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TedPack seafood packaging pouch maintain the distinct flavor of seafoods including anchovies, oysters, clams, salmon, shrimp, shellfish, fresh fish and crabs. Our seafood packaging ensures to keep these/your products as fresh and intact as the day it was cultivated.

When it comes to keeping products safeguarded from harmful external factors, and keeping consumer safe, TedPack seafood packaging pouch are the most effective, convenient, customizable solution on your seafood products.

TedPack seafood packaging pouch are made with multiple layers of barrier film that are laminated together. Our seafood pouches keep air and moisture out and lock in the quality, taste, texture, and structure of the product using food-grade materials that won’t alter the seafood in any way.

TedPack, with the ability to custom print and custom size flexible seafood pouch, your brand can produce to educate consumers and ensure all information is clearly legible, vibrant, and stands out on shelves.

MOQ100 Pcs by Digital Print, 10K Pcs by Gravure Print
Size50*70mm(Min)    350*600mm(Max)
Thickness50Mircons-120Mircons (2Mil-5Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, Metallized
PrintingD-Met Printing, Vanishing, Matte Finishing, Stamping
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TedPack - Seafood Packaging Pouch Manufacturer in China

TedPack seafood packaging pouch, with the ability to be manufactured with easy-open tear notches, recloseable zip locks and airtight seals, serves as the perfect solution for keeping seafood fresh, flavorful, and protected from outside contaminations.

TedPack can manufacture seafood packaging pouch by printing up to 10 colors, with the use of latest technology. Custom pouches are helpful to create brand awareness and for the marketing of the product among more consumers.

We, at TedPack, offer a broad range of high-quality lidding films and flow packs, as well as flexible and stable multilayer and barrier films to suit the exact needs of your product.

For more than 20 years, TedPack has been helping clients find the right packaging for their seafood business. Offering better utilize raw materials while also reducing processing time and increasing automation and food safety.

At TedPack, we are still developing and searching for new and innovative ways to provide the best packaging solutions for our clients and meet their specific needs. All of our seafood packagings is selected for durability and quality construction.

Seafood packaging: The Definitive FAQ guide

What is seafood packaging?

Seafood packaging is packaging materials that are produced and designed for the effective and easy packaging of seafood.

Seafood packaging is carefully designed for healthy and proper packaging of seafood, and they are quite distinct from other types of packaging materials because they are specially created for the packaging of seafood.

Seafood packaging is specifically designed to maintain the seafood quality, offer protection, and facilitates easy movement and handling of the products.

Seafood packaging manufactured by Tedpack who are experts in the designing and production of various packaging materials and seafood packaging is known for its top quality.

Seafood packaging

Seafood packaging

Is seafood packaging appropriate for all kinds of seafood?

Seafood packaging is appropriately designed for the packaging of various types of seafood.

Seafood packaging is a popular choice amongst seafood businesses because of its quality and compatibility.

Seafood packaging can be used by various seafood businesses and they can be used for the packaging of both fresh seafood and frozen seafood.

Does seafood packaging affect the quality of the seafood?

Seafood packaging is appropriately manufactured to ensure that they do not in any way interfere with the quality of the seafood.

Seafood packaging is carefully designed to maintain the product quality, keep the products fresh, healthy and in its natural state.

Seafood packaging is designed in line with standard health and safety regulations in order to guarantee its quality, and also its compatibility with various types of seafood.

What are the functional consideration for selecting the best seafood packaging?

There are a number of factors to be considered by seafood businesses before choosing a seafood packaging material.

In selecting a seafood packaging, seafood businesses must ensure that they carefully select the right packaging bag that would suit their needs and which will not adversely affect the quality of the seafood.

Some of the factors to consider include the following:

  • The type of seafood
  • The type of seafood packaging and how much it would cost.
  • The quality and durability of the seafood packaging
  • The ability of the seafood packaging to protects the product from damage
  • Ability of the seafood packaging to ensure that the seafood retains the benefits of food processing
  • Ability of the seafood packaging to ensure an extended shelf life for the seafood
  • Ability of the seafood packaging to maintain the seafood’s true flavour
  • Ability of the seafood packaging to retain the seafood’s natural colour
  • Ability of the seafood to ensure proper labeling display of the seafood.
  • The user-friendliness of the seafood packaging.

What is seafood primary packaging functions?

Seafood’s primary packaging functions comprises of the technical requirements of the seafood packaging.

Primary seafood packaging as to do with the protection of the contents against external influences during transport, handling and storage.

In other to achieve this the material used for the manufacturing of seafood packaging has to be robust, stable and resistant and must be designed to protect the seafood from possible factors such as fluctuating temperatures, moisture, and dirt.

What is seafood secondary packaging functions?

Secondary seafood packaging functions as to do with the retail aspect of seafood packaging which includes the communicative and display aspects.

Seafood packaging should be designed in a way to promote sales and make the identification and buying process as simple as possible.

The appearance, smell, and even the design of the seafood packaging should be designed to appeal to the senses and taste of consumers, and stimulate them to buy the product.

Seafood packaging should contain clear information that educates consumers about the ingredients, shelf life, intended usage, correct preparation and particular properties of the product.

What is seafood tertiary packaging functions?

Seafood tertiary packaging functions comprises of the final use and disposal of seafood packaging.

It features such information for additional use such as for example, cartons can be printed with figures to cut out, cups and buckets can be used as storage boxes or toys.

It also features information on the recycling of the packaging material once they fulfilled their main purpose.

What are the benefits of using seafood packaging?

  • Seafood packaging is manufactured with top quality materials to ensure that they are durable and efficient.
  • Seafood packaging keeps the seafood in a healthy and natural state.
  • Seafood packaging is designed to suit the packaging needs of seafood businesses.
  • Seafood packaging is easy to use by seafood companies and are easily accessible by consumers.
  • Seafood packaging is hazard free and very user-friendly.
  • Seafood packaging provides the utmost against factors like light, odor, dust water, etc.
  • Seafood packaging is beautifully designed and branded in a manner that distinguishes the seafood company and promotes the company’s business.
  • Seafood packaging is very easy to handle.

What is seafood sealed plastic tray packaging?

Seafood plastic tray packaging is the use of plastic sealed with an airtight transparent wrapper in the packaging of seafood.

Seafood plastic tray packaging is made with high tear and puncture resistance materials and they offer an exception window for viewing the products.

Seafood plastic tray packaging keeps the products fresh and they offer a simple and reliable way of seafood packaging.

Seafood Plastic tray packaging

Seafood Plastic tray packaging

What is seafood foldable carton packaging?

Seafood foldable carton packaging is the use of hard cardboard boxes in the packaging of seafood.

Seafood is packaged in specially designed hard cardboard boxes which are then kept in icy storage to preserve the freshness of the seafood.

Foldable carton seafood packaging is easy to use for both seafood companies and consumers, and it is also easy for the transportation of seafood.

Seafood foldable carton packaging

Seafood foldable carton packaging 

What is seafood tin packaging?

Seafood tin packaging as to do with the use of tinplate or aluminum sheet in the packaging of seafood.

Tin packaging is a popular way of seafood packaging because it is effective in keeping seafood in a safe and healthy condition.

The outside of the tin contains pure metal while the inside is coated with a plastic-based on polyesters, epoxy resins or organosols.

Seafood tin packaging contains an ultra-thin coating that prevents direct contact of the contents with the metal of the can which could lead to undesired chemical reactions that affect the smell and taste of the seafood.

Seafood tin packaging aside from its top quality and safety, it also recyclable in a manner that doesn’t affect it’s quality and can, therefore, be reused after appropriate treatment.

Seafood tin packaging

Seafood tin packaging

What features can be added to seafood packaging?

There are various additional features that can be included in seafood packaging, and Seafood companies may demand the addition of some particular features in order to make the seafood packaging more suitable for the use of themselves and their consumers.

Some of the various features that can be added to seafood packaging depend largely on the type of seafood packaging used by the seafood company.

Some of the additional features include:

  • Viewing windows
  • High and medium viewing barriers.
  • Ring pull
  • Zipper closure
  • Peelable film

What graphic designs are available for seafood packaging?

There are various designs available for seafood packaging, and seafood companies can also request specific designs that meet the needs of their product.

The clients are always welcomed to select any design that suits their products, and Tedpack is dedicated to ensuring that all designs are of top quality and ultimately satisfy the needs of the clients.

Tedpack utilizes state of the art technologies and innovations In graphics and designs of all packaging materials.

The necessary considerations employed by Tedpack in the designing of all packaging materials include:

  • Differentiation from other brands in other to give the client a distinct identity.
  • Emphasis on details in other to guarantee visual appeal.
  • Easy recognition and identification of the brand.
  • The promotion, growth, and enhancement of the brand image,

Regardless of the type of branding or graphic design demanded by seafood businesses, Tedpack has a team of experienced professionals who are capable of effectively satisfying the graphics demand of the clients.

Some of the printing and designing methods are:

  • Metallize printing
  • Vanishing
  • Dmet printing
  • 3D printing

vanishing printing

Vanishing printing 

Is seafood packaging insulated?

Seafood packaging is carefully designed with special materials to ensures that they are effectively insulated.

Seafood is protected from heat, cold and other external factors that may negatively affect the quality of the seafoods.

Seafood packaging are designed to be resistant to all surrounding factors that may compromise the taste, smell and condition of the seafood.

Is seafood packaging odour free?

Seafood packaging is designed in such a way that they are smell resistant, and this ensures that the seafood preserves its smell and can only be perceived when opened.

Seafood packaging is made with airtight material which ensures that the products are smell proof, fresh, and healthy.

Is seafood packaging are sustainable and eco-friendly?

In light of the environmental awareness that is being created by the increase in climate change, it is important that packaging bags are designed to be biodegradable.

Most government laws today have laid emphasis on environmental conservation, and it is legally binding that packaging bags and pouches meet this requirement.

Today sustainability has become an important issue, and Tedpack is committed to sustainable usage of resources.

Seafood packaging is made with materials that are eco-friendly and in line with strict government rules and regulations in regard to the use of eco-friendly packaging materials.

Tedpack is committed to assisting seafood businesses in developing a sustainable and eco- friendly philosophy, and also in building a strong environmentally conscious brand.

Is seafood packaging recyclable?

All packaging bags and products manufactured by Tedpack are recyclable, and seafood packaging is made with materials that can be recycled.

The recycling capacity of seafood packaging makes it a top choice for seafood businesses because it is cost-effective and environmentally conscious.

The recycling capacity of seafood packaging clearly illustrates the dedication of Tedpack to the manufacturing of top quality packaging bags and also in assisting seafood businesses to save cost and to operate in an environmentally friendly manner.

Seafood companies can decide on the method of recycling they want to adopt in the recycling of seafood packaging.

Is seafood packaging FDA approved? 

All Tedpack packaging bags are FDA approved,  and seafood packaging is produced in line with the standard guidelines and regulations of the FDA.

Seafood packaging is designed to ensure that the quality and state of every product is maintained and protected.

Seafood packaging is carefully designed to meet the standard health and quality guidelines set by the FDA.

Seafood Packaging is FDA Food Safety Approved, so there’s no reason to bother about the safety and health of the seafood.

Where can I place an order for seafood packaging near me?

Seafood businesses can easily place an order for seafood packaging on the website of Tedpack.

Seafood businesses could also google the location of seafood packaging manufacturers in their location.

How long will it take to receive an order of seafood packaging?

Seafood companies can place their order on Tedpack website and after doing so, they are required to wait for a period of 4 to 5 weeks for the delivery.

The 4 to 5 weeks waiting period is used for designing, manufacturing and transportation of the packaging material.

The manufacturing or designing process with Tedpack includes the following:

  • Reaching out to the sales personnel with your order, and you will be told about prices.
  • Stating your requirements and preferable designs if you have any
  • The design team will come up with a soft copy and samples for you
  • As soon as you approve, manufacturing or design activities will immediately commence.

After placing an order for the manufacturing of candy packaging, the duration of shipping and delivery takes a period of 30 to 40 days.

How can I communicate with the manufacturer to give my requirements?

Tedpack manufacturing companies can be reached by both email and phone number.

Clients could also drop comments and feedback on the website for evaluation by the company.

Tedpack are always eager and happy to hear from the clients and they operate an efficient customer care service that is always open to every need of the clients.

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