, look no more. At TedPack we got you covered; we produce customized vacuum pouches that will maintain your food product freshness for long.

We have several vacuum pouches which are flexible and well suited for you.

Apart from the provision of an airless environment which helps avoid product fermentation, oxidation, and micro-organism growth, we have in-house graphic designing professionals.

We offer high-quality rotogravure and flexographic imprints to boost pouches appearance, customer attraction, market presence, and branding.

Don’t you need such qualities to help you thin out vacuumed product competition?

For customer convenience, we offer several add-ons option to choose from.

Chapter 2.2.3: Condiments, Sauces and Gravy Vacuum Pouches

If you are planning to package purees, baby food, sauces, gravy products, and spices in an airless environment, think of using Vacuum pouches.

Vacuum pouch manufacturer

These pouches are well designed and manufactured using high-quality material structure. We produce customized bags of different sizes and shapes with top notch packaging barriers.

If you need quality imprints and perfect add-ons such as tear notches and sprouts, we can offer more, talk to us.

Chapter 2.2.4: Frozen Food PackagingVacuum Pouch

Frozen types of food need quality packaging. Our pouches are well laminated using multi-layer structures to help in maintaining food freshness for an extended shelf span.

Our pouches are perfect for the preservation of frozen foods, frozen products, and seafood.

If you need customized frozen food packaging, we take pride in the production of specialized quality pouches.

Our bags are of different shapes, sizes, styles and with different add-ons for efficient usage. Additionally, we use high-quality rotogravure printing and high-quality flexographic imprints.

Chapter: 2.3: Garden and Home Products

Vacuum pouches can as well get used for packaging household, lawn and gardening products. For example, some products like fertilizers, culture soil, bath salts, soap, and some laundry products require vacuum storage environments.Vacuum Pouch

This vacuum environment prevents product oxidation, moisture, and any contamination. But for you to achieve such an environment, you need quality packaging.

Quality packaging is what we offer. Something that will ensure your packaged products remains on the shelf for long and in the right usable quality.

Besides an airless environment, we manufacture pouches with different features meant explicitly for customer convenience. Such are pouch sprouts, closures, and tear notches.

Lastly, we produce pouches of different sizes, shapes styles, and branding colors. If you need any specific add-on, feature or pouch shape, talk to us. We are a flexible company just for you.

Chapter 2.4: Beauty and Health Product

Whether you are a beauty and health product retailer or product user, you will agree with us that product packaging affects product shelf longevity, quality preservation, aroma plus product good smell.

The poor packaging of beauty products, personal care products, organic food products, and health food products leads to deterioration of product quality, good smell loss, oxidation, and product contamination.

Oxygen, odor, moisture and water vapor can wreak havoc on the quality of your manufactured product.

In connection to that, we manufacture vacuum pouches and bags of different shapes, designs, sizes and with special Add-on for user convenience.

Some of the add-ons we fit on this pouches are clear windows, zippers, tear notches and many others. For marketing and customer attraction reasons, we have machines that help us have 3D imprints and quality graphics.

If you need self-standing pouches, count on us too, we are your ultimate solution to all types of vacuum pouches.

Chapter 2.5: Health, Medical, and Pharmaceutical Packaging

Health, medical and pharmaceutical products include powdered products all the way to large chunks of medical devices and pieces.

Vacuum pouches thus are much needed to package these products under air free, dust free and contamination free environment.

Vacuum Pouch

If you deal in such types of products, you need bags which are designed to protect them from oxygen, moisture, odor, chemicals, light and all forms of contamination.

All our pouches are well fitted with add-ons like tear notches, re-closable zippers, rounded corners, hang holes and ergonomic handles among others.

Lastly, our pouches are made of quality materials that enable our graphics and imprint professional able to have informative content as well as images.

Chapter: 2.6: Industrial Packaging

Vacuum pouches used for industrial packaging are used to handle granular chemicals, agricultural products, lubricants, fertilizers, and industrial powders.

If you need laminated films of any size, storage capacity or style, we are here for you. Our pouches are flexible enough for versatile purposes.

If you need them customized with any add-ons, we are ready for you, allow us to help you.

Chapter 3: Benefits of Vacuum Pouches

Pre-prepared foods can get stored for several days. Mark you, their quality will be intact, they will be fresh and in the same time with the original flavor.

Our vacuum pouch is essential for those who really need to store food safely for a long period of time. The pouch will help prevent oxidation. Thus, it will retain its color, taste, and integrity.

What’s more, TedPack vacuum pouch comes with a wide range of controls. It comes equipped with a manual button/pulse that lets you to slowly pulse the pouch when vacuuming the delicate foods, such as crackers, chips, and berries. You can easily stop before they are crushed.

Our vacuum pouch also comes with an accessory port that can be used for a wide range of attachments. It is worth noting these attachments are sold separately. A handheld or tube sealing attachment when connected to a port can be used for various attachments. A jar attachment is just one example that can be used for sealing a marinating canister. Our vacuum pouch comes in a reasonable size. Ideally, it should be able to connect a range of pouch sizes. This means it can hold a wide range of bag sizes.

Tedpack vacuum pouches are also very affordable. They have larger motors, more control options (like cancel, pressure and pulse functions), a storage for the bag roll, and more vacuum strength. Our company also offers a full line of replacement of replacement parts for our products. The TedPack vacuum pouch comes with a warranty.

Tedpack vacuum pouch products are manufactured from a high-quality material that meets FDA requirements. They are very strong and ideal for raw proteins like meat, seafood, and poultry. Our pouches are tested and verified to be free of toxic elements like lead, phthalates, and Bisphenol-A

  • Made from a cost-effective material that exceeds FDA requirements
  • Multiple layer mixture of nylon resins and polythene offers great Low oxygen transfer and performance
  • High impact resistance
  • Excellent shelf life
  • High-temperature tolerance

Is such your intention?

Then you need vacuum pouches. They are good for packaging sliced meat, poultry meat, fish, veggies, fruits, cheese, and salads.

If you need to store cooked or raw food hygienically, vacuum bags are the storage bags you need. They can be used for fridges storages, and will also allow easy transportation while reducing product contamination risk.

Below are some of the benefits you are to accrue for using these vacuum pouches.

Chapter 3.1: Can Preserve Delicate Oils and FlavorsVacuum Pouch

Of late, dieting has attracted an unending discussion. There is emphasis everywhere on the elimination of excess fat and salt from daily diets but sticking to, and increasing natural oil consumption.

Fish oil which is the primary source of omega-3 fatty acid is much preferred. Omega 3 fatty acids do help in lowering triglyceride levels which are linked to the high prevalence of cardiovascular diseases.

Note: fish oil does deteriorate much faster than fat compounds found in beef, pork, and chicken. For that reason, you need to wrap your fish well before storing them in a freezer.

Vacuum packaging can help you store fish for about two months in a freezer. Vacuum pouches can help you preserve taste and natural freshness for up to six days in a freezer or up to two years in a frozen state.

Chapter 3.2: Prevent Freezer Burn

Proper vacuum food packaging helps reduce freezer burns. Once the food is stored in a freezer without quality wrapping, food dehydration occurs which causes a dry and leathery appearance.Vacuum Pouch

When such happens, food texture and flavor might get ruined. But to avoid such, you need quality vacuum pouches which will reduce freezer burns on your food.

Lastly, this vacuum food packaging will protect your food from air and contamination exposure.

Chapter 3.3: Strong Marketing and Branding

At Tedpack, we understand the need for quality product branding. That is why we have attractive logos, images, and labels. Such will help attract customers at first sight.

With our high-quality rotogravure and flexographic imprints, you will be able to market your product. Additionally, you will have quality imprints where you can print nutritional info and food preparation guide.

Our in-house designers are perfect in unique brand making that will help your products sell well in a competitive market.

We have high quality and unique holographic, Luminescent and 3D effects that will help your products stand out from counterfeit products.

Chapter 3.4: Elimination of Product Oxidation

Oxidation does affect food product preservation in different ways. For that reason, vacuum packaging ensures removal of air that does affect packaged food color, taste, odor, and texture.

Vacuum Pouch

While filling vacuum pouches, all gasses are sucked out before sealing.

An airless environment does not allow bacteria growth because they need oxygen for survival. Bacteria growth brings about food fermentation, taste or flavor deterioration.

That is why you need vacuum pouches.

Chapter 3.5: Eco-friendly  

Environmental preservation is one noble thing in the current world. Our pouches are made of biodegradable material.

Additionally, our pouch production consumes less energy and uses less material. Since most customers are much concerned with environmental conservation the same way they are interested in quality vacuum packaging, we offer vacuum pouches made up of biodegradable materials.

Chapter 3.6: Can Maintain Natural Moisture

One of the main reason foods is well packaged, is to prevent it from drying. Remember, air results in moisture evaporation.

Whether you are planning to package pork, poultry or any form of meat or food product that need a moist environment, you need vacuum pouches.

Airless pouches are the best option when it comes to preventing your food from drying.

Chapter 3.7: Cost effective

Before even getting into in-depth details, food wastage due to contamination, drying up or fermentation brings about business loss as well as consumer unsatisfaction.

Our vacuum pouches are cheap in the following ways:

  • They need less transportation space and are less bulky
  • They require less material and manufacturing energy compared to plastic and other packaging materials.

Chapter 4: Add-Ons (Features)

Apart from making quality vacuum pouches that will increase your product storage longevity, customer convenience comes first to us too.

We manufacture pouches that will give our customers easy carrying, opening, sealing and tearing experience. In connection to such a necessity, we have several add-on features for you.

Depending on your vacuum pouch usage and purpose, we have a wide range of add-ons to choose from.

Below are main Add-on feature we fit on Vacuum pouches

Chapter 4.1: Tear Notches

We are always concerned about our customer’s convenience. To ensure simple access to vacuum packaged product, we have tear notch add-ons.Vacuum Pouch

These are add-ons fitted to help customer initiate a tear, and ensure every tear is clean and straight.

Tear notches get fitted on the uppermost part of a pouch or bag. You can have them installed on several vacuum pouches types. With this type of add-on, be sure your customers will enjoy buying your product due to easy pouch opening.

Chapter 4.2: Re-closable Zipper

Reclosable vacuum pouch

After you have bought your vacuum packaged product, eventually you will open it ready for you. But imagine what would happen if you leave that product not sealed after scooping the amount you needed.

Although the packaged product might take longer to get spoilt, probably contamination of the packaged product will occur. That is why you need vacuum pouches with re-closable zippers add-on.

Zippers will help you re-seal your vacuum pouch thus lengthening the storage time, nutrient preservation, taste/aroma protection, preventing the diffusion of unpleasant odor, and avoiding packaged product contamination.

Chapter 4.3: Punch Hang Holes

At times, the retailer may need to hang they vacuum packaged products for display reasons. Additionally, customers or end product users might need to hang their products after buying them.

Owing to such needs, our vacuum bags are fitted with punch hang holes to bring about pouch flexibility.

Among the hang hole options, we have three options.

  • Butterfly hang holes
  • Round hang holes
  • Triangle hang holes

Chapter 4.4: Rounded CornersVacuum Pouch

Due to the stiff and durable material used in the manufacturing of vacuum pouches, we realized sharp corners could cause injuries to product end users.

For that reason, we opted to have professional round corners as optional add-ons. If you need vacuum packaging bags with rounded corners, all you need to do is tell us.

We are a listening bag and pouches company ready to do what is needed for and by our esteemed customers.

Chapter 4.5: Degassing valves

Vacuum pouch degassing valve

Although vacuum pouches are airless, when storing product such as roasted coffee beans which produce gas after packaging, you need degassing valves to vent out the CO2 produced by coffee beans or any other gas-producing product.

We use different types of degassing valves such as Goglio and Wipf valves. But, all of them are geared toward the same purpose.

Chapter 4.6: Glossy or Matt Finishes

Glossy and matte finishes are applied to vacuum pouch materials for different reasons. But, both are designed to attract customers differently.

For example, gloss finishing helps in making vacuum pouches surface shin or glow. Such is needed to help make graphics and all imprints visible for customer attraction.

Secondly, matt is a surface finishing style that makes vacuum packages surface look dull, rough and natural. But, it is also geared towards making the surface ultra-professional for quality imprints.

Chapter 4.7: Clear windowsVacuum Pouch

Some customers demand to see content packaged before purchasing. For metalized vacuum pouches and all pouches with opaque surfaces; clear window parts becomes some vital necessity.

In response to such a market need, at TedPack we have several clear window shapes that we can have on your vacuum pouches.

We allow you to decide on any shape you need and that is what we will offer you. Lastly, there are vacuum pouches with one side opaque and another side being transparent. All the same, such are designed for customer product viewing.

Chapter 4.8: Laser scoring

A laser scoring add-on is a kind of tear notch fitted on a pouch to enable easy tearing and opening.

But, it differs from the known tear notches by one to factors. A laser scoring add-on is fitted on one pouch side, either left or right.

Chapter 4.9: De-metallization

Vacuum Pouch

For proper product protection, sometimes aluminum materials are used. But owing to the opacity that comes with aluminum material films, de-metallization is essential.

De-metallization is the process of scrapping or stripping of some aluminum coating. This process achieves the removal of a metalized substrate thus creating a transparent window pattern.

This process creates a transparent window used for product viewing by customers before buying.

Chapter 5: Types of Vacuum Pouches

Vacuum pouches are found in a few styles. Depending on the way you intend to use your bags, our manufacturing professionalism is designed to serve your purpose.

At Tedpack, we are aware of all market dynamics and customer buying habit that meet vacuum packaging. In response to such, every step we take is geared towards making sure your packaging needs get adhered too.

Vacuum packaging is majorly dictated by the type of product to get packaged. Strict professionalism, extensive technological and market research has helped us to come up with the most advanced pouch types.

Whether you are planning to package frozen food, seafood, medical supplies, medical devices or any industrial product, we have a vacuum pouch for you.

Chapter 5.1: Stand up Vacuum Pouches

Even though most food products which need vacuumed environment are mostly confined to refrigerated environments, stand up vacuum pouches come in handy for the sake of product visibility.

Stand up pouches are mostly loved due to their ability to settle/stand firm on the shelf or any platform where they are placed. Proper visibility due to improved stability makes it possible for product labels and branding imprints to get seen by prospective buyers.Vacuum Pouch

Remember, these vacuum bags are made up of quality materials primarily for product protection from air, moisture, water vapor, and any contamination.

Lastly, our manufactured stand up vacuum pouches can get fitted with any add-on type you might need. We have ergonomic handles, tear notches, zippers, and many others.

Chapter 5.2: 3 Side Seal Vacuum Pouches

3 side seal vacuum pouches are best used for the packaging of frozen foods, meat, fish, organic products, chocolates, cosmetics, seafood and other products that need vacuumed environment.

Vacuum Pouch

These 3 side seal pouches are bags with three seals side and one open side which is to be sealed by the customer after filling it.

If you need printable vacuum pouches for product marketing, then think of having this type of bag. We produce them in a variety of sizes. Talk to have, and we will manufacture vacuum pouches with the height and width you need.

Additionally, there are several add-ons like round holes punches, tear notches, transparent windows and others. We have several options for you.

For the sake of quality and high barrier regarding air and contaminants during the storage time, proper EVOH, MET-PET, Aluminum, and other material types are used.

Chapter 5.3: 4 Side seal Vacuum Pouches

These are free-standing types of pouches which have four sides and sealed at the top. In other words, they are known as quad seal pouches.Vacuum Pouch

If you need vacuum pouches which can hold a little bit more product and still stand on the shelf well, then you need these types of vacuum packaging bags.

They are made of quality material which can bar of air, vapor, moisture, odor and any form of contaminant.

Additionally, there are several add-ons like zippers, tear notches, ergonomic handles, hang holes and others.

Lastly, they offer ample time for branding, labeling and info printing.

Chapter 5.4: Vacuum Pouches with Zippers

At times, pouch resealing becomes a necessity. Vacuum pouches with zippers are designed to maintain an airless environment throughout the storing time span and enable resealing after first pouch opening.

They are flexible pouches which can be used for dry and wet applications. If you need them to get customized with logos, imprints and labels, talk to us. We produce both matt and gloss vacuum pouches with zippers too.

For vacuum bags which carry products which package a large amount of food or any product that needs a vacuum environment, they need zippers to reclose the pouch and avoid food contamination.

Their film structure is well laminated using different materials such as LLDPE, aluminum foils, PP, PE, and many others to help provide a barrier against air and contaminant strengthening.

Lastly, you can decide to have add-ons for customer convenience.

They are good for packaging meat, cheese, seafood, medical supplies and other products that need vacuum packaging.

Chapter 5. 5: Aluminum Foil Vacuum Packing Bag

Aluminum foil vacuum pouches are composite bags designed for a flexible vacuum packaging purpose.

Vacuum Pouch

They are made of quality material films of aluminum plus other material like PE for top-notch packaged protection of air, odor infiltration, moisture loss, and contamination.

They are used for packaging foods such as meat, seafood, fish, cheese and other products like medical supplies and other industrial products and chemicals.

Their shapes, size, and style vary depending on your instructions. But something you should know is, with us in play you are going to get the best pouch quality you need.

Remember, the materials we use are FDA approved and eco-friendly. Lastly, there are several add-ons on these bags such as tear notches, gloss, and mantle finishing all for consumer attraction and convenience.

Chapter 5.6: Printed Vacuum Pouches

For quality branding and marketing, you need printed vacuum pouches. These are pouches customized to provide an airless environment for product packaging, and at the same time provide ample surface for making advertisement imprints.

These pouches are well laminated using several structural films to provide quality air, moisture, vapor, and contamination barrier.

Additionally, several add-ons can be fitted on these pouches to add on customer convenience apart from the attraction part.

Chapter 5.7: Channeled Vacuum Pouches

You can refer to these bags as embossed vacuum pouches. Mostly, these pouches are used with residential vacuum sealers. They have a textured surface and material that allows air to escape easily.

Apart from that, they offer a good oxygen barrier. Channeled vacuum pouches have a material thickness of 3 millimeters and are found in different shapes.

Chapter 6: Material Choice

There has been confusion among people, that vacuum pouches are manufactured to be used for packaging consumable only. For a fact, vacuum pouches are used for packaging consumable as well as non-consumables.

In connection to that, our material choice is majorly dictated by pouch usage.

But for the record, vacuum pouches are made to serve one ultimate goal which is protecting any product which is sensitive to air (oxygen), moisture, dust and any other form of contaminant that can cause deterioration of food quality.

Most of our pouches are made of laminated material films which stamps their protection purpose. Some of the common film structures we use on making vacuum pouches are:

  • PET/PE
  • PET/Nylon/PE
  • Nylon/PE

Below are the materials we use in the manufacturing of quality vacuum packaging pouches.

  • BOPP – Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene
  • PET –  Poly (ethylene terephthalate
  • VMPET – Vacuum metalized polyethylene terephthalate: offers a perfect barrier for moisture, oxygen and UV light
  • AL– Aluminum: is best used for UV light and oxygen barrier provision.
  • NY – Nylon
  • EVOH – Ethylene-vinyl alcohol: offers perfect oxygen, moisture, and CO2 barrier
  • CPP- Cast polypropylene: is used to add gloss to the very pouches and at the same time preventing pouch deformation.
  • PE – Polyethylene
  • LDPE – Low-density polyethylene
  • LLDPE – Linear low-density polyethylene
  • PP – Polypropylene

Chapter 7: Production and Quality Assurance

Are you in need of quality vacuum pouches? Our professional and detailed oriented production plus quality assurance will heed to your desires.

Our order placement process is simple though. We respond to emails within 12 hours, but you need to know there are vital details we require for proper pouch designing and manufacturing.

After contacting us, we will need clarification on the size, style, color, and expected order delivery date.

From there, our in-house designers will embark on artwork before settling for the production process.

During the vacuum pouch production process, we ensure quality is maintained.  Pouches are as well printed and cut in the best way possible.

Amid all that, our quality assurance team work around the clock to follow the whole production process. Our pouch production goes over 3 stages of quality assurance.

For example, as the production is going on, we have one quality assurance known as in-line. In-line quality assurance is taken care of by three engineers at every time. Their main work is to detect production defects and correct them in good time.

After production, there is the second inspection where bags get inspected. Those with defects that amount to unfitness get corrected before packaging.

But, there is one last inspection done during the vacuum pouch packing ready for shipping. This inspection makes sure that every vacuum pouch marked for shipping to a client is in the right quality.

After every quality assurance work is done, we have secure warehouses where we store our pouches as we make shipping arrangement.

True to our word on a delivery date, we will not disappoint you. You will receive your shipment safe and sound at your delivery point in time.

We work with China Shipment Company, but we are flexible to work with your chosen clearing and forwarding company.

We have customers in more than 15 counties across the Asian continent, USA, and Europe.

Chapter 7.1: Vacuum Pouch Filling and Sealing

For quality filling and sealing, there are specific types of machines used. For example,

Filling machines: There are two types of filling and sealing machines. They are Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal (HFFS) and Vertical Form-Fill-Seal (VFFS). These machines are automatic. They can handle versatile volumes of production at different speeds and perfection.

But before sealing these pouches, they are passed through vacuuming machines that get rid of any air from the very bags. Some are sprayed with nitrogen gas to get rid of oxygen and as well.

Chapter 8: Vacuum Pouches FAQs

1. How long is your delivery time?
We deliver vacuum pouches to your expected location in 30-35 days

2. If I want to order vacuum pouches, what minimum quantity does your company allow?
Our minimum order quantity is 10000 vacuum pouches. But, you can talk to our sales department for further advice.

3. Is it possible to get vacuum pouches samples?
Absolutely yes, kindly confirm your location we will send them to you.

4. Do you produce customized pouches in different color vacuum pouches?
Yes, we have several color options. Contact us for further elaboration

5. Are your services insured?
Sure. We have an insurance policy that protects you and us from unexpected total loss.

6. What type of payment does your company allow?
You can complete your pouch payment through NET PAYMENT and CREDIT CARD. But, contact our sales department for clear clarification

7. What shipment plans do you offer for product delivery?
We work with China clearing and forwarding company. But, we are flexible to use the company you prefer. For more specific details, contact us.

8. How will I confirm my order placement?
Once we receive your order details, you will get contacted by our sales department.

9. Are your pouches Eco-friendly?
Yes. All our pouches are biodegradable, and FDA approved

10. Is it possible to confirm vacuum pouches quality before you ship them to me?
Yes, we can allow your chosen third-party inspector. But, we send SGS and Intek bag samples for inspection before shipping our product.

11. What’s the quality of your printing technology?
We use the latest rotogravure printing technology. Additionally, we have qualified in-house graphic designers.

12. Can vacuum pouches be resealed?
Yes. We fit in add-ons like zippers that allow you to re-seal your pouches.

13. Is it possible to put vacuum pouches in a freezer?
Yes, our pouches are designed to keep out any form of moisture and air

14. Are your vacuum pouches safe?
Yes. We produce food grade pouches and any other type of pouches in line with the required usage. Additionally, our bags are ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certified.

15. How do I know some vacuum packaged food is not fresh?
If you notice any puncture hole, fermentation or release of food natural gas, your food might have begun to spoil, discard it immediately.

Chapter 9: TedPack Vacuum Pouches

We are your flexible vacuum pouch manufacturing company. In case you need any vacuum bag, count on us. We have been in the pouch and bags production business for more than five years.

We deal in a wide range of vacuum packaging bags, and all we have received are positive feedbacks from our esteemed customers.

We take pride in our professionalism to make it happen. It’s neither favor nor luck that makes our customers satisfied; it is because we are qualified and up to the task.

Our innovation and technical proficiency is and will remain a top class. Any work that we get committed to; we always give it our best.

Despite the transformation of vacuum packaging, we are always up to date with what is needed in the market. We do not ask questions but offer solutions and advice.

Talk to us to us today; we always offer a listening here and ready to give you our best.


Do not look elsewhere for vacuum pouches; we are here for you. Our prices are reliable, our manufacturing process is up to date, and our workforce is not only qualified but passionate about offering the best. We produce vacuum pouches of various sizes, shapes, and style with customized graphics to fit your market need. Lastly, our add-on list is long; you will not miss one or more features to make your packaging pouch user reliable.

Think about it: we are still here for you, we are an ultimate answer to consumer-oriented packaging world. For further clarification or questioning, contact us. We have a ready customer care desk ready to listen to you.

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