There has been an advancement in everyday packaging, mainly due to the advent of technology.

Polythene pouch is a flexible packaging option that replaces the rigid forms of packaging.

This FAQ guide educates you in all you need to know regarding polythene pouch.

What Is a Polythene Pouch?

Polythene pouch is a modern type of plastic pouch unique for its flexible and dynamic packaging qualities.

polythene ouch

Polythene pouch

What Are the Uses of a Polythene Pouch?

Polythene pouch is a contemporary packaging pouch that is dynamic and multi-functional.

The uses of polythene bags are practically limitless.

It can serve a wide range of packaging purposes.

Some of the uses of polythene pouch include:

  • Snack packaging such as candies, confectionery, chocolate, etc.
  • Beverage packaging such as coffee, tea, custard, oats, etc.
  • Liquid packaging such as milk, bleach juice, etc.
  • Cereal and Grain packaging such as rice, beans, maize, etc.
  • Meat and sausage packaging.
  • Laboratory and Medical purposes: the non-porous nature of polythene pouch makes it perfect medical use.
  • Toiletries and hygiene products.

Stand Up Polythene Pouch

Stand Up Polythene Pouch

What Is Polythene Pouch Made of?

Polythene pouch is made from the best materials to ensure its top quality.

The material components of the pouch are:

  • Flexible plastic film
  • Non woven fabric
  • High-density polythene (HDPE)
  • Low-density polythene (LDPE)
  • Medium-density polythene (MDPE)
  • Linear low-density polythene (LLDPE)

What Are the Advantages of Using Polythene Pouch?

There are numerous advantages of using polythene pouch.

The benefits extend from products to users.

The advantages of using polythene pouch include:

  • It is flexible and dynamic; hence it can serve different purposes.
  • It is user friendly
  • It is portable, which makes it easy to transport and store.
  • It is durable
  • It offers high barrier resistance
  • It is available in different shapes and sizes.

Polythene Pouch with valve

Polythene Pouch with valve

What should you Consider when Choosing a Polythene Pouch?

Before choosing a Polythene pouch, there are some things you should consider.

These factors are vital in assisting you in making the right choice.

  • The quality of the pouch: you have to ensure that all aspects of the pouch are of top quality.
  • The purpose for which you require the pouch: you must consider the peculiarities and requirements of your consumers and products.
  • The price of the pouch: this will determine if the pouch is a cost-effective choice or not.
  • The customization capacity of the pouch.
  • The availability of the pouch: you should consider how easily you can order and restock.

What Is the Thickness of Polythene Pouch?

The thickness of the polythene pouch ranges from 2mm – 5mm depending on the exterior of the pouch.

The width of the pouch acts as a barrier between the content of the pouch and external factors that may cause contamination.

What Extra Feature Does the Polythene Pouch Have?

Polythene pouch like other types of packaging bags can include several additional features.

The purpose of incorporating these features to the pouch is to tailor the pouch to your specific needs.

The extra features you can add to the polythene pouch are:

  • Handles, this is for easy mobility and display of the pouch.
  • Valves, valves are a type of opening that regulates the inflow of oxygen into the pouch. It is important for keeping the contents fresh and healthy.
  • Windows, this is an opening that creates a view into the content of the pouch.
  • Shapes: you can choose to make your polythene pouch come in a unique shape—the different ways: bottle shape, hourglass shape, round shape etc.
  • Stand Up Polythene pouch: this feature allows the pouch to stand on its own without requiring any support. Stand up pouch can be either side gusset or bottom gusset pouch.

You can demand the addition of either of these features or a combination of different features to polythene pouch.

What Problems Are Associated with The Usage of Polythene Pouch?

The challenges associated with polythene pouch is not such as to render the bag unusable.

The challenges are part of the difficulty that arises from choosing a plastic bag.

Some of the problems associated with polythene pouch are:

  • They are not usually child friendly because the material components of the pouch are harmful to kids.
  • Inorganic recycling can be expensive organic recycling can take many years to decompose.

Are Polythene Pouches Recyclable?

One unique quality of polythene pouch is its recycling capacity.

You can reuse polythene pouch for different other purposes after serving its initial purpose.

You can take polythene pouch to plastic manufacturer to recycle the pouches into new products.

Additionally, compostable polythene pouch takes a shorter period to decompose.

Are Polythene Pouches Eco-friendly?

Polythene pouch is highly eco-friendly.

The manufacturing of the pouch involves few materials, and it requires a shorter amount of time and power.

The material components of the pouch are compostable and sustainable.

This allows it to decompose easily into the earth without negatively affect the ecosystem.

Aluminium foil pouch

Aluminium foil pouch

How Durable Is the Polythene Pouch?

Polythene pouch is long-lasting and efficient.

The material components of the pouch guarantee a longer shelf life.

Polythene pouch has a high resistance to tear and puncture.

The pouch is also resistant to heat and moisture.

Are There Alternatives to The Polythene Pouch?

Polythene pouch is a unique type of pouch that is capable of serving different purposes.

Unlike other packaging pouches, polythene pouch is perfect for the packaging of both liquid and non-liquid contents.

Alternatives to polythene pouch are:

  • Aluminium foil pouch: this pouch is a combination of metallize films and tin foil. It is highly insulated and can serve a wide range of packaging functions.
  • Kraft pouch: this type of pouch is a combination of hard cardboard, cotton and other compostable materials. Kraft pouch is user friendly, sustainable and Eco friendly.

Both Aluminium and Kraft pouches can replace polythene pouch although they may not offer the exact packaging potential.

Is the Polythene Pouch FDA Approved?

Polythene pouch has a stamp of approval from the FDA.

The manufacturing and material components of the pouch are all in line with FDA guidelines.

Polythene pouch is fit for the packaging of both food and drug products.

You don’t have to worry about the safety of your products when using polythene pouch.

Kraft Pouch

Kraft Pouch

Are Polythene Pouches Printable?

A vital quality of every pouch is the printing and designing capacity of the pouch.

The surface of polythene pouch creates for easy design and printing.

You can choose from ten different colours for your polythene pouch.

Printing your pouch gives it a distinctive colour frame and design that makes it stand out from your competition.

There are several printing methods available for printing and designing polythene pouch:

  • Flexographic Printing
  • Digital Printing
  • 3D Printing

Is Polythene Pouch same as Polythene Bag?

Polythene pouch is similar to polythene bag in all ramifications except in appearance.

Polythene pouch is a portable packaging pouch that comes in special branded designs.

On the other hand, Polythene bag is a type of plastic storage bag is a larger type of storage bag.

You use polythene bags mainly for packing groceries, bin bags, etc.

Essentially, polythene pouch is mainly for product packaging while polythene bag serves other functions.

Printed Polythene Pouch

Printed Polythene Pouch

How do you Manufacture Polythene Pouch?

The manufacturing of polythene pouch involves different materials, processes, and state of the art equipment.

For easier understanding, the manufacturing process involves three different stages:

  • Extraction of raw materials: this process involves the derivation of all the raw materials and chemicals for manufacturing the pouch. The raw materials undergo a shuffling process to separate essential materials such as LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE from the raw materials.
  • Extrusion of plastic film: this is the process where the extracted materials are superheated to create plastic films. The plastic films transformed into pouches of different sizes and shapes.
  • Printing: This is the process of printing and branding the pouch. Polythene is sensitive, and light materials; hence manufacture use flexographic rollers in printing polythene pouch.

The manufacturing process of polythene pouch is not very complex, and it takes lesser time.

You can watch this video to learn more about the manufacturing process of the polythene pouch.

Polythene Bag

Polythene Bag

Are there Quality Standards for Polythene Pouch?

There are standards that all packaging pouches must satisfy.

Polythene pouch must meet the regulatory standard to be fit for use.

Polythene pouch must undergo some standard tests to determine its quality.

The purpose of the test is to determine the following:

Fitness of Purpose: polythene pouch is put through a quality test to verify if it is fit for packaging purposes.

Insulation: quality test determines if the pouch is strong enough to withstand external factor, keep the contents safe and healthy

Breakage and Puncture: quality test helps you to verify if the pouch if the surface of the pouch is strong enough to withstand Puncture and breakage.

Leakage: quality tests ensure that all corners of the pouch are not susceptible to leakage.

With this information, am sure you can get high quality and reliable polythene pouch packaging solution.

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