Spout Pouch SupplierCustom Printed & Spout Color| 100pcs Start

Spout pouches are one of our best sellers and focus products at TedPack, we have a full range of spouts types, multi sizes, also a large volume of bags for our clients’ choice, it is the best innovative beverage and liquid packaging bag product.In comparison to the normal plastic bottle, glass jars, aluminum cans, spout pouch are cost save in production, space, transportation, storage, and also it is recyclable.It is refillable and can be easily carried with a tight seal and is much lighter in weight. This makes it more and more preferable for new buyers. We like start-up business and MOQ lower to 100pcs for a start.

TedPack spout pouch can be used widely used in a lot of industries. With a tight spout seal, it acts as a good barrier guaranteeing freshness, flavor, fragrance, and nutritional qualities or chemical potency. Especially used in:

Liquid, beverage, drinks, wine, juice, honey, sugar, sauce, packaging
Bone broth, squashes, purees lotions, detergent, cleaners, oils, fuels, etc.

It can be manual or automatic filled from both the pouch top and from the spout directly. Our most popular volume are 8 fl. oz-250ML, 16fl. oz-500ML and 32fl.oz-1000ML options, all other volumes are customized!

Printed Spout Pouches

This kind of pouch can be used for many other applications not just for wine but also in think garden fertilizers, juices, gin, vodka, whiskey, and many more. With print color up to 10 and features on pouch all customized, window, hang hole.

custom spout pouches

It is a kind of pouches that portability and lightweight. Custom spout pouches with handle are more durable and flexible and you can use it anywhere. All handle shape and size are customized, both triangle and oval shape available.

Water Pouch With Spout

Customized Water Pouch with Spout is more flexible packaging for holding water, it is almost always the best choice of clients because it is useful and can be recycled and also can be easily demonstrated for costumers.

spout pouch with handle

This type of spout pouch is easy to carry that are perfect for outdoor consumptions. Many customers pick this spout pouch because it is lightweight, attractive and consume not too much space.

clear spout pouch

This kind of spout pouch is the most commonly used in the industry and is ideal for lightweight products. Businessmen choose this pouch because it has been designed to in a way that it can stand right and has better strength and support. The spout can be on pouch center top or side top.

Liquid Pouch With Spout

Custom Stand Up Liquid Pouches with Spout is the ideal solution for packaging any drink or beverage product. It is good for the wine and other liquid product as well. Clients prefer this kind of packaging because it is reliable, attractive, cost-saving and more easy to use.

Stand Up Pouch With Spout

Looking for the best material to be filled with water, juice and even alcohol? TedPack stand up pouch with spout for drink meet all of these criteria. With the volume from 2oz to 80oz pouch we can all customized and both stock and printed pouch available.

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