Plain Pouch Bag

High-quality Plain Pouch Bag for Your Business

As one of the country’s leading suppliers and factories of plain pouch bags, TedPack carries a vast variety of high-quality packaging.

  • Suitable for most FMCG kind of industries
  • Shapes, material, sizes and colors customize as per request
  • Printing up to 10 solid colors
  • Urgent orders handled in just 2 weeks

Your Reliable Plain Pouch Bag Manufacturer

TedPack has rich experience in designing and manufacturing plain pouch bags. We are trusted by many clients from different countries for over 20 years. Email us your plain pouch bag design based on your requirements. We will make exact packaging bags for you.

Plain Pouch Bag

TedPack high-quality plain pouch bags perfect for storing all types of goods. We have vast options available to you.

Plain pouch bag with resealable zipper

TedPack manufacture plain pouch bag with resealable zipper enables easy open-close of the bag. We provide a huge range of bags that has the ability to stand up on a shelf. For maximum sales impact of your business, try TedPack service. Plain pouch bag with a resealable zipper from TedPack suitable for a variety of products.

Plain white cosmetic pouch bag

This plain white cosmetic pouch bag offers safe and secure storage solution. Available in a range of sizes and styles. Everything from food to any industrial goods, we have a plain white cosmetic pouch bag for you. Also, the bag can be customize and print up to 10 colors.

Recyclable plain paper pouch bag

Recyclable plain paper pouch bag helps you boost your business revenue. This bag is your better solution for storing and transporting food to other places. The recyclable plain paper pouch bag has excellent protection against moisture, temperature, and other harmful elements.

Plain stand up pouch bag

Our plain stand up pouch bag provides good product visibility. It is perfect for your retail business. These bags suitable packaging for food, dry goods, coffee, tea and so on. Featuring excellent barrier fresh protection. TEDPack plain stand up pouch bag available in different sizes, types, and colors.

Plain foil pouch packaging

This plain foil pouch packaging offer a clean, admirable look on the outside. The high barrier foil will keep your product fresh for a long time. As a leading manufacturer and supplier, TedPack offers plain foil pouch packaging at competitive prices. Packaging has a great shelf display ability.

custom Plain plastic pouch bag

Custom plain pouch bags. If you want to customize plain pouch bags for your business, then TedPack is your ideal place to be. We are offering a wide range of plain pouch bags ready for a bespoke solution. We can make your own bag in our advanced technology.

Plain plastic pouch bags wholesale

TedPack carries a wide variety of plain pouch bags for different uses. We wholesale plain pouch bags at a more affordable price. TedPack can supply around 10,000 pieces of the bag per order. On-time delivery and quick turnaround guaranteed.

Cheap plain plastic pouch bags

At TedPack, we offer Cheap plain pouch bags. Because we are equipped with complete production technology, we can design and manufacture bags easily. No hassle. TedPack could be your one-stop solution for your packaging requirements. Get plain pouch bags at the cheapest price.

White stand up plain pouch bag

Looking for a white stand up plain pouch bag? TedPack is your perfect solution. We have a huge range of packaging fit your need. We can customize white stand up plain pouch bag as per request. The structure, sizes-length, width, and height, colors, styles, and other main features can be customized.

TedPack Plain Pouch Bag Customize Capabilities

stand up pouch material-2
Choose The Right Materials For Your Plain Pouch Bag

Tedpack, as one of the leading supplier of plain pouch bag, we offer a right barrier for the packaging as per application and requirement.

  • Printing (Surface) Layer: BOPP, PET, NY, Kraft paper
  • Barrier (Laminated) Layer: NY, PET, PETAL, AL
  • Heat Seal (Inner Food Contact) Layer: HDPE, LDPE, CPP, CPPAL, RCPP
stand up pouch feature-2
Customized Your Plain Pouch Bag Features & Accessories

Tedpack provides an extensive range of closure, shapes, sizes, styles options that are suited best for your plain pouch bags products.

  • Closure Options: single and double, tap, child resistance, inno-lok, velcro hook & loop zipper closure
  • Valve Options: One way degas valve, double way degas valve, Goglio&Wipf Valves
  • Tin-tie Options: Copper Tin-ties, Iron Tin-tie, Paper Tin-tie
  • Treatment Options: Laser perforation, Cut handle holes, Custom windows, Tear notches, Pouch shaping, Matte&Shiny finishing, De-metallize
stand up pouch print-2
Best Printing Options on Your Plain Pouch Bag

Tedpack has state of the art printing services. We offer vast varieties of printing options that can cater to to any of your bag designs.

  • Flexo Printing: Surface simple print, low cost and easy text & images
  • Gravure Printing: Quality reverse print, medium cost and complicated text and images
  • Digital Printing: Medium quality surface print, high cost and complicated text & images
stand up pouch factory
Hi,I’m Noah, Business Development Director of Tedpack. Are you out to find the perfect plain pouch bag for your business packaging needs? I can lend a hand. With rich insight and expertise, I and our team could provide best result for your requirements. Please reach me for best solution of your plain pouch bag.
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Stand Up Pouch Size Chart


TedPack Plain Pouch Bag

TedPack plain pouch bag is designed to protect the product and keep it fresh. TedPack makes excellent packagings to cater to the widest range of product packaging solutions.

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China you can trust. Whether you need plain pouch bags for your business or personal project needs, TEDPack has a solution for you.

TedPack plain pouch bag is suitable for all dry food products, coffee, and tea. Food and drinks industry will benefit from exceptional packaging from TedPack.

With more than 20 years of specializing in flexible packaging solutions, we know what’s right for you. We can provide high-quality standard and custom-printed plain pouch bags.

Our standard plain pouch bags are available in different sizes, designs, patterns, and premium finishes. We offered a plain pouch bag with different features as well. Also, it can be custom print /design to meet the specific requirements of your product and branding.

Printing is supported by 10 colors. You can choose from a range which reflects a better image of your product. Find the best print quality that helps marketing your product very well.

All of our plain pouch bags are manufactured using high-grade raw materials and advanced technology. Everything has been strictly monitored to ensure it meets industry regulations. As an ISO9001 certified factory, you can always receive the best quality plain pouch bags at competitive prices.

TEDPack plain pouch bags are lined with 3 layers to protect your product. It has a strong barrier against moisture, oxygen, dust, and other forms of elements. Get a perfect packaging solution for your products.

Our team of knowledgeable and skilled graphic designers will make it for you. With extensive experience, TEDPack will be your reliable manufacturer supplier in China.

You can wholesale products at a very affordable price. MOQ of 10,000 pieces, you can start your business already.

TEDPack has gained name and popularity in offering plain pouch bags to our valued clients.

If you are interested in TedPack plain pouch bags, please get in touch with us today!

Plain Pouch Bag: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you’re looking for a packaging solution you can customize then consider plain pouch bag.

But, before you import plain pouch bags from China, there are fundamental features you must know.

That’s what I will discuss in this guide.

Keep reading to learn more.

What are the Benefits of Plain Pouch Bags with Window?

You will realize a lot of benefits from using a plain pouch bag with a window.

They include:

Pouch bag with window

Pouch bag with window

· Cost-effective and Efficient

Plain pouch bags are manufactured with less material and are cost-effective.

These bags occupy less space during storage.

Also, they offer more space for the storage of food products.

· Excellent Displaying Option

Plain pouch bags are manufactured using high resolution and high impact graphics.

Its creative patterns and shapes add value to your product.

This helps in marketing your products among consumers.

· Convenient

It is made with tear notch features and a re-sealable zipper.

This makes it easy for your customers to open and reclose it.

· Safe and Flexible

Window shaped plain pouch with a spout are tamper-evidence and offer protection from spillage.

During processing and on-shelf, its barrier film protects your product from impurities.

· Aesthetic Appeal

The see-through clear windows enable customers to assess the quality and value of products inside.

As such, they help your customers decide on whether to purchase your products.

You can customize your plain pouch bag with windows according to your specification.

What are the Benefits of Pouch Bag Packaging?

Pouch bag packaging comes with several advantages.

They are:

· Lightweight

Pouches are lighter than an average package.

As such it has a low cost of shipping.

· Durable Packaging Solution

They can withstand knocks and bumps without damage.

· Sustainable

They take less packaging and more products. As such it reduces the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill.

· Customizable

You can customize a pouch packaging according to your material, finish, and style needs.

· Instore

Plain pouch with window fit well on the shelf and can be hung if you customize it with a handle.

· Offers Protection

The material used in making pouch packages protects your product from coming into contact with light, pests, air, odor, and vapor.

Films such as Nylon and Foil used in making pouches have barriers that give it extra strength.

Also, hygiene perforations found in pouches offer protection by controlling moisture.

Other benefits include:

  • Strong structure making them maintain their shape and design
  • Those with tear notches and re-sealable zipper are easier to manage

 How much do Plain Pouch Bags Cost?

Plain pouch bags are sold at competitive prices.

The prices vary with the features of the pouch bag, the material used, the size of the pouch, and the sealing technique.

Additional features, expensive materials, and advanced sealing techniques will increase the price of your pouch.

Further, the price varies with the number of plain pouch bags you order.

When you purchase the pouch bags in bulk you may get discounted price.

Why should you Import from Plain Pouch Bag Manufacturers in China?

Different sizes of plain pouch

Different sizes of plain pouch bag

When selecting a plain pouch bag for use, you should acquire them from Chinese manufacturers.

This is because:

  • They offer you free samples before you make a purchasing decision.
  • The plain pouch bags are SGS and FDA certified.
  • Chinese manufacturers offer versatile plain pouch bags for different types of food products.
  • They offer competitive prices for plain pouch bags, guarantee fast delivery, and create an attractive design.
  • They have an excellent customer service.
  • It assures you of high-quality plain pouch bags. Plain pouch bag manufacturers in China will compensate you or offer replacement in case of quality issues.
  • Chinese manufacturers have years of experience producing plain pouch bags.
  • Chinese manufacturers examine your company’s strengths and use this information to produce your pouch bag.

How do Plain Pouch Bag Manufactures in China support Small Businesses?

Small businesses enjoy several benefits from plain pouch bag manufacturers in China.

These benefits include:

  • Offering them high-quality bags at low prices.
  • Providing them with a special promotion for a limited period such as a 10% discount on all sales.
  • They offer them cost-saving opportunities that come with purchasing directly from their stores.

Buying products directly from the factory saves them 30% – 40% from buying in the USA and Europe.

  • Plain pouch bag manufacturers help in the design process

What are Laminated Plastic Pouches?

Laminated plastic pouches are made using virgin polyethylene granules.

These types of pouches are tear-resistant, durable, moisture-proof, and dustproof as well as have great finishing.

They also come in a range of color options.

Laminated plastic pouches are mainly used for packaging glassware, garments, ceramics, and food products.

What are the Features of Stand-up Pouch Bags?

Stand-up pouch bags have several features that make them suitable packaging option.

They are:

 Stand up pouch bag

Stand up pouch bag

· Hang Hole

It is an extra feature you can add to your plain pouch bag with a window for display in stores.

In most pouches design, you will find it right at the top section.

· Tear Notches

Tear notches offer you convenient access to the content of your pouch.

It is strategically placed over a zipper.

It is such that, with a single tear from the notches you can access the products.

· Zipper

The stand-up pouch bag has a resealable zipper that allows you to close and open it with ease.

Also, because of the zipper, you can use the bag without contaminating the content.

· Window

A window that appears in front of your pouch enables visibility.

They come in various shapes such as square, round or oval shapes, and are transparent.

Besides, they allow your customers to view your package content while on display on shelves.

· Bottom Gusset

Stand up pouch bag has a bottom gusset that enables it to stand when empty or filled.

What is your MOQ for Plain Pouch Bags?

Most plain pouch manufacturers in China offer flexible MOQ.

So it will depend on your order specifications.

How does Printed Pouch Bags compare to Plain Pouch Bags?

Unlike a plain pouch bag, the surface of a printed pouch bag has some writing or patterns.

In most cases digital, flexo, offset and gravure printing techniques are used to print images or words on the surface of your pouch bag.

In a printed pouch bag, graphics and images are used to enhance the appeal of your product to your target customers.

Printed coffee bag

Printed coffee bag

With a printed pouch bag you can customize the surface of your packaging.

You can achieve using a printing technique of your choice to print the graphics on the surface of the package.

As for a plain pouch bag, you cannot customize the surface of your packaging using images and graphics.

You can only customize the surface by adding a window.

Which Material is Plain Pouch Bag made of?

The plain pouch bag is made from polyethylene, metal foil, and kraft paper.

· Polyethylene

Polyethylene possesses excellent impact and chemical resistance as well as low friction resistance.

Also, it has zero absorption of moisture, lightweight, and easy to process.

The outlined features make polyethylene suitable packaging material.

They protect the features of the content of the package and does not contaminate the content of the packaging.

· Aluminum Metal Foil

This material reflects up to 98% of light and heat.

Also, it does not absorb bacteria growth, does not absorb water, oil, and grease.

Besides, it is malleable and corrosion-resistant.

The stated features make it suitable for packaging different products.

Also, they protect your products from external elements such as heat.

· Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is versatile, water-resistant, tough, and strong.

Also, it comes in white and brown colors.

Moreover, it is strong and flexible.

It can withstand high pressure and tension without breaking.

Also, its highly resistant to bursting.

The stated characteristics of kraft paper make it a suitable packaging material.

It prevents the spillage of content and protects the characteristics of the content.

· Canvas

It is a heavy-duty plainly woven material made from linen and cotton.

It is water-resistant, sturdy, and durable.

The stated features make it is a suitable material for outdoor bags.

What are the available Design Options for Plain Pouch Bag?

Some of the design options you can consider include:

· Flat Bottom Plain Pouch Bag

Under this design, the pouch bag has a wide back and face as well as bottom and side gussets.

It mimics the folding carton and box.

It can have a gas valve, hang hole, tear notches, and zip locks.

The barrier features of its laminated film protect your product and eliminate excess internal packaging expected of boxes.

· Spout Stand up Plain Pouch Bag

It can effectively stand on shelves as well as hold liquids.

Besides, it has a cap and a spout.

It occupies less shipping and storage space than alternative packaging for liquid.

Also, it is landfill friendly and recyclable.

· Flat Barrier Plain Pouch Bag

This type of pouch bag does not have a bottom gusset.

Therefore, you can include a hang hole that you can use to display it in stores.

Alternatively, you can lay it flat on the shelf.

You can add tear notches and zip locks to it.

· Stand up Plain Pouch Bag

According to this type of design, the pouch bag has a wide back and face as well as a gusset.

This enables it to stand on the shelf.

· Plain Canvas Pouch Bag with a Drawstring

This type of pouch bag is made from canvas and covered using a drawstring.

· Plain Pouch Bag with a Handle

These are pouch bags made from polypropylene or canvas.

They have hands you can use to carry it around.

They can be covered using a zipper.

What are Plain Pouch Bags used for?

You can use your plain pouch bag for various purposes.

  • You can use a plain pouch bag with a handle as a reusable shopping bag.
  • Plain pouch bags made from kraft paper can be used for packages food products such as coffee and tea.
  • Laminated plain pouch bags are used for packaging drinks such as fruit juice and wine as well as food products.

Are Plain Pouch Bags Reusable?

Plain pouch bags are reusable.

You can clean canvas and cotton plain pouch bags and reuse them for carrying shopping.

Also, you can reuse a stand-up plain pouch.

You can clean in and use it to carry wine, soft drink, or water.

Further, you can use a polyethylene bag to produce plastic products such as plastic chairs.

Are Plain Pouch Bags Safe?


Plain pouch bags are safe because you can reuse them.

As such the number of plain pouch bags that end up in the landfill is low.

Besides, they also meet the safety standards in the plain pouch bag industry.

How do you Test Quality of Plain Pouch Bag?

For stand up plain pouch bags, burst strength, and barrier test are done to test quality.

 Plain pouch bag

 Plain pouch bag

Burst Strength

Under this testing method, the pouch bag is pressurized at a consistent flow rate until the seal breaks.

The burst test identifies the areas of the seal that are weak and ensure that you receive high quality and strong bags.

· Barrier Testing

Barrier testing involves oxygen transmission rate testing, water vapor transmission rate testing, and modified atmosphere packaging test.

Oxygen transmission rate testing examines the degree by which oxygen penetrates a film.

Since oxygen spoils food this test ensures the transmission rate is at the desirable level.

Water vapor transmission rate testing test the rate at which water vapor penetrates the film layer.

This test is important since most food products require a particular amount of moisture to maintain taste and texture and stop degradation.

What are the available Sizes of Plain Pouch Bags?

Plain pouch bags are available in various sizes for different types of products.

They are available in small sizes, medium sizes, and large sizes.

What is your Free Sample Policy for Plain Pouch Bags?

To ensure that you receive plain pouch bags that meet your specification, we offer free samples.

All you have to do is fill a free sample form and deliver it to us.

Once we receive your free sample form, we will contact you.

How do you Close or Seal Plain Pouch Bags?

There are different sealing or closing methods you can use on your plain pouch bag.

These methods are:

· Heat Sealing

You can seal a plain pouch bag using heat.

Heat sealing is important since it gives consumers the satisfaction that a product is safe.

It is a cheap and convenient method of sealing plain pouch bags.

There are different heat sealing methods you can use.

Firstly, there is the standard heat sealing method that uses pressure and heat to seal together layers.

The heat sealing machine presses the plain pouch bag to safely package a product in a pouch.

Secondly, we have impulse heat sealing, which involve warming a pouch bag, exposing it to excess heat, and immediately cooling it.

Thirdly, you can use a direct heat sealing machine that subjects the jaw of a pouch bag to a consistent temperature.

This enables uniform distribution of heat to produce a strong seal.

· Adhesive Coating

This method entails sealing your plain pouch bag using a substrate.

An adhesive coating is used to attach the layers.

· Lamination

Under lamination adhesive, heat and pressure are used to bind multiple layers together.

In this sealing method, a lamination machine is employed.

·  Drawstring

You can cover your plain pouch bag using a drawstring.

This approach is suitable for plain pouch bags made from canvas.

·  Zipper

For plain pouch bags made from fabric, you can use zippers to cover it.

Do you have Plain Pouch Bags with Handle?


We offer a wide array of plain pouch bags with a handle that you can select from.

They include:

Transparent Plain PVC Pouch with a Handle

It is transparent, plain, has a handle, and is made using PVC.

· Pink plain PVC pouch with Handle

It is plain, transparent, has a handle, pink in color, and made using PVC material.

What are the available Color Options for Plain Pouch Bags?

There are several color options you can choose from for your plain ouch bag.

You can choose from black, brown, red, pink, green, silver, kraft and blue.

What are the Benefits of Plain Pouch Bags with Zipper?

The main zipper used for plain pouch bags are powder proof zippers, thermoform zippers, and double-lock zippers.

Also, there is a color-reveal zipper, ribbed zippers, and flange zippers.

A lot of benefits accrue from using a plain pouch bag with a zipper.

  • Zipper offers convenient plain pouch bag reclosure.
  • It preserves product freshness for your customers.
  • It protects your product from contamination and spills.
  • They are ideal and lightweight for e-commerce and on the go customers.
  • Enhances the likelihood of retaining the original package keeping the brand before the customer.
  • It makes the process of filling easy.
  • Make your pouch tamper-evident.
  • Offer great consumer satisfaction and appeal.

Depending on your specific needs, TedPack offers a range of plain pouch bags.

Whether you need a flat pouch bag, juice pouch bags, box pouch bag or heat seal bags, we have a perfect solution for you.

Contact us now for all your plain pouch bags.

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