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Enhance Your Stand up Pouch with Valve to Boost Your Business

TedPack provides the highest quality level of supplying different types of stand up pouch with valve in China.

  • High-quality materials are used on pouches
  • More than two decades of experiences in the packaging industry
  • From 5000 pcs of for start business of MOQ of the printed pouch
  • Ideal packaging industry to start your business

Your Leading Manufacturer for Stand up Pouch with Valve

TedPack stand up pouch with valve is the most flexible packaging solutions for your products. We provide a positive mix design cue and quality to any pouches you like. Just let us know your ideal stand up pouch and we will surely give you the most durable one.

Stand up Pouch with Valve

Tedpack will help you make wise packaging decisions, providing a variety of stand up pouch with valve options for your pouch designs.

clear stand up pouch with valve

If you are looking for the best pouch for your products especially for roasted coffee beans, clear stand up pouch with valve is the best pouch for you, with a simple valve in the middle of the pouch for pump out the air inside the pouch after sealed with keep your coffee inside fresh, it will highly aroma proof and barrier property.

custom printed stand up pouch with valve

If you need a custom packaging with high quality and that protects your products, consider using custom printed stand up pouch with valve.  You can choose any customization you like for your pouches, from both sizes, volume, print and features on pouch you like.

flat bottom stand up pouch with valve

Flat bottom stand up pouch with valve has a unique design to give its attractive shape for costumer. This unique and attractive form gives large storage space and gives space to put your own design and use the space in the front and back, it can be customized with window, zipper etc

kraft paper stand up pouch with valve

Kraft paper stand up pouch with valve is the trend for coffee packaging now. It will give a great look for your product and there are various types and sizes, customizable for all different demands, printing up to 10 colors and all feature on pouch depends on your requirements.

TedPack Stand Up Pouch with Valve Customize Capabilities

stand up pouch material-2
Choose The Right Materials For Your Stand Up Pouch with Valve

TedPack is manufacturing different types of packages. We provide pouches that protect foods from different hazards like germs, heat, moisture loss and moisture pick-up.

  • Printing (Surface) Layer: BOPP, PET, NY, KRAFT PAPER, RICE PAPER
  • Barrier (Laminated) Layer: NY, PET, PETAL, AL
  • Heat Seal (Inner Food Contact) Layer: HDPE, LDPE, CPP, CPPAL, RCPP
stand up pouch feature-2
Customized Your Black Stand Up Pouches with Valve Features & Accessories

TedPack endless combination of customization for stand up pouches with valves. We properly designed pouches to make it essential for a quality finished product.

  • Closure Options: single and double, tap, child resistance, inno-lok, velcro hook & loop zipper closure
  • Valve Options: One way degas valve, double way degas valve, Goglio&Wipf Valves
  • Tin-tie Options: Copper Tin-ties, Iron Tin-tie, Paper Tin-tie
  • Treatment Options: Laser perforation, Cut handle holes, Custom windows, Tear notches, Pouch shaping, Matte&Shiny finishing, De-metallize
stand up pouch print-2
Best Printing Options On Your Stand Up Pouches with Valve

TedPack different types of printing materials you can select for your stand up pouches. We are already in years in expertise and service in printing pouches for our valued customers.

  • Flexo Printing: Surface simple print, low cost and easy text & images
  • Gravure Printing: Quality reverse print, medium cost and complicated text and images
  • Digital Printing: Medium quality surface print, high cost and complicated text & images
stand up pouch factory
Hi,I’m Noah, Business Development Director of TedPack! If you are looking for the perfect packaging solutions for your product, then I am the right person you are looking for. With the 20 years of experience in producing quality flexible packaging, we are glad to advise and provide the specific needs of our clients. Reach me so our team could offer you better flexible packaging solutions for your business.
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TedPack Stand up Pouch with Valve

TedPack is one of the professional stand up pouch factory, manufacturing all kinds off stand up pouches including stand up pouch with valve.

TedPack stand up pouch with valve used for product that produces carbon dioxide gas after sealing, like coffee beans. Our stand up pouch with valve can allow you to package roasted coffee immediately after roasting.

They can be self-stand, can get printed for visibility improvement and with air-tight sealing. Pouches are leakage proof after heat sealed.

All materials, size, printing, and styles are all customizable. Starting order amount of 5,000 pcs is enough to support your start-up business. All our raw materials used for stand up pouches are FDA approved and BPA free, so you can ensure that out stand up pouches with valve are 100% safe.

Our stand up pouch with valve can securely stand on shelves and eye-catching for your customers in the market. You can print all your feature product brand and another ad’s on both pouch front and back.

Tedpack over 20 years of flexible packaging industry satisfied the needs of our customers. For the best packaging needs of your business, Tedpack stand up pouch with valve will be your best solution.

Stand up Pouches with Valve: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide explores everything you need to know about stand up pouches with valve.

So, if you have questions about stand up pouches with valve, all information you are looking for is here.

Take a look.

What is a Stand-up Pouch with a Valve?

Stand up pouches with valve is a flexible packaging solution used mostly to pack coffee beans and tea.

Stand up pouches with valve

Stand up pouches with valve

How does a Stand-up Pouch with Valve Works?

The valve contains a valve body and a membrane in which a slight overpressure causes it to bulge.

Normally, the valve is open at atmospheric pressure then closes automatically when the product is in the pouch.

The valve design is for periodically venting trace amounts of gas as it occurs.

Which Types of Stand up Pouch with Valve are there?

There are different types of stand up pouch with valve include:

 White stand up pouch with valve

 White stand up pouch with valve

· Clear Stand-up Pouch Bag with Valve

Clear stand-up pouch bags design gives clients a transparent view of the product.

The pouch bags are self-standing.

This is beneficial, especially on visibility on the shelf.

· Custom Printed Stand up Pouch with Valve.

You can choose any customization you like for your pouch bag, from size, volume, print, and features on the pouch.

·  Flat Bottom Stand up Pouch with Valve

It has a unique design that gives it an attractive shape for the customer.

They feature expandable bottom that allows them to self-stand and hold more of the product.

· Kraft Paper Stand up Pouch with a Valve

Kraft paper is customizable in various sizes.

You can also print up to 10 colors and all features on pouch depending on your requirements.

·  White Matte Stand up Pouch with Valve

The white matte finishing is highly attractive, while the pouch bags keep your product completely discreet.

· Gusseted Pouch Bags with Valve and Zip-lock

This type of pouch bag with a valve can have both side gussets and the bottom gussets.

It also allows you to add more brand signature such as labeling, hot stamping, and placement of the valve.

They also offer more space and can be filled quickly.

i.  Quad Seal Pouch Bag with Valve

This type of pouch bag features a box bottom; this enables it to have stability.

Quad seal bag with valve has five faces; this means you execute a lot of printing and labeling on the pouch bag.

ii.  Foil Pouch Bag with Valve and Zip-lock

Foil coffee bags are highly durable and offer a lot of aesthetic options, which is good for brand awareness.

With additional zipper feature, this makes it very easy to handle in terms of closing and opening.

What are the Sizes of Coffee Bags with Valve?

 Stand up pouch with valve

Stand up pouch with valve

There is a variety of sizes to choose from include:












Of course, there are custom options available in the market too.

What is the Appropriate Thickness for Pouch Bag with Valve?

Standard thickness for pouch bags with a valve is between 70 microns to 200 microns.

What are the Features of a Stand-up Pouch with a Valve?

Some of the features include:

·  Closure Option

The zipper is the most popular option with stand up pouches with a valve.

This feature makes it easy for the client to open and close the pouch bag quickly.

· Valve or Vent

Also, the aroma valve allows the user to smell the product through the vent.

· Tin-tie

With Tin-tie, all you need is to peel it and stick it to hold; this will keep the product fresh, and it’s desirable.

They are also ideal for storing and separating craft goods.

· Clear Window

They are available in different sizes and are transparent to show consumers about the contents of the product.

· Round Corners

Round corners give a finished professional look while also prevent inflicting injuries from sharp edges.

· Hang Hole

Hang holes allow the pouch bag to hang in a display.

There are different types of hang holes:

  1. Round hang holes
  2. 2. Euro or sombrero hang holes.

· Tear Notches

Tear notches help facilitate the opening of the bag. They can be on one side or both sides of the pouch bag.

· Gas Release Valves

The gas release is significant as gas needs to unleash from the pouch bag.

This valve allows gas vapor to escape from the pouch bag but does not let air get in; hence the products remain fresh.

How can you Print a Stand-up Pouch with a Valve?

Printed stand up pouch with valve

 Printed stand up pouch with valve

Some of the printing options include:

· Flexo Printing

Flexo is a form of printing that utilizes a flexible relief plate.

· Gravure printing

Gravure is a type of printing process which involves engraving the image onto the image carrier.

It also produces excellent detailed images.

· Digital Printing

Digital printing is the process of producing printed material without the use of films or plates.

 Which Finishing Options is available for Stand up Pouch with Valve?

Stand up pouch bag with valve uses mostly rotogravure printing technology.

This type of printing can print up to 9 colors.

Engraved copper cylinders are used for printing and can print up to 600DPI resolution.

Printing options for stand up pouches:

  • Shiny finish print with metalized foil lamination
  • Matt finish print with metalized foil lamination
  • Bright finish print with transparent window
  • Matt finish print with clear window
  • Matt finish print with frosted window
  • Dmet printing
  • Vanishing
  • metalized

What are the Advantages of Using a Stand-up Pouch with a Valve?

Some of the main advantages include:

  • The heavy-duty barrier film laminated together protects the product from moisture, vapor, and contaminants.
  • Stand up pouch with a valve are of high quality hence helps in maintaining the freshness of the product for extended shelf life.
  • Stand up pouch bag with valve is flexible; it is packed immediately after roasting.
  • Stand up pouch is cost-effective, high-speed filling, fully or semi-automatic, and also unique filling application like hot or cold filling.
  • High-quality packaging for the coffee beans is good for business; this promotes excellent profits for the company involved.
  • Stand up pouches with a valve are environmentally friendly with low packing waste to dispose of, recyclable, and reusable.
  • It has strong branding and printing, and with the bright colors, it strengthens brand presentation and recognition hence a strong visual impression for sales.
  • Wide range of shape, size, and design possibilities along with features like zippers, tear notches, valves, euro or round pouch hole, and the like.

Is a Stand-up Pouch with a Valve Eco-friendly?

Stand up pouch with a valve is eco-friendly with a degradation period of 12-24 months to micro-plastic.

Due to climate change, the eco-friendly packaging solution is becoming more popular in today’s industry and market.

Re-usability means less waste and landfill friendly.

Eco friendly stands up pouches is the best packaging, especially on tea blend.

Which Types of Materials are used for Stand-up Pouch with Valve?

Stand up pouch with a valve is made of several plastic layers.

Some of the materials include:

· Metalized PET

Pet is a polyester made from light metal.

It’s also economical and practical.

The metal used for coating is aluminum.

· Kraft Paper

Also, paperboard has high elasticity and tear resistance. It is also environmentally safe to use.

·  Polypropylene

It’s a term used to describe any textile product derived from thermoplastic polymer.

· Aluminum Foils

Aluminum is a thin shiny sheet made by rolling large slabs of aluminum.


The inner part of the pouch bags is a form of polyethylene that provides a safe food surface and secure sealing of the pouch bags.

What is the MOQ for Stand up Pouches with a Valve?

The minimum order varies depending on the size of the bag standardized.

Printed pouches can have a minimum order of up to 10000 pieces.

In other companies, the minimum order is 3-4000 bags.

Is a Stand-up Pouch with Valve Bags Recyclable?

Stand up pouch with a valve might not be recyclable in most places but is made of recyclable materials.

The pouches bag consists of three different elements that have to segregate up for recycling.

These include paper, aluminum, and plastic.

For this reason, they non-recyclable.

You can use water to recycle paper.

On the other hand, you can use heat to recycle plastic and aluminum.

Is the Stand-up Pouch with the Valve FDA Approved?

Stand up pouch with a valve are FDA compliant for food contact.

How long does the Stand-up Pouch with a Valve Contain the Freshness of the Product?

You should consume coffee within the first month it has been packed.

That is if you want it fresh, and high quality.

When the pouch has been air tightly sealed and excess co2 Degases, the product will retain its freshness and aroma for at least 6months.

What is a Degassing Valve?

It’s a small plastic used to enclose the pouch bag package.

Usually, it looks like a tiny hole.

It can be applied in two ways if it’s one way:

i. Pre-applied in the production stag

ii. It’s common in the packaging stage.

Functions of a Degassing Valve

There are many reasons why a degassing valve is involved in coffee bags include:

  • They help let out the air in the pouch bag and prevent oxygen from getting in.
  • It helps prevent moisture from getting into the coffee bag.
  • The degassing valve keeps the coffee smooth, fresh, and balanced.
  • Prevent clogging of the pouch bag.

Types of Valve for the Pouches Bags with Valve

With stand up pouches with a valve, there are two valve options include:

· The Goglio Valve


 Galglio valve

The Goglio group manufactures the Goglio valve.

They are one-way valves that feature polyethylene caps and plate, with layers made up of silicone oil paper fillers and elastic rubber disc.

They help to release the gas produced by the product within seven days.

This prevents pouch bag from bursting open.

It prevents oxygen or moisture from entering the pouch bag.

The Wipf Valve

 Balglio valve


Wipf valve is called wicovalve.

It was made by the Wipf group.

Its helps the product to emit gas when stored.

It offers excellent packaging solutions and storage of the roasted coffee. Therefore, the coffee can last for an extended period of time.

The liquid silicon oil membrane compatible in these valves.

It releases several gases that can cause pressure within the pouch bag.

The valve seals immediately, thereby having pressure under control.

When the pressure reaches equilibrium, the opening and closing of the valve stop; this is to keep the beans safe and fresh.

As it is one way, it prevents oxygen and moisture from having any contact with the product in the pouch bag.

When is a Degassing Valve used?

The storage period is the determines whether you should use degassing valve or not.

For businesses, customers may want to use coffee daily.

Therefore, using the degassing valve is not necessary. This is because coffee will be in the package for a short period of time.

For bulk production, products will take a long time before reaching customers.

In such situations, using degassing valve will keep coffee fresh for an extended period of time/

Does Stand up Pouch with Valve Require Sealer?

The sealing aspects depend on the specification of the client and different pouch bags.

How do can you choose to Stand up Pouch with Valve for Packaging

The packaging is vital, especially in marketing. It also helps to ensure the quality of your product.

Some of the factors to consider before choosing the perfect pouch bag with valve include:

Need for your Product

The packaging material must meet the requirements of your product.

Needs of your Business

Individual business requirements include meeting your target price, profit margin, as well as specific production.

Branding & Materials

The material used for making pouch bags with a valve is essential.

It helps to feed into your brand persona as well as enhancing the freshness of your product.

Distribution Distance.

It’s a question of where your pouch bags with a valve are packed.

Besides, it depends on how long it will take to distribute the product.

Size and Usability

Some of the pouch bag sizes can be cost-effective, depending on the scale.

Also, consider the usability of your product packaging when being used and after being used.

With the information in this guide, you can comfortably choose a suitable stand up pouch for your applications.

However, in case you have questions about stand up pouches, feel free to contact

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