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Marijuana, weeds, cannabis packaging bag, Smell Proof And Durable Laminated Material, High Qaulity and Matte Finished Printing Effect, low MOQ from 10000pcs delivery within 3 weeks.

Marijuana BagChild Proof Closure | FDA Approved | 10K MOQ

Marijuana bags are all kind of flat pouches and stand up pouches made with childproof ziplock and child resistance locks on pouches.

The most common marijuana bags now are press to open lock HISIERRA, Pharmaloc and Stink Sac, Funksac locks pouch, we have also some other bags are made with the simple zipper but through a technical way of bag-making to made the pouch are hard to open by the ordinary way.

Those marijuana bags only have one purpose to make the pouch complicated, it is too keep children reach out of cannabis. In order to not harm children, we also require these pouches are made with odor, aroma, smell proof material. In this way these marijuana bags will be made in 2-3 layer laminated material, normally put one aluminum foil in the middle of the pouch keep the sunshine direct contact with cannabis products inside.

  • Made with BPA free, FDA, ASTM, USDA approved material;
  • All pouches are 100% childproof and safe for use;
  • Low MOQ start from 10000pcs and delivery within 3 weeks;
  • High barrier with both odor, aroma, smell proof property;

If you are doing a marijuana business which needs bag, welcome inquiry now!

MOQ10K-20K Pcs
Size50*70mm(Min)  420*600mm(Max)
Thickness50Mircons-120Mircons (2Mil-5Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, Ziplock, Window
PrintingD-Met Printing, Metallize, Vanishing, Matte Finishing

Marijuana bags were first needed in Colorado and the Netherlands. It is because Colorado was the first American state to legalize the use of recreational marijuana. That was back in 2012.

Today, almost all states have followed suit. This has effectively increased the demand for marijuana bags. As more people embrace marijuana for recreation and medicinal purposes, TedPack has mastered the art of manufacturing high-quality marijuana bags.

The cannabis industry depends on medical marijuana bags and labeling for its standard operating procedures. The industry is well regulated in the United States.

For this reason, marijuana bags have to meet specific safety and fool-proof standards. We are glad to be among the most respected dealers in these products not just in the USA but also across the world.

Ultimate Guide of Marijuana Bag

With the legalization of marijuana in some states and countries, we have to accept the fact that marijuana use is here to stay. With so many benefits that marijuana has to offer, who can complain? Well, as much as you get to enjoy using marijuana there is a need for proper storage and transportation.

In such scenarios, there is a need for using marijuana bags. In this guide, we get to look at what to expect from marijuana bags and how to choose appropriately.Marijuana Bag

While on the subject of marijuana, we might as well as differentiate between Indica and Sativa types. It is worth noting that strains from either type will have a different range of effects on the mind and body.

The indica strains are known for making your body to feel a deep sense of relaxation while the sativa strains will provide more of an energizing experience. So, depending on what you need, you can always pick the right strain for you.

Our marijuana bags are sought by different dispensaries, mental health rehab centers, corporations and for personal use. We have manufactured them right at our facility so you can rest assured of high quality. For example, our marijuana bags are smell proof so the contents can go unnoticed.

TedPack marijuana bags are designed to be tamper proof and are food safe. Most of them come in a black front and a clear back. There is a label at the front on which you can label or write details about the user or purpose.

Zip lock marijuana bag

Among the great features of all TedPack marijuana bags, they are zip lock seal and 3.5mil thickness. This helps to keep the contents of the bag free from contamination or otherwise prevent access. Note that the bags and labels come separately, so you have the option to attach the label on the bag according to your preference.

The material used to make the marijuana bags are eco-friendly. We do not want to harm the environment. A reason why most clients have welcomed our marijuana bags. Another important thing is the fact that we make these bags in varying sizes to accommodate the needs of each customer.

Marijuana Bag Supplier

Our products are manufactured with materials that are light proof. Did you know that natural sunlight and artificial lighting in hospitals or storage centers can compromise the integrity of marijuana bag content?

If you are looking for the highest quality of marijuana packaging bags, you have come to the right place. TedPack has been in the industry of manufacturing, selling and distributing these products for a couple of years now. No wonder we have been trusted by so many people to this day.

Chapter1: Who Needs Marijuana Bags?

Marijuana bags have been around since when marijuana was first legalized in different states. The marijuana bags definitely play an important role when it comes to delivering on ease of handling marijuana and related products.Marijuana Bag

First of all, we get to see that marijuana bags should come in handy for people who are suppliers of cannabis. Your clientele will want to carry marijuana in a way that is within the law. Also, marijuana packaging also helps preserve the freshness of the product.

Another use for marijuana bags is to help store your marijuana at home. You might not be able to use all the marijuana in one sitting. So, what do you do? The solution is to have marijuana bags for the storage of your cannabis products.

The good news is that marijuana bags are also child resistant. This means that you will be able to keep cannabis out of reach of children and pets too.

Chapter 2: Common Types of Marijuana Packaging

If you are interested in getting yourself the best marijuana bag, then learning about the types is important. The types are likely to vary from one guide to another. Ultimately, they all end up falling under the following major categories.

Chapter 2.1: Rigid Marijuana Packaging

From the word rigid, you can know that this refers to unyielding containers. These containers would be made of metal or glass. Such a construction makes the packaging premium and not disposable. This is when compared to the marijuana bags.

The best part about owning such type of packaging, you will have excellent mechanical protection. This is definitely important for those who have to store cannabis flowers.

Marijuana Bag Factory

Another thing you will like about this packaging is that it holds its form well. As much as marijuana bags are good, they cannot hold form as well as this packaging type. Since the materials used to make the container are inert, you should definitely also find it being a safe choice.

You will also find that the rigid containers will be made of nonporous materials. As a result, you will like that they can contain the smell, remain hygienic, and deliver on value for money.

Well, there are a few cons that also come with this type of packaging. Depending on your location, sometimes you might need to use an additional exit bag. This is based on the regulations on handling weed in the area.

Another con is that some materials like glass can easily break or shatter.

Chapter 2.2: Semi-rigid Marijuana Packaging

This is what comes between being rigid and flexible. The packaging can give in when force is applied, but not too much to become flexible. You will find such packaging being able to maintain the structure unless there is an external force on it.

Such type of packaging can include those made of aluminum, carton, and thermoformed plastic containers.

This type of packaging is seen to be great when it comes to being cost effective and easy to produce. Their production cost cannot be compared to the rigid counterparts.

You will also like them for being lightweight than the rigid containers. As a result, portability should not be an issue. You can always store your marijuana and carry it around with so much ease.

You are likely to find the packaging also to be tough. As much as they might be a bit flexible, you will also like their tough nature. You should now have a great time using them for storage of your marijuana.

As much as they have many benefits, it is worth noting that they can be susceptible to scratches. Also, the plastic material used to make most of them can yellow with time.

Chapter 2.3: Flexible Marijuana Packaging

Flexible bag Cannabis

The marijuana bags fall under this category. They are our main point of focus in this guide. The flexible marijuana packaging is made out of material that can easily yield. They can even change shape once filled and sealed.Marijuana Bag

The common examples of such type of packaging include pouches, bags, sachets, plastic films, aluminum foil, and more. You will find that most of them would have a ranging thickness of about 50-120 micrometers.

There is no doubt you will always find the marijuana bags being widely available as compared to the other types. People also love using bags since they are ergonomic and easy to handle. You will definitely find it easier using these bags.

Another thing is that these bags are also multipurpose. You do not just have to use them for carrying marijuana alone. You can still use them for various applications.

The marijuana bags also provide an opportunity for printing on them. As a result, if you own a business, this could be a nice way of showcasing your brand.

The most common con would be that such packaging would be prone to punctures. Well, just make sure that you get a good marijuana bag resistant to easy puncturing.

Chapter 3: How Child Resistant Exit Bags can be Good for Marijuana Storage?

Child resistant exit bags have many applications in our society right now. It seems that they also come in handy when it comes to marijuana storage. In some states, the use of child resistant exit bags is mandated by law. So, why should you consider getting the child-resistant exit bags today?

  • Keep children from accessing marijuana

First of all, the child-resistant exit bags just as the name suggests will protect your kids from accessing marijuana. If you have kids in the house, you can never know when next they can just access your marijuana. As a preventive measure and safety of the children, the bags come in handy.

  • Lightweight option for carrying marijuana

Right above, we discussed the various types of marijuana packaging. We saw that such flexible marijuana bags will be lightweight. This is better as compared to carrying your marijuana in the other types of bags. You should definitely have a great time using such type of packaging as from today.

  • Good for advertising

The child resistant exit bag can also be good for advertising. You can take the bags as being free billboards for advertising. This is going to be good when it comes to using it for advertising your business when selling the marijuana products.

  • Keep marijuana fresh and protected

Thanks to the materials used to make the child resistant exit bags, you will find them being good to preserve your marijuana. The medical marijuana stored in these bags will remain being fresh and protected at all times. You will definitely find it being worth to use as of today.

Chapter 4: Tips for Keeping Weed Fresh.

There is no doubt you will feel comfortable knowing that your weed is properly stored. Each time you get to use the weed, it will be still good. So, how do you even keep weed fresh for longer?

We get to discuss some of the top methods you can use, including marijuana bags for keeping your weed fresh.

  • Always store in a cool, dry place

It is no brainer that you have to keep your weed in a cool, dry environment. With such an environment, marijuana will not lose the THC content. If it is a good environment, you should get it having the perfect balance.

As suggested, the area has to be dry. No one wants to smoke damp weed. This is because damp weed can be hard to grind and generally hard to handle. Sometimes such weed can also be harsh on the lungs. When it comes to using your weed, you want to enjoy it and not to struggle.

It is still worth noting that weed that is too dry can be problematic. This is because such weed will be dropping crystals and also harsher to smoke. As a result, you need to preserve it in its fresh nature to still enjoy it later at some point.

  • Use glass jars

The use of glass jars is something classic. The good thing about the glass jars is that they are known to deliver on some good performance.

These glass jars also have to be sealed. The sealed glass jars will be able to maintain the freshness of the marijuana. The best part is that even the smell gets preserved. The moment you open the jar; you will feel the buds still being fresh.

Just make sure that the weed is not too damp before placing in the jar. Too much moisture sometimes makes the weed to grow mold. Also, wet weed is not the best when it comes to smoking.

  • Use TedPack sealed marijuana bags


This is another nice option that you can use right now. The TedPack marijuana bags can also help you with making sure you store marijuana better than before. Depending on the bag you get to choose, you will find it possible to keep your marijuana fresher than ever.

The TedPack marijuana bags are also good when it comes to sealing the smell of the buds. The next time when you open the bag, you should be able to still enjoy the smell of marijuana. Having a strong smell even after an extended storage time shows that the weed is still fresh.

  • Invest in owning a humidor

You must have seen or heard about the cigar humidor. Well, you can use the same for marijuana. The work of a humidor is to maintain a perfect humidity for the weed to remain fresh and good to use.

As much as it might cost you a bit more to own one, you will always find it is worth the purchase. For a daily smoker, this is going to be great. This is because you can get weed in large quantities and store it for longer.

  • Do not expose marijuana to the sun

Whenever weed is heated, it releases the THC compound. It is the reason we get to smoke or consume weed in edibles. As a result, there is a need not to expose marijuana not being smoked to direct heat or sunlight.

With direct exposure, the heat will make cannabis lose the THC compound. This makes it hard for you to enjoy smoking such weed later on. This is because the weed is now less potent as compared to how it was before.

  • Do not freeze weed

Freezing of weed is a common mistake people make. You have to understand that weed is not like other vegetables you have to keep in the fridge so that they can remain fresh. Weed is already a dried veg. Even when placed in a sealed TedPack marijuana bag, the damp environment of the freezer is not ideal.

As you can see, you need to opt for the best storage method for you to enjoy the best weed later on.

Chapter 5: How Marijuana Bags Can Build Your Brand?

If you are in the business of selling marijuana legally, you would definitely hope for a good exposure all the time. When you have the best exposure, then you can be sure to have some good times building the brand. Well, the TedPack marijuana bags can help you achieve all that. Let us get to see how.

  • Use marijuana bags that show your brand core values

The TedPack marijuana bags are all about helping you grow the business. As a result, there is the need to define the core brand values when you want to be noticed. Just like many other manufacturers, the bags are created based on what the brand stands for. With the right marijuana bags, it is possible for someone to know what the brand is all about in just a snap.

If you are in the business of selling medical marijuana, then make sure you get marijuana bags that makes it clear. As a result, you should get the brand growing over time to be better just as you want.

  • Labelling is always important

It is common to find many brands shedding the words weed, pot, or ganja. This is because these words often have a certain stereotype accompanying them. As a result, you have to think clearly about what should appear on the packaging.

Well, TedPack marijuana bags can help you with making the brand better. This is where you can introduce the word medical when it comes to labeling. You can be sure to get some good reaction when people know that you do sell medical marijuana. Also, you have to include the dose on the packaging to make the brand legit.

If you get to do the right labeling, then you should have no trouble enjoying selling your products.

  • Use different marijuana bags for medical and recreational marijuana

You still have to understand your market quite well before settling on a certain type of marijuana bag. Those looking for medical marijuana are often attracted to the package by different things. This is when comparing to those looking for recreational marijuana.

TedPack recommends that you get a laid-back print on packages having recreational marijuana. The bags could also have fun colors and labels. Things are different for medical marijuana. With such, you have to get packages with a professional look. Also, you have to focus more on promoting the message of the health benefits of marijuana.

As you can see, it is all about how you get to approach the audience. With the right TedPack marijuana bags, you should be able to do that.

  • Do not over-rely on social media marketing

Well, it might seem suicidal not to use social media for marketing in this era. As much as that is the case, not all social media sites will allow for promoting marijuana content. As a result, there is a need to introduce people to your products.

This is where you opt to use the marijuana bags to advertise your products. Let the buyers know what more they can get from your brand right from the package.

Also, having the best TedPack marijuana bags can help in boosting your sales. This is because users find the bags attractive, reliable, and keeps their marijuana products fresh.

  • Keep the branding from appealing to children

As part of making sure you have an easy time keeping the brand afloat, you definitely cannot make the branding appeal to kids. This is where you put children favorite cartoon characters on the packaging. Or even make the content visible and thus making the children curious what it is.

In most cases, you have to make sure that the marijuana bags are child resistant. Even if the bags are not opaque, they should be hard for children to open. In the end, you can now have the best marijuana bags and still keep the children from easily accessing the contents.

You will also definitely want to keep the smell from coming out while using the marijuana bags. Not all the weed smell skunky, some have a sweet smell. This is something that can attract the children to think it is something safe for them.

  • Remain professional when promoting the brand

Use your marijuana bag to display all the important information about the marijuana inside. This is where you have to consider including more information important to consumers. With the TedPack marijuana bags, you can include the dosage, brand name, logo, and more.

With the right promotion of the other products you might have makes it possible to broaden your brand. Using the best bags also makes people comfortable to keep using your marijuana.

Chapter 6: Everything About Weed Quantities.

If you are going to find the best marijuana bag, you might as well as know about the weed quantities. This is because you might want to know just how much weed you can store in a marijuana bag. Below are some of the most common ways that marijuana is measured.

Chapter 6.1: The gram.

This is the lowest amount of marijuana that you can buy. It is also called dime bag, so when you hear these words, just know they are referring to it.

The dime bag is equal to half of a gram will cost you around $10 and hence the name dime. With many dispensaries on the market right now, you can find most selling a gram of weed for $10. Sometimes it can be more depending on the strain you select.

Chapter 6.2: The eighth.

This is simply an eighth of an ounce. This is the next option once you want something more than a gram. Roughly, this is equivalent to 3.5 grams. As a result, the price will be around $20 to $50 on the highest end.

Well, most people do not want to keep visiting the dispensary each day for a gram of weed. They will definitely get an eighth so that it can last them even for a week. Well, if you would consume a lot more in a week, then you might want to consider the quarter option.

Chapter 6.3: The quarter.

You are also likely to get it is known as simply a Q in some cases. The quarter is simply the quarter of an ounce in this case. This leads you to have about 7 grams of weed. Depending on the quality of the weed, it can cost you from as low as $20 to $60 for high-end buds.

Well, if you want more weed, you can always upgrade to the next option, which is buying half an ounce or an ounce.

Chapter 6.4: The Ounce.

It takes 28 grams to make up a whole once. As you can see, it should be enough weed to last you a couple of weeks. Depending on the quality of the weed, it can cost you $80 to $160 in different dispensaries.

The Ounce is for people who need to use more weed during the month. Just make sure to get yourself the best TedPack marijuana bags to store such large quantities of weed properly.

Chapter 6.5: Advanced Measurement: THC Percentage.

THC is the compound that leads to having psychoactive effects such as feeling high. Some people would want to know just how potent a marijuana strain is by checking out the THC percentage. This measurement is taken as a percentage of THC as compared to the other lesser known compounds of marijuana.

In most cases, the THC percentage would range from 15% to 30%. The more the percentage, the more potent the marijuana is. The percentage is even more when it comes to dealing with marijuana concentrates. Sometimes you can get some being as high as 80% THC level.

Apart from THC, we also have the CBD compound. This compound is known to deliver on medicinal benefits as compared to THC which is good for making you feel high. With the right use of CBD, there are quite a number of diseases you can deal with. This includes depression, anxiety, chronic pain, cancer and more.

Below is a table showing you some of the strongest weed strains on the market with the corresponding THC percentage.

RankStrain NameCategoryTHC Percentage (%)
1Godfather OGMedical Indica34.04
2Super GlueMedical Hybrid32.14
3Strawberry BananaMedical Hybrid31.62
4Venom OG KushMedical Indica31.04
5Redeye OGMedical Indica29.69
6Ancient OGMedical Hybrid29.65
7Wedding CakeMedical Indica29.24
8Strawberry BananaMedical Indica29.18
9Vegan Velvet KushMedical Indica29.18
10Million Dollar OGMedical Indica29.14

Chapter 7: Labelling Recommendations.

Chapter 7.1: Clear font.

If you are going to use TedPack marijuana bags for selling weed, then you have to end up with clear labelling. This all comes down to the font that you get to use. The FDA is quite specific when it comes to the size of the text. You have to make sure that the users can clearly read the label on the packaging.

With TedPack marijuana bags, you should be in a position to use the correct font and still fit a lot more words.

The regulations further insist that the font type and size should be easy to read by any adult. If you are going to make a decision on how much marijuana you should use, then you need clear instructions.

Chapter 7.2: Name of the product.

Still, under the FDA regulation, there is the need to have a proper identity of the product. It is the reason you have to consider labeling the product with the right name or common name. This rule applies to all the food products, prescription drugs, botanical supplements, and OTC medicines. As you can see, marijuana definitely falls under these categories.

This goes on to show that you have to correctly label the marijuana strain you are selling. People always want a certain type of marijuana strain. Without the correct name on the packaging, no one would know what strain it is. You can also use the common name in places where there are no guidelines for naming of the strain.

Chapter 7.3: Licensee contact information.

This has been a subject of debate, but it is often that the contact information of the licensee should be provided. Some wanted only the website to be published where the contact information is located. Well, anyone who is looking for the best weed would feel comfortable having the licensee contact information. It just goes on to prove that the marijuana strain is good for use.

Another reason for having this kind of information is that federal law mandates it. Under federal law, you have to show this kind of information for packaged food, drugs, alcoholic beverages, and tobacco products. This can vary depending on the country where marijuana is also legalized.

Chapter 7.4: Ingredients list.

It goes without saying that the ingredients list has to be on the packaging. This is if you choose to sell marijuana products which have additional ingredients. The ingredients list has to be formatted in the descending order based on the weight. You definitely have to list all the marijuana-infused products and even concentrates.

This kind of FDA regulation is for packaged foods, drugs, cosmetics, and dietary supplements. It is always good for any consumer to know the kind of things they are dealing with. Having the right information about the cannabis product often helps you make up your mind on which to use.

Chapter 7.5: Allergen labeling.

There is also the need for allergen labeling. Just like any other product, some people might be allergic to certain compounds of a marijuana product. With the TedPack marijuana bags, you should still be able to list some of the possible allergies to expect. As much as it is not common, it is always good to list them.

There is an exemption though. If you are dealing with cannabis flower, concentrates and non-ingestible marijuana products, it is not a must to include this information. This is because they are intended to be smoked of vaporized. It is mostly the ingestible products that will need this kind of labeling.

Always make sure that the allergens are listed correctly to help the users know what they are dealing with.

Chapter 7.6: Nutrition facts.

It is always just good to know what kind of nutrition you will be getting with a product. This is where the sellers have to include the nutrition facts of a marijuana product. Some of the facts will include the daily value of calories, sodium, protein, vitamins, fat, cholesterol and more. You will definitely find this kind of information on manufacturer marijuana products.

You can also find this kind of regulation being applied differently based on the state where the marijuana was produced. The good thing is that you will get to learn more about the marijuana product before using it.

Chapter 7.7: Warning statements.

It goes without saying that having the warning statements come in handy for various applications. So, what are some of the common warning statements to include:

  • For all the marijuana products use the following statements
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets
  • This product may be unlawful outside of the state (make sure to include the state or country)
  • For cannabis products meant for adult use, they need the following statement
  • For use only adults twenty-one and older
  • For all the medical marijuana products
  • For medical use only
  • For the psychoactive marijuana products
  • This product may have intoxicating effects. Under the influence of cannabis, please do not drive or operate heavy machinery.

As you can see, there are multiple warning statements you might have to include on your packaging. TedPack marijuana bags have enough space for you to include such statements. This helps your clients be aware of what they are buying.

Chapter 8: Regulatory Recommendations.

When it comes to dealing with marijuana, there is the need to make sure that certain regulations are followed. The same thing goes for marijuana packaging. TedPack marijuana bags are often the best choice for many as they live up to the regulatory recommendations.

The following are the common regulatory recommendations for most marijuana packaging. Since they are recommendations, they are bound to change depending on location.

Chapter 8.1: Child-resistant packaging.

The marijuana packaging that you get to choose should definitely be child resistant. The rule is that all cannabis products should be placed in a container or bag that is child resistant. If that is not the case, you have to use a child-resistant exit bag. This should definitely help with keeping the product out of reach of children.

There are several test methods available to ascertain if the marijuana bag is child resistant or not. The good news is that all the TedPack marijuana bags will offer you the best protection you need.

In some states, you have to make sure you have the marijuana product in these bags before leaving the business premises.

Chapter 8.2: Liquid measurement option.

Cannabis can come in different forms, so you can always expect that sometimes you get to use it in liquid form. When this happens, it is recommended that you get also to be supplied with a device for measuring the right dosage.

Sometimes you just have to get the device separately. The aim of this regulation is to ensure people always use the right dosage. There is no doubt you will always enjoy having to use the marijuana products when it is done correctly. Also, there will be no cases of people overdosing on something they should not.

Chapter 8.3: Opaque packaging.

This is a common regulation when it comes to marijuana bags. We are glad to say that TedPack marijuana bags comply with this regulation.

The opaque marijuana packaging is something required in most states where marijuana is legal. Having to use the opaque packaging makes marijuana less appealing to adolescents and also reducing the chance of children trying to ingest marijuana.

Another reason for using opaque packaging is that marijuana easily loses potency when exposed to light. No one wants to end up with low potency marijuana in just a few hours or days. With the opaque packaging, the THC compound remains reserved always.

Also, as part of the U.S Pharmacopeia, it is required that drugs be kept in light-resistant containers. This goes to show that you might just end up with the best marijuana when handled correctly.

Chapter 8.4: Packaging should not be attractive to minors.

As much as marijuana has some good benefits, no one wants to see marijuana being used by kids. As a result, there is a need to use marijuana packaging that does not appeal to minors. So, what can make a minor like a marijuana bag or container?

If the marijuana has some of the famous cartoon figures children like, then they would want it. Another thing is when the packaging has objects or images that a minor would love.

Although you have to understand that being a minor is for a person who is below 18 years. Well, some might be past the age of cartoons, but they still have to be kept from using cannabis. The TedPack marijuana bags should help you with correctly packaging marijuana and keeping it from minors.

Chapter 8.5: Marijuana bags should not resemble the packaging of other commercially available products.

You also have to package your marijuana in a package that does not resemble other packages already trademarked or are of certain commercially available products. This includes products such as beverages, baked goods, snacks, and candy. The aim is to avoid the accidental use of cannabis products thinking that they are other products.

As a result of such regulations, TedPack has managed to create a distinctive brand of marijuana bags. The bags will definitely let you know that whatever you are buying is marijuana. This always makes you feel comfortable with your purchase.

Chapter 8.6: Packaging should protect the contents from contamination.

This is no-brainer that all the contents should remain fresh and safe for consumption. The regulation requires that the packaging of marijuana products should protect the product from contamination. With contamination, you can always find that the product might be injurious to your health.

Make sure to research more about the marijuana bags before spending money on them. You should definitely have a great time working with it.

Chapter 9: How to Choose the Best Marijuana Bags?

By now you must be thinking of what makes a good marijuana bag. Well, get to show you some of the features you might want to keep in mind while looking for the best marijuana bags.

Chapter 9.1: The material.

Of course, the material is going to be important. You will need to get a marijuana bag with the best-rugged material. The material should be able to work good for longer and also remain child resistant. Since you will be dealing with marijuana, it goes without saying that the bag should be child proof.

Also, the material should be hygienic. This ensures that you get to use the best bag for carrying your weed around. Well, TedPack marijuana bags should help you just do that.

Chapter 9.2: Smell proof capabilities.

Discretion is definitely paramount for most people carrying marijuana. This is whether it is medical or recreational marijuana. There is the need now to get the smell proof marijuana bags. This means that you will not have to worry about getting in trouble with authorities also. With a good marijuana bag, you can be able to preserve the marijuana smell if you like the smell on overall.

Also, not all people like to smell marijuana all the time.

Chapter 9.3: Is the cannabis bag airtight?

If you are looking to add longevity to your marijuana, then you need air tight marijuana bags. This is where they get to keep the cannabis from other elements. Some elements might contaminate it, but with the best bag, that is not a problem anymore.

Chapter 9.4: Keep the opacity in mind.

You definitely have to keep in mind picking an opaque marijuana bag. An opaque marijuana bag is recommended so that it keeps the light from affecting the marijuana. With no light, the THC compound remains at the right levels.

Another reason is to discourage the minors from being attracted to using marijuana. TedPack marijuana bags should help you keep a lid on your cannabis products.

Chapter 9.5: Know the regulations of storing marijuana in the state.

Another consideration will be the marijuana laws in the state. It is good to understand the packaging laws on marijuana before committing to use certain bags. As a result, you might have to do a bit of research before settling for a certain marijuana bag.

Chapter 10: Marijuana Bags FAQs.

  1. Why did TedPack venture into marijuana bags?

With the growing need for better ways to store marijuana, TedPack saw it best to get into the business. With experience in making other types of bags, TedPack did not have a problem coming up with effective solutions of marijuana bags. You should be able to enjoy using our bags at all times.

  1. Are marijuana bags reliable?

Yes. The marijuana bags are reliable as you can get most being made of quality material. It all comes down to the brand. We at TedPack provide highly durable marijuana bags you can use for various applications.

  1. What marijuana products can you store in flexible packaging?

It is always possible to store a lot of things in marijuana bags. This can include cannabis flower, edibles, and pre-rolls. The best part is that you can still use the bags to store a lot more different products other than marijuana products.

  1. What are the common mistakes people make when choosing marijuana bags?

One of the mistakes people make is that they think expensive bags are always the best. You can always end up with reliable bags at an affordable price. Also, the users also get these bags from unlicensed or brands with a poor track record. You deserve the best products and that means picking the best always.


By now, you have the opportunity of understanding what to expect when it comes to using marijuana bags. The marijuana bags vary a lot in terms of use and also a brand. Here at TedPack we create marijuana bags that can work for various people and applications. You should be in a position to find something that works great for you always.