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Stand up pouches are with 2-4 layer high barrier laminated film structure, simple standing with zipper pouches. MOQ with 10pcs for a start, delivery within 2 weeks.

Stand Up PouchesCustom Print | 10K MOQ Finished in 2 Weeks

Stand up pouches are all common use for various storage activities. If you have been used them before but didn’t use them with full functioned one, why now try something new now?

We offer our clients the option of choosing from the different styles of stand up pouches. You should now be able to pick one that works great for you. Some of the styles include gold metallic looking, rice paper material, matte printing, adding a new type of hook&loop zipper for reuse, custom window shape, and many more. Contact us about the various styles you can get with us.

  • MOQ start from 10k pcs with printed pouches
  • Delivery within 2 weeks and printing up to 10 colors at most
  • The pouch can be added with zipper, window, tearing, round corner, hanging hole
  • All materials are FDA approved can directly use for food contact

Contact now today to know more about stand up pouches.

MOQ100 Pcs by Digital Print, 10K Pcs by Gravure Print
Size70*110+25mm(Min)    320*450+120mm(Max)
Thickness70Mircons-200Mircons (2.5Mil-8Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, Valve, Ziplock, Spout
PrintingD-Met Printing, Vanishing, Matte Finishing, Stamping

In the current retail products market (Both consumable &non-consumables), product packaging has emerged as one key influencer towards customers decision making.

For that reason, it is clear your packaging pouch type, style, design, color, quality, and user-friendliness play one vital role in helping customers decide to buy your products.

Stand up pouches are the best pouches that will ensure that your product is safe in case of any accidents. Thanks to the development of technology as we are getting new designs that increase their performance.

TedPack Company has established itself to be a powerhouse in producing these pouches. We have an outstanding experience in producing the pouches and man of our customers’ trust as they always leave positive reviews with five-star ratings on our products.

These pouches have a volume of 5400cm3 and can hold up to 5 gallons of liquid product. There are more advantages attached to them that you’ll not get in any other pouches.

Note this last point. You can visit our company website where you’ll get more information concerning the pouches and you’ll receive them in the shortest time possible.

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Stand Up Pouches: The Ultimate Guide

Low price is no more the only influencer on which product to purchase; packaging quality matters as well.

Stand Up PouchesIf you take a closer look, there have been huge investments, high-tech innovations and a complete U-turn on customers purchasing habits which are forces are controlling product packaging in the current markets.

Why don’t you be part of the packaging revolution to secure your place in the current market?

At TedPack, we take it as a responsibility to inform you of all you need to know. Our eBook content is driven from a clear scientifically driven approach on pouch manufacturing perspective, our packaging market research and product producers/retailers/end products user’s comments.

Read on…

Chapter 1: Definition of Stand-Up Pouches

Stand Up PouchesStand-Up pouches are uniquely made packaging bags that can stand on their own on any shelf, table, kitchen pantry or any flat place.

These are packaging pouches that feature some Bottom Gusset & Side Sealed Edges.  The side-sealed edges run from the bottom to the top part of the pouch making two strong pouch sides.

These side gussets strong something that makes them stand up strong and steady. If you are planning to get pouches that will make your products stand tall on any shelf; we have the best pouches for you.

Stand up pouches are used to packaging both consumable and non-consumables. We are a stand-up pouch supplier that deals in a wide variety of pouches.

If you are keen to observe, you will realize of late the leading brands in the packaging industry are ditching traditionally used bottles, cans, boxes, and cartons. Many are choosing to use flexible packaging pouches.

Whereas the traditionally known packaging pouches were heavy, bulky, expensive (to manufacture, transport or store) and lastly fragile like glass containers, our doypack stand up pouch are light-weight, puncture resistant, cheap and durable.

We manufacture pouches made of several material layers which are laminated together to produced strong films. Our innovate laminated film structures do offer an outstanding barrier property against UV-Light, oxygen, bacteria, moisture and water vapor.

You can use our pouches to package:

  • Pet foodStand Up Pouches
  • Snacks
  • Beverages
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Cleaning detergents
  • Lawn and garden products
  • Medical products
  • Marijuana
  • Treats and many others that will get explained in details on chapter 2.

Stand up pouches are also known as stand up bags, custom printed stand pouches, Mylar stand-up pouches, doypack pouches, and many other names.

Stand up pouches deliver for consumers in many ways. These are;

  •  Keeping the product fresh

No one wants to consume outdated or stale food as it can lead to serious health issues. The pouches’ internal film prevents any entry of moisture that causes this. In addition, stand up pouches allow CPG marketers to highlight product freshness in a variety of

Ways. Primarily, clear film allows consumers to view the goodness and the product texture.

  • Instant Consumption

If you are a constant traveler, you need not to worry. The stand-up pouches will cover for you in taking your meals. Most of the food is already packed inside. In fact, a recent study has shown that adults in the USA prefer stand pouches instead of utensils while they are on the go.

  • The ability to reseal

Stand Up PouchesTedPack Company has made the stand-up pouch

has by making them resealable. Standup pouches offer highly flexible design possibilities and are already transforming how sauces, soups, dressings, beverages, baby food, and yogurt are packaged and consumed. By making them resealable, you can extra costs and prevent wastage of food.

Lastly, we offer a variety of add-on features such as tear notches, round corners, degassing valves, hang holes, resealable features, transparent windows, ergonomic handles, and many others. Find more explanation and examples of add-ons in chapter 4.

Such are features add user-friendless (easy to open and re-close), reliability and convenience to retailers, packagers and end product users.

Among all the stand-up pouch manufactures you will meet, we believe we are the best for you. Our doypack pouches can get used in different packaging industries.

Chapter 2: Major Markets of Stand-Up Pouches

Being a versatile stand-up pouch manufacturing company, we produce bags that can get used in different packaging industries. They can be used in packaging of liquids, solids, powder, granules, consumables, and non-consumables.

Stand Up PouchesWith the quality laminated film structures we use, you can be sure your products will be kept for fresh for a long time.

If you are concerned about product visibility, all we need is your stand up pouch template design. We use the latest rotogravure, flexo, and digital printing technologies.

Additionally, our pouches side gussets do provide enough billboard space where we can print your product user guide, product ingredient, and other essential product branding features.

Below are the main industries we have supplied flexible stand up pouches since we opened our production line in 2013 May.

2.1: Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging

Since the day we commenced our stand up pouch manufacturing journey, we have become an integral part of the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Stand Up PouchesWe understand the unique needs attached to the packaging of these medical and pharmaceutical products. We understand the kind of strict barrier requirements needs to keep medical and pharmaceutical products fresh and in good condition against hazardous effects from light, oxygen, moisture, UV light, odor, and contaminants.

Our choice of material and add-ons will be dictated by the type of product you are to package and the convenience, reliability, and usability expected from these pouches.

Some of the advantages of our pharmaceutical and medical stand up pouches are:

  • Excellent barrier propertiesStand Up Pouches
  • Reliable and convenience enjoyed by both retailer, packager and end product user
  • High pouch surface printability
  • Improved sealant layers that can resist scalping from any active agent and a perfect seal against contaminants
  • Peelable laminations

Remember, our premade pouches are fitted with add-ons such as laser scoring and banding tapes for easy tear.

When packaging surgical products or drugs that need seconds to open the pouch they are packaged in during emergencies, our laser scoring and banding tapes come in handy. Laser scoring and banding tapes are easy, simple and need less effort to tear them off.

You can use our stand up pouches in packaging:

  • Capsules, tablets, and pills
  • Creams
  • Gels
  • Lotions
  • Powders
  • Granules
  • Unit dose medications and many others.

Lastly, our pouches get fitted with high-quality add-on features, for example, hang holes, tear notches, zippers, clear windows, spouts and many others.

2.2: Coffee & Tea

Coffee and tea products need specific and well thought of packaging process. We manufacture stand up pouches of different colors, sizes, styles, and materials intended for packaging these two consumables.

Stand Up PouchesFor example, degassing valves come out as one of the essential add-ons in these pouches. When packaging roasted coffee; one must put into account that coffee beans produce carbon dioxide gas after getting roasted; something that goes on for 7 days or more.

If you intend to package roasted beans immediately after roasting, then you will have to think on how the carbon dioxide gas will get expelled out of the pouches.

You will need one-way degassing valves to allow the air to vent out but allowing no air into the pouch.

Additionally, these two products need extreme protection from oxygen, moisture, water vapor, UV light, odor, and contamination. That is the main reason we use laminated film structures made of 3-7 material layers to manufacture these pouches.

Some of the comment film structures we use are

  • PET / POLY
  • Kraft Paper

Stand Up PouchesWe manufacture stand up coffee/tea pouches with and without valves, with/without zippers, with/without windows, with tin-tie, those made of Kraft paper and many more.

Remember, all the materials we use are printable. If you need any coffee or tea pouch branding, do not hesitate to give us the instruction.

Our service is geared towards seeing you happy. We also have several add-ons to improve your pouches user-friendliness and usability. For example:

  • Rounded Corner
  • Degassing Valve
  • Clear Window
  • Tear Notch
  • Re-Closable Zipper
  • Matte &Glossy finishes

2.3: Nutritional Supplements Packaging

Stand Up PouchesNutritional and nutraceuticals market is somehow a hard nut to crack. If you are going to stand out and make your products noticeable on the ever-crowded shelves; then you need the help of our stand up pouches.

We manufacture nutritional supplement packaging pouches made of laminated film structures that will ensure your product get protected from oxygen, UV light, moisture, vapor, and contamination.

With the multiple layers films, your nutritional products will be safe during transportation to and from the warehouse, on the shelves until the day the end product user will buy them.

Such is something that cannot be done by a single layer. Some examples of the laminated film structures formula we use are:

  • Kraft Paper/ PE
  • PET / M-PET / Kraft Paper / M-PET / PE
  • PET / AL / PE
  • OPP / CPP and many others

When it comes to product visibility, our stand up pouches serve it right than the flat pouches. Additionally, our pouches are printable.

Stand Up PouchesMeaning, you can have all the graphic designs, user guide instructions and products ingredients printed on your pouch surface. Through the use if quality branding, customers will get glued to your products something that will influence their buying ability.

For easy user ability such as carrying, opening an reclosing of these pouches, we have several add-ons we fit on your pouches. For example:

  • Resealable zip locks
  • Valves
  • Tearing notches
  • Round corners
  • Spouts
  • Clear windows
  • Ergonomic handles

2.4: Retail Food Packaging

Stand Up PouchesWithout any contradiction, retail food packaging industry takes the most significant share of all packaging pouches manufactured.

Owing to such; most food and beverage manufacturing companies are shifting to the use of flexible stand up pouches for food packaging.

For them to provide easy to use (customer experience), eco-conscious pouches, improve product visibility and lastly stand out from the pool of sameness, there has been a great need for flexible stand up pouches.

If you are a retail food producer, packager or supplier who needs quality and innovative stand-up pouches, we are your go-to partners because:Stand Up Pouches

  • We manufacture food pouches made of laminated film structures (multiple layers) according to your packaging needs. You will not have to worry about oxygen, moisture, vapor, contaminants or UV lights.
  • We use the most advanced machinery in converting our roll stocks into quality made and designed stand up pouches as per our customer’s artwork design.
  • All our pouches are FDA approved, and ISO certified. All the types of materials we use contain no chemicals and radiation that can affect neither your packaged food product nor your consumer.
  • Our pouches are user-friendly with essential add-on features to make them reliable for both retailer and end product user.
  • All our pouches are made of biodegradable and eco-friendly materials.
  • If you need any custom printing on your food pouches, we have flexo, rotogravure and digital latest printing machines. We will offer you the best label, graphic designing, and info printing.

On our retail food packaging pouches line, we have two notable creatively made stand-up pouch styles. They are:

a. Premade StandCap Pouch

Stand Up PouchesThis is a new retail food packaging style that is meant to improve product visibility and offer some enhanced self-standing ability.

Some of the notable advantages of StandCap pouches are:

  • They are easy-to-dispense
  • Customized for easy dispensing by only squeezing them
  • Are tamper evident
  • 99% emptying ability
  • Stable standing ability

b. Ready-To-Pour

Stand Up PouchesThese are lightweight as well as durable retail pouches. They have ergonomic handles at the top for easy carrying and with a tap like a valve at the bottom for easy pouring (dispersing).

For product visibility reasons, these pouches do provide enough billboard space on their front and back side.

These are mostly used for packaging wine and other alcoholic drinks.

For beverages, soft drinks and fruit juice products industries, we have specific stand up pouches for you known as spout pouches. These are pouches with spouts at the top for efficient filling and pouring ability.

But the fact you should understand is, all our retail food stand up pouches are made of multiple layers for barrier reasons. We are determined to provide bags that will keep your products safe and fresh for an extended shelf lifespan.

In case you need easy to use stand up bag for any food product, count on use. We have several add-on features to improve your food pouch usability.

Stand Up PouchesWe are a stand-up pouch China manufacturing company that deals with various food bags. Our food and beverage pouches can get applied in packaging the following products.

  • Marinades and salad dressing
  • Sauces
  • Cooking oil and vinegar
  • Baby food
  • Meat and cheese
  • Spices and seasoning
  • Beef jerky
  • Baking flour and mixes
  • Water
  • Spreads and Jam
  • Condiments
  • Peanut butter
  • Sports drinks, juices and energy drinks
  • Frozen foods
  • Dairy drinksStand Up Pouches
  • Nuts, seeds, and grains
  • Dried nuts and fruits
  • Sugar and sweeteners
  • Wine and alcoholic drinks
  • Snack

For convenience reasons, we fit the following types of add-on features on your pouches.

  • Tear notches
  • Hang holes
  • Zipper
  • Degassing valves
  • Ergonomic handles

2.5: Pet Food Packaging

In the current world, pets have become an integral part of most families. But who do these animal look up to for healthy and quality food?

Stand Up PouchesIf you are a pet food packager, producer or retailer, you need to be keen on the packaging part. Quality packaging will ensure your customer get their pet foodstuffs in a fresh state with their taste and flavor intact.

Whether you are planning to package dry, wet or semi-wet pet food, we have the right stand up pouch for you.

For retailer’s, stand up pouches serve them a great deal on product visibility and excellent shelve arrangement due to the self-standing ability of these bags.

Stand Up PouchesRemember, different types of pet food require unique packaging pouches. For that reason, we as TedPack make pet food stand up pouches using multiple layers that are laminated together to serve different packaging needs.

With laminated film structures, your product will get exempted from all external environmental effects caused by oxygen, vapor, moisture, UV light, and bacteria contaminants.

Depending on the level of user-friendliness and convenience you need on your pouches such as easy to open, easy to reseal, easy to carry among others, we offer several add-on features.

Lastly, all our pet food pouches get optimized for product visibility through the use of high-quality printing. We ensure the user guide, labels, graphic designs and ingredient info is visible enough through our quality printing.

2.6: Personal Care &Cosmetic Product Packaging

The personal care and cosmetic products manufacturing industries are bound to ensure top-notch packaging qualities.

Stand Up PouchesIt is the high time any cosmetic or personal care product packager, producer or retailer realizes the importance of proper product packaging.

With proper and quality packaging, products will see the full shelf lifespan, maintain their freshness, as well as entrap the sweet scent for long.

Our manufactured stand up pouches for personal packaging care and cosmetic products are used in packaging:

  • Bath Salts
  • Powders
  • Balms
  • Lotions & Oils
  • Creams
  • Travel hygiene products

Some of the products produced by these industries contain aggressive ingredients and chemicals such as acids and peroxides that can react thus destroying a simple low-quality packaging pouch.

Meaning, the stand-up pouch supplier you intend to buy pouches from to package shampoos, anti-aging creams and sunscreen products must provide bags with quality barrier properties.

At TedPack, we produce personal care, and cosmetic products stand up packaging pouches made of laminated films. Such a structure bars off oxygen, moisture, vapor, odor, and contaminants from getting infiltrated into the bag.

On the second hand, these quality barrier properties ensure the sweet scent, flavors, and aroma of these products gets entrapped inside the pouches for a long span.

When we are manufacturing our cosmetic and personal care packaging pouches, be sure we take into account all the needed user-friendly features.

For example, we have add-ons such as:

  • Tearing notches for clean and easy pouch openingStand Up Pouches
  • Spouts for easy filling and pouring
  • Zipper to add reclose ability to these pouches
  • Hang holes to improve product display
  • Ergonomic handles for easy pouch carrying

Additionally, our pouches are:

  • Highly printable. We use printable material thus any branding you deem essential can get printed on any size of the stand-up pouch you need.
  • Eco-friendly
  • Self-standing

Lightweight compared to traditional plastic and glass containers

2.7: Lawn, Household & Garden Product Packaging

Stand Up PouchesLawn, household & garden product packaging is one broad category. The size, shape and barrier properties for the stand-up pouch to use will much depend on the product to get packaged.

For example, a stand-up pouch to use when packaging grass seeds, must differ from one to use when packaging liquid cleaning agents.

But worry not; we have done enough market study of all the pouches that fall under these packaging industries. All we need are the pouches specification (artwork) and the type of product you intend to package. The rest, leave it to us.

Stand Up PouchesNote; every pouch we are to manufacture will be made up of laminated film structures. Additionally, we will use those add-on features that do intermarry with the type of product you are to package and the level of user-friendliness needed.

Lastly, all our pouches are made up of printable material. We understand that uniqueness on the shelf will improve demand, attraction and appeal to customers on your products.

Some of the product we offer packaging for in this industrial line are:

  • SoapStand Up Pouches
  • Bath salts
  • Fertilizer
  • Garden Seeds
  • Soil
  • Glass cleaners
  • Insect repellants
  • Furniture/carpet cleaners
  • Washroom cleaners
  • Wood treatments and cleaners

2.8: Lubricants Chemicals and Oil Packaging

For convenience reasons, portability and quality product branding; water, motor oil and other types of lubricating products are today packaged in flexible stand up pouches.

Stand Up PouchesFor example, most chemicals, oil and lubricating products are packaged in spout stand up pouches. One reason for that is these flexible packaging pouches are lightweight, not bulky, and can get easily branded.

When you compare flexible packaging pouches to the traditionally used plastic containers, you will realize the flexible bags are cheaper in production, easy to transport; meaning they take less space and are not heavy.

Additionally, our flexible stand up pouches are fitted with add-ons such as spouts, hang holes, ergonomic handles, tear notches and many others to add user convenience to your pouches.

By touching on product protection, our pouches are made up of laminated materials for durability reasons. That strong structure can resist puncture and does not allow unwanted external environmental conditions affect your packaged product.

The barrier property provided by these laminated film ensures the preservation of your product integrity and avoids degradation

Lastly, product branding is possible with the materials we use. Any info, branding or label printing you will need on your pouches, we will make it possible.

2.9: Industrial Packaging

When it comes to the packaging of any industrial product, such as granular chemicals, industrial powdered products, fertilizers, agricultural products, nuts/ pins, and lubrication products; proper packaging will determine how long will the product remain in its quality state.

Stand Up PouchesWith the named product, we understand the unique needs of all those industries. Such are reasons we have a wide range of material we use for every product packaging.

Depending on the product to get packaged, we use 1-7 layers that get laminated together for perfect barrier reasons.

The usability of every pouch determines the add-on features. But on our own, we ensure your bags are easy to open, re-close and to carry. For example, we have add-on features like spouts, zippers, ergonomic handles, tear notches, round corners, transparent windows, and many others.

2.10: Cannabis/Marijuana Packaging

Following the recent legalization of marijuana in most states in the USA and with a projection of other states and countries to follow suit in the coming days, the need for quality cannabis packaging pouches will keep on rising.

Stand Up PouchesBut apart from the need of appealing to the aesthetics need, some regulations govern the design and structure of cannabis packaging pouches.

As we manufacture our stand up cannabis packaging pouches, we understand that there are specific requirements attached to each state.

Even though we are to take note of the barrier properties using several laminated layers, we understand marijuana pouches must be child-resistant.

In connection to that, we provide a child resistant lock mechanism using some slider zippers that are easy to open for adults but extremely confusing and difficult for kids to open.

Stand Up PouchesAdditionally, we manufacture opaque pouches, but some clients will need clear windows on their pouches. Owing to our versatile production line, we ensure we have all the required add-ons to make it simple of every cannabis pouch user.

Remember, the laminated film structure ensure full protection of your cannabis product from effects resulting from odor, moisture, oxygen, UV light, and vapor.

But note: your product flavor and aroma will remain intact. All our marijuana pouches are smell proof.

Lastly, for product advertisement reasons, we have the latest printing technologies. We use rotogravure, digital and flexo printing technologies.

You can be sure your branding, graphic designing, and images will be of top class level.

Chapter 3: Advantages of Using Stand-Up Pouches

The shift from the usage of glass and plastic container or cartons in product packaging has been stir headed by the advantages every product packager, producer or end user accrues from flexible packaging pouches.

Below are some notable advantages of using stand up pouches to package your products.

3.1: Self Standing

Stand Up PouchesWith the bottom gusset provided by stand up pouches, you can be sure your pouches will be self-standing.

First, as a retailer, you will be able to arrange your products on the shelves in a more orderly way. Remember, there is no point that these pouches will slide off the shelf due to their improved material friction and the bottom gussets.

All your products will settle well on the shelves.

Secondly, the self-standing ability increases your consumables or non-consumable products visibility compared to flat pouches, our stand up pouches will get recognized first.

3.2: Barrier Properties and Durability

Stand Up PouchesAll stand up pouches produced by TedPack are made of multiple layers of scientifically chosen materials that get laminated together using some strong adhesive product.

Such a laminated film structure provides perfect barrier property. Depending on the product to be packaged, these barrier properties ensure that your products are protected from moisture, vapor, oxygen, odor, contamination or bacteria depending on the necessity.

Lastly, our manufactured stand up bags are durable. The materials are resistant to tear, puncture and piercing.

3.3: Improved Usability

Stand Up PouchesWhen manufacturing our pouches, we take note of two main concerns. We are always determined to manufacture pouches that provide relevant product protection for preservation reasons and lastly highly convenient stand-up pouches.

Our pouch designing is geared to words reliability, convenience, and easy usage. We have a long list of add-on features for you. Depending on your pouch usage and product to package, we have an add-on that marries with your pouch for a reason.

The chapter below will elaborate more on the purpose and advantage of every add-on feature that we use.

We have hang holes, zippers, tear notches, spouts, ergonomic handles, and many others.

3.4: FDA Approved

Stand Up PouchesOnce you instruct us you are in need of food packaging pouches, we immediately switch to production of stand-up pouches that are in line with Food & Drug Administration (FDA) requirements.

All the pouches we produce for that matter are made of high-quality food grade materials. We understand that some chemicals such as BPA are not only cancerous but also do low customers trust on the packaged products.

Apart from the approval by the FDA department, we have other ISO certificates that confirm our stand up bags quality and safety regarding consumables packaging.

Lastly, with your instructions, we can enhance your packaging bags safety by use of ultraviolent protections.

3.5: Highly Printable

Stand Up PouchesFor the sake of product visibility, shaking off shelf competition and standing out from shelf similarity, you need quality printing and high printable materials.

We have quality materials that allow water ink printing for food packaging pouches. Additionally, we have the latest rotogravure printing machines.

No matter how complex your graphic design is, we got your back. We offer labels printing, graphic design printing, info printing and any other type of printing that you deem essential.

Lastly, the side gussets or the front and back sides provided by our pouches do ensure enough printing space for all the information needed.

3.6: Eco-friendly

Stand Up PouchesFirst, all our stand up pouches are 100% recyclable. All the material we use is biodegradable something that makes them fall in line with most product end users dream of environmental conservation.

For that reason, no customer will sideline your pouch due to eco-friendly issues.

Secondly, if you compare the resources used in the manufacturing of glass, cartons and plastic packaging containers, you will realize our flexible packaging pouches use three times less raw material.

Lastly, the energy we use in manufacturing these pouches is way too low.

3.7: Cost effective

Stand Up PouchesBy comparing flexible stand up pouches to rigid glass pouches and stand up plastic pouches, our pouches are lightweight and not bulk.

For example, if you decide to transport 350000 pieces shaped stand-up pouches; you will need only one truck. But if you were to transport 350000 shaped plastic water bottles, you will need close to 9 trucks.

Meaning, you will have used more energy in loading and off-loading the trucks carrying plastic bottles compared to the energy needed while working on flexible shaped stand up pouches.

Additionally, the 9 trucks will use more fuel compared to the amount of fuel that one truck is carrying the flexible pouches.

Chapter 4: Applications (Features)

Stand Up PouchesAs a commitment to seeing our stand up pouch users happy, our quality packaging pouch manufacturing does not climax with barrier properties.

We have several application services in the form of add-on features we are determined to fit on your stand up pouches.

Note: every add-on we decide to use, will be dictated by your pouch usage, purpose, and convenience needed by the retailer, product packager and end product user.

All our add-ons are meant to improve usability and add value to the type of pouches you are to use in packaging your product. Such is one quality that will make customer love to get associated, buy, or use your products.

Below are some of the add-on we use.

4.1: Tin Ties

Stand Up PouchesIn the current packaging market, resealability has become one of the primary necessities for almost every packaging pouch.

For that reason, at TedPack we would not wish to see our customer’s products get sidelined in the market because your pouches lack re-closing ability.

With your instructions, we have several sizes of tin ties we can fit on your pouches. For example, every stand-up pouch that meant for packaging flour, coffee, tea, seeds, granules, fertilizers or other industrial products, can get fitted with tin ties.

Stand Up PouchesWe have adhesive-backed types of tin ties of all sizes meant for different stand up pouches from flat bottom bags, side gusseted and stand up quad pouches.

Tin ties are essential when packaging more than one serve consumable product. Your end products users will not have to worry about food contamination, oxygen, odor, moisture or vapor infiltration after the first pouch opening.

They will be able to reseal their stand up bags after rolling them down every time they scoop the amount they needed for that day.

If you need these add-ons on your pouches, inform us. Adding them by your self is something tedious, expensive and time-consuming.

With us in play, we will only require a small fee, and we will machine them on your particular stand-up pouches.

Tin Tie Stand Application position

CapacityTin Tie Location (inches from tin tie top to pouch top)Tin Tie length (inches)Pouch type
4 oz14.75Side seal
8 oz14.75Side seal
8 oz15.5Square bottom
8 oz15.5Quad seal
16 oz14.75 OR 5.5Side seal
1615.5Square bottom
16 oz15.5Quad seal
2lb1.257Center seal
5lb1.59.5Concealed seal

4.2: Degassing Valves

Stand Up PouchesAlthough you might be aware product packaging requires some airtight environment, there are instances when degassing valves are needed.

When packaging product that does emit some gas, degassing valves become essential, but note: these are one-way degassing valves. They allow the produced gas to get out of the pouch but allowing no air from the outside environment into the bag.

For example, when packaging roasted coffee, degassing valves become the essential add-on. If you happen to package roasted coffee in an airtight pouch with no valve to vent out carbon dioxide gas produced by these beans, it means your bag will burst due to internal air pressure.

Such a case will expose your product to hazardous external environment conditions.

With decreasing valves, coffee roasters and other gas emitting product can package their product immediately after roasting.

Stand Up PouchesRemember, roasted coffee produces continuous to produce carbon dioxide gas for 7 days. As a coffee roaster, would waiting for 7 days before packaging and fail to ruin your business timing and supply plan?

Allow us to help you using the following degassing valves that we trust:

a. Wipf ValvesStand Up Pouches

Wipf valves (wicovalves) are made of a silicon membrane. When the internal pressure builds past a 3 millibar level, the silicon membrane breaks to allow the air out. When the pressured falls to 0.5 millibars, the membrane gets sealed once more.

b. Goglio Valves

Stand Up PouchesThe goglio investment group manufactures Goglio valves, and we use them because of their quality. They are perfect degassing valves made of flexible rubber discs, polyethylene caps, and plates plus a silicone oil membrane. A specific machine is used to make these pouches something that makes them the best.

4.3: Round Corners

Depending on your design preference and usability of your stand up pouches, you might decide to have sharp or round corners.

Stand Up PouchesBut, if you are to package product that will get handled by children or the aged, you will need round corners.

From the market survey, many customers have come out to complain that sharp corners do injure them sometimes as they use flexible packaging pouches.

For that reason, we took it as a personal issue and came up with round corners as a way to prevent injuries inflicted by these sharp corners to customers.

Round corners are meant to prevent injuries caused by very sharp pouch corners.

4.4: Clear Windows

Stand Up PouchesWhen packaging food, industrial product, medical and some farm products, you will or might have realized some customers love to see what they are buying.

But because opening sealed pouches are something undoable, that is why you need clear windows.

Clear/transparent windows are meant to offer a way through which customers can see the packaged product. For example, seeing granules or snack through these clear windows does improve a buyer’s confidence in the product they are buying.

Depending on the size and type of your stand up pouch, we can fit a rectangular, oval, circle, and other shapes of these clear windows.

Product visibility is essential if you intend to improve your customer persuasion, appeal and confidence in the product they are about to purchase.

4.5: Gloss & Matte Finishing

For every stand-up pouch, we do manufacture; matte and gloss are our main pouch finishing design. These two pouch finishing styles are essential add-ons, but they do serve the same purpose.

Stand Up PouchesThe primary role of such finishing style is to improve pouch visibility. They make it possible for customers to notice your product from far. For example, glossy finishing style makes a stand-up pouch look shiny.

Meaning, the types of imprints you are to have on your pouches will be visible from far. A shiny pouch surface will improve the visibility of the user guide info, images, labels and graphics you are to have on your pouches.

Secondly, matte type of pouch finishing makes your stand up bags look dull (not shiny). Mostly, these add-ons are used on pouches meant for packaging coffee beans.

Matte finishing also improves the visibility of your product branding graphics printed on the pouches. It improves your label, images, and user-guide visibility.

4.6: Pocket Zippers

Stand Up PouchesPocket zippers are also known as pre-zippered. They are fitted on one side of a stand-up pouch contrary to what was witnessed on the traditional packaging pouches where zippers were fitted on both sides of a pouch.

Pocket zipper allows maximum filling of your pouches even past the zipper itself because it’s fitted on one side.

One disadvantage witnessed on traditional pouches is that they had zippers on both sides in that you wouldn’t fill them to the top due to content getting trapped on the zipper.

Pocket zippers are easy to open. All to do is press the Pull-tab. Once it gets torn, you will have to pull it thus opening the pouch.

A pocket zipper gives your stand up pouches a wide emptying and filling space.

Lastly, pre-made zippers are tamper evident. Once this zipper gets tampered with, any customer will know.

Some advantages of these Pocket zippers are:

  • Easy filling and emptying
  • Make your pouches tamper evident
  • Particle and powder will not get trapped by your zippers when filling or emptying them

4.7: Re-closable Zippers

Stand Up PouchesFor quality product preservation, sealing and resealing ability is one essential factor. For that reason and under your instructions, we have re-closable zippers that we can fit on your pouches.

Our re-closable zippers are made of two plastic track that does interlock to close a packaging pouch after a slit press.

Remember, when packaging consumables, medical products, farm products or industrial products, some external factors such as oxygen, moisture, water vapor, odor, and contaminants lead to spoilage or rusting.

That is why you need stand-up bags with reclosing ability to keep your products safe. If you are to use pouches with re-closable zippers, be assured your product preservation time length will get extended.

4.8: Slider Zipper

Stand Up PouchesWhen packaging fresh products, child-resistant products or dell food; you will need a stand-up pouch with slider zippers.

Slider zippers are add-on feature that adds the re-close ability to your pouches. They are zippers with some plastic top part that an end product user will slide over to open or seal his/her pouch.

For those packaging child resistant product, more sophisticated slider zippers are used.

They are add-ons that can get used in pouches meant for packaging powder products, gel, granules or liquid, and semi-liquid products.

4.9: Ergonomic Handles

Stand Up PouchesWhen packaging heavy products, you better go for a stand-up pouch with handle (ergonomic handles). Ergonomic handles are add-on features that allow you to insert your fingers and carry your pouches comfortably.

One reason as to why we have these add-ons is to provide convenience to end product users. For example, when packaging fertilizer, home products, snacks, flour, seeds, tea or coffee in large stand pouch bag, these are the ones you need.

Children as well will be able to carry these pouches without the worry of the pouches falling down. Pouches fitted with this add-on are comfortable and easy to carry.

4.10: Hang Holes

Stand Up PouchesFor the sake of product visibility; pouch hanging sometimes becomes a necessity. With hang hole add-ons, retailers will be able to hang they filled stand up pouches along the shelves or at the counters.

Pouch hanging improves product visibility thus many customers get to notice these products easily and from far. Is that not what you want to increase your product purchases?

Allow as to help you improve your product visibility. We can fit hang holes on several sizes of stand-up bags.

Lastly, we have several hang-hole designs you can choose from. We have different types of hang holes such as butterfly (Euro), triangle (delta), and circle hang holes.

4.11: Tear Notches

Stand Up PouchesTear notches also known as rearing notches are pre-cuts meant to coax stand up pouch user to initiate a tear. Stand-up pouches with no tearing notches are strenuous to tear.

Additionally, for pouches with no tear notches, it is challenging to initiate a clean, ultra straight tear. That is why you need these add-ons to make tearing off your pouch a smooth experience.

With tear notches, children and adults will have an easy time opening these pouches.

Note, no matter the size or the design of your stand up pouch, we fit tear notches in almost all of them. All we need you to do is send instructions of the pouch add-ons you need

4.12: Spouts

Spouts are an innovative add-on that adds the filling and pouring ability to flexible stand up pouches like the one enjoyed when one is using rigid glass and plastic bottles.

Stand Up PouchesSpouts are either at the top or on one side of flexible pouches.

Note: these spout pouches are not just but openings, they have caps that can get welded on the spout to close the opening.

Spouts are fitted on pouches which are mostly used for packaging beverages, wine & alcohol, juice, soft drinks, seeds, granules and semi-liquid products.

With spouts, it will be easy to open or re-close your packaging pouches. Pouring will be smooth, orderly and you do not have to worry about any leakage problem.

Our spouts are fitted using strong adhesive products for the perfection of the service provided. We trust our experience and detailed pouch manufacturing process.

4.13: Label Application

Product labeling in today’s market plays a significant role. Labels do improve your product visibility as well as playing the informative role.

Stand Up PouchesThrough the use of various labels, you will sell your product name outside there more, informing customers of your product ingredients as well as usage instructions.

At TedPack, we provide outstanding label services using quality adhesive products. Our label printing semi-automatic machines can handle all sizes you might have in mind.

We use high technology machines to ensure precision on label application areas thus avoiding wastage rates.

Remember, our machines have a high speed meaning label application turnaround time will be short.

If you are in need of this service, get to us. We will charge you a small fee but your stand up pouches will have state of the art add-on features that will help you attract customers.

Chapter 5: Types of Stand-Up Pouches

In efforts to provide quality packaging pouches to our customers, we have several types of stand pouches we produce.

At TedPack, we do not line with ordinary stand up pouch manufactures; we take every product packaging need into account.

Due to uneven product packaging needs, we manufacture different types of stand up bags.

Stand Up PouchesThe types of pouches we manufacture are guided by:

  • Product to be packaged
  • Level of barrier property needed
  • Add-ons needed
  • Pouch usability and pouch convenience

For every pouch we manufacture, the artwork we get from you guides our manufacturing. Your packaging need is what will dictate our material choice, colour, size, and the add-ons we are to use.

We ensure every pouch has 3-7 layers laminated together for barrier property reasons. You do not have to worry about oxygen, moisture, water vapor, odor, UV light, and contaminant infiltration.

For reliability, convenience and usability reasons, you will have a wide range of add-ons to decide on.

Below are some of the stand-up pouch types we produce.

5.1: Bottom Gusset Stand-Up Pouches

Stand Up PouchesAmong all the stand-up pouches used in the market today, Bottom gusset pouches are the most popular. Bottom gussets are well designed to support the amount of product packaged thus ensuring a self-standing ability.

From the top, gusset edges are welded to the sides and extend to the bottom of these pouches thus giving a self-standing ability to these bags.

But one distinguishing factor about these stand-up pouches is their bottom part assumes a round shape. Apart from the bottom being round in a way, there are different types of these bottom gussets.

For example, you can decide your pouch to either have:

  • Round bottom gusset
  • K-corner bottom gusset
  • Plow bottom gusset

If you need pouches that can withstand transport, shelf, and storage conditions to ensure your product freshness, flavor, and quality gets maintained, these stand-up bags are made of laminated film structures.Stand Up Pouches

Materials such as PET, MOPP, M-PET, PE, CPP, NYLON, Kraft paper and others are used.  Your pouch usage will help us determine the kind of material formula we are to use.

For those who need pouches made of printable material, get to use. We use quality rotogravure printing machines. That will ensure your branding graphics, images, user guides, and ingredients information is well visible.

Lastly, you will have several add-ons to choose from that can get fitted on these type of pouch. For example hang holes, zippers, tear notches, valves, pocket zippers, transparent windows and many more.

Lastly, if you might be in need of customized printing, we can do that for you. We use a printing pattern that can use up to 8 colors.

Below is a table to elaborate more on bottom gusset stand up pouches.

Volume (gram)Volume (oz)Width (inches)Length (Inches)Gusset (Inches)MOQThicknessDelivery days
2813.155.114010000-30000 Pcs2.5 Mil-7.5 Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days
7024.356.306010000-30000 Pcs2.5 Mil-7.5 Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days
10034.757.906010000-30000 Pcs2.5 Mil-7.5 Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days
15045.108.256010000-30000 Pcs2.5 Mil-7.5 Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days
25086.309.057010000-30000 Pcs2.5 Mil-7.5 Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days
500167.5010.209010000-30000 Pcs2.5 Mil-7.5 Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days
1000329.2513.2010010000-30000 Pcs2.5 Mil-7.5 Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days
300010611.817.907010000-30000 Pcs2.5 Mil-7.5 Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days
400014114.921.608010000-30000 Pcs2.5 Mil-7.5 Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days

5.2: Side Gusset Stand-Up Pouches

Stand Up PouchesSide gusset stand-up pouches are mainly used for packaging tea and coffee. Retailer and product packagers love them most due to their storage capacity. When filled, these pouches square out providing a high product holding capacity.

These are pouches made of gussets on all the sides although the widths are short. These side gussets have fins that run from the bottom to the top.

At the bottom, there are horizontal sealing. The top part sealing takes the shape of the sealing add-on used.

If you were looking for packaging pouches that will offer you enough billboard space to make your product branding, then these are the right pouches for you.

At TedPack, we use rotogravure, flexo, and digital printing technologies. For any branding or graphic designing you need, we will give you the best.

Remember, any stand-up pouch we manufacture is made up of several laminated layers. This is the only way we put in our effort to ensure your packaged product stays fresh for a long time.

Stand Up PouchesFor side gussets stand up pouch usage, convenience or reliability, we have several add-ons you can decide to have. For example, if you were to package roasted coffee, we have degassing valves for you.

Other add-on features are reclosable zippers, ergonomic handles, tear notches, clear windows, tin ties, and many others.

If you were looking for stand-up pouches to use in food packaging, then these are some of the best bags you will get.

Note: our material choice is dictated by the by the product you intend to package.

Below is a table illustrating notable dimensions and details on side gusset pouches

Volume (gram)Volume (oz)Width (inches)Length (Inches)Gusset (Inches)MOQThicknessDelivery days
60227.51.2510000-30000 Pcs2.5 Mil-7.5 Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days
10042.678.881.62510000-30000 Pcs2.5 Mil-7.5 Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days
25083.510.252.7510000-30000 Pcs2.5 Mil-7.5 Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days
500163.7513310000-30000 Pcs2.5 Mil-7.5 Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days
100025.316.5310000-30000 Pcs2.5 Mil-7.5 Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days
140035.517.53.12510000-30000 Pcs2.5 Mil-7.5 Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days
22005719.254.510000-30000 Pcs2.5 Mil-7.5 Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days
5000101124.55.12510000-30000 Pcs2.5 Mil-7.5 Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days
10 kgs201428.1253.12510000-30000 Pcs2.5 Mil-7.5 Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days
20 kgs401632.255.510000-30000 Pcs2.5 Mil-7.5 Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days

5.3: Flat Bottom Stand-Up Pouches

Stand Up PouchesFlat bottom stand-up pouches are also known as a flat bottom box (box bottom). The main reason as to why these pouches are known as flat bottom or box bottom is because when they get filled, they assume sturdy shape.

Flat bottoms make them self-standing when filled, and they are sturdy just like cartons or boxes. If you compare these flat bottom boxes to side gussets pouches, you will realize they hold much more product.

Flat bottom pouch structure is made up of right and left side gussets plus a bottom gusset.

One big advantage of these pouches is that you will enjoy enough billboard space. The front, backside and the two sides gussets provide enough space to print any info, image or graphic you deem vital for your product advertisement.

The multi-layered film structure provides a strong barrier against oxygen, moisture, vapor, odor, and contaminants.

Some of the materials we laminate together are PET, MOPP, Kraft Paper M-PET, Nylon, and many more. The choice of materials we are to use will depend on the purpose of the pouch you need.

Stand Up PouchesFor any product you are planning to package, you will enjoy convenience, easy usage and reliability provided by the add-on we offer to fit on these pouches.  Some of the add-ons are tear notches, laser scoring, hang holes, round corners, die-cut handles among others.

Some of the benefits attached to these flexible box pouches are:

  • Highly printable. You will enjoy enough billboard space provided by the five panes of these pouches
  • Enhanced shelf appeal
  • Self-standing
  • For pouches meant for consumables packaging, we provide FDA approved bags.

The chart below illustrates key details attached to flat bottom stand up pouches.

Volume (gram)Volume (oz)Width (inches)Length (Inches)Gusset (Inches)MOQThicknessDelivery days
10043.97.282.1710000-30000 Pcs2.5 Mil-7.5 Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days
25083.792.710000-30000 Pcs2.5 Mil-7.5 Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days
34012583.12510000-30000 Pcs2.5 Mil-7.5 Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days
500164.37510.8753.12510000-30000 Pcs2.5 Mil-7.5 Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days
10002.2 lbs7.7513.5410000-30000 Pcs2.5 Mil-7.5 Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days
11802.6 lbs5.75134.62510000-30000 Pcs2.5 Mil-7.5 Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days

NB: the dimensions above are not fixed. You can have your customized sizes, and we will manufacture pouches as per your instructions.

5.4: Spouted Stand-Up Pouches

Spout pouches are also known as fitment pouches. In the current pouch market, spout pouches have become very popular. Reason being, they are a replacement to plastic and glass bottles which are expensive, bulky and rigid.

Stand Up PouchesOur flexible spout pouches are made of multi-layered material films which are laminated together for barrier reason. What makes these pouches compete with glass and plastic bottles is their filling and pouring ability.

Some of the regular materials we use are PET, Nylon, M-PET, MOPP, CPP, Kraft paper and many others.

These stand-up pouches are fitted with spouts at the top for easy pouring, easy filling, smooth opening, and closing. For opening and reclosing ability, our spout pouches are fitted with caps that can be welded to close or open these pouches.

Although the manufacturing process of spout pouches (resealable stand up pouches) requires specialized expertise, at TedPack, we have all it takes. We have experienced personnel’s and expansive spout pouch converting machines.

For all these spout pouches we produce, we make sure the film structure is made-up of the right materials which get laminated together. This hint helps us to make sure your products will get exempted from oxygen, odor, moisture, and contaminants.

At the part where these spouts are fitted, quality adhesive is used to prevent any leakage.

Depending on the product you intend to package, we have several types of spouts/fitments or closer options for you. Below are the options for you:

  • Corner-Mounted spoutsStand Up Pouches
  • Trigger-sprayers
  • Screw-cap closers
  • Push to pull closers
  • EZ pour spouts
  • Disc- cap closers

Remember, all the materials we use are easy to print. You can have all the graphics, info and images you need to improve your product visibility.

Spout pouches can be used for packaging:

  • Cooking oils
  • Baby food
  • Syrups
  • Yogurt
  • Fruit Purees
  • Sauces
  • Jams
  • Lotions & cream
  • Honey
  • Energy and sport drinks
  • Nut, grains, and seeds
  • Candy and confectionaries
  • Coffee and tea drink
  • Wine and alcoholStand Up Pouches
  • Dairy products
  • Juice
  • Water
  • Gel
  • Shampoo
  • Stain removers
  • Oil and lubricants
  • Cleaners and laundry detergents
  • Soap and hand wash soaps

 Advantages of spout pouches are:

  • Self-standing ability
  • Efficient storage or shelf space
  • Easy to open and re-close
  • Offer improved product visibility
  • Eco-friendly

5.5: Shaped Stand-Up Pouches

In the current packaged product market, the art of improving product visibility on the shelf is proving as one crucial factor that is increasing product purchase ability.

Stand Up PouchesFor that reason, at TedPack we have developed a shaped stand up pouch line. Shaped pouches do help your products to stand out on any shelf.

For example, when packaging fruit juice meant for kids, we can manufacture shaped pouches to take mango, orange banana or any fruit shape. Believe use today; such a pouch will entice kind more.

At our factory, we have quality pouch converting machines which our experts have accessibility to the latest die-cutting technology.

For any shape that you might need, we are your go-to experts.

Although our pouches are manufactured in innovative and creative ways, our bags barrier properties are not compromised.

We like obvious use laminated film structures to ensure no leakage for liquid and semi-liquid products and as well keep off oxygen, odor, moisture, contaminants, vapor and UV lights.

Some of the benefits of our shaped pouches are:
Stand Up Pouches

  • Easy to open, fill, pour or re-close
  • Have several add-ons for reliability and convenience reasons such as round corners, hang holes, ergonomic handles, clear windows, and others
  • Easy to squeeze
  • Highly printable for product branding reasons
  • Self-standing abilities

You can use shaped stand up pouches to package:

  • Condiments
  • Jam
  • Lotions & Creams
  • Spreads
  • Honey
  • Snack
  • Fruit Purees
  • Fruit juices
  • Yoghurt
  • WaterStand Up Pouches
  • Sports drinks & energy drinks
  • Alcohol and wine
  • Lubricants and oil
  • Laundry and cleaning agents
  • Pet food
  • Grains, nuts, and seeds
  • Spices
  • Sugar and sweeteners and many other products

Below is a shaped stand up pouch details chart

Volume (ml)Volume (oz)Width (inches)Height (Inches)Gusset (Inches)MOQThicknessDelivery days
1003.533.154.941.9710000-30000 Pcs2.5 Mil-7.5 Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days
1204. Pcs2.5 Mil-7.5 Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days
1505. Pcs2.5 Mil-7.5 Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days
1806.353.155.511.9710000-30000 Pcs2.5 Mil-7.5 Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days
2007.053.155.512.2010000-30000 Pcs2.5 Mil-7.5 Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days
2508.823.156.302.1710000-30000 Pcs2.5 Mil-7.5 Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days
40014.113.947.482.1710000-30000 Pcs2.5 Mil-7.5 Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days
50017.645.517.482.7610000-30000 Pcs2.5 Mil-7.5 Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days
75026.465.518.662.7610000-30000 Pcs2.5 Mil-7.5 Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days
100035.275.519.652.7610000-30000 Pcs2.5 Mil-7.5 Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days

5.6: Retort Stand-Up Pouches

Stand Up PouchesRetort stand up pouches are made of film structures prepared by laminating metal foils and flexible plastic materials. These are quality pouches that allow packaging of food products in sterile conditions.

3-7 layers of material films are laminated together using aseptic processing. These stand-up bags can be used for packaging water, raw, thermo-stabilized or fully cooked food products.

The laminated film layers do protect your food products from contaminants, oxygen, vapor, moisture, UV light or Odor.

Ideally, these pouches are a replacement of the traditional food canning container. The ready-to-eat food packaged in these pouches can be eaten while cold or can be submerged into hot water to heat it.

Stand Up PouchesOur retort pouches can best be applied in the packaging of:

  • Pet food
  • Fresh food
  • Soup
  • Pre-cook food
  • Organic food products

The materials we use in the manufacture of these pouches are FDA approved. All the materials used in the manufacture of these pouches are sterilized.

When food products are filled into these pouches, and they are sealed, the bags are heated to about 116-121 degrees Celsius under very high pressure. Such a process kills all the bacteria thus the packaged food can remain fresh for many years.

Remember, it is possible to pre-cook some food product and store it in these pouches. The laminated structure offers a full-scale barrier property that will protect your product aroma, flavor, texture, and quality.

These pouches are user-friendly due to the add-on features that can be added on these pouches, for example, hang holes, ergonomic handles, tear notches, round corners, and many others.

Stand Up PouchesRetailers and product packagers love these pouches because they know they are self-standing. The bottom gusset used in these pouches enable them to self-stand on any shelf, table or kitchen pantry.

For those who might need customized printing, our stand-up retort pouches are highly printable.

Note: at TedPack we use rotogravure, digital or flexo printing technologies to ensure you get the right and quality pouch branding, graphics imprints, and info printed.

Advantages of using our retorts pouches are:

  • Our pouches are self-standing
  • Made of food-grade materials thus FDA approved
  • QS and ISO rated
  • Highly printable
  • Eco-friendly

5.7: Stand-Up Pouches with Zippers

One main reason as to why packaging pouches are essential is because they cut the free flow of oxygen, vapor, odor, moisture, contaminants into the pouch.

But would that be possible without the use of a zipper?

Stand Up PouchesZippers are used to seal stand up pouches once they get filled. From our side, we can fit re-closable zippers on any stand-up pouch.

Our Press-to-close (PTC) zippers are economical and easy to close. They do add re-close ability to user pouches meaning after the initial opening of a pouch; you will reclose it again at will.

Some of the zipper types that we use are:

  • Double-lock zippers
  • Thermoform zippers
  • Flange zippers
  • Powder proof zippers
  • Color-reveal zipper and many others

Our manufactures stand-up pouches with zippers are efficient for packaging:

  • Pet foodStand Up Pouches
  • Snacks
  • Medical products
  • Farm, lawn and garden product
  • Laundry and cleaning detergents
  • Grains
  • Granules
  • Powder and many other products

Note: still on these pouches we maintain our film structure manufacturing formula where we use multiple layers. Additionally, all our bags are printable; they are eco-friendly and can get fitted with other add-on features for convenience reasons.

Some of the key benefits of using stand up pouches fitted with zippers are:

  • Reclosability
  • Products are kept fresh for a long time
  • Your products will be protected against contamination or spillage

At any time you are in need of resealable stand-up pouches, go for pouches with zippers.

5.8: Stand-Up Pouches with Slider

Stand Up PouchesStand-up pouches with slider zippers are economical, simple to use easy to close. The main distinguishing feature of these pouches is the slider zippers that are added.

Any stand-up pouch may it be a side gusset, fat bottom or quad bags can get fitted with a slider zipper.

Stand-up pouches with slider zippers are mainly used for packaging several serve products. This is because you will easily open them and close them by just sliding the zipper over a plastic strip.

With a slide zipper, your products will be exempted from the effects of oxygen, odor, moisture, vapor or germs infiltration.

Stand-up pouches with slider zippers are used for packaging:

  • FruitsStand Up Pouches
  • Snacks
  • Spices
  • Powder product
  • Grains
  • veggies
  • Seeds
  • Industrial products
  • Household products and many more.

Note: these are uniquely made pouches, but they harbour characteristics like other stand up pouches we produce.

They are made of laminated film structures, self-standing, eco-friendly, highly printable, and lastly can get fitted with several add-ons for convenience reasons.

5.9: Standup Cap Inverted Pouches

Stand Up PouchesAt TedPack we believe we must provide you with the latest and creatively made packaging pouches. That is the reason we can offer the latest pouches known as standcap inverted pouches.

These are packaging pouches with the dispensing part at the bottom and acting as the bottom gusset to provide your pouches with self-standing ability.

These are pouches that appear inverted. They provide a clean and convenient mess-free dispensing of 99%.

The standcap of these pouches give them a stable and sturdy self-standing ability.

Products packaged in these pouches enjoy a long shelf life because they are made of laminated films for top-notch film barriers. You will not worry about contamination, oxygen, moisture, odor or vapor infiltration.

Since the self-standing ability gives these pouches some unique look, we can reinforce that using high-quality printing. We have the right and latest printing machines that will enable us to serve you with quality graphics and other imprints.

Some of the benefits of standup cap inverted pouches are:

  • Lifestyle tread: they are lightweight, portable, and good looking something that will attract customers to your products
  • They can offer clean and controlled dispensing through squeezing to produce a drip like pour with clean product cutting off.
  • Offer quality barrier properties: they are made of multilayers film structures
  • They are easy to use (Easy to open and reclose)
  • Transportation or storage is way too easy because they are lightweight and flexible.
  • You do not need utensils when using these pouches. For example, when squeezing some butternut or peanut on your bread, you will not need a knife or a spoon like in the picture above.

Chapter 6: Differentiation of Stand-Up Pouch Types as per Application

Pouch application or usage also brings about pouches differences. That is why we manufacture pouches for a specific reason.

For example, some of our customers manufacture high scented products. Meaning such clients will need packaging pouches that can entrap product aroma, scent and flavor for a long packaging time.

In connection to that, we manufacture pouches with the right barrier property for their specific products.

Additionally, for product visibility reasons, we as well manufacture customized or shaped stand up pouch types that will meet your packaging and market need.

Below are some of the pouches we manufacture as per application reasons.

6.1: Foil Stand-Up Pouches

Stand Up PouchesOur stand-up foil pouches are made of laminated film structures, but aluminum foil takes center stage of this pouch manufacturing process.

The reason is, Al foil is one material know to provide perfect oxygen, aroma and moisture barrier.

Foil stand-up pouches are mainly used for packaging:

  • Cosmetic products
  • Highly scented cleaning and laundry products
  • Farm inputs and
  • Medical products

These pouches have exceptional barrier properties that make them the best for various packaging industries. We as pouch manufactures use them in the packaging of stock stand up pouches.

It does not matter the quantity of the product you intend to package, but we manufacture pouches that can handle capacities of 1oz to 5 lb.

Depending on your packaging need, we make bags with different add-on features — for example, those pouches that are to package 1oz to 2 oz capacities, we except them from re-closable zipper application.

But for pouches meant to package 2 oz and above, we fit them with zippers for re-close ability reasons.

Other add-ons are tear notches, ergonomic handles, clear windows hang holes and many more.

6.2: Rice Paper Stand-Up Pouches

Currently, most stand up pouches manufacturers are much obsessed in producing pouches that will mean a great deal to the snack industry.

Stand Up PouchesFor that reason, at TedPack we decided to have rice paper pouches among our production line for you.

Many love rice paper pouches due to their texture. Their texture, appearance and quality shapes/design command attraction and a high-end look.

These are pouches made of gussets which are folded inwards and upward but sealed on both sides. The bottom gusset is what makes them self-standing

Some of the materials laminated to make these pouches are:

  • Kraft Paper / PE
  • PET / M-PET / PE
  • OPP  / CPP
  • PET / ALU / PE
  • PET / PE

The quality look they display plus the rectangular/oval/circle or shaped clear windows for customer satisfaction reasons makes them the excellent packaging pouch for many snack products.

The notable advantages of our rise paper pouches are:

  • FDA approved thus safe for consumables packaging
  • Made of laminated film structures which confirm high barrier properties against oxygen, water vapor, moisture and contaminants
  • Heat resalable
  • Self-standing
  • Airtight

For consumer convenience and reliability, we can fit different add-ons such as zippers, tear notches, hang holes and others.

6.3: Poly Stand-Up Pouches

Stand Up PouchesIf you are looking for a cheap stand up pouches, Poly bags are the best. Although their barrier properties are not as high as those of aluminum foil bags, they will bar off oxygen, moisture, and vapor from your infiltrating the inside of your pouches.

When packaging products that do not need a long and extended shelf packaging span, it is advisable to use poly stand up pouches.

We can manufacture poly stand up pouches fitted with various add-ons such as zippers, hang holes, tear notches, degassing valves and many others for convenience reasons.

But owing to the fact that these are used for various reasons, we fit add-ons at specific positions where they are continent. For example, we fit tear notches at a position where they will not interfere with the sealing and reclosing of the zippers.

6.4: Clear/Foil Stand-Up Pouches

Stand Up PouchesOur clear/foil stand-up pouches fit in varied packaging industries due to their barrier properties. They are made of laminated films with one side made of a high-quality clear film while the other made of a quality opaque film using AL foil as the outer layer.

Such a material structure ensures your product aroma, flavor, freshness, and taste will remain intact for a long time.

Additionally, you will not worry about oxygen, moisture, vapor, odor or contaminants getting infiltrated into the inside of your pouch.

Advantages of these pouches:

  • The transparent/clear side improves product visibility for customers who must see the product they are about to buy. Visibility helps to boost customer confidence in the product they are purchasing
  • There are several add-ons to boost your pouch usage convince and reliability such as zipper for reclose ability, tear notches for easy opening, and hang holes for product display.
  • Product airtight environment
  • Eco-friendly
  • FDA approved

6.5: Stand up pouches With Windows

TedPack is a versatile pouch manufacturing company. We are committed to our mission of producing quality, reliability and convenience stand-up pouch. That is why we decide to introduce stand up pouches with windows.

Stand Up PouchesRegardless of the pouch size or design, we can fit transparent or clear windows. Clear windows are some of the main add-ons that we offer.

Pouches with clear windows or transparent sides help in product visibility. For customers who might need to see the product they are about to by clear windows will help them to do so.

Through seeing, customer confidence gets boosted thus improving your sells probability. These clear window panes act as a great way to advertise your product.

But note: although these pouches are fitted with clear windows, it does not mean you will not get enough billboard space to make your product branding.

You will still have enough space where we can print your company label, branding graphics and other essential details like user guide info.

Lastly, these pouches have quality barrier properties due to laminated film structures.

You will enjoy all the add-ons you might deem essential on your stand up pouches with windows.

6.6: Metallized Stand-Up Pouches

Metalized stand-up pouches are also known as Mylar stand up pouches. These are cheap stand-up pouches but with moderate barrier properties.

Stand Up PouchesMetallization is what improves the barrier property of these pouches as well as making them have a shiny look.

If you needed an alternative to clear poly bags and foil pouches but still stick to a low budget without compromising quality packaging, Mylar stand-up pouches are the best for you.

Our manufactured mylar pouches can handle a capacity of 1 oz – 8lb.

Here are the advantages of mylar stand up pouches from TedPack:

  • Self-standing
  • Highly printable
  • Improved barrier properties due to the laminated film structure
  • FDA approved
  • Can get fitted with several add-ons for reliability and convenience reasons such as hang holes, clear windows, tear notches, etc.
  • Eco-friendly
  • Ensured product visibility due stand up ability and proper printing and lastly
  • They are lightweight, not bulky.

6.7: Satin &Matte Stand-up Pouch

Satin and Matte are pouch names that are driven from the specific pouch finishing design. If you are a product packager, producer or retailer who needs quality and eye-catching pouches, then our satin & matte stand-up pouches are what you need.

We manufacture packaging stand up pouches of satin and matte style in 8 plus colors.

Remember, satin and matte are pouch finishing types that make pouches look dull.

The primary importance of matte and satin finishing is they help improve your pouch visibility.

With the dull look, graphics printed, info and all labels printed on your pouches will be highly visible. They make your pouch appearance amazing thus making your products get to be noticeable easily.

Like other packaging pouches, we fit several add-on types on these pouches for example:

  • Tear notches for easy openingStand Up Pouches
  • Zippers for reclosing ability
  • Hang holes to improve product visibility by hanging
  • Clear windows to improve packaged product visibility
  • Degassing valves
  • Round corners and many

We manufacture satin &matte stand-up pouch that can hold 1 oz – 2 lb.

Lastly, remember our pouches are of great barrier properties. They are made of multiple material layers which are laminated together.

6.8: Crystal Clear Snack Stand-Up Pouches

Crystal clear snack stand-up pouches are loved by producers who deal in the packaging of products that customers must see them through the pouch transparent film before buying. Meaning, with these type of pouches you will not need clear windows since the pouch is transparent.

Stand Up PouchesFor example, when packaging snacks, baby sweets or industry products that look very eye-catching, you can use these pouches.

They are clear enough, and customers will be able to see every packaged product in details.

Although our pouches are made of multiple layers, they are clear enough. Additionally, your product freshness, aroma, taste or flavor will still be intact.

The barrier properties provided by the material layers we use are enough to protect your pouches from all external effects from moisture, odor, oxygen and contaminants.

With these pouches, you will be sure of standing out no matter how the shelf will be crowded.

Crystal clear snack stand-up pouches can hold from 2 oz to 16 oz capacity or even more.

Although these pouches are clear, you do not have to worry about your product safety. Our crystal clear stand up pouches are made of laminated film structure and with additional add-ons like zippers to maintain the freshness of your pouches.

Lastly, there are several other add-ons to improve your pouch usability such as tear notches, hang holes, and many others.

Chapter 7: Material Choice

At TedPack, we strive to be unique from other stand up pouches manufacturers. For every packaging pouch we manufacture, we are guided by the purpose of that pouch, the unique needs of the product to get packaged and our customers taste and preference.

Stand Up PouchesOn material selection, our pouches are designed to serve a specific packaging purpose. Whether we are manufacturing stand up plastic pouch packaging bags, we do use several material layers.

For every layer we are to laminate with others, we use it for a specific reason. There are layers that we will use for oxygen barrier reasons, others to opacity while other to bar off moisture or vapor.

Our laminated film structure comprises of 3-7 layers. Every layer gets adhesively laminated to the other after getting examined for quality reasons.

Below are some of the materials we use:

  • CPP (Cast polypropylene): offers high-temperature resistance in heat sealable pouches
  • EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate)
  • EVOH (Ethylene-Vinyl Alcohol): used for excellent oxygen barrier
  • AL (Aluminum Foil): offers maximum water vapor and oxygen barrier
  • HDPE (High-density polyethene)
  • LDPE (low-density polyethene): used when high heat sealability is needed
  • LLDPE (Linear low-density polyethene): when tough heat seal strength is needed, there is the material we use
  • MET-PET (Metallized PET film): the film is excellent for oxygen, moisture and water vapor barrier property
  • OPP (Oriented polypropylene): offers good barrier property from oxygen and water vapor
  • Nylon
  • PP (Polypropylene): offers better temperature resistance
  • PE (Polyethylene)
  • PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)

Chapter 8: Stand-Up Pouch FAQs

1. What are flexible packaging pouches?
These are non-rigid packaging structures used for packaging both consumables and non-consumables.

2. What details do you need from me to get a stand-up pouch quate?
We need general information such as your company name, contact information, type of pouch needed, quantity, and dimensional specifications.

3. Do you manufacture child resistant stand up pouches?
Yes, we are a versatile pouch manufacturing company.

4. What do you mean by packaging pouch testing?
It is a process by which we subject our manufactured pouches and bags to various examinations. The examinations (testing) are geared to determine material resistant to physical harm like punctures or chemical degradation.

5. Is your company able to provide samples?
Yes, send us your samples delivery location

6. What’s the meaning of adhesive lamination?
It is the process of laminating different materials using adhesives and not molten plastic resins.

7. What is the MOQ of stand-up pouches?
10000 pcs, but call us for more details.

8. What are the payment options do you accept?
You can pay us through MASTER CARD, BANK PAYMENT, VISA CARD or online through PAYPAL.

 9. If I want customized stand-up bags, how do I go about it?
Send us your artwork design, and we will manufacture them for you. If you do not have the artwork, our designing department can as well help you at a fee.

10. Is it possible for my food to get delivered without much delay and protocol following?
Yes, we can arrange express delivery for you but at a fee.

11. What are the charges to be included in my quote?
We include insurance, transport, and pouch material cost. But customs duty will be exempted due to fluctuation attached to different states/countries.

12. What printing services do you offer?
We offer any printing service you might need. We use rotogravure, flexo and digital printing technologies.

13. Are you pouches FDA approved?
Yes, we will attach a guarantee letter for confirmation reasons.

14. Are your pouches recyclable?
Yes, all our pouches are eco-friendly.

15. How many colors can you print or manufacture my pouches in?
We can do it on 8 or more colors.

Chapter 9: TedPack Word on Stand-Up Pouches

For the 5 years, we have been in the packaging pouch manufacturing business since May 2013; we have managed to build our perfect reputation. Over 60 customers we have served from 15+ countries all have labelled us to be reliable, cost-effective and innovative stand-up pouches manufacturing factory.

Stand Up PouchesWe have engineers and other experts with over 20 years of experience in manufacturing of packaging pouches industries.

With a detailed oriented eye, we can give you our word on exceptional scientific expertise skills in the developing of laminated films that will make it possible for the manufacturing quality pouches.

We manufacture packaging pouches of high barrier properties that will ensure quality product packaging.  We are determined to giving you quality packaging bags that will help your pouches differentiates them from others.


At TedPack, we are a stand up pouch China supplier you can trust. For any pouch you might be in need of, we are here for you. We understand the necessities attached to each type of product.

Our unique manufacturing process is of top-notch quality. Our goal is to seal all the disappointments loopholes you have been experiencing from other stand up pouch manufacturers.

Allow us to help you in making your packaging plan a reality. Talk to us today, and you will not have to worry anymore regarding stand up pouch packaging. We understand your success if our success too. Quality is our anticipation; quality is our language and class is what we will offer you.

Contact us, and your packaging needs and questions will get solutions and answers respectively.

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