Pet Food Bag: The Ultimate Guide

Pet food bags are bags that serve as packaging for food meant for pets.

Pet food bags come in different shapes and sizes, with various features as well.

This guide offers you an insight on Pet foods bags to help you choose the perfect one for your product.

Benefits of PET Food Packaging Bags

Below are some of the benefits of pet food packaging bags:

  • The design of pet food bag is unique and specifically for packaging pet food.
  • Pet food bags are cost effective and pocket-friendly
  • Pet food packaging bags are easy to use. Most pet food bags come with re-sealable closure which makes them very user-friendly.
  • The ease of storage of pet food packaging bags is also a huge benefit
  • Pet food packaging bags increases the shelf life of your pet food.
  • Bags for packaging pet foods are available in various sizes, making them suitable for small or large amounts of pet food.
  • Pet food packaging bag is an attractive way to store your pet food
  • Most pet food packaging bags are made from recyclable materials
  • Pet food packaging bags are mostly from biodegradable products, which makes them eco-friendly
  • The flexible nature of pet food bags makes them easy to transport.
  • Pet food packaging materials are high barrier quality, and they protect their contents from adverse weather conditions
  • There are various attractive styles and types of pet food packaging bags
  • Pet food packaging bags are an innovative method of packaging pet food
  • After using the contents of the bag, you can put your pet food bag to other uses in the home.

Notable Features of PET Food Bag

Some of the notable features of pet food bag include:

  • Closures that are easy to open and close
  • Pet food bags are usually stand up pouches
  • The production materials for pet food bags have high barrier properties
  • Clear labeling style and nutritional information
  • Pet food bags usually have clear pictures of the pets as part of the design. For example, on pet food bags containing dog food there’ll be clear pictures of Dogs.

Common PET Food Bag Styles

Food packaging bags come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes and pet food bags are not an exception.

Some of the common styles and designs of Pet food bag include:

  • Stand-up pouches: these are the best pouch option for packaging small quantities of pet food. These pouches are the most economical style of pet food bag.

The popularity of stand-up pouch design in pet food bags has dwindled due to strict government regulations.

Stand up pouches are good anti-spillage pouches and protect their products from spilling while in transit and on display.

stand-up pet food pouch

Stand-up pet food pouch

  • Quad seal bags: pet food bags made in quad-seal style, have a large volume. This style of pet food bag is suitable for packaging large amount of product. Quad-seal bag style provides ample space for advertisement and branding on the bag.

Although quad-seal bag cannot stand alone on display, it still stands out on display shelves.

This style is also economical.

quad seal pet food bag

Quad-seal pet food bag

  • Flat-bottom bags: this style is not as economical as the other pet food bag styles. The flat-bottom bag style of pet food packaging is suitable for both small and large quantities of product.

There is space left over on the packaging for branding and nutritional information.

The flat bottom of this type of bag allows it to stand tall on display.

flat-bottom bag

Flat-bottom bag

  • Pinch-bottom bags: the pinch-bottom style is ideal for large quantity of product. When using this style, you should concentrate more on the bottom part, because that is the visible part on display.
  • Spout pet food bag: this bag has a spout with a cap for easy re-use and opening convenience. This type of pet food bag comes in different shapes and is perfect for packaging both dry and wet pet food.

The spout closure helps hold the contents In and prevent spillage.

spout pet food bag

Spout pet food bag

  • Stand-up kraft pet food bag: this is a stand-up bag made with kraft paper, and it is available in various shapes. The kraft paper is compostable and has lining inside to protect against environmental factors.

stand-up kraft pet food bag

Stand-up kraft pet food bag

Best Material for PET Food Bag

Pet food bags usually have different layers made with various types of materials like PET, PE, etc.

Some pet food bags are also made from barrier-laminated materials, coated paper, and power-block materials.

The material of the pet food bag determines how long the freshness of the product will last.

Using high barrier materials for your pet food bag ensures the longevity of the contents.

Difference between Roll Stock and Pouch Pet Food Packaging Bags

Although pouches are the most popular packaging for pet food, there are also other less popular options.

An example of other packaging for pet food is the roll stock packaging bags.

Below are some of the differences between roll stock and pouch packaging for pet food:

  • There are different materials available for pouch packaging, but you have limited options with roll stock
  • Pouch pet food packaging bags come in different styles, which is not the case with roll stock packaging
  • The freshness of your pet food lasts longer when it is inside a pet food packaging pouch
  • Pet food packaging pouches have high barrier resistance and protect their content from adverse effects of weather.
  • Materials used in making pet food packaging pouches are usually puncture-resistant so they offer more protection in transit. Roll stock packaging are not as strong pouch pet food packaging
  • Using pouches as pet food packaging increases the durability of your packaging. Roll stock packaging for pet food is not as durable as pouch packaging.
  • Pouch pet food packaging consists of biodegradable materials and is easily recycled. The same cannot be said for roll stock packaging material.

Sustainable PET Food Bag Options you can choose from

Sustainable packaging refers to using packaging materials that are environment-friendly and do not add to the deterioration of the earth.

Many companies are adopting the sustainable packaging methods as it helps to reduce their total carbon footprint.

Most manufacturing companies use sustainable materials like bio-degradable materials etc to make their packaging products.

Recyclable bags, compostable bags and paper bags are all options of sustainable pet food bags.

  • Recyclable bags: this sustainable packaging option involves using materials with the same composition, so that they can be easily converted after use. For example, using plastic components to make packaging bags then, recycling the plastic into another useful product.

Apart from using bags that you can recycle, sustainable packaging also involves Reusable packaging.

  • Compostable bags: another option for sustainable packaging is to use materials that are biodegradable, that is, they decompose easily. Compostable bags help to de-clutter the environment and also help the ecosystem continue to function.
  • Paper bags: using paper to make packaging bags simply means the bags are recyclable. This is a good way of making sustainable packaging and also saving some members of the ecosystem i.e trees.

Apart from being recyclable, paper bags are also compostable as well.

Recommended Standards for PET Food Bags

Pet food bags like other packaging bags have to meet certain standards before they are ready for distribution and sale.

  • Pet food bags have to be FDA approved and consist of food grade materials. Pet food bags should not contain harmful or toxic substances that can pollute the product.
  • Water-based inks: you need to use only water-based ink on pet food bags. Water-based inks are eco- friendly and do not contain toxic chemicals.

Using water-based inks also ensures that the pet food bag is easily recyclable.

  • No matter the quantity of pet food bags the customer orders, the quality of the printing should not be compromised.

The printing on pet food bags should be clear and legible, regardless of the order quantity.

  • Every material used in making pet food bags must be recyclable and compostable. In line with making all packaging products eco-friendly, pet food bags have to meet this requirement.

Difference between Stock and Custom Printed PET Food Bag

Like with other packaging pouches, you also have the option of customizing your pet food bag or using stock bags.

The differences between stock and custom-printed pet food bag include:

  • Stock bags are plain and have no design options, but using custom-printed bags gives you design options. Although stock pet food bags are available in various styles, there is no atom of branding on them.

The sides of stock pet food bags are left bare with no form of writing on them.

  • When you customize your pet food bag, you can choose extra add-on features, unlike stock pet food bags.
  • Custom-printed pet food bags look more aesthetically appealing than stock pet food bags. When you walk into a store, the more colorful bags grab your attention faster than the plain ones.
  • You can get creative with the shape, size and style of your custom-printed pet food packaging bags. When you opt for custom-printed pet food bags you have absolute control over what the bag looks like.

With stock pet food bags, there is no uniqueness or personal touch on the bags.

  • Custom-printed pet food bags advertise your brand more than stock bags do. Your packaging is the first chance you get to impress your customers and stock pet food is not very impressive.
  • Stock pet food bags do not attract any extra design or printing charges, unlike custom-printed pet food bags. The one advantage stock pet food bags have over custom-printed ones is how cost effective they are.

If you have a small budget, you might want to opt for stock pet food bags.

  • The delivery and production time of stock pet food bags is more than custom-printed pet food bags. Stock pet food bags are available on demand but, custom-printed pet food bags take more time to arrive.

stock pet food bag

Stock pet food bag

custom printed pet food bag

Custom-printed pet food bag

Custom Printing Options for PET Food Bags

The available custom printing options for pet food bags are:

  1. Rotogravure printing: this is also called reverse printing because it involves printing on the inner part of the outermost layer of the pouch.
  2. Digital printing: this option involves using digital printing machines to produce high quality prints. Digital printing is suitable for low order quantity.
  3. Hot stamp printing: this is a newer printing option and it involves using a printing die to produce clean and simple designs.
  4. Flexographic printing: flexo printing is suitable for printing on paper material. It involves the use of flexible plates.

Air Release Systems for PET Food Bag

Trapped air inside food pouches can lead to decomposition and spoilage of the content of the pouch.

The product can become unstable and have reduced shelf-life due to the trapped air inside.

Manufacturers of pet food bags incorporate some features to help remove trapped gas.

There are two most popular features for releasing this trapped air:

  • Degassing valves: these valves allow the release of trapped air from inside the pet food bags, while preventing oxygen from getting inside.

The removal of oxygen makes the pet food bag more flexible and easy to store.

Degassing valves help to maintain the freshness of the pet food for longer.

  • Tiny perforations: some manufacturers place tiny holes strategically on the pet food bags to allow systematic release of trapped air.

Available Closure Options for PET Food Bag

The available closure options for pet food bag are:

  • Press-to-close zippers: this is a re-closable type of closure and you need to press both sides together to close it.
  • Sliders closure: this is also another re-closable closure. You slide the slider from one end of the bag to the other, to close or open.
  • Hook-to-hook closure: to close this type of closure, you just slide your hands across the bag, while pressing on the hooks. Hook-to-hook closure is also known as Velcro closure.
  • Heat-sealed closure: this is not a re-closable closure, and it is suitable for one-use size of product.
  • Ziplock closure

hook-to-hook closure

Press-to-close zippers

sliders closure

Sliders closure

press-to-close zippers

Hook-to-hook closure

Why and when to choose Single-use vs. Reclosable/Reusable PET Food Bag

When choosing what type of closure to use on your pet food bag, you need to consider the quantity of product it contains.

You can use a single-use closure when the pet food bag contains only a single serving of pet food.

If the pet food bag contains more than a single serving size, you should opt for a re-usable pet food bag.

You can also convert the pet food bag to other use when you choose a re-usable closure.

Add-on Features you can request for your Custom PET Food Bags

When customizing your pet food bags, you can request for extra features on the bags.

These add-on features include:

  • Gussets: some people opt for gussets to give the pet food bag a different shape and make it look more unique.
  • Hang-hole: this feature is mostly for pet food bags that are not stand-up. The hang-hole is for hanging the bag to display it on the shelves.
  • Wickets
  • Eyelets
  • Extended lip
  • Expanded header and footer: you can choose to increase the size of the header and footer on your pet food bags.
  • Mixed webs
  • Window
  • Handles
  • Curved edges

Key Considerations in Designing Effective PET Food Bag

When choosing the design for pet food bag, you need to take certain factors into consideration.

Some of these key factors you need to consider include:

  • The quantity of the product: the amount of pet food you want to use the bag for will determine the style of the bag, shape and size.
  • Size of the bag: the next thing you should consider is what size you need the bag to be. After you decide what amount of product you want, then you can determine what size of bag will be suitable.
  • Design and materials: your packaging design is the first thing your customers see, so you need to pay special attention to this. The material and branding of your packaging is your first chance to sell your products to your consumers.
  • Your target consumer: a pet food bag for dog food will not look the same as that for cat or fish food. You need to take this into consideration in order to design a specific pet bag for the target pet.
  • Your budget: this is probably the most important factor you need to consider when designing your pet food bag. The amount of money you have for the design project, determines what design options are available to you.
  • The availability of your choice of materials: you need to liaise with your manufacturers to ensure that the materials you want for your design are available.

Choosing Colors for PET Food Bag

When choosing colors for your pet food bag, the highest amount of colors you can choose from is seven.

It is usually better to use pantone colors because, pantone gives you the exact shade you require.

You can use a variety of colors when printing on packaging material like kraft paper.

The more colorful your pet food bag, the more customers it might attract.

Surface Finish Options for PET Food Bag

The surface finishing of your pet food bag can make a huge difference on your brand appeal.

There are different options of surface finishing available.

These options are:

  • Matte finishing: this type of surface finish does not look shiny or attractive from a distance. It gives a more mature and elegant look to your pet food bag.

Under bright light, it is easier to read prints on matte finish. Matte finish looks best on pet food bags made from paper material like kraft paper.

  • Glossy finish: pet food bags with glossy finish are more eye catchy and attractive due to the shiny nature. Glossy finish makes your pet food bag look more aesthetically pleasing.

Although it is a bit difficult to read prints on glossy surface under bright lights, it is still a popular finish for pet food bags. Many manufacturers prefer glossy surface finish due to the apparent shine it gives to the packaging.

  • Metallic finish: metallic surfaces are shiny like gloss finish but with a metallic tint to the gloss. Metallic surface finishes are similar to glossy finish but more high-end.

Finishing the surface of pet food bags improves the general appearance of the bag. Surface finishing also makes pet food bags more resistant to corrosion and other weather conditions.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Pet Food Bag

Below are factors that influence how much pet food bags cost:

  • The materials used in making the pet food bag: some material options are more expensive than others. The more expensive the materials you use for production, the more expensive the pet food bag will be and vice versa.
  • Size of the bag: larger pet food bags will cost more than smaller ones because, the production involves more materials.
  • Add-on features: the number of add-on features on your pet food bag will either increase or decrease the original cost.
  • Type of pet food bag: stock pet food bags cost way less than their customized counterparts.
  • Design of the pet food bag: using more advanced printing techniques and expensive finishing increases the cost of pet food bag.

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