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High Barrier and Durable, Maximum Print to 10 Colors, Low start up cost and low MOQ Start From 100 Pcs, friendly for start up business. Now recyclable spout pouches also available!

Spout Pouch Custom Printed & Spout Color| 100pcs Start

Spout pouches are one of our best sellers and focus products at TedPack, we have a full range of spouts types, multi sizes, also a large volume of bags for our clients’ choice, it is the best innovative beverage and liquid packaging bag product.

In comparison to the normal plastic bottle, glass jars, aluminum cans, spout pouch are cost save in production, space, transportation, storage, and also it is recyclable.

It is refillable and can be easily carried with a tight seal and is much lighter in weight. This makes it more and more preferable for new buyers. We like start-up business and MOQ lower to 100pcs for a start.

TedPack spout pouch can be used widely used in a lot of industries. With a tight spout seal, it acts as a good barrier guaranteeing freshness, flavor, fragrance, and nutritional qualities or chemical potency. Especially used in:

  • Liquid, beverage, drinks, wine, juice, honey, sugar, sauce, packaging
  • Bone broth, squashes, purees lotions, detergent, cleaners, oils, fuels, etc.

It can be manual or automatic filled from both the pouch top and from the spout directly. Our most popular volume are 8 fl. oz-250ML, 16fl. oz-500ML and 32fl.oz-1000ML options, all other volumes are customized!

MOQ100 Pcs by Digital Print,10K Pcs by Gavure Print
Size70*100+30mm(Min)    300*420+120(Max)
Thickness70Mircons-200Mircons (2.5Mil-8Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, Spout(All Diameter Available)
PrintingD-Met Printing, Metallize, Vanishing, Matte Finishing

Volume (ml)

Size (inch)

MOQ (pcs)


4-6″ width * 7-9”length



5-7” width * 8-11”length



6-8” width * 9-13” length



7-9” width * 12-15”length


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Transparent Spout Pouch for 500ml liquids are made with different material and according to the intended packaging requirements. They are leakage proof and rupture resistance. The packages can be used to pack both liquids and solids. The clear spout pouch is designed to meet your marketing goals and help with the storage of your products.

foil Pouch with spout

Aluminum Foil Stand up pouches with spouts for 500 ml are made using an aluminum foil plus other laminated films which provides an excellent barrier for moisture, oxygen, UV light and odor hence preserving quality and flavor of the product. The spouts make it easy to empty the entire pouch content same way as it is to empty some drink from a bottle. Lastly, these pouches are made of laminated films such as PET, AL, PE, and they are used to package wine, juice beverage and oil products.

The materials used to manufacture Aluminum Foil Customized Printing Stand up pouch with spout for 1000ml liquid are FDA approved. These pouch bags are passed through sterilization to prolong the shelf life of the packaged product. After the content is packed, it is passed through a retort machine which warrants it to withstand high temperatures. You can warm the food content in the package in microwave. The packaging helps to enrich food quality, aroma, and flavor. It can be used to pack precooked food or raw food because the laminated films used are designed that strong. You do not have to worry of tear, punctures, or external hazardous effects like oxygen, moisture, and UV lights.

spouted Liquid bag

The clear spout pouch for 250ml beverage are made from transparent laminated films to ensure clear customers previewing option. The structure is multi-layered to safeguard the content within the packet. You can use the bag to carry coffee, tea, baby food, and chemicals. The unique feature about this package is that it’s clear and you see the content packaged while the substance remains in its original quality.

Baby food pouch spout

Shaped white printing spout pouch for 500 ml beverage is made of different laminated films such as PET, AL, MPET, PE, among others. These pouches are designed in various shapes such as jar and bottle shapes to match customer preference. The best part is that these pouches have a spout that makes it comfortable to drink your beverages without spilling the content. Also, product information such as logos, user guide, branding, and names can get printed, and they will be visible due to the white color.

spouted aluminum stand up pouch with cap

The pouch comes in various shapes; round, square or any shaped bottom but the constant feature is the spout and spout cap. The cap is placed at the top of the spout where it is wielded during opening or reclosing. It’s manufactured from laminated films such as aluminum foil, PET, MPET, and transparent films. You can use the pouch to pack coffee, tea, cereals, bone broth, and juices. The cap ensures easy pouring, and you can recap the package tightly after every use.

This pouch made using laminated film materials which are matte finished to improve their attractiveness. Secondly, a spout is heat sealed on the pouch, which ensures easy filling or emptying of the liquid content. Customers love this stand up pouches because they are flexible and can stand erect on any surface. These pouches are convenient for liquid packaging such as juices, beverages, oil, and cleaning agents.

Glossy clear stand up liquid pouches with spout 500 ml with hang hole have a lustrous finish which makes visually appealing. They are made of transparent materials such as BOPP that allows you to view the content inside. Additionally, this stand up pouches comes with a spout from which the liquid gets poured. What’s more, it has a hang hole which enables retailers to hang the pouch on counters or along the shelves to increase their visibility.

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Spout Pouch By Pouch Type (4)

  • Liquid spout pouch

    The liquid spout pouch is an excellent alternative to traditional liquid packaging. Not only are they lightweight and easy to transport and carry, but they also take up less space. This means that there will be lower transportation costs and fewer greenhouse gas emissions involved.

  • spout pouch bag

    Spout pouch bags have added a user-friendly& easy-open& resealable spout. They are laminated with various materials to cater to hot filling, and retorting processing, and fit to package special products containing acids, alkalis, alcohol, and more.

  • corner spout pouch

    The corner spout pouch is the ultimate packaging solution for large-capacity products, featuring a spout located on the top side that makes filling and pouring liquids effortless. We offer a range of large-diameter spouts for you to choose from, including 22mm, 33mm, and 40mm.

  • mini spout pouch

    The mini spout pouch is the perfect packaging option for single servings of food and personal care products, such as honey and body lotion. Its lightweight and collapsible design makes it easy to carry, particularly suitable for travel and sharing.

Spout Pouch By Pouch Material (4)

  • Plastic spout pouch

    Consumers can see the products inside through the plastic spout bag. But it’s not light-proof and unsuitable for light-sensitive products such as coffee, dog treat food, chips, matcha powder, fruit&vegetable powder, etc.

  • Aluminum foil spout pouch

    Aluminum foil spout pouch is made with aluminum as the functional layer. It has the best barrier properties of all materials. It can protect the product from oxygen, moisture, and light, which is essential to extend the shelf life of the product.

  • kraft spout pouch

    Kraft spout pouch is usually made of kraft paper and PE, NY, PET, It has good puncture resistance, suitable for hand sanitizer, honey, gel, etc. Tedpack has brown, white and black kraft paper for your choice.

  • recyclable spout pouches

    The most common recyclable bags are made of HDPE (R2), LDPE (R4), PP (R5) or Others (R7) materials, all of which are FDA, FSC, REACH compliant.

Spout Pouch By Color (1)

  • Clear spout pouch

    Clear spout pouch is made of 2-3 layers of transparent plastic material laminated to allow customers to see the product clearly. It allows the customer to monitor the quality changes of the product during use. Commonly used for baby food, bone broth, daily necessities, etc.

Spout Pouch By Applications (7)

  • baby food spout pouch

    The baby food spout pouch is equipped with Anti-chocking caps, which prevents children from swallowing it and causing choking. It is FDA/BRC/FSSC certified and BPA free. it is lightweight & collapsible & anti-burst, so babies can easily hold the product, even if the bag is dropped, it is still intact.

  • shampoo spout pouch

    Shampoo spout pouch is not only used for shampoo refills, but also commonly used for sample packaging. It is possible to customize the size of the pouch according to the needs of the product, 30ml-1L is not a problem. Printed logo, product composition is no problem, is one of the best means to promote the brand.

  • juice spout pouch

    Juice spout pouch is made of 3-4 layers of material laminated with strong barrier properties to keep the freshness of the juice. It can be customized in size, so whether it is a single serving or a sharing pack is not a problem. It is possible to add accessories such as spout and wrist holes to enhance the customer’s sense of use

  • cosmetic spout pouch

    Cosmetic spout pouch is suitable for: body lotion, sunscreen, face cream, etc. It is easy to squeeze and can squeeze out 98% of the product inside the pouch to increase the use of the product. For cosmetics containing alcohol, an alcohol-proof inner material is used to avoid delamination of the pouch due to the alcohol content and to prevent the barrier properties.

  • drink spout pouch

    Drink spout pouch is usually used on picnics, parties and other events. The most worrying problem for brands is that once the product is dropped, the packaging tends to burst and make the product spill. The drink spout pouch’s laminated structure is durable, pressure resistant, non-leakage and puncture resistant.

  • food spout pouch

    Food spout pouch is food grade, FDA,BRC,FSSC,ISO9001 certified, and BPA&PFAS Free. Because the laminated film used, it can keep food from oxygen, moisture, UV, and odor.

  • ketchup spout pouch

    The ketchup spout pouch is available in some great creative shapes, including jar shapes, bottle shapes, or fruit shapes. The pouch is made from multiple layers of laminated material with high barrier properties, making it an ideal container for keeping ketchup.

Spout Pouch By Feature (3)

  • custom spout pouches

    Custom spout pouches are customizable in size, material, printing and accessories to suit your product needs, and are highly adaptable to a wide range of industries, including: household goods, food, chemicals, decorations, clothing, etc.

  • reusable spout pouch

    The reusable spout pouch can be used as a secondary container for further use. If the secondary use is for other products, it is best to clean the inside of the spout pouch before filling. The reusable spout pouch has a life span of two years under-ventilated, dry and cool storage conditions.

  • printed spout pouch

    Printed spout pouch is one of the best ways to promote your brand. You can print your logo, product information or contact information on the bag. Custom printing can be done in up to 10 colors, and the rich print provides a visual impact that catches the eye of your customers and stands out on the shelf.

TedPack's Recyclable Spout Pouch Wins Best of Show for Stich Hair

Stich Hair, a leading hair care brand, has clinched the prestigious Best of Show award at the Best Awards in Packaging Industry –Dieline Awards, thanks to its innovative product – the recyclable spout pouch, custom-made by TedPack.

Stich Hair prides itself on offering worry-free hair care solutions for everyone, meticulously crafted by industry experts to meet customer needs. Seeking packaging that marries aesthetics with sustainability, Stich Hair turned to TedPack.

Addressing the challenge of providing sustainable packaging without compromising on barrier performance, durability, graphic capabilities, and production speed was paramount. TedPack’s R&D team conducted rigorous tests on material combinations, quality assessments, and real-world usage simulations, ultimately delivering a 100% recyclable PE spout pouch for Stich Hair.

Currently, Stich Hair is reducing plastic waste by an impressive 82%-89% with this recyclable product line. As the only hair care brand in the United States with a fully recyclable and refillable series, Stich Hair is revolutionizing the industry.

Upgrade your packaging, elevate your brand. Reach out to TedPack.

spout pouch
Spout Pouch

Certified Recyclable - Mono Material Spout Pouches

High-barrier-certified Mono-PE spout stand-up pouches are now present on the market! Suitable for below market at TedPack:

  • Food: Soups, Bone Broth, Yogurt, Nut Butters;
  • Drinks: Brewed Coffee, Juice, Wine, energy drinks, tea;
  • Daily Care: Hand Sanitizer, Cosmetics, Shampoo & Conditioner;
  • Chemical and more…

Now we have already been certified recyclable, and offer free samples to all customers which interested in recyclable spout pouches. Welcome send us an inquiry or email us!

New! 100% Recyclable Spout Stand Up Pouches

Now at TedPack we are proudly presenting our 100% recyclable spout pouch to the market, we are the 1st Manufacturer in Dongguan, China that produces this pouch stably and successfully. This product is made with 100% recyclable materials:

  • Pouch made with 100% PE mono-material;
  • The structures are made with PE/PE and PE/EVOH-PE;
  • Spout/Fitments & caps that are also made of PE material;
  • Evacuation of up to 90% of these spout pouch products;
  • Reclosable and reusable for multiple use options;
  • Can withstand 3 times drop test from 1.2 meters high;

Now we offer free samples to all customers who are interested in this product, welcome to inquire us to know more about our 100% recyclable spout pouches.

100% recyclable spout pouch

TedPack Spout Pouch Manufacturing Goal

At TedPack, we are conscientious to do a good job in packaging production, we know what is truly valuable to customers, and strictly pay attention to quality control and order delivery. To get marvelous compliments and feedback from our customers are always our goal in 1st place.

From the source of the spout pouch film material to the production of the plastic spouts/nozzles, from the printing of the film to the welding of the nozzle, we are a thrill with every order from you!

What we use is China’s top brand 10 colors automatic rotogravure printer to make the color exactly match what you imagine, and easily meet your market demands when products are on the shelf. And in order to get the best quality in spout pouch production, we also equip two unique full automatic spouts adding machines. These two spout-adding machines are the best now in whole Dongguan, China flexible packaging facilities.

Spout Type Options

TedPack offers various spout types for the spout pouches, from size, color, and design can be all customized as well.

  • Inner diameter small : 2.5mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm,7.2mm, 8mm
  • Inner diameter medium : 8.2mm, 8.6mm,9.6mm, 10mm, 12mm,13mm,15mm,16mm
  • Inner diameter  large: 20mm, 22mm,33mm, 40mm

Color can be customized with PMS colors; standard colors will be white, some are black, yellow, and red.

If you want to do customize spouts, this will need set new mold for it, welcome contact our sales representative for more information about our spout pouches.

Spout Pouch Type
Spout Pouch Drop Test

The Most Common Problems - Pouch Leakage

Many spout pouch users will face leakage issues, ask the below questions yourself, then talk with your supplier or send an email to TedPack, after that we can help here:

  • What material you are using? Does it contain a Nylon layer?
  • Does the film has chemical or alcohol barrier property?
  • What sealing way your supplier does? Is Manual, Semi, or Full Automatic?
  • Which position leak on the pouch? Pouch body or cap area?
  • How did you do the filling? With an automatic filling or manual filling?
  • Did the filling have a steel pipe insert into the spout? Or use a funnel?
  • When does leakage occur? During or after filling, storage for a while?
  • How did you transport the pouches after filling was done?
  • How many degrees of liquid or fluid while you do the filling?

Manually & Automatically Spout Adding

Manual Spout-adding
Auto Spout-adding

Here at TedPack, we have 2 ways of adding & welding spouts on the pouch, manually and automatically; Adding manually will be normally used in multi-size and multi-SKU range; when you place a lower MOQ order, we normally choose this way; Adding automatically will be used in large quantity single SKU, this ensures a large quantity spout pouch out in much balance quality level. Both ways are delivered fantastic pouches. Welcome inquiry from us to know more!

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Spout Pouches, TedPack - China Premier Supplier and Manufactuer

Spout pouches

What are Spout pouches?

Spout pouches are packaging materials that are mostly used for liquid products.

Spout pouches make it easy to move the products, and this makes them a better packaging option than other conventional packaging methods.

spout pouches

Spout pouches

What are the applications of Spout pouches?

Spout pouches can be used in a lot of ways; they are flexible packaging products.

But one of the most common uses of spout pouches is to package liquid products.

What products are Spout pouches used for?

Spout pouches are used to package both edible and not edible liquid. T

his makes a lot of company employ this packaging strategy.

Some of the edible products are being used to include the following:

  • Wine and beers
  • Energy and sport drinks
  • Yogurts and milk
  • Alcohol, schnapps, beers, whiskey, and gins
  • Tea and coffee drinks
  • Vinegar etc.

Some of the non-edible products they are being used to include the following:

  • Liquid wash
  • Clothes detergents
  • Stain removals and bleaching soaps
  • Insect repellants
  • Hand washers etc.

Additionally, they are also used for the packaging of products like:

  • Pet foods
  • Seeds
  • Nuts
  • Other farm produce

What are water bags Spout pouches?

These are types of spout pouches that are designed strictly for storage and packaging of water.

Tedpack manufacture water bag spout pouches as well as other types of spout pouches.

Water bag spout pouches

Water bag spout pouches

Can Spout pouches be used for baby foods?

There are spout pouches that are designed for infants.

They are rather flexible, soft and easy to handle for babies.

They are also made for easy sipping.

Baby food spout pouches

Baby food spout pouches

Can Spout pouches be used for pet foods?

Spout pouches are FDA approves and can be used for the packaging of edible foods and these include pet foods.

What are stand cap Spout pouches?

Just as it literarily implies, stand cap pouches are designed in such a way that they stand on the cap.

This make them easy to transport from one place to another, and at the same time it makes them easy to store than other types of pouches.

Stand cap spout pouches are one of the fast selling spout pouches at Tedpack.

stand cap spout pouch

Stand cap spout pouch

Benefits of using Spout pouches?

Spout pouches offer a wide array of benefits and advantages over other types of pouches and packaging bags, and this makes them the choice for most companies across many industries.

Some of the common advantages of spout pouches include the following:

  • They are easy to fill for producers, and they are easy to dispense for consumers.
  • Compared to other types of packaging materials, they are very easy to store, and at the same time they are good options for the management of space.
  • Spout pouches are hazard free and very user-friendly.
  • Spout pouches provide the utmost protection for the product they are used to store. This protection is against factors like light, odor, dust water, etc.
  • They are one of the best packaging materials for aesthetics in terms of logo, and branding and this helps to promote the company’s business.
  • Spout pouches are very easy to handle

Are Spout pouches eco-friendly?

Spout pouches are biodegradable, and this makes them an ecofriendly product.

Are Spout pouches reusable?

Spout pouches can be reusable depending on the type of product they are being used to package and depending on the producer’s directive.

What are the things to consider before choosing Spout pouches?

There are a number of factors to consider before deciding to make use of spout pouches as a packaging material for various products.

Some of these factors include the following:

  • Type of spout pouch and how much it would cost
  • The quality of the spout pouch in terms of durability and security
  • The use-friendliness of the spout pouch
  • The availability of the product for future purpose
  • Samples of the product provided by Tedpack
  • The ease of transporting the product in the spout pouch.

What volume of Spout pouches are available?

The volume for spout pouches depends on the manufacturer, as well as the decision of the company that is in need of the spout pouch.

According to customer preference, some of the volume available for spout pouches at Tedpack includes the following:

  • 70ml: 80x130ml
  • 100ml: 100x140mm
  • 500ml: 140x210mm
  • 1000ml: 190x265mm

What are the various features for Spout pouches?

Customers can decide various features that a spout pouch should take.

At Tedpack we manufacture spout pouches in various forms and features according to the choice of the customer.

Some of the features include the following:

  • Spout pouches with trigger sprayers
  • Spout pouches with top mounted spouts
  • Spout pouches with disc cap closures
  • Spout pouches with quick flip spouts
  • Spout pouches with push pull closure
  • Spout pouches with handles

Can Aluminum foil be used for Spout pouches?

Yes, Aluminum foils can be sued in the manufacturing process of a spout pouch.

Aluminum foil spout pouches.

Aluminum foil spout pouches.

What is the quantity of Spout pouches available to order?

At Tedpack, the minimum quantity available for sale in 100 bags regardless of the type of spout pouch.

Each of these bags contains 1000 spout pouches that have sizes ranging from 28 to 150 gram and 500 spout pouches with sizes ranging from 250 grams to 1kg.

Can designs and printing be done on Spout pouches?

Tedpack deal with both the manufacturing process, as well as the custom designs, packaging, and printing of the spout pouches.

Tedpack makes use of some of the latest technologies and techniques to design all packaging bags or pouches.

Are Spout pouches durable?

The durability of spout pouches depends on the quality of the product, and this depends on the manufacturer.

Tedpack produces high quality packaging materials that are approved by adequate bodies.

What is the manufacturing process for having a custom Spout pouches?

The manufacturing or designing process with Tedpack includes the following:

  • Reach out to the sales personnel with your order and you will be told about prices.
  • State your requirements and designs if you have any
  • The design team will come up with a soft copy and samples for you
  • As soon as you approve, manufacturing or design activities commence

Customized Option:

Customized printing and dimension options are also advantages of spout pouch packaging.

Any colors preferred with customized logo and any advertisements can be printed on it allowing up to 10 colors printing on it. It also allows for matte or varnish finishing.

Spout PouchAt TedPack we guarantee fast delivery within 2-3 weeks time for volumes of up to from 30 ML-5000 ML.

We also have a 1 or 2 Gallon option is also and over 200 types of spouts shape, size and a wide range of colors full.

The spout pouch material can be clear plastic, matte surface, metallic,

aluminum or even paper surface option.


  • All materials used are FDA Approved and Food Grade, BPA freeSpout Pouch
  • The gusseted bottom also an option for Standing on Shelves or table
  • Re-closable and Refillable Spout (threaded cap & fitment), Positive Spout Closure
  • Puncture Resistant, Heat Sealable, Moisture-Proof, Leak Proof
  • Suitable for hot filling and Freeze ability

Spout Pouch

Before sending out our spout pouches from our factory we perform the following tests in our Lab for your en-trustful use in product filling.

This includes Inter-layer adhesion, Seal strength, Drop, Burst, Tensile, Leak, Compression, Puncture resistance test.


Spout PouchIf you Compare spout pouch production cost with old packaging methods and with the strict environment concern these years, there is a lot to be discerned. The government and companies are looking for new ways to reduce resource utilization.

They opt to use production costs that do not pollute the environment while keeping them from the increasing raw material costs. With the progressive evolution and birth of ideas, spout pouches are an excellent way to solve this.

Spout PouchOur packaging experts will be always listening to your needs and offer you with most suitable spouts, materials and options for your product use such as spouts with handles spout with a window or with many modern shapes to differentiate your product.

If you have no idea about your packaging, our designer will also help you design one and provide a physical sample for your choice.

Spout Pouches:The Ultimate Guide

The packaging of products is most important for all products now.

Spout PouchThis is because it determines the preservation of the products and how great the products will be esteemed in the market.

Also, it serves as a means to present the production company to the consumers.

For the reason of the essentiality on packaging material to your product, this study guide will offer you quality knowledge on “spout pouches”.

The study will keep you informed on all that you need to know about “Spout pouches” from both the producers and the consumers’ point of view.

Spout Pouches Stand Out Among Other Packaging

With the recognition that there are varieties of packaging material in the market, it is understood that there can be conflicts in making the best choice.

For this reason, this study guide considers the qualities that good packaging material should have and shows spout pouches to be the most suitable and outstanding of them all.

Spout PouchThese qualities include elasticity of the packaging material, the longevity of the product and the packaging that is given to it, affordability of the packaging material, beauty of the packaging material, and movability of the packaging material.

In this light, this study guide is not a product of armchair research.

Resources, fields and factory works have been invested into this study to ensure that you have extensive knowledge about all you need to know concerning packaging material and how spout pouch is the best you can use for all your products.

Having been introduced into what this study guide is all about; let us proceed to the first chapter to learn the definition of spout pouch and its material make-up.

Chapter 1: The Definition of Spout Pouch

Although its production as a form of packaging material was just introduced to the market in recent times, it has been recorded to make a great success in the packaging of both liquid and solid product.

However, it is primarily used for liquid products. The materials that are put together to make up spouted pouch are essentiality plastics, but also these plastics may be added with other material components like aluminum foils.

They are specifically made as innovative packaging materials to solve the problems that could not be solved by other traditional packaging materials such as cartons, boxes, and bottles.

This is proven by the features of spouted pouches which include flexibility, movability, lightness, longevity, suitability, efficiency, among many others.

They can be durably projected with varieties of colors, logo, stickers and other designs that make them remain beautiful in spite of being on the shelf for a very long time.

It is important for you to know that spouted pouches can otherwise be called fitments pouches.

They earn this name because of the flexibility by which they fit for a different storage system that ranges from mere pockets of shorts to shelves, and more holistically, to the warehouse.

Since you are now familiar with what a spout pouch is, and you can clearly identify one when seen, let us proceed to tell you where to get them.

To get different types and varieties of spout pouches, you can check in into the section of TedPack spout pouch. There are lots and different types of spout pouches there that are readily available for purchase when ordered.

You can do well to enquire from us on the very best spout pouch to use specifically for your products.

Having had adequate clarity on the definition and meaning of spout pouch, this study guide proceeds to keep you well informed on the various applications that spout pouches are used for.

Chapter 2: Applications of Spout Pouch

In this chapter, this study takes you into a journey of knowledge concerning the various products that you can use your spout pouch for.

In the application of spout pouch, it is highly durable and useful for packaging products of things that can go into the mouth such as edible things and also things that are non-edible.

In light of modern day technology and professionalism that has been put into the manufacturing of spout pouches, producers have made spout pouches suitable for packaging varieties of products.

Are you bothered about whether spout pouches can be used to package your own product?

You need not be bothered as this study guide has made field research into giving you loads of products that spout pouches will perfectly work for when used as packaging material.

The paragraph below shall contain some of these products that can be put as the contents of the various spout pouches in the market.

If you are a kind of person that will not leave your dressings and textures unpackaged, you need not to search for the perfect packaging material any longer.

Spout pouches will serve that very purpose in the most accurate ways.

Also, if you run a food production company that makes varieties of edible goods that feature food such as marinades, spread, jams, peanuts butter, honey and cooking sauces and ingredients such as condiments, you have the best packaging solution using the newly made spout pouches.

Spout PouchIf you also run a cosmetic factory where goods such as shampoos, gels, creams, lotions, perfumes, body sprays, lubricants, conditioners, ointments are manufactured,  you need not stress your production team any further for the best packaging material to use.

Testimonies abound that spout pouches have proven to be the most fitting packaging material to present this kind of goods to consumers.

If you are in charge of a drinks-producing company, then you need to read this.

If you make any drinks such as wine, beer, sports drinks, energy drinks, dairy drinks, fruit purées, vinegar, Yoghurt, milk, whiskey, scotch, gin, schnapps, alcoholic, beverages, coffee drinks, and protein shakes.

spout pouch manufacturere

You don’t need to get frustrated over the inability of your production team to give you packaging materials that guarantee the longevity of your products.

There are some cases where agriculturalists do not know the best means to package their products from the invasion of air, moisture, rain, and light.

This ought not to be so.

Spouted pouches have proven to be absolutely resistant to destructive factors as they are used for packaging products such as nuts, seeds, grains, pet food, maize, and other farm produce.

Spout pouch supplier

If you are a manufacturer that wants to take the lead in the market then pay your attention to this.

In cases where your company majors in the production of different kind of washing materials such as dish wash, car wash, liquid wash, bar soaps, laundry detergents, stain removals, bleaching soaps, hand wash, bath crystals, insects repellants and other related products, you need not have headache over the most suitable packaging material to use.

Spout pouches supplier and manufacturer

TedPack spout pouches are readily available and are essentially made for the longevity of the kinds of product you manufacture.

It is not enough for you to know the varieties of product that are within spout pouch application.

It is equally important for you to know the specific spout pouch that is used for the particular category of products you produce.

If you believe that all spout pouches can be used for all the varieties of product, you are very mistaken. For this reason, this chapter of the study guide sectionalizes this spout pouches and the category of products they can be used for.

Let us go to the next phase and you will be so happy for such enlightenment provided in this study guide.

2.1: Normal Liquid and Drinks Spout Pouch

Spout PouchThese kinds of pouches are suitable for normal drinks that do not have any alcoholic content including drinks such as coffee, malts, yogurt, and other related products.

Though made with adequate materials that do not require an extremely hard to puncture material makeup, the normal pouch is made to be durable, user-friendly for consumers, and efficient for manufacturing companies.

They are also built to be resistant to factors that get drink spoil easily. They also prove to have an outer layer that ensures the permanence of designs and graphics on it.

Take a scroll down and see the others too.

# 2.2: Cheer Pack Spout Pouch(Jelly and Pudding)

Spout PouchThis type of pouch is made with the adequate measure of drawstring materials that ensure that is inner and outer layer is made specifically advantageous for cosmetics products and various kinds of creams.

Cheer pack spout pouch is designed to ensure that the fragrance of the creams and jelly is duly preserved for a very long time and its content is ensured due longevity.

If you are into jelly, creams, ointments, and other related product, then this is the perfect kind of spout pouch you can adopt.

However, this does not mean cheer pack spout pouches cannot serve other functions. It is just more effective when used for this kind of products.

# 2.3: Wine and Liquor Spout Pouch(With Wine Tap)

Spout PouchA spout pouch that is presented for wine and liquor packaging is specifically made with an outer layer that serves as an adequate resistant to air, moisture, light, water, and odor.

It is also designed to be very hard to puncture because of cockroaches and rodents.

Just like every pouch, liquor and wine spout pouches are made to be flexible for both efficiencies in moving for manufacturers and ease in handling for consumers.

One distinctive feature of the wine spout pouch is the tap on it by which it qualifies to be the most user-friendly consumers’ packaging material that ensures easy pour of content.

Let us take a turn downward. You will be filled with more knowledge.

# 2.4: Water Spout Pouch(With Iron Hang)

This kind of spout pouch is most adaptable to preserve water and other equal products that are liquid.

Spout PouchJust like its description implies, it is made with an iron hand that makes it easily moveable for both consumers and producers of the liquid product.

Though it makes most of its sales in Africa and the Middle East, this does not mean it is only made for users in these areas.

More to its name, it is used for preserving water in very harshly hot climatic condition. This is because edible products are specifically destructible by heat.

The use of waterspout bag for Africa and Mid-East is specifically prescribed in harsh climatic conditions.

# 2.5: Baby Food Spout Pouch(Puree food with child proof spout)

If you are concerned about the best packaging spout pouch that can be easily accessible by nursing mothers and babies, baby food spout pouch is the very thing you have been looking for.

Spout PouchThis is because it is designed to be squeezable and flexible for easy handling by kids and infants and it is made to be absolutely user-friendly in pouring out food and sipping with the mouth.

Spoons or cups may not be required in its use.

It is made specifically to be highly hygienic, unbreakable and non-injurious at all, resistant to insect, air, light, odor, rodents, and water.

It is very easy to manage in that it can perfectly fit into your bag, your purse, fridge, and stores if you are a producer.

For manufacturers, it moves fast in the market because it offers the kids the best.

# 2.6: STANDCAP Spout Inverted Pouch


Just like the name implies, the standcap spout inverted pouch expresses a kind of slouch that stands on its cap or cover.

Spout PouchThe perfect stamina of this pouch guarantees it a lasting stability on the shelf for a long term.

It is very light in weight giving advantages for easy transportation for manufacturers or producers and convenience in handling for consumers.

Because of the form by which it is designed, it offers consumers a 99%  dispensing of its content if they attempt to empty it all.

This type of spout pouch also offers manufacturers easy filling of the product they want to use as its content.

It guarantees the longevity of the product it packages because it is made with layers that are absolutely resistant to the factors that destroy both edibles and non-edibles.

It can be used for most categories of product ranging from liquid products like an alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and solid products like beverages, grains, and other related foods.

Having seen a whole lot of spout pouches that are very useful for different categories of product, do not relent in your desire to know more.

Scroll down and learn as this study guide offers quality and adequate reasons why you should use spout pouches for your products.

Chapter 3: Why Use Spout Pouch for Your Products?

As humans of adequate reasoning, it is not right to engage in an activity or a business without not having quality reasons backing up that business.

Spout PouchFor this reason, you may want to ask whether or not it is intellectually convincing to adopt spout pouch as the best material for packaging products.

To the question of the reasons why you should adopt spout pouch as the number one packaging material for your edible and non-edible products, this study guide shall answer in two perspectives.

The quality and adequate reasons shall be given from both the views of both the consumers, that is the users of the products and producers which are the manufacturers of the products.

Summarily, you should use spout pouch because it promotes your business in that it meets the consumers’ basic needs of easy handling, movability, the longevity of products, oxygen-resistant.

With a packaging material like spout pouch, you can undoubtedly gain your consumers’ confidence.

On the other hand, it is also advantageous to you manufacturers on many grounds.

This ground includes lightweight for easy transportation, easy to produce into many quantities of your specifications among others.

To keep you absolutely updated on the merits of spout pouch, this study guide shall proceed to enlighten you on the common advantages of spout pouch that make them stand out among other packaging material.

Let us take a look at what we are saying

# 3.1: Common Advantages of Spout Pouch

Easy Filling and Easy Dispenser of Product:

One of the common advantages of spout pouch that makes it highly integral for use is its adaptability for an easy filling process.

Spout PouchA serious problem of producers is the problem of losing a measurable quantity of their products in the process of filling.

This not only results in the waste of resources and reduction in the gain that ought to be made, but it also results in gross time mismanagement.

To avoid this, you can make use of your spout pouch because it offers absolute suitability infilling process.

Also, another problem that bothers the consumers is the problem of the packaging material that can evacuate the content it packages without leaving a good measure of remnants in it.

Spout pouch is specifically designed to be absolutely users-valued in terms of dispensing its content.

Research shows that it evacuates a minimum of 98% of its content when poured out or emptied.

This is great management of resources for both consumers and manufacturers.

Adequate Space Management:

A major section of production that takes the monetary resources of the manufacturers is the storage and warehouse section and transportation section.

Spout PouchIf one is not careful to use the appropriate space-maximizing packaging material, one may fall into using the wrong packaging material that will take a whole lot of space than it is financially convenient.

Because it is squeezable, flexible, and light, spout pouch takes three times less than other packaging material like bottles and box.

This helps in efficient use of the warehouse and extends the duration of the transportation machines by giving the engine appropriate weight and it also saves fuel.

For this reason, you can be confident that your retail shelves will be adequately utilized and filled with many products to be presented to the consumers than it otherwise would have contained if used other packaging materials.

This also includes space maximization in the kitchen and refrigerator after purchasing by the consumers.

For space management, make spout pouch your best option.

It is Hazard-Free:

In designing any packaging material, one should bear in mind the user-friendly and life-ensuring capability of the packaging material.

Spout PouchSpout pouch is made in this light. Because of its flexibility and non-breakability, it does not have particles that may cause injury by piercing through the flesh of users when there is an accident.

This is why spout pouch is specifically the best option for all especially children.

Other packaging materials may break if mishandled thus resulting in the waste of its content or causing injury on the handler.

But spout pouch on the other hand, even if an accident happens and the product drops, users only need to pick up and clean because it is unbreakable.

It saves its content if there is any form of accident and it is absolute hazard-free.

It Resists Detrimental Factors to Products Preservation:

An essential quality that should be found in any packaging material is its level of resistance for factors such as oxygen, light, heat, odor, water, dust that contaminate products and make them spoil quickly than expected.

In the place of production, spout pouch is made with polyethylene and may be added with a metalized PET in the inner layer. This makes the spout pouch hard to puncture and hard to be invaded by the food and product enemies.

It also helps in containing the aroma of its content so that it will not extract and attract rodents and insects. With spout pouch, the longevity, freshness, and nutrients of your product are highly guaranteed.

Suitable for Logo and Designs:

Spout PouchOne of the most fundamental parts that must be achieved before the success of any product on the market is publicity and advertisements. If you desire a packaging material that is color and design friendly and that will attract customers to your products on the retail shelves then you need not to stress yourself further in making endless and frustrating inquiries. Spout pouches are made with the kind of outer layer that is color friendly and it projects the graphics and brand of your company with the kind of vividness and beauty that is required for triumph in the market.

It Offers Easy Handling and Comfortability:

Spout PouchWith respect to drinks, energy drinks can be taken at hand when one is having exercise and sports. It does not seem too comfortable and adequately reasonable to carry a bottle or box along when during this activity. This is because bottle may break leaving the drink content wasted and boxes, on the other hand, may not be squeezable to be kept in places like a pocket. Spout Pouches are in this light, the best option for convenience in handling and comfortability in usage. With spout pouch in your pocket, you can jug fast and hit a good kilometer trusting that the energy drink in your pocket is well ready for use anytime you desire to fill yourself up.

It is so pleasing to see that you are now intellectually convinced of the numerous advantages of using spout pouches for your products. Do not relent in your decision to acquire more knowledge. You still have a whole lot to learn concerning the factors you should consider when choosing your spout pouches.

Let us scroll down as you receive fresh insights that ensure that you make informed decisions in your choice of choosing the best packaging material.

# 3.2: Factors to Consider When Choosing a Spout Pouch

Spout PouchOne of the errors you can make when getting your spout pouches for packaging your product is to be ignorant of the factors that condition the kind of choice you make. You need not bother yourself over making endless thoughts over these factors. The study guide has put in quality research in ensuring that you arrive at a reasoned answer to the questions of the factors that condition the choice one should make in getting a spout pouch.


Spout PouchFor any business to thrive at all, it is very important that the financial expenses of the business should be calculated. Before you make a choice of getting a spout pouch for your products, you should check if you have the budget and the financial capacity to do so. If your budget is on the average then you need a kind of packaging material that suits it. Spout pouches are the best choice because they are re-usable and they can also be resealed before the final and total consumption. They are also dynamic in that they can be used to suit different usage.

Security and Durability:

Spout Pouch

It is a true conception that everything called packaging must essentially have the feature of security and durability. However, the measure to which stability and durability should be is dependent on the types of good. While some food products required gets destructible when exposed to heat or light, others may not. On the other categories, foods like bread, doughnut, and other baked foods including vegetables, raw foods like fish and meat will certainly age faster than expected when exposed to oxygen. The upshot of this view is to understand the nature of your product and the specific kind of durability and security it requires for long-term preservation.

Packaging materials must be user-friendly:

Spout PouchSince the final target of every product is the consumers, it is necessary that the packaging material should be made to be user-friendly. The opening of the spout pouch, the mode to evacuate content from the spout pouch, and other related uses of the spout pouch should be self-explanatory and easily accessible by people of all age grades. Before you make that choice, consider if the spout pouch meets this criterion.

Constant Availability of the Chosen Product:

Spout PouchOne problem that users usually face with the packaging material of their choice is the scarcity of supply when demanded. This problem becomes a serious one because consumers are already familiar with their acquired products being packaged in that spout pouch. To change the spout pouch all of a sudden due to its scarcity will definitely lead to a decrease in profits and sales since consumers are yet to be familiar with the new packaging material. For this reason, before you make a choice of your spout pouch, ensure that the spout pouch is in constant production and that supplies are usually guaranteed when demands are made. To get these facts, you are required to ask your spout pouch suppliers the total number of pouches they can supply to you. If the figure corresponds to the number of your goods, you can adopt the spout pouch. On the other hand, if it does not correspond with the number of your goods, you are required to continue to search for a supply that can meet your expectation.

Legal Adherence of Packaging Suppliers:

Spout PouchIf caught in a serious legal defiance, there may be strict penalties that will lead to the destruction of your company and great financial losses. For this reason, there is a very important need to know if your supplier is adhering to the laws and principles that guide the production and supplies of packaging material. To know this, you can explicitly ask the supplying company any legally-binding questions and also make findings of your own concerning the past dealings of the company. Here at TedPack, we ensure that all our business and production conducts are in compliance with every recognized and constituted legal authority and legislation.

Spout Pouch

Request for Prototypes before Making Orders:

Spout PouchBefore you can make orders on the spout pouch of your choice, it is best if you request that the prototype of the spout pouch be sent to you. After acquiring the prototype, you can do verification of the suitability of the size, the colors, the areas your own personal brand name and graphic design will be made on, the strength and elasticity of the spout pouch and other equally important criteria. After these, you can now choose the spout pouch that is dynamic in that it has multi advantages and is also suitable for the kind of things you want to use it for. There is a reasonable range of spout pouch that will perfectly fulfil your expectation. You are required to just make your examination diligently.

Transportation and Mobility:

Spout PouchTo make an order of packaging material without checking it transportation cost and mobility status is to make a very grave mistake. Moving a product from one destination to another may incur more costs than planned if the product which in this sense is the packaging material proves to be too weighty and space-consuming then it should be dropped. A packaging material that offers efficiency in transportation and storage facility should be adopted. Spout pouch is designed with this rationale of efficient mobility. Therefore, getting a suitable spout pouch is the best idea you can make as regards product packaging. Having learned a great deal about the factors to consider before purchasing your spout pouch in the market, this study guide proceeds to offer you quality knowledge on the options that exist for spout in the world of technology.

# 3.3: The Spouts Option for different use

Spout in this sense should be understood as a tube or lip through which the content of the pouch which can be liquid or solid is evacuated or dispensed.

Spout PouchThis is mostly useful in the process of filling the pouch with your product. This session of the study guide keeps you informed on the various options that are available for your uses.

We have the “Hand Held Spout Option”: This kind of spout option requires that there is a person handling the spout and performing the filling exercise.

Hinds-Block Patented MSBO Spouts: This kind of spout option is a computerized one. It works automatically after it has been programmed by the person in charge of it.

Ribbon Positive Cut-off Spouts: This is a non-computerized device. It requires an operator when used to fill in the product

Horizontal Positive Cut off Spouts: Just as the name implies, it is designed in a horizontal mode and it is very easy to use when filling your pouch. Also, it requires an operator.

Rotary Rosette Topping Spout: For a speedy filling process, one of the best spout options is the rotary rosette topping because it has the tendency to fill about eight spout pouches at the same time. It is always in the rotation when put into effect. It is by this reason, that it earned the name rotary rosette topping spout.

Straight spout: This spout is very useful and advantageous in filling because it is absolutely user-friendly.

Vertical Blow-off and shower head shut off spouts. Gets this option for spout filling, and your filling will be thoroughgoing and smooth.

Vertical Positive Plug Spouts. It offers you one of the best filling processes being in its vertical shape.

There are still more for you to learn. Read on and see what this study guide has in store for you.

# 3.4: Standard Volume for Different spout pouch

These are the key things to consider when dealing with the measurement of your spout pouch.

Spout PouchYou are to calculate the total height, the total width, bottom gusset, sealing area distance, and whether a spout closure is required or not.

However, note that the spout area is not to be measured because it does not contain any liquid contained in it.

The first thing to note when measuring a spout pouch that is yet to be filled is to lay it flat on the platform you are measuring on.

Below is the standard volume for the different spout of different shapes and sizes


Let us go to the next chapter and see what the study guide got another package for you in its research work.

Chapter 4: Spout Pouch Vs Other Rigid Packaging

In this chapter, this study pack will make a comparative analysis by examining other packaging materials together with spout pouches in light of the standard criteria a pouch may possess, and to conclude on the kind of packaging material that is better.

Other rigid packaging materials that have been commonly known in the packaging industry are bottles and plastic rubbers.

These are the standards of justification and assessment below.


Spout PouchA good packaging material should be flexible above all things. It is when a material is flexible that it can be free from fragility. Spout pouches are in no doubt perfect in the flexibility test because they can be squeezed without losing the content they package and without being vulnerable to food-destructive factors. Squeeze a spout pouch and it will go back to its normal smooth and well-arranged textures. On the other hand, without a doubt, bottle packaging seems to fail the flexibility criterion. If you attempt to squeeze a bottle packaging material, you are most likely going to destroy the material to being broken and lose the content it covers.

Though plastic rubber, on the other hand, may not easily break it does have its own negative effect. If you squeeze a plastic rubber, it will look condemned and not fitting for retail-shelf. It also has a tendency of being prone to the invasion of oxygen and light which are highly detrimental to food longevity.

Comparison of the Ground of Freshness and Preservation:

The ultimate purpose of all packaging material is to ensure the longevity of your products by protecting them from the penetration of factors such as odor, light, oxygen, and dust.

Spout PouchIn the context of ensuring the freshness and longevity of the food product over a very long time, stand up pouches have been known for being very fulfilling.

After the first opening of the bottle or rubber packaging, air, dust, and might find a way into the container making the food spoil quickly. But in the case of spout pouches, there is a guarantee of freshness to the product even after the first opening.

The outer and inner layer of the spout pouch makes it cool and suitable for edible products and makes it absolutely protective from the terrors of your foods and drinks.

Viable for Health Reasons:

Spout PouchWhat is the point if the packaging material you adopt for your food product makes you vulnerable to injury. If there is an accident or any destruction, spout pouch has proven to be surviving because they are flexible, squeezable and unbreakable. They do not cause harm to the handler. If you are to consider the avoidance of injury in getting your packaging material then you need not go as far as you have the perfect material in your spout pouch.

On the other hand, if there is an accident that occurs in the process of transporting, the bottles that are used to package will definitely break leaving you on status of great monetary and economic loss. Plastic rubber, on the other hand, will squeeze and be useless and less attractive when put on the shelf for consumers to grab. Also, in cases where you want to use the packaging material for drinks such as alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, it is best to use spout pouch. This is because of the possibility of chaos; people can easily adopt bottles to inflict great injury on opponents. It may even pierce through the hand of the handler if mishandled. On the other hand, spout pouch proves to be the most viable health-wise because it is smooth and not dangerous at all to the human skin.

Convenience Factor:

Spout PouchSince the final end for all goods is the consumers’ hands. It is important to know how conducive the packaging material is for consumers to handle. In terms of weight and shape, bottles and rubber plastic have been criticized greatly because it is not convenient carrying for consumers. Get some group of young boys to carry cartons of bottled drinks and you will see how much they will be fatigued. This is because of the heaviness of bottles itself and the shape it comes in which is not easy to handle when many. It is easy to hold a bottle of drinks but in cases where you have to hold four bottles or plastic rubbers of a certain volume of product, it becomes very hard or impossible for an average man.

On the other hand, spout pouches are very easy to handle because it’s material composition is light, squeezable and easy to carry. An average person with an average physical strength can conveniently hold more than four spout pouches containing any product in his bare hands.

While uses of bottles for drinks have a conventional projection of alcoholism and waywardness in living in some cultures, spout pouches can serve as an alternative for decency in the projection of product.

Plastic rubbers also use a plastic material that is more than 60% more than the plastic material used for spout pouches. For your monetary convenience too, you can adopt spout pouch not only because it costs less and fast to produce but also because makes your product lasts longer and your brand vividly projected.

Storage Advantage to Consider:

Spout PouchWhen researched, it is found that most of the bottle packaged contents are always way lighter than the bottles or plastic themselves. This implies that most of the time the goods are moved from one place to another, energy and fuel is usually vested predominantly on the packaging material and not on the product itself. This is absolutely defying the law of efficiency in business. The same also applies to storage houses and warehouse facilities, the space that is used to store products that are packaged with rubber plastic and bottles are always larger than that of spout pouch. This is because they cannot be squeezed and they come in shapes that do not maximize space.

On the other hand, spout pouches are very light and by this lightness and flexibility, they offer convenience in transporting and efficiency in storage facilities.

Having learned that spout pouches are way better than other traditional and rigid packaging on the ground of comparison, it follows that you still have to learn more important things. This will help you have extensive information and adequate knowledge.

# 4.1: Spouts, Tap, Fitment and Closure Option

One beautiful quality of spout pouch is its dynamics by which it is designed for various reasons and in different modes. Its fitments and closure options come in more than one types to suit every requirement.

Spout pouches have the following closures that are designed to give your food products easy pour:

EZ Pour Spouts

Trigger Sprayers

Corner-Mounted Spouts

Screw-cap closures

Top-mounted Spouts

Push-pull closures

Inverted Sierra Closure

Disc-cap closures

Quick Flip Spouts

Spout Pouch

Spout with SimpliSqueeze valves.

Since you can now list and know the kinds of fitments and closure available for the spout pouch packaging material, let us proceed to the next session.

You have something more to learn.

# 4.2: Spout Pouch Material Choice

Predominantly, spout pouches are made from polyethylene which comprises plastic elements. In some cases, to make it more puncture-resistant, this essential material make up may be combined with other elements like a metalized PET in the inner layer or aluminum foil too.

Spout PouchThe manufacturing process ensures the production of the combined material elements above result to a spout pouch that is absolutely secured from the invasion of oxygen, vapor, pests, insects, germs, light, specks of dust, and moisture.

They have enough space in the body to serve as a platform where you can print your brand names, graphics, design, and logo.

For the best material choice when it comes to product packaging, spout pouch is second to none in that it specifically designed to meet all the criteria of a perfect packaging for any use and in any climatic condition. It has no weakness at all. It is very dependable and offers durable longevity to your product.

Follow TedPack study guide and be convinced that you are making a triumph in the market.

There is more to learn.

# 4.3: Hot fill and Cold fill

One feature that distinguishes spout pouches from other packaging material is the easiness it offers in the process of filling.

To fill, you can pour your products through the spout that applies as the closure and fitment of the pouch. Spout pouches are suitable for both products that are hot after manufacturing and product that are cold after manufacturing. They cannot melt even if the content to be packaged is very hot.

In cases that the spouts on your spout pouch are narrow and small and may slow the process of filling, a short space is made on a very strategic side of the pouch that makes an alternative for filling. After the spout pouch has been filled, space can be heat sealed.

Take a turn downward and see the lots of stuff TedPack has prepared for you.

Chapter 5: Types and Benefits of Spout Pouch

The fact that spout pouches come in many dimensions cannot be overemphasized. The rationale for designing spout pouches in different modes is because of the varieties in contents. This chapter of the study guide does extensive research in listing the types of spout pouches you can find in the market and their respective benefits.

# 5.1: Flat Spouted Pouch

Spout PouchFlat spout pouch has proven tremendous success in the market. This is because they come in a plethora of advantages that cannot just be ignored by any producer who desires triumph in the market.

This part features some of the advantages.

They make use of fewer films and polyethylene in their material composition yet they hold more. The energy required to make them are less than others and they prove to be very light in weight. For this reason, they make the cost of production efficiency and they are suitable for environmental prosperity.

The flat bottom is secured and stable such that it stands firm on the shelf for a very long time without falling due to wind or heavy breeze.

They are very friendly to graphics and design in that they make for a permanent and lasting graphics image projected on their outer layer.

They ensure greatly significant longevity to your product because they are resistant to all factors that destroy product quickly.

They are user-friendly in that they are easy to handle, to pour and to dispose of.

Let us see more advantages of other types of spout pouches

# 5.2: Stand up Spouted Pouch

Spout PouchMainly used for packaging both solid and liquid products with ensures longevity, stand up spouted pouches have made a lasting impression in the industry.

Among the many advantages of stand-up spout pouch, check below to see a few.

One major quality that makes stand up spouted pouch great among others is its easy pour and filling. Research shows that when filling, it reduces waste to the barest minimum because of its spout.

Also, more can be said when dispensing its content. Standup spout pouch dispenses up to 99.5% of its content giving no room for waste. For this reason, it pleases both manufacturers and consumers.

If you want a spout pouch for a massive product packaging, you need not go far because standup spout pouch is just the right option.

They are very easy to produce which makes them come in surplus according to wide and large demands.

Just like every other spout pouches, their outer layers have proven to be very suitable for the brand’s description and graphics of the production company.

If you want a packaging material that can make you have efficient use of your warehouse and storage system, then you need not search in vain. Standup spouted pouches have the quality of flexibility richly.

Finally, the major purpose of all packaging material is to protect food for a very long time. Standup spout pouch is designed to resist things that want to destroy food before final consumption.

# 5.3: Shaped Spout Pouch

Now, it is time for beauty.

Spout PouchJust as the name implies, the shaped spout pouch is a polyethylene material that is designed in various forms and shape that is appealing to the consumers. It comes with good merits.

However, this study guide will only state a few.

Shaped Spout pouch is very advantageous among all other spout pouches because it connects the consumer to the manufacturers the more.

For example, when used to package an energy drink, putting the shaping the spout pouch in the form of a superman seems to be a great idea. This is the work of shaped spout pouch.

It is user-friendly in that it features qualities such as flexibility, lightness, easy pour, easy handling, and other related qualities that give consumers convenience.

It offers a powerful resistance against factors that reduce the longevity of food and destroys the freshness of food.

It is economically efficient in that it is very easy to transport.

It is eco-friendly.

Let us scroll down. You still have other awesome advantages to see in other types of spout pouch.

# 5.4: Aluminum Spout Pouch

Spout PouchThis is a type of spout pouch where aluminum is combined to polyethylene in ensuring a powerful packaging material.

It is suitable for any kind of weather condition and climatic changes because of its hard layer.

Though it has a hard layer, it is also light and flexible just like every other spout pouches.

It is very hard to puncture

It stands as the most lasting defense against moisture, oxygen, light, rodents, germs, and pests. In this light, the longevity of food and nonfood product is firmly established.

It has an outer texture that gives good visibility to color and enhances the beauty and lucidity of graphics and logo.

You can learn more. Scroll down and see for yourself

# 5.5: Clear Spout Pouch

Just as the name implies, these are spout pouch that is transparent such that the content they are used to package is seen by the consumers.

Spout PouchThe content below features some of the advantages of clear spout pouch.

It gives consumers a vivid picture of the product before they purchase it.

It stands as a great barrier to properties that make product spoil fast.

They are diligently made with strong films such they can be very hard to puncture.

It offers all the qualities that result in being friendly and easily accessible to consumers.

They are easy to transport because of lightweight and they are efficient with respect to warehouse and storage facilities because of their flexibility.

Let us take a step further and see other great things about spout pouch.

# 5.6: Cheer Spout Pouch

Spout PouchLeading in the world of packaging material for many products, cheer pouch has been used to package kinds of stuff for events, parties, and social gathering.

It is very easy to carry. It is absolutely user-friendly. It also serves a good preservative method for both long term and short-term purpose. It is a good barrier protective pouch.

Let us go down and take a look at other types.

# 5.7: Double fold Spout Pouch(Wine Pouch).

The double fold spout pouch which is alternatively known as wine pouch has been a triumphant replacement for the rigid bottles packaging in the wine industry.

Spout PouchIt is designed to serve as a sufficient substitute for the breakable bottles.

It is viable for any kind of events and social activities.

It is absolutely a powerful resistant to the barriers that make your wine or drink spoil quickly.

It offers an adequate convenience for consumers in that it can be put in the pocket even as consumers engage in other physical activities.

It offers great ease and efficiency in transporting and storage facilities.

You have more to learn. Let us go a bit further and you won’t regret.

# 5.8: BIB Spout Pouch

BIB spout pouch is an acronym for “bag in box spout pouch”. It has numerous advantages of which only a few will be highlighted in this study guide.

Spout PouchIt fastens the process of filling and dispensing of its content.

It is highly efficient because its resources needed for its production are cheap than others.

It ensures a suitable convenience in handling for the consumers and in transporting for the manufacturers.

It is environmentally friendly.

It offers a quality barrier resistance.

Let us explore into another type of spout pouch and see the benefit it has for us.

# 5.9: STANDCAP Spout Inverted Pouch

Just as the name implies, this kind of spout pouch stands on its closure. It has numerous advantages for both consumers and producers of which only few will be presented below.

It does not give occasion for product wastage because it offers 99.9% evacuation of its product.

It stands firmly both in the fridge and on the retail shelf

It guarantees both consumers and producers the freshness and longevity of its content because it is a powerful resistance to barriers.

It is light and at such enhances good handling and transporting.

It gives beauty to brand description.

You have done great by having an adequate knowledge of the types and benefits of the spout pouches in the market. However, if you do not read the next chapter, all that you have been reading is yet to be complete.

Let us go into the section that gives an answer to your frequently asked questions concerning spout pouch.

Chapter 6: Spout Pouches FAQs

This chapter offers you quality answer to the questions that bother you.

  1. What sort of information should I have in store before requesting a quote for spout pouches?

The information that is needed is the basic information about spout pouches includes the dimensions of the pouches, artwork (graphics), add-on features and options, quantity.

If the information is not clear enough, getting in touch with TedPack sales team will certainly be of help in answering all questions.

  1. What is the minimum quantity of spout pouch in a store that I can order at a time?

The minimum quantity of bags that we sell is 1000 bags. Each of this box contains 1000 pouches that range in size from 28-150 grams or 500 pouches that range in size from 250 grams to Ikg.

  1. What is the minimum order I can place for custom printed spout pouches?

The minimum order that can be placed for custom printed pouches ranges from 10,000 to 15,000 units. However, this is largely dependent on the number of designs you want to make.

  1. If requested for samples and prototypes before making a purchase, can they be sent to me?

Yes, we can send samples if requested by you.

  1. Do you give your customers counsel on the best packaging material that will be most suitable for their product?

Yes, we do have study guides for all of our products. And we have a sales team available to respond to all queries.

  1. Can you help with revising the design of my spout pouch?

Yes, we can help with the revising of design.

  1. How can I fill and seal spout pouches?

There are two options that are available for this process. One of the options features you filling the pouch through the spout.

In this case, the pouch does not have any opening and it remains sealed. Another alternative option is for you to fill the pouch.

In this case, the spout comes sealed and the side of the pouch is heat sealed after the filling is accomplished.

  1. Can you help me with the design of my bag?

Yes, we can. We have a team of the professional graphic designer that will work with you to ensure you have a quality design that suits your brand.

  1. What are the processes I will go through to have a custom printed pouch?

The start point of the process is you being in contact with our sales team. The duty of the sales personnel is to propose our requirements for you and offer you the most suitable options.

In cases where you already have your design available, you can do well to send it to us.

We will proceed to send you a soft copy of what your spout pouch will look like when finished. If you are happy with the process, we will go ahead and put the print into effect.

  1. Are any specific heat sealers for me, and if not what are the sealing options?

It is your workflow that conditions the kind of sealing that will be adopted for your spout pouch. If the method of packing is by hand, a table heat sealer will be suitable. But if it is by an automated means that you are packaging, you will need specially designed and computerized heat sealers. Any option you choose can be discussed lengthily with you.

  1. Am I permitted to specify the materials I want?

Yes, you are. It will all depend on the cost of the material. We have a team of engineers ready to work with you.

  1. Is there any guarantee for the product?

All our spout pouches have been tested and confirmed to be quality and standard. However, if any problem arises, you can do well to reach us before 10 days starting from the days of purchase.

Chapter 7: TedPack Spout Pouches

At TedPack, we are committed to giving our clients the very best. We give meaning to business as we have teams that are prepared to act based on the answers you give to the following questions.

What are the products that you require us to package for you? Are they edible products? Or drinks?

What method of filling do you want and what method of dispensing do you want for your product?

What will the temperature of the content to be packaged be at the time of filling?

Which direction of the spout pouch do you want the spout to face?

In what shape or form will you like your spout pouch to be designed in?

What kind of delivery method do you want?

Spout PouchAt TedPack, your response to all of these questions guides all our conducts in ensuring that you have the best product in the market.


With Spout pouch adding to the beauty of your product, there is no limit to the great triumph that is ensured your product in the market.

We are strongly persuaded that having gone through an extensive orientation in studying this study guide, your result will correspond with your expectation.

Remain great and triumphant as you and your product take the lead in the market.

“@context”: “https://schema.org”,
“@type”: “FAQPage”,
“mainEntity”: [{
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “What are Spout pouches?”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “Spout pouches are packaging materials that are mostly used for liquid products.
Spout pouches make it easy to move the products, and this makes them a better packaging option than other conventional packaging methods.”
}, {
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “What are the applications of Spout pouches?”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “Spout pouches can be used in a lot of ways; they are flexible packaging products.
But one of the most common uses of spout pouches is to package liquid products.”
}, {
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “What products are Spout pouches used for?”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “Spout pouches are used to package both edible and not edible liquid.
This makes a lot of company employ this packaging strategy.”
}, {
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “What are water bags Spout pouches?”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “These are types of spout pouches that are designed strictly for storage and packaging of water.
Tedpack manufacture water bag spout pouches as well as other types of spout pouches.”
}, {
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “Can Spout pouches be used for baby foods?”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “There are spout pouches that are designed for infants.
They are rather flexible, soft and easy to handle for babies.
They are also made for easy sipping.”
}, {
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “Can Spout pouches be used for pet foods?”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “Spout pouches are FDA approves and can be used for the packaging of edible foods and these include pet foods.
}, {
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “What are stand cap Spout pouches?”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “Just as it literarily implies, stand cap pouches are designed in such a way that they stand on the cap.
This make them easy to transport from one place to another, and at the same time it makes them easy to store than other types of pouches.
Stand cap spout pouches are one of the fast selling spout pouches at Tedpack.”
}, {
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “Are Spout pouches eco-friendly?”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “Spout pouches are biodegradable, and this makes them an ecofriendly product.”
}, {
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “Are Spout pouches reusable?”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “Spout pouches can be reusable depending on the type of product they are being used to package and depending on the producer’s directive.”
}, {
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “Are Spout pouches durable?”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “The durability of spout pouches depends on the quality of the product, and this depends on the manufacturer.
Tedpack produces high quality packaging materials that are approved by adequate bodies.”

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