Squeeze Pouch: The Ultimate Guide

Squeeze pouches are packaging pouches used for the storage of both consumable and non-consumable products.

They are structured in such a way that makes it easy to handle and also for easy storage of various products.

This product comes in a variety of shapes, size, colors and they can be used in various applications such as pharmacies, kitchens, etc.

They also have unique features that make them suitable for the packaging of a variety of products i.e. both consumable and non-consumable products.

Squeeze pouch

Squeeze pouch

Uses of Squeeze Pouch

Squeeze pouches are mainly used for the packaging and preservation of various food products.

They are FDA approved and BPA free, therefore, making them suitable for storage of these food products.

Besides that, they are also used for packaging non-consumable products such as washing detergents

Key features of Squeeze Pouch

These pouches have a variety of features that makes it easier to use.

Some of the features incorporated into the design of squeeze pouches by packaging companies include;

  • They have handles that help in holding the pouch.
  • Besides that, they have a spout on one end for releasing food products, valves i.e. degassing valves, zip locks for preventing messes among others.

We normally provide guidance and assistance to our customers to help them choose the best feature that will suit the product they need to package inside the pouch.

Items Squeeze Pouch can Hold

Because of the important features that these pouches possess, they are used in various industries to package a variety of products.

They can be used to store both consumable and non-consumable products.

Some of the items they can hold include; washing detergents like soap, drugs in the pharmacy, agricultural products such vegetables and fruits, pet foods, snacks, and much more.

Advantages of Squeeze Pouches

Squeeze pouch is always the preferred choice since it offers more advantages compared to other packaging bags.

Some of the advantages that accrue from using squeeze pouches include;

  • They are durable therefore they can serve for a longer period without showing any sign of damage.

This is due to the fact that they are made from high-quality material that offers resistance to puncture and any other damages.

  • Besides that, they also offer barrier resistance against contaminants such as moisture, oxygen and sunlight that are likely to interfere with the quality of the stored product when allowed into the pouch.

This property will therefore help to ensure that the stored products remain fresh for a longer period of time.

  • They are also self-standing pouches therefore they are easier to store compared to storing other packaging materials.
  • Squeeze pouches are available in many options such as color, size/shape, designs and capacity.

This enables you to have a wider range of products to choose from.

  • They are highly printable packaging material.

This is so beneficial since it helps in creating brand awareness and advertisements.

  • Squeeze pouches are lightweight and cost-effective.

They save on both the maintenance and repair since they can serve for a longer period without showing any signs of damage.

The portable aspect saves on time as well as energy since these pouches are easier to carry from one point to another.

Types of Squeeze Pouch

TedPack manufactures various types of squeeze pouches with different packaging characteristics that can be used to package all sorts of products.

Some of the types of squeeze pouches include;

Printed squeeze pouch with spout

 Printed squeeze pouch with spout

Retort Squeeze Pouches

They are normally designed with film structures through the overlay of different materials to give the correct packaging impact.

Some of the products that can be packed in retort squeeze pouch include; organic products, pet foods, fresh sustenance.

Bottom Gusseted Squeeze Pouch

This is the most commonly used pouch in industries.

It is suitable for lightweight products.

Besides that, it has a round bottom that enables it to stand upright.

Side Gusseted Squeeze Pouch

These are squeeze pouches that have gussets on all sides i.e. the gusset runs from the top of the pouch to the base.

They have more space for artwork and designs therefore making it the best squeeze pocket for labeling.

Side gusseted squeeze pouch can be made using different materials depending on the application requirement.

Spouted Squeeze Pouches

These squeeze pouches have spouts on top making it easy to open, fill and close.

However, they require high manufacture methods to make therefore they need a legitimate and experienced organization to deal with this.

TedPack as the leading squeeze pouch manufacturers has all the innovation and faculty to ensure all the requirements are achieved.

Inverted Top Squeeze Pouch

This squeeze pouch is designed in a way that the upper part {the top} is the base.

It implies that the part of the pouch that apportions the products in it is utilized for standing.

The modification of this pouch gives it an interesting look that makes it show any single part of the pocket carefully

Apart from these, there are also other types of squeeze pouches like; flat bottom squeeze pouch and shaped squeeze pouches.

Variety of Materials used in Making Squeeze Pouch

Squeeze pouch can be made using a variety of materials.

The material varies depending on the kind of products that need to be packaged.

Therefore, it is always important to choose a squeeze pouch that is made of a material that will suit your product.

Some of the materials that can be used in making squeeze pouch include;


This is a synthetic material made from the polymerization of ethylene.

Polyethylene is the most popular and commonly used material.

It is normally categorized into two i.e. low-density polyethylene and high-density polyethylene.

This material has a lot of features that make it suitable for various applications i.e.

It offers resistance to water, corrosion and therefore it is long-lasting when exposed to elements compared to other elements.

Besides that, the material is very ductile therefore it can easily stretch without breaking.

High-density polyethylene is recyclable, which is more cost-effective than manufacturing another product from new material.

Squeeze pouch made from polyethylene can be used both in low temperature and high temperatures since the material have good heat resistant properties.


This is a synthetic resin made from the polymerization of monomer propylene.

Its features are almost similar to those of polyethylene but slightly harder.

They are also used in various applications such as packaging of consumer`s products, plastic parts for various industries etc.

They have more resistant to heat than polyethylene therefore they can be used in both low and high temperatures.

It is also flexible and lightweight material.

Metalized PET Films

This is also one of the best materials used in making a squeeze pouch.

This material has a coating that offers resistance to moisture, sunlight, and oxygen thus ensuring the stored product is kept fresh for a longer time.

It is also tough, highly versatile, and lightweight.

Polyethylene Terephthalate

This is a thermoplastic polymer resin of the polyester family and is used in the making of squeeze pouches.

They offer excellent resistance to deformation due to their tough nature.

The material can also last for a longer period without showing any signs of damage.

This property saves on the repair and maintenance costs.

Other materials that can be used in squeeze pouches include; aluminum foil, Ethylene-Vinyl acetate etc.

Difference between Bottom Gusseted Squeeze Bag and Side Gusseted Squeeze Pouch

Bottom gusset vs side gusset

Bottom gusset vs side gusset

These types of squeeze pouch have unique features that differentiate them from one another.

Some of the differences include;

Location of the Gusset

Just like their names, the side gusseted squeeze bag has its gusset located at the sides of the pouch while in the bottom squeeze pouch, the gusset is located at the bottom.

Storage Efficiency

Side gusseted squeeze pouch occupies less space when stored therefore it is more efficient than the bottom gusseted squeeze pouch.

The volume of the Pouch

The volume of these types of squeeze pouch is not determined by the size.

This implies that both types of squeeze pouches of similar size do not offer the same volume.

Under circumstances where both types of the pouch have similar size, the side gusseted pouch will have a larger volume than the bottom gusseted pouch.

Price of Squeeze Pouches

The price of a squeeze pouch varies depending on the type of the pouch, the material used in making the pouch, the size, color etc.

The price can also change depending on the number of products ordered.

Bulk buying is less costly since most manufacturers normally allow discounts to those that buy the product in bulk.

The general price of squeeze pouches is affordable.

We also give room for bargaining for those that may feel unsatisfied with the price offered.

Role of Degassing Valve in Squeeze Pouch

The degassing valve in a squeeze pouch is mainly to create a sealed shut condition for the product.

It helps in preventing oxygen entry that could eventually reduce the life expectancy of the product.

Degassing valve, therefore, ensures that the stored product remains fresh for a longer time.

There are two types of degassing valves commonly used on squeeze pouch i.e. the goglio valve and Wipf valve.

Pouch degassing valve

Pouch degassing valve

Applications of Squeeze Pouches

Due to its unique features and functions, the squeeze pouch can be used in various applications.

Some of the application areas of squeeze pouch include;

  • Used in industries to package manufactured products.
  • In pharmacy to store drugs.
  • In laundry to keep washing detergents such as soap.

Printing on Squeeze Pouches

 Printed squeeze pouch

Printed squeeze pouch

Printing is one of the very important aspects.

It creates brand awareness through the printed packages and also makes the brand look more attractive thereby attracting more clients.

TedPack offers most of the advanced printing technologies for artwork and designs on packaging pouches.

Some of the printing techniques used include;

  • Digital printing
  • Rotogravure
  • Flexography

Digital printing is the most commonly used printing technique.

It is flexible, cost-effective and the fastest method of printing.

Effects of Squeeze Pouch to the Environment

Squeeze pouches are environmentally friendly.

They can be recycled therefore there will be few overall waste materials exposed to the surrounding after use which is eco-friendly.

Structure of Squeeze Pouch

Squeeze pouches are usually structured in such a way that they have a gusset at the base or even underneath them so that they can stand properly.

Squeeze pouches can also have side fixed edges and these edges are fused along the lines of the pouch.

These side fixed edges run from the top of the pouch to its base.

The purpose of these edges is to provide the squeeze pouch with exceptionally solid sides and help them to remain in a standing position.

The best choice of Squeeze Pouch to Choose for your Product

There are a number of factors you need to put into consideration before choosing a squeeze pouch for your product.

Some of these factors include;

Material Used

This is one of the crucial factors to put into consideration.

Squeeze pouch can be manufactured using a variety of materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, aluminum foil, polyethylene terephthalate, and much more.

Therefore, it is always important to choose the material that will suit your products.

The material should be able to offer resistance to impacts and durable enough to serve for a longer period.

It, therefore, means that choosing the best material for your squeeze pouch will depend on the kind of product to be stored.

Compatibility of the Product

You should always ensure your product is compatible with the squeeze pouch you want to use to store the products.

Shelf life of Products in the Pouch

The shelf life of squeeze pouches varies depending on the type of product and the steps taken to prevent entry of oxygen, moisture and sunlight.

Therefore, the best choice of squeeze pouch should have barrier films laminated together then sealed to protect the stored products from oxygen entry.

Baby foods can have a shelf life of one year in a squeeze pouch that well protected from the entry of oxygen, moisture and light.

Squeeze pouch itself has a shelf life of about 2 to 3 years with a service life of about 5years.

Size/Shape of the Pouch

Squeeze pouch comes in different shapes and sizes.

The best size of the squeeze pouch will depend on the type of the pouch and the product to be stored.

Like larger products will require a big squeeze pouch with large volume capacity and vice versa.

MOQ of Squeeze Pouch

The MOQ varies depending on the type of the squeeze pouch, the size of the pouch and even the printing process.

Usually, the minimum quantity order of small size squeeze could reach about 10,000 pcs or even 30,000 pcs.

Some of the squeeze pouches could have their MOQ as low as 1 unit depending on the application requirement.

Printing processes like gravure printing process may lead to low MOQ since it is always difficult to produce many pcs especially when large machine is used.

The MOQ is also negotiable, but this only applies to some types of squeeze pouches not all.

It is possible to negotiate for a product that has MOQ of 1000pcs to around 250pcs but it will not be possible to negotiate for product that has MOQ of 10,000pcs to 250pcs.

Limitation of Squeeze Pouches

Of course there are limitations but a few.

Some of the disadvantages of squeeze pouches include;

Squeeze pouches especially the ones used by babies may pose risks for development, health when overused.

So instead of allowing the baby to suck food product from the pouch, you should empty the puree into a bowl or a plate and feed the baby using a spoon.

Frequent sucking from the baby squeeze pouch may cause some feeding problems to the baby in the future.

Quality Measures and Tests of Squeeze Pouch

This is usually done to ensure the manufactured squeeze pouch meet all the standard requirements.

TedPack has employed a lot of quality control measures that will ensure the custom pouches do not fail in the real-life situation.

Some of the quality measures and tests we offer to include;

 Squeeze pouch with spout

Squeeze pouch with spout

Barrier Testing

This test is done to ensure that the barrier films on the manufactured squeeze pouch are well laminated and sealed to protect it from the entry of substances that may interfere with the stored products.

Under barrier testing, the following are done;

Oxygen Transmission Rate[OTR]

This is the rate at which oxygen can penetrate through the film layer of the pouch.

Oxygen is one of the substances that affect the color, odor, and flavor of the food thereby causing food spoilage.

Therefore, the barrier testing equipment ensures that the OTR is at the correct levels they need to be.

Water Vapor Transmission Rate

This is the rate at which moisture can penetrate through the film layer of the pouch.

Moisture is also one of the substances that causes food spoilage.

Barrier testing equipment is therefore to ensure moisture content is at the exact levels they need to be.

· Modified Atmosphere Packaging

it involves the use of sophisticated machinery that flushes air out of the packaging pouch and replaces it with gases that slow effect of oxidation.

The gases used to replace the flushed air depend on the oxidative property of the stored food.

Apart from testing, we also carry out inspections of the manufactured products to ensure they reach the quality standard required.

Packing, Filling, and Sealing of Squeeze Pouch

Packing, filling, and sealing differ from one manufacturer to another and from one product to another.

You can pack your products using either an automated machine or kitchen equipment depending on the quantity of the product.

Small quantity products may not require an automated machine to fill and seal.

However, if your products are of large quantity, you will require an automated machine to help you pack, fill, seal and even store your product inside the pouch.

The automated machine picks up the squeeze pouch from a large container and places it in a conveyor belt.

The automated robot arms open the mouth of a squeeze pouch for filling underneath a nozzle.

The nozzle will then pump products into your squeeze pouch.

Once that is done, the machine transfers the filled squeeze pouch to the sealing machine where it will be sealed.

But for small quantity products, you can use kitchen equipment such as jugs, a bowl, and any other convenient container in filling your squeeze pouch.

The capacity of Squeeze Pouch

The volume of squeeze pouches varies depending on the type of the pouch and the products to be stored.

Squeeze pouches come in different capacities.

There are those with 16, 32, 64-houses and many more capacities are available.

The warranty offered to Squeezes Pouches

Squeeze pouches have a warranty of one year.

The warranty covers any defective part due to poor workmanship or error made by the manufacturers.

Besides, it also covers damages made by the suppliers during delivery.

However, the warranty does not cover damages caused by a product or intentional damage caused by the user.

Therefore, it is always important to read and understand the terms and conditions of the warranty of your product and know the circumstances that may void the coverage.

Storage and Warehousing of Squeezes Pouches

Custom printed squeeze pouch

Custom printed squeeze pouch

This is one of the very important areas.

It is what will determine how long the stored product will remain fresh.

Therefore, it is important to adopt proper ways to store and warehouse your squeeze pouch.

Some of the proper ways to store your squeeze pouch include;

  • Store your squeeze pouch in a cool and dry place until that time when you will need to use the product.

Ensure the temperature of the warehouse is below 40 degrees Celsius with relative humidity less than 60%

  • Place your pouch under shelter and cover it to protect the pouch from UV light and dust.

Exposure to UV light can cause the material of your pouch to discolor, crack, and eventually affect the stored products.

  • Before storing your squeeze pouch, it is also important to test the pouch to identify any hazardous substance that may affect the product in their storage areas.

This helps to ensure the pouch and the stored product are safe in their storage areas.

How to Manufacture Squeeze Pouches?

Manufacturing of the squeeze process is procedural.

You need to follow all the procedures carefully to come up with an end product of good quality.

First, you need to identify the best material that will suit your product.

The material is then passed through a set of plows that fold a W-shape gusset into the bottom to enable the pouch stand.

If you want to use a zipper as part of your package, you can sell it on the inside faces of the web close to the top edge.

Once the gusset has formed, make vertical seals along the pouch sides.

Then press the zipper into the same area to seal its ends.

After that, the bottom folds are sealed as seals that hold the gusset together at the ends.

Weight of Squeeze Pouch

Generally, squeeze pouches are lightweight.

But their weight varies depending on the type of the pouch, the capacity and the size of the pouch.

There is no exact weight for squeeze pouches, they come with different weights.

Benefits of Reusable Squeeze Pouches

Reusing squeeze pouch accrue a lot of benefits i.e.

Saves on the cost; purchasing a new squeeze pouch each and every time is so expensive.

Therefore, reusing squeeze pouch helps in saving on the amount that could have been used to purchase a new squeeze pouch.

Reduction in waste at the landfill; it results in few overall waste exposed to the surrounding which is a positive impact to the environment.

Closure Options for Squeeze Pouches

There are many closure options you can use for your product.

They include; zipper, lid, crown cap, reseal closure, and much more.

Reseal closure and zipper are the best closure to use since they are easy to open and close.

Depending on your specific needs and requirements, you will definitely get a squeeze pouch that meets your specific needs and requirements.

For custom squeeze pouches, contact TedPack team now.

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