Spice Packaging Pouch: The Ultimate Guide

Spices are food items, and as such require extra cleanliness in packaging and transporting them.

Spice packaging pouch is a type of bag specifically designed for packaging spices.

Just like other types of pouches, there are variations of spice pouches available.

This guide will give you all the important information you need to know about spice packaging pouches.

Applications of Spice Packaging Pouch

Spice pouches are the most widely used type of pouch in the world.

This is because in every part of the world, they use spices in one way or the other.

Apart from using them to package spices, you can use spice pouch to package other edible items.

You can also use spice pouches to package non-edible items like makeup and beauty products.

Benefits of using Spice Packaging Pouches

Some of the benefits of spice packaging pouches include:

  • The ease of usage makes spice packaging pouches a staple for both producers and consumers.
  • They take up less space in storage, compared to other packaging materials.
  • They protect their contents against environmental factors like dust, moisture etc.
  • Spice packaging pouches gives you free rein on branding and allows you to showcase your company’s uniqueness.
  • It is very easy to fill the contents into spice pouch packaging.
  • They make your products look more attractive on the shelf.

Best Spice Packaging Pouch Material

Different manufacturers tend to use distinct materials to produce spice packaging pouches.

The most popular material that manufacturers use is aluminium foil.

Apart from aluminum foil, other materials for spice packaging pouches include:

  • Linear low-density polyethylene
  • Polyethylene Terephthalate
  • Polyethylene
  • Cast polypropylene
  • Polypropylene
  • High-density polyethylene
  • Low-density polyethylene
  • Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate
  • Oriented polypropylene
  • Metallised polyethylene terephthalate film
  • Ethylene-Vinyl Alcohol

All these materials as well as aluminum foil are materials used in making spice packaging pouches.

Producers use these materials due to their high barrier nature.

Manufacturers make spice pouches in layers with different material for each layer.

The materials in these different layers serve distinct functions.

For example, most times, manufacturers use polyethylene for the outermost layer due to its mechanical strength.

Polyethylene also has the ability to resist different levels of temperature.

Polyethylene terephthalate is an excellent high barrier material.

Materials with high barrier nature provide ample protection of their contents against environmental factors.

How Spice Packaging Pouches are made

The process of making spice packaging pouches occurs in five steps.

These steps are:

  • Consultation and Package Design: this first step involves having a discussion with your manufacturer about your specifications for your spice packaging pouch.

The specifications include the design, regulatory requirements and your budget, amongst others.

This step is important because it allows the manufacturer to know exactly what you want and work around it.

  • Prepress Service: this next step is about preparing the pouch for printing. This is the stage where all the designs and graphics are prepared for printing.
  • Printing: the manufacturer prints artworks and designs on your pouch, using the printing style you chose during consultation. Images, texts and your brand logo are printed on the pouch at this stage.
  • Extrusion and Adhesive Lamination: this step involves joining the different layers of materials together. The producer coats each layer with adhesive then

Extrusion lamination is another process of lamination that manufacturers use in addition to adhesive lamination.

This process involves using molten resin to join two layers together instead of regular adhesive.

  • Finishing: this step involves adding all the finishing touches to the pouch making process. The final sealing, the shape of the pouch, and other finishing touches take place in this step.

Benefits of Choosing Spice Packaging Pouches with Laminated Material

Some of the benefits of choosing spice packaging pouches with laminated materials are:

  • Laminated materials lock in fragrance and help spices maintain their flavors for a long time.
  • Laminated materials serve as a protective barrier between the spices and the environment.

The laminated materials prevent their contents from getting exposed to moisture, dust and other pollutants.

  • The protective barrier that laminated materials provide, prolong the shelf life of spices.
  • Using laminated materials, makes the spice packaging pouch strong enough to stand the rigors of transportation.

Types of Pouches Available for Spice Packaging

The different types of pouches available for spice packaging include:

  • Central Seal Pouches: these are pouches with seals at the top, bottom and center.

 center seal pouches

Center seal Pouch

  • Three-Side Seal Pouches: these pouches are sealed on three sides, leaving one side open. This type of pouch usually comes with a ziplock or zipper for easy opening.

The one side that is left open can either be at the top or bottom of the bag, depending on your specifications.

Three-side seal pouch

three-side seal pouch

  • Ziplock Pouches: this type of pouch has a ziplock at the top for easy opening. The sides are sealed, with the ziplock at the top of the pouch.

Zip lock pouch

 Zip lock pouch

  • Side Gusseted Pouches: these types of pouches are sealed at the top and bottom, with gussets at the sides. The gussets are like hollows on both sides of the side-gusset pouches.

The volume of this type of pouch seems to increase when you fill it with contents.

  • Stand up pouch: this type of pouch is a general name for all pouches that can stand alone. For example, the guseted pouches are stand up pouches too.

Stand up pouches are generally more popular due to their aesthetic value.

The bottom of this pouch is usually oval-shaped or flat to enable it stand on its own.

Standup Pouch

 Standup Pouch

  • Stand Up Pouch with Ziplock: this type of pouch is a standup pouch that has a ziplock closure.

standup pouch with ziplock

 standup pouch with Ziplock

  • Spouted Pouch: these are spice packaging pouches that have spouts at the top. The spout serves as both the closure and space for filling.

The spouts on the spouted pouch are like screw on caps found on some other types of pouches too.

Spouted Pouches

Spouted Pouches

Which is better between Side Gusseted and Bottom Gusseted Spice Packaging Pouches

Side gusseted pouches and bottom gusseted pouches are both pouches with gussets on them.

The difference between these two pouches is the position of the gussets on the pouch.

Also, the side gusseted pouches have two gussets on the left and right side.

The bottom gusseted pouches have a gusset at the bottom of the pouch.

Again, the bottom gusseted pouches are generally bigger in volume than side gusseted pouches, due to their shape.

The shape of the bottom gusseted pouches allows more creativity in design and branding.

For spice packaging, bottom gusseted pouch is more suitable because, it is a standup pouch.

It being a stand up pouch means that bottom gusseted pouch would protect its content from being tossed around.

Bottom gusseted pouches make it easier to get all the contents out.

Difference between Custom and Stock Spice Packaging Pouches

You can either get stock (generic) spice packaging pouches or have your manufacturer customize the pouch to your taste.

Stock spice packaging pouches are normal pouches with standard design, shape and size.

Your manufacturer can customize the pouch to whatever shape, design or size you want.

When you choose a custom pouch, you have total control over the type of closure, material and printing type.

Using stock pouches means that the uniqueness of your brand will not be visible.

With stock pouches, you do not get to choose the material that your spice packaging pouch is made of.

Custom spice packaging pouches give your brand a unique appeal, and make it easier to identify.

 Custom Spice Packaging Pouch

 Custom Spice Packaging Pouch

Printing Process Available for Spice Packaging Pouches

When it comes to printing for spice packaging pouches, there are different methods available.

Some of these processes include:

  • Metallize printing: this type of printing involves adding metallic materials to the printing ink. The metallic materials put in the ink give the printing a glossy finish.

There are different types of digital printing machines that are available for printing with metalized ink.

Some of the printers include digital printers, laser printers, screen printers etc.

  • Vanishing: this type of printing also involves shiny materials. When you print using this process, the surface of the pouch is reflective when you place it under light.
  • Dmet printing: this process involves removing the metallic materials in the ink, before printing.

When to Consider Non-printed Spice Packaging Pouches

Manufacturers also offer the option of non-printed spice packaging pouches, if you desire.

You can consider the non-printed spice packaging option if you have a low budget.

Also, if you need the pouches for personal use, you might want to save the money for printing.

People use customized pouches because they want to showcase their branding and the uniqueness of their company.

If you have no need for branding or advertising using your packaging pouch, you should consider non-printed pouches.

What are Spice Packaging Vacuum Pouches?

Spice packaging vacuum pouches are pouches that do not contain any amount of oxygen.

People use spice packaging vacuum pouches because they offer better protection to the spices.

Some of the advantages of using spice packaging vacuum pouches include:

  • Protect the spices against environmental factors and contaminations
  • Preserve the flavors and nutrients of spices, longer than other pouch types.
  • Spice packaging vacuum pouches are reusable, which makes them economically valuable
  • Are lightweight and easy to transport
  • Spice packaging vacuum pouches are good for showcasing artwork and design to promote your brand
  • They are eco-friendly and biodegradable.
  • Spice packaging vacuum pouches are user friendly

Vacuum pouches might seem more attractive to use, but there are factors you need to consider before using vacuum pouches.

These factors include:

  • You need to make sure that your manufacturers are certified to produce spice packaging vacuum pouches.
  • Your manufacturer has to make the spice packaging vacuum pouches in compliance with FDA standards.

There are different types of spice vacuum pouches available, but the most common ones are:

  • Spice packaging Vacuum pouches that have zippers for closure
  • Gusset spice packaging vacuum pouches
  • Clear spice packaging vacuum pouches
  • Black spice packaging vacuum pouches

Spice packaging vacuum pouches also come in different size and thickness, depending on the customer’s specifications.

There are pint and quartz size spice packaging vacuum pouches.

There are also gallon size spice packaging vacuum pouches.

Spice packaging vacuum pouches

Spice packaging vacuum pouches

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for Spice Packaging Pouches

The minimum quantity of spice packaging pouches you can order depends on the client.

Usually, the MOQ for spice packaging pouches starts from 5000 pieces and above.

How to Request Samples of Spice Packaging Pouches

To request samples of spice packaging pouches, you need to visit your manufacturer’s website.

On the website, there is a samples page where you can fill the form for your product specifications.

After filling the form, the manufacturer will send out your order to you according to your requirements.

Comparison between One-side Transparent Pouches vs. One-side Metallized Pouches

Some pouches are made with transparent material, while others are made with metalized material on one side.

Below are the differences between these two pouch materials:

  • The transparent pouch allows you to see its content clearly. One-side metalized pouches allow you to see the content from only one side.
  • With the transparent pouch, there are limits to how you can design it. The one-side metalized pouch allows you to be creative with your designs
  • The one-side metalized pouch makes your printing look more attractive and shiny.

Barrier Properties of Spice Packaging Pouches

Spice packaging pouches need to have various barrier properties to protest their contents.

Some of these properties include:

  • Spice packaging pouches are puncture proof. This means that spice packaging pouches do not tear easily.
  • Spice packaging pouches are moisture proof. Spices most times come in form of powders, and moisture makes them clumpy.
  • These pouches are airtight to prevent oxygen from getting into the spices.
  • Some spice packaging pouches are odor-proof, to prevent loss of aroma and flavor.
  • Spice packaging pouches have great tensile strength and do not burst under tension.

Recommended Thickness for Spice Packaging Pouch

The thickness of spice packaging pouches depends on the client’s choice.

The thickness is usually between 2 mil- 5 mil.

In other words, the thickness of spice packaging pouch is between 50 mircons to 120 mircons.

Spice Packaging Pouch Design Tips

The design on your product pouch showcases the uniqueness and creativity of your brand. The first thing consumers notice about your brand is the design on the packaging.

Lots of brands take advantage of the versatility of the spice packaging pouch to flair their creative prowess.

A good design on your product packaging is the first advertisement opportunity your brand has.

Here are a few tips to help you design the perfect pouch for your customers:

  • Choose a pouch design that is reusable. People tend to prefer packaging that they can use for something else after emptying the contents.

For example, consumers can use a spice packaging pouch that is re-sealable to store other ingredients.

This way, your brand name will always been in their faces to remind them of your brand.

  • Design your spice pouch in a way that tells your consumer what the contents are. Designing a spice packaging pouch like a juice pouch will confuse your consumers.

When you choose a design that is related to the content of the pouch, it is easier for consumers to identify.

  • Break away from the norm when designing your spice pouch. Allow your creativity full rein, and don’t always go with regular.

Your pouch design is another opportunity to market your product, so do not restrict your creativity.

  • Always ensure that your design is user friendly. No matter how beautiful your spice pouch is, make sure the contents are easy to reach.

Nobody wants to spend minutes trying to open the pouch when they need to use the spices.

  • Design a ‘special occasions’ version of your product. For example, you can make a limited edition of your products to share during a food festival.

This adds a certain intrigue to your products and consumers will get more interested.

  • Always design your spice packaging pouches with your consumers in mind. Design your product pouches in a way that appeals to your target consumers.
  • Endeavor to use colors that are significant to the spice in the pouch. For example, use yellow colors for pouches containing turmeric and curry.

Apart from making your products look more appealing, it helps consumers identify what the package contains easily.

  • Make sure your design allows a small opening for the consumer to view the contents of the pouch. This is especially helpful if the spice in the pouch comes in different forms. For example, turmeric sometimes comes as roots, and other times in form of powder.
  • Spices are a constant in our daily life, so the design of the packaging should be portable.

Always keep in mind that your packaging is also a form of advertising for the products.

This will enable you come up with attractive and impeccable designs for your spice packaging pouches.

Color Options for Spice Packaging Pouches

There are various color options available for spice packaging pouches.

At least, up to 10 color options are available for you to choose.

All you need to do is speak with your manufacturer and let them know the colors you require.

Available Closure Types for Spice Packaging Pouches

When it comes to spice packaging pouches, the main aim of the closure is to preserve freshness and prevent spillage. There are various closure types available for spice packaging pouches, but the most common ones are:

  • Ziplock/Zipper closure: this type of closure is like a zip, but strong enough to hold the contents of the pouch. Spice packaging pouches that come with zippers or ziplocks are re-usable.

Most spice packaging pouches with zippers are standup pouches.

  • Spout closure: spouts are like screw-on caps and are usually child-proof. You can also re-use spice packaging pouches with spout closures.
  • Heat-sealed closure: this one involves using a heat sealing machine to seal the mouth of the pouch, at high temperatures. Pouches that have heat-sealed closures are usually one time use only pouches.

This type of closure is usually very air tight and hard to open.

  • V-notch closure: spice packaging pouches with this type of closures are easy to open. The v-notch closure is a little v-shaped tear along the top of the pouch that you use to open the pouch.

The v-notch closure does not require a heat sealing machine and it is not child-proof. Spice packaging pouches that have v-notches usually have a ziplock underneath the notch.

The v-notch is easy to tear, hence the need for a ziplock closure as support.

It is user-friendly and directs the consumer on where to open the pouch.

How to Pack Spices in Spice Packaging Pouch

The method you use to pack your spices in the spice packaging pouch depends on some factors.

You need to consider your budget, the quantity of production and the type of pouch you intend to use.

You can either pack the spices manually or use a spice pouch packaging machine.

You can watch how a small spice pouch packaging machine works by clicking on the link below

Best way to Label Spice Packaging Pouches

There are two options when it comes to labeling spice packaging pouches.

You can print a label then stick it on the packaging pouch.

Another way to label your pouch is by printing onto it directly.

Both methods work well, depending on the client’s choice and specifications.

Printing directly unto the pouch allows the labels to last longer than sticking a separate label on the pouch.

How long Spice last when put in Spice Packaging Pouch

Spices generally last for up to a year or more.

Putting your spices in spice packaging pouches increases the shelf life by up to two years.

When you put your spices in spice packaging pouches, they can last for up to 3 years.

Most spice packaging pouches are airtight and waterproof, so they protect the spices against environmental factors that lead to spoilage.

Quality Standards for Spice Packaging Pouch

Spice packaging pouches have to meet certain standards before they are approved for sale and distribution.

They have to pass through screening tests of different agencies for standardization.

The FDA is one of such agencies. FDA means food and drug administration and they ensure that products meet general safety and health standards.

Spice packaging pouches have to be FDA approved because their contents are edible materials.

Another agency involved in checking quality standards of spice packaging pouches is the ISO.

The ISO is the international organization for standardization.

This organization makes sure that the spice packaging pouches are up to international standards.

The spice packaging pouches have to be approved by the ISO before they are sold internationally.

Spice packaging pouches that are approved by these agencies are generally of high quality.

These pouches offer high barrier protection to their contents, and they do not transfer harmful substances to their contents.

Things to Consider when Choosing Spice Packaging Pouches for your Business

When it comes to choosing the right spice packaging pouch for your business, you need to consider a few things.

Some of these things include:

  • The size of the pouch: the amount of product you intend to package determines what size of pouch you choose.
  • The design of the pouch: you also need to consider what design is best for your spice packaging pouch. Your brand and level of awareness you want to create, determines the design.
  • You also need to consider what features you would like your pouch to have.
  • Another important thing you need to consider is the material your manufacturer uses to make the pouch.
  • How thick the spice packaging pouch should be is another important factor you need to consider.
  • The color of your spice packaging pouch. The color of the pouch should allude to what is inside the spice packaging pouch.
  • How many layers the pouch should have, and the material for each layer.

When to Consider Gloss vs. Matte vs. Metalized Surface Finishing for Spice Packaging Pouches

The type of finishing your spice packaging pouches have depends on the type of pouch, your budget and the design.

Certain types of writing look better in matte than in glossy finish.

Most drawings/ graphics look better in metalized, or glossy finishing.

You should also consider what material your pouch is made of, because gloss looks better on some materials than others.

Shiny materials require using glossy or metalized finishing, while matte looks better on matte.

The type of label you use also determines what sort of finishing your pouch should have.

Optional Add-on Features for Spice Packaging Pouches

Apart from the regular add-ons like closures etc, there are some additional features that your pouch can have.

These features are totally optional and do not add or subtract to the quality of the pouch.

These optional add-on features include:

  • Degassing valves: these vents remove all the oxygen content of the spice packaging pouch. The valves also ensure that oxygen from the environment does not get into the pouch.
  • Tin ties: this is a type of closure that looks like tin rope tied together. This feature is very user friendly and easy to open.

Tin ties are suitable for spice packaging pouches with gussets at the sides. Tin ties are a re-sealable type of closure.

  • Tear notches: these are also called v-notches. Tear notches are tiny v-shaped notches at the top of the pouch.

Tear notches direct consumers on what part of the pouch to tear to ensure a seamless cut.

While tear notches are user-friendly and convenient, your pouch can do without them.

Spice packaging pouches with v-notches also require some other form of closure for better protection of the contents.

  • Spouts: spouts are another extra feature that adds a different look to your spice packaging pouch. Apart from making your pouch look unique, spouts can also serve as a sealant or closure for spice pouches.

Spouts are re-closable and automatically mean that you can re-use the spice packaging pouch multiple times.

  • Hang hole: this is an extra add-on to enhance your product’s visibility. It is a tiny hole cut out at the top of the pouch for hanging purposes.

You can add a hang hole to spice packaging pouches that cannot stand alone.

Pouches with bottoms made for standing can also benefit from hang holes.

  • Ergonomic handles: these add-ons make your spice packaging pouches look like shopping bags. Ergonomic handles make your spice packaging pouches easier to carry.
  • Clear windows: these are tiny transparent areas on the pouch through which the contents are visible. Although this is optional, it allows your consumers to have a peek at what they are about to buy.
  • Round corners: this feature means that the spice packaging pouch has no edges. This feature is optional, but round corners prevent injury while handling spice packaging pouches

What is Laser scoring or Laser Perforating for Spice Packaging Pouches

Laser scoring involves using a machine with laser beams to make tiny holes on the pouch.

These holes are for easy tearing and opening of the packaging pouch.

Click on the link below to see how laser perforation takes place

How much Do Spice Packaging Pouches Cost

The cost of spice packaging pouches depends on the material used, the finishing, size, thickness etc.

Features of the pouches, including extra add-on features also determine how much the pouch costs.

You could get stock spice packaging pouches for as low as $1 per piece.

Drawbacks of using Spice Packaging Pouches

Although spice packaging pouches are convenient and have lots of advantages, they also have some drawbacks.

Some of these drawbacks are:

  • They are more suitable for people ordering large quantities, due to the minimum order requirements.
  • It is easier for rodents and house pests to get into these pouches than the traditional spice packaging.

How to Control Quality of Spice Packaging Pouches

To control quality of spice packaging pouches, you need to:

  • Make sure the pouches are airtight
  • Ensure that the spice packaging pouches are waterproof and high barrier
  • Make sure that they are FDA approved and standardized by the ISO

Importance of Country of Origin Certificate when Importing Spice Packaging Pouches from China

The country of origin certificate is an important document in importation that tells customs where your products come from.

This certificate is important especially when shipping to the US and Europe from China.

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