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Stand up barrier pouches are suitable for most kinds of food, daily, cleaning, pet treat and coffee packaging, MOQ from 10K pcs and shortest delivery for printed pouches can be within 2 weeks.

Stand Up Barrier PouchesTedPack Stand Up Barrier Pouches

Stand up barrier pouches are for high-grade food or daily use products packaging, made with the high barrier film as the middle layer of the pouches.

The barrier pouches are suitable for all kinds of storage conditions: like freeze ability can allow you to put your products inside a store in a freezing room or container lower to -20℃; the retort ability of the pouches make your pouches can be put in boiled water up to 95℃.

Also, it can use shelf products under direct light when with UV proof barrier film. Nylon film can make the pouches with much higher puncture resistance.

  • All material used are FDA approved and BPA free;
  • All stand up barrier pouches can add valve, spouts and zipper;
  • MOQ lower to 10K for a start;
  • Delivery shortest within 2 weeks;
  • Printing colors up to 10 at most;

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MOQ100 Pcs by Digital Print, 10K Pcs by Gravure Print
Size70 x 110 x 25mm(Min)    320 x 450 x 120mm(Max)
Thickness70Mircons-200Mircons (2.5Mil-8Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, Valve, Ziplock, Spout
PrintingD-Met Printing, Vanishing, Matte Finishing, Stamping

At the moment, stand up barrier pouches are a big deal in the world. You can find many things being stored in such pouches. This just goes to show that they have revolutionized the packaging world. Well, TedPack is not left behind when it comes to making the best stand up barrier pouches.

Thanks to the simplicity and versatility of the Tedpack stand up barrier pouches, now more retail brands are finding a way to package their products. Most brands have now moved away from bottles, jars, and even cans.

Most retail brands are also going for these pouches are they can be stored in a flat position. This position is great for saving up more space in the storage room or shops. Also, you get to save on shipping and freight costs since they are lightweight. This is considering that all the shipping companies would charge based on the weight of the package.

The TedPack stand-up barrier pouches boast of having the best construction. The construction involves the use of multiple layers. These layers all play an important role in protecting and preserving the contents in the pouches. Mostly, the layers protect the contents from UV light, external odors, and oxygen. This should help with maintaining the freshness of the contents at all times.

The barrier materials are also of high quality. This means that the pouch will last for long. Having a good shelf life makes it good for storing different types of products. Also, the used materials for barriers are resistant to punctures, tears, and leaks. This is going to be great for various users who need to store various products in certain conditions.

The best part about TedPack stands up barrier pouches is that they are affordable. You do not have to spend a lot of money just to get them. Even with the affordable price tag, you still get good value for money.

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Stand Up Barrier Pouches: The Ultimate Guide

In the present market, the need for flexible barrier packaging pouches is ever on the rise. Contrary to what you get from plastic canisters, cartons, glass or boxes; flexible bags are the best.

Today, we are going to take you through all that you need to learn about stand up barrier pouches. Our talk is subdivided on to the following chapters:

Chapter 1: What are the Stand-up Barrier Pouches?

Stand up barrier pouches are flexible packaging bags made of laminated film structures.

These pouches are special due to their structural look. At the bottom, they are made of a bottom gusset that makes them self-standing.

On the sides, they have side gussets that square out well to offer enough filling space and secondly to provide enough billboard space for advertisement reasons.

Our stand up barrier pouches is ideal for packaging a variety of food and non-food products of liquids, solids or powder nature.

Chapter 2: Flexible Stand up Barrier Pouches VS. Rigid Containers

According to 2018 State of the Flexible Packaging Industry Report that was provided by the Flexible Packaging Association (FPA), switching from the use of rigid packaging containers to the use of flexible packaging pouches has brought more good to both product producers, packagers, retailer and the end product users.

Comparisons between flexible stand up barrier pouches and rigid containers

  • If you are concerned about ways on how to make your products tread, flexible bags are better than rigid plastic and glass container. It is easy to get shaped stand up pouches of any type you wish than it is for rigid glass and plastic containers.

According to FPA report, 81% of end product users say they “often” “always” or “mostly” get to notice products that are packaged in attractive pouches.

Additionally, 39% of customers say they specifically buy products packaged in new or different looking bags more often.

Remember, it is possible and easy to have customized flexible stand up pouches.

  • Talking of production, shipping, and transportation, flexible stand up barrier pouches are cheaper than rigid containers.

Flexible pouches use less raw materials which significantly cuts on the flexible pouches production cost.

Remember; if the production cost of flexible bags is less compared to cartons, glass and plastic packaging containers, that means their buying price will as well reduce.

Whiling shipping or transporting flexible pouches, they do occupy less space owing to their flexibility. It is possible to package more rice paper stand up pouches in a carton for transportation reasons than it is to package plastic containers.

Plastic containers would occupy more space meaning if you were to use one pick-up for transporting flexible bags that will hold a specific product volume you will need a truck to ferry rigid plastic bags.

Lastly, because stand up barrier pouches are lightweight, you will need less fuel thus adding on the cost-cutting factor.

  • Convenience is the other reason why many love flexible stand up pouches more compared to rigid plastic, box or glass containers.

Whether you are planning to package liquid, powdered or solid product, these pouches are fitted with different add-ons to make their usage simple, user-friendly and convenient.

For example, when packaging dry or powdered products, you will get a custom stand up barrier pouches fitted with tear notches or ziplock for easy opening and resealability.

If you plan to package liquid products, you will get spout stand-up pouches with caps that can get easily turned on/off.

For product visibility reason, hang holes are used to hang pouches along the shelves or at the counter.

Chapter 3: 4 Key Steps in Finding the Perfect Stand-Up Barrier Pouches

If you are a product packager or producer, you will agree with us you need a well-choreographed strategy to help your product land onto a customer shopping cart.

But one thing you need to be sure of is product packaging plays a vital role in attracting customers to your product. That is something which increases your product purchasing percentage.

If you take time and observe the buying habit of a considerable customer percentage, you will realize many will spend ¾ of their purchase time browsing over store aisles and grocery shelves.

But that does not mean getting a chance into that shopping cart is an impossible mission or 50-50 chance thing.

Below are 4 simple steps to finding the perfect stand up barrier pouch that will attract your customers.

STEP 1: Evaluate and understand who your Ideal Customers are.

In business, customers are lifeblood. Would your business exist without customers/buyers? Definitely NO. That is why for every decision you make; customer’s evaluation will take center stage.

For example, if you are in need of food grade stand up barrier pouches, think of who your customers will be.

The best way to choose your stand up pouch bags is by breaking your target customer group into demographic level like:

  • What is the target age group?
  • Which gender are you eyeing?
  • What are the interest& hobbies of your target customer group?
  • What kind of lifestyle does your customer lead?

Although this might be a long shot, it is worth your time in getting the right data. By understanding the right audience to target, at no time will your product become a dead stock in the store or on the shelves.

Understanding whether you are targeting restaurants or family setting for your coffee or tea packaging pouches is key.

Whether you are targeting kids, travellers, parents, baby food customers or lubricating industries, you better know who you intend to sell your products to.

STEP 2: Which are your customer’s needs?

After identifying who your ideal customers are going to be, now it’s time you get into their shoe and determine what is that they need most on these packaging pouches.

If they intended to buy products packaged in Kraft stand up pouch, clear stand-up pouch or any other, you need to ask yourself which is that pouch style or size they need most.

Secondly, you need to ask yourself which is that feature or add-on that will make your pouch usage user-friendly. For example, there are different add-ons such as:

  • Tear notches
  • Re-closable zippers
  • Spouts
  • Clear windows
  • Degassing valves
  • Hang holes and many others.

Additionally, you need to ask which size that matters most to them. Do they need food grade stand up pouches that are intended for small or large retail packaging?

You must consider what will make your stand up pouch packaging easy to open, easy to re-close, easy to carry, possible to hang and lastly how they will be able to improve the packaged product shelf life span.

You need tear notches for easy opening, hang holes for easy hanging, clear windows for easy viewing, zipper for easy resealing and many other add-ons.

STEP 3:  How can you perfect your packaging pouch presentation

As it is noted above, 81% of customer buy products that are most appealing to their eyes. Owing to that reason, you need to ensure your compostable stand up pouches are looking good.

First, the outer pouch structure designing must be eye-catching. If need be, have shaped stand up pouches to improve your product visibility.

To improve your pouches presentation, take note of the following:

  • Pouch shape (structure)
  • Standing out design features (add-on)
  • Graphic imprints (images, label, logos)

When looking for a stand-up barrier pouch manufacturer, consider one who uses flexo, digital or the most advanced rotogravure printing technology.

Quality, designs, graphics and shapes will help you stand out from competitor products on the shelves.

The trick is, study the way your competitors do their things. What is that which makes them stand-out? Is it the sophisticated graphics, bright colours, simple imprints or pouch shapes?

After considering the above concerns, you will have identified your unique and matched way to shake of market competition.

STEP 4: Build your product brand

Being a product packager, retailer or producer, you must be in the know how if what it means to have your product brand well known.

Having a proper product brand will place you in a perfect position where you can compete with the big boys.

Remember, your brand is directly tied to the way your packaging pouches or bags look. New customers will always go for a brand that is well trusted by other customers.

But, building a brand needs explicit knowledge and strategy on what you need.

For example, you can create your brand through:

  • Manufacturing of quality products
  • Product freshness
  • Producing products with long-lasting flavor or
  • Some perfect, catchy and easy to remember messages

On the message part, you can decide to use clear stand-up pouches or stand up pouches with windows to help customers see the packaged product quality.

Secondly, pouch printing or graphic designing can be a way to create your brand. On these, you need to choose few, correlating and good colors which you are to stick on.

There are many stand up pouch manufactures but get one who is concerned to help you develop a consistent scheme for your product marketing.

Chapter 4: What are Stand Up Barrier Pouches Made of?

Flexible stand up pouches are made of multiple layers that are laminated together to form one strong continuous sheet.

Depending on the product you intend to package, at TedPack we laminate 2-7 layers. This laminated structure is what provides the needed barrier factor for perfect barrier properties.

The materials laminated together are what determine the durability of the stand-up bags and pouches as well as the shelf life of the packaged product.

But note, the construction of these barrier structures entails an outer, middle and inner layer. But all in all, the barrier provided by these structures can protect your packaged products from moisture, oxygen, water vapor, UV lights, contaminants, and odor.

a. The Outer Layer

Mostly, our pouches external layer might take several different options such as black/white/natural Kraft paper look, matte/glossy exterior look, metalized or a clear see-through structure.

Remember, the outer layer is what communicates your product brand message. For example, if you intend to convey a fresh from the farm brand message for your coffee product, a natural Kraft paper will best serve as the outer layer.

But apart from the excellent and impressive look provided by Kraft paper, matte, glossy, metalized and clear outer layer structures, they are all strong enough to avoid easy pouch puncture or tears.

Lastly, depending on the product you intend to package, the outer layer must accept either labelling, graphics designing and hot stamping.

Such ensure your custom stand up pouches have a compelling and captivating look that will attract customers at the counter, store aisles, or along shelves.

b. The Middle Layer

The middle layer is one of the most critical layers. Different materials are for these layers but after serious scrutiny based on durability, product protection, and health-wise concerns.

When packaging consumables, you will need pouches made of BPA free material as well as FDA approved food grade stand up pouches.

Some of the materials used here are Aluminum foil (AL), VMPET, PET, PP, PE, NY and many others.

Each film material to be used is chosen due to its ability to serve a certain purpose. For example, if you need a laminated material structure that will protect and keep your packaged product fresh for 20+ months, you will need laminated structure with some Aluminum film.

But if you need one that can keep your product fresh and safe for 10 -13 months, then VMPET will serve your right.

PET is middle layer films used when packaging food, personal care, and beverage products.

c. The Innermost layer

Depending on the type of product you are planning to package, this innermost layer comes in handy.

For example, when packaging food products, this inner layer should be safe since it is a layer that gets into contact with packaged food.

But all food grade stand up pouches must be FDA approved meaning every material to be used must be well screened.

In most cases, this inner layer is what makes your pouches heat sealable, and as well giving them a tamper-evident ability for customer assurance and confidence improving.

Chapter 5: Where Can Stand up Barrier Pouches Use For?

Owing to the durability, easy to use, eco-friendliness and cost-effectiveness (both transportation and manufacturing) factor, many industries are considering the use of stand-up barrier pouches.

Here are the industrial sectors where stand up barrier pouches can be used.

5.1: Pet food Packaging

Whether you are concerned about packaging dog, cat, horse, birds or any other pet food, our pouches are a perfect match.

Depending on the type of food you intend to package (liquid, solid, flour or granules) you can request the kind of pouch that fits your need.

Every laminated pouch film is prepared to serve a specific packaging need.

5.2: Liquid packaging

If you have an intention of packaging any liquid product, ensure when making an order your stand up barrier pouch manufacturer knows what you intend to package.

At TedPack, we have one specially designed pouch known as spout stand up pouch that we use for packaging liquids.

These pouches have a spout for easy pouring and a spout cap that can get welded on the spout for easy closing or opening ability. They are the replacement of plastics and glass bottles

You can use these spout stand up pouches for packaging juice, hair care products, creams, lotion, oils/other lubricating products, farm inputs like pest/insecticides, laundry and other household products.

5.3: Baby Food Packaging

Most baby food pouches are of the spout stand up pouch design. They are strong, flexible and good looking pouches intended to impress kids who are the users as well as offer long shelf baby food preservation.

Whether you are in need of pouches that can allow baby food thawing, then these are the best pouches to use. They will preserve your baby food freshness, flavor, and safety for a long duration of time.


5.4: Farm & Household Products Packaging

Household and farm inputs can be of different states of matter. Some are in liquid, solid, powder or of granules form.

But, the type of product to be packaged is what determines the film layers and add-ons to be used on every stand-up barrier pouch.

Stand up pouch are thus the best when packaging these products because they are:

  • Cheap to transport and manufacture
  • Flexible
  • Easy to use
  • Biodegradable and environmental friendly compared plastics and glass containers and bottles.

5.5: Tea and coffee Packaging

Coffee and tea consumables need top-notch packaging concerns.

The freshness, shelf life span, flavor and general product quality are affected by external factors such as oxygen, odor, moisture, UV Light and contaminants.

That is why you need stand-up barrier pouches that will be able to shield your coffee and tea from external hazardous effects.

But one most important thing, these pouches must have degassing valves among other add-ons. You need these valves to vent out carbon dioxide gas produced by coffee roasted beans.

5.6: Health Food Packaging

Apart from TedPack being an integral food grade stand up pouches manufacturing company, health food manufacturing industries can as well use our pouches.

Our eco-friendly stand up pouches can be used to package vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and many other types of health food products.

Their durability and state of the art manufacturing tactics will make sure your health products nutrients are maintained for an extended period.

Chapter 6: Is there any known problem with biodegradable Stand Up Barrier Pouches?

In simple words, there is no known problem with stand-up pouches being biodegradable. But, over time, customers have been confusing the meaning of recyclable stand up bags, eco-friendly stand up pouches by referring to them as a biodegradable stand up pouches.

To clear the air, the term biodegradable means something can break down in the presence of sunlight and air.

Additionally, a biodegradable substance is that which can break down natural through the influence of bacterial microorganisms.

But the term eco-friendly means a substance will not emit any radiation, or fail to decay in turn facilitating environmental pollution

Lastly, a recyclable stand up pouch is a pouch or bag that can be used 1, 2, 3 or several times before being disposed of.

But remember every flexible stand up barrier pouch must be eco-friendly and at the same time strong enough to protect your packaged products from moisture, odor, oxygen, water vapor, and contaminants.

Chapter 7: Additional Considerations When Choosing Stand-Up Barrier Pouches?

Packaging pouch selection deserves keen consideration. After deciding on the target audience and easy usage, here are less thought of; but crucial considerations never to ignore.

7.1: Versatility

If you are a versatile product producer, let say you manufacture products of various sizes, quantities, weights, and state, you better choose to use pouches that can accommodate varied needs.

The benefit of having versatility is your product will have similar appearances something that will make your product brand sell more.

7.2: Flexibility

After having figured out how to incorporate versatility in your pouches, flexibility is the next concern. Although these pouches are made of laminated film pouches, it is a must that they should be flexible.

Flexibility must be realized on all clear stand-up pouches; Kraft stand-up pouches or any other pouch type.

They must be soft-sided and flexible to ease their transportation, handling especially for baby food stand up pouches, easy storage, and perfect display.

7.3: Strength

Depending on the handling your pouches will be subjected too; form transportation, packaging, storage to customer handling on the shelves, ensure your stand up packaging pouches can persevere.

Durable stand up barrier pouches will not tear off easily or experience puncture during retailing, transportation or packaging.

7.4: Environmental Friendliness

Today, every customer and government agency is on toes to ensure environmental protection and preservation regulations get adhered to.

You better use eco-friendly stand-up pouches which have been manufactured with environmental concerns in consideration.

Buy or order bags from stand up pouch manufacturers who user less raw material, emit less carbon in their manufacturing process and produce biodegradable, recyclable and eco-friendly pouches.

Chapter 8: Why are Stand-Up Barrier Pouches Effective for Packaging Snacks

Snack food products cut across candies, chips, and cookies. Today, many snack manufacturers have found that the use of flexible stand-up barrier pouches is far much effective than the use of plastic and box containers.

Here are the reasons why stand-up barrier pouches have proven to be the most effective:

  • The self-standing ability of these pouches makes them loved. They are effective since they can be placed anywhere from dining tables, chair handles at a movie theatre, or at the bedside.
  • The many add-ons that can get fitted on these pouches make them the best alternative. They can get fitted with zippers for reclosing ability, tear notches for easy tearing, hang holes for comfortable pouch hanging and many others.
  • Depending on the snack to get packaged, different laminated films can get used to attain a perfect barrier property against moisture, oxygen, water vapor, odor, and contaminant.
  • For product (brand) promotion, flexible stand up pouches are easily visible on the shelves due to their standing ability.

Additionally, they are highly printable. At Tedpack we use rotogravure, flexo and digital printing technologies that make it possible for you to get your pouches printed with up to 10 colors.

Take Home Point

There are different sizes, designs, color, styles, and shapes of stand-up barrier pouches produce by different manufacturers. But, you must decide on which pouches or bags to order or buy depending on the product you intend to package.

Always take time to evaluate your situation, budget, customers and packaging purpose to be able to choose the right stand up pouches.

Stand up barrier pouches: The Definitive FAQ Guide

What are Stand up barrier pouches?

Stand up barrier pouches are packaging pouches that are designed in such a way that they cannot be infiltrated by contaminants.

Also, they are being designed in such a way that they are able to stand comfortably.

To make sure that Stand up barrier pouches meet the purpose to which they are designed, they are a lot of features available to make them serve as a barrier pouch, and this can be decided by the customer making the order.

Tedpack is professionals in the manufacturing and design of all types of Standup barrier pouches based on the requirement of the customer.

Tedpack also offers various types of recommendation for designing Stand up barrier pouches based on the product that it would be used for.

Stand up barrier pouch

 Stand up barrier pouch

What is the Idea behind making Stand up barrier pouches?

The idea behind the designs of Stand up barrier pouches is basically manufacturing a packaging pouch that can be used for safe storage of the product.

Safety mechanisms are incorporated in the designing of Standup barrier pouches in such a way that the products are secured as much as possible.

The pouch serves as a barrier against moisture, UV light, and other types of microorganisms.

One reason why Stand up barrier pouches are majorly utilized today is because there are a lot of products that need adequate protection.

Some of these products would tend to lose viability if they get infiltrated by contaminants.

What are the sizes of Stand up barrier pouches?

For the manufacturing of Stand up barrier pouches, Tedpack has 3 different sizes for stand up barrier pouches. They are the medium, small and large sizes.

Should a customer have other ideas on what they want the Standup barrier pouches to look like, they can communicate this to the sales personnel.

What is the appropriate thickness for Standup barrier pouches?

This is one of the important aspects to consider while designing a Standup barrier pouches.

It is advisable that Stand up barrier pouches have more thickness than other packaging bags and pouches, and this is because of the safety measure with it ensures.

Tedpack Stand up barrier pouches are designed to have a thickness of the range between 70 microns to 200 microns.

In millimeters, this is about 2.5 mil to 8 mils.

With this thickness Stand up barrier pouch will be able to effectively keep the products safe at all times.

What industries can stand up barrier pouches be used in?

Stand up barrier pouches are perfect for a lot of companies across industries today, ranging from pharmaceutical industries, agricultural industries, food industries, etc.

What do pouches protect the food against?

In food industries, stand up barrier pouches protect the food from moisture, microorganisms, and other contaminants.

Are there different types of pillow bags?

There are different types of pillow bags, and some of them are utilized in the manufacturing of stand up barrier pouches.

An example of this is the clear pillow bag for stand up pouches.

What are some additional design options and features for stand up barrier pouches?

A lot of features can be employed while designing a Standup barrier pouch.

It might be a feature that makes it very easy to handle or one that makes it easy to store.

Some of the features that are being incorporated in the designing of Stand up barrier pouches include the following:

  • Stand up barrier pouches with zip locks.
  • Stand up barrier pouches that are slid to open
  • Stand up barrier pouches with various parts
  • Stand up barrier pouches with holes for hanging
  • Stand up barrier pouches with handles.

Tedpack can add all of these features to the designs of Standup barrier pouches, but they are based on the request of a customer.

What typical shelf life do standup barrier pouches provide?

Tedpack standup barrier pouches can store products for as long as 12-13 months depending on the material used to manufacture the pouch.

For PET materials, they may last as long as 15 months.

What printing alternatives are available for stand up barrier pouches?

Depending on the client’s requirement, Tedpack employs a number of printing methods.

Some of these methods include:

  •  Metallize printing
  • Vanishing printing
  • Matte finishing
  • D- met printing
  • Rotogravure

What does rotogravure mean?

This is a printing method done by applying an image on a packaging bag or pouch with a rotary press.

What are the types of Ziplock that can be used for Stand up barrier pouches?

Attachment of Ziplock is one feature of Stand up barrier pouches that is very flexible.

This is because there are many types and styles of zip lock that can be used.

Some types of zip lock used for Stand up barrier pouches include the following:

  • Pharmaloc zipper
  • Pushpin zipper
  • Thumb pocket zipper

What are pharmaloc zippers for Stand up barrier pouches?

Tedpack pharmaloc zippers are designed in such a way that they can be easily opened by an adult but are childproof.

What are Push Pin Zippers for Stand up barrier pouches?

This zipper is designed in such a way that it has a pin that must be pushed before it can unlock.

What are Thumb pocket zippers for Stand up barrier pouches?

Tedpack design the thumb pocket zipper in such a way that they can only be opened with the aid of two thumbs.

The bag usually carries instructions on how to go about this.

Stand up barrier pouch with zipping

Stand up barrier pouch with zipping

What material choices are available for Stand up barrier pouches?

Getting the best material for a Standup barrier pouch or bag is very important because it goes a long way in ascertaining the quality of the bag or pouch.

A lot of materials are used for the manufacturing of Stand up barrier pouches, and each has its own benefit over another.

The material includes the following.

Kraft Paper stand up barrier pouch

Kraft Paper stand up barrier pouch

Tedpack make use of all of these materials for the manufacturing of Stand up barrier pouches, and you can reach out to learn more about the product before placing an order.

What are the advantages of using Stand up barrier pouches?

Obviously Stand up barrier pouches are good for safety reasons.

Away from that, there are other enticing advantages of using Stand up barrier pouches instead of other packaging bags and pouches.

The advantages include the following:

  • They can be used for labeling, and this helps to promote the brand
  • Stand up barrier pouches unlike other packaging bags usually have to tamper-evident seal, and this is very important when buying a packaged product.
  • Stand up barrier pouches keep other consumable food safe
  • Stand up barrier pouches are very easy to handle in terms of closing and opening
  • Stand up barrier pouches are smell and aroma proof. 
  • They are government-approved products packaging pouches
  • Stand up barrier pouches are economical products in the sense that they are relatively cheap.

They have great barrier properties against oxygen, moisture and other forms of contaminants that can reduce product span.

What kind of products are Stand up barrier pouches used for?

Stand up barrier pouches are one of the most demanded packaging materials today, and this is because they are needed by a lot of companies that deal with products which that needs adequate protection

Some of the products they are used to package include the following:

  • Pharmaceutical products such as drugs.
  • Laundry products such as detergent, bleach liquid soaps, etc.
  • Chemicals
  • Farm and garden products
  • Marijuana

Do you test your stand up barrier pouches for quality?

Tedpack employs various techniques and methods to assess and verify the quality of finishes pouches and bags.

Some of these tests include the following:

  • Drop testing
  • Pressure testing
  • Seal testing.

Are Stand up barrier pouches Smell proof?

All Tedpack Stand up barrier pouches are smell and odor proof.

This means that as soon as the pouch is being sealed, no matter how cogent the smell of the product is, it would not be smelled until the bag is opened.

This is very important for Stand up barrier pouches because there are some products that have unpleasant odors.

There are also some products with irritating odors, such as fertilizers.

Being odor and smell proof will make it impossible to perceive this smell.

Are Stand up barrier pouches eco-friendly?

It is important that packaging bags and pouches are designed to be biodegradable.

This aids environmental conservation.

Today, a lot of industries have taken to this, and they do not make use of packaging materials that are not ecofriendly.

Aside from this there are strict government rules and regulations packaging materials that are a threat to the environment.

Due to all of these, all Tedpack packaging materials including Stand up barrier pouches are manufactured to be biodegradable and ecofriendly.

Is it possible to print on Stand up barrier pouches?

Tedpack manufacture only printable packaging bags and pouches.

The materials used for the manufacturing of Stand up barrier pouches make them very printable.

Tedpack makes use of the latest printing technologies for very high-quality printing, and this is good for the aesthetics of the packaging material, therefore boosting brand awareness.

Also, for pharmaceutical products, the FDA requires that clear labeling should be on all bags and pouches.

This necessitates the need for artwork and designing, a service that Tedpack provides.

Are Stand up barrier pouches Puncture resistant?

It is important for Stand up barrier pouches to be puncture resistant.

This is one requirement that makes it a good packaging pouch.

Due to this, stand up barrier pouches are thereby manufactured in such a way that their surfaces are tough and strong enough to withstand puncture and tear.

Tedpack manufacture Stand up barrier pouches with laminated structures that make them very strong to withstand loopholes.

Are Stand up barrier pouches bags Approved?

All Tedpack packaging bags and pouches are FDA and ATSMA approved.

This means they ensure that the quality and freshness of every product packaged isn’t tampered with.

This is very important especially for the packaging of edible products.

What are the drawbacks of using stand up barrier pouches?

Some of the drawbacks of stand up barrier pouches include the following:

  • Depending on the product they are used to store, they may have a reduced life span
  • They are not the ideal packaging bags or pouch for a lot of products.

What different stand-up barrier pouches does TED Packaging make?

Just like many other pouches and bags, there are types of Stand up barrier pouches that a company can use.

This will depend on the material used to manufacture that pouch or the products that it would be used for.

Other common types of barrier pouches include the following:

  • Flat child Stand up barrier pouches
  • Clear Stand up barrier pouches
  • Gusseted Stand up barrier pouches

What is a gusset?

Gussets are features attached to packaging bags or pouches to make them stand on their own.

They are either on the side of the pouch where they are referred to as side gussets or underneath the pouch where they are referred to as bottom or base gussets.

What are gusseted Standup barrier pouches?

Gusseted Stand up barrier pouches are manufactured in such a way that they are able to balance well.

This design makes it easy to store the bags on a shelf or cabinet.

They are designed in such a way that they have a gusset that is sealed on both sides of the bag.

The gusset is also folded upwards and inwards

It is the side dealing of the gusset that makes it possible for stand up barrier pouches to remain upright.

In addition, these bags also have a bottomed gusset that gives then the ability to keep their balance when placed on the shelf or cabinet, especially when they are filled with a product.

Gusseted Stand up barrier pouches are very versatile packaging bags, and they can be used for the packaging of various products; both edible and inedible.

They can also come with any of the Standup barrier pouches features.

They mostly come with ziplock and clear windows.

They are one of the best types of Stand up barrier pouches because they are manufactured with high-quality laminated material.

The laminated materials help protect the products from oxidation, UV light, vapor moisture, various microorganisms, etc.

They are also very printable, and this makes them good for aesthetics and brand awareness.

Tedpack deals with the manufacturing and design of gusseted Stand up barrier pouches, as well as the incorporation of any kind of feature that you want.

What are clear Standup barrier pouches?

Clear stand up barrier pouches are very functional resistant pouches used by most industries today.

They have the advantage of being easy to pack and seal, and this is mostly why they are being utilized.

One reason why they are preferred is their ability to display the products stored and make them obvious to the consumers.

Unlike gusseted Standup barrier pouches, cleat Stand up barrier pouches do not have side or bottom gussets, neither do they have folds.

They are also versatile Standup barrier pouches because they can be designed easily to take a lot of features, shapes, styles, and sizes.

However, this depends on the manufacturer.

With Tedpack you can get various styles for your clear Standup barrier pouches

Clear Stand up barrier pouches are also easy to customize in other to meet the requirement of the customer, not forgetting their great quality barrier benefits.

There are various types of clear pouches, and they are?

  • 3 side seal clear Stand up barrier pouches
  • Pillow clear Stand up barrier pouches
  • Vacuum clear Stand up barrier pouches

All of these types are being manufactured and designed by Tedpack.

Clear Stand up Barrier Pouches

Clear Stand up Barrier Pouches

Can Stand up barrier pouches bags be recycled?

All packaging bags and pouches manufactured by Tedpack can be recycled, stand up barrier pouches included.

The only condition is ascertaining the type of recycling system that you have access to.

Are Stand up barrier pouches reusable?

The durability of Stand up barrier pouches makes them long-lasting, and this means that even after the exhaustion of the product they can still be reused.

However, it is important they are only reused for the packaging of a product that they were previously used for.

How long does the delivery of Stand up barrier pouches take?

After placing an order for the manufacturing of Stand up barrier pouches, the duration of shipping and delivery takes a period of 30 to 40 days.

What is the minimum order for manufacturing Stand up barrier pouches?

At Tedpack, the minimum order accepted for all types of Stand up barrier pouches is 50000 pcs.

However, adjustments can be made after speaking to a sales representative.

How can I be sure that TED Packaging stand up barrier pouches are safe?

Tedpack can send a sample of the standup barrier pouch together with evidence of FDA and ATSMA approval.

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