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Customize The Perfect Stand up Liquid Pouches For Your Business

TedPack is the leading manufacturer and supplier of wide range of high quality stand up pouches.

  • FDA Approved 100% food graded materials
  • Suitable for reuse and keep products
  • Rich of experiences in packaging industry

Your Leading Stand up Liquid Pouches Manufacturer

TedPack stand up liquid pouches has a unique design allows for flexible filling. The best liquid packaging option, easier to use and reduce hassle and waste. Send us your fully stand up pouches and we will glad to help in customizing your stand up pouches.

Stand up Liquid Pouches

TedPack has all the ability in providing you an outstanding standing for your business in line with the liquid products.

12oz stand up liquid pouches with spout

This kind of stand up pouches protects the product through it lifecycle and they can be used for both liquid and powder cosmetics like shampoo, conditioner, bubble bath, milk bath, and more. This is a great way to refill pouches and bottles.

1000g stand up liquid pouches with spout for shampoo

This type of stand up pouches is good in protecting the shampoo, it avoids any leaks and has a high barrier against several environmental factors that can decrease the strength of the stand up pouches.

matte white stand up liquid pouches

Clients really want this stand up pouches because it is very popular, modern and attractive. Always great quality and the service is outstanding.

stand up liquid pouches for baby food

This kind of stand up pouches is very convenient because of their squeeze and suck design,  pooches make it easy for babies to self-feed. Ideal for mommies that don’t have time to sit down and feed the baby.

TedPack Stand Up Liquid Pouches Customize Capabilities

stand up pouch material-2
Choose The Right Materials For Your Stand Up Liquid Pouches

Our stand up pouches are made from films and plastic that are laminated together that protects your products from oxidation and etc.

  • Printing (Surface) Layer: BOPP, PET, NY, KRAFT PAPER, RICE PAPER
  • Barrier (Laminated) Layer: NY, PET, PETAL, AL
  • Heat Seal (Inner Food Contact) Layer: HDPE, LDPE, CPP, CPPAL, RCPP
stand up pouch feature-2
Customized Your Stand Up Liquid Pouches Features & Accessories

TedPack can customize your stand up pouches based on shape, design, colour, print, and add-on features.

  • Closure Options: single and double, tap, child resistance, inno-lok, velcro hook & loop zipper closure
  • Spouts | Fitment Options: Child resistance caps, ez-pour spouts, wine fitments, all diameter spouts
  • Treatment Options: Laser perforation, Cut handle holes, Custom windows, Tear notches, Pouch shaping, Matte&Shiny finishing, De-metallize
stand up pouch print-2
Best Printing Options On Your Stand Up Liquid Pouches

Our state of the art printing machine create a highest quality and most durable stand up pouches in the market.

  • Flexo Printing: Surface simple print, low cost and easy text & images
  • Gravure Printing: Quality reverse print, medium cost and complicated text and images
  • Digital Printing: Medium quality surface print, high cost and complicated text & images
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TedPack Stand up Liquid Pouches

TedPack has provided innovative solutions for individuals and businesses with modified packaging needs for than 20 years and provides flexible packaging solutions including stand up pouches, mylar pouches, spout bags, and much more.

TedPack stand up liquid pouches are used to package liquid goods and are more secure than containers because of the leakage-proof storage of several products from different industries. Stand up pouches is safer which ensures that the transportation of liquid pouches is easier and mess-free.

We are making our pouches reusable products because there are customers who are environment-friendly conscious. TedPack allows you to create a custom package that suits the needs of your products and your consumers while having great shelf appeal.

At TedPack, we have plenty of food safe, aesthetically pleasing options for you to choose from. We strive hard to deliver what you desire.

Stand up Liquid Pouches: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In today’s guide you’re going to learn everything about stand up liquid pouches such as uses, types, material, quality testing, and manufacturing process, amongst others.

By the end of this guide, you will be an expert on stand up liquid pouches.

Take a look:

What is a Stand-up Liquid Pouch?

A Stand-up liquid pouch is a smart packaging pouch with a resealable corner spout and zipper.

It is used mainly to package liquids and dry products.

Stand up liquid pouches can stand erect on flat surfaces just as the name suggests.

This type of pouch is leakage-proof meaning that it is safe for packaging liquids.

Stan up pouch for liquid

Stand up liquid pouches

Stand up Liquid Pouches are used to Package what Products?

You can package a wide range of liquids using Stand up liquid pouches.

Stand up liquid pouches can also be used to package dry products such as powders.

· Cosmetic Products Packaging

Both liquid and powder cosmetic products are stored in Stand up liquid pouches.

Conditioner, shampoo, milk bath, body cream/wash, and bubble bath among others.

· Detergents/Soap Packaging

Fabric softener liquid, liquid laundry detergent, and home cleaning detergents.

· Food Products Packaging

Stand up liquid pouches are used to package human food such as sauces, protein milk/shake, honey, syrups, and baby food among others.

· Beverages Packaging

This pouch is used to package wines, juices, mixes, and alcoholic drinks.

· Lawn and Garden Liquid Packaging

Lawn and garden fertilizers, liquid lime among others.

· Automotive Product Packaging

Grease, solvents, and oil packaging occurs through Stand up liquid pouches.

Are Stand up Liquid Pouches Reusable?


You can clean a used Stand up liquid pouch using hot water and then use it to package other liquid products.

What are the different types of Stand up Liquid Pouches?

The four main types of Stand up Liquid Pouches are:

i. Stand up Liquid Pouches for Baby Food

With its resealable zipper at the top of the pouch, Stand up liquid pouches for baby food can be opened several times and keep the product fresh for long.

Since it is custom-made, it can appear in different colors.

It is also lightweight, has excellent barrier properties, and great presentation.

Just as its name suggests, this pouch can stand erect on retail surfaces increasing its visibility.

ii. Matte White Stand up Liquid Pouches

Matte White Stand up Liquid pouch has a more sophisticated and expensive look.

This pouch comes in Matte White color.

Also, it has a smooth matte finish that accentuates the printed graphics.

It can be used to package a wide range of liquids such as fruit juices, milk, and fabric softener liquid among others.

iii. Stand up Liquid Pouches with Spout for Shampoo

This special Stand up liquid pouch is used to package cosmetic products, most especially shampoos.

This pouch has a capacity of 1kg.

With its gusset bottom feature, it can independently stand on flat surfaces.

Also, it maximizes the packaging space and has an adequate surface area to show more product details to improve its sales.

The color of this pouch is customized appearing in up to 10 colors depending on customer specifications.

iv. 12oz Stand up Liquid Pouches with Spout

This type of pouch is usually fitted with a resealable corner spout fitment.

The spout is leakproof because it is developed through a process of sealing twice and then cooling it once with its spout introduced before filling.

It can carry a maximum of 12oz of liquids in the pouch.

12oz Stand up liquid pouch with spout has excellent print quality with good heat-sealing performance, high-barrier property, and lightweight.

This pouch is used to package dry and liquid cosmetics such as milk bath, bubble bath, conditioners, and shampoos.

Are Stand up Liquid Pouches User Friendly?

Stand up liquid pouches

Yes, they are.

Stand up liquid pouches have spouts and zippers as their reclosable and resealable features.

While spouts help achieve accurate dispensation of liquids, zippers help in easy opening and closing of the pouches.

Additionally, Stand up liquid pouches are lightweight making them more flexible.

They also have round corners which give better consumer usability.

Do you Offer Free Samples for Stand up Liquid Pouches?

Yes, manufacturing companies can offer free samples of Stand up liquid pouches to clients.

These free samples are usually given free to clients.

However, if a client wishes to have free samples of the Stand up liquid pouches they have ordered for, a manufacturer charges them.

Which Materials are used to make Stand up Liquid Pouches?

Stand up liquid pouches are made using mainly plastic resins and synthetic fibers.

They are made using plastic such as polyethylene, polyethylene terephthalate, and LDPE.

Low-Density polyethylene; this material has high barrier properties and high tensile seal strength.

PET material has special properties that make it suitable for manufacturing a Stand-up liquid pouch.

This material has excellent chemical resistance, gas barrier properties is strong, and absorbs limited water.

PE material has a high impact strength and ductility.

These materials can be combined to form laminate films that offer excellent barrier properties for the Stand-up liquid pouch.

Are Stand up Liquid Pouches Safe for Packaging Baby Food?

Stand up liquid pouches are safe for packaging baby food because they are 100% Food Grade.

The pouches are also BPA free meaning that there is limited contamination of baby food with the materials used to make the pouch.

Are Stand up Liquid Pouches FDA Approved?

Yes, they are FDA approved.

Stand up liquid pouches manufacturing is done to meet the Food and Drug Administration requirements.

What is the Cost of Stand up Liquid Pouches?

Stand up liquid pouches are affordable.

However, a single piece of a Stand-up liquid pouch can cost less than 1 US dollar.

It can cost around $0.001 to $0.10 per piece.

The price depends on whether you buy in bulk, they are customized or shipped to your destination.

Stand up liquid pouches have lower production costs, and this is due to reduced materials as well as storage and transportation costs.

Stand up pouch for wine

 The wine stand up pouch

Do Stand up Liquid Pouches have Spouts?


The majority of the Stand up liquid pouches have spouts.

They are located at the top corner of the pouches to aid in the easy and precise dispensation of products.

Are Stand up Liquid Pouches Customizable?

Yes, they are.

You can request manufacturing companies to make special designs, shapes, sizes, and printing of your Stand up liquid pouches.

How does Stand up Liquid Pouch and Stand up Beverage Pouch compare?

Stand up liquid pouches and Stand up beverage pouches are both flexible and modern packaging solutions.

While Stand up beverage pouch is specifically used to package beverages, Stand up liquid pouches are used to package liquid and dry products.

The liquid and dry products could be food and no-food products, while the beverages packaged in Stand up beverage pouches are food.

Both of these pouches are fitted with spouts which are used to dispense the contents of the packages.

Are Stand up Liquid Pouches Eco-friendly?

Yes, they are eco-friendly.

Stand up liquid pouches take up very limited space during storage and transportation.

As such, fewer trucks are needed to transport them to the client.

Based on this premise, Stand up liquid pouches transport involve less fossil fuel consumption as well as CO2 emission.

Stand up liquid pouches require 50% less energy to manufacture.

In essence, the amount of Carbon dioxide generated during production is low.

Stand up liquid pouches generate less landfill waste.

Besides, when thrown into landfills, Stand up liquid pouches can biodegrade.

What are the Advantages of a Stand-up Liquid Pouch?

Liquid stand up pouches

Liquid stand up pouches

· User Friendly

Stand up liquid pouches are easier to use due to their special features.

Firstly, the spouts and zippers enable easy access to the pouch contents.

Some of the pouches have a tear notch to allow easy and clean access to the pouch contents.

A tear notch enables easy tearing of the pouch when a zipper is not preferred.

Since the stand up liquid pouches have curved corners, there is a limited injury caused to the users who may come into contact with it.

· Customizable

Manufacturing companies can create Stand up liquid pouches that meet the needs of the consumers as well as their products.

Some of the features that can be custom made include the shape, design, size, branding options, and printability among others.

· Cost

Stand up liquid pouches are the lowest cost options for beverage and liquid packaging.

This pouch benefits from significant cost savings in storage and transportation costs.

Stand up liquid pouches are light and together with empty pouches they can be stored or shipped flat, thus taking up fewer spaces in trucks.

A dozen pouches take up a similar amount of space as a full truckload of plastic bottles.

Even when filled, the pouch’s changing shape still needs less space than a rigid bottle container.

As such, the costs of the stand up liquid pouches become less.

This pouch is also affordable as they are made in bulk.

Clients, therefore, access discount prices which are often low.

· Less Environmental Impact

Stand up liquid pouches are made using materials that can easily biodegrade.

Less waste is released into the environment during its production and transportation.

These factors are possible due to less material use and the occupation of small spaces during storage.

In turn, clients reduce their general environmental impact.

· Branding

Stand up liquid pouches have a large printable surface area to depict key product and company information as well as attention-grabbing images.

Consumers are, therefore, easily attracted by the excellent and beautiful graphics on the Stand up liquid pouches.

· Additional Features

Stand up liquid pouches have zippers and spouts as additional features.

These features help in easy to and dispensation of the pouch contents.

The designs and shapes of the Stand up liquid pouches enhance their appearance.

· High Barrier Properties

Stand up liquid pouches have high barrier properties to protect the package contents from the effects of moisture, oxygen, chemicals, and light among others.

As such, this pouch can extend the shelf-life of the products in the packaging solution.

· Excellent Display

Stand up liquid pouches can stand easily on shelves for efficient and effective display options.

The bottom gusset feature of the pouch is responsible for this property.

Stan dups liquid pouches, therefore, have a compact shelf-stacking footprint.

How do you check the Quality of Stand up Liquid Pouch?

Stand up liquid pouches are typically subjected to different tests to determine their quality.

The tests are done at different stages from the pre-design to the manufacturing and pouch converting.

Different sizes of stand up liquid pouches

Different sizes of liquid stand up pouches

· Drop Test

This test is conducted to determine the ability of a pouch to withstand the sudden shock emerging from a free-fall drop impact.

Also, this test is done to examine the ability of a pouch as well as its inner packaging to protect the products during a sudden shock emanating from a free-fall drop impact.

The test is done based on three key variables:

A number of drops; the pouch is exposed to around six drops and an extra 6 if possible.

These drops are done on different areas of the pouch to evaluate the damages caused during the whole distribution cycle.

Height of drop; the height from which a pouch falls shows consumers what may happen when they handle the pouch.

Typically, the height is 100mm to 450mm, but it can be up to 900mm.

This height of drop is based on ergonomic criteria emphasizing the pouch weight and measurements.

Position; the position from which a pouch is dropped can vary to determine the more common areas where impacts can affect the pouch contents.

Through this technique, you can test the corners, edge, and bottom of the pouch.

· Tensile Strength

Tensile strength is done to determine the mechanical properties of a Stand-up liquid pouch.

This test applies pulling force to a pouch and measures its response to stress.

It, therefore, shows how strong the material used to make Stand up liquid pouches is.

Once a film has been sealed to the pouch, you test the total amount of force required to break the pouch.

· Burst Test

This test is done to determine the strength of the pouch seals.

When this test is done, the pouch is inflated at a uniform rate up to the point when it ruptures.

Through this test, you determine the peak pressure at rupture which is important to evaluate seal strength.

· Compression Test

The compression force is often experienced during storage, transportation, and distribution.

It is, therefore, important that a compression test is done to determine the maximum amount of stress that a pouch can experience.

This test involves subjecting a Stand-up liquid pouch to different air pressure forces for varying lengths of time.

Besides, this test shows the maximum amount of weight that the pouch material can withstand without tearing off or breaking.

· Compatibility Test

Typically, a compatibility test is done to determine if the Stand-up liquid pouch lamination is most resistant to physical change.

It evaluates whether the pouch is resistant to chemical degradation caused by coming into contact with the product.

· Water Bath Test

You should conduct a water bath test to detect any weak seals or leaks.

Water bath testing involves using external and internal pressure all through the pouch converting run.

· Pour Test

Since the Stand up liquid pouches make use of spouts to dispense contents, it is imperative to ensure that they are well fitted and highly functional.

A pour test is, therefore, done to establish a controlled and clean pour.

· Puncture Resistance Testing

Puncture resistance testing involves evaluating the amount of pressure needed to puncture the Stand up liquid pouch.

ASTM testing standards are used to conduct the puncture resistance test.

Another way of checking the quality of the Stand-up liquid pouch while on the shelves is through checking the FDA approved label.

You can also check the print on the surface of the pouch if the company manufacturing the pouch is ISO Certified.

Can you Print on Stand up Liquid Pouches?

Yes, you can.

Liquid stand up pouch

 printed stand up liquid pouch

Flexographic and Rotogravure printing is typically preferred for printing on Stand up liquid pouches.

Rotogravure printing involves etching designs, pictures, and letters on the surface of metal plates.

The etched area of the metal plates is then filled with a special type of ink.

After this, the plate is rotated on a cylinder that shifts the image to another material or the film.

It is then dried to ensure that the image sticks firmly on the surface of the pouch.

Rotogravure printing produces high quality, detailed and fine images.

Furthermore, the color range for this type of printing is 8-10 colors.

The end result is a high-quality, durable, and aesthetically-pleasing Stand-up Liquid pouch.

Flexographic printing, on the other hand, is not as bold as rotogravure printing.

Even so, it is the cheapest printing option. In a single pass, flexographic printing handles all varnishing, printing, die-cutting, and laminating.

How do you Manufacture Stand up Liquid Pouches?

The manufacturing process of a Stand-up liquid pouch is easy.

The first step is the pre-design of Stand up liquid pouches.

A client makes their order specifications in regards to the design, size, shape, and color prints and gives to the manufacturing company’s engineers.

Once the design for the Stand up liquid pouches is available, the manufacturing process of the pouches begins.

The material is passed through several plows that fold the W-shaped gusset into the bottom so it can stand erect.

Then next step is creating vertical seals that are placed along the sides of the pouch.

A zipper is sealed across the top part of the pouch.

Next, the zipper is then pressed to the vertical seals of the pouch to reduce its thickness as well as seal its ends.

All the folds from the one at the bottom to those at the seals are sealed together.

A spout is also fitted at the top or corner of the pouch to function as a dispensation tool.

Once the pouch is made, you trim the excess seal material using a die-cut pouch machine.

The final pouch is a shaped and contoured Stand-up liquid pouch design.

A tear notch is created on both sides of the pouch to help the user initiate the tear-off action.

Next stage, fill the pouch.

The specific product is dispensed into the pouch and then closed/sealed using direct heat.

Similarly, liquids are dispensed into the pouch and the spout is closed.

At the end, there is a user-friendly, high quality, and durable Stand up liquid pouch ready for the market.

What are the Factors to Consider when Choosing a Stand-up Liquid Pouch?

Stand up liquid pouches

 Stand up liquid pouch

· The Spout/Fitment Options

Typically, spouts play an important role in the functionality of a Stand-up liquid pouch.

It is, therefore, only right that a client chooses the right spout for their target users.

For instance, a child-friendly spout is required for Stand up liquid pouches that are used to package children products.

Spout options are also available to add convenient features to pouches such as controlled pouring, tamper evidence as well as easy opening and reclosing among others.

Similarly, there are some spouts designed for liquids specifically.

A manufacturer should guide you towards spout or fitment options that improve your consumer experience or are optimal for your product viscosity.

· Quality

When choosing a Stand-up liquid pouch, you pick one which has undergone the various quality tests done at each stage of design, manufacturing, and filling.

Some of the quality tests include a compatibility test, compression test, seal testing, puncture resistance testing, tensile testing, drop test, and burst test.

· Design

The design of the Stand-up liquid pouch has to meet the needs of the products to be packaged as well as the needs of consumers.

For instance, a Stand-up liquid pouch with zipper is suitable for storing baby food, while one with a corner spout is suitable for storing cosmetic products.

· Size

A Stand-up liquid pouch can come in different sizes: there are no size limitations to this type of pouch.

A client can include in their specifications the size of pouch they want or that which fits their products.

· Material

The type of material used to make a Stand-up liquid pouch determines the quality of the pouch.

High quality and durable pouches are made using a combination of plastic films that offer these excellent properties.

When choosing a Stand-up liquid pouch, pick one made using the PE, PET, and LDPE materials.

Stand up liquid pouches are gaining popularity among environmentally conscious clients and brands.

They offer several benefits to businesses such as material reduction, large pouch volume, and flexibility.

Stand up liquid pouches are, therefore, suitable for packaging a wide range of liquids.

In short, by considering everything I have mentioned in this guide, you can easily choose a suitable stand-up liquid pouch for your business.

At TedPack, we help a business grow by providing high quality and reliable stand up liquid pouches.

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