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Customize The Perfect Printed Stand up Pouches For Your Business

TedPack is known as the best supplier of all types of pouches such as stand up pouches, flat bottom pouches, gusset pouches, and many others.

  • All our pouches are using water-based inks for printing
  • Our plants are GMP and ISO certified
  • We offer excellent quality products
  • Recyclable and landfill friendly material

Your Leading Printed Stand up Pouch Manufacturer

TedPack Printed Stand up Pouches are one of the best choice among the other pouches, it can protect your products and perfect for keeping standing in the shelf. You can send us your ideal pouch design and we will help you custom your pouch.

Printed Stand up Pouches

TedPack will help you create a cutest pouch but has a high quality pouches that help your product standing tall, eye catching and easily notice by the customers.

custom printed flat bottom stand up pouches

This kind of stand up pouches can be used in many food industries. It keeps the food fresh in a longer shelf time. This kind of pouch is perfect for packing food like coffee, dog treat, whey protein powder and many more.

This type of stand up pouches is very convenient to re-use and re-close the bag. Many clients prefer this pouch since it is recyclable and reusable. Printed stand up pouches with zipper is noticeable in the market and many use this for dried food packaging because it can easily show to the customers.

printed kraft paper stand up pouches

Printed Kraft Paper Stand up Pouches is one of the eco-friendly among the other pouches. Also, suitable for packing many products such as dried food such as coffee, tea, nut and depending to customers’ needs, our Kraft paper have brown, black and white colors options.

printed stand up pouches with window

This kind of stand up pouches is the most popular pouch for packing all kinds of products. Shoppers can easily attract since they can identify what’s the product inside through its window, window can be customized into triangle, oval and square options.

TedPack Printed Stand Up Pouches Customize Capabilities

stand up pouch material-2
Choose The Right Materials For Your Printed Stand Up Pouches

Our stand up pouches are approved by the FDA and you can ensure that it is 100% safe from dirt and poison.

  • Printing (Surface) Layer: BOPP, PET, NY, KRAFT PAPER, RICE PAPER
  • Barrier (Laminated) Layer: NY, PET, PETAL, AL
  • Heat Seal (Inner Food Contact) Layer: HDPE, LDPE, CPP, CPPAL, RCPP
stand up pouch feature-2
Customized Your Printed Stand Up Pouches Features & Accessories

TedPack has a wide accessories options such as hang hole to make the pouch easy to store and display in the shopping market.

  • Closure Options: single and double, tap, child resistance, inno-lok, velcro hook & loop zipper closure
  • Spouts | Fitment Options: Child resistance caps, ez-pour spouts, wine fitments, all diameter spouts
  • Valve Options: One way degas valve, double way degas valve, Goglio&Wipf Valves
  • Tin-tie Options: Copper Tin-ties, Iron Tin-tie, Paper Tin-tie
  • Treatment Options: Laser perforation, Cut handle holes, Custom windows, Tear notches, Pouch shaping, Matte&Shiny finishing, De-metallize
stand up pouch print-2
Best Printing Options On Your Printed Stand Up Pouches

In printing your pouches it is very important that it’s not inferior and blurry. TedPack makes sure that the pouch you are using is vivid and clear printing to attract more customers.

  • Flexo Printing: Surface simple print, low cost and easy text & images
  • Gravure Printing: Quality reverse print, medium cost and complicated text and images
  • Digital Printing: Medium quality surface print, high cost and complicated text & images
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TedPack Printed Stand up Pouch

TedPack is one of the FDA and USDA accredited manufacturers of stand up pouches in mainland China. You can ensure that the pouches that you are using in packing your products are safe from harm and mercury.

We offer a lot of pouches and other plastics pouches that perfect fit for packing food and also for packing liquid goods. TedPack gains our faithful clients’ trust as well as our potential ones.

Printed Stand up Pouches becomes an attractive option for the other clients since it is inexpensive and has high-quality packaging materials for the food industry and also in liquid industries.

At TedPack you can ensure that all our pouches are durable and suitable for reuse and keep your products safe, away from a substance such as mud or dust that may cause harm for your products.

TedPack printed stand up pouches are the trendiest packaging style in the market. We design this kind of pouch to stand it out in the market against the competitors.

By choosing TedPack, you can rest assured that all our stand up pouches has a high barriers resealable pouch to ensure that it will not leak easily.

Printed Stand-Up Pouches: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Today, I want to answer all questions you have about printed stand up pouches.

Whether you want to learn about the design, types, uses, printing process or MOQ, you will find everything here.

Let’s dive right in:

What are Printed Stand-Up Pouches?

Printed stand-up pouches are packaging bags that have amazing graphics and details printed on the back of the pouches.

 Printed stand up pouches

Printed stand up pouches

Why Should you Consider Purchasing Printed Stand-Up Pouches?

Using the printed stand-up pouches, you are sure of better promotion, protection, and drive of product sales.

Apart from that, here are some of the advantages that should compel you to use the printed stand-up pouches.

· Eye-Catching Graphics

You can create stunning HD graphics on the printed stand-up pouches with perfect solid lay down and ink control.

This form of technology will offer your stand-up pouches and product the most attractive graphics on the shelf.

· Steady Structure and Shape

You can produce your printed stand-up pouches in a wide variety of sizes as well as shapes.

It comes complete with a wider flat base that offers a steady standing position for the printed stand-up pouches.

· Reduction in Packaging Cost

Apart from being attractive on the shelf, you are also sure of reducing the cost packaging your products.

This form of packaging costs three to six times less in comparison to the rigid form of packaging.

· Better Warehousing and Transportation

You will also save a lot in the distribution process of your products in printed stand-up pouches.

It conserves space thus allowing you to fit five to ten times more packages inside a particular truck.

· Additional Features for Convenience

It also increases the value to your brand with additional features that make it more consumer-friendly.

It includes additional features such as resealable closures which help in increasing the shelf- life of the packaged product.

· Safety of the Products

Well, you can have the printed stand-up pouches keeping the products within fresh for a longer period.

It also includes a puncture-resistant film that will keep the products safe during transportation.

· Sustainability of the Pouches

Printed stand-up pouches are the most sustainable packaging solutions for your environment.

In other words, you will spend limited resources such as material, energy, and water in the process of making the packages.

· Great Shelf Impact

With the graphics on the display including all the information on the package, you are sure of increased shelf impact.

The package will stand out among other packages with additional information about the products within.

Which Products Can you Package within Printed Stand-Up Pouches?

You can use the printed stand-up pouches to package and increase sales of different products.

Here are some of the products that you can pack inside the printed stand-up pouches.

 Printed stand up pouch

Printed stand up pouch

· Packaging of Food Products

As a food producer, you can give more information on the food you produce through printed stand-up pouches.

You can package different types of food products to increase the safety and the shelf-life of the food products.

· Packaging of Non-food Products

You can also exploit the advantages of the printed stand-up pouches and package non-food products.

This includes products such as motor vehicle parts, stationery, kitchenware, and toiletries among other products.

· Packaging of Health Products

Well, most of the health products such as bodybuilding enhancement pills and supplements come in printed stand-up pouches.

· Packaging of Liquid Products

It also has water-resistant layers that will prevent leakage of liquid products from the printed stand-up pouches.

Implying that you can package different types of liquid products with the printed stand-up pouches without the worry of leakage and safety.

· Packaging of Pet Products

You can package pet products such as pet food and toys in the printed stand-up pouches.

To increase the marketability, you can include graphics of the pets on the cover of the printed stand-up pouches.

· Packaging of Beverages

It has the perfect storage environment for different beverages such as coffee and tea.

You are certain of having fresh coffee and tea products straight from the printed stand-up pouches.

How Many Types of Printed Stand-Up Pouches are There?

Your choice for printed stand-up pouches has never been better.

There are numerous types of printed stand-up pouches that you can choose from such as:

· Kraft Printed Stand-Up Pouches

Kraft stands up pouch is a printed stand-up pouch made out of scientifically developed layers of natural papers.

It will keep the products packaged within them fresh and safe from bacteria, UV light, and other contaminants.

· Flat Bottom Printed Stand-Up Pouches

Flat bottom printed stand-up pouches are the most appropriate packaging for stand-up display on shelves.

It has flat bottoms that keep the stand-up pouches in an upright position thus best for packaging coffee among other products.

· Jerky or Flat Printed Stand-Up Pouches

You will use the jerky printed stand-up pouches to package cheese or meat products for increased shelf life.

· Retort Printed Stand-Up Pouches

Retort printed stand-up pouches are the most convenient types of packaging for a cook-in-a-bag meal.

It allows you to cook meals such as soup and rice while the food is still intact within the bag.

· Spouted Printed Stand Pouches

You can use this type of printed stand-up pouch to package different types of liquid products.

It comes complete with a spout that allows you to fill and remove the liquid products efficiently.

· Printed Stand-Up Pouches with Handles

This type of printed stand-up pouch comes complete with a handle for ease of movement and display.

What are the Uses of Printed Stand-Up Pouches?

You can use different types of printed stand-up pouches for flexible packaging options.

There are no rules on how you will use your printed stand-up pouches thus allowing flexibility.

Here are some of the uses of the printed stand-up pouches:

  • Keeping the products within the packages safe from dust and other contaminants.
  • Maintaining the freshness of the products for a longer period thus increasing the shelf-life.
  • Increases the sales of the products by attracting more customers.
  • Displays more information about the products with graphics and images to the potential consumers.
  • Increases the handling ability in terms of better distribution to different places.

How can I Design My Own Printed Stand-Up Pouch?

Do you know that you can easily come up with a custom printed stand-up pouch through designing?

Well, you can do that by following this simple and straight forward designing procedure:

 Stand up pouch design

Stand up pouch design

1) Formulation of the Idea

First, you need to come up with the best idea and design that you would like on your printed stand-up pouch.

This is, however, a joint effort that will require the input of your team including manufactures, designers, and printers among others.

Through proper consultation, you will agree on the perfect design or designs to print on your printed stand-up pouches.

At this point, you will also discuss issues to do with the budget, type of materials, and features of the printed stand-up pouches.

The features that you will agree on include the color, photos, graphics, windows, specialty finishes, and lot codes.

2) Obtaining the Template

In this stage, you will go for a detailed template that will give you the critical zones and boundaries on your layout.

This is the point where you will include all the print details on the stand-up pouch by adhering to the boundary guidelines.

After that, you can ask for reviews from you team to allow you make the perfect printed stand-up pouch.

With the completion of your designing process on the template, you can send the document for manufacturing.

Make sure that you indicate clearly the types of materials that you want for the printed stand-up pouches.

Which Features Should You Look at Before Purchasing Printed Stand-Up Pouches?

You must have the final outlook of the products in the printed stand-up pouches at heart.

This will help you make the correct choice for the printed stand-up pouches by considering the key features.

Here are the main features that you must have on your printed stand-up pouches:

Printed kraft stand up pouch

Printed Kraft stand up pouch

· High Vapor Barriers

You will consider having films that will block the entry or exit of moisture, aroma, or oxygen from the package.

Apart from that, you will choose the type of film you need such as metalized PET, specialty, or barrier films.

· Varying Finishing Options

You should choose from the wide variety of finishing options including matte, gloss, soft touch, and metalized finishes.

· Hang Holes

Here you can choose to either have hang holes or handling space such as sombrero or round hang holes.

· Closures and Tear Notches

This will give you the chance of specifying on the closure and opening procedures for the printed stand-up pouches.

· Gusset or Pouch Bottom Options

Here, you have to specify on the gusset or pouch bottom options such as K seal, DOY seal, or plow bottom.

· Print Substrates

There are numerous print substrates that you can choose from including metalized PET, PET, and PCR among others.

Which Quality Specifications Must the Printed Stand-Up Pouches Adhere to?

It is important to purchase printed stand-up pouches of the highest quality for durability and sustainability.

Implying that the printed stand-up pouches must adhere to the international quality standards such as:

  • International Standards Organization (ISO) Quality Specifications
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) Quality Standards
  • Food and Drug Administration Quality Standards

How Many Materials Can You Use in Making Printed Stand-Up Pouches?

There are numerous materials that meet different printed stand-up pouches specifications that you can choose from.

Here are is a list of some of the common materials for making custom printed stand-up pouches.

  • Gloss Laminate Materials
  • Matte Laminate Materials
  • Clear Gloss Laminate Materials
  • Clear Matte Laminate Materials
  • Kraft Laminate Materials
  • Gloss Laminate that have Metallic Effects
  • Matte Laminate that have Metallic Effects
  • Compostable Kraft Laminate

How Can You Determine the Right Size of Printed Stand-Up Pouches?

When choosing the right printed stand-up pouches for your products, you must specify the size.

Here are some of the details that you have to take into proper consideration when determining size.

· Front Dimensions of the Printed Stand-Up Pouch

This is the length and the width of the printed stand-up pouch from the front of the pouch.

· Back Dimensions of the Printed Stand-Up Pouch

Here you will determine the length and width of the stand-up pouches from the back of the pouch.

· Depth Dimensions of the Printed Stand-Up Pouch

These dimensions will determine how deep you want your printed stand-up pouch to be.

What is the Minimum Order Quantity for Printed Stand-Up Pouches?

The minimum order quantity of printed stand-up pouches will vary according to the type of technology.

Here are the two main types of technology and how they influence the minimum order quantity.

· Digital Print Technology

In this form of printing technology, there is no minimum in the number of printed stand-up pouches you can order.

Despite the freedom of picking the number of pouches you desire; you should prepare to pay higher prices.

· Rotogravure Print Technology

In this case, you will have to order a minimum of 10,000 printed stand-up pouches.

Here, the cost of printing high-quality prints on the stand-up pouches is low.

Can you Package Organic Products in the Printed Stand-Up Pouches?

Absolutely, you can package organic products inside the custom printed stand-up pouches.

All the printed stand-up pouches follow the food and drug administration guidelines.

Implying, that they are food grade and you can package different types of food products.

Which Type of Printing Effects is Possible for the Printed Stand-Up Pouches?

The type of printing effects that are possible for printed stand-up pouches will depend on the material.

Here are the two main types of materials and the printing effects that you can print on them.

· Plastic Materials

 Plastic printed pouch

Plastic printed pouch

Here, you can have a gloss finish, matt finish, as well as matt and gloss, finish effect print on the plastic material.

It also allows you to place a window of any size and shape anywhere on the plastic material.

· Paper Materials

 Kraft paper stand up printed pouch

Kraft paper stand up printed pouch

In this case, you place different types of custom finishes on different types of paper materials.

Some of the paper materials include white paper, brown kraft paper, as well as biodegradable materials.

In this case, you have a limit on the size and shape of a window that you can place on the printed stand-up pouch.

You can only place a central rectangular window on this type of material.

Which Kind of Information Can You Print on the Printed Stand-Up Pouches?

Well, the information that you print on the printed stand up pouches increases the marketability of the products.

Here are some of the information that you can have on the printed stand-up pouches.

  • Name of the Product on Sale
  • Weight which will determine the quantity of the products you are selling
  • Ingredients for making particular products on sale in different quantities
  • Brief explanation on the functions of the product inside the package
  • Logos for the product as well as those of the certifying authorities
  • Piece of advice on how to use the products efficiently

How do you make Printed Stand-up Pouches?

The manufacturing process of printed stand-up pouches goes through a series of steps that you should take into account.

Here is a step by step process that you can follow when manufacturing your printed stand-up pouches.

1. Creating Plates or Cylinders

With the right design and print information at hand, you can begin the manufacturing process by making plates or cylinders.

On these cylinders or plates, you will print every color of the design that you need.

You will also create a test print to ensure that you are printing the cylinders properly.

In case of defects, you will remove them and then remodel them into the perfect plates or cylinders.

2. Printing

After a successful process of making the cylinder, you can proceed to the printing stage.

Here, you will choose between the three most effective printing methods including digital, rotogravure and flexographic printing methods.

Here, you will load the cylinder or plates onto the printing machine such as the rotogravure printing machine.

The printing process will proceed with all the graphics and information that you need on the stand-up pouch.

Apart from that, you must adhere to the printing sizing details for proper printing results.

The printers have the capability of printing ate very high speeds thus producing very quick results.

The printer will also roll the printed cylinder after drying the ink completely.

3. Lamination

This is the point where you will add more layers of the printed stand-up pouches.

You will use different types of materials according to your specifications.

Using a lamination machine, you will band all the layers together into one type of film.

4. Drying

This is the process of curing the laminated materials under high temperatures in a drying room.

This will allow them to stay intact for a very long time without peeling and compromising the package.

Proper drying takes time that can last as along as 2 to 4 days of proper drying.

5.  Conversion Stage

Here you will convert the films into the different sizes of printed stand-up pouches that you need.

You will load the film into a conversion machine that will convert it into a complete bag.

The machine will create the front, bottom as well as the back thus transforming it into a stand-up pouch.

Here, you will also include the zippers, hanging holes, and notches among other features of the printed stand-up pouches.

Finally, you will confirm the quality of the printed stand-up pouches through thorough inspection of the pouches.

Are Printed Stand-Up Pouches Biodegradable?

Yes, there are printed pouches that are made out of biodegradable material.

This allows you to properly dispose of the biodegradable stand-up pouches without worrying about the pollution of the environment.

In short, there are so many reasons why you need printed stand-up pouches.

However, before you import printed stand up pouches from China, consider everything highlighted in this guide.

They will help you get reliable and cost-effective printed stand-up pouches for your specific needs.

You can contact us now for the best princes in printed stand up pouches.

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