Tea Pouch

TedPack manufacture and develop more creative packaging, especially for tea and tea-leaves. Our tea pouches not only help in providing a durable, safe and secure finish to the packed products inside but also enhance the attractiveness of packaging.

TedPack tea pouches are designed and printed using optimum grade raw materials and latest technique keeping in mind defined quality standards. Our tea pouches available in various sizes, thicknesses, designs and colors to fulfill client’s diverse requirements of packaging.

Our offered range of tea pouches are ideally suited for packing the contents which are not consumed at one go, the contents can be neatly sealed again in these pouches after each usage. Also, at Tedpack, we make sure that no compromise is done with its quality, hygiene and purity at any stage.

MOQ100 Pcs by Digital Print, 10K Pcs by Gravure Print
Size50*70mm(Min)    350*600mm(Max)
Thickness50Mircons-120Mircons (2Mil-5Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, Metallized
PrintingD-Met Printing, Vanishing, Matte Finishing, Stamping
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The Perfect Packaging Method For Tea

The three main nemeses of tea are sunlight, humidity, and proximity to smelly items. Tea pouches were created to solve that.

– The tea pouch is made of aluminum material. Its WVTR and OTR is both less than 0.1 which is the best barrier property among all materials. It can reduce the occurrence of mildew, dampness, and deterioration.
– The tea pouch has a zipper added for better airtight condition and can be resealed for classification to avoid odor.
– The tea pouch is lightweight and foldable, making them easy to carry outside.

If you are interested in our tea pouch, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Tea Pouch

TedPack - Biggest Tea Pouch Manufacturer in China

TedPack tea pouches is design using plastic, papers, aluminum, polyester, fibers and other materials. Our packaging materials for the properties like customized specification, leak proof, moist resistant and lightweight.

Our tea pouches are perfect for carrying as well as packaging food as well as non-food grade items. TedPack tea pouches is known for its leak proof nature and excellent tear strength.

When it comes to your tea packaging, TedPack has everything you need to package your product safely and attractively. We manufacture we can help you get printed tea packaging pouch in print and size of your choice.

At TedPack, we also offer custom solution in the selection of the best material for your esteemed products. Which include multi-layer & laminated barriers (PET, PE, NY, CPP, PLA, KPET, AL), aluminum barriers, metalized, retort barriers (heat resistant), freeze ability, combo barriers, etc. In order to protect your products against human interference, environmental factors, chemical & multi-use. Finding the right barrier for your tea pouches is a must.

Moreover, we offer tea pouches, which can be customized according to customer’s specifications and demands. It includes pouch sizes, material, style, and printing. In addition to this, all features are also customizable, including zip lock, hang holes, tear notch, shining finish and more.

Whether you need tea pouches for your packaging company or start-up tea business, we can provide you the perfect tea pouches which will match your needs. At TedPack, we make sure to meet our customer’s satisfaction, please feel free to email us at any moment.

Tea Pouch – The Definitive FAQ Guide

What are your tea pouches made of?

Tea pouches are usually made of three materials; filter paper (porous paper), plastic (nylon) or occasionally of silk.

Theses materials usually depend on many factors.

The filter paper is usually made with a mixture of wood and natural fibers bleached with abaca pulp.

The nylon materials are majorly used in producing pyramid sachets while our biodegradable silk materials can be found in various use.

These materials are selected or combined after understanding tea size, volume and density, green or herbal tea inclusive and depending on the type of packaging you want.

The pouches offer you multiple choices in terms of sizes as you move from ounces to bulk accommodating your product.

All our pouches including the natural Kraft, rice paper and foil user for tea packaging are stand-up pouches.

Tea pouches material

Tea pouches material 

Are tea pouches stable?


Our pouches are stable and used in the packaging of tea.

The laminated films form the much needed protection for your product while our customers design on pouches when films are folded and sealed makes for a stable unit that can stand in the warehouse and shelves effectively.

We are aware barrier films are not extraordinary in terms of characteristics and this is why we laminate them together to form an excellent barrier property that keeps your tea fresh for a very long while and leaves the pouch very strong.

These pouches save your tea from moisture, oxygen, smell, vapour, UV light and puncture which are associated with tea production and storage.

A lot of your customers will never understand the technique behind this stability of your product but certainly will appreciate it.

How much tea is contained in a pouch?

Our standard tea pouches which are filled as fast as possible using the machines hold up to 3.3 grams of tea in a pouch and gives you the ease of packaging herbal teas too.

Having a flexible pouch which stands on a shelf, containing this mass of your product provides you more for a very little amount.

The pouches contain spaces that are intentionally created whilst filling to give room for adjustments and minimize the risk of puncture while pouches are being stacked in the store or arranged on a shelf.

Tea pouch packaging

Tea pouch packaging 

Do tea pouches provide moisture control packaging?

Our tea pouches are specially manufactured to overcome the challenges of moisture and oxygen whilst packaging.

The folded and laminated barrier films give the best thickness and flexibility required to offer moisture control packaging for your tea.

The engineered barrier films provide superior quality in terms of strength, puncture, air and moisture control meeting your various expectations and general properties necessary for tea pouches.

These properties are always subject to tests through the samples given for size and compatibility assessment although we are always available to run monitored laboratory experiments and evaluate the findings in order to give your product the most appropriate pouch packaging system.

What is the strength of your tea pouches for my product?

Asides showing qualities such as keeping your tea fresh, longevity and marketability, our flexible pouches are characterized by the incredible strength of the materials used.

The engineered and laminated barrier films used in manufacturing show the strength which is able to offer moisture control, resist puncture, resist odour and offer protection against the ultraviolet rays.

The advantages of our pouches are numerous as we reduce your resource usage in terms of raw materials, give you a wide range of options to select from, expert designs and custom print on your pouch materials.

How fresh can tea stay in your pouches?

The freshness of tea in packaging materials has always been a factor in the selection of pouches or bags.

This simply addresses the capability of your product to stay fresh in the pouches for a very long while.

Dampness and humidity can reduce the lifespan of tea or completely spoil your product.

Well covered or airtight teas in poor pouches still get moisturized or affected by the humidity of the environment as the air and moisture find ways to seep into the packaging.

Our tea pouch guarantees you the consideration of these factors in the very best material to afford your product freshness and flexibility while staying in the pouches for a very long time.

How are tea pouches sealed?

Sealing of tea pouches is dependent on the type of lock or spout provides in the pouch material.

Some of our pouches come with a spout or an opening at the top where you fill your tea from and heat seal with your machines.

Other pouches come with zip locks ranging from press-to-close, pocket zippers and tear notches which are easier and guarantee multiple opening of your product.

On request, tea pouches can come with a cap for you to easily torque down on fill.

We provide these multiple options to give your product your required shape using the automatic filling technology.

How do I clean the tea pouches after use?

It is important to note that all TedPack pouches are first reusable and recyclable.

The ways to clean the tea pouches are actually many and varied, depending on the type of pouch you have.

It all involves some effort and a selection of available materials to get your tea pouches looking new once again.

Since pouches are made of barrier films, it would be fair to soak up for a short while depending on the thickness of stain and gently wash off or use the automatic pouch cleaning machines available in our company.

Reusing the pouches over a long time might get it permanently stained and this will, therefore, require complete recycling of the pouches.

How do I dry the pouches?

One of the easiest things to do would be to dry a tea pouch.

To dry your tea pouches after a thorough wash, you simply need to aerate it.

It would seem wise and faster to put them under the sun or in an oven, but you should be careful to avoid burning the pouches completely.

Excessive heat can weaken the film barriers or create holes and cracks in the pouches, so it is advised you monitor and where possible, regulate the dehydrating temperature.

Simple aeration of some tea pouches can take up to two days to dry up while regulated temperature might take as long as 2-3 hours to dry completely.

Are you available for appropriate packaging specifications advice?

Yes, we offer the professional services of giving appropriate packaging specification advice for your product.

Tea is the most transported commodity along the Atlantic, you, therefore, require the most appropriate and beneficial packaging for your product.

Our packaging system examines the size, volume and density of your product and apportion the best thickness and shape for your product.

As we continue to improve, overcoming internal and external challenges of tea packaging, we guarantee your product quality, sustainability, and ethical standards in terms of product packaging.

Are tea pouches eco-friendly?

Our flexible packaging systems are environmentally friendly as they are all reusable and recyclable.

Eco-friendly materials that we use in the packaging system ensures sustainability and provides healthier packaging material for your tea when compared with bottles, cans, tins, and jars.

We make use of lease plastic materials which reduces the material space and equally saves you costs.

Do I need to add preservatives for pouch storage?

Tea has an average shelf life of two years if properly stored, especially when packed in an airtight container and protected from environmental changes.

You do not need to add preservatives for your tea storage with our pouch as TedPack pouches incorporate the properties of keeping your tea away from moisture, oxygen, odour, colour change, vapour, UV light and puncture.

TedPack pouches are excellent for your products as it is often custom manufactured to the detailed specifications of your product.

We advise that you never store your tea in a refrigerator or freezer as this is where moisture and condensation can hasten the degradation process.

What is the least order quantity for production?

The lowest order accepted for all types of custom print for manufacturing at our company is 10,000 pieces of pouches.

Our sales representatives are always available should you require adjustments or extra order for your pouch packaging system.

What is the order limit for manufacturing?

We do not have any limit order quantity for custom print and manufacturing of tea pouches at our company.

We print as many pouches as you can order and give your product the best packaging system possible.

Are your tea pouches FDA approved?

All TedPack pouches are approved for food contact.

We have materials and packaging systems which meet and exceed the requirements presented by FDA for tea packaging.

We frequently consider product-package interactions as we conduct compatibility tests assessing your product with the pouches and the external conditions that may come into play.

The compatibility test which we carry out in the laboratory presents well-documented results which we make use of in the analysis to give you the best possible experience on the packaging.

In all our flexible pouches that are used in packaging of food are all approved, following the standards laid down by the regulatory bodies.

How many different colours of pouches can you print for my product?

For uniqueness and aesthetic purposes, we operate a 12-colour printing system for your pouch packaging.

Our printing colours are continuously dependent on your product design, we’d requirements which are always subject to our mutual assessment and agreement.

The many colours we offer in various steps gives a wide range of options and combination possibilities in the mixture for your product.

Multi color Tea pouch prints

 Multi color Tea pouch prints

Do tea pouches offer multiple use?

Our answer is yes, tea pouches offer multiple uses.

The materials used in the production of these pouches afford you the opportunity to reuse them since they are durable, long-lasting and safe.

We sincerely advise that these tea pouches after proper cleaning should be used for repackaging the same product previously used for.

This is also in view of better health, quality, safety, and standards of the companies and the consumers.

Are tea pouches compostable?

Yes. Our tea pouches are degradable, compostable and recyclable.

All pouches produced at TedPack can be recycled after use.

The flexible pouch being a multi-layer structure provides the much-needed functionality and provides the solution of recycling challenges faced by such products. 100% of the materials for the liquid pouches are manufactured from recyclable contents to meet the sustainability goals without trading the beauty and performance of the products.

We will only advise that you seek the proper system available to you for such a process of pouch recycling.

We, therefore offer zero waste to you and you can also contact our customer service option for this process.

Recyclable tea pouch

Recyclable tea pouch 

What is your tea pouch guarantee plan?

Our TedPack tea pouch is safe for various products.

The tea pouches are made from multiple layers of engineered barrier films, laminated together to create an incredibly strong structure, withstanding puncture and possessing enough protection of contents from moisture, vapor, odour, and ultraviolet rays.

Our flexible pouches can be used in packaging beverages and tea, and are also FDA approved.

These tea pouches reduce resource usage in terms of raw materials cost, give you an increased choice in spout designs while affording you the opportunity to custom print on them.

Can I use my artwork for your custom pouches?


You can use your artwork for your custom pouches.

TedPack provides you the choice of getting a design from us or bringing your artwork for custom printing on your pouches.

On mutual agreement, verification and approval of your artwork, it is incorporated into the printing of your pouch.

This maintains your branding, guaranteeing your product the best quality and marketability.

Do you transport pouches to customers on purchase?

Yes, TedPack transports your tea pouches on purchase.

The most important thing here is to correctly fill the quote with your desired delivery date and address on purchase.

We strictly manage, monitor and safeguard your products till they reach you in the very best condition.

However, we charge an extra delivery fee depending on the volume of your product and the place of delivery.

Our delivery charges are relatively fair and convenient offering both quality, safety, and easy return policy.

Our delivery routes and outlets are always on hand to move your purchased pouches to your destination.

Because we cover Asia, America, and Europe, we deliver to almost all parts of the world, once our minimum requirements and quote are met.

What is the size of your tea pouch?

Our tea pouches can come in different sizes depending on your specifications, product size, density, and volume.

We afford you sizes 50g, 100g, 150g, 250g, 1kg, etc which usually come in standard lengths and widths.

The 100g size of the tea pouch comes in 200mm length and 120mm width, which is still subject to adjustments based on your company’s specifications.

All sizes of the tea pouches are stand up pouches for shelves which are always available between 4 to 12 weeks of order.

We virtually make any size you want for selection, to provide your product with the best fitting stand pouch with the right barrier properties and maximum impact at the least cost.

What is the shape of your pouches?

Tea pouch shapes come with different designs giving you the multiple choice for selection.

You are free to go for around tea pouch or a pyramid-shaped tea pouch due to the storm in a teacup.

We also offer square-shaped tea pouches which also release the flavour and freeing the great taste of your product.

To get any shape of your choice for your products, simply contact our team of experts through the customer support for a custom design and printing of the pouches.

pyramid-shaped tea pouch

Pyramid-shaped tea pouch 

Do you offer product form-fill-seal technology?

Yes, we offer special services of forming, filling and sealing of your pouches.

Our form-fill-seal technology which is constantly subject to improvements is fed off a roll and formed into the proper shape for your product.

We employ the same technology to fill the formed liquid pouch with your desirable product before carefully sealing it.

It would interest you to know that your product is free from contamination, gives you peculiar sizes and shapes while making your packaged product quickly and readily available for both storage and delivery.

How do I get a quotation?

We only expect that you have the basic knowledge of tea pouches use, distribution and sales before seeking a quotation.

We have an online platform for a better knowledge of what we offer at TedPack and our channels of doing business with clients.

On the evaluation of the mutually accepted design and pouch specifications, the delivery method, TedPack offers a full quote covering the entire cost of your request which is usually the cost of the tea pouches from China to your destination.

Feel free to make inquiries through our email or through our support team.

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