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TedPack plastic pouches is designed with help of modern pouch making machine to ensure its accurate dimension and shape.Our plastic pouch has been made by using high quality polypropylene that is highly durable and known for its recyclable nature. The multiple plastic layers make it stand accurately.

TedPack plastic pouches are available in smooth finish and varied sizes to fulfill the demands of our clients. Supported by hi-tech machines, we offer these pouches in a variety of attractive color combinations. Further, these pouches possess wide sealing temperature tolerance that makes them ideal for storing the medicines on extreme temperature.

TedPack plastic pouches are durable and provide optimum performance while in use. These plastic pouches are available in smooth finish and varied sizes to fulfill the demands of our clients. Our plastic pouches have gained us huge appreciation for its unmatched quality, durability, finishing, and strength.

MOQ100 Pcs by Digital Print, 10K Pcs by Gravure Print
Size50*70mm(Min)    350*600mm(Max)
Thickness50Mircons-120Mircons (2Mil-5Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, Metallized
PrintingD-Met Printing, Vanishing, Matte Finishing, Stamping
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Popular & innovative packaging methods

In millennials, there are a variety of options for packaging, from cartons to aluminum & glass & tin cans. But there is no doubt that plastic pouches are one of the best choices. Although it may not be suitable for your product.

– Up to 70% lighter than rigid packaging. Easy to store, transport and carry out.
– Plastic pouches laminated with variety of materials. They have better barriers and adaptability, suitable for different usage environments.
– Customized printing up to 10 colors, matte, spot-gloss, and soft-touch surface treatments available. It can bring a good visual impact.
– Plastic pouches can be added to various functional&user-friendly fitments, including spouts, zippers, coffee valves, etc.

If you want to know more about Plastic pouches, free to get in touch with Tedpack!

plastic pouches

The Plastic Pouches from TedPack, Professional Pouch Manufacturer in China

At TedPack, we specialize in offering a wide range of premium standard plastic pouches which are manufactured from quality proved materials to last for a long period of time. Each of our plastic pouches is manufactured under the strictest quality controls ensuring that our clients get only what is really best for their goods.

TedPack plastic pouches are appreciated for its optimum tearing strength, eye catching prints, tamper proof and moisture proof sealing.

Our plastic pouches are available in different colors and are printed with a brand name along with a logo of packaged items. This pouch is also used for packing detergent, dishwasher and hand wash. In addition to this,TedPack plastic pouch can be easily disposed of and is completely bio-degradable which makes it eco-friendly.

TedPack, as one of the leading manufacturer of plastic pouches in China, provides pouches that is made of excellent grade plastic that is known for its food safe nature. At Tedpack, we also help and assist our clients in choosing the best pouch solution for their products. Let us help you too, send us your inquiries and we will glad to provide you your expectations.

Plastic Pouch: The Definitive FAQ Guide

What are plastic pouches?

Plastic pouches are containers that are used for storing different kinds of substances and products, including those in solid, liquid and powder form.

A plastic pouch can be used to package food products, industrial products, agricultural products, and medical products.

A plastic pouch is made of thin and flexible plastic film.

Plastic pouch

Plastic Pouch

Tedpack is a distinguished manufacturer of plastic pouches suitable for usage across a wide range of industries.

What are the different types of plastic pouches?

Plastic pouches are used by businesses in different industries and so they are made from different materials suitable for different product needs.

The commonest of these are:

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Plastic Pouches

High Density Polyethylene plastic pouches are lightweight, temperature and water resistant.

HDPE pouches also possess high tensile strength which means these pouches are resistant to breaking under tension.

HDPE Plastic pouch

HDPE Plastic Pouches

HDPE satisfies the FDA and USDA food handling guidelines and that makes it suitable for storage of food products.

It is commonly used by grocery and convenience stores and restaurants.

Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) Plastic Pouches

Plastic pouches made from LDPE are also good for the storage of food.

A LDPE plastic pouch is a common preference among restaurateurs because of its clear and transparent nature which gives room for easy identification of its contents.

LDPE Plastic Pouches

LDPE Plastic Pouches

LDPE plastic pouches have low melting point.

Just like HDPE, LDPE satisfies the FDA and USDA food handling guidelines and are therefore top choices for packaging and storing food products.

LDPE bags are commonly used for the storage of bulk food items such as vegetables and fresh fruits.

Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) Plastic Pouches

On the first look, LLDPE plastic pouches appear to be the same as LDPE plastic pouches.

However, on a closer look, would discover that there are differences between plastic pouches.

The primary difference is that an LLDPE plastic pouch has a thinner gauge than the LDPE plastic pouch.

LLDPE Plastic Pouches

 LLDPE Plastic Pouches

This  does not affect the quality of the LLDPE plastic pouch since it is still as strong as its LDPE counterpart.

If you are looking to save money while still purchasing a pouch of good quality, you should consider this pouch.

LLDPE pouches are also relatively clear and are suitable as food storage bags.

These bags can also be used for storage of food in freezers and refrigerators.

Polypropylene (PP) plastic pouches

PP plastic pouches have a high melting point which makes them good for heat-resealing.

These plastic pouches have better chemical strength than other plastic pouches.

They are also not breathable.

This quality makes them more suitable for preserving products without having recourse to refrigeration for a longer period than other types of plastic pouches.

PP plastic pouches also provide better visibility because they are clearer than both LDPE and LLDPE plastic pouches.

PP Plastic Pouches

 PP Plastic Pouches

 They are also approved by USDA and FDA for food handling.

They are commonly used for storing food items such as herbs, nuts and candies.

Are Plastic Pouches Porous?

An item is said to be porous if it has several small holes through which air or liquid can slowly pass through.

Whether or not a plastic pouch is porous depends on the type of plastic it is.

For instance, High Density Polyethylene plastic pouches and Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) Plastic pouches are non-porous while a Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) pouch is porous.

What product the pouch will be used to store will play a role in determining whether you choose a porous or non-porous pouch.

Are Plastic Pouches Recyclable?

Plastic pouches are made of different types of materials such as polyethylene, aluminium foil, polyester, among others.

Other materials such as zippers and caps are often features of plastic pouches.

It is possible to recycle some of these materials independently.

However, once they are all combined together to make the pouch, separation for independent recycling becomes a difficulty and a lot of recycling programs do not take pouches that are made from numerous materials.

Thus, recycling plastic pouches may generally pose a difficulty.

The good news is that there are some special recycling programs for these mixed-material pouches and so there is still a possibility of recycling.

So, it is safe to say that plastic pouches are recyclable.

What are the benefits of using a plastic pouch?

Plastic pouches are highly functional and convenient for packaging as compared with other packaging options.

That explains why they are the preferred choice for packaging, storage and retailing globally.

Its major benefits include:

Plastic Pouches are cost effective

It is more economical to use plastic pouches for your business than other packaging options such as paper or cloth packaging.

They are ideal for branding

One common reason why businesses opt for plastic pouches is that it is easy to print the name or logo of the business on these pouches.

This aids business visibility and contributes to the aesthetics of product packages.

Customers can indicate their printing options when purchasing from Tedpack.

Plastic pouches are biodegradable

The good thing about plastic pouches is that they are biodegradable.

Plastic pouches are broken down within a period of time after they are thrown out.

These biodegradable plastic pouches are decomposed by living organisms such as bacteria.

This makes them safe for the environment as they do not leave any trace behind after decomposition.

They are timesave time

Plastic pouches are easier and quicker to open and pack.

They can be used to effectively manage queues at busy businesses.

Plastic pouches save space

When compared with paper bags and cloth bags, plastic pouches take up less space.

They are also lighter than plastic bags.

Plastic pouches are weatherproof and durable

Most plastic pouches are chemical-resistant and are not so vulnerable to tearing.

They are more durable.

These pouches are weatherproof and its content is protected from exposure to water and this is what makes it better than paper bags and cloth bags.

Are Plastic Pouches Resealable?

Plastic pouches come with different kinds of seal including screw caps, zipper, lid, etc.

These seals are made in a way that enhances resealing after use to preserve the freshness of content.

Customers get to indicate their seal preference when purchasing from Tedpack.

We also offer recommendations as to the ideal sealing choice considering your product type.

Are Plastic Pouches Reusable?

Not only are plastic pouches recyclable, but they can also be reused.

According to reports, several users do not discard plastic pouches after the first use as they often get creative with the uses to which they can put the plastic pouches.

The low-density polyethylene plastic pouches, for instance, can be used about 4 times before discarding it.

Are Plastic Pouches eco-friendly?

Plastic pouches are environmental friendly.

They are more eco-friendly than other traditional packaging materials.

Plastic pouches are flexible and lightweight so they amount to little waste.

This makes them more eco-friendly than paper or cardboard boxes which are heavier and take up a lot of space when they are no longer useful.

Also, they are better for the environment than glass bottles which weigh as much as 20 times more than the average stand up pouch.

Can I print on the plastic pouches?

We understand the importance of product appearance and so we assist our customers with printing on plastic pouches they order from us.

Companies are expected to send their preferred artwork and design to us and we make relevant corrections and recommendations before sending back to them.

Our manufacturing process does not start until we are certain that our customers are satisfied with the corrected artwork and designs.

What are the printing options available?

There is no need to bother if you do not already have an idea of how you want the printing to be done.

Tedpack is here to help you with that.

We offer two major types of pouch printing: flexographic printing and rotogravure printing.

Digital printing is also available upon request.

We have a detailed procedure on how you can go about communicating your printing choice with us here.

How do I choose the right plastic pouch?

You have to put different relevant factors into consideration when trying to select the perfect pouch for your product.

Thus, before you reach a conclusion as to whether to use a stand up pouch or a 3-side seal pouch, you should:

Consider the needs of your product

Whatever plastic pouch you select has to meet your product’s requirements.

If your business deals with products that are likely to decompose when exposed to particular conditions, your choice of the plastic pouch should be one that relatively reduces exposure to such conditions.

For instance, a plastic pouch that will be used to store roasted coffee beans needs to have a de-gassing value to enable the release of carbon dioxide without exposing the beans to oxygen.

Thus, a business that offers roasted coffee beans for sale should prioritize the presence of de-gassing valve when choosing a plastic pouch for packaging its product.

It is therefore important that you carry out detailed research into the possible needs of your product before settling for a particular type of pouch.

Consider the needs of your business

You have to also consider the needs of your business when choosing plastic pouches.

The primary needs to consider under this heading includes profit margins, shipping schedule, fixed production quota, among others.

Consider the size of your product

The size and quantity of the product you want to package will affect the size and type of plastic pouch you buy.

Buying plastic pouches of a particular size may be cost-effective, but it may not be good for your business in the long run.

A useful tip in this instance is to get plastic pouches in different sizes so you can cater to the quantity needs of different customers.

Consider the usability of the pouch

Your product package is only effective when it meets the need of your products, the retailers and the end users.

Thus, it is important to consider how your customers would want to treat the plastic pouch after the first use.

For instance, is the product such that customers will not exhaust its content after opening it the first time?

Will customers usually want to reseal the pouch after one serving?

Will resealing affect the quality of the product?

You need to consider the dynamics of your product and the likely ways the customers will treat it when making a choice of plastic pouch.

While there are different designs and combinations of plastic pouches, you need to know the one which perfectly suits the need of your products and will appeal to the end-users before making a choice.

The questions listed above are useful in making this decision.

What are the sizes of plastic pouches?

When describing the size and dimensions of a plastic pouch, it is usually described as Width x Length x Thickness.

The width and length are measured in “inches” while the thickness is the gauge.

The width of the pouch refers to the side of it that opens.

Usually, but not in all cases, the width is the side of the pouch that opens.

The dimension of the width always comes before the length while the thickness of the pouch comes last.

As indicated above, the thickness is often expressed in gauge.

As a rule of thumb, 100 gauge is equivalent to 1/1000 of an inch.

A plastic pouch with 120 gauge is a light duty and is a good choice for protective covering.

A plastic pouch with 250 gauge is medium duty and should be the preferred choice for holding light substances.

When strength is a requirement, a plastic pouch with a 500 gauge is the ideal choice.

What are the different plastic pouch packaging styles?

There are different packaging styles for a plastic pouch.

The most popular ones include:

  • Stand up pouches
  • Fin seal pouches
  • 3-side seal pouches
  • Shaped pouches

What are Stand Up Pouches?

These pouches are the most popular pouches in the market.

The width of the face and back of these pouches coupled with their bottom gusset allows them easily to stand on store shelves and also provides enough room for printing or adding a label.

Stand Up Pouch

A Stand Up Pouch

Stand up pouches come with different features such as tear notches, gas valves, and ziplocks.

They are also suitable for storing a wide range of food products including snacks, cereal, and spices.

These pouches are also good for pet food packing.

Stand up pouches have different bottom gussets and the choice depends on the volume and weight of the product to be packed.

Products less than 1 pound and as heavy as 10 pounds can easily be packaged in stand up pouches.

These pouches are also recyclable and are landfill-friendly.

What are Fin Seal Pouches?

Fin seal pouches are also known as flow wrapping and horizontal pouches.

They are used to loosely contain items in a tamper-resistant material and are popularly used for handling small food products.

Fin Seal Pouch

 Fin Seal Pouch

It is possible to fill fin seal pouches with nitrogen gas to make the pouches look full, although the pouch only contains small quantity of the products.

It is a suitable choice for businesses into candies, frozen dumplings, and instant noodles production.

What are 3-Side Seal Pouches?

As the name implies, 3-side seal pouches are sealed at three sides and only one side is kept open.

It is a commonly used pouch and is suitable for holding different kinds of items including grains and solid products.

The 3-side seal pouch can also be manufactured with a narrow opening or a very wide opening depending on the choice of the customer.

In essence, it can be designed to meet the specific needs of the customer’s product.

This makes it a preferred choice for customers in different industries including pharmaceuticals, beverages and food industries.

What are Shaped Pouches?

The shaped pouches do not come in the same shapes as the normal pouches hence the name “shaped pouches”.

These pouches are custom-made to suit the needs of your brand.

As a customer, you get to determine all the proportions, dimensions, shape, sizes and all other special features the pouch will have.

You also get to make your choice of color from a range of 10 printing colors and decide the handles and zipper you want.

The materials used are also 100% approved by the FDA and can be used for holding both liquids and solids.

Are all plastic pouches child resistant?

Not all plastic pouches are child resistant.

However, some pouches are specially designed to be child resistant so they can comply with government regulations that often requires that some products come in packages that have child-proof features.

Tedpack has child resistant pouches which are stand-up pouches that have different types of childproof zipper to ensure that children cannot reach the cannabis and marijuana products contained in them.

These child resistant pouches are light weight and have protective features.

The pouch ensures that the product maintains its freshness, shape, and aroma while also ensuring that it complies with relevant regulations.

How do I order plastic pouches from Tedpack?

You can contact our representatives who will provide you with a list of the best options based on your demand and the aim of packaging.

Thereafter, the information you provide will be analyzed and samples will be sent to you so you can make the final choice.

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