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Customize Perfect Matte Stand up Pouches Suitable for Your Business

TedPack is one of the leading suppliers of matte stand up pouches and other stand up pouches in China.

  • Sufficient experiences in flexible packaging industry
  • MOQ of 5,000 -10000 matte stand up pouches to start your business
  • Largest production capacity, over half a million pieces per day
  • Mostly suitable for FMCG kind of industry

Your Best Matte Stand up Pouch Supplier and Partner

TedPack matte stand up pouches are eye-catching for the customers in the market. It comes in a variety of sizes, materials, printing and styles you choose from. Send us your inquiries and we will make the best matte stand up pouches for you.

Matte Stand up Pouch

Looking for the perfect packing solutions for your teas, coffee, and dry foods? Tedpack offers the perfect matte stand pouch, designed with high functionality and styles.

matte black resealable stand up pouches

These matte black resealable stand up pouches has airtight resealable top zipper and a self-standing bottom gusset that enables pouch to stand alone. You can customize your matte black resealable stand up pouch according to your unique demands.

matte stand up spout pouches

TedPack matte stand up spout pouches are ideal for beverage, food, pet food packaging, and more. Our matte stand up spout pouch are customizable in shape, design and other special features. Find suitable packaging for your products in TedPack’s wide variety of matte stand up spout pouches.

mylar matte stand up pouches

This mylar matte stand up pouch are great for snack, cookies, nuts, spices and seasoning products packaging for your business. TedPack mylar matte stand up pouches printing and labels can be customized, it can be customized into both side matte or one side matter one side clear, silver, black, blue, pink or any color you like.

white matte stand up pouches

Our white matte stand up pouches are convenient to use, easy to seal and great to package, put your label on it or customized print on the pouch depends on your choice. Your products will surely stand out on the market and will attract more customers

TedPack Matte Stand up Pouches Customize Capabilities

stand up pouch material-2
Choose The Right Materials For Your Matte Stand Up Pouches

TedPack provides the best custom solution when choosing the best material to value your product.

  • Printing (Surface) Layer: BOPP, PET, NY,
  • Barrier (Laminated) Layer: NY, PET, PETAL, AL
  • Heat Seal (Inner Food Contact) Layer: HDPE, LDPE, CPP, CPPAL, RCPP
stand up pouch feature-2
Customized Your Matte Stand Up Pouches Features & Accessories

When getting confused about choosing the best closure for your packaging, TedPack can help and provide the right closure for your packaging.

  • Closure Options: single and double, tap, child resistance, inno-lok, velcro hook & loop zipper closure
  • Spouts | Fitment Options: Child resistance caps, ez-pour spouts, wine fitments, all diameter spouts
  • Valve Options: One way degas valve, double way degas valve, Goglio&Wipf Valves
  • Tin-tie Options: Copper Tin-ties, Iron Tin-tie, Paper Tin-tie
  • Treatment Options: Laser perforation, Cut handle holes, Custom windows, Tear notches, Pouch shaping, Matte&Shiny finishing, De-metallize
stand up pouch print-2
Best Printing Options on Your Matte Stand Up Pouches

TedPack offer state-of-the-art printing that will let your product labeling last for years without fading off. We have a wide range of printing options that is beneficial for your product.

  • Flexo Printing: Surface simple print, low cost and easy text & images
  • Gravure Printing: Quality reverse print, medium cost and complicated text and images
  • Digital Printing: Medium quality surface print, high cost and complicated text & images
stand up pouch factory
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TedPack Matte Stand up Pouch

TedPack matte stand up pouches are mostly suitable for FMCG kind of industry. All closure, materials, size, printing, styles are customizable.

TedPack matte stand up pouches materials are BPA free and 100% food grade, and are FDA approved so you can guarantee that foods products are safe from risk.

TedPack provides a wide variety of matte stand up pouch and will provide you the best closure for the required of your products. You can customize features of the pouch including tearing, hang hole, zipper, window, round corner, valves etc.

Our matte stand up pouch can securely stand on shelves, will surely attract customers to your products. Surfaces of closures can be done with part matte printing or full matte finishing and are suitable for any types of storage conditions.

TedPack can provide you from the lowest MOQ of 5,000 pcs to support your start-up business and will offer you the best packaging solutions. For your urgent orders, our team can easily handle your products for 2-3 wks.

TedPack matte stand up pouch printing can be customized based on the detail requirement of your product. We can print with CMYK mixed colors or spot colors up to 10 colors.

By considering TedPack for your business, you surely can guarantee the best packaging solutions for your products and can make your brand stand out in the market.

Matte Stand Up Pouches: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before you import matte stand up pouches from China, read this guide.

It has everything you must know such as features, design, material type, cost, quality control and what to look for in matte stand up pouches, amongst others.

Let’s get started.

What is a Matte Stand-Up Pouch?

A matte stand-up pouch is a type of stand-up pouch with a dull type of finish.

This type of stand-up pouch features all the characteristics of a stand-up pouch except for a shiny mirror and glossy properties.

Matte stand up pouche

Matte stand up pouches

How does Matte Black Stand Up Pouches compare to White Matte Stand Up Pouches?

Just from the name, one of the most significant differences between the black and white matte stand-up pouch is color.

Apart from that, you will use the black matte stand-up pouch to store things are not sensitive to heat.

The black color is good heat absorber and will definitely absorb more heat into the stand-up pouch.

On the other hand, white matte stand-up pouches are suitable for storage of products that have high sensitivity to heat.

White color reflects light and heat, therefore, will not allow the entry of light or heat to interfere with the products.

What are the Features of Mylar Matte Stand-up Pouches?

Apart from the black and white matte stand-up pouches, you can use the mylarstand-up pouch.

Here are the main features of the mylar matte stand-up pouches.

  • It is available in a number of different matte configurations which can either be on one or both sides of the pouch.
  • In case you have the matte on one side, you can customize the other side to have clear, silver or blue colors.
  • It has a number of layers that makes it waterproof thus keeping the products inside dry.
  • The inner material is also FDA approved thus making it suitable for packaging food products like snacks.
  • You can easily customize the mylar matte cover and place different decorations on them to attract more customers.

Why choose Matte Stand up Spout Pouches?

Matte stand up pouch with sprout

Matter stand up pouch with sprout

You should consider using matte stand-up pouches because they keep the products inside fresh for a longer period.

Apart from that matte stand-up pouches offer a unique appearance of your products thus attracting more customers.

Matte stand-up pouches are also easier to customize thus making them a cheaper option to other pouches.

How Many Colors of Matte Stand-up Pouches are there?

Different colors of matter stand up pouches

Different colors of matter stand up pouches

Matte stand-up pouches are available in a number of different colors that you can choose from.

The main colors that you can choose for your matte stand-up pouches include:

  • Satin Gold
  • Satin Silver
  • Matte Black
  • Matte White
  • Matte Green
  • Matte Turquoise
  • Matte Orange
  • Frosted Clear

You can also have a blend of the gorgeous, eye popping colors to meet your perfect color preference.

What is the Minimum Order Quantity for the matte Stand-up Pouches?

Since the matte stand-up pouches are very small in size, you may need to order for more matte stand-up pouches.

In that case, the minimum order quantity that you can get ranges between 5000 to 10000 pieces.

Having a minimum order quantity will reduce the cost of production which would go into producing fewer pouches.

It would make it easy to have proper calculations of the cost of matte stand up pouches.

This is because the cost of purchasing one matte stand up pouch is in the cents.

How Much Does a Matte Stand-up Pouch Cost?

Well, in this case, you will consider looking at the cost of the minimum order quantity of matte stand-up pouches.

Generally, the cost of one stand up pouch ranges between 0.10 to 0.50 dollars.

So, in case you are purchasing 5000 pouches at 0.10 dollars, you will pay 500 dollars.

Implying that the cost of matte stand-up pouches will depend on:

  • Quality of the matte stand-up pouches
  • Quantity of matte stand-up pouches
  • Type of the matte stand-up pouches

What are the Benefits of Using the Matte Stand-Up Pouches?

When using the matte Stand-up pouches, you will note a number of benefits.

Here are the main benefits of using the matte stand-up pouches.

  • Matte stand-up pouches do not have a blinding reflection or shine in the sunlight.
  • It is cheaper to print matte on the stand-up pouches than to print gloss.
  • You can also read and recognize the larger fonts on the matte stand-up pouches
  • They also have special materials that will keep the food items within fresh for a very long period.

Which Businesses use Matte Stand-Up Pouches?

Matte stand-up pouches are the most suitable packages that you can use in packaging different products.

Here are some of the business which use the matte stand-up pouches to package their products.

Those that are:

  • Maintaining the original roughness of the package
  • Interested in maintaining an impression of ultra-professionalism
  • Targeting highly educated clients since it is not too flashy and shiny

Do the Matte Stand-Up Pouches have Limitations?

Unfortunately, you cannot use any product without experiencing the down side of the product.

Here are some disadvantages of the matte stand-up pouches that you might experience.

  • You might find difficulty in figuring out the graphics since they are very dull.
  • You may also have difficulty in making high quality images that will have a retention of the original colors.
  • In case you forget to place a plastic protective layer, the print texts might erode and rub off.
  • The edges and the corners of the matte stand-up pouch is also vulnerable to tearing.
  • You will also find a little bit of difficulty in the recognition of smaller fonts.
  • Matte stand-up pouches are also susceptible to damage if you expose them to vapor.

What are Matte Frosted Stand-Up Pouches?

Matte frosted stand-up pouches are self-supporting designs of pouches which will stand upright after filling.

It comes with a durable bottom gusset which provides enough stability to the matte frosted stand-up pouch.

Apart from that, you can also see through the matte frosted stand-up pouch thus knowing the products inside them.

You can use this food grade stand-up pouch to store grains, candy, and chips among other types of food.

What should you look for when Buying Matte Frosted Stand-Up Pouches?

When purchasing the matte frosted stand-up pouches, you have to ensure that it has airtight zippers and durable side seams.

Apart from that, there are other features that you need to take under proper consideration:

  • Type of material which should be a high barrier 5.5 MIL material.
  • Unique matte frosted finish which will allow you to see the products inside the pouches.
  • Food and drug administration (FDA) approval since you will use it in the direct storage of food.
  • Resealable zippers which will help in maintaining freshness especially after opening the pouches.
  • Self-supporting design which will allow it to stand out among other packages while on the shelf.

How Does a Mate Stand-Up Pouch Compare to a Matte Frosted Stand-Up Pouch?

One of the most notable differences between the matte and matte frosted stand-up pouches is the shade.

Matte frosted stand-up pouches have a clear and transparent shade that allows you to view the products inside.

On the other hand, matte stand-up pouches have different types of colors and does not allow you to see through.

Apart from that, you will realize that both of them have resealable zippers which will keep the products fresh for long.

Additionally, they will all have a stand-up posture when you finally fill them up with different products.

What is the Function of a Valve in Matte Stand-Up Pouches?

Matter stand up pouch with plastic nozzle

Matte stand up pouch with plastic nozzle

The valve on the matte stand-up pouches will act as a barrier for protecting the products inside the matte stand-up pouches.

As much as it is a barrier, it will also allow the exit of the products from the matte stand-up pouches.

It is most suitable for matte stand-up pouches with liquid or semi-solid products in them.

Can I Reuse the Matte Stand-Up Pouches for Packaging Other Substances?

Absolutely, you can use the matte stand up pouches again in packaging other substances.

This simply means that you can recycle the matte stand-up pouches and use them for packaging other products.

Are the Mate Stand-Up Pouches Resealable After Removing First Seal?

Yes, after removing the first seal from the matte stand-up pouches, you can simply replace the seal to hold tight.

In many cases, you will have matte stand-up pouches with resealable zippers which are easy to operate.

What are the Advantages of Heat-Sealing Matte Stand-Up Pouches?

You will use heat sealing process as one of the basic ways of keeping the matte stand-up pouches in place.

Using heat sealing will provide tamper evident finishes which consumers have come to expect.

Apart from that the other advantage is that heat sealing will extend the shelf life of the products.

It keeps the impurities that might cause food decay away thus leading to an increase in the products shelf life.

It will help in maintaining the freshness of the food and also make sure that is safe for human consumption.

What Factors Make the Matte Stand-Up Pouches Customer Convenient?

All the matte stand-up pouches are very convenient for you to use in packaging and accessing the products.

You should remember that the product consumers putt a high value on convenience with features such as:

  • Designs of stand-up pouches that have very easy to open notches.
  • Resealable zippers that re quite easy to operate
  • Less space coverage in comparison to the traditional plastic or glass bottles, jars, and containers.

How Can you Save on Packaging Cost by Using Matte Stand-Up Pouches?

Whenever you are considering a packaging solution, you must always think of the saving cost.

You should for cost saving solutions such as using an all-in-one packaging solution for the matte stand-up packages.

This type of packaging solution for the matte stand-up pouch does not require lids, caps, or other types of inserts.

You must also consider using flexible packaging which will cost six times less than rigid packaging in matte stand-up pouches.

What is the Shelf Impact of Matte Stand-up Pouches?

Shelf impact is the ability of the matte stand-up pouches to manifest its presence on the shelves for more sales.

Matte stand-up pouches are prominent in showing off the products you package in them on store shelves.

It has a flat exterior surface which gives you more space for branding with all the product details.

Apart from that, you can also print unique design features and images of the matte stand-up pouches.

This will add market value to the products that you are selling as they are unique and distinct from other materials.

How Can you Design a Custom Matte Stand Up Pouch?

You can design your custom matte stand-up pouches that will fit your personal requirements.

Here are the main factors that you have to take into consideration during the designing process.

Matte stand up pouch

Matte stand up pouches

· Choosing the Right Stand-Up Pouch

First, you will choose the right matte stand-up pouch according the function of the stand-up pouch.

For instance, if you want to package food, then you have to use matte stand-up pouches that have a transparent window.

Apart from that, you will also consider the type of material that you want for your matte stand-up pouches.

This means choosing a material that will keep the products inside the safe for long and even safe for transportation.

· Choosing a Custom Matte Stand-Up Pouch Layout

In this case, you will come up with a particular layout which you will use for packaging your products.

You have to make sure that you maximize on the benefits that the matte stand-up pouches provide your products.

Implying that you should take your art work as well as designing of the matte stand-up pouches very seriously.

This will improve the image of your matte stand-up pouches and attract more customers to your products.

· Choosing Particular Features for the Matte Stand-Up Pouches

Finally, you have to consider the right features that you will need for your custom matte stand-up pouches.

This will depend to a great extent on the type of food items that you would like package in your pouches.

You will include features such as perforations, spouts, handles, holes, and zip locks among other key features.

You must remember that features you choose will determine to a great extent the efficiency of the matte stand-up pouches.

After that, you will submit your design to the manufacturers for proper manufacturing processes.

Matte stand up pouch with window

Matte stand up pouch with window

Which Material is Matte Stand-up Pouch made of?

You should consider using custom materials that are strong and durable in making the custom matte stand-up pouches.

Apart from that, the materials should also reduce the amount of waste considerable in comparison to other materials.

You can choose from a wide variety of materials such as metalized materials which protect the products and extend shelf-life.

Additionally, you will have to choose among the various barrier levels some of which protect against moisture, odor and oxygen penetration.

Here are some of the main types of materials or fabric that you can choose from.

  • Thick Gauge Clear Materials
  • Thick Gauge White Materials
  • Medium Gauge Clear Materials
  • Medium Gauge White Materials
  • Medium Gauge Metalized Materials
  • Thin Gauge Clear Materials

What Can you Package Inside a Matte Stand-Up Pouch?

You can package different types of products within the matte stand-up pouches.

Here are the main materials which you can comfortably package inside a matte stand-up pouch.

  • Packaging of Snacks
  • Packaging health food materials such as weigh protein
  • Packaging food for babies
  • Packaging different types of liquids
  • Packaging other non-food items.

Now it’s your turn:

Whether you need custom matte stand up pouches or bulk orders, TedPack is here for you.

We support matte stand up pouches OEM business while guaranteeing both quality and competitive prices.

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