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With a simple iron wire wrapped with plastic to make the bag header fold together, east to open and fold again. start from 20000pcs, delivery within 3 weeks.

Tin-tie BagIron Tin-tie | Coffee Pouch | 20K MOQ

Tin-tie bag is mainly used for coffee packaging, it is a quad seal bag or gusset bag stick with a flat plastic or paper laminated iron wire in it, we call it “tin-tie”, tin tie usually made with plastic or paper material, with two iron wire/string inside at each edge side of it for re-foldable ability.

The way of using it is peeling the cover paper sheet off, and then stick the tin tie on the glued side on the bag top, after putting coffee or other products inside the pouch, then heat seal the top or not seal instead of directly bending the tin tie to close the pouch. The tin-tie can be added both by hand or by machine.

In a short way of saying, the tin tie is mainly used for convenient storage and re-usable function for coffee.

The tin tie bag top rolled down, the edges over the pouch are the folded and straightened in place. Simply doing that with your tin tie bag, a consumer is assured of the freshness of their product whether its coffee, baked foodstuff, or any other commodity.

  • All kind of tin-tie available, paper, plastic, and colors are all customized;
  • BPA free and FDA approved material;
  • MOQ from 20000pcs for a start, delivery within 3 weeks;
  • Simple use, no need sealer or machine to heat seal;

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MOQ100 Pcs by Digital Print, 10K Pcs by Gravure Print
Size1oz, 2oz, 4oz, 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, 24oz, 1lb, 2lbs, 3lbs, 4lbs, 5lbs
MaterialBOPP/PET/Kraft Paper+AL/FOIL+LLDPE
Thickness70Mircons-200Mircons (2.5Mil-8Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, Zipper, Valve, Tin-tie, Window
PrintingD-Met Printing, Metallize, Vanishing, Matte Finishing

Bag type

Kraft paper pouch80*120 + 40cm (min),

300*420 + 110cm (max)

BOPP/PET + Kraft Paper + AL + LLDPE + CPP

Quad seal pouch130*180 + 50cm (min) 300*420 + 120cm (max)

BOPP/PET/PA + Kraft Paper + AL + PETAL + LLDPE + CPP

TedPack is committed to ensuring every customer has access to flexible packaging products that meet their business or home needs more conveniently and efficiently.

We are devoted to offering and finding more appealing and stylish products for packing, storing, gifting and transporting any product of your choice. One of those products is the tin tie pouch. The application for tin tie pouches is quite a number, although primarily they are allied to the storage of whole bean or ground coffee.

With a little imagination, tin tie pouches can also be used in myriad ways as a container for a number of items and products both at home or in businesses.

Firstly, TedPack tin tie pouches are designed with the wants of the customer at the forefront.  Mostly used for storing coffee and other foodstuffs. These pouches are very convenient for storing dry foods. The working of the tin tie pouches is quite simple.

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aluminum foil tin tie bag

Aluminum foil tin tie bags are mostly made from PET, AL, PP, LLDPE and other materials to create a barrier against moisture, air, UV lights, and contaminants from reaching the product packed. The size of this bag can be customized to fit your needs. Aluminum foil tin tie bags are ideal for packaging coffee, tea, pharmaceuticals and other dry food. The bag can also get folded and then tagged with a fitted tin tie to keep your product fresh and free from spills. Additionally, we custom-print this bag to fit your marketing strategies. Another advantage of using aluminum foil tin tie bag is its ability to self-stand when filled with content.

blank printing tin tie bag

If you’re looking for a bag to package coffee, nuts, cookies, and tea, blank printing tin tie bag is an ideal option. Although it has no printing, your product will still stand out in the shelf because of the color of this pouch. It has a tin tie that seals products from spilling and free flow of dust, moisture, oxygen and other contaminants into the pouch. The bag is laminated with three layers of material which acts as a barrier against contaminants. Lastly, we can custom make different sizes and shapes depending on your needs.

blue tin tie bag

If you’re looking for super gloss look, a blue tin tie bag might serve you the best. This bag will attract your customers from far because of its unique blue color. Additionally, it has a flat bottom that makes it self-stand on any shelf. Also, it has a tin tie that is easily foldable after filling it with content and every time you open. The bag is made from laminated materials to create a strong barrier against moisture, air, UV light and contaminants. The bag is ideal for packaging coffee, tea, confectionaries, dry soups and other products that are stored for a short time.

custom printed tin tie bag

Custom printed tin tie bags are printed using ecofriendly ink. A custom printed tin tie bag is ideal for marketing your product. The bag is made with 3-7 laminated films to create a barrier against contaminant, odor, moisture, UV light and air. The tin tie holds your pouch, folding tightly, protecting the freshness of the product from the initial manufacturing date to the last day of product consumption. The bag stands on the shelf when filled, and the custom prints will attract the customers from far. Also, we custom make any size of the bag to fit your requirement. The pouch is ideal for packaging coffee, tea, confectionaries, and other dry food.

custom printing brown tin tie bag

Custom printing brown tin tie bags are made from laminated films and are meant to improve product visibility. We can custom print your company logo, user guide, and product branding graphics to make them appealing and attractive to customers. Secondly, these pouch bags are fitted with tin ties to protect your products from spilling and getting contaminated. These pouch bags are ideal for packaging coffee, tea, snacks, nuts, and other dry foods because the films used are FDA certified.

custom stand up tin tie pouch

Custom stand up tin tie pouches are unique because they can self-stand when filled, thus improving their visibility. We custom make the pouch to fit your size, color, printing, and add-ons requirements. In that line, all to do is send us your company logo, product description, and we will make your wish come into a reality. These pouches are fitted with tin tie seals that protect your product from spillage and free flow of oxygen, moisture, odor and contaminants. The bag is made with various materials to create a barrier against moisture, air, and other contaminants. It’s ideal for packaging coffee, tea, nuts, snacks, and soup.

custom tin tie coffee bags

Custom tin tie coffee bags are made from laminated films to make them strong, durable, and puncture-resistant. That is the reason why this bag is ideal for packaging coffee. Also, these bags are fitted with degassing valves add-on through which carbon gas produced by roasted coffee escapes the pouch. Secondly, these bags are custom made into different sizes, graphics, and shape to fits your packaging requirement. For product freshness maintenance, there are tin-tie add-ons ready for you. With these add-ons, your end product users can reclose the pouches at will and easily.

kraft tin tie bags

Kraft tin tie bags are made from kraft paper which is then laminated other material on the inside to make it strong. Due to the durable and high barrier properties, these pouch bags can retain your product aroma and freshness. The high barrier properties prevent your products from moisture, air, UV light, pest, and contaminants effects. For reclose reasons, these bags have tin ties that are foldable to seal your product tightly. That is why these bags are ideal for packaging coffee, tea, snacks, and confectionaries.

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Tin-tie bag: The Definitive FAQ Guide

What are Tin-tie bags?

Tin tie bags are used for are packaging materials used for storage of products (mostly edible) for a very short period of time.

Tin tie bags usually come in various specifications as required by the company.

Tedpack is a leading manufacturing company in Tin tie bags and other types of packaging materials.

Tin tie bags

Tin tie bags

What products are Tin-tie bags used for?

Tin tie bags are mostly used for mostly used to preserve edible products on a short term basis.

Some of the most common products that tin tie bags are used to include the following:

  • Coffee
  • Natural products
  • Dry foods and soups
  • Confections
  • Snacks
  • Cookies

On rare occasions, they can be used for the packaging of no edible products like cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, etc.

Coffee Tin tie bags

Coffee Tin tie bags

What is the benefit of using Tin-tie bags?

There are numerous benefits of using tin tie bags instead of other packaging materials, and some of them include the following:

  • Tin tie bags make food packaging more convenient than other bags
  • Tin tie bags provide good storage efficiency over a period of time
  • Tin tie bags, unlike other types of packaging material, are very rigid. This makes their mobility easier
  • Tin tie bags are very easy to dispose of after use.

What features can be used on Tin-tie bags?

There are many features for Tin tie bags, and clients can choose based on the one that best suits their product or other reasons

Some of the features that are being employed for the manufacturing of tin tie bags include the following:

  • Tin tie bas with punch holes
  • Tine tie bags with handles
  • Tin tie bags with zip
  • Tin tie bags with valve
  • Tin tie bags with window

Can Designs and labeling be done on?

Yes, artwork and designs can be done on Tin tie bags for advertisement and aesthetic reasons. Aside from manufacturing tin tie bags, Tedpack is also deal in labeling and designs of tin tie bags.

Can Tin-tie bags be used for baby foods?

No, tin tie bags are not ideal for the packaging of children’s food or as child resistant bags.

What are Tin-tie bags made from?

Depending on the type of tin-tie bag, there are 2 major materials used in the manufacturing procedure. They are polypropylene and natural kraft.

Natural kraft paper that is being used usually has resistance from grease.

Factors to Consider Before purchasing a Tin Tie bag?

There are a number of factors you should consider before using Tin tie bags for the packaging of your products, and they include the following:

  • Size of the tin tie bag
  • Color of the product
  • The materials used for manufacturing the product
  • Graphics and artwork employed
  • Duration of delivery

What are the types of Tin-tie bags?

There are various types of tin tie bags based on the products that is to be packaged or other reasons.

They include the following:

  • Tin tie gusseted bags
  • Tin tie paper bags
  • Tin tie bags with poly liner
  • Clay coat paper thing tie bags
  • Windowed tin tie bags

Tedpack manufacture all of these types of thin tie bags.

Tin tie paper bags

Tin tie paper bags

What are the advantages of paper tin tie bags?

All types of tin tie bags have advantages over one another. Some of the advantages of using a paper tin tie bag include the following:

  • Increases the shelf life of products through protection against contaminants
  • Its design and shape of its bottom makes it easy to store and handle
  • It is a good type of tin toe bag for both sealing and resealing of products
  • It protects the products because if its rigidity, keeping them intact at all time
  • Paper tin tie bags are very lightweight

Are Tin tie bags ideal for the packaging of food products?


All types of tin tie bags manufactured and designed by Tedpack meets FDA approval for the packaging of food and other edible materials.

Tin tie gusseted bags

Tin tie gusseted bags

How many colors are available for Tin-tie bags?

At Tedpack, as long as the color you want is a recognized one, you can rest assured that you are going to get it.

Tedpack has a list of professionals that handles both the artwork and design of tin tie bags and every other type of packaging material.

How long will it take to design Tin-tie bags?

At Tedpack the process of designing your tin tie bag will take just 2-3 days.

Here is a breakdown of the design procedure:

  • Reach out to the sale personnel, and submit a proposal for the design of your tin tie bags
  • The design will only take a duration of 48 hours, after which it would be returned for assessment
  • As soon as the draft sent is approved, the whole job will be completed in the next 24 hours.

How are the payment and shipping of Tin Tie bags done?

The normal payment method at Tedpack is 50% prior to the completion of the project, and the remaining 50% before the shipment is being delivered.

For long term customers, there may be more credits and mode of payment.

Payment would be accepted via PayPal and western union for charges of $1000 and below.

How are Tin Tie bags packaged for delivery?

Packaging of the tin tie bags is done with corrugated cartons, and these cartons ensure the product’s safety.

However, if customers have any other packaging method that they think will be safer than the corrugated cartons, Tedpack will welcome the idea, and other terms and conditions will be applied.

What are the printing method for tin tie bags?

Depending on the client’s requirement, Tedpack employs a number of printing methods. Some of these methods include:

  • Metallize printing
  • Vanishing printing
  • Matte finishing
  • D- met printing

Where can I get Tin-tie bags near me?

Tedpack is a company, based in China, that deals in the manufacturing and designs of tin tie bags and other packaging materials.

With years of experience in the business, Tedpack have professionals are every department of the company.

Tin-Tie Bag: The Ultimate Guide

It is a fact that the kind of packaging given to a product determines the extent of the success of the product in the market.

Tin-Tie BagThe packaging also represents the brand and the image of the production company. For these reasons and more related reasons, adequate attention should be given to how to package our products.

In packaging various kinds of food, tin-tie bags have proven to be a success in the market. This is because of their multi-use and dynamics by which they are used to package diverse product.

This ultimate study guide focuses on offering you readers quality knowledge on tin-tie bags and their application to your various products.

In this light, this study guide has done a great research to see that you have all there is to know about tin-tie bags.

Do well to follow the contents of this Tin-tie Bag study guide heartily as it promises to be highly enlightening.

Chapter 1: What is Tin-Tie Bag?

Tin-Tie bags are packaging materials that are made from either polypropylene, natural kraft paper that has resistance from grease, or PLA.

They are beautified into various shapes and sizes that make them suitable for the products they are used for.

Having known the material the tin-tie bags are made up of, you should know that this packaging material serves as the best option for your short time storage of edible products.

Tin-tie bags have earned itself the status of the best material for short-term preservation.Tin-Tie Bag

The products it is used to preserve include coffee, confections, dry soups, natural products, all dry foods, and other related edible products.

Since you now know what a tin-tie bag is, you may still be faced with the question of where to get one. Do not panic.

TedPack tin-tie bags are always available for you. They come in different varieties to meet your specifications and to be suitable for your products.

Tin-tie bags can be made in two forms. They can be either gusseted tin-tie bags or paper tin-tie bags.

You are very welcome to get your tin-tie bags from us. We do not only offer you the best quality and option, but we also present to you study guides that help you in the use of the tin-tie bags.

Because we understand your need for clarity in making choices, this ultimate study guide shall go to the next section.

In the next chapter, we shall compare tin-tie bags with other packaging materials and give you quality reasons why tin-tie bags prove to be the best option.

Chapter 2: Tin-tie Bags Vs Other Containers

Traditionally, one of the common materials by which food products are packaged is with tin-tie. When using the tin-tie packaging, it is possible for the product to have a distorted and sour taste because the tin may have dissolved some of its components.Tin-Tie Bag

This is specifically common for some food products like soups. According to consumers’ reports, there have also been claims of ants being found in a tin packaged food product.

This is possible because though tin is made with iron, it does not have the material capacity to absolutely contain the smell of the food products to the attraction of pests and insects.

Iron tin has also been criticized as a good packaging material for food products because it lacks the flexibility requires for easy arrangement.

For example, because of its lack of flexibility, it takes more space when arranged in the truck for transporting than a tin-tie bag would take.

In areas where you have to make a choice between tin-tie bags and tin packaging, choose tin-tie bags.

In a more innovative light, the use of bottles came to be adopted as packaging materials for food products.

Though bottles are found to be more preservative and protective to the foods than the tins, it also comes with many fundamental problems.

Tin-Tie BagThe major problem of the packaging of the bottle is its fragility because it is very breakable. It becomes something that can make one lose all the food products if an accident occurs in the process of transporting.

The bottles have also been criticized because it lacks economic efficiency by being expensive to transport because of its massive weight.

In the case of using bottles packaging, the cost of transporting the bottles may be greater than the purpose for which the bottle is made for.

The weight of the bottles may be more than that of the food products. To be more economically efficient, you have to look for a better packaging material.

This includes taking a massive space for storage because of its lack of flexibility for the utilized arrangement.

Obviously, tin-tie bags are very much dependable and economically advantageous than the iron tin packaging materials and the bottles packaging materials.

To make you understand the uses of tin-tie bags and what makes them better than other packaging materials, this study guide shall proceed to show you the benefits of tin-tie bags.

# 2.1 Benefits of Tin-tie Bags

These are the qualities that make the tin-tie bags outstanding when compared to other forms of packaging materials:

# 2.1.1 Convenience Factor

One of the integral things to consider when choosing your packaging material for your food products is its convenience.

Tin-Tie BagTin-tie bags are specifically designed to ensure its users the kind of convenience that is required. Because of its great convenience, you may even place your tin-tie packaged food products in your bicycle basket and make a swift ride home.

It is light in weight and the fear of its breaking is not needed because it is not fragile at all. Its material making is harmless to the body and cannot pierce through the skin in case of any accidents.

This makes them highly better than the bottles and thing packaging that may cause a tear on the flesh when faced with accidents. For the convenience it offers, you can get you tin-tie bags from us.

# 2.1.2 Storage Efficiency

The essentiality of storage and warehousing to your food production cannot be overemphasized. This is because an inappropriate storage use makes you incur more costs than normal.

Other packaging materials are usually more expensive to store because of the big size they are made in, their inflexibility, and the fact that they can’t be squeezed outside the risks of destruction.Tin-Tie Bag

On the other hand, tin-tie bags have proven to be highly environmentally friendly and storage efficient because it can be properly modified to suit a space.

If you desire to make good use and maximization of your storage system then you need not be bothered. Tin-tie bags are the best packaging material that will guarantee you this.

2.1.3 Free from Fragility

One major constraint and challenge of packaging materials is their fragility. By this fragility, there is a great risk of losing all your food products when there is an accident.

Since an accident is possible, the best choice to make is getting a packaging material that is less or not fragile. Do not go too far in your search for a packaging material that is not fragile.

Tin-tie bags are made with the kind of outer and inner layers that make them very dependable and less breakable. Because of its less fragility, tin-tie bags give you the leisure of handling and transporting without the fears of loss or injuries.

2.1.4 Fresh Comparison

The major significance of packaging your edible product is to give them a long-term preservation and originality before the final consumption.

Tin-Tie BagTin-tie bags are essentially designed to preserve the nutrients of your edible products. They are designed to be protective from air, moisture, and light when properly used to package your food products.

Therefore, if you seek a packaging material that will guarantee you the longevity, originality, and preservation of your edible products, you need not go further.

Tin-tie bags ensure lasting durability, longevity, long and short-term preservation, and originality of nutrients of your products.

2.1.5 Ease of Disposal

Because of the need to be sensitive to our environments and its flourishing, we must consider the status of the disposal of our packaging materials outside use.

When bottles are disposed of, they may leave off shards and broken fractions that may cause injury to anyone who comes in contact with it.

Also, research also shows that toxins are usually discharged from them leaving the environment polluted.

In the case of the tin-tie bags disposal, the financial cost is very low because it is light in weight and the process of reprocessing or total destruction proves to be raised and simpler.

Therefore, for environmental consideration, tin-tie bags are just the perfect food products packaging material for you.

Scroll down as this study guide answers one of the most important questions you have concerning tin-tie bags.

# 2.2 What Kind of Products can Tin-tie Bags be Used For?

The importance of every packaging material is determined by the products it applies to.

The use of tin-tie bags varies from products that have long-term preservative value to products that have short-term preservative values.Tin-Tie Bag

However, it is more used for food products that have short-term preservative values in the market. Tin-tie bags are not only relevant in food production and packaging but are also relevant in other areas too.

They have specific capacities to package both edible and non-edible food products.

In the context of foods, tin-tie bags have proven to be a great worth in packaging snack foods and nuts, cookies and candy, spices of all kinds, various natural foods and fruits, all kinds of dry foods, and other related foodstuffs.

The area of purview and uses of tin-tie bags also extend to the non-edibles.

They are used for packaging pharmaceutical products, bakery products, confectioneries, stationary, coffee, tea leaves, beauty and cosmetics among many other equally related non-edible products.

Chapter 3: Why use Tin-tie Bags?

Since we are still confronted with other packaging materials, we are bound to ask the question of the qualities that separate Tin-tie bags from to others.

This section of this study guide loads you up with quality reasons why your preference of Tin-tie bags over other packaging materials is not a wrong one.Tin-Tie Bag

In one answer, Tin-tie bags are ranked higher above other contrasting packaging materials because it is majorly designed to fill in the gaps and weaknesses of other packaging materials.

Tin-tie bags have been found to be highly advantageous both to the manufacturers of edible and non-edible products and also the consumers of such products.

In designing Tin-tie bags, the factors that usually threaten the longevity and preservation of food products are really resisted. It is oxygen-resistant, light-protective, and odor-constrained.

It not only prevents your food or drugs or cosmetics from the destroyers but also prevents external odors from contaminating your food products.

Tin-Tie BagBecause the end of all products is to fulfill the desires of the consumers, the use of Tin-tie bags achieves this purpose.

Tin-tie bags offer convenience to manufacturers in transporting because of their light weight and also offer convenience to the consumers because they are very easy to grab and handle.

It also comes in good textures and outer layers that make the design and logos of the manufacturing companies beautiful and permanent.

It doesn’t clean off like the graphics on other packaging materials. If you want a kind of packaging material that will clearly and beautifully present your brand image to the outside world, then choosing Tin-tie bags is the best choice you have made.

The features that make Tin-tie bags stand out among all its competitive packaging material are many.

They include extensive preservation of products, easy movability, and handling, easy disposability, good affordability, market efficiency, qualitative and quantitative availability among many others.

Having arrived at quality reasons why the use of Tin-tie bags is the best, let us go to the next chapter to see the wealth of knowledge this study guide has to offer concerning Tin-tie bags.

Chapter 4: Tin-tie Applications

The knowledge of the Tin-tie application services come to light because of the need to continually preserve your food products after the first opening until the final consumption of the food products.

When your pouches and bags for packaging your food have been opened, they may become vulnerable to the invasion of oxygen, light, and moisture.

Tin-Tie BagThese factors are detrimental to the preservation of food. However, with the use of Tin-tie bags application to your pouches and bags, the longevity and prolonged preservation of your products are still ensured even after the first opening.

Tin-tie application services provide you the platform to make your tin-tie bags tight at the process of sealing after each opening of the Tin-tie bags.

This helps to keep your food products from becoming stale and less nutritious.

There is a possibility of air, light, moisture and smell invasion into your food products if you attempt to seal your tin-tie bags manually yourselves after the first use.

This also includes a waste of valuable time and physical resources that can be used for other better ends. You need not panic over these.

Tin-Tie BagThis is because, with the use of the Tin-tie application services, re-sealing becomes, cheap, fast, easy and longevity is ensured your food.

Although Tin-tie application services go for a very minimal fee, it promises you a whole lot of convenience and preservation of your food products.

The Tin-tie application is usually done after you have made a location on your packaging material that it will be applied on. However, there is a standard location that usually serves as the point of Tin-tie application.

This chapter shall proceed to give you a highly significant knowledge of the standard location of the Tin-tie application on your packaging materials.

# 4.1 Standard Location of Tin-tie Bags

Other than the fact that you give a special specification for where your Tin-tie application services should be located, it has a common and usual location that is done in your packaging material.

Standard tie location is commonly applied on the front of the bag and on top of the bag to the top of the tin-tie.

However, the length may vary depending on the size and form by which the bag that it is to be applied on is created. The length varies from 1-1.5metres.

Chapter 5: Types of Tin-tie Bags in Market

In this chapter, this study guide shall show you the types of Tin-tie bags used in the market. Knowledge of this will keep you informed in getting the specific Tin-tie bag that is needed for your products.

# 5.1 Tin-tie Gusseted Bags

Are you looking for a packaging material for giving your products a good short-term preservation? You need not go far in your search for this packaging material.

Tin-tie gusseted bags are the perfect packaging material for you. This is because the Tin-tie gusseted bags are specifically designed to serve short-term preservative purposes.Tin-Tie Bag

They are made with poly vapor lining in their inner layer. This guarantees the food products and other non-edible products the freshness required for long and short-term preservation.

The tin-tie gusseted bags are highly notable in the market for their expendability and easy usability.

They are commonly designed to have side gussets and a square bottom that ensures stability when placed on the shelf.

These designs also ensure that the tin-tie gusseted bags is stable and firm when filled with products. For this reason, there are no splashes of the food products staining the outer layer of the tin-tie bags because of its stability.

For easy filling, tin-tie gusseted is a good choice to make in the market. Commonly, this type of tin-tie bags is used to package bulk food items.

After the tin-tie gusseted bags have been filled up with your products, these are the process of sealing that follows.

Tin-Tie BagYou can proceed to simply roll down the tin-tie application that is attached to it and fold the tab in place to seal your tin-tie gusseted bags from oxygen, light, moisture, and water invasion.

One great merit that Tin-tie gusseted bags possess is that they can be reused after the first use. This gives the chance for customers to use the product for a prolonged time before the last and final consumption.

They are usually designed in Kraft and white. However, they do not have clear product windows. You can find them readily available in the market in a half pound and full pound sizes.

There is no end to the numbers of products the tin-tie gusseted bags can be used to package.

However, to give you clarity on products that it usually packages so as to make an informed decision, these are some of the products.

Bulk candy, cupcakes, biscotti, scones, eclairs, cookies, all snacks, and baked food, beans, flour, brownies, confections, all dry foods, and many others.

# 5.2 Paper Tin-tie Bags

For the task of packaging varieties of items, paper tin-tie bags have been a perfect solution.

Tin-Tie BagIt’s its features that make it outstanding include a dependable and firm closure that seals aroma, freshness, nutrients, and flavor even after the bag has been opened first time before final consumption.

Because they are built to have flat bottoms, they have the capacity to stand firm without support on shelves and countertops.

Paper tin-tie bags are high in demand because their uses extend from edible products to the pharmaceutical products and aesthetic product.

They come in various shapes, color and types with an outer layer that gives beauty and permanence to designs and graphics. It serves as protection for food products from the invasion of oxygen, moisture, lights, smells, and specks of dirt.

This way it ensures that the product has a lasting preservation on the shelf. They have a special features such as clear windows that gives transparency to the product it covers and makes consumers see the neatness of products without opening.

Because the window version makes the product visible, some investors specifically desire it. Below are three of the forms paper tin-tie bags come in.

# 5.2.1 Matte Tin-tie Bags with Poly Liner

This is a type of paper tin-tie bags that has a good outer layer and a handle on the top of the easy carriage.

It is marked to be outstanding because it has a poly liner and natural Kraft as its material makeup. It is usually used for products that have short time preservative values.

# 5.2.2 Claycoat Paper Tin-tie Bag with Poly Liner

Tin-Tie BagMade with good textures of polypropylene and natural kraft, claycoat paper tin-tie bags have proven to be triumphant in the market. It serves as a good resistance to the factors that make food spoil easily.

It also offers you easy and convenient handling. It is commonly used to package the consumer’s purchased products or goods that will soon be consumed.

However, it also serves as a good alternative for long-term food preservation.

# 5.2.3 Compostable Paper Tin-tie Bag with Poly Liner

This type of Tin-tie paper bag is specifically marked to be outstanding because of their eco-friendly feature. They are usually the favored specification for the users that have serious environmental concerns.

For example, their outer layer and the inner layer being made with poly liner and natural kraft make them have a very good texture for harsh weather conditions. This makes your food products preserved even with the threats of snow or severe sun.

# 5.3 Tin-tie Bags with Window

Tin-Tie BagThis type of tin-tie bags is marked for excellence because of the transparency they give to the products they package.

In cases where the producers of the food products require that the products are seen by the consumers who will assess before making a purchase, tin-tie window bags are the perfect solution.

The window version of tin-tie paper bags is also made with polypropylene and it is heat sealed.

Chapter 6: Advantages of Different Types of Tin-tie Bags

This chapter will load you up on the benefits of the tin-tie bags used in the market.

# 6.1 Advantages of Gusseted Tin-tie Bags

The advantages of the gusseted bags are innumerable but for understanding only the basics, this study guide shall state but a few.Tin-Tie Bag

  • It is made with a flat bottom that makes it stand firm with dependable stability when putting on the flesh
  • Its outer layer gives your design and logo the kind of permanence and beauty that is required in projecting lasting image to the public
  • It has good space within to package your quantity of product satisfactorily and it is hard to puncture.
  • It serves as a resistance to oxygen, light, cockroaches, and smell. Thus, the longevity of your products is ensured.
  • It is not fragile. It comes in weight that is not too heavy thus making provision for easy transporting and easy handling.

Chapter 6.2 Advantages of the Paper Tin-tie Bags

There are no limits to the advantages of the different types of paper tin-tie bags used in the market. However, for the reasons of clarity and time management, this section of the study guide will only mention few integral advantages.

Chapter 6.2.1 Advantages of Matte Black Paper Tin-tie Bag with Poly Liner

  • It protects your edible and non-edible products from the invasion of air, moisture, light, pests, and contaminating smell. Thus, the shelf life of your food products is preserved
  • It has a flat bottom and a good design that makes it firm and stable when placed on the shelf
  • It has a space for Tin-tie application to prevent from factors that make goods spoil easily after the first opening and the final consumption of the food products. It is good for sealing and resealing.
  • Because of its flexibility and its texture, it is not fragile in anyway. Therefore, the content it packages may still be protected even when faced with an accident.
  • Its lightweight and handle top makes it very easy to handle and carry by consumers. It gives the manufacturers financial efficiency in transporting and it gives the consumers ease in handling

    Tin-Tie Bag

Chapter 6.2.2 Advantages of Claycoat Paper Tin-tie Bag with Poly Liner

Tin-Tie Bag

  • It is a promising barrier to the entrance of moisture, oxygen, light, insects, and ants, and smell that contaminate and spoil your food products.
  • It is very light and highly easy to handle. It offers absolute convenience to the manufacturers in respect to storage facilities and transport. It also offers absolute convenience to consumers because it is easy to carry.
  • It gives your brand logo the kind of permanence and beauty that is required when you print on it.
  • It does not accommodate any form of oxygen. Therefore, any bacteria or germs that may have found entrance into it cannot survive to because they do not have oxygen.
  • It does not have an issue in leaking and it is very hard to puncture.

Chapter 6.2.3 Advantages of Compostable Paper Tin-tie Bag with Poly Liner

Tin-Tie Bag

  • It can be resused after the first use because it lasts longs and repels germs
  • It serves as a good shield from preventing your food products from being exposed to contaminating factors such as light, oxygen, and odor
  • It is good for Tin-tie application which is used for ensuring a good seal on the tin-tie bags.
  • It has a flat bottom that ensures a lasting stability on the shelf or when transporting in the truck.
  • The areas it can be used extends to all food products and non-food products. It is dynamic and efficient in use.

Chapter 6.3: Advantages of Tin-tie Bags with Windows

  • It gives the product visibility to the consumers thus making the product sell more in the market.
  • Although the product is transparent, it does not give provision for light to enter into the product because light gets food spoil earlier than normal.
  • It resists oxygen and moisture from penetrating into your products.
  • It comes with beautiful designs that are appealing to sight and gives your products good trends in the market.
  • It offers convenience both in transporting and in carrying by consumers.

Chapter 7: Tin-tie Bag FAQs

1. Are your tin-tie bags recognized by FDA to be used for packaging food products?
Yes, they are approved. The types of tin-tie bags that we offer for sales have all met the FDA requirements

2. Is there a minimum or maximum quantity of tin-tie bags that I can offer at a time?

Before you can make orders, there are many factors you should consider for meeting the stipulated time. Things such as size, color, materials, graphics, and artwork largely determine the time of delivery.

However, there is no limit to the number of the quantity you can order from us. We have you covered no matter how high or low it is.

3. How many colors can your tin-tie bags come in?

So far the color of your prescription is not outside the colors recognized in the social world, we have a team of professionals that have got your interest covered.

However colours include ivory, buff, brown, coffee, burgundy, beige, red, cerise, pink, hot pink, goldenrod, orange, yellow, mint green, dark green, teal, lavender, violet, dark blue, navy blue, sky blue, light blue, wilco blue, silver grey, black and many more

4. What kind of packaging do you give the tin-tie bags printed by you?

After successfully producing our tin-tie bags, we package them in corrugated cartons upon the order you made.

Unless you give us other specification for packaging, we reserve the exclusive right to give the packaging that we consider fit for your products since the good condition of your purchased products is our priority

5. How long does it take for TedPackto get the design on the purchased tin-tie bags?

Once you have been able to present to us the idea you want vividly with your brand logo and details, we will bring it to reality within 48hrs from the time of your presentation. This process begins by we sending the draft for your approval within 48 hours. If the draft of the design is approved by you, your work will be ready within the next 24hours.

6. Do you have any available contact to reach if we want to make a deal with you?

We are based on GMT +8, and we’ll reply within 12 hours when contacted. For more info, we have our mail very active. E-mail: sales@tedpack.com Visit our contact page for exclusive information or more.

7. With TedPack, how are payment and shipping done?

Customarily, our payment style features a 50% deposit before our products are ready and 50% balance before our shipment is made.

For customers that have a long-term relationship with us, we give credit if the claims are genuine and necessary.

For payments of $1000 and below, we accept payment via Western Union and PayPal. Our shipping modes feature EXW, CFR, FOB, CIF or as it is otherwise requested by our clients.

Chapter 8: People’s Perception of Tin-tie Bags

There is no general view of people concerning tin-tie bags. This is because of the difference in climates, cultures, and the market.

Because of the dynamics of customers’ views in the ways tin-tie bags are viewed across different locations, it becomes integral to know people’s attitude towards tin-tie bags in common countries where they are used.

In countries like the UK, the US, China, and Germany, consumers favor the flexible packaging materials over the tough and hard ones.

For this reason, tin-tie bags are most likely to make a huge market breakthrough in this countries.

However, Germany proves to be a great platform for tin-tie bags to make huge sales because people there prefer their food products to be packed in bigger packaging material before they finally put in the refrigerators or shelves.

Chinese on the other hand, prefer their food individually packaged.

Conclusively, there is a difference in the kind of packaging people spend more on in China, UK, and Germany.

In the demand for packaging material that majorly features food safety more than other, China ranks top. In  Germany, more emphasis is laid on the kinds of packaging materials that are environmentally friendly and can be suitable for different climates.

To know people’s view about tin-tie bags is to study the views of the people in terms of climate, the freshness of the product, the beauty of packaging materials and other related aspects.

These views will determine the kind of success tin-tie bags will have in that area.


The sealing of tin tie pouches might not be hermetically sealed, but with Tedpark kraft tin tie pouches which have enclosed metal tabs which allows for easy sealing of the pouch, they can be quite close in not letting air in that cloud make your product stale.

When it comes to saving on costs, then tin tie pouches are an inexpensive solution to flexible packaging for customers that deals with baked goods or candies. The saving is passed down to the end consumer.

TedPack tin tie pouches have a see-through display option for your in-filled content. With tin tie pouches, customers get exactly want they want whether it is buying items such as spices, flour grains, and other dry goods.

Tin tie pouches is a great container for storage of items at home. They offer innovative ways of storing nuts, bulk grains, baking ingredients, and other dry foodstuffs at home. With tin tie pouches, you get the exact measurements if you want to premix the ingredients either for recipes or baking. It’s important to note that tin tie pouches are not meant primarily for storage of food only.

These pouches are perfect for separating and storing of craft items either or scrapbooking or hobbies. Some businesses use these pouches for items needed in the assembly of craft and DIY tasks.

When it comes to gifting, tin tie pouches are quite handy. Let’s say you have a pre-mixed recipe, this can be added to the gift basket using these containers. Personalizing the pouch with ribbons, bows, markers, stickers, and other embellishments are quite easy.

If you want to gift your friends or family with recipes, you just need to attach the instructions to the tin tie pouch with the premixed ingredients.

TedPack offers a variety of tin tie pouches in many colors and sizes suited to a customer’s needs.

Whether it is a coffee pouch or kraft tin tie pouch, you are assured of finding the right pouch for any event.

Most important, TedPack tin tie pouch are affordable making them the ideal choice for gifting, storing or product packaging in stores.

Having shown that packaging is an integral part of every food product. If you are successful in choosing good packaging material like the tin-tie bag, it is certain that you will make a good triumph in the market.

In making a good choice in the packaging material that should be used for your products, you can always assess the insights that are contained in this study guide concerning tin-tie bags.

This study guide is the product of good research and observation of tin-tie bags in the market.

Tin-tie bag will not only guarantee you a quality image among other competitive food producers, but it will also help you sustain this development.

At TedPack, we are always available to keep you informed on the best packaging materials for your products and to supply these packaging materials whenever you order.

For more information, you can make it a time with TedPack via our page.

Surely, you are bound to be successful partnering with us. Your success in the food production market is our priority. Remain triumphant as you proceed to the number one position.

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