Marijuana Bag: The Ultimate Guide

Marijuana bags are pouch material for packaging marijuana products.

The products could be the flower, already crushed buds or products made from marijuana.

This guide contains all the information you need to know about marijuana bags, their uses and benefits.

Different Types of Marijuana Bags in the Market

Different types of marijuana bags include:

  • Flat pouch: this type of pouch has the shape of a pillow and does not stand alone on display. Flat pouches are an economical and attractive bag style for marijuana.

Flat pouch has enough space on both sides for branding and advertisement.

flat pouch

Flat pouch

  • Flat bottom pouch: the name already describes how this pouch looks. It has a flat bottom, which makes it easy to stand tall on display shelves.

Flat bottom pouches give your product a classy look and protect your marijuana from spillage.

flat bottom pouch

flat bottom pouch

  • Gusseted bag: this type of pouch is perfect for your marijuana products and the gussets leave ample space for branding.

gusseted bag

gusseted bag

  • Stand-up pouch: stand-up pouches give your products an edge because they are eye-catchy on display. These pouches are anti-spillage and ensure that your products do not pour out during transportation.

stand up pouch

stand up pouch

Benefits of Customized Marijuana Bags to your Brand

Your product packaging is the consumer’s first point of contact with you and your products.

Making good use of customizing features to tell your brand story can never be over-emphasized.

  • Customized marijuana bags command more attention on display shelves than plain bags.
  • Marijuana bags with beautiful designs on them give your product a more aesthetically pleasing look.
  • When you customize your marijuana bag you give your brand a unique look.
  • Customizing your marijuana bags makes your product easily recognizable to your customers
  • Customized marijuana bags come in various shapes and styles
  • When you use customized marijuana bags, you have total control over the features and add-ons your packaging has.
  • Customizing your marijuana bag helps you to clearly differentiate your products from others with similar packaging
  • Your brand’s integrity will be unquestioned when you label your marijuana bags appropriately including warnings about potential risks.

How Marijuana Bag is Made (manufacturing process)

Marijuana bags contain different layers of high barrier materials that are joined together using a strong adhesive.

Typically marijuana bags have three layers, the outer, middle and innermost layer.

The outermost layer is usually Kraft paper, or other suitable materials for printing and design.

The middle layer is the layer with the protective barrier film materials.

The most common materials that make up this layer are Aluminum foils, PET etc

The inner layer is the most important layer because this is the part that comes in contact with the marijuana.

The materials for these layers are sourced differently then laminated into one layer with a strong adhesive.

Material Options for Marijuana Bags

The different material options for marijuana bags are:

  • Matte foil: this foil material provides an elegant satin finishing for the marijuana bags. The graphics on this type of material are very visible even under bright light.

Matte foil colors are soft, metallic and easy on the eyes, though they could look somehow dull.

  • Gloss foil: gloss material consists of vibrant colors with a shiny finish. Gloss foil looks very attractive on display and grabs attention.
  • Clear gloss: this is a glossy material that is transparent and gives a satin looking finish. The clear glossy look makes printing appear clearly and gives a sharp contrast.
  • Clear matte: the clear film base gives the matte finishing solid background and elegant look. This material boasts of soft matte colors with clear satin finishing to give the bag a premium commercial look.
  • Brown kraft: kraft paper looks very natural and it is eco-friendly. The brown color is the natural color of kraft paper without dye.

Safety Features and Considerations for Marijuana Bags

There are lots of safety and health concerns about marijuana, so you need to add some safety features to your marijuana bags.

Some of these safety features are:

  • Appropriate labeling: you need to label marijuana bags with the exact content and information about the content.

Make sure the information on the labels is clear and easy to read.

If the marijuana bag contains prescribed medical marijuana, you should label it as such.

  • Child proof closures: marijuana is not meant for kids and even in edible form, it is not a kiddies snack.

You should use closures that will make the contents of the bag inaccessible to children.

  • Puncture resistant: your manufacturer should endeavor to use materials that do not tear or break easily. Since marijuana is sold legally by prescription only, the marijuana bag should be strong enough to be tamper-proof.
  • Vacuum seal: using a vacuum seal on marijuana bags prevents accidents like spillage or leakage during transportation. Vacuum sealing also preserves the freshness of the bag’s contents.
  • Barrier resistant properties: marijuana is a herb and as such susceptible to weather conditions. The marijuana bag should provide enough protection for its contents against moisture, oxygen etc.
  • Sustainable packaging: marijuana bags should contain materials that are recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.
  • Appropriate graphics and design: bright and colorful designs are catchy and attention-grabbing, but might be inappropriate for marijuana bags. Children get attracted to colorful things and since marijuana is not for children, the packaging should not attract kids.

Typical Marijuana Bag Film Thickness

The thickness for marijuana bags is usually between 3 and 5 Mil.

The unit ‘mil’ is not the same as millimeter, and it is sometimes referred to as ‘thou’.

1 Mil is equivalent to 001 inch.

Benefits of Metalized Barrier for Marijuana Bag

  • Metalized barrier of the marijuana bag increases the shelf life of the marijuana inside the bag.
  • Marijuana is primarily a herb and requires protection from environmental factors like moisture, UV rays etc. this is one of the benefits of a metalized barrier.
  • The flavor and freshness of the marijuana lasts longer when the marijuana bag has a metalized barrier.
  • There is no transfer of odor between the environment and marijuana, because of the metalized barrier.
  • The metalized barrier of the bag gives the bag an extra layer for puncture resistance.

FDA Requirements for Marijuana Packaging Bags

Marijuana packaging bags are child resistant packaging due to their contents and must follow certain guidelines.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has requirements and standards that marijuana packaging bags have to meet. These requirements are meant to set the tone for manufacturers to properly label child-resistant products.

  • First of all, the marijuana packaging bag has to be in compliance with the US consumer product safety commission policies. For the marijuana bag to be labeled child-resistant, it has to pass through the CPSC tests for child-resistance.
  • Manufacturers need to clearly state how to package and handle the particular prescription product on the packaging.
  • Brands should use stick-on custom labels to print information about the product and packaging. Stick-on labels are more preferable because you can update the information on them as required by the FDA.

Other Requisite Regulatory Requirements for Marijuana Bag

Apart from the FDA safety requirements for marijuana bags, there are other requirements that marijuana bags have to meet.

  1. The CPSC have to carry out a series of tests on the marijuana bags to determine if they meet the criteria for child-resistance. These tests by the CPSC test the closure of the bags and the strength of the production material.
  2. There are also the ASTM D3475 standards for child-resistant packaging as well.

Manufacturers of marijuana bags have to make their products up to standard before distribution.

All the regulatory requirements for marijuana bags focus on correct labeling and description of the product.

Tips to an attractive and economical Marijuana Bag Design

The design of your marijuana bag is the first point of contact between your product and the consumers.

Having an attractive bag design gives you an edge over other plain marijuana bags.

The challenge is how to design your marijuana bags to capture attention, while being economical.

Here are some tips on how to achieve an attractive and economical marijuana bag design:

  • Choose a unique design and be firm about it: the first step to creating an attractive bag design is to pick a design that suits your brand, and stick to it.

You need to choose a design that will survive long-term so that you can maintain the design for some years.

It is important to choose a unique design as this will be the face of your brand for the nearest future.

  • Consider all the specifics of the design you choose: it is one thing to choose a unique design, and another to see it through.

You need to consider the cost of the design you pick and everything involved in bringing the design to life.

Make sure to stick to your budget and ensure your design falls within your budget.

  • Ensure to choose a valuable bag design: the point is to ensure you get value for your money and give your customers value for theirs as well.

If you choose a design that costs a lot of money to produce, your packaging will have a high price tag.

Putting a high tag on the marijuana bag might discourage consumers from your product. If you choose a design that not only gives value, but is also affordable, your product will be top-notch.

  • Make sure to choose a design that caters to your target audience. Marijuana is typically meant for adults, so you might want to choose a design that resonates better with a mature audience.

For example, the finishing of your design should look appealing to an adult and not to kids.

You might want to use less color to make it clear that the product caters to a mature audience.

  • Ensure that your design showcases your brand values and tells your brand story. Your packaging is the first chance you get to impress your customers, so it needs to speak for you.
  • Choose relevant add-on features: your design has to make sense to the consumer since they are the reason you’re in business.

Make sure to add features that your customers find useful and relevant to the product.

Marijuana Bag Printing Methods

The different methods for printing on marijuana bags are:

  1. Rotogravure: this method is for printing high resolution images and graphics. Rotogravure printing is suitable for medium to large orders.

Rotogravure method involves printing below the surface of the Printing plates.

The downside of rotogravure is that there are little design variations.

  1. Flexographic printing: this type of printing method is also called FLEXO for short. Although it prints in a lower resolution than rotogravure, flexographic printing is also suitable for medium to large orders.

The printing plates for this method are rubber plates and can only print one color per plate. Flexographic printing also has little variations for design.

  1. Digital printing: this is a more advanced method of printing and does not require printing plates or tools. There is a large extent of design variation with this method and the resolution is a s good as rotogravure.

Available Marijuana Bag Sizes

There are different sizes of marijuana bags available, depending on your choice and preference.

Some of the available sizes include:

  • Stand up pouches with dimensions 80 x 130 x 50 mm and a maximum fill of 4 tbsp.
  • Stand up pouches with dimensions 110 x 170 x 70 mm and a maximum fill of ¾ cup
  • Stand up pouch with dimensions 235 x 335 x 120 mm and a maximum fill of 11 cups.
  • Stand up pouch with dimensions 318 x 356 x 140 mm and a maximum fill of 18 cups
  • Stand up pouch with dimensions 364 x 354 x 170 mm and a maximum fill of 25 cups

Apart from sizes in standup pouch style, there are also different sizes of marijuana bags in quad seal style.

  • Quad seal style with dimensions 95 x 270 x 70 mm and a maximum fill of 3 ½ cups
  • Quad seal style with dimensions 100 x 310 x 70 mm and a maximum fill of 4 ½ cups
  • Quad seal style with dimensions 110 x 320 x 80 mm and a maximum fill of 7 cups
  • Quad seal style with dimensions 140 x 390 x 95 mm and a maximum fill of 14 cups
  • Quad seal style with dimensions 210 x 410 x 110 mm and a maximum fill of 28 cups

Exterior Lamination Options for Marijuana Bags

Lamination gives your packaging bags an extra level of beauty and uniqueness.

The process of laminating the exterior of your marijuana bags adds an extra protective layer to the bag.

You can choose among any of the following exterior lamination options for your marijuana bags:

  • Luxury soft-touch lamination: this lamination type gives the surface of your bag a velvety feel and is soft to touch. The soft texture of this luxurious type of lamination does not detract from the quality or vividness of color.

The luxury soft-touch lamination is fingerprint-resistant and prevents the surface from turning yellow with time.

  • Velvet lamination: a velvety feel with an extra protective layer is what you get when you use velvet lamination. This type of lamination is aesthetically appealing and gives a soft look to the exterior of your bag.

Velvet lamination makes the surface of your marijuana bag scratch-resistant.

It gives a luxurious and elegant look to the surface of your marijuana bag.

Although velvet lamination is a bit high-end, it is good value for your money.

  • Matt lamination: this gives a softer and more natural appearance to the surface of your marijuana bag. Although it is less shiny than other types of lamination, it makes dark colors look more vivid.

Minimum Order Requirements (MOQ) for Marijuana Bag

The minimum quantity of marijuana bags you can order depends on your supplier and your business needs.

The minimum order requirement starts from as low as 10 pieces to as much as 100,000 pieces.

Top things to consider when choosing a Marijuana Bag for your Business

There are lots of factors you need to consider when choosing a marijuana bag for your business.

Below is a few of these factors:

  • Type of bag: you need to consider what bag style best suits your business. That is, you need to decide if you want a stand up pouch or a flat pouch for your marijuana bag.
  • Barrier properties: the freshness of your product is of utmost importance, so you need to choose a marijuana bag with high barrier properties.

Marijuana is basically a herb and is susceptible to adverse weather conditions therefore, you need protective packaging.

  • The visible features of your marijuana bags are something else you need to consider. The type of closure that best suits your product i.e marijuana.
  • You also need to consider the legal requirements and regulations regarding marijuana bags in your area of residence.
  • The safety factor should not be overlooked when choosing a marijuana bag. You need to choose a marijuana bag that is child-resistant and safe for the public.
  • Determine who your target audience are and choose a marijuana bag that appeals to them.
  • The size of the marijuana bag: based on the quantity of product you want to package, you need to choose your marijuana bag accordingly.
  • Choose sustainable packaging material. Your marijuana bag has to be recyclable, compostable and eco-friendly.

How Quality of Marijuana Bags is ensured

To ensure the quality of your marijuana bags, the bags need to undergo some tests. These tests include:

  • Test for burst strength: this test is necessary to ensure that the marijuana bag does not burst on impact.

Testing how resistant your marijuana bag is to bursting is important because, transport and storage can be rigorous.

A marijuana bag of good quality should go through the rigors of transportation and storage, and remain intact.

  • Puncture resistance test: the marijuana bag has to be strong enough to withstand puncture, if the marijuana bag tears at the slightest tension then it is not of good quality.
  • Barrier test: this test involves series of tests that determine the barrier resistance properties of the marijuana bag. For example, you need to determine the oxygen transmission rate of your marijuana bag.

The oxygen transmission rate tells you how permeable the bag is to oxygen.

Exposure to oxygen affects the freshness of the marijuana in the marijuana bag.

A good packaging bag for marijuana has to be impermeable to oxygen.

Another barrier test you need for your marijuana is the moisture vapor transfer rate.

This test is to check how permeable the marijuana bag is to moisture.

Apart from moisture and oxygen, you need to test how protective your marijuana bag is against other environmental factors like UV light.

Emerging Trends in Marijuana Packaging Bags

Since the legalization of marijuana, brands have been creative with their packaging of the product.

There are different new trends in the marijuana packaging bag industry today.

Some of these trends include:

  • Luxurious finishes: glossy finish was the rave some years back, but brands now prefer the soft matte and velvety finish for their packaging.

Although some people still prefer the shiny look of glossy finishes, one cannot deny the understated elegance of soft matte.

  • Nowadays more brands are picking plastic packaging for their marijuana, over paper packaging bags.

Although paper is more eco-friendly and sustainable than plastic material, the trend these days is choosing plastic packaging.

  • While some brands are opting for plastic packaging, other more environment conscious brands still stick to sustainable options.

The whole world is going green and trying to reduce the overall waste production by recycling and re-using.

At TedPack, we offer a range of packing solutions for all products in the market.

Contact us now for all your marijuana bag packaging solution.

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