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Help you design all types of spout pouches with different shapes, sizes, volumes, and spout diameter customization, Tedpack will always help you develop perfect spout pouch to increase your product sales.

  • Can be used for both liquids, fluids, dense food packaging
  • Refillable, reusable pouch with re-closure spout;
  • Spout and cap color, shape can be all customized;
  • Zero leakage, burst risk, and reliable printing quality

Bring You The Best Spout Pouches - TedPack

Produce premier quality spout pouch products for our customers are the main job we are doing with, within the past 15 years, spout pouches have become more and more convenience, cost-saving, easy use and reliable packaging to replace all traditional bottle, cans, tins, TedPack are doing a great job in servicing customers around the world.

In 2021, the stay home economy makes online business booming, spout pouches’ courier cost-saving, less space is taken and same shelf quality condition compared with the old packaging, send us your inquiry now.

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