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Customize The Perfect Mylar Stand up Pouches For Your Business

TedPack is one of the leading manufacturers of mylar stand up pouches in China.

  • All material are FDA-approved food grade
  • More than 20 years of experience in packaging industry
  • Less MOQ required start from 10K Pcs
  • Some order with 10-12 days urgent delivery

Your Leading Mylar Stand up Pouch Manufacturer

TedPack mylar stand up pouch is ideal solution for packing your food products. Applicable for non-food packaging and many more. Send us your design if you have and want to change, we will do it for you.

Mylar Stand up Pouch

TedPack has the ability to provide you wide variety of mylar stand up pouch packaging options that are suitable to your own preferences.

custom mylar stand up pouches

Custom mylar stand up pouches is one of the most popular type of stand up pouches, normally the pouch are with back solid and front clear, this kind of pouch is created for exact specifications. Clients prefer mylar stand up pouches because products stay as fresh as the day it was crafted.

mylar stand up pouches for food

This kind of stand up pouch is very convenient in food packaging. Mylar can keep the food products reach out of sunlight keep your food fresher, customer’s keep attention in picking stand up pouches for their business and mylar stand up pouch has outstanding quality for packing food.

mylar stand up pouches manufacturers

TedPack is the leading manufacturer of mylar printed stand up pouches in China. We make sure that all pouches we’re created are the best to meet your product needs, and keep your food safe, our printing color can up to 10 colors and print with water-based ink which is 100% safe and friendly to the environment.

mylar stand up pouches manufacturers

This kind of stand up pouch has durable zipper and suitable for reuse and keep your products on top. It provides convenient closure ability to the pouch. Most of our client choose this type of stand up pouch since zipper locks closure for food and other dry products.

TedPack Mylar Stand Up Pouches Customize Capabilities

stand up pouch material-2
Choose The Right Materials For Your Mylar Stand Up Pouches

In TedPack we make sure that in making our stand pouch the materials we use are durable, water proof and easy to use.

  • Printing (Surface) Layer: BOPP, PET, NY, KRAFT PAPER, RICE PAPER
  • Barrier (Laminated) Layer: NY, PET, PETAL, AL
  • Heat Seal (Inner Food Contact) Layer: HDPE, LDPE, CPP, CPPAL, RCPP
stand up pouch feature-2
Customized Your Mylar Stand Up Pouches Features & Accessories

In customizing your stand up pouch, TedPack has many features available such as the reclosable  zipper and stand up capabilities to make our pouch a popular choice.

  • Closure Options: single and double, tap, child resistance, inno-lok, velcro hook & loop zipper closure
  • Spouts | Fitment Options: Child resistance caps, ez-pour spouts, wine fitments, all diameter spouts
  • Valve Options: One way degas valve, double way degas valve, Goglio & Wipf Valves
  • Tin-tie Options: Copper Tin-ties, Iron Tin-tie, Paper Tin-tie
  • Treatment Options: Laser perforation, Cut handle holes, Custom windows, Tear notches, Pouch shaping, Matte&Shiny finishing, De-metallize
stand up pouch print-2
Best Printing Options On Your Mylar Stand Up Pouches

In TedPack, we are only using long run, high speed and high quality printing method to deliver a high quality custom mylar printed pouches, built to your specification.

  • Flexo Printing: Surface simple print, low cost and easy text & images
  • Gravure Printing: Quality reverse print, medium cost and complicated text and images
  • Digital Printing: Medium quality surface print, high cost and complicated text & images
stand up pouch factory
Hi,I am Noah the BD Director of TedPack. If you are looking for a customize pouches for your business, then I am the right person that you are looking. With 20 years experience in the packaging industry, I can say we are surely confidence in providing you high quality and durable stand up pouches for your business. I am hoping to build a good relationship with you in line with the business and allow me to help you grow your business.
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TedPack Mylar Stand up Pouch

TedPack provide food packaging products that made them on top in terms of manufacturing all kinds of stand up pouches in China. It is a great packaging choice since our pouches make a great impression on customers.

At TedPack, we provide stand up pouches with high quality to our clients. You can ensure that the pouches we’re created are safe from moisture, oxygen, contamination or infestation in stylish stand up pouches, or lay flat bags.

We can make custom stand up pouches with barrier packaging and offers multiple styles of pouch too according to your unique needs.

In manufacturing our pouches we continue providing our clients a high class stand up pouches for their food packaging and for their packaging business.

At TedPack, we do our best to bring the best stand up pouches that are ISO certified and approved by the FDA. Client can rest assured that the products and our pouches are far from danger and toxics.

By choosing TedPack mylar stand up pouches, you can guarantee that our pouch are not poor quality and not easily leaked.

Mylar Stand Up Pouches: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you have any question about Mylar stand up pouches, your answer is right here.

Whether you want to learn more about the benefits, uses, material type, printing technology, type of finishing, or MOQ, everything is in this guide.

Take a look:

What is Mylar Stand Up Pouches?

Mylar stands up pouches are packaging bags that are designed to stand up on shelves, retail displays, and other flat surfaces.

What makes this packaging pouches unique is the fact that they are made with multiple layers of barrier film.

The bags are specifically designed for the items they are going to be packaged with.

Mylar stand up pouch

Mylar stand up pouches

What are the Benefits of using Mylar Stand Up Pouches?

The benefits of using Mylar Stand Up Pouches are enormous.

They include;

· Self-standing

Mylar stands up pouches are made with a bottom gusset that allows it to be self-standing.

With these pouches, you don’t need to worry about displaying your products correctly.

The pouches allow you to arrange your products in an orderly manner.

What’s more, they enhance the visibility of your products.

Consumers can recognize your products quickly, making it easy for them to make purchase decisions.

· Prolonged Shelf-life

The multiple film layer design of Mylar Stand Up Pouches is critical in helping keep food fresher for longer.

The packaging also offers excellent barrier protection against moisture and other contaminants that may be harmful to your products.

· Strong and Durable

Mylar stands up pouches are made from durable and robust material that cannot be damaged, crushed, nor smashed.

The packaging material is tough enough to withstand the rigors of transportation, such as impact, moisture, UV rays, etc.

· Added Convenience

The most significant advantage of Mylar Stand Up Pouches is the value added convenience it gives consumers.

As a retailer/manufacturer, you can quickly advance your brand with stand up pouch features.

For instance, you can add resealable closures to help extend the shelf life of packaged items.

You can choose from zip lock, hook to lock and closures or hook to hook closures.

What’s more, Mylar stands up pouches can be made steamable.

This way, customers can easily prepare their food in the microwave without having to remove it from the packaging.

All these will help create a better customer experience with your product and generally add convenience to your pouch.

· Easy to Print

You can easily custom print Mylar Stand Up Pouches using water-based inks that make your brand designs and graphics pop.

The packaging also allows for other printing technics such as rotogravure printing, etc.

The best part is that the design of this packaging allows for enough printing space on both the front and back.

· Cost Reduction

Using Mylar Stand Up Pouches offer significant cost savings.

Note that these are categorized as flexible packaging systems that cost way less than rigid packaging alternatives.

They are cheaper to produce as they use lesser materials and generally cost less to print per unit.

In other words, using Mylar Stand Up Pouches can significantly improve your business’ profit margins.

· Eco-friendly

Mylar stands up pouches are 100% recyclable thanks to the biodegradability of the materials used to manufacture the packages.

Also, most manufacturers strive to use fewer materials, energy, and water to make Mylar Stand Up Pouches.

As a result, there’s less production of volatile organic compounds.

They also require less fuel to transport, making them all the more environmentally friendly.

Which Industries use Mylar Stand up Gags?

Mylar stand up pouch

Mylar stand up pouch

Mylar stands up bags are a flexible and versatile form of packaging that is used in various industries.

Some of the industries that use these bags include;

  • Retail food packaging
  • Pharmaceutical and medical
  • Pet food packaging
  • Industrial packaging
  • Cosmetics and nutraceuticals
  • Household and gardening
  • Lubricants and oil packaging

Which Material is Mylar Stand Up Pouches made of?

Mylar stands up pouches are made from multiple layers of material.

The different layers of materials are chosen based on their characteristics and benefits for the intended application.

Once chosen and agreed, the material layers are laminated together to create a bag that is durable, waterproof, and easy to use.

Materials used in this case are aluminum foil material and a combination of PET/VMPET/PE.

What is the difference between Mylar Stand Up Pouches and Standard Packaging Bags?

The difference between these two packaging lies in manufacturing and functionality.

With Mylar packaging bags, the manufacturer controls the elements of the quality from the start-up to the end product.

These bags, unlike the standard versions, have proven to be the solution towards long term storage for food and other items.

They are thicker than standard bags and come with a complete aluminum foil layer.

Mylar bags are also and come folded once. They can even be hand-rolled and then wrapped in food-grade plastic.

Note that unlike standard packaging bags, Mylar Stand Up Pouches are never folded twice.

This is because the folding can cause puncture marks on the aluminum layer and thus defeating its intended purpose.

Another difference is the fact that Mylar bags strictly use USDA and FDA compliant liner materials.

The use of these materials is to ensure safer product contact, especially when packaging food and other edibles.

It is also worth noting that Mylar bags come in a variety of styles and customizable features.

Can you print on Mylar Bags?

Printed Mylar Bags

Printed Mylar Bags


You can easily print on Mylar bags to advertise your products and advance your brand.

There are several printing options in this regard, including digital printing, flexo, rotogravure, etc.

Please note that an entirely custom printed Mylar stand up bag saves you a lot of time with labels.

Custom printing plays a significant role as a marketing and branding tool.

It helps increase the overall visibility of your product, thus increasing customer interaction and sales.

How many Types of Stand up Pouches are there?

Stand up pouches come in a wide range of sizes, shapes colors, and styles.

There are however six fundamental styles and types of these pouches that include;

  • Bottom Gusset Pouch
  • Spouted Pouch
  • Retort pouch
  • Side gusset pouch
  • Shaped pouch
  • Flat bottom pouch

All these, as mentioned, can be customized based on your unique packaging needs and application.

Different materials can be used depending on your unique requirements.

Various features and accessories can also be added to make the pouches functionally appropriate for your content and application.

What are the Unique Features of Mylar Stand Up Pouches?

Metallized stand up pouch

 Metallized stand up pouch

A unique feature of these pouches, as mentioned severally, is the fact that they are made using multiple layers of film.

Laminating these layers of material helps in the creation of a barrier bag that can protect the products from odor, vapor, air moisture, pests, and light.

Laminating also makes the pouches strong and uniquely puncture resistant.

It also creates flexible stand up pouches that can be stored more conveniently.

Another unique thing about Mylar Stand Up Pouches is their space-saving convenience.

Storing and displaying these bags is pretty easy and convenient, no matter the size of the storage.

The bags are designed and built to be compact enough to allow for multiple display and storage options.

What is more, is the fact that you can print on either side of the bag.


It has a lot of printing surface that you can take advantage of to market your brand.

You can fix promotional stickers and product labels on the back panel of the bag and the front too.

Or, better yet, you can print promotional information using creative graphics to help grab the attention of customers.

The best part about this is the fact that you have the option of ordering custom printed Mylar Stand Up Pouches to suit your exact needs.

Please note that the unique convenience of stand up pouches is not limited to storage only.

When it comes to non-liquid products, there are optional tear notches that permit easy opening as well as zip locking for easy resealing.

The pouches can also come with a reseal cap/spout combination, which helps to prevent content from spilling/leaking.

Can you get Food-grade Mylar to stand up Gags?

Of course!

A majority of manufacturers utilize food-grade materials, especially for the lining, to make Mylar Stand Up Pouches.

So you don’t need to worry about contamination of food items when using these bags.

To be sure and safe, though, you need to make your needs known.

If you intend to package food items, let your manufacturer know this so they can use high-quality BPA free materials to make your pouches.

Also, you might want to confirm the certifications of your manufacturer if purchasing stock Mylar bags.

Ask for ISO and FDA certifications to ascertain the safety of materials used to manufacture your food packaging Mylar pouches.

How do you seal Mylar Stand Up Pouches?

Mylar Stand Up Pouches are generally heat sealed.

This sealing method makes the bags able to preserve content for an extended period.

In sealing the bags, oxygen absorbers are also often added to enhance their barrier properties and durability.

Which Finishing Design can you Consider for Custom Mylar Stand Up Pouches?

Glossy Maylar stand up pouch

 Glossy Mylar stand up pouch

Matte Maylar stand up pouch

Matte Mylar stand up pouch

Mainly, there are two types of finishing designs that you can consider for custom Mylar Stand Up Pouches.

These are satin finishing that is often glossy/shiny and Matte finishing that makes the pouch appear dull.

Note that each of these finishing designs has its pros and cons that you may want to consider before making a choice.

For instance, if you need printing for marketing purposes, a matte finishing would be suitable.

Matte finishing creates highly visible graphics that make the appearance of your product amazing even from afar.

Are my Mylar Stand Up Pouches Eco-friendly?

Yes, they are.

Mylar Stand Up Pouches are environmentally friendly as they are biodegradable and easy to recycle.

Note that many manufacturers today strive to use renewable materials in their products that are sustainable to the environment.

By using eco-friendly materials and manufacturing practices, they help to reduce the ecological footprint of Mylar packaging bags.

So yes, with Mylar packaging bags, you can be sure that customers won’t avoid products due to issues of sustainability.

Which standards should Mylar Stand Up Pouches conform to?

Any quality stand up pouch has to conform to a specific set of quality standards.

These are standards designed to protect the customer, and at the same time, enhance continued quality manufacturing.

Some of the quality standards that Mylar Stand Up Pouches should conform to include; FDA, ISO, and USDA.

These quality standards help to establish and endorse quality principles that would enhance the safety of using Mylar Stand Up Pouches in your packaging applications.

Are there Custom Size Mylar stand up bags?


Mylar Stand Up Pouches can always be made to your preferred sizes.

This gives you a flexible packaging to preserve and store your products.

Can you use Mylar Bags for Marketing your Brand?


Custom printed Mylar bags come with your design, brand logo, and other promotional information.

When making an order for these bags, you give the details, including your design preference, and it is made for you.

This way, you’re able to customize the packaging to include graphics that effectively market your product and brand.

Besides, Mylar bags offer an adequate printing surface that allows you to include as much promotional material as possible.

You can choose to add a personal touch in these packages to help take your brand to the next level.

What is the Minimum Order Quantity for Mylar Stand up Bags?

For the Mylar stand up bags, the minimum quantity you can buy mostly depends on the manufacturer.

With Ted packaging, our minimum order quality for Mylar stand up bags is 10,000 pieces.

But of course, this varies from customer to customer as we are always ready to adjust our demands to suit your business needs.

Also, we have full production capabilities in that we can handle as much as 500,000 bags per day.

So you can rest assured that we deliver any order requirements, whether large or small.

For more information on MOQ, please contact our customer support.

What should you Consider when Buying Custom Mylar Stand Up Pouches?

When it comes to choosing the right stand up pouch, you need to understand the perfect size and the features that you require your stand up bags to have.

Theses stand up pouches protect your products hence making it stand out when on the shelf.

They also save a lot of money during the packaging.

So the very first thing to consider when buying your custom Mylar Stand Up Pouch is size.

Choose the right size of bag that can accommodate your product perfectly.

After this, you can consider other factors like the type and thickness of the material, add-on features, Resealability, finishing, etc.

How do you Ensure the Quality of Mylar bags?

The quality of the Mylar bags you use to package your product is a critical element to consider.

You need to ensure that you get the best quality product both in terms of construction and safety.

In this case, Mylar bags should not only utilize quality materials in their construction, but also, it should be made following quality manufacturing practices.

To ensure this, you’ll need to enforce quality control measures that include product inspection and testing.

These measures will help you ascertain that the product meets all your unique requirements.

You will be able to test the quality and performance of the pouches.

Testing mainly checks for the strength and resistance of the pouches against physical harm, such as puncture and chemical degradation.

Another way to ensure the quality of Mylar bags first to ensure you’re working with a reputable company.

When vetting a manufacturer to work with, check their certifications, factory capabilities, and quality control practices.

These will help you determine their ability to produce quality Mylar bags that meet your needs.

Which Add-on Features can you include on custom Mylar Stand Up Pouches?

Stand up pouches might have that durable and robust design.

However, your clients and customers are looking forward to knowing how easily those pouches are to use.

Several features like zipper closures, hang-holes, easy-tear tabs, and spouts, are added advantages.

Of course, ease of use is yet another critical aspect.

How does Mylar Stand Up Pouches compare to Kraft Stand up Pouches?

Kraft stand up pouch

 Kraft  stand up pouch

Firstly, Mylar stands up pouches are made of layers of thermoplastic materials.

Kraft stands up bags, on the other hand, are made of Kraft paper which is laminated to high barrier films for added protection.

In comparison, Mylar pouches are more durable and resistant to environmental elements than Kraft pouches.

As you can see, there are so many factors you should consider when buying Mylar stand up pouches.

With this guide, I am sure you can make an informed decision when importing stand up pouches from China.

For inquiries about Mylar stand up pouches, contact TedPack team now.

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