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Shampoo Pouch to Enhance Business Productivity

As a premier manufacturer of shampoo pouch, TedPack offers top-quality products, effective on its own business needs.

  • 20 years of experience on fabricating excellent pouches
  • Printing options available up to 10 colors
  • Handles, spouts, zipper and other accessories can be customized as per request
  • 2-3 weeks delivery period

Your Reliable Shampoo Pouch Manufacturer

As a professional manufacturer of shampoo pouch, we had successfully offer satisfying results to our clients from different countries. We are dedicated to providing specialized solutions to each customer. Based on your design, we will produce unique pouches.

Shampoo Pouch

TedPack provides the best packaging solutions for your shampoo products. We have variety of sizes, shapes, capacity, colors, and add-on options to the packaging.

1-shampoo spout pouch

Shampoo Spout Pouch provides a more durable and flexible solution than another packaging. It has strong sealing which keeps content sustain its aroma and quality. These pouches available in different sizes allow storing volume amount of shampoo.

2-clear shaped shampoo spout pouch

Clear shaped shampoo spout pouch offer a lot of advantageous features over other packaging. This stylish pouch will surely attract consumers on the market. They will surely catch your brand.

3-stand up clear shampoo spout pouch

Tedpack design stands up clear shampoo spout pouch providing multiple benefits. In the personal hygiene industry, this packaging serves as a reliable and cost-effective way to store liquid products safely.

4-aluminum clear shampoo spout pouch

Aluminum clear shampoo spout pouch can be customized to own specific designs. We offer an array of packaging made of clear, high-quality aluminum material. It has an excellent oxygen barrier which ensures content aroma and value.

5-aluminum shampoo spout pouch with printing

Aluminum shampoo spout pouch with printing makes your product more outstanding and competitive. We have up to 10 printing options where you could find an ideal solution to your own brand.

6-aluminum shampoo spout pouch with hang hole

Looking for a reliable and outstanding packaging solution for your brand? TedPack offers aluminum shampoo spout pouch with hang hole providing a great and convenient solution to consumers and retailers as it can easily hang to a specific position.

TedPack Shampoo Pouch Customize Capabilities

stand up pouch material-2
Choose The Right Materials For Your Shampoo Pouch

As a professional and experienced manufacturer of shampoo packaging, we utilize the appropriate materials to design pouch. We have several options available.

  • Printing (Surface) Layer: BOPP, PET, NY, Kraft paper
  • Barrier (Laminated) Layer: NY, PET, PETAL, AL
  • Heat Seal (Inner Food Contact) Layer: HDPE, LDPE, CPP, CPPAL, RCPP
stand up pouch feature-2
Customized Your Shampoo Pouch Features & Accessories

Tedpack can custom-design packaging with add-ons options which provide convenience and much better protection to content.

  • Closure Options: single and double, tap, child resistance, inno-lok, velcro hook & loop zipper closure
  • Valve Options: One way degas valve, double way degas valve, Goglio&Wipf Valves
  • Tin-tie Options: Copper Tin-ties, Iron Tin-tie, Paper Tin-tie
  • Treatment Options: Laser perforation, Cut handle holes, Custom windows, Tear notches, Pouch shaping, Matte&Shiny finishing, De-metallize
stand up pouch print-2
Best Printing Options on Your Shampoo Pouch

Tedpack uses a diverse range of printing and labeling options for the product. Brand and product information printing would stay longer.

  • Flexo Printing: Surface simple print, low cost and easy text & images
  • Gravure Printing: Quality reverse print, medium cost and complicated text and images
  • Digital Printing: Medium quality surface print, high cost and complicated text & images
stand up pouch factory
Hi,I’m Noah, Business Development Director of Tedpack. Are you looking for the perfect shampoo pouches to showcase your brand? TedPack is the right place to be. We are dedicated on helping various customer's requirements and giving the best solution. Don't hesitate to contact us, we're always ready to give excellent services with outstanding pouches.
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TedPack Shampoo Pouch

Tedpack pouch is a perfect way to package your shampoo products -delicate and viscous products. It is developed as a low-cost barrier package for a shampoo product.

This packaging is made from superior quality materials with various barrier specifications and exceeds in performance.

Shampoo pouch designed with the excellent printing quality. We have a vast variety of printing options where you can find solution to match your brand.

Tedpack has the capacity to print up to 10 colors. You can choose your own designs for your shampoo pouches.

Printing your company logo and products on both sides of shampoo is the best way to showcase the business. It helps make the appearance of the pouch more attractive.

Our shampoo pouch is a user-friendly pouch. Easy to tear. Available in all sizes with attractive designs and shapes.

Tedpack shampoo pouch is reliable, durable and long-lasting. We offer efficiency and sustainability in each product.

Tedpack shampoo pouch has the capability to maintain the effectiveness of the shampoo and increase its’ shelf life.

Tedpack provides clear shampoo spout pouches, aluminum clear shampoo pouch, clear shaped shampoo spout pouch and many more.

Shampoo pouch also features die-cut hang holes to hung from hooks providing adding convenience to all customers.

Shampoo pouch is sealed using a standard sealer to protect shampoo by avoiding leaks. Made inconsistent quality procedures to produce superior quality products. 100% tested in performance.

Our expertise allows us to provide higher productivity in this industry. Tedpack keeps on searching new ideas and techniques in manufacturing shampoo pouches.

New styles and innovations are included in the next products. Even in such upgrades, our products always come at very affordable prices.

Your urgent orders can be easily handled because Tedpack manufactures over half a million pouches every week. Our product is your ideal and perfect shampoo pouch. Email us for a custom solution today!

Shampoo Pouches-The Definitive FAQ Guide

What are Shampoo Pouches?

Shampoo pouches are types of pouches designed to take the form of flat bottom pouches, gusseted pouches, stand up pouches that are manufactured for the successful packaging of shampoo products.

Due to their ability to package shampoo effectively, they are being utilized by a lot of companies for the everyday packaging of different types of shampoo products.

Tedpack makes shampoo pouches and other similar types of packaging materials. Tedpack are likewise experts in the craftsmanship and structures of all forms of shampoo products.

figure 1

Shampoo pouch

For what reason do you have to utilize a Shampoo Pouch?

Shampoo pouches are manufactured with the goal that they have the most befitting requirements for the packaging of shampoo products, and this makes them exceptionally compelling in the packaging of different types of products.

Tedpack design shampoo pouches to an extent that they take up a lot of structures and types needed for the packaging of befitting products, based on the requirement of the company making the order.

Shampoo pouches are also designed with the intent of being easy to use. This is the reason they are lightweight and simple to deal with.

What are the advantages of utilizing Shampoo pouches for Shampoo packaging?

Utilizing pouches that are carefully designed for shampoo packaging proffers more points of interest for the products compared to the use of normal packaging pouches or bags.

Some of the advantages of this include the following:

  • Branding and planning for promotion and awareness reason
  • Shampoo pouches are generally simple to store since they take up plenty of designs that causes them to sit easily on racks
  • Shampoo pouches are exceptionally solid and guarantee the safety of a lot of shampoo products
  • Shampoo pouches are generally cost friendly compared to most types of pouches. Even those that are a little bit expensive are very cost-effective.

With a manufacturing organization like Tedpack, there are lots of features that can enable you to structure your shampoo pouch to suit various types of products.

What kind of sealers should I use for Shampoo pouches?

Tedpack makes use of two varieties of sealing for shampoo pouches, and they include the following:

  • Impulse sealing
  • Heat sealing

What are Zip Lock Shampoo pouches?

 Ziplock shampoo pouches refers to a feature incorporated for a shampoo pouch, and it is being utilized by most shampoo pouches producing companies.

They offer an extra zipper design, and this makes it exceptionally simple to handle especially for sealing and unsealing.

Ziplock shampoo pouches can likewise have an extra feature, most time with a valve. The advantage of this is that the shampoo will be safely packaged for a significant period of time.

A great number of shampoo companies fancy these features on account of the simplicity in taking care of them, and because of the fact that a lot of consumers love the feature.

figure 2

Ziplock shampoo pouches

Do Shampoo pouches retain the flavor of the product?

This is based on the material that is utilized to make the shampoo pouch, they help in the maintenance of the flavor and fragrance that the shampoo needs over a significant period of time.

However, this is not common for a lot of Shampoo pouches, and they are based on the manufacturer of the product. So, it is important that you make inquiries before the production of the pouch.

Tedpack design a wide range of shampoo pouches, including those that are capable of retaining the product’s flavor.

Can Shampoo pouches be stacked?

Shampoo pouches can be stacked. However, to make sure that the pouches are in good condition to be stacked, drop testing must be done.

Drop testing is done to assess the vulnerability of the shampoo pouch to cut. Drop testing likewise checks ascertains the quality of the material that is utilized for the manufacturing of the pouches.

Will Shampoo pouches be strong for my products?

Shampoo pouches can be used for the packaging of a wide array of shampoo products or similar liquids. It should be noted that these are the products they are best suited for.

Some of the products that shampoo pouches are ideal for include the following:

  • Everyday shampoo
  • Normal hair shampoo
  • Oily hair shampoo
  • Colored shampoo
  • Clarifying shampoo

Which valve is the best for Shampoo pouches?

On the off chance that you need to utilize a valve for your shampoo pouch, you need to ensure that it is one that would offer a hermetically sealed alternative.

This would help in the aversion of the entry of oxygen which could diminish the life expectancy of the shampoo in some cases.

On most occasions, degassing valves are utilized to make shampoo pouches, this creates the ideal condition for the shampoo.

The commonest sort of valve that is utilized for this is the one-way degassing valve.

This valve type makes it feasible for the gases to get away, and simultaneously prevents oxygen from getting into the pouch.

With Tedpack, you have plenty of choices to decide from, and they help with designs that can assist you with progressive viable packaging of your, shampoo drink.

figure 3

shampoo pouch with valve

What are the advantages of using a degassing Valve?

There are many advantages as to why a degassing valve is being utilized for the packaging of shampoo pouches. Some of them include the following?

They help let out air that air contained inside the shampoo pouch, so doing, they help in the counteractive action of oxygen that many contain microorganisms which might affect the product’s viability.

They help in keeping the shampoo or crisp, smooth, and perfect just the way it has been produced by the manufacturing company

What kind of valves that can be utilized for shampoo pouches?

Tedpack makes use of 2 types of degassing valves for their shampoo pouches, they are; the goglio valve and the Wipf valve.

Regardless of this, there is room for the suggestion, so this, however, depends on the decision of the client. In other situations, Tedpack can offer guidance on which of the valves is the best for shampoo pouch.

What would it be advisable for you to contemplate before making use of shampoo pouch?

Before choosing the kind of Shampoo pouch to use as a bundling material, there are many things you may need to consider.

Some of them are the following:

  • If the material that is used for the shampoo pouch will affect the product
  • FDA and ATSMA endorsement of the shampoo pouch
  • If the pouch is a printable material?
  • How strong the pouch is?

What are the materials that are used in manufacturing shampoo pouches?

Various materials are being utilized, and these are important because the nature of shampoo varies, different options are weighted before picking materials for shampoo pouches. They include:

  • The Consumers Choice for the packaging material
  • Choice of the company submitting the request for the shampoo pouch.

Subsequently, the materials that Tedpack utilized for the manufacturing of shampoo pouches include the following:

  • Cast polypropylene
  • Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate
  • Ethylene-Vinyl Alcohol
  • Aluminum Foil
  • High-thickness polyethylene
  • low-thickness polyethylene
  • Direct low-thickness polyethylene
  • Metallized PET film
  • Situated polypropylene
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene
  • Polyethylene Terephthalate

What are the various types of Shampoo pouches?

Various kinds of shampoo pouches are available depending on their different packaging characteristics, and the packaging of various products.

Here are some of the various kinds of Shampoo pouches.

  • Base gusseted Shampoo pouches
  • Side gusseted Shampoo pouches
  • Flat bottom shampoo pouches
  • Spouted shampoo pouches.
  • Inverted stand up pouches
  • Quad shampoo pouches
  • Shampoo pouches with zippers

Tedpack are experts in the manufacturing and designing of these types of pouches.

What are Bottom Gusseted Shampoo pouches?

These are one of the most mainstream pouch types used by different shampoo producing companies for the packaging of shampoos products

Bottom gusseted pouches are structured so that the pouch can easily convey the number of products in.

The gusset edges are joined to the sides of the pouch, from the top to the base, this gives the pouch an ideal shape, as the ability to remain upstanding.

A bottom gusseted pouch can be structured so that the base can take various shapes, and this is one of its notable advantages

What are side gusset Shampoo pouches?

Side gusseted shampoo pouches are stand up pouches that have gussets on all sides. The gussets run from the top to the base of the pouch.

At the highest point of the pouch, there is a sealing that forms the shape of the pouch, and at the base of the pouch, a flat sealing is used.

Tedpack are experts in the manufacturing and design of all types of shampoo pouchesfigure 4

Side gusseted shampoo pouches

What are spouted shampoo pouches?

One reason that has prompted the achievement of spouted shampoo pouches for packaging today is that they are utilized as a substitution for plastic and glass packaging of shampoo products.

But they offer financial advantages over plastic and glass bottles, and simultaneously they give a similar packaging efficiency.

Spouted shampoo pouches require high strategy and technique to produce, and this is the reason you need an experienced organization to deal with this.

Tedpack are competent, and they have all the innovation and personnel to make this.

What are stand up shampoo pouches?

Stand up shampoo pouches are designed with film structures through the lamination of various materials so as to give the packaging effect that is desired.

Several layers of the materials are laminated together, and they protect the products from oxygen, moisture, vapor, and other contaminants.

What are Inverted stand-up pouches?

Inverted shampoo pouches are one of the most recent kinds of stand up pouches utilized today. However, not a lot of assembling organizations make use of this phenomenal pouch.

This shampoo pouch is structured so that the upper part is the base that the pouch balances or stands with.

They likewise furnish the item with an enduring life expectancy, and this is a result of the quality materials that are used to design them.

They likewise serve at great hindrances against a wide range of contaminants, including vapor, and scent penetration.

This transformed idea of shampoo pouch gives it an exceptional look that make it depicts every single design and feature of the pouch. This makes it a standout amongst other shampoo pouches for style and artwork.

 Tedpack are experts in both the designing, illustrations and marking of inverted stand-up shampoo pouches for the packaging of different shampoo types.

What are Foil Shampoo pouches?

These are shampoo pouches that are made with various overlaid materials. However, they have aluminum foil as the prevailing material.

This is a result of the advantages that aluminum foil materials have, for example, scent hindrance, counteractive action on dampness and oxygen

In the shampoo business today, they are one of the most utilized pouches, and this is a result of their remarkable properties.

figure 5

Aluminum foil shampoo pouches 

What number of features would I be able to consider for the assembling of shampoo pouches?

There are different shampoo pouches to pick from, and likewise, there are different features to incorporate for more structures and aesthetics of shampoo pouches.

This is done so that they are all flexible and easy to use for consumers.

Some of the various features that can be incorporated into the structures of shampoo pouches incorporate include the following:

  • Shampoo pouches with punch opening
  • Shampoo pouches with handles
  • Shampoo pouches with zip locks
  • Shampoo pouches with spout
  • Shampoo pouches with round corners and so forth
  • Shampoo pouches with valve.

 These features are options for every client depending on the order placed by the customer.

How are Bottom gusset shampoo pouches manufactured?

These shampoo pouches are utilized by a lot of companies. They are favored because of their surface, extraordinary appearance and feasibility to print on them.

They have gussets that are folded both upwards and inwards, and they are planned so that they have the two sides of the pouch evenly sealed. The base gusset gives them a standing position.

A portion of the materials utilized for the manufacturing of bottom gusseted shampoo pouches include the following:

  • Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene
  • Kraft paper
  • Metalized polyethylene

Bottom gusset shampoo pouches have favorable properties, and together with their capacity to form various shapes and the window features, this makes them an ideal sort of shampoo pouch.

What innovation is utilized for printing on bottom gusset shampoo pouches?

Tedpack offers probably the most developed printing technologies for craftsmanship and structures on packaging bags and pouches, and this includes shampoo pouches.

The printing techniques include the following:

  • Rotogravure printing
  • Flexo printing
  • Computerized printing advances.

Are Shampoo Pouches FDA endorsed?

All Tedpack packaging bags and pouches, shampoo pouches included, meet the necessity of FDA and ATSMA, and a proof can be sent to clients should they request so.

Can Shampoo pouches be recycled?

Tedpack’s shampoo pouches are eco-friendly and recyclable. They help protect them and keep the environment safe.

Further, when you have to dispose of them, they can be easily well disposed of. You can discard them and they won’t adversely influence the surrounding.

Are Shampoo pouches reusable?

Tedpack shampoo pouches can be reused. But this ultimately depends on the manufacture of the shampoo products that it has been used to package.

How many colors of Shampoo pouches can be printed?

Tedpack printing colors for packaging bags and pouches are 8. On the off chance that clients require more, they can make put a request to the sales representative.

Can you design the perfect Shampoo pouch packaging for my product?

Tedpack can provide professional advice for the packaging of your product. There are also design options to cover packaging options for every type of product.

Alternatively, you can state your preferences, and Tedpack will work based on it.

What is your product/package compatibility testing?

Tedpack utilizes the various testing option for shampoo pouches. They all help to make sure that the pouch is ready for packaging.

Compatibility testing includes the following:

  • Seal testing
  • Pressure testing
  • Drop testing.

Can I have a sample of Shampoo pouches?

Upon request, every customer would be provided with a sample of shampoo pouch before the production in large quantities.

What is the minimum order quantity for manufacturing Shampoo pouches?

At Tedpack, the minimum order accepted for all types of shampoo pouch is 50000 pcs.

But there is the possibility of an exception based on the requirement a customer makes or the criteria of an order being placed.

Where can I get spare parts and service for Shampoo pouches?

There are a ton of organizations like Tedpack that manages the design and manufacturing of bags and pouches. You can check google with your area location to get shampoo pouches manufacturers close to you.

Can I specify my material specification for Shampoo pouches?

Every customer has the option of specifying the design of a liquid pouch, as well as the material that would be utilized form the manufacturing.

After the specification has been made, Tedpack would make a draft, and upon approval, manufacturing would commence immediately.

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