Spout Pouch: The Ultimate Guide

Spout pouch is a type of flexible packaging that is in form of a bag, with a spout for closure.

Spout pouch is a favourite among producers of liquid products.

This guide grants you access to pertinent information about spout pouches.

Spout Pouch

 spout pouch

Uses and Applications of Spout Pouch

Spout pouch has many traditional and creative uses.

Below are some of the uses of spout pouch:

  • Spout pouch is mostly used to package baby food. It is the most common among baby food pouches
  • Manufacturers of liquid products like drinks, use spout pouch for packaging
  • The cosmetic industry also uses spout pouch to package cosmetic products
  • You can also use spout pouch to package other food products and condiments as well.

Why you should consider Spout Pouch as your Ultimate Product Packaging Choice

Spout pouches are popular in the packaging industry, especially for liquid product packaging.

Some of the reasons why spout pouch should be your first choice for packaging product include:

  • Spout pouch is easy to carry around due to their lightweight nature
  • They are usually puncture-resistant and protect against spillage
  • Spout pouch is aesthetically pleasing and attractive
  • Due to their stand-up nature, spout pouches stand out on display
  • You can customize your spout pouch to suit your brand and serve as an advertisement for your product
  • When it comes to liquid products, spout pouch provides the best protection against leakage.
  • Spout pouch is easy to use and access the products inside.
  • They are environment-friendly because they contain less plastic than bottle packaging.
  • It is more economical than other traditional food packaging
  • The spout on spout pouch ensures that you get almost all your product out of the pouch.
  • You have more options for customizing with spout pouch. There are various spout designs for you to choose.

Packaging Properties of a Spout Pouch

The properties of spout pouch that makes it suitable for product packaging are:

  • Hygienic and Safe: materials for spout pouch are chemical free and non-toxic. Spout pouch materials do not have any effect on the product it contains.
  • Barrier protection: spout pouch protects your products from environmental factors such as UV rays, moisture, oxygen etc. This is an important property because liquid products are more prone to spoilage on exposure.
  • Strong sealing/ closure: the sealing and closure of a spout pouch make it leakage-proof. This feature makes spout pouch the best bet for long term liquid product packaging.
  • Impact resistance: the materials for spout pouch are strong materials that do not puncture or tear easily on impact. This property is necessary for protection during transportation.
  • Spout pouch material should be able to withstand the sterilization process.

Difference between Spout Pouch vs Stand up Pouch vs Side Gusseted Bag with Spout

In the flexible packaging industry, there are lots of different pouches with similarities to one another.

Spout pouch is a type of stand up pouch with spout. The side gusseted bag with spout is also a type of stand-up pouch.

Stand-up pouches are pouches that can stand alone on display.

Side gusseted bag with spout has gussets on both sides, unlike the spout pouch that is sealed along the sides.

The regular stand up pouch could have any type of closure, not necessarily a spout.

side gusseted pouch with spout

side gusseted bag with spout

 stand up pouch with ziplock closure

stand up pouch with ziplock closure

Spout Pouch Material Structures (Barriers)

Spout pouch looks very simple at first glance, but in truth it is made up of different layers.

The material structures of spout pouch have high barrier resistance due to the functions of the different layers.

  • The outer layer: this layer is where you display graphics and advertising for your brand. The outer layer is the visible layer to the customer, so it is usually colourful and attractive.
  • The middle layer: this is the protective layer of the pouch. This layer protects the freshness and durability of the contents of the pouch.
  • The inner layer: the content of the pouch is in direct contact with this layer. The inner layer must be FDA approved to ensure that it has no adverse effect on the nature of its content.

The outermost layer of the spout pouch is made with material that you can print on directly.

The material is usually polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

The middle layer is where the barrier protection is and it usually contains metallized material.

The most common material in use for this layer is metallised PET film (MET-PET)

The innermost layer is heat-sealed to ensure that the product is tamper-proof.

The material in this layer is polyethylene.

Apart from PET, MET-PET and PE, other materials like aluminium and nylon are also good material for spout pouch.

Common Materials used to make Spout Pouches

Different manufacturers make use of various materials to make spout pouches.

Some of the most common materials include:










Bio-based PE


These materials have various functions, depending on the product you want to use the spout pouch to package.

Comparison between Metalized and Non-metallized Material Structures for Spout Pouch

When choosing the material structure for spout pouch, you have the option of metallized or non-metallized materials.

  • Metallized material structures are opaque. Hence, they provide better barrier protection than non-metallized material structures.
  • Metallized material structures give your spout pouch a more shiny appearance. Non-metallized material structures are not as shiny as their metallized counterpart.
  • Printing and graphics come out better on metallized material structures than non-metallized.

How Spout Pouch is Made (Manufacturing Process)

The manufacturing process of spout pouch involves five steps.

  1. The first step in the manufacturing process of spout pouch is the design step. The producer/manufacturer presents a prototype to the client with all the features the client wants.

After the client approves of the design, the next step commences.

  1. Production: this step is where all the actual physical work takes place. You pass the spout pouch material through a series of machines that create gussets at the bottom of the pouch.

You then attach the sides, and seal the top to create the spout pouch shape.

  1. The next step after production is to print graphics and brand logo on the already made pouch.
  2. At this point you can then insert the spout either at the side or centre, depending on the client’s choice.
  3. The final step in the manufacturing process is the quality control step. You have to conduct series of tests on the spout pouch to test its features and quality.

Some of the tests in the quality control step are:

  • Tensile test
  • Burst test
  • Puncture resistance test
  • Drop test

These tests are necessary to ensure the durability and quality of the final product.

The manufacturing process of spout pouch is automated and involves the use of machines.

Click on the link below to watch the manufacturing and filling process of spout pouch.

Filling Machine for Spout Pouches

During the production process of spout pouches, you fill in the contents before capping and sealing finally.

This process of filling the contents involves using a filling machine.

The filling machine doubles as a capping machine most times.

Some filling machines are semi-automatic, because you need to fix the spout pouch manually for the machine to fill in the contents.

spout pouch filling and capping machine

spout pouch filling and capping machine

The Process for Filling Spout Pouch with Products

The process of filling a spout pouch with products occurs via a semi-automatic machine.

The steps involved in this process are:

  • The first step in the process is the loading of the pouches onto the machine rack for filling to take place.
  • You place the spout of the pouch directly under the nozzle of the machine so that the filling can be seamless and airtight.
  • The machine cleans the body of the spout pouches in case of spillage, by spraying water on the spout pouch sides.
  • After placing the caps in the chute of the machine, the next step is to cap the spout pouches. The machine caps the pouches with the caps that you have filled into the machine
  • Another part of the machine then screws the cap onto the spout pouch tightly
  • The machine then moves the already filled and capped pouches to a conveyor belt for collection.

The spout pouch arrives from the manufacturer with the cap separate from the pouch.

You can then fill in your products and screw on the cap with your filling machine.

Alternatively, the manufacturer can deliver your spout pouch with its caps screwed on tightly already, with an opening at the top.

The opening is for you to fill in your products then seal using a heat sealer without tampering with the cap.

For some other creative spout pouch shapes, the manufacturer creates large holes at the sides of the pouch.

You fill in your products through these holes, then seal using heat.

How to Measure Spout Pouch

In order to know how much product your spout pouch can contain, you need to measure the pouch.

This measurement is easy to carry out, just measure the length, breadth and bottom width of the spout pouch.

Fitment/Closure Options for Spout Pouch

The different fitment/ closure options available for spout pouches are:

  • Corner mounted spouts
  • Disc-cap closure
  • Quickflip spout
  • Top mounted spouts
  • Tap-and-gland or spigot
  • Screw cap closure
  • Trigger sprayers
  • Push-pull closures
  • Inverted sierra closures
  • EZ pour spout

spout pouches with different types of closure.

spout pouches with different types of closure.

corner mounted spout pouch closure

 corner mounted spout pouch closure

spout pouch with disc cap closure

 spout pouch with disc cap closure

quick flip spout pouch closure

quick flip spout closure

 top mounted spout pouch closure

top mounted spout pouch closure

screw cap closure

spout pouch with trigger sprayer

spout pouch with trigger sprayer

push pull closures for spout pouch

push-pull closures for spout pouch

 inverted sierra spout pouch closure

inverted sierra spout pouch closure

 EZ pour spout pouch closure

EZ pour spout pouch closure

Difference between Stock Spout Pouch and Custom Spout Pouch

When it comes to choosing spout pouches, you can either decide to use stock pouches or customize to your taste.

  • Stock spout pouch is generic while custom spout pouch is specific to your desires.
  • With custom spout pouch, you can be as creative as you want to with your design. Custom spout pouch does not offer you the option of creativity.
  • Custom spout pouch looks more attractive on display than stock spout pouch
  • Custom spout pouch allows your brand to stand out among others.

Custom Printing Options for Spout Pouch

For custom printing for your spout pouch, you have three available options. These options are:

  • Flexographic printing: this is the most cost effective printing option. You can use this type of printing for simple images and simple texts. Flexographic printing is most suitable for simple printing on surface.
  • Gravure printing: you use this printing technique for complicated images and graphics. The cost of using this printing technique is moderate.

Gravure printing is most suitable for printing quality reverse.

The minimum number of pouches that you can use gravure printing for is 10,000 pouches.

  • Digital printing: this is the most expensive printing option. Digital printing is suitable for printing more technical images and texts.

There is no minimum number of pouches when using this printing technique.

Various Capacities you want of Spout Pouches you can consider

The capacity of your spout pouch depends greatly on what product you want to use it to package.

There are various sizes of spout pouches available, from 100ml to 1 litre to 5 litres.

How Spout Pouches benefits the End Consumer

Spout pouches have a lot of benefits for the manufacturer and the retailer.

Now let us also consider the benefits to the end consumer.

  • The closures of spout pouches are usually re- sealable, thus making them suitable for long-term use. Even after using the original contents of the spout pouch, you can fill in something else and recap.
  • The portability of spout pouches makes them easy to carry around. It is very convenient for consumers to move around with spout pouch.
  • Spout pouches are safe for kids because there are anti-choke spouts for child-friendly products.
  • Kids love spout pouches due to the various colourful designs and colours of spouts.

Spout Pouch sustainability options

Sustainability options of your spout pouch depend on your choice.

The options available for the sustainability of spout pouches include:

  • Recyclable properties: manufacturers can make your spout pouch with material structures that make them easy to recycle. Material structures like PE and PP make spout pouches easier to recycle.

This option depends on the system of recycling available in your country.

  • Post-consumer recycling: this option also depends on the laws about food products in your country.
  • Spout pouch materials can contain eco-friendly materials according to your demands. This makes it environment friendly and more sustainable because it is biodegradable.

What ‘Ecommerce Ready’ means in relation to Spout Pouches

For a spout pouch to be E-commerce ready, it means that the spout pouch is ready for marketing.

This is basically just a proof of the marketability of the spout pouch.

Amazon has prep-free packaging requirements that a spout pouch has to meet to become E-commerce ready.

Basically being E-commerce ready involves passing the ISTA-6A tests for packaging and also meeting amazon’s requirements.

Minimum Order Requirements for Spout Pouch

The quantity of spout pouches you can order depends largely on your supplier.

For some suppliers, minimum order quantity is as little as 1000 spout pouches, while it is 50000 pieces for others.

Lower minimum order requirements are usually available for stock spout pouches than custom spout pouches.

Colors available for Spout Pouches

Spout pouches are available in an array of colours according to your preference.

Some of the colour options are:

Brown paper colour






Spout pouches can also be multi-coloured depending on the design and graphics on the body of the pouch.

different colours of spout pouches

different colours of spout pouches

Benefits of Clear Spout Pouch and when to consider them

Spout pouches come in different colours and design. Some of the pouches are transparent while others are more opaque.

Below are some of the benefits of clear spout pouches:

  • Transparent spout pouch allows the consumer see the exact contents of the pouch before buying.
  • Clear spout pouch makes your brand look more unique. The spout pouch takes the colour of whatever its contents are, thereby making it eye-catchy.
  • This type of spout pouch stands out on display because it is easily noticed.
  • The printing cost is lower for clear spout pouch

You should consider using clear spout pouches if your product has an attractive colour that you want to showcase.

Clear spout pouches should be your choice if you want to reduce your cost of production and printing.

Spout Pouch Finishing Options

The finishing option you use is what determines how the finished look of your spout pouch will be.

The various options available for spout pouch finishing include:

  • Matte finish: this finishing gives a dull outlook to the surface of the pouch. When using a matte finishing, you also need to use a printing technique that shows off well on matte.

Although matte does not have a shiny appearance, it makes the text very clear even under bright light.

  • Gloss finish: the glossy appearance of this finishing is due to the addition of metallized material to the finishing ink. Gloss finish makes your product look shiny but it is difficult to view text under bright light.
  • De-metallized finishing: this finishing is not matte, but it is not as shiny as the gloss finish. The ink for this finish does not have any metallized material content.
  • Unprinted finish: this finish is just a smooth surface that can be any colour, without texts or image on it.

The type of finishing you use determines how vivid your  design and branding will be.

Difference between Spout Pouch and Rigid Packaging Alternatives

Spout pouch is becoming more popular than rigid packaging, and here’s why:

  • Spout pouches are portable and easy to transport, unlike rigid packaging
  • Spout pouches are more eco-friendly than rigid packaging alternatives. The manufacturing process of spout pouch involves about 60% less plastic than rigid packaging.
  • You can get all the contents out of spout pouches, about 99.5% of the product. On the other hand, it is more difficult to get out all the content from rigid packaging.
  • Spout pouches make your products stand out on display. Your product looks unique among the general rigid packaging available.
  • It is easier to store spout pouches as they occupy less space than rigid packaging
  • The manufacturing process of spout pouch is more environment-friendly because there is less emission of CO2
  • Spout pouch has ample surface area for you to design and advertise your brand logo.
  • The cost of transportation of spout pouches is considerably less than that of rigid packaging.
  • Producing spout pouches requires half the energy necessary for rigid packaging
  • Spout pouches are more biodegradable than rigid packaging.

Considerations for Designing bespoke and effective Spout Pouches

In order to produce bespoke and effective spout pouches, you need to take certain factors into consideration.

These factors include:

  • The prototype of the pouch: you need to collaborate with your manufacturer to create shapes and styles of spout pouch that suit your product.

For example, you need to make sure that the design of your spout pouch is puncture resistant and burst-proof.

  • You need to produce spout pouches with specific creative functions. For example, child-proof spouts and leakage-proof pouches
  • Filling machine and process: you need to consider the type of machine you are using to fill your products. Some machines are semi-automatic and require manual operation in fitting the spout pouches under the nozzle for filling.

Also, the filling process and machine determines the sealing style of the pouch.

For example, you can fill the pouches from openings at the sides or through the spout.

  • Flexibility of the spout pouch: pouches with more flexible material tend to have more durability and sustainability.
  • Various tests which your pouch should undergo: you need to make sure that your supplier/manufacturer takes the pouches through series of quality assurance tests.

Tests like tensile strength test, puncture test, drop test etc are necessary for quality control in the production process.

  • Nature of the spouts: apart from serving as closure for the pouches, spouts can also fulfil other purposes. You can customize the spout to be the centre of attraction on the pouch, make it tamper proof.

Additional Features you can consider for Custom Spout Pouch

Apart from the general features of spout pouches, you can add some extra features to customize yours.

Some of these add-on features are:

  • Handles: adding handles to your spout pouch makes it easy to carry around and gives it a more unique look.
  • Tin tie: you can add a tin tie as extra closure or just as a decorative piece on your spout pouch
  • Window: if you want an opaque spout pouch but you want the contents visible to consumers, this is the best bet. Adding a tiny window to your spout pouch gives your opaque spout pouch a little transparent feel.
  • Different styles of caps and spouts: instead of the regular spouts and caps, you can tweak the shape or style. There are triangular spouts, straw-like spouts and even child-proof spouts.
  • Hang hole: if you decide to make a spout pouch without a flat or gusseted bottom, you should consider a hang-hole. A hang-hole allows your product to still be on display without standing on the shelf.
  • Rounded corners: you can make the corners of the spout pouch rounded instead of sharp, to make it more child-safe.
  • Degassing valve: certain products might require this valve to preserve their freshness for longer.
  • Laser perforation: this feature allows for easy tearing of the spout pouch
  • De-metallizing: a de-metallized surface is resistant to light so it provides better barrier protection for the product.
  • Bottom gussets: you can add a gusset to the bottom of your spout pouch instead of just a flat-bottomed pouch.

Spout Pouch Testing methods

For quality assurance, the manufacturer has to carry out various tests on the spout pouch before supplying.

The testing methods are:

  • Seal strength testing: this test is to ensure that the seal of the pouch is strong enough to withstand transportation.
  • Drop test: you need to carry out a drop test to ensure that the pouch will not break if it falls from a height. The drop test is carried out from a certain height to ensure the feasibility of the results.
  • Burst testing: this is necessary to determine the amount of pressure that the pouch can withstand.
  • Tensile strength testing: knowing how rigorous and rough transportation and storage can be, you test the tensile strength to know the pouch’s load limit. You need this test to determine how well the spout pouch can hold up when stacked.
  • Product-package compatibility testing: different types of packaging material are best suited for different products. For example, a spout pouch made with kraft paper needs an extra Aluminum foil lining to be suitable for liquid packaging.
  • Puncture resistance testing: the spout pouch has to be puncture-resistant as well. This test ensures that the pouch can withstand pointy objects.
  • Compression test: this test ensures that the pouch is leakage proof and spillage-proof also.
  • Inter-layer adhesion testing: this test is to ensure that the different layers of the pouch are well attached.

How to verify the quality of your Spout Pouches

To verify the quality of your spout pouches you need to:

  1. Check the quality of the materials used in making the pouch. The quality of your spout pouch material structures determines the quality of the pouch.
  2. The barrier protection capacity: spout pouches of high quality give better protection against environmental factors.
  3. Uniformity of design: the shape, design and size of your spout pouches must be uniform as a sign of quality.

Quality and Safety Compliance Standards for Spout Pouches

The international organisations responsible for maintaining quality and safety standards are the FDA and BRC.

FDA stands for food and drug administration and they make sure that all food product and packaging are consumer-safe.

The FDA makes sure that the innermost part of the pouches, in contact with food, is toxin-free.

BRC stands for the British retail consortium and they ensure the uniformity of packaging standards.

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