Printed Coffee Bags: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Excellent coffee packaging results in more coffee sales.

There are great marketing improvements like digital printing, and innovative packaging solutions like recyclable and biodegradable bags.

As such, manufacturers are opening the industry to medium sized and small businesses to compete with the large businesses.

This guide will answer all questions you have about printed coffee bags:

What are Printed Coffee Bags?

Printed coffee bag is a type of packaging bag that is manufactured to package coffee products and other dry products.

This coffee packaging bag is specially designed as well as customized to reflect a coffee manufacturer’s brand.

It is printed using suitable printing option to reflect the type of coffee, origin, place of manufacture and company information.

Printed coffee bag is an environmentally conscious packaging option.

Printed coffee bag

Printed coffee bag

What are the Add-on Features of Printed Coffee Bags?

To improve the user friendliness of your Printedcoffee bags, you have to implement accessories to that effect.

With knowledge of the application of the bag, you can suggest the right accessory to reach user friendly.

Some of the accessories include:

Degassing valve; this feature ensures bag venting and allows CO2 out of it effectively and without allowing in any gases from outside.

In fact, you can get degassing valve coffee bag.

Zipper; it is a reclosable feature at the top of the printed coffee bag. At times a customer would like to serve a portion of the packaged products for many times.

Tin-ties; this is a closure option for printed coffee bag.

Windows; often placed at the front of a printed coffee bag, windows improve the visibility of products. It offers a partial view of the product enough to attract customer attention.

Tear notches; this feature facilitates easy and clean opening of printed coffee bags.

Hang hole; this feature allows Printed coffee bags to hang in a display.

Are Printed Coffee Bags Customizable?

Yes, they are.

Printed coffee bags have excellent customizable capabilities.

You can customize aspects such as size, design, printing options, color, accessories, and materials.

You customize a printed coffee bag to meet your requirements/specifications or brand identity.

The final Printed coffee bag is unique to every brand or user

What are the Ideal Designs of Printed Coffee Bags?

The ideal design for Printed coffee bags are:

  • Doypack design
  • Quad seal design

What are the Materials used to make Printed Coffee Bags?

Printed coffee bags are made by the following materials which have properties that protect the products stored in them:

· Polyethylene Terephthalate

PET is a durable and strong material responsible for Printed coffee bag mechanical properties.

· Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is a highly compostable material

It also has excellent barrier properties

· Linear Low-DensityPolyethylene Terephthalate

It has good moisture proof properties

LLDPEhas good impact resistance and very flexible

It is equally low cost as compared to other materials

· Polypropylene

It is a greener material because it is lighter than other materials and has reduced emissions.

It is suitable for coffee packaging as it can be used multiple times.

The material has good tensile strength which allows it to withstand heavy weights even if it is lightweight.

· Polyethylene

PE is a BPA free material making it a safe plastic.

It is lightweight hence responsible for the portability of Printed coffee bags.

· Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene

It is suitable for making the surface layer of a Printed coffee bag due to its strong mechanical properties.

· Aluminum Foil

Aluminum film has excellent barrier against UV light, moisture, oxygen and spills.

This material is costly as compared to a combination of plastic polymers.

· Cast Polypropylene

CPP has greater transparency, better heat resistance, and higher gloss.

What are the uses of Printed Coffee Bags?

Printed coffee bags are not only used to package coffee products, but also other dry products.

  • Whole bean Coffee
  • Ground Coffee
  • Roasted coffee
  • Flavored coffee
  • Spices
  • Powdered mixes

What are the Printing Options available for Coffee Bags?

You can print your Printed coffee bag using three printing processes.

These printing options differ based on cost, suitability, process and quality.

Some of the printing options are:

Custom printed coffee bag

Custom printed coffee bag

· Digital Printing

Digital printing is suitable for several small businesses and start-ups.

It has the ability to create custom packaging solutions for products.

It is characterized with quick delivery and low minimum quantities.

It involves the direct transfer of a graphic from the computer to the bag surface.

· Flexographic Printing

Flexographic printing technology produces durable and high-quality images.

It involves the use of flexible relief plates

This printing process involves the use of food-safety compliant water-based ink to print on Printed coffee bag.

With flexographic printing, you achieve the premium quality of both offset and rotogravure printing.

· Rotogravure Printing

Rotogravure printing technology produces excellent quality images with fantastic registration in around 9 colors.

It also produces images with high contrast.

Rotogravure process is a direct printing method involving the transfer of graphics from plates to the surface of the bag.

It has a printing cylinder which has been laser engraved with very small cells capable of retaining ink.

Additionally, it is capable of retaining the size as well as pattern of which reflect the needed image.

The cells are forced to transfer their ink directly onto the surface of the coffee bag by capillary action and pressure producing printed images.

Using operational efficiency, rotogravure printing is suitable for established brands seeking economies of scale.

What Certifications do Printed Coffee Bag Manufacturers offer?

Manufacturing companies must ensure that their products meet the set safety and quality international standards and guidelines.

To achieve this, manufacturers offer the following certifications to prove compliance with the guidelines:

  • FDA certificate
  • SGS certificate
  • CE certificate
  • ISO9001:2008

Kraft coffee bag

Kraft coffee bag

What is the MOQ of Printed Coffee Bag?

The minimum order of quantity of Printed coffee bags is 5,000 pieces

You can however purchase up to 10,000 pieces.

If you want less pieces especially for a small sized business, you can purchase them from retail stores.

What are the Benefits of Printed Coffee Bag?

You can derive several benefits from using Printed coffee bags.

The benefits ensure that Printed coffee bags address the needs of products stored in them.

Similarly, these benefits make Printed coffee bags stand out on the retail shelves and as well as suit the products.

Some of the benefits of Printed coffee bags include:

  • Excellent branding and marketing due to adequate surface for printing
  • Printed coffee bag is reusable making it cost-effective
  • It is cost-effective
  • Printed coffee bags are portable due to their flexible feature
  • It is customizable to meet the needs of clients and fit the products
  • It has a minimum order quantity of around 5,000 pieces
  • It is FDA approved
  • Printed coffee bag is eco-friendly
  • It can be printed using a variety of printing options ranging from digital to rotogravure printing.
  • It is moisture proof

What are the Factors to Consider when Choosing a Printed Coffee Bag?

For coffee products and others, you have to get it right with your packaging.

You will notice that various types of coffee products are packaged in different packaging solutions.

The majority of customers consider the packaging of the product before they purchase them.

Some of the factors to consider when choosing the right Printed coffee bag are:

· Materials

Your packaging is what keeps your products fresh for long.

It means that the packaging material has a direct impact on the smell and taste of products.

Typically, UV light, moisture or oxygen affects the potency of coffee beans or products.

As such, when choosing a Printed coffee bag, it is best to pick one made using materials that provide excellent barrier.

Some of the materials that you can consider are Aluminum foil, metallized plastic films or kraft paper among others.

· Size

Your Printed coffee bag size depends on the quantity of a product you intend to package in it.

If the quantity of the product is high, the size of the Printed coffee bag will be large and vice-versa.

· Sustainability

The chosen Printed coffee bag has to be eco-friendly.

It should be made using compostable, biodegradable, and recyclable materials.

It should be able to store products for a long time without them going bad.

· Design

Choosing the best Printed coffee bag for your coffee is about an attractive design.

You can either a doypack design or a flat bottom design.

A doypack design is flat at the top but gusseted at the bottom.

It also has a zipper to reclose the package.

A flat bottom design, on the other hand, has a square flat bottom that gives the packaging excellent stand up properties.

It also offers great marketing possibilities.

Having these design styles for your bag gives users the impression that the product they are purchasing is worth their money.

Besides, the type of design style may slow or speed your filling process.

Doypack design style has two corners at the top speeding the filling process.

It is, therefore, considered the best for coffee packaging.

· Labels/Printing

Directly printing onto the surface of a Printed coffee bag is better than applying labels onto the packaging.

Printing directly on the bag unifies its whole appearance.

Gravure printing involves the use of cylinders, up to 10 colors, and complex art for printing.

This type of printing better fulfills marketing needs as well as illustrate your ideas.

Labels are often favored by coffee industries.

Choose smaller and clean labels for customized bags and larger labels for stock coffee bags.

The material of the label has to match that of the Printed coffee bag.

· Accessories

A printed coffee bag requires a degassing valve as an add-on feature.

The bag can also have closure options such as a zipper to keep the products secure in the package.

Other add-on features include round-corners, tear notches, ergonomic handle, and others.

When choosing a printed coffee bag, you can choose to have any of these add-on features.

The goal is to include an accessory that results in user-friendly bag.

· Filling Process

The right choice of Printed coffee bag can really affect the speed and ease of filling it.

Medium-sized and small businesses tend to semi-automatically or manually fill their printed coffee bags.

If you are using a doypack design, you have to ensure that the opening is wide enough to fit a scoop funnel.

You have to match your packaging with a design to make operation easy.

Flat bottom bags are often filled manually or using semi-automatic machines because of the wide four corners.

Are Printed Coffee Bags FDA Approved?

Absolutely, yes.

Manufacturing companies must ensure that they comply with the FDA stipulations and guidelines in order to guarantee their safety and quality.

Printed coffee bags are manufactured for the packaging of a wide variety of edible products.

The raw materials used in its manufacture should not impair the taste, quality or smell of the products stored in them.

Are Printed Coffee Bags Reusable?

Of course, yes.

After the first use, the printed coffee bag is fully emptied.

It is then washed using hot water to kill all of the bacteria.

After this, the printed coffee bag is dried to ensure that there is no water remaining.

The Printed coffee bag can then be used to package other products and reclosed using a zipper.

Are Printed Coffee Bags Eco-friendly?

Yes, Printed coffee bags are eco-friendly.

Their manufacture, storage, transport, and disposal are associated with a low environmental impact.

Printed coffee bags are flexible packaging solutions that are made using fewer material.

A large number of the bags can, therefore, be packaged in fewer trucks during transport resulting in the use of low fossil fuel.

Their production results in the low emission of greenhouse gases into the environment.

Since Printed coffee bags are recyclable and reusable, it results in less landfill waste.

The majority of brands today prioritize sustainability, and coffee packaging brands strive to practice sustainable use of resources.

What is the Cost of Printed Coffee Bags?

Printed coffee bags are sold at competitive prices.

The affordable price is due to the production of Printed coffee bags in bulk, it is therefore cheaper.

The raw materials used to make Printed coffee bags is equally affordable.

The printing cost as well as shipping costs are lower translating to affordable costs.

What are the Surface Treatments for Printed Coffee Bags?

Surface printing is an excellent surface treatment for Printed coffee bags.

It focuses on short-run printing, is cheaper and quicker.

Surface printing is achieved using rotogravure, digital or flexographic printing.

Shinny and Matt finishing is a treatment option for Printed coffee bags.

Finishingimproves the look of Printed coffee bags making them look more sophisticated and professional.

Laser perforation facilitates controlled tear activity of Printed coffee bags.

Even so, it ensures bag’s tensile strength and barrier.

At TedPack, we offer a range of printed coffer bags such as sealable coffee bags, flat bottom coffee bags and coffee bags with window.

You can contact us today for best prices on printed coffee bags.

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