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TedPack is your #1 seasoning pouch manufacturer and supplier in China. We can customized pouch based on your detailed specifications.

  • Durable packaging offer optimum quality protection
  • Strictly design to FDA and ASTM standard
  • Minimum order of seasoning pouch is 10,000 pcs
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Your Best Seasoning Pouch Manufacturer

As a professional manufacturer and supplier, TedPack offers superior-quality seasoning pouch with affordable price. We offer a stylish and durable selection of seasoning packaging for all kinds of spices and related products. For a bespoke solution, please feel free to contact us with your design. We will make a perfect pouch for you!

Seasoning Pouch

TedPack offers a wide variety of seasoning pouch for all types of spices products. Find the perfect shape for your brand and product.

pizza seasoning pouch

TedPack design pizza seasoning pouch available in various holding capacity. You will have plenty of options to stand out from your packaging. Our pizza seasoning pouch is made of 100% food-grade, FDA-approved materials. It is safe for food. Each pouch is carefully tested to main standards.

Printed seasoning pouch

Looking for a high-quality printed seasoning pouch? TedPack is your great choice. We offered printed seasoning pouch with affordable prices. Design your perfect packaging for your product, imprint your brand. TedPack will provide you quality assurance, no odor nor moisture could affect the quality of the product.

Plastic packaging seasoning pouch

This plastic packaging seasoning pouch is designed and developed to high-quality material and advanced technology. TedPack offers a huge variety of plastic packaging seasoning pouches in different designs, finish colors, patterns, sizes, and materials. Also, we can produce custom design packaging to meet special requirements.

Seaweed packaging pouch

Seaweed packaging pouch is made from natural, eco-friendly material. With rich insight into the packaging industry, we offer a wide variety of excellent pouches feature moisture-proof, odor-proof, leakage proof and so on. TedPack minimum order for seaweed packaging pouch starts from 10,000 pcs.

Seasoning packaging spout pouches

In TedPack, seasoning packaging spout pouches that can be customized. The bespoke solution includes material, size, style, and printing. Also, all features can be personalized. Aside from spout, we can build hanghole, zipper, tearing, valves and more.

Laminated seasoning packaging pouch

Laminated seasoning packaging pouch suitable for all types of spices products. As a manufacturer of quality packaging, TedPack offers excellent shelf presentations through clarity and rigidity along. It also has good moisture-resistant, oxygen barrier, and puncture-resistant.


TedPack Seasoning Pouch Customize Capabilities

stand up pouch material-2
Choose The Right Materials For Your Seasoning Pouch

To keep your product fresher for longer, we offer the right barrier for your packaging needs. We utilize the best material to meet your specific needs.

  • Printing (Surface) Layer: BOPP, PET, NY, Kraft paper
  • Barrier (Laminated) Layer: NY, PET, PETAL, AL
  • Heat Seal (Inner Food Contact) Layer: HDPE, LDPE, CPP, CPPAL, RCPP
stand up pouch feature-2
Customized Your Seasoning Pouch Features & Accessories

In TedPack, we design and manufacture seasoning pouch with functional features. We offer seasoning pouch in a variety of sizes, styles, and configurations.

  • Closure Options: single and double, tap, child resistance, inno-lok, velcro hook & loop zipper closure
  • Valve Options: One way degas valve, double way degas valve, Goglio&Wipf Valves
  • Tin-tie Options: Copper Tin-ties, Iron Tin-tie, Paper Tin-tie
  • Treatment Options: Laser perforation, Cut handle holes, Custom windows, Tear notches, Pouch shaping, Matte&Shiny finishing, De-metallize
stand up pouch print-2
Best Printing Options on Your Seasoning Pouch

When you need a high-quality custom seasoning pouch, TedPack got you covered. We can design a perfect seasoning pouch for your product.

  • Flexo Printing: Surface simple print, low cost and easy text & images
  • Gravure Printing: Quality reverse print, medium cost and complicated text and images
  • Digital Printing: Medium quality surface print, high cost and complicated text & images
stand up pouch factory
Hi,I'm Noah, Business Development Director of TedPack. I am pleased to provide you the best packaging solution for your business packaging needs. With more than 20 years of experience, we are capable to build and maintain a solid business foundation. TedPack has been trusted by many customers around the world. Reach me for a better solution for your packaging requirements.
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TedPack Seasoning Pouch

TedPack seasoning pouch is designed to meet the latest packaging requirements. It is well-developed using best quality raw material and advanced technology.

As a professional manufacturer and supplier, we offer stylish, superior quality seasoning pouches at more competitive prices.

Our seasoning pouch is available in various designs, patterns, sizes, materials, colors, and patterns. Plus, we offer limitless options to packaging design.

In order to meet unique specifications, TedPack provides a bespoke solution to match up with your specific demands.

TedPack seasoning pouch has properties to maintain the aroma, color, and freshness of the seasonings. TedPack pays more attention to packaging design in order to suit packaging needs.

In custom-design, we utilize advance printing techniques for printing up to 10 colors. We utilize the ideal raw material such as BOPP, PPE, MET, LLDPE, PE, and others.

At TedPack, we can provide seasoning packaging solutions you desired. You can enhance the shelf-life of your packed products and skyrocket your business productivity.

With more than 20 years, TedPack design and manufacture innovative packaging to meet your expectations.

Our packaging has strong resistance against oxygen, moisture, odor, light, and other elements. Maintain and safeguard seasonings’ original taste and richness with reliable packaging from TedPack.

If you are looking for the best bags for your spices, look no further, find what you need at TedPack. Actually, aside from seasoning pouch, we offer a comprehensive range of packaging.

Our packaging stands out in quality and performance. At reasonable prices, you will get the best packaging solution for your goods.

With rich knowledge and expertise, TedPack understands how valuable your time is. Therefore, we strive to provide the best and quick turnaround time to you.

Contact us to learn how we could support your seasoning pouch and bring better business!

Seasoning Pouch: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In recent times, seasoning pouches have gained significant popularity due to their diversified features.

Brands are seeking pouches that are flexible, eco-friendly, eye-catching and functional, and seasoning pouches fit these requirements.

Furthermore, the information in this FAQ guide is suitable for OEM businesses, brands and individuals seeking to understand more about seasoning pouches.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is a Seasoning Pouch?

A Seasoning Pouch is a flexible packaging with a closure option such as a zipper, or spout to facilitate easy access to products.

This pouch is manufactured for the purpose of packaging seasonings such as herbs, spices, condiments, salt, turmeric, pepper, seaweed, and flavorings among others.

More people are beginning to use seasonings for their food products to increase the demand for the pouch among brands.

Seasoning pouch

Seasoning pouch

What are the available Types of Seasoning Pouch?

To meet the needs of all customers, manufacturing companies are making seasoning pouches of different types.

The pouches differ on the aspects of volume, design, size, materials, printing, lamination and add-on features.

Some of the available types of seasoning pouches include:

· Plastic Packaging Seasoning Pouch

This seasoning pouch type is made using different plastic polymers.

This pouch is used to package different seasonings which exists in powder and solid form.

Plastic packaging seasoning pouch has add-on features such as tear notch, round corners, and zipper to improve its functionality.

· Printed Seasoning Pouch

This seasoning pouch is preferred by brands seeking to generate more revenue and improve their sales.

Printed seasoning pouch allows brands to print on the surface of package using suitable printing options.

It is printed using both Pantone and CMYK inks using different colors.

· Pizza Seasoning Pouch

This is an eye-popping package, with beautiful graphics to attract the attention of customers.

It comes in different colors ranging from matte black, white to others.

It also has a glowy look and shiny surface to improve its appearance.

· Laminated Seasoning Packaging Pouch

Laminated seasoning packaging pouch is made through the lamination process.

Different materials are bonded together to form barrier layers that offer excellent protection to the products.

The laminate layer also keeps moisture from impairing the quality of the products.

As such, they extend the shelf-life of the products. This pouch can be clear or opaque.

· Seasoning Packaging Spout Pouches

This seasoning pouch type has a spout feature at the top of the package to aid in the clean and precise dispensation of the products.

This pouch comes in different colors, sizes, and shapes.

It is used to package seasoning in a semi-solid or liquid state.

· Seaweed Packaging Pouch

This seasoning pouch is made using seaweed material which is natural and eco-friendly.

This bag is used to package turmeric, salt, pepper and others.

Seaweed packaging pouch preserves the freshness of the products: it is leakage proof, odor proof, and moisture-proof.

· Custom Seasoning Packaging

Just as the name suggests, this seasoning pouch is custom-made.

The design, size, shape, color, and printing options are made according to client specifications.

This pouch is not similar to stock seasoning pouches.

It can be used to package various seasonings.

· Paper Seasoning Pouch

This seasoning pouch is made using natural paper.

The pouch has a hang hole to allow display of products on the retail shelves.

However, it cannot stand erect on the shelves as it lacks a gusset bottom.

It is suitable for packaging turmeric, chili powder, condiments and herbs among others.

· 60g Seasoning Pouch

This seasoning pouch can hold a specific volume of 60g of the product.

It has a shiny and smooth surface to improve the appearance of the pouch.

Customers are highly attracted to the pouch while it’s on display on shelves.

It is printed using the gravure printing process producing high quality and durable images.

This pouch is used to package dry products and powders ranging from flavorings, spices, herbs and condiments to name but just a few.

What is the Design of Seasoning Pouches?

The design of a seasoning pouch is customized.

Further, it varies depending on customer specifications.

You can access a seasoning pouch which can stand independently on the shelf.

Similarly, there are seasoning pouches which lay flat on the retail shelves.

The design depends on a number of factors:

  • Type of product
  • Marketing strategy
  • Lamination

That said, the design styles of seasoning pouches vary from one to the other.

Seasoning pouch

Seasoning pouch

What are the Features of Seasoning Pouch?

A seasoning pouch stands out due to a number of features:

  • Extremely light-weight as they are made using less material
  • Reusable
  • Resealable using zippers
  • Eco-friendly
  • This pouch provides an airtight environment which is key to the preservation of the products
  • Puncture proof protection
  • Specialized printing options for a sophisticated and polished look
  • Outstanding visibility which occurs through hanging the pouches on display using hang holes. It also occurs as the bags have a gusset bottom to enable them stand erect on the retail shelves.
  • Versatile; the seasoning pouches can package a wide variety of products
  • Functionality; seasoning pouch has several features such as degassing valves, resealable zip closures, tear notches and more to improve its functionality.
  • Seasoning pouch is superior and this is because they are easy to fill
  • There are no limitations on the shape and size of seasoning pouches
  • Food contact approved plastic barrier laminates to FDA standards
  • Seasoning pouch allows for standard disposal and provides outer packaging cleanliness

What are the Products Packaged in Seasoning Pouches?

Seasoning pouch is one of the most popular packaging solutions today.

Food industry brands can use this pouch to package their food products thus meeting the needs of their users who seek flexible and functional packaging.

It is imperative to understand that seasoning pouch can be used to package non-food items such as cosmetics.

Even so, some of the products that are packaged in seasoning pouch are:

  • Turmeric
  • Chili powder
  • Salt
  • Lemon grass
  • Nutmeg
  • Curry
  • Spices
  • Herbs
  • Seaweed
  • Condiments

What Surface Treatment is done on Seasoning Pouches?

If the surface of the seasoning pouches is left plain, they are less attractive.

Customers may not be able to spot the products from the shelf.

It is important for brands to stand out on the retail shelves.

The best way of achieving this is through printing eye-catching graphics on the surface of the pouches.

The three main surface treatments done on seasoning pouches are:

Printed seasoning pouch

 Printed seasoning pouch

· Gravure Printing

Gravure printing is where graphics or an image is incised onto the pouch on a sunken area leaving the ink.

Firstly, an image is acid-etched onto the surface of the metal cylinder.

The cells have a different degree of depths which avail tonal gradations on the printed image.

Secondly, you fill the cells with printing ink while wiping other parts of the cylinder clean.

Thirdly, you press the cylinder on the pouch to transfer the image directly to the pouch.

Typically, the run pers SKU ranges from 5,000-50,000 pouches, and it depends on the size of the pouches.

As the pouches get larger, the MOQ reduces.

There is set up costs for gravure printing.

One must purchase the printing cylinders or printing plates needed to print the artwork.

A cylinder costs $300-$400 and you may need up to 8 cylinders for different artworks or more.

· Digital Printing

Digital printing is where a print image is transferred directly to a printing press through a computer.

It involves the use of CMYK ink to print on the seasoning pouches.

It delivers high-quality printing, with all colors printed at a single pass. Digital printing allows short runs of printed pouches.

The MOQ for this printing is 1,000 pouch pieces.

Contrary to gravure printing, digital printing does not have set up costs for the graphics or art work, it is free.

· Lamination

Lamination involves bonding several layers of materials together using an adhesive to form a barrier layer.

Lamination of the surface of the seasoning pouch helps make it more opaque thus providing a barrier against UV light, oxygen, and moisture.

· Hot Stamping

Hot stamping is a printing technique involving the transfer of pre-died ink onto another surface.

It is done under high temperatures to enable the print stick on the surface of the package.

The hot stamping process involves using silicon die to brand the specific part of the pouch with an image.

The image is pressed onto the surface of the pouch to produce high quality and durable graphic.

What Materials are used to Make Seasoning Pouches?

Several materials are needed for the manufacture of seasoning pouches.

These materials provide the properties needed to preserve the freshness of products as well as package protection.

Seasoning pouches are mostly made using plastic polymers and metal foils.

These materials include:

Seasoned pouch

 Seasoned pouch

Polyethylene Terephthalate: improves the seasoning pouch’s tensile strength with excellent clarity.

It also moisture-proof with good chemical and gas barrier properties.

In addition, it is lightweight contributing to the seasoning pouch portability feature.

Nylon: This material has excellent oxygen barrier properties.

It also has good mechanical properties to protect the seasoning pouch from punctures or impact.

Linear Low-Density Polyethylene: this material makes the seasoning pouches easy and quick to heat seal.

It also has an opaque finish that protects product content from UV and light oxidation.

Vapor Metallized Polyethylene Terephthalate: polymeric material made using the coating of metallic thin layers on polymer films.

This coating provides a reflective surface as well as a glowy look to the material.

It also enhances the barrier properties of the base polymer film extrusion.

Biaxially-Oriented Polypropylene: it is a durable material that can hold weight without breaking easily.

It is also moisture resistant and flexible.

Polyethylene: has good impact resistance, chemical resistance, excellent ductility and is light.

This material is responsible for the pouch’s’ lightweight feature.

Aluminum foil: it has high opacity which provides a total barrier to UV light.

The foil is equally impermeable to water and oxygen protecting the pouch products.

Seaweed: this material is made from seaweed extract.

It is not only environmentally friendly but also cheap, natural, and biodegradable.

Are Seasoning Pouches BPA Free?

Yes, they are.

Seasoning pouches are made using certified BPA free material.

BPA material causes harmful effects on human health.

When packages made using BPA material are heated in a microwave, they release harmful chemicals that stick to food.

They are then consumed by humans causing serious health effects.

However, BPA free materials lack these chemicals.

When looking for BPA free plastic materials, it is important to look for the below codes under your product package:

Code 1 – Plastics made with PET or Nylon

Code 2 – Plastics made with HDPE

Code 4 – Plastics made with LDPE

Code 5 – Plastics made with PP

For plastics to be avoided at all costs:

Code 7 – recycling code for plastic with BPA

The most important thing to remember is to avoid exposing your packages to high temperatures through a microwave or dishwasher.

How do Seasoning Pouch Manufacturers in China support OEM Businesses?

Custom seasoned pouch

Custom seasoned pouch

  • Seasoning pouch manufacturers in China design as well as manufacture customized packaging solutions for OEM businesses. OEM businesses, therefore, have constant supply of seasoning pouches for their clients
  • OEM businesses benefit off from the brand of the manufacturing companies increasing their sales.
  • Seasoning pouch manufacturers extensively market their products hence shielding OEM businesses from extra marketing costs.
  • Manufacturers allow OEM businesses to add further value to the seasoning pouches and appeal to their target customers
  • Seasoning pouch manufacturers in China allow OEM businesses to license their products offering clients a new warranty.

Are Seasoning Pouches Reusable?

Absolutely, yes.

Once you are done using a seasoning pouch, you can clean it using hot water.

Immediately after that, you dry the pouch ensuring all the water is eliminated.

You can then use the pouch to package other products since it has a zipper to preserve the freshness of the new products.

However, you have to ensure that you avoid using the tear notch to tear away the bag.

If you tear this feature, then you cannot reuse it for other products.

What is the Cost of Seasoning Pouches?

Seasoning pouches are affordable.

They are sold at competitive prices.

The cost of a seasoning pouch involves production, printing and transport cost.

Also, the printing cost of a seasoning pouch depends on the type of printing option used.

If a digital printing option is used, the costs charged will be higher, and this reflects on the overall price of the pouch.

The production cost of the pouch is similarly lower due to lower labor costs in China.

Also, production of the pouches in bulk lowers the overall production costs.

The transportation costs of the pouches are lower as a large quantity of the seasoning pouches are transported at once.

As such, the costs of seasoning pouches are often lower.

A seasoning pouch costs around $0.002 per piece.

And, this cost varies depending on the volume/quantity of pouch.

What is the MOQ of Seasoning Pouches?

The minimum order quantity of Seasoning pouches is 10,000 pieces.

However, this MOQ depends on the sizes of the seasoning pouches.

Can you Order Seasoning Pouches Samples?

Yes, you can.

You make an order for the samples and receive them in 2 days as there are available seasoning pouches at a manufacturing company.

The stock samples are free.

However, if you need samples that are exact to the ordered pieces, you pay an additional cost.

The additional costs involve the material and machine charge cost.

Since the production of the samples involves manufacture and printing, the whole process takes around 10-12 days.

In the event that you place an order which reaches a certain amount/quantity, the sample cost can always be returned to the client.

What are the Size Limitations of Seasoning Pouches?

There are no size limitations to seasoning pouches.

The pouches are made according to customer specifications.

If a client wants larger seasoning pouches that fit their products, then the package is made to exact client needs.

Similarly, if a client wants a smaller pouch, they can access one based on their given measurements.

The sizes also vary because the seasoning pouches are made using different design styles.

A seasoning pouch can be 5 X 8 measurements or 11 × 10 × 11 inches.

There are however standard sizes: small, medium, and large offered by manufacturing companies that clients can still access.

What are Some of the Filling Options of Seasoning Pouches?

Before filling a seasoning pouch, you gas flash the package using nitrogen gas.

This process ensures maximum displacement of gases from the pouch.

Next, you introduce a dust hood above the pouch to collect airborne particles.

You then fill the pouch using either of the below-filling options:

· Manual Filling

This method involves opening the pouch and manually scooping the product weighing and introducing it into the seasoning pouch.

· Automatic Filling

This filling option involves the use of an automatic machine where the seasoning pouch is running and it gets to the augers where it is filled.

The pouch is filled with a precise amount of the intended product.

An auger dispenser works in such a way that that the product is loaded into the machine and the workers hold the pouch manually.

After this, a certain amount of the product is dispensed into the pouch.

If it involves a liquid product, you use a piston filler to siphon a precise amount of product from the holding tank directly into the seasoning pouch.

Since the products vary in viscosity, you can use a liquid filler with a nozzle.

Automatic pouch filling is increasingly popular today for its ease of use and simplicity.

What are the Add-on Features of Seasoning Pouch?

 Spices pouch

Spices pouch

While a seasoning pouch is made with specific standard features, add-on features are included to further improve the functionality of the pouch.

The add-on features include:

· Hang Holes

Seasoning pouches suspend from hanging holes for excellent stability.

Hang holes are placed strategically at the top of the seasoning pouch.

It can be butterfly or round hang hole style. This feature is suitable for the on-go-items.

When shelf space is limited, hang holes help keep the seasoning pouches on display.

· Degassing Valves

A degassing valve is typically placed at the upper part of the seasoning pouch to help prevent the pouch from bursting.

The products stored in the pouch may emit some natural gases which compress the seasoning pouch.

Also, the valve also helps prevent any natural gases from entering the pouch thus impairing the potency of the product.

In general, the feature helps in extending the shelf-life and freshness of products.

· Round Corners

Sharp corner design style leads to punctures and accidental cuts.

Rounded corners eliminate the risk potential when using seasoning pouches.

It is safe for customers’ hands and packaged products.

Besides, the round corners improve the appearance of the pouches making them presentable.

· Tear Notches

A tear notch is a feature placed above a ziplock, on both sides of a seasoning pouch.

This feature facilitates an easy and hygienic tearing of a seasoning pouch.

If one cannot use a zipper, they can use a tear notch to open the pouch.

Additionally, it is termed as a safety feature helping in ensuring that the pouch is not tampered with before purchase.

In essence, it helps in preventing the contamination of products all through processing, storage, and delivery.

· Resealable Zippers

The moment a tear notch is broken, the tamper safe seal breaks. Light and oxygen can freely enter the pouch.

Since customer value product freshness, they consider a resealable zipper an essential and valuable feature.

That said, a resealable zipper is a closure feature of a seasoning pouch.

It is a press to close feature that one can easily open and close when retrieving products.

The zipper also helps preserve the quality of the seasonings and products.

· Ergonomic Handles

This feature helps in better carrying and handling of the seasoning pouch.

As such, it improves consumer convenience as well as add value to the seasoning pouch.

· Spout

A spout is a feature at the top of some seasoning pouches to help in the precise, easy, and clean dispensation of products.

It is often suitable for pouches with products in semi-solid and liquid form.

Are Seasoning Pouches Eco-friendly?

Absolutely, yes.

Seasoning pouches are eco-friendly as they are made using recyclable materials.

As such, seasoning pouch contributes to less landfill waste.

The pouch is made using less material which means limited fossil fuels is used in the manufacture of the package.

With less fossil fuel use, the amount of greenhouse gas emitted into the environment is reduced.

You require fewer trucks to transport the seasoning pouches to their final destination.

And, this is because seasoning pouches occupy small spaces.

The amount of greenhouse gas released into the environment during transport is, therefore, reduced.

They are printed using water-based inks that have environmentally friendly characteristics.

What are the Suitable Colors for Printing on the Seasoning Pouches?

Seasoning pouches are made using dynamic colors which improve their appearance.

The suitable colors for printing on the seasoning pouches are customized.

However, you can print on the pouches using up to 10 colors.

Some of the suitable colors are Cyan, Magenta, black, yellow.

But red, green, orange, blue and others can be used to print on the seasoning pouches.

How long is the Seasoning Pouch Shipping Lead Time?

Seasoning pouch shipping lead time is 3-15 days.

The shipping time vary depending on the method used.

Seasoning pouches transported through air reach their destinations faster than those transported through sea, trucks or rail.

Which Quality Certifications do Seasoning Pouch Manufacturers Offer?

Quality is a culture of most if not all manufacturing companies.

It is, therefore, only right that they promote quality control from the design, manufacture and transport of the seasoning pouches.

Quality certifications that seasoning pouch manufacturers must offer include:

  • Quality Safety Certificate
  • Food, Drug and Administration Certificate
  • ISO9001 Certificate
  • SGS Certificate
  • CE Certificate

In short, with the information in this guide, am sure you can choose a reliable and high quality seasoning pouch.

You can contact us today for competitive and custom seasoning pouches.

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