Printed Spout Pouches

TedPack is one of the fastest developing flexible packaging bags and pouches manufacturer in China, we offer a large range of printed spout pouches for your choice.

  • Best quality spout and pouch production.
  • Timely delivery with favorable price
  • High level packaging quality in China
  • Stable supply ability with great services

Your Leading Printed Spout Pouch Manufacturer

TedPack printed spout pouch is designed to suit your needs from the style, the finish and materials. If needed we can help you design new pouch and all other product packaging you need, just message us.

Printed Spout Pouch

TedPack have not only got industry expertise but high-tech production capabilities, producing packaging to exceptional standards.

Clients choose this kind of spout pouches due to the good presentation of shape pouches, it can increase the sale since shape gives you the advantage to promote your brand to stand nicely on the shelf and gives an attractive look. All shape customize with free exist samples offer.

This kind of pouch can be used for many other applications not just for wine but also in think garden fertilizers, juices, gin, vodka, whiskey, and many more. With print color up to 10 and features on pouch all customized, window, hang hole.

This type of pouch is best in preserving freshness, flavor, texture, and odor like nothing else. Many clients preferred custom spout pouch for bone broth because it is awesome spout pouches, no more thawing and no mess, we offer range from 8oz, 12oz to 16oz, 20oz and 32oz type.

TedPack Printed Spout Pouch Customize Capabilities

stand up pouch material-2
Choose The Right Materials For Your Printed Spout Pouch

In TedPack, all our pouches are manufactured using high-quality materials that help ensure reliability and great use.

  • Printing (Surface) Layer: BOPP, PET, NY
  • Barrier (Laminated) Layer: NY, PET, PETAL, AL
  • Heat Seal (Inner Food Contact) Layer: HDPE, LDPE, CPP, CPPAL, RCPP
stand up pouch feature-2
Customized Your Printed Spout Pouch Features & Accessories

In customizing your printed spout pouch, we offers wide variety of options available such as design, color, size and many more.

  • Spouts | Fitment Options: Child resistance caps, ez-pour spouts, wine fitments, all diameter spouts
  • Treatment Options: Laser perforation, Cut handle holes, Custom windows, Tear notches, Pouch shaping, Matte&Shiny finishing, De-metallize
stand up pouch print-2
Best Printing Options On Your Printed Spout Pouch

TedPack uses best quality printing equipment to ensure the highest quality, photo like printing to enhance the appeal of the brand and the packaging.

  • Flexo Printing: Surface simple print, low cost and easy text & images
  • Gravure Printing: Quality reverse print, medium cost and complicated text and images
  • Digital Printing: Medium quality surface print, high cost and complicated text & images
stand up pouch factory
Hi,Hi I'm Noah, BD Director of TedPack. Are you in need of customize pouches for your business? If you need a perfect printed spout pouch for your business, TedPack is the solution provider you need. With 20 years of experience in the packaging industry, I can offer you exceptional, high quality and top of the line printed spout pouch for your business. To be a good partner of you packaging business is what we anxious for.
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TedPack Printed Spout Pouch

TedPack is a 20 years old company that engaged in the business of manufacturing and providing complete flexible packaging solutions. We are one of the prominent manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of a qualitative and attractive range of packaging. A professional manufacturers of printed spout pouch which are more durable and flexible than other products.

TedPack Printed Spout Pouches are perfect for keeping your product standing tall, offering strength and stability. It has a very appealing appearance that helps in attracting customers and building a business.

At TedPack, we can provide printed spout pouches to meet the barrier properties that your product requires. We’ll provide customized materials and pouches based on your specific needs and we listen to your needs that will solve your packaging challenges.

By choosing TedPack, you can guarantee your products are reliable, attractive and more sale revenue increased.

Printed Spout Pouches: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

With printed spout pouches, your products will easily stand out from your competitors.

In this FAQ guide, you are going to learn everything you need to know about printed spout pouches such as benefits, features, printing techniques, customized options, and many more.

Take a look:

What is a Printed Spout Pouch?

Printed spout pouch is a multi-colored spout pouch designed to appeal to consumers.

Images and texts are printed on the surface of a spout pouch to appeal to customers.

Normally, the images and texts can be printed throughout the spout pouch or only on some parts of a spout pouch.

Printed spout pouches

Printed pouches

What are the Features of a Printed Spout Pouch?

To understand the advantages of using a printed spout pouch you should know its features.

They are:

i. Spout

For printed spout pouch used for storing liquids such as beverages, oils, detergents, and gel a spout is a key feature.

There are several options for fitting a spout that you can choose from based on the properties of your products.

They are child resistance caps, EZ-pour spout, wine fitment spouts, and all diameter spouts among others.



Printed pouch with spout

printed pouches with spout

i. Windows

The window is found on the front of a printed spout pouch.

It allows you to see the product packaged in a printed spout pouch since it is normally transparent.

Pouch windows can be customized in different shapes and sizes subject to your specifications.

It can be square, round, or oval.

Printed spout pouch with laminated window

 Printed spout pouch with a laminated window

· Hang Hole

A hang hole is a feature of a printed spout pouch found over the zipper that allows you to hang it on a shelf for display.

It is appropriate for a retail set up.

A hang hole can be customized in any size or shape of your choice.

Printed spout pouch with hung hole

Printed spout pouch with hand hole

· Laser Perforation

Laser perforation also simplifies the opening of a pouch.

Laser perforation dispenses steam when one is microwaving as well as film to enhance the usefulness of a product.

· Valve

 Pouch valve

pouch valve

In a printed spout pouch, a valve is placed on top of a pouch.

A valve allows gas to diffuse from a printed spout pouch that has coffee beans.

·  Surface Printing

The outer layer of a printed spout pouch is where information about a product is printed.

The surface can be matte, glossy, or a mix of matte and glossy.

· Tin Tie

Tin tie refers to a flat paper or plastic-covered iron wire with the ability to refold.

Tin tie offers an alternative option of sealing a printed spout pouch.

·  De Metalizing

De metallization is facilitated through putting vanish on the area of the polyester layer where metal is not needed.

De metallization creates a window on the pouch’s surface to give a window according to customer needs.

De metallization is suitable for products that need significant strength and do not require significant isolation from moisture, temperature, and light.

It enhances the useful life of products and enhances appearance.

· Bottom Gusset

Whether empty or full a printed spout pouch has a bottom gusset that enables it to stand alone.

This feature differentiates it from other types of packages.

Can you Customize Printed Spout Pouches?

Printed spout pouches can be customized according to your needs.

You can customize:

  • Size and form of a printed spout pouch based on your requirements
  • Printed spout pouch using a single or several colored digital designs or prints
  • Printed spout pouch to make room for contents that are vulnerable to oxygen to avoid oxygen penetration
  • Different designs for your consumers to identify them in retail shops and shopping mall counters
  • The filling and seal of a printed spout pouch differently to make it easy and effective for your products.
  • Printed spout pouch to differentiate from your competitors. You can include a handle, a keychain clip, or a hang hole.
  • Printed spout pouch with brand images like the logo and name of your company.

Brand images allow you to attract your customer’s attention when you showcase your products during business events, in retail stores or you give samples.

Which Products can you Store in a Printed Spout Pouch?

Several products can be packaged in a printed spout pouch.

· Pet Food Products

Food meant for pets like birds, fish, cats, and dogs are packaged in printed spout pouches.

· Tea and Coffee Printed Spout Pouch

A printed spout pouch with a valve is used to package tea, coffee beans, and roasted.

It preserves the features of these products.

· Dry Food Products

Dry food products such as candy bars and nuts are stored in printed spout pouches.

· Backed Food Products

Various backed foods are packaged in a printed spout pouch. Some of the backed food products are cakes and cookers.

They are suitable for backed food because they have a handle that makes them portable.

· Cosmetic Products

Different cosmetic products are stored in a printed spout pouch.

They include body scrubs, skin lotions, and a liquid face mask among others.

· Chemical Products

Several chemical products are packaged is a printed spout pouch.

Some of these products are pesticides and fertilizers.

Fertilizers and pesticides are packaged in a printed spout pouch because it protects them from the impact of ultraviolet rays.

What are the Materials used in making Printed Spout Pouches?

To protect the properties of products packaged in a printed spout pouch different materials are used for the inner, middle, and outer layers.

  • The outer layer of a printed spout pouch is made using polyethylene terephthalate and oriented polypropylene materials.

A polyethylene terephthalate is strong and temperature resistant.

It prevents damage to packaging and content as well as offers temperature resistance.

An oriented polypropylene is a film that is not heat sealable and has great clarity.

It increases a printed spout pouch barrier characteristics.

  • The middle layer is made using nylon and aluminum foil materials.

Nylon and aluminum foil have great clarity and stiffness as well as a large melting point.

These features make it resistant to oxygen, moisture, and aroma.

  • The inner layer is made using Cast polypropylene and low-density polyethylene materials.

Cast polypropylene and low-density polyethylene materials are heat sealable and can endure high heat.

These characteristics enable printed spout pouch to contain heat.

What are the different Types of Printed Spout Pouches?

There are various types of printed spout pouches you can choose from.

 Printed cpout pouches with tear notch

Printed spout pouch with tear notch

They are:

· Shaped White Printed Spout Pouch

Shaped white printed spout pouches come in several shapes like bottle and jar shape to align with your preference.

It has a spout that renders it appropriate for pouring liquid content without spillage.

On a shaped white printed spout pouch you can print names, user guides, logos, and branding.

The white color makes them visible.

· Aluminum Foil Customized Printed spout pouch

Aluminum Foil Customized Printed spout pouch are sterilized to extend the useful life of packaged content.

The Aluminum foil is temperature resistant. Hence it enriches the flavor, aroma, and quality of your food products.

Also, the laminated film of this type of printed spout pouch is strong.

Thus it can be employed in storing raw food and pre-cooked food products.

The film also prevents puncture and tear as well as external risks like ultraviolet light, moisture, and oxygen.

· Custom Printed Spout Pouch with a Handle

A custom printed spout pouch with a handle is suitable for tea and coffee.

You can print product user guides, company logo, name, and brand graphics in printed spout pouch for advertisement purposes.

Custom printed spout pouch with a handle has a firm spout seal that acts as an excellent barrier and protects the freshness, smell, and flavor of products.

The heat seal on its laminated film ends makes it less prone to leakages.

Custom printed spout pouch with a handle has comfortable handles that make it simpler to carry.

· Customized Printed Spout Pouch for Baby Food

A customized printed spout pouch for baby food is BPA free.

This makes it safe for storing baby food.

A customized printed spout pouch for baby food has a spout for sucking or emptying baby food.

You can custom print a customized printed spout pouch for baby food.

You can customize product names, logos, and information.

· Customized Printed Spout Pouch for Breast Milk

Customized printed spout pouch for breast milk is used for packaging breast milk.

Customized printed spout pouch for breast milk has several laminated layers that are durable, leakage-free, and resistant to puncture.

They stand alone pouches thus suitable for storing breast milk in a cooler, cabinet, basket, or refrigerator.

It has high-quality barriers that protect content from oxygen, moisture ultraviolet light, oxygen, and contamination.

You can print a graphic, photo, or scale on the gusset’s side.

· Custom Printed Spout Pouch for Drinks

Custom printed spout pouch for drinks is used for packaging cocktails, wines, and beverages.

Custom printed spout pouch for drinks has a barrier that protects contents against ultraviolet rays, oxygen, and moisture.

The material used in making a Custom printed spout pouch for drinks is resistant to insects and rodents.

There are several designs available for differentiating your Custom printed spout pouch for drinks from alternatives.

What are the Benefits of using a Printed Spout Pouch?

Printed spout pouches have several benefits. They include:

· Powerful Branding

Printed spout pouches make branding to be simpler, productive, and efficient.

Compared to alternative packaging, printed spout pouch provides complete control regarding graphics.

Also, printed spout pouch can stand and has attractive shapes that differentiate them on shelves and keep them ingrained in the minds of consumers.

· Sustainable

Printed spout pouch occupies less space. As such a lot of printed spout pouches are carried in a transportation car.

Less transportation space means less fuel is used in transporting printed spout pouches.

With less fuel consumption comes lower carbon emission.

· Durability

Unlike alternative packaging that faces damage printed spout pouch is durable.

It guarantees that packaging and content are uncompromised.

When compromise is limited the number of customer complaints you receive is minimized significantly.

What are the Printing Techniques used on Printed Spout Pouches?

To understand the quality of a printed spout pouch it is pertinent that you are aware of the different printing techniques used.

They include:

Rotogravure Printing Technique

The rotogravure printing technique employs the use of copper plates to plaster complex or medium images and texts on the outer layer of a printed spout pouch.

Rotogravure printing technique offers you printing options in nine different colors

Rotogravure printing

Rotogravure printing

The minimum run of a rotogravure printing technique is 10000 bags.

It produces high quality and low price printed spout pouches.

· Digital Printing Technique

The Digital printing technique is employed in printing complex images and text on surfaces that have medium quality.

Digital printing techniques do not have a minimum run.

It can print from 200 to 20000 pouches depending on your specifications.

Digital printing produces s[out pouches which are expensive.

Can you get Printed Spout Pouches in Different Sizes?

 Printed spout pouch

Printed spout pouch


Printed spout pouches are available in different sizes.

You can get a printed spout in small, medium, and large sizes based on your specifications.

Also, you can order a 70ml, 100ml, 500ml, 1000ml, or 2000ml printed spout pouch.

Are Printed Spout Pouches Environmentally Friendly?

Printed spout pouches are environmentally friendly.

Printed spout pouch allows you to implement the three Rs of sustainability which include reducing, reuse, and recycle.

  • The volume of plastic employed in making a printed spout pouch is lower than that of plastic bottles.
  • Printed spout pouches are recyclable

Low carbon emission, less plastic use, and recycling are good for the environment.

They reduce your level of carbon emission, plastic water, and landfill waste.

What should you Consider when Choosing a Printed Spout Pouch?

You should consider several factors before you choose to use printed spout pouch for packaging.

They are:

  • Type and cost of a printed spout pouch.
  • Security and durability of a printed spout pouch.
  • User-friendliness of a printed spout pouch.
  • Product availability for future use.
  • Availability of product sample.
  • The simplicity of moving your product using a printed spout pouch.

Do you provide Free Samples for Printed Spout Pouches?


To ensure that printed spout pouches meet your requirements you can ask for samples.

They are available at no additional costs.

How do you Manufacture Printed Spout Pouches?

You must understand the manufacturing process of a printed spout pouch to appreciate its benefits.

The steps include:

  • Several materials are subjected to various plows which bends a gusset at the bottom to produce a pouch.
  • After a gusset has been created upright seals are developed alongside the pouch.
  • A spout is secured on the inner area of the pouch which is close to the top end.
  • A spout is placed close to the upper edge to secure ends and reduce the rate of thickness.
  • The lower layers are sealed by employing a machine to fasten the gusset on the sides.
  • The pouch is diagonally separated along the center of the seal’s edge to create the container features of a printed spout pouch.
  • The printing system is used to print images and texts on the outer layer of a printed spout pouch.

How do you Test the Quality of Printed Spout Pouches?

To ensure that you receive high-quality pouches quality tests are done on printed spout pouch.

Quality tests examine printed spout pouch degree of permeability and its seal’s resistance to transportation and storage stress.

The tests are:

· Burst Strength Test

The burst strength test establishes a seal’s strength.

The burst strength test is carried out by pressurizing a printed spout pouch at a uniform degree until its seal ruptures.

The burst strength test highlights the areas of weakness of a seal and guarantees that you get strong and quality printed spout pouches.

· Barrier Test

The permeability of a printed spout pouch to air and water is determined through the barrier test.

The major barrier tests are:

· Oxygen Transmission Rate Test

The oxygen transmission rate is the scale through which oxygen permeates the film layer of a printed spout pouch.

Oxygen can cause spoilage.

It impacts the color, odor, and flavor of the contents of a printed spout pouch.

The oxygen transmission rate test makes sure that the degree of oxygen transmission aligns with your needs.

The rate of transmission is customized per the needs of your offerings.

·  Water Vapor Transmission Rate Test

Water vapor transmission rate is the scale at which water vapor permeates a film layer.

For products needing a certain volume of moisture to impede degrading, preserve taste and preserve texture regulating the scale of water vapor diffusion.

When the scale of moisture transmission is high, the rate of moisture permeation becomes high.

· Modified Atmosphere Packaging

This technique is used for removing air from a printed spout pouch and substituting the air with gas that lessens the effects of oxidation and increase in the microbe.

The properties of your products determine the type of gas that is used in atmospheric packaging.

Are there Quality Regulations for Printed Spout Pouches?

To provide you with quality pouches several quality standards are followed.

  • High quality printed spout pouch must have durable printing and codes.
  • Pouches have to include information such as expiry date, MRP, and batch number. For instance pet food pouches should have a batch number and an expiry date.
  • Materials used in making a printed spout pouch have to be FDA approved and BPA Free.

What is the difference between auto CMYK Printing and Manual Screen Printing options?

Printed stand up pouch

Printed stand up pouch

· Auto CMYK Printing

Auto CMYK printing is a deductive color printing method.

In a deductive color, approach light is deducted from a white sheet of paper by adding extra ink.

CMYK symbolizes Key, Yellow, Magenta, and Cyan

In mixing the outlined colors in different volumes various shades are created on the printed material.

Different approaches are used in auto CMYK printing to get the color of your choice.

For instance black color is created by adding additional ink.

However auto CMYK printing cannot create bright colors.

· Manual Screen Printing

Manual screen printing is a technique where ink is printed on a material manually via a screen.

The thickness of ink and color depends on the number of screens used.

It is used for small runs and art prints.

For small print runs manual screen printing is cost-effective.

Manual screen printing is environmentally sustainable because it uses acrylic ink that is solvent-free.

In manual screen printing an unlimited number of inks can be used.

Up to six colors can be used for printing.

Manual screen printing is suitable for thick materials since acrylic ink has water.

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