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TedPack snack pouches not only protect your cookies, crackers, and other snacks, our snack pouches make sure to attract customer attention over those crowded store shelves.

TedPack snacks pouches are perfect for the packaging of your snack foods, it defends products from hazards like puncture, moisture, odors, air, and more. Our snacks food pouches protect your tasty treats from staleness and make your packaging user-friendly with features like tear notches, hang holes, gas release valves, and heavy duty zip locks.

For your packaging business, you can choose custom printed pouch to see your cookie and cracker packaging ideas. You can use your artwork or work with our graphics design team to create creative and attractive snack pouches.

At TedPack, you can order minimum amounts of 100-pieces snack pouches. As per your requirements, we can manufacture and supply a range of high-quality snack food pouches.

MOQ100 Pcs by Digital Print, 10K Pcs by Gravure Print
Size50*70mm(Min)    350*600mm(Max)
Thickness50Mircons-120Mircons (2Mil-5Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, Metallized
PrintingD-Met Printing, Vanishing, Matte Finishing, Stamping
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Why are snacks pouches always everywhere?

As snacks continue to gain popularity and the pace of life quicker, consumers increasingly turn to snacks as a convenient meal replacement. This means that snack products with on-the-go performance will better meet millennials, especially during travel.
So snacks pouches became a go-to choice in the snack industry.

– Snacks pouches are light, foldable, and have humanized accessories, such as tear notch and re-sealable zippers, which make consumers more willing to choose them.
– Additionally, incorporating sustainable and eco-friendly materials into snacks pouches can help manufacturers appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers and reduce their carbon footprint.

If you want to customize your snacks pouches, contact us to get the solution!

snack pouches

Snack Pouches from China - Your Ideal Pouch Supplier

TedPack snack pouches is precisely manufactured in compliance with the international quality standards utilizing high grade raw materials with the help of advanced technology.

Our snack pouches are available in various lengths and thickness, also comes in host of attractive colors, designs, and sizes. These moisture proof and airtight pouches will help the packed product to have a better shelf life, retains aroma and act as barrier to oxygen, dust, moisture, etc.

At TedPack, we can create custom printed pouches up to 10 colors by utilizing the latest technique to provide you with excellent clarity and quality packaging to lift your product’s aesthetic value. Our snack food packaging bags are manufactured with metalized or aluminum foil layers that protect the food from moist and oxygen.

TedPack, as a professional manufacturer and supplier in China, keep developing and designing premium quality snacks pouches and custom made a design with fade proof ink as per the specification provided by the customer.

Whether you choose custom or stock snack food pouches for your snack packaging, we, at Tedpack guarantee you get top quality pouches and a packaging solution that will grow with your business.

Snack Pouches: The Definitive FAQ Guide

What are the material constituents of snack pouches?

Snack pouches comprise different kinds of barrier films laminated together to produce a strong and flexible packaging for your product.

The material constituent of Snack Pouches are purely made from non-toxic platinum silicone, which explains why they’re completely free from BPA [Bisphenol A] which is found in polycarbonate plastics, epoxy resins, latex which could be injurious to the content of your product.

Snack pouches are totally safe to throw in a dishwasher or microwave.

The handy storage pouches are so effective and popularly demanded.

The stand up pouches is used for a lot of snacks ranging from crackers to colors as the structure creates an easier display of product branding on the shelf and store.

The materials keep your snacks fresh and safe, matching with the packaging demands of your snacks.

We employ the latest technology support and a team of experts to offer you pouches that match the demands of your customers in terms of quality packaging material constituents, packing, and designs to meet snack packaging requirements.

Snack pouch material

Snack pouch material 

Do you provide advice on what would be the correct packaging specification for my product?

Yes, on request, our customer service operation takes a careful look at your product and feed you up with advice on the correct, most preferred and best packaging specifications for such products.

The snack pouches bagging products like cookies, crackers, sandwiches and other related snacks require different types of pouch texturally for better efficiency.

These pouches are suitable for high-speed packaging lines with high-performance food grade ink, excellent heat seal strength, Hugh oxygen & moisture barriers.

At TedPack, we determine the best size and thickness for your pouch in consideration of product type and volume.

We’re also always in the continuous improvement of our products and services.

Can you help with the design of my snack pouch?

Yes, being able to determine the best size, the thickness of your product and the suitable packaging specification of snack pouches, we surely can design the preferential snack pouches jus on your request.

Pouches have been one of the best solutions for consumable storage to preserve product freshness and flavor can be custom printed in several ways or patterns been dependent on your needs and your budget.

For example, using a window option pouch, which allows or enables you to see the product itself through the pouch without opening can help your product sell fast.

Can I reuse snack pouches?

Yes, our snack pouches are reusable, these pouches are typically dishwasher safe, making them easy to clean and reuse for your preferred or favorite snack.

The materials we use in the production of these pouches enable our esteemed customers to reuse them since it is safe and durable.

Surprisingly, some of these bags are awkward sizes, difficult to use and frustrating to clean.

To streamline your packed snacks, sandwiches, cookies, crackers we spent time testing the snack bags to ascertain easier use and to hold up over time.

reusable snack pouches

Reusable snack pouches 

How do I fill and seal pouches with my product? 

At TedPack, we produce and supply pouches with easy filling and consistent or strong seals with true ease-of-use in all types of snack pouches with your request or order for.

The pouches are delivered to you with zipper, heat seals, metalized & foil depending on which is best for your product which allows a very firm grip and enclosure for your product.

You can also make use of the automatic fill and seal machine operation that we offer, contact the customer service operations for more inquiry on that.

Are snack pouches puncture resistant?

Yes, all pouch products at TedPack company limited are extra heavy-duty puncture-resistant clear, resealable, reclosable been made from aluminum foils which enhances the barrier production properties of the pouch.

The metalized pouches provide durable packaging and keeps the product safe for longer and puncture-resistant.

Our snack pouches are engineered to incorporate a superior moisture barrier giving quality sealing to your product.

Our material selection increases the packaging ability to withstand punctures and abrasion especially during shipment and product distribution.

We give room for adjustments in pouch stiffness, hardness and flexibility characteristics of the packaging to give you an outstanding presentation of the product and avoid damages too.

Are snack pouches allergy-friendly?

Yes, these reclosable, reusable, resealable snack pouches are free of allergies.

The snack pouches are made from materials that are free from bisphenol A and phthalates.

The heat-treated outer shell provides durability, puncture, and leakage free.

The pouch inner liner keeps food safe and makes these reusable snack pouches easy to clean compared to plastics and cans packaging.

Our sack pouches use less plastic in the production and this guarantees less space and saves you on the shipment cost.

Are the pouches recyclable?

Definitely, we produce snack pouches which can be recycled and degraded.

All pouches we produce at TedPack can be recycled after use, we only advise for you to follow the proper procedure or system available to you for recycling the pouch.

This means we absolutely offer totally efficient and zero waste products to you and you can also contact our customer service option for the proper recycling of our snack pouches.

Can I specify my pouch packaging material?

Yes, you can specify your packaging material for custom manufacturing.

On specifications of pouch packaging materials, we are offering high and fine quality snack pouch packaging material, which are made by using very fine, durable and best quality raw materials.

These snack pouches packaging materials are widely available in various sizes, specifications printed designs.

Pouches can be made of different kinds of the film; high-density film and power density film.

At TedPack, we produce snack pouches based on specifications and types you might want.

Can snack pouches be stacked?

Yes, the importance of pouches with a high product-to-package ratio enables our snack pouches to provide shelf impact,  convenience, visible and durable for easy stacking of your products.

Stacking of snack pouches is therefore dependent on the type of snacks packaged in such pouch and the expected time of use.

You may wish to carefully stack one pouch on top of another in the warehouse and we constantly advise you ensure enough airflow through spaces which will also ease your collection of such pouches whenever necessary.

Stacked snack pouches

 Stacked snack pouches 

Do snack pouches come with flavour?

Snack pouches do not usually come with flavours but the laminated barrier materials are structured to release the flavours of the different snacks packaged in it.

Custom specifications equally allow us to add different snack packagings for better product quality and customer satisfaction.

We definitely produce all types of flavouring snack pouches on your request, contact our customer service option to know more about the flavour available.

We always ensure all additional contents to pouches keep them healthy, safe and eco-friendly for general use.

Do you provide different texture amongst the pouches?

Yes, the provision of different textures amongst the pouches can be made on orders you make.

It is your right to specify the kind of material to be used for your snack pouches texturally which will be further reviewed at our company.

We offer to you in all best picks in other to tally with your product to maintain optimum health and be stackable.

TedPack provides a wide range of different textures for pouches as this is important as much as the pouch type and flavours.

The different textures of the pouches are durable and reliable especially for the different snacks including baby foods.

The pouches offer a superior combination of healthfulness and convenience, adding to the multiple flavours.

We ensure consistency in every level of smoothness offered on a particular pouch.

Are snack pouches strong for my product?

Yes, the snack pouches we produce are strong, being for many or various products.

Snack pouches are made from films which are laminated together to create a very strong, puncture-resistant and proper protection of products like chocolate, cookies, crackers, etc.

Exhibiting strength within the surface comes down to engineered materials that were used for the pouch production.

This is to say that both our plain snack pouches and custom printed pouches have adequate material strength and flexibility to keep your product in the very best condition.

What is your pouch differentiation factor?

The pouches are well sealed but should be stored in a cool, dry space with sturdy shelving.

Avoiding environmental hazards which could cause the product to puncture or open seals.

Make sure to select a storage space that is a way to access so the pouches could be easily reached.

Also store products at room temperature to prevent changes in the texture and flavour of your products.

Contact our customer service option for further inquiries on other differentiation factors we can specifically offer to your product.

Where do I store the pouches?

Snack pouches in our packaging system can easily be stored in a warehouse without running a risk of losing its freshness or taste.

You can easily store your snack pouches in a storage room or shelf with normal room temperature as well as in a refrigerator, depending on the type of product though.

For every firm of storage, it is nice to create spaces in between the stacked pouches for aeration and ease of pouch withdrawal from the house.

We will always be there to answer questions on pouch storage because we are aware of the numerous challenges encountered in the filing and storage of food and other consumables.

Where can I get spare parts and customer service for my product?

Alongside ongoing research and development of new models, without ever losing sight of our customer’s needs, efficiency, safeguard, easy to use, top quality of the end results.

We offer potential customers services such as experience, availability, spare parts services.

As much as we try to achieve complete independence in our pouch packaging system, we will always advise you to get along with nearby service providers for spare parts if our nearness isn’t guaranteed.

This is made possible through the flexibility of our snack pouches and the availability of the materials used in manufacturing.

You can also reach our customer service option on the availability of spare parts for your products.

Do snack pouches contain phthalates?

It is almost impossible to avoid phthalates today in the process of packaging and storing of products.

We always try as much as possible to regulate and reduce the number of phthalates we use in our pouches.

we stick to non-toxic pouches to aid safe and non-leaching couches for the most appropriate use for your product.

Phthalates in the right proportion help increase the flexibility of pouches, it’s transparency, durability, and longevity.

In the true sense, they aid the softening of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or plastics which some pouches are processed from.

We offer organic pouches too based on your specifications and this is the easiest way to avoid to an extent the use of phthalates in snack pouch production, distribution, and storage

Are your samples available for size and testing purposes?

Yes, we offer the availability of sizes and testing for all samples of pouches just on your request.

We allow your product-pouch package testing for the toughness, healthy, strong and puncture-resistant snack pouches.

Pre-designed samples may not fit in into the shape of the product you want and this is why we give room for size and shape adjustments through the testing.

The compatibility tests which you can carry out when our pouch in the laboratories guarantee your product a perfect product-package relationship on and off the shelf.

Feel free to contact our customer service option to request for samples of snack pouches that match your product packaging system.

How many colours can I have my custom print pouches on?

At TedPack, we work with a wide range of colours and as such, you are entitled to over 10 different colours which is definitely dependent on agreement reached.

A combination of these colours gives us a whole new dimension of colours with each in as many as 150 steps, providing up to a million choice in the designing and printing process.

We align with your colour demands so as to present your products in the best possible light which in turn gives your products the uniqueness they truly deserve.

Multi coloured snack pouches

Multi coloured snack pouches

Do you offer product delivery?

Yes, we offer purchased product delivery.

Shipments are made on requested snack pouch products after agreements have been fully fulfilled.

We deliver to over 50+ countries across Asia, Europe, America, Africa and beyond.

All delivery based questions can be directed to the company’s customer service option to review all due processes to be completed after making orders.

Do you custom print on pouches?

Most snack pouch brands recognize the benefit of flexible packaging in terms of offering a secure, convenient, functional and attractive medium to package their products.

At TedPack, we have been at the forefront of innovation and creativity to continually raise the bar on packaging design, functionality, and quality.

We understand your brand requirements and desire you that through our innovative product quality and custom points

We can help set your product unique customization.

We enable you to choose your desired size, design, colour and material to create your own customized pouch that matches your requirements.

What is the lowest order quantity for pouches?

We run an automated manufacturing system and the minimum order accepted for all types of snack pouches for manufacturing at TedPack is 10,000 pieces.

You can make alterations through our sales representatives even after your order has been made.

What is the highest quantity I can place order for?

At the moment, TedPack has no maximum order quantity for custom print and manufacturing of snack pouches for your product.

We guarantee you the production of as many pouches you order while retaining quality, health and ethical standards for your products and our packaging system.

Are snack pouches moisture resistant?

Yes, snack pouches produced at TedPack company limited are resistant to moisture, these pouches are sealed with better craftsmanship and better quality made from aluminium foil to give your product long-lasting use and avoiding wreckage and moisture.

Do you provide the filling and sealing of premade pouches?

Yes, TedPack provides you with the filling and sealing of premade pouches with your product.

This is a section of our form-fill-seal technology where your products are automatically filled and sealed with a machine.

Moreover, we won’t be responsible for the compatibility of your product and the already made snack pouches in terms of health sustainability and ethical standards of production.

How do I get a quote?

TedPack offers a full quote covering the entire cost of your requests on the evaluation of the design and your specific requirements and delivery method.

This is usually the charge of our services from China to your preferred location.

You can email us at, visit or contact our support team on +86 137 1292 4614 for more inquiries.

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