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For all kinds of meat, fish, both broth, soup packaging pouch, start from 100pcs with digital print and 20000pcs with roto print and delivery within 2 weeks. All spouts size and diameter available.

Soup PouchFreezable & Retort | High Durable, Custom Print

Soup pouches in nowadays market only have one kind of pouch that can use for packaging, which is the stand-up pouch.

Stand-up pouches are been doing better and better now, both for ordinary but also for high demands products, the key to using stand-up pouches for soup pouch packaging makes sure it is 100% leakage proof, and the material used for them is freezable and can be retort under a certain temperature.

Before the soup fills into a stand-up pouch we have a sterilization procedure named Pasteurization, the normal temperature for it will be 95, 105, 121, 135℃, now the material at TedPack we use can ensure reach all these temperature barriers already.

Some of the soup pouches for packaging will add spouts on them for easy pouring, that is stand-up spout pouches.

  • 100% leakage proof, high barrier, freezable, retort-able;
  • BPA-free and USDA, FDA-approved material;
  • Start from 10000pcs for a start and delivery within 2 weeks.
  • Free samples available, printing up to 10 colors at most;

Welcome inquiry to TedPack! Cause we proudly work with most of the leading bone broth brands in USA now.

MOQ100 Pcs by Digital Print, 10K Pcs by Gravure Print
Size150ml, 300ml, 500ml,1000ml, 2000ml
Thickness70Mircons-200Mircons (2.5Mil-8Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, Ziplock, Window, Spout
PrintingD-Met Printing, Metallize, Vanishing, Matte Finishing
Volume (ounce)Size (inch)
1.83.15 * 3.94 + 1.18
3.5 3.15 * 5.51 + 1.18
7.5 3.94 * 5.91 + 1.18
11.54.92 * 5.91 + 2

To many people, soup is their comfort food. A hot bowl of hot soup is enough to take them a whole day.

According to dietitians, soup adds a lot of benefits to your health as well as it makes you full. Soup helps in reducing weight and it’s good for relaxation. After all, who doesn’t love soup?

The soup packaging industry has seen a drastic change. The industry has been growing from rigid to flexible. The soup pouches are also a part in this revolution. The pouches have brought some benefits with it to save your kitchen a big deal.

The pouches help in saving space in your kitchen and also reduce wastes. According to scientists, metal contains Bisphenol A which has always been linked to causing some negative effects on the body. So, they have recommended the use of pouches for storing different kinds of foods including soup.

TedPack once again has not been left behind here. We have come up with a top of the art design to ensure that every customer is glued to your soup pouches. We design pouches that are appealing and cost-effective paired to Tetra Recart carton papers, our pouches have an upper hand in preservation.

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Foil soup pouch

Foil soup pouch is a high-quality food-grade pouch suitable for different types of soups packaging including chicken, vegetable, and children soups. It is made with a lightweight, durable aluminum foil to provide an absolute barrier to oxygen, UV light, odor, and moisture. Constructed from PET/PE, PET/OPP, and PE materials, this pouch bag provides high barrier packaging, which is leakage free. For easy pouring, the pouch is fitted with a spout and a reclosing spout cap.

White soup pouch

White soup pouch comes with a super unique white finish making an eye-catching statement while providing plenty of branding space. Made from laminated films, this pouch is food grade and offers moisture, oxygen, UV light, and smell proof barriers. A spout and airtight spout cap are also added, which keeps the soup fresh and extends the shelf life. Additionally, the spout allows convenient pouring and resealing of the pouch after usage.

Gold soup pouch

Gold soup pouch is designed with an attractive gold exterior to stand out in the shelves. It is made from superior food grade laminated materials which are puncture-proof to protect your soap from external elements such as odor and air. Also, this pouch has a durable bottom and top-sealing to prevent contaminations. Some of the laminated films are AL, PET, PP, VMPET, CPP, BOPP, and LLDPE. With that, the pouch will not only preserve taste, but your soup will stay fresh for extended shelf life.

custom print soup pouch

Ideal for packaging pork bone broth, this pouch is made with food-grade multi-layer materials. You can these custom pouches in up to 10 colors and custom printed using rotogravure, flexo, or digital printing technology to make the bag even more attractive. It also boasts of an eco-friendly feature. This pouch also comes with high barrier property against moisture, oxygen, and light offering your soup long shelf life. A spout is fitted at the top for easy emptying.

Soup pouch with spouts

At TedPack we offer a durable and reliable bag which we manufacture using quality materials like MET, PPE, and PET. They have a spout and a cap at the top which provides easy to fill and pour application. We also ensure the pouch can transport different types of soup and sauces without tearing by ensuring the material is leakage proof through providing the structure us robust. In case you need custom printed, soup pouches with spouts, we manufacture bags of varied colors, shapes, and sizes.

clear custom shaped soup pouch

While this pouch is transparent, it is made of laminated material and hot sealed for maximum protection. The PET, NY, PE, CPP, or BOPP materials have high barrier properties against moisture, oxygen, UV light, odor and are transparent to allow your customers to see the state and color of content inside with ease. Additionally, we customize the pouch with modern ergonomic shapes to offers massive flexibility in terms of size and shape. This impressive feature is enhanced with standup capability and easy to drink spout.

clear soup cooking bags

Clear soup cooking bags are designed with aluminum foil material that is certified as food safe. Additionally, the pouch material can withstand high temperatures of boiling water to simplify your cooking process. Whether you want to cook or warm frozen soup, this pouch is a perfect choice. It comes with a spout and cap to keep the content tightly sealed inside the bag. Also, these pouch bags are a puncture, tear, and drop resistant not to forget they are made of laminated films for high barrier properties.

clear stand up soup pouch

Made with a transparent material, clear stand-up soup pouches allow users to see the content without opening them. Meaning, customers will gain the trust of your product more quickly compared to the opaque bags. High-quality laminated films provide barrier protection against oxygen and moisture. The combination of transparent foil and poly inside also allow great versatility. Additionally, clear stand-up soup pouches are designed to stand up on their own, which makes it easy to arrange them on retail shelves and in a fridge.

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"INNOVATION" packaging method for soup

Flexible soup pouch is gradually replacing Tetra Pak and plastic cans as the hot option for packaging soup because they have the following features.

1. Strong Adaptability. The physical properties of flexible packaging can be easily changed, so soup pouches can be used in different environments, such as freezing in a refrigerator or heating in water. 2. Excellent Preservation Function. Soup pouches are laminated with multiple materials, which can prevent soup from ultraviolet rays, odors, etc, and keep its original flavor. 3. Puncture Resistance. Compared with rigid packaging, flexible packaging away often mistaken for easily being punctured and blasted. But, soup pouches have added malleable material which means the soup pouch will keep intact even after long-distance transportation or falling. 4. Cost Saving. Compared withTetra Pak bags and cans, soup pouches can save costs in storage space and transportation.

If you want to customize your own soup pouch, email us and we will match the solution for you.

soup pouch

Soup Pouch: The Definitive FAQ Guide

1. How much soup can go in a soup pouch?

You can get a soup pouch in many sizes.

A bulk soup pouch can be 2000mL in size.

You can also prepare a smaller soup pouch for fewer servings.

Soup pouches can be made for two to four servings.

Such larger pouches may be ideal for family use.

soup pouch

2. Can you get a smaller soup pouch that is about the same size as a traditional soup can?

A typical soup can will be about 300mL.

You can get a soup pouch sized to that total.

3. How would the spout on a soup pouch work?

The spout will appear on the top part of the soup pouch.

The user will adjust the spout to open or close the pouch.

A spout will allow enough soup to come out without possibly causing spillage.

4. Can you place a spout on the bottom part of the soup pouch?

Although a spout could go there if desired, this may not be as effective.

It would take a little longer for the soup to be dispensed if the spout was on the bottom.

5. Can you add a zipper to a soup pouch?

A zipper is an option to consider.

The zipper can be opened and closed as usual.

6. Can you add solid items inside a soup pouch?

A spout can come with an open body that allows the soup to flow out of the pouch.

The spout can be sized to where bits of meat or vegetables can come out of the pouch without obstruction.

7. What type of soup can go in a soup pouch?

You have many options to consider when getting a soup pouch ready.

Among the soups you can store in a food pouch include:

  • Chicken noodle
  • Gumbo
  • Creamy mushroom
  • Beef vegetable
  • Clam chowder; this includes both New England and Manhattan varieties
  • Chickpea

8. An average soup pouch will stand up, so you won’t have to stick it on its side. How would this happen?

A standup pouch will support your soup.

The pouch features a body that is shaped through a tube.

A polyethylene-based tube may work in the effort.

The tube will be surrounded by added materials that create a border for keeping the soup pouch upright.

soup pouch with spout

9. Can you place a spout on the bottom part of the soup pouch?

Although a spout could go there if desired, this may not be as effective.

It would take a little longer for the soup to be dispensed if the spout was on the bottom.

10. Can you add a zipper to a soup pouch?

A zipper is an option to consider.

The zipper can be opened and closed as usual.

11. Can you add solid items inside a soup pouch?

A spout can come with an open body that allows the soup to flow out of the pouch.

The spout can be sized to where bits of meat or vegetables can come out of the pouch without obstruction.

12. What type of soup can go in a soup pouch?

You have many options to consider when getting a soup pouch ready.

Among the soups you can store in a food pouch include:

  • Chicken noodle
  • Gumbo
  • Creamy mushroom
  • Beef vegetable
  • Clam chowder; this includes both New England and Manhattan varieties
  • Chickpea

13. An average soup pouch will stand up, so you won’t have to stick it on its side. How would this happen?

A standup pouch will support your soup.

The pouch features a body that is shaped through a tube.

A polyethylene-based tube may work in the effort.

The tube will be surrounded by added materials that create a border for keeping the soup pouch upright.

standup soup pouch

14. Are you able to open and close a soup pouch without the contents on the inside becoming stale or worn?

The contents inside the soup pouch will last for as long as the product can.

An expiration date should be listed on the pouch.

The date specifies an estimate for when the user should consume the soup by.

The soup can get in contact with oxygen over time and become stale or worn.

The soup will lose its flavor after a while.

Therefore, the user should attempt to consume the food before the expiration date comes about.

15. How long can the soup on the inside of the soup pouch last?

The soup is not necessarily going to wear out if the pouch is kept sealed.

However, it is best to consume it within a year after it has been packed.

The soup contents could be influenced by any bits of oxygen leftover inside the pouch.

The oxygen on the inside would be minimal, but it should still be noted based on what might come about.

16. How long can you use the soup inside the soup pouch for after you have opened it?

The soup contents should be used within three to five days if possible.

The soup may last longer if you keep it in a refrigerator.

17. What would it cost for you to use a soup pouch when compared with a traditional can for packing purposes?

The cost for a pouch may be cheaper thanks to the lightweight nature of the materials used in the packing process.

18. Can a company charge the same amount of money to get a soup pouch versus a traditional can?

People often tend to charge extra for soups prepared in pouches.

There may be a surcharge of about 20 to 30 percent on a pouch.

The surcharge appears in spite of how the lightweight soup pouch can be cheaper to prepare.

The added charge comes thanks to the premium-like look of the pouch.

The design gives the customer the impression that the product on the inside is of premium quality.

19. Can you freeze or chill the soup pouch?

The user has the option to do this, although it would take a bit to get the soup heated up.

Chilling or freezing the soup ensures the product will last longer.

The effort is especially recommended for larger quantities.

boil soup pouch

20. Can you heat the soup pouch?

You have the option to boil a soup pouch if desired.

That is, you can boil the soup pouch before you dispense its contents.

You would have to follow the instructions on the soup pouch’s layout.

In some cases, you might spend about 20 to 40 minutes in heating or boiling the soup.

The material used in the building of the soup pouch should be strong enough to handle intense heat.

The material in the pouch will dictate how well the pouch can handle boiling water.

PET, polyethylene, and other polyester-based plastic fibers will do well.

21. How would a soup pouch be sealed?

A heat-sealing process is necessary for getting a soup pouch sealed all the way.

22. Is kraft paper useful for a soup pouch?

Kraft paper is useful for soup because it will keep the contents insulated and will not break apart.

Kraft paper is nonabsorbent, which means the soup will stay intact while inside.

23. What type of plastic material is best for your soup pouch?

PET plastic is ideal for soup pouches.

PET is a recyclable plastic that is safe to use and is flexible when pressed well.

24. Should you secure a soup pouch in a dark space, or is it fine to let the soup pouch stay in an open or bright area?

It is best to keep the soup pouch in a dark area to keep the contents from being worn from intense light.

Most soup pouches are made with opaque bodies, so the soup should be protected regardless.

25. Can you place the soup pouch in a microwave?

It depends on the material the soup pouch features.

Different compounds will respond to the intense heat of a microwave in many ways.

You can heat many plastics in a microwave.

A kraft paper-based soup pouch may wear out in a microwave; avoid heating this material in the appliance.

Review the instructions printed on the soup pouch to identify if something is safe to place in a microwave for heating purposes.

26. Will the contents that make up the soup pouch potentially influence the soup contents?

The question is understandable when the quality of the container is considered.

A poorly-made container would have plastic materials that can shed particles off into the soup, thus influencing its flavor or quality.

The soup pouch will not cause any problems if it features a BPA-free body.

A BPA-free soup pouch will not contain compounds that may shed off from the inside.

The design ensures the soup will stay safe for consumption.

27. What should be done when preserving the soup inside your soup pouch?

The soup can stay in a pantry.

You do not have to keep the soup chilled or frozen, although that is an option.

28. The soup has to be sterilized before entering the soup pouch. How does this work?

Aseptic processing is needed when handling a soup pouch.

The process entails heating the soup at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for a few seconds.

The effort ensures the soup contents can persist inside the pouch.

The nutritional content inside the pouch will not be compromised when the process works.

soup pouch with zipper

29. What should happen if the tear top tears directly above the spot that the soup pouch is sealed?

The tear notch should produce a straight tear.

But for cases where this does not work, scissors would be necessary.

The scissors should be applied near the original tear notch area.

Moving the scissors too far down would cause a puncture in the pouch that may cause the soup contents to leak.

30. Can a soup pouch handle the sodium necessary for helping the keep the soup intact?

An average soup pouch will contain hundreds of milligrams of sodium per serving.

Sodium is needed in many situations to preserve the contents of the soup.

The extensive sodium content will not harm the soup pouch.

Low-sodium soups can also fit in well.

31. Can you get a broth or stock added to a soup pouch?

Many soup pouches can secure broth or stock.

Among the types of broth you can add to your soup pouch include:

  • Chicken
  • Chicken bone
  • Vegetable
  • Beef
  • Roast chicken
  • Low-sodium variants

32. How would the colors and other features on the outside of your soup pouch be arranged?

A printing process will help add a distinct look to a soup pouch.

A matte finish or a D-met printing process is ideal.

33. What is polypropylene, and how can it be used for a soup pouch?

Polypropylene is a thermoplastic compound.

The body will produce a firm look in the soup pouch.

The pouch will retain a bit of flexibility, but not enough to where the body might leak or come apart.

34. Can nylon work on a soup pouch?

Nylon is also a synthetic polymer.

Nylon can produce a silky feeling to the bag.

In addition to providing a sturdy body, nylon also adds a sleek style.

35. How would a window on a soup pouch be designed?

The window can appear on the front part of a soup pouch.

Clear plastic material will blend in with the rest of the pouch.

The plastic allows the customer to look at the soup before buying.

The window lets the customer note what soup is inside.

36. How can the spout on a soup pouch be cleaned off?

You can clean off the spout with water.

Make sure the spout is completely closed off when washing.

On a cold day, there is nothing that brings relief to many people more than a bowl of hot soup. We might not be wrong to say this is the reason the soup market witnesses over $4 billion annual sales.

But all in all, we cannot overrule the importance of a quality soup pouch. Being a soup producer, you must pay keen attention to how you package soup for sale.

In this article, I will take you through the following chapters to help you understand what a perfect soup pouch entails.

Chapter 1: Soup Pouch: Understand What a Soup Pouch Is

To start with, we need a clear our mind and understanding that soup is in liquid form.

For that reason, several concerns need to get ironed out if your soup pouch is going to serve its purpose.

You need reliable, well-sealed pouches to avoid leakage, self-standing (if need be) and durable bags.

At TedPack, we manufacture flexible soup pouches made of multiple layers which get laminated together.

Note; the films that we laminate are scientifically picked depending on the type of soup you are packaging.

Every material picked is designed to serve a specific purpose.

We manufacture quality pouches that can protect your soup from external environmental hazards such as oxygen, odor, moisture, UV light, and contaminants.

Secondly, our pouches are strong and durable enough to avoid simple tears and punctures during transportation, handling and storage whether on the shelf, kitchen pantry or inside a refrigerator/freezer.

But, even though these pouches are strong for rough handling, that does not mean they are not easy to use.

We manufacture pouches that are:

  • Easy to fill
  • Easy to empty (pour) by the help of add-on like spouts
  • Easy to open or tear
  • Convenient to carry and lastly
  • Easy to reclose

You will enjoy the service of several add-on features which are meant to make it easy for retailers and customers use any of your soup pouch types.

Lastly, our pouches offer a wide billboard space on all the side gussets where you can have your marketing/promotional messages/graphics printed.

On those vast spaces, (depending on the pouch size you have ordered) you can apply company/product labels of choice.

To maintain our prowess in the pouch production industry, our company has constantly produced pouches that are durable and strong. However, for the first time, these are the most cost-effective pouches we’ve produced.

Our pouches have study bottom that allows them to stand with a wide face for graphics and display. To enhance our display, we’ve made our pouches with the most recent techniques. These are vanishing metalized and matte finishing.

soup pouches, as always, are manufactured from film layers that are scientifically designed. The layers prevent any entry of odor, moisture, and light.

The pouches profess spout openings which are essential for resealing and give you an easy time when pouring your soup. For soup makers, the best-designed pouches are their marketing tool. We quench this thirst by providing them with the best.

Soup Pouch Factory

The soup pouches we make are mainly used in hotels, food kiosks and traditional soup joints (these are mainly found in Africa). However, to maintain their customers and bring more, they’ve decided to up their game.

Our soup pouches have come in handy to ease the competition. They come in different sizes to meet all your needs. Let’s have a glance below for more structured information and then you’ll be free to place an order.

Chapter 2: Tips for Designing Perfect Soup Pouches

Any time you get to think of product packaging, there are two vital things you need to put in mind. These are:

  • Product protection and
  • Food packaging design

The purpose of food packaging is to ensure your products are well preserved for an extended shelf span.

On the other hand, the purpose of food packaging design is to entice or attract buyers. Note; a good packaging design stamps your product brand and communicates what your product incorporates clearly.

Meaning, you need the two factors if you are going to make it in the completive soup packaging market.

In connection to that, you need the following essential tips if you intend to succeed in pitching retail buyers again and again.

a. Choose a Perfect Brand Identity

First, understand that your soup pouch is what gets into contact with buyers before they even taste or see your packaged product quality through a transparent/clear window.

Meaning, you need quality pouches that will market your packaged product and stand out from the sea of sameness.

But before that, you need to understand what brand identity do you wish to get associated with.

There are key aspects and question you need to understand and answer respectively to choose the right soup pouch.

Some of the question that will help you chose the right brand identity are:

  • What soup type are you planning to market?
  • Is your product different from what is there in the market?
  • Who are your primary/target customers?
  • Do you have a company philosophy that you need to make known out there?

Such questions will guide you in selecting the right soup pouches.

A good pouch choice must touch on size, color, material to get laminated, and shape.

Lastly, product branding must include quality labels, logo, company name, and an enticing brand message.

In all the above, at TEDPack we have the right experts ready to help you make the right decision.

Note, do not worry even if you are a newbie in this packaging industry, we got your back.

b. Functionality

As specified above, there are primary reasons as to why you need product packaging (product protection and packaging design).

On the protection part, you need to ensure your packaged soup will get preserved for an extended time.

Protection means your products will get shipped to your retailer, distributor all the way to the end products consumers and arrive there in the same good condition as they left your manufacturing plant.

Remember, anytime your products will get to your distributor or retailer in a damaged state, maybe the pouches got punctured on the way, that means a loss to you.

Some amount will get deducted in your invoice.

Secondly, quality pouches send explicit, informative, enticing and beneficial messages to your product buyers.

Pouch graphics, shape and design are the main factors that impact buyers thought.

Remember, all you have are 1 to 3 seconds to either impress or piss off your customer.

Always pay attention to the colors, graphics, labels, and design of your soup pouch.

Lastly, there are Food Labeling Guides, provided by the Food and Drug Administration agency that stipulate what a good food packaging design should entail.

c. Key Question On Soup Pouch selection

Any time you are contemplating on the soup pouches to use or the manufacturer to work with, there are essential questions you need to ask yourself.

Here they are:

  • Material choice:You need to consult with your manufacturer on which are the best materials that when laminated together will provide maximum protection  depending on your product “Best before Date.”
  • Pouch Construction: It obvious you intend to have flexible packaging bags. But have you decided on the advertisement space you need for your info, labels, logos and graphics imprints?

Lastly, what are measurements of your clear windows?Consult these in length with your soup bags manufacturer to avoid complains after pouch delivery.

  • Easiness regarding secondary Packaging: you need to contemplate on the best soup pouch sizes and shapes that will not prevent easy shipping of your products to retailers or distributors as well as storage on shelves.
  • Shelf span: What is your product’s “best before date?”
  • Information: What information are you planning to have on your pouch: this info can be soup ingredients, nutrition, customer caution, product benefits or brand identity?

Chapter 3: Advantages of Soup Pouches

Below are some of the notable advantages accrued form flexible soup pouch usages.

#3.1: Are Cheap

Flexible soup pouches are all cheap. They are cost effecting during shipping or transportation because they are light-weight and they occupy less space than cans, plastic or glass containers.

Secondly, the manufacturing process of soup bags uses less material (almost 12 percent less compared to containers).

We manufacturers witness fewer materials used as well as less waste during manufacturing.

With all the above factors, that is why you will pay less for flexible pouches compared to other traditional packaging containers.

#3.2: Easy to Use

Flexible pouches are made to be easy to use. That is why we have fitted them with several add-ons to make their usage simple.

For example:

  • Tear notches:are used to make tearing of these pouches easy. A tear notch ensures that you enjoy an ultra-clean and straightforward tear with little effort.
  • Zipper: we fit zippers on these bags to make them reclosable. Anytime a customer as poured the amount of soup they needed for that day; zipper will enable them to reclose them to avoid spillage as well as infiltration of contaminants from the external environment.
  • Spouts: spouts are used to make soup pouring easy and with no spillage. Additionally, spouts are vital add-ons that have made flexible bags to replace bottles.

 Spouts can either get fitted on the pouch top part, either of the top edges or at the bottom side.

3.3: Easy to Take on the go

Soup pouches are manufactured to favor even traveler.

For example, travelers, student and busy office works (professionals) dearly need something that is convenient for them.

Meaning, they need a food grade packaging pouch that is lightweight, easy to open and reclose, reliable, flexible and good looking.

All the named must have qualities are what we strive to have on your soup pouches.

Note, our soup bags are collapsible; a factor that makes them user-friendly pouches than rigid cans and plastic containers.

We manufacture pouches using a wide variety of material, sizes, colors, add-on and structures with a target to meet every end product user and retailers need.

If you need soup pouches that are easy to take on the go, with TedPack you are assured of the best.

3.4: FDA Approved

You do not have to worry about your customer’s health or your packaged soup freshness.

All the materials we use are of food-grade levels. We use barrier films that are accepted by the FDA.

The material will not react with any of your packaged soup types nor will your soup react with the material.

All our materials are scientifically tested and chosen.

3.5: Can act as cooking Bags

We also manufacture Retort soup bags that can allow you to cook or warm your soup in a microwave.

At times, you might need quick warming of your soup maybe while on the go or to feed your child.

With our quality made retort bags, your customers will have a reason to smile. All they need to do is pick that soup sachet or packet and put it in a microwave for a few minutes.

3.6: Can get customized

Depending on your marketing strategy, you can order for custom made pouches.

You can either decide to shaped soup pouches with high quality designed graphics all with intentions to attract your buyers.

At TedPack we have in-house graphic designers who are equipped quality rotogravure, flexo and digital printing technologies all with intentions to produce the right pouch for you.

Chapter 4: Top 6 Tips for Better Soup Packaging Designs

Every day, there are soup brands that are coming up.

Meaning, if you are not going to get it right in your innovation skills, chance are your product will get lost and become invisible on a retail shelf.

But, if you have the right innovative skills, chances are high you will make it to the center shelf in a retail shop or the first shelf depending on your product demand.

To avoid getting lost on a soup product shelf, here are six tips to take note on and they will help you stand out from the pool of sameness.

Tip 1: Do not get too complicated, Keep it simple

It is true that graphics design is crucial if you want to boost your products visibility.

But, there is somewhere people are ever getting wrong; becoming too complex.

For that reason, naïve manufacturer and customer end up thinking that a lot of detailed graphics will impress buyers.

The question is, “who has all that time on earth to read your stuffed details while standing next to a shelf?”

Keep it simple, clear and direct.

Minimalistic pouch designing is the best. Pick a simple and attractive color(s), Info, Image, and shape that is not too complicated.

Not, accuracy and quality packaging are best represented by the use of minimalistic simple and aesthetic soup bag designing.

Tip 2: Become innovative

Although simplicity is the way to go, you better be creative.

Make some consultation with your manufacturer and let both of you think outside the box.

The shape of your pouches can be used to enhance your pouch visibility.

Secondly, you can try 3D pouch printing, glossy, matte or metalized look, plus some shaped clear windows.

Make it simple but in a classy way where you take all consideration to book and maybe imitate something that customers will love.

Do not just be like others, try and stand out in a cool but different way.

Tip 3: Get to be Mysterious

Honestly, it has been like forever since soup manufactures started using fruit images as the default icon.

But why don’t you get to be innovative, creative and mysterious and try something else?

Can’t a human image that got strong, after drinking the soup work?

All I mean is stand out; get something mysterious that will command a second look from a customer as he or she walks past the shelves.

Tip 4: Do Not Let Exclusive designing Compromise Pouch Quality

Although product design is vital in ensuring high sells, do not let too much-designing compromise you pouch quality.

You might get so much immersed on pouch looks but end up forgetting product protection.

For example, you might need a transparent window, but your soup type does to augur well with UV-Light.

In such a case, you better forgo the clear window and revert to quality graphic design for the sake of product preservation.

Tip 5: Consider Sustainable pouches

Consider using biodegradable or eco-friendly bags.

The material to be used in your soup pouch manufacturing must not cause any environmental harm.

They must be recyclable, eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Tip 6: Choose your colors wisely

Colors are intended to make your pouches look attractive. But, if used the wrong way, they can become a reason your soup pouches will look ugly.

Be keen on the colors to use and kindly do not pick too many colors.

Choose a few that rhyme with your brand identity and get them printed using the best machine for quality reasons.

Chapter 5: Major Types of Soup Packaging Pouches

At TedPack, we manufacture a variety of flexible soup pouches. Our primary goal is to make bags of different types to serve the world’s diverse customer base.

We strive to cater to the needs of different customers, retailer and soup producers.

Below are examples of the well-known top-line soup pouches that we manufacture.

5.1: Clear Soup Stand-Up Pouches

Clear soup stand-up pouches are loved by many because they help customers see what is packaged in them.

The see-through opportunity is thus known to help buyers gain confidence in the products they are yet to purchase.

Although the transparent structure is made up of clear film, it is still strong enough for perfect barrier reasons.

Several clear films which are scientifically chosen are laminated to make these pouches.

Some of these bags have a thickness of about 65 micron that ensures quality lamination.

Lastly, it is possible to have company labels, logos or sticker on these pouches.

We can fit graphically designed labels to boost your product visibility and pass any message you need to put across.

5.2: Quad side seal Soup Pouches

These are soup packaging pouches made od four side gussets.

The four side gussets, the four corner bottom part plus the innovative sealing style, are features that allow these bags to hold their shape, self-stand and carry more soup.

Different material such as aluminum foil and many others are laminated together to provide a strong, durable but flexible structure that keeps of oxygen, moisture, odor, contaminants, and UV light if need be.

Different add-ons can be used on these pouches such as slide zippers, clear windows, ergonomic handles, spouts, and many others.

5.3: Stand up Soup Pouches

With their ability to self-stand, these are among the most popular stand-up pouches.

The manufacturing of stand-up pouches was invented to replace boxes, bottles, and plastic containers.

Our TedPack stands up pouches are made up using laminated films for barrier reason.

Additionally, the self-standing ability makes these pouches visible more than the flat flexible bags.

Each pouch that we manufacture we fit it with useful add-ons such as zip locks, tear notches, clear windows, hang holes and many others.

With labels, hot stamping and other graphic imprints, you can rest assured your pouches will be very visible and attractive.

5.4: Metalized Stand Up Pouch Soup Pouches

These pouches are also known as Mylar bags.

These soup pouches have a moderate barrier property which accounts for their low cost.

When laminated using with other materials, they produce a durable and strong barrier property needed for you pouches safety.

Pouches made of metalized are ever glossy a factor that makes them shine.

With this type of pouches, you can have all the graphic designing you need.

5.5: 3 Side Seal Soup Pouches

These are economical soup pouches that are intended to hold small amounts.

They are made up on one piece film that gets sealed on the sides. But, the top part is left open, but it gets heat sealed after filling.

One key advantage of these pouches is the front and back sides of these bags. They provide ample billboard space where pouch imprinting for marketing reasons.

Lastly, you do not have to worry about product protection; the laminated film structure used ensures quality soup protection.

5.6: Spout Soup Pouches

The idea about spout stand up pouches was coined to provide convenience to customers who buy soup, creamy or liquid product.

The spout feature added at the top or one side of the bags’ top part is used to ensure smooth and orderly pouring with no spillage.

The spout is thus engineered to help control soup spillage when pouring.

Secondly, there are spout cap which can get welded on the spout to either close or open these bags.

These are flexible soup bags that were invented to replace plastic and glass bottles.

Apart from the pouring advantage, you will enjoy additional space where you can make all the graphic designing you need to improve product visibility.

Chapter 6: Material Choice

For every pouch that we produce, we choose the types of films to laminate using scientifically proven testing.

We choose materials depending on the soup type to get packaged.

Additionally, for every pouch that we manufacture, there is a different film arrangement and selection depending on your need.

The shelf span needed also does impact the choice of material.

Below are some of the materials that we use.

PET – Poly (ethylene terephthalate)
PE – Polyethylene
OPP – Oriented polypropylene
Kraft paper
Ny – Nylon
LLDPE – Linear low-density polyethylene
MET-OPP – Metallized OPP film
EVOH – Ethylene-vinyl alcohol
PP – Polypropylene

Chapter 7: Soup Pouch FAQ

1. How can I order soup pouches from you?
We would love to hear from you. Click here; you will directly get to us.

2. How long will I wait before you deliver my order?
From the day you place your order, within 2 – 4 weeks you will get your order delivered. But for more precise details, contact us.

3. Do you manufacture pouches that can package both vegan and vegetarian?
Yes. All we need are clear requirement before we start the manufacturing process.

4. Are your soup pouches recyclable?
Yes. We manufacture biodegradable and eco-friendly flexible packaging bags.

5. Is it safe if I use my credit card when paying for my order?
Yes. Our online services are secure and safe.

6. What is BPA?
BPA are initials that stand for Bisphenol A. This is an epoxy resin that is considered unsafe for some food packaging. But, it is sometimes used as a component to separate metal films from food product packaged.

7. How can I remove the Label on my stuck soup pouch?
It’s simple, soak that bag in water for 20 minutes and then try to peel it off.

8. After opening my soup pouch, for how long will it be safe for human consumption?
Well, this differs from one food product to the other. Consider checking the “Best By Date” plus other details as per the soup product manufacturer guidelines.

9. Do you ship soup pouches internationally?
Yes. We have worked with clients from Canada, Europe, and the USA. Contact us, and we will discuss more in details.

10. Do you produce soup pouches that can get microwaved?
Yes. All you need to do is inform us before the commencement of the manufacturing process.


Our service will never disappoint you. If you need any soup pouch, kindly contact us. We are a reputable company that has been producing packaging bags for 5 + years.

Our engineers and other experts are people with 20 + years of experience in this industry. We assure you of nothing but quality service delivery that will help make your soup packaging a reality.

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