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Customize The Perfect Poly Stand up Pouch For Your Business

TedPack is a professional manufacturer for poly stand up pouches and all other plastic pouches.

  • Over 20 years stand up punches manufacturing experience;
  • MOQ from 5000 pcs to support your startup business;
  • All raw materials are BPA free and FDA approved,100% food safe-ensure;
  • A wide variety of custom pouch sizes, materials options;

Your Leading Poly Stand up Pouch Manufacturer

TedPack poly stand up pouches are trusted by over 1000 clients from the globe. We have helped a lot of clients grow their brand and get their products noticed by their customers. Send us your pouch design and artwork, we will make perfect pouches for you.

Poly Stand Up Pouches

TedPack will help you customize the perfect poly stand up pouch, we provide a wide variety of pouch options for your pouch design including size, material,features and more.

Custom Clear Poly Stand up Pouch

This custom clear poly stand up pouch can be done with a matte surface or with customized printing up to 10 colors. Also, the zipper can be add on pouches as well. You can work out the artwork for your own poly stand up pouches based our samples.

Poly Stand up Pouches with Valve

Coffee valve and also a zipper can be added on this poly stand up pouch with valve. The material can be with or without aluminum foil, and you can customized printing on the surface based on your own branding and design preference.

Poly Stand up Pouches with Zipper

We have a lot of closure options for the poly stand up pouch with zipper, so the pouches can be reused once the pouch opened. Most clients will make their stand up punches with zipper, especially for the coffee, snacks, confectionery, and candy.

Poly Stand Up Pouch for Food

This kind of food grade poly stand up pouch material are BPA free and FDA approved. We will give you our best stand up pouches solution based on your detailed food product, advise you best add-ons, material of pouches you need.

Custom Poly Stand Up Pouch with Spout

Custom Poly Stand Up Pouch with Spout mainly use for all kinds of liquid packaging, like beverage, juice, wine, liquor, and water. With the customized feature on pouches, like a hanger, spout, and matte or shining finish on the surface of pouches. MOQ start from 5000pcs for a start, delivery within 2 weeks.

Kraft Ploy Stand Up Pouch

Kraft Ploy Stand Up Pouch use for packaging premium products, like pet food, coffee, tea, sugar and more. Laminated with Kraft Paper in the first layer and with a barrier layer in the middle of the bag for keeping the products inside with fresh taste. All materials are FDA approved and  BPA free can be directly contacted with food products.

TedPack Poly Stand Up Pouches Customize Capabilities

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Choose The Right Materials For Your Poly Stand Up Pouches

We will choose the right material based on your product and your requirement. Each part of a stand up pouch will have a lot of material option, our expert will really help you on this.

  • Printing (Surface) Layer: BOPP, PET, NY, KRAFT PAPER, RICE PAPER
  • Barrier (Laminated) Layer: NY, PET, PETAL, AL
  • Heat Seal (Inner Food Contact) Layer: HDPE, LDPE, CPP, CPPAL, RCPP
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Customized Your Poly Stand Up Pouches Features & Accessories

There are too many accessories option for the poly stand up pouch. Including the zipper option, valve option, material option, barrier option etc.

  • Closure Options: single and double, tap, child resistance, inno-lok, velcro hook & loop zipper closure
  • Spouts | Fitment Options: Child resistance caps, ez-pour spouts, wine fitments, all diameter spouts
  • Valve Options: One way degas valve, double way degas valve, Goglio&Wipf Valves
  • Tin-tie Options: Copper Tin-ties, Iron Tin-tie, Paper Tin-tie
  • Treatment Options: Laser perforation, Cut handle holes, Custom windows, Tear notches, Pouch shaping, Matte&Shiny finishing, De-metallize
stand up pouch print-2
Best Printing Options On Your Poly Stand Up Pouches

Tedpack uses the latest printing technologies for your stand up pouches, including rotogravure printing, flexo printing and digital printing.

  • Flexo Printing: Surface simple print, low cost and easy text & images
  • Gravure Printing: Quality reverse print, medium cost and complicated text and images
  • Digital Printing: Medium quality surface print, high cost and complicated text&images
stand up pouch factory
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TedPack Poly Stand up Pouch

TedPack is a leading manufacturer for all kinds of poly stand up pouches and also other pouches like spout pouches, child-resistant pouches, etc.

TedPack poly stand up pouches materials are FDA approved, BPA free and 100% food grade. So you are no need to worry about food safety risk of your products.

We can custom print the poly stand up pouches based on your detailed requirement and will offer you the best printing solution. For pouch printing, we can print with CMYK mixed colors or spot colors up to 10 colors.

Poly Stand Up Pouches: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you could be having many questions about poly stand up pouches.

Well, today you will have all the answers to your questions.

The best part – they will help you know everything about stand up pouches. And this, will definitely make you an expert in this industry.

Let’s dive in:

What is a Poly Stand Up Pouch?

Poly Stand Up Pouches are unique packaging bags that can stand on their own on a table, shelf or a flat surface while also filing products inside.

Poly Stand Up Pouch are packaging pouches that typically come in different shapes and sizes.

They use high barrier material as well as have a bottom gusset which makes the bag stand easily.

Poly Stand Up Pouch can be used to carry both liquid and solid products.

It is a cost-effective and simple packaging solution.

Poly Stand Up Pouches are laminated with the consistency, best and high quality which provides barrier protection against oxygen and moisture.

Poly standup pouches

 Poly stand up pouches

How do you design Poly Stand Up Pouches?

You design your packaging bag by outlining the specifications for your Poly Stand Up Pouches which include the size, shape and add-ons as well as art work.

The bags mainly have three layers:

i. Printing which is the surface layer

ii. Barrier which is the laminated layer

iii. Heat seal which is the inner food contact layer

An adhesive is used in between every layer of the bag.

You can include some accessories or add-on options such as:

Valve options, material options, zipper option, and barrier option among others.

Choice of material used for poly stand up pouches is dictated by the type of product you are to package as well as the:

i. Reliability

ii. Convenience

iii. Usability expected from this type of pouch

What are the features of a Poly Stand Up Pouch?

Poly stand up pouches are within 2 – 4 layer high barrier and laminated with a film structure.

It is simple standing.

Poly Stand Up Pouches can have a zipper or not.

It all depends on a client’s specifications during customization.

This bag has a tear notch placed strategically to allow adequate room for sealing while also leaving enough space above the zipper for reopening the bag.

Size ranges from 70*110+25 mms – 320*450+120 mms.

Thickness may range from 2.5 mil – 8 mil

It can be custom print with artwork up to 10 colors.

What are the different types of Poly Stand Up Pouches?

There are six main types of Poly Stand Up Pouches. They include:

i. Custom Clear Stand Up Pouch

Custom Clear Poly Stand up Pouch can be made with customized printing consisting of 10 colors or with a matte surface.

You can include a zipper as add-on.

You can present your artwork for printing on the surface of the bags.

Clear stand up pouch

Clear standup pouch

ii. Stand Up Pouches with Valves

Poly Stand up Pouches with Valve are bags with a zipper and coffee valve.

This bag can be made using aluminum foil or not.

You are able to customize printing on the surface of the bag based on your design preference and own branding.

The valves allow gases to escape but prevents external air from getting in the pouch.

Therefore, keeping the product fresh for a very long time.

Stand up pouch with valve

 Stand up pouch with valve

iii. Stand up Pouches with Zipper

Poly Stand up Pouches with Zipper is special because it has a zipper so that the bag can be reused once opened.

Most products which are packaged in this bag are confectionery, snacks, coffee, and candy.

 Stanf up pouches with zipper

 Stand up pouches with zipper

iv. Stand up Pouch for Food

Poly Stand up Pouches for Food is made using BPA free and FDA approved material.

However, there are customized pieces based on the food product, material needed and the add-ons.

Stand up pouches for food

Stand up pouches for food

v. Custom Stand Up Pouch with Spout

Custom Poly Stand Up Pouch with Spout are mainly used for packaging liquid products such as juice, beverages, wine, water and liquor.

It has customized features such as a spout, a hanger, and matte.

It also has a shining finish on the pouches’ surface.

Stand up pouches with sprout

 Stand up pouches with sprout

i. Kraft Stand Up Pouch

Are used to package premium products such as pet foods, sugar, tea and coffee among others.

This Poly Stand Up Pouch is laminated using kraft paper in the first layer and a barrier layer in the middle of the bag.

This keeps the products inside of the bag with fresh taste.

The materials used in making bag are BPA free and FDA approved.

 Kraft stand up pouch

Kraft stand up pouch

How do you check Quality of Poly Stand Up Pouches?

Quality of a packaging bag is also an important factor influencing purchase of poly stand up pouches.

You have to check the following factors when determining quality of poly stand up pouches:

· Type of Material

There are some materials which could increases risk of entry of UV light into packages thus destroying the quality of products in the bag.

The materials must also be water and moisture proof to prevent the products from spoiling.

If the product is FDA approved and certified for safety assurance of the pouch contents.

· Closures used for the Pouch

You must have the right closure for your pouches as they are customized to hold specific products.

While some poly stand up pouches store liquid products, others store slid products. As such, the type of closure is important.

· Test Techniques

There are different test techniques that are used to test different aspects of the Poly Stand Up Pouches.

Tests are done for the mechanical properties such as strength and thickness of the pouch.

What are the Materials used to make Poly Stand Up Pouches?

Companies manufacture several material layers which are then laminated together to develop strong films.

The main raw material used for making Poly Stand Up Pouches is plastic.

The type of plastic used is resin which is made from polyethylene.

However, various layers of the Poly Stand Up Pouches are made using different materials.

The surface layer is made using kraft paper, RICE paper, Nylon, BOPP and PET.

The laminated layer is made of Aluminum, PET, Nylon and PETAL materials.

The inner food contact layer is made using RCPP, CPPAL, CPP, LDPE, and HDPE materials.

Is the Material used for Poly Stand Up Pouch for Human and Baby Food Safe?


Several people especially young mothers often ask this question when they want to purchase baby food packaged in this pouch.

It is imperative to understand that poly stand up pouch are very safe for human food.

The chemical combination of those materials used for Poly Stand Up Pouches have been scientifically tested.

These materials do not pose any risk to the health of humans who consume products from such packaging materials.

As such, you can go ahead and purchase products packaged in this material.

After all, they are safe.

Besides, they are 100% food grade making them less risky for food products.

Next time you want to purchase food products in poly stand up pouches, go ahead they are safe.

Are Poly Stand Up Pouches recyclable and reusable?

 Poly stand up pouches

Poly stand up pouches

Poly Stand Up Pouches are reusable as long as they are not contaminated.

When a pouch is contaminated it cannot be reused as it increases risk of infection.

They can be used for multiple purposes rather than spending money buying new ones.

For instance, they can be used to store liquid coffee, tea or water among others.

They are made using material which can protect the package content for a long time.

Poly Stand Up Pouches are equally recyclable because they are majorly plastics.

Plastics is a material that can be recyclable.

A poly stand up pouch made from kraft material that is also laminated with other layers of film is typically recyclable.

Even though kraft when laminated is not biodegradable, it is highly recyclable.

The bags can be recycled whether they are printed with over ten colors on every part of the bag or whether they are made of clear materials.

When the poly stand up pouches are recycled, they are used alongside other plastics to make different plastic products.

Even though they are landfill friendly, poly stand up pouches are not biodegradable.

Why TedPack Poly Stand Up Pouches?

This is probably the first time clients are not asking about the price of poly stand up pouches when making purchases.

They are more concerned about the packaging qualities.

TedPack has joined the packaging revolution and is working towards producing quality packaging solutions.

TedPack Poly Stand Up Pooches are BPA free.

Their materials are FDA approved and can be directly used for food contact.

They are 100% food grade.

They are heat sealed to mean that the contents will be kept fresh for long.

The Poly Stand Up Pouch can be custom printed based on a customer’s requirements.

TedPack can manufacture from at least 10,000 pieces.

The delivery is timely done within 2 weeks.

Printing of the pouches is done up to around 10 colors.

What are the available Closure options for your Poly Stand Up Pouches?

You have to choose the right closure options for the product you intend to purchase.

Not all closure options are right for the products you intend to purchase.

For example, for a product such as coffee, coffee valves are the best closure options.

It prevents the entry of gases or air into the product which could impair the quality of coffee.

Coffee valves instead helps in releasing carbon dioxide produced by the coffee into the air.

Child resistant closures help prevent children from accessing the contents of a pouch which could be harmful to their harmful.

That said, there are several closure options for Ply Stand Up Pouches. It all depends on a client’s needs.

Stand up pouches

 Stand up pouches

· Child Resistant

This closure option is one that cannot be easily opened by children.

There is a zipper lock at the top of the poly stand up pouch with some set of instructions on how to open it.

While adults can easily open them, children experience difficult opening them.

The bags are also strong enough to protect product there in from puncture.

Child resistant packaging is currently on the rise.

· Single and Double Tap

One tap or two are placed at the top of the poly stand up pouch.

These taps act as the seals of the bags as well as the contents there in.

You can choose a poly stand up pouch with a single or double tap.

It all depends on your specifications and needs.

· Velcro Hook

Is a hook and loop fastener used in Poly Stand Up Pouches.

The two sides, hook and loop, are pressed together firmly to protect the content inside.

The two sides are pressed together to keep the hook and loop closed.

· Loop Zipper Closure

Consists of a loop and zipper which is used to close as well as open the stand-up pouch.

Such a zipper closure with loop technology helps in resealing and opening the pouch.

Very minimal pressure is required for closing.

Rigid grips enable opening.

· Inno-lok

This is resealable packaging solution which provides unparalleled convenience.

It is a zipper used for closure of poly stand up pouches.

Inno-lok can be added to poly stand up pouches at minimal cost.

What are the best Printing Options on your Poly Stand Up Pouches?

If you ever want to know more about a product before you purchase them look at the walls of the packaging material.

Product ingredients, user guide, and other product branding features are printed on the sides of the pouches.

Poly Stand Up Pouches are printed using the best and latest technologies.

You can use the following printing options:

 Printed stand up pouches

Printed stand up pouches

· Gravure Printing

It is used for quality reverse print.

Besides, it is suitable for printing complicated images and texts.

· Flexo Printing

They are mainly used for surface simple printing.

The technology guarantees easy texts and images printing at low cost.

· Digital Printing

This printing option is for medium quality surface print.

It is used for printing complicated text and images

However, this is high cost.

Digital printing is often preferred over the other printing options despite being expensive.

Printing is a therefore a good way of increasing your brand awareness.

You cannot feel the printing on the poly standup pouch because it is trapped between different laminated materials.

This type of printing style ensures that the graphics and colors cannot be scratched.

These barriers also keep the stored product fresh.

What are the Advantages of Poly Stand Up Pouches?

Some of the advantages of poly stand up pouches include:

· Protection of the Product

This is achieved through provision of air-tight environment.

Also, the inner layer of the pouch which is in contact with the food is made with material which enhances its longevity.

· Branding of the Product for Awareness and Advertising Purposes

The surface of the pouches are printed with different art works to make them visible.

The images printed on the surface of pouches are also to strengthen the brands as well as increase their awareness.

· Long Term Storage of the Product

Poly stand up pouches can be used to store products for long periods because of the created air-tight environment as well as material of the inner surface of the bags.

· Easy Handling of the Product

Some poly stand up couches have ergonomic handles which make it easy to handle them.

· Low Manufacturing Cost

Poly Stand Up Pouches are made using plastic which are affordable.

Besides, the manufacturing process is not costly, neither is the printing process and options.

· Self-standing

Due to the bottom gusset availed by the poly stand pouches, your pouches can stand on their own.

Retailers can therefore stand their pouches on the shelves without stress.

You can maintain order on the shelves as they are easily arranged.

You can easily recognize the poly stand up pouches on the shelves as compared to flat pouches lying on the shelves.

What are the Add-on Features added to Stand Up Pouches?

Some of the most common add-on features are:

· Zip Closures

This is a closure option.

They are used for reclosing pouches.

They prevent oxygen and water vapor from easily flowing into the pouches.

Zip closure also helps retain food aroma.

Zip closures protect the pouch content from UV light.

· Spouts

Are fitment options used to fill or pour pouch content.

Poly Stand Up Pouch has spouts on one side or at the top center.

· Tin-ties

Tin ties are closing options used in Poly Stand Up Pouches.

They are used to ensure that pouch contents remain fresh and sealed away.

· Wine Fitment

This is a tap-like feature for Poly Stand Up Pouch. It is fitted at the top of a sealed pouch.

· Coffee Valve

This is an opening used for controlling the pressure within the Poly Stand Up Pouches.

Other add-on features include resealable features, ergonomic handles, and transparent windows among others.

These features are all easy to use and close making them user friendly, convenient and reliable.

What are the Sizes of Poly Stand Up Pouches?

Poly Stand Up Pouches are designed into different sizes.

The sizes vary depending on a client’s specifications.

You can have any size of a poly stand up pouch as it is based on the quantity of product that each package holds.

What is the Thickness for Poly Stand Up Pouches?

The thickness of the Poly Stand Up Pouches ranges from 2.5 mil – 8 mil.

How does Poly Stand Up Pouch and Stand Up Pouch compare?

Stand Up Pouch are special bags that make products stand on a shelf while filling them products inside.

Stand Up Pouches use paper, glossy, and matte laminates for their design options.

They come in different sizes, and shapes depending on product weight and quantity.

On the other hand, Poly Stand Up Pouch is a special type of bag that is used to store various liquid and solid products.

Poly stand up pouch has multiple sizes as compared to the typical stand up pouch.

The main raw material used for making Poly Stand Up Pouches is plastic.

The type of plastic used is resin which is made from polyethylene.

On the other hand, stand up pouches are made using different raw materials ranging from Kraft, RICE paper to plastic and others.

Both of them are puncture resistant and moisture proof.

They are also both provide air-tight environments.

Are Poly Stand Up Pouches customizable?


Poly Stand Up Pouches are customized according to customer specifications.

These specifications are customer designs, artwork, the printing options, size, shape and materials used for making the pouches.

Specifications also include the type of product to be filled inside of the pouches.

If it is a liquid such as coffee then a specific material is used while if it is a chemical then another material is used.

You can send your requirements to the manufacturer to make the exact poly stand up pouch you want.

Are Poly Stand Up Pouches Puncture Resistant and Moisture Proof?

Certainly, Poly Stand Up Pouches are both moisture proof and puncture resistant.

They are laminated with high quality and consistent materials.

This provides protection against moisture and oxygen as well as reduces risk of damage from puncture.

How does Poly Stand Up and Glass bottles compare?

Both Poly Stand Up Pouches and Glass bottles are packaging materials.

Poly Stand up Pouches are made using plastic which is durable while glass is not as durable as the used plastic.

Manufacturing cost of poly stand up pouches are low as compared to that of glass bottles.

Poly Stand Up Pouches is widely used in which Industries?

Poly Stand Up Pouches are used to pack a wide array of products such as edible and non-edible foods.

Edible foods include coffee, tea, snack, and candies, pet foods among others.

Non-edible foods include chemicals, detergents, agricultural products and soaps among others.

· Agricultural Industry

As such, poly stand up pouches are used in agricultural industry to package various agricultural products such as grains, fertilizers, seeds, liquid cleaning agents.

· Retail Food and Beverage Industry

Most companies are seeking flexible poly stand up pouches for food and beverage packaging.

Retailers are opting for poly stand up pouches because they are eco-conscious, easy of use, improved product visibility and uniformity on the shelves.

Edible foods such as candies, coffee, tea and snack are packaged in the packaging solutions.

Pouches packaging roasted coffee have 3-7 material layers to prevent entry of contaminants into the bags.

Film structures that can be used include kraft material, PET/POLY.

· Chemical and Oil Industry

Non-edible foods such as soaps, cleaning detergents and chemicals are packaged into these bags.

Garden and lawn products.

Motor oil, water and lubricating products are packaged in this flexible bag.

· Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry

They are used to package medical products such as tablets, creams, pills, gels, powder, lotions and granules.

Marijuana and related products.

Poly stand up pouches are also used to package nutritional supplements.

Cosmetic products are also packaged using this type of pouch.

These products have to be kept in strict conditions: good and fresh condition against hazardous effects such as UV light, odor, moisture and oxygen which are also contaminants.

Their packaging has excellent barrier properties.

What products are Poly Stand Up Pouches used to package?

Poly Stand Up Pouches are used to package both solid and liquid products.

Liquid products include beverages, tea, and coffee among others.

Solid products include candies, soaps and pet foods among others.

Are Poly Stand Up Pouches FDA approved?

Absolutely, Yes.

Poly Stand Up Pouches are all FDA approved.

They meet the requirements set out the Food & Drug Administration.

The approval is subject to meeting some set standards of quality.

The standards could be on mechanics such as the strength of the pouch hence focus is one the material used.

Once an approval from the FDA department is received, manufacturers go ahead to create the pouches.

What are the benefits of Poly Stand Up Pouches?

Poly stand up pouch with spout

Poly stand up pouches with spout

· They are Eco-friendly

The raw materials used to make Poly Stand Up Poaches are environmental friendly.

They are also reusable and recyclable.

· Capable of Resealing

Poly stand up pouches are resealable.

Since the packages are resealable, there is reduced costs associated with wastage of food.

This is because the products can be used and sealed until a later time.

· Easy to Store

They have great storage capabilities which make them the best for store displays.

They have adequate space sizes for the products stored in the pouches.

· Durability

They are made using strong plastic that can survive physical pressure without experiencing damage.

· Unique

Poly Stand Up Pouches are made according to client specifications.

They have special add-on features.

They include ergonomic handles, closer options among others.

· Branding and Marketing

Graphics and bright colors used on Poly Stand Up Pouches help in improving brand recognition as well as strengthening their brand presentation.

Poly Stand Up Pouches are capable of standing out on shelves. And, this increases the visual impression for excellent sales.

· Low-cost

The costs of Poly Stand Up Pouches are reduced because low-cost and recyclable materials are used in their manufacturing.

They are also low-cost because are lightweight packaging with cheap transportation.

· Keeping products fresh

Not a single person wants food that is smelly, or stale.

Poly stand up pouches have an internal film that prevents entry of air or moisture that causes products to go bad.

Pouches with a clear film show consumers that the products are fresh.

Clearly, if you pay attention to everything discussed in this guide, you can easily skyrocket your poly stand up pouches business.

And, TedPack is here to provide a one-stop-solution to all your packaging needs – contact us now.

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