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Customize The Perfect Liquid Spout Bag For Your Business

TedPack is a dedicated manufacturer of all types of flexible packaging for food to non-food products. Well recognized not only in China but in Europe and USA as one of the leading manufacturers in the field.

  • Personalized spout colors and printing
  • Tailor to customer’s specification
  • Your are directly buying from manufacturer
  • Delivery in short time and quick action speed

Your Leading Liquid Spout Bag Manufacturer

TedPack liquid spout bag is the ideal pouch for different types of liquid products. No matter what kind of liquid or beverage pouch design you need to package, just email or call us so we can offer you solutions in a very short time.

Liquid Spout Bag

TedPack offers you a customized service in providing you a quality liquid spout bag intended for your business.

This kind of spout pouch is one of the common choice for liquid packaging business because it is simple and can be label with customize logo, they are 100% leak-proof, long stem funnel for easy and spill free filling and easy open pouch.

Most of our clients pick this type of spout pouch because they can custom the pouch, it is one of the effective and helpful spout bag for tempting and seducing consumers. The pouch can be easily stand on shelf after filling products inside.

Shaped Clear Liquid Spout Bag are attractive for brands to differentiate from competitors and stand apart on the shelf. Clients choose this type of pouch because it is one of the most excellent option for new liquid brand with excellent design.

TedPack Liquid Spout Bag Customize Capabilities

stand up pouch material-2
Choose The Right Materials For Your Liquid Spout Bag

In TedPack, we can use all types of materials for high quality food grade material.

  • Printing (Surface) Layer: BOPP, PET, NY
  • Barrier (Laminated) Layer: NY, PET, PETAL, AL
  • Heat Seal (Inner Food Contact) Layer: HDPE, LDPE, CPP, CPPAL, RCPP
stand up pouch feature-2
Customized Your Liquid Spout Bag Features & Accessories

In TedPack, we offers OEM and ODM in customizing your sprout pouch design.

  • Spouts | Fitment Options: Child resistance caps, ez-pour spouts, wine fitments, all diameter spouts
  • Treatment Options: Laser perforation, Cut handle holes, Custom windows, Tear notches, Pouch shaping, Matte&Shiny finishing, De-metallize
stand up pouch print-2
Best Printing Options On Your Liquid Spout Bag

In the printing process, we use both CMYK color and spot color.

  • Flexo Printing: Surface simple print, low cost and easy text & images
  • Gravure Printing: Quality reverse print, medium cost and complicated text and images
  • Digital Printing: Medium quality surface print, high cost and complicated text & images
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TedPack Liquid Spout Bag

TedPack is not only a professional manufacturer for high quality flexible packaging bags and films, but also your best packaging solution partner. We can customize your packaging products based on your design and application. All of our packaging products meet FDA and EU standard for food contact.

TedPack liquid spout bag provide a guaranteed way to stand out on retail shelves with high barrier pouches. It provides extra convenience, spill control and food safety for many applications, easy to use and lightweight.

Traditionally, liquid products are packaged in plastic bottles. glass bottles or can but in spout bag it ensure safe, fresh as well as hygienic packaging and have been manufactured by using optimum quality raw materials and cutting edge printing.

In TedPack our liquid spout bag are appreciated within the market due to their longer life, high strength and easy to use features.

By choosing TedPack, you can ensure that if you want to pack various liquid products within the premium quality pouches and we strive hard to fulfill your requirements.

Liquid Spout Bag: The Ultimate Guide

As a result of advances in filling equipment, fitments and flexible packaging material, liquid spout bags are becoming popular in modern packaging.

In today’s guide, you will learn all the integral aspects of liquid spout bag packaging such as design, type of material, benefits and uses, amongst others.

Take a look:

What is a Liquid Spout Bag?

A Liquid Spout Bag is a flexible bag that is used to package liquid products which range from food to non-food products.

This bag has a spout as a special reclosable feature to help in dispensing as well as filling the bag.

Liquid spout bag has great visibility and display options on retail shelves.

Liquid spout bag

Liquid spout bag

Why use Liquid Spout bags?

They are high quality and durable.

Furthermore, they have positive spout closures.

In other words, Liquid spout bags have an opening at the top for easy filling.

Liquid spout bags are puncture resistance, moisture and odor proof.

This bag is perfect for gels, liquids, powders and granular products.

Liquid spout bags are environmentally conscientious

What are the Sizes available for Liquid Spout Bag?

Liquid Spout bags come in different sizes.

The sizes of the bags vary depending on the volume of product to be packaged in them.

Also, the more the volume of the liquid products, the larger the size of the bags.

Do you offer Liquid Spout Bag Samples?

Yes, suppliers offer liquid spout bag samples.

Typically, one needs samples of bags to determine if they are high quality and meet their specifications.

Suppliers offer low minimums of unprinted bags to conduct product testing.

The samples are free, however, if a client wants samples that are exact to their order, they have to pay additional fees.

What are the Different Types of Liquid Spout Bag?

Some of the most common options include:

  • Clear Liquid Spout Bag

This liquid spout bag is transparent.

The contents of the bag can be viewed by the customers from the retail shelves.

This bag is 100% leak proof.

Despite it being simple, this bag can be easily printed on.

· Customized Stand up Liquid Spout Bag

Customized Stand up Liquid Spout bag are usually the most preferred because you can customize them to meet your specifications.

This liquid spout bag can stand independently on the retail shelves.

· Shaped Clear Liquid Spout Bag

Despite being transparent, this spout bag has an excellent shape design which sets it apart from the other bags.

It is highly noticeable on the retail shelves.

Besides, it is used to package food and non-food products.

Shaped clear liquid spout bag is equally leakage proof.

What are the Benefits of Liquid Spout Bag?

Some of the key benefits include:

Liquid spout bag

Liquid spout bag

· Customizable

You can custom print on the surfaces of the liquid spout bag in any way you prefer.

Also, Liquid spout bags can be custom-made according to clients specifications.

These may include aspects such as size, shape, design, and color among others.

Similarly, you can customize the spout that you include in the bag.

· Additional Features

Apart from the standard features of a packaging bag, liquid Spout Bag have additional features such as spouts, round corners and tear notches among others.

These features improve the functionality as well as appearance of the Liquid spout bags.

Before filling the bags, they are laminated with food grade films layers that often provide barriers as well as protection against punctures and other factors.

· Convenient

Liquid spout bags are light weight as they are made using less material.

As such, they are flexible enough to be carried from one place to the other with ease.

They require less space to store in warehouses.

As such, they are space efficient.

Liquid spout bag is user friendly and this is due to the spout feature among other facts such as its weight.

· Low Environmental Impact

This packaging requires 50% less energy to produce.

Further, during production, you release less Carbon dioxide into the environment.

You require very few trucks to transport Liquid spout bag from the supplier to clients.

Since there are fewer trucks, there is reduced Carbon dioxide emissions and fossil fuel consumption.

Liquid spout bags produce significantly low landfill waste.

This bag is recyclable.

As consumers opt for brands that are eco-sustainable, Liquid spout bags attract consumers.

· Total Evacuation

Liquid Spout Bags provide up to 99.5% product evacuation.

This bag does not leave much of the content inside when it is emptied.

However, rigid bags can leave up to 6-14% of product in the packaging.

· Excellent Shelf Appeal

Liquid spout bags have a large surface area to print appealing graphics that resonate with the consumers as well as catch their attention.

This bag gives a wide space to label as well as design your products.

Since Liquid spout bags occur in various sizes and shapes, you can get creative to brand your product.

· Cost-effective

Liquid spout bags are cost-effective in the sense that they are sold at affordable prices.

Also, there is reduced production, quality control and shipping costs.

· Product Freshness

This bag has a reclosable spout that helps in sealing the aroma, freshness and nutrition of the liquid products.

The bag’s barrier layer protects the product from the effects of UV light, moisture, oxygen and chemicals among others.

What are the Disadvantages of Liquid Spout Bag?

Just as other flexible packaging solutions, a Liquid spout bag can pollute the environment.

If one does not reuse their bag and disposes it off into the landfill, it may take long before it decomposes.

During this time, the bag can be moved by wind, humans or animals into water bodies where they cause pollution.

If a consumer chooses to burn the bag, it contributes carbon dioxide into the air.

How do you Choose Spout for Liquid Bags?

· Product Compatibility

You have to chose the right spout for the product you intend to package in the bag.

A spout that pours a liquid with excellent precision is often chosen for each liquid bag.

There are spouts/fitments ideal for liquids, powders and particulates.

· Product Viscosity

You have to chose the right spout that is optimal for your product’s viscosity.

The chosen spout has to provide mess-free dispensing.

In essence, it must improve the consumer experience.

This spout should prevent leaks, control the stream and volume of liquid as it is dispensed from a bag.

· Configurations

There are some bags that require spouts with a long stem.

Similarly, there are other bags that require spouts with small diameters, or round shapes.

Liquid products with thinner viscosity require spouts with smaller diameters.

Products with a thicker viscosity require spouts with a larger diameter.

You can choose the size of your spout depending on the volume of product you intend to dispense.

It may also depend on features of the desired liquid stream.

Furthermore, the amount of force a consumer will apply on a bag when dispensing the liquid product is also an important aspect.

How does Plastic Bottles and Liquid Spout Bag compare?

You can evaluate the two based on the following:

· Convenience

While liquid spout bags are flexible, plastic bottles are rigid containers.

Liquid spout bags have excellent visibility on the retail shelves, and shelf impact which is limited in plastic bottles.

Liquid spout bags are high-performance packaging solution as compared to plastic bottles.

· Weight

Liquid spout bags are light weight, and this is due to material reduction.

A single liquid spout bag is around 4.3 ml thick. Plastic bottles, on the other hand, are heavy.

· Customizable

While the liquid spout bags are customizable, plastic bottles are not easily customizable.

Liquid spout bags provide a large printable surface area for presenting vivid and attention-grabbing images and texts.

· Efficient Warehousing

Liquid spout bags allow for efficient warehousing as unfilled bags take up significantly less space than plastic bottles.

Plastic bottles are larger in size taking a lot space during storage in the warehouse.

· Evacuation

While Liquid spout bags can evacuate up to 99.5% of the products, plastic bottles can leave behind 6-14% of the product in the package.

As such, liquid spout bags allow for close total evacuation of the product.

· Eco-friendly

Liquid spout bags take 60% less material to produce as compared to plastic bottles.

Also, Liquid spout bags generate less landfill waste.

On the other hand, plastic bottles contribute a large amount of waste into landfills which may end up in ocean coast or oceans.

Are Liquid Spout Bag Safe for Human Food?

Liquid Spout bags are food grade.

They are made using materials which are safe for packaging human food.

The inks used to print on the bags are equally safe when they come into contact with food, there is no contamination.

Besides, the bags are hygienic making them safe for human food.

What is the Best Printing Technique for Liquid Spout Bag?

Printed liquid spout bag

Printed liquid spout bag

Rotogravure is the best printing technique for liquid spout bags.

This printing technique helps in achieving high color density as well as maximum print quality. It involves the use of copper-plated cylinders.

The printing process involves using a high-precision laser to engrave the images, texts or artwork onto the cylinders.

Several cylinders are required for every color to be included on the surface of the bag.

The cylinder is emerged into ink and then transferred onto a printable surface.

CMYK and spot colors are used for the rotogravure printing process.

Spot colors are made using Pantone ink.

With rotogravure, you can print up to 10 colors.

Also, you can print more than 10,000 pieces in a single time.

Even though this number is high, the print quality is still high.

It is also suitable for long runs at low cost per piece.

If you intend to use to print large pieces of bags for a long period, then rotogravure is the best printing technique.

How do you Test the Quality of Liquid Spout Bags?

To test the quality of liquid spout bags, you take the bags through different tests at every stage of their manufacture.

  • Drop test; this test simulates freefall of bags on its edges, corners, and surfaces.

To carry out this test, a bag is filled with the liquid products and dropped from a specific height.

Through this test, it is possible to simulate realistic conditions that take place during shipment.

  • Burst test; this involves blowing controlled air into a bag for a specific length of time until it cannot stand the pressure.

The test helps identify the areas susceptible to failure and are corrected.

  • Pour test; this is to test for controlled and clean pour.
  • Interlayer adhesion testing; this test is done to determine if the adhesive used to bond the bag layers is appropriate or efficient.
  • Seal strength; it involves pulling the seal apart while measuring resistance during the separation of the seals.

The whole process is done under set temperatures.

  • Compatibility test; this test is done to determine the best laminations which are most resistant to physical or chemical damage. It can be caused by the interaction with the liquid product.
  • Compression test; this test involves exposing the bag to various air pressures for set periods of time.

As such, the test exposes the possible leakage areas of the bag or failure areas in general.

  • Puncture resistance strength; relying on ASTM testing standards, this test involves an analysis of how much is needed to puncture the bag.
  • Tensile strength; this is sealing the bag’s film to itself and then testing the quantity of force needed to break the seal.
  • Water bath test is done to determine any weak seals or leaks.

These test help in ensuring that the bags will perform all through the life cycle of liquids as well as prevent bag failures.

The goal is to ensure that the bag will perform optimally.

What are the materials used to make a Liquid Spout bag?

Polyethylene; this material has excellent chemical resistance.

PE is equally clear and transparent.

However, it can degrade from UV rays.

This is why the material is combined with other materials to form a strong barrier film that prevents the effects of UV rays on the products.

Linear Low-DensityPolyethylene; this material has high-tensile strength, can be easily formed into different shapes and highly tough.

It is suitable for making the heat sealant layer of the Liquid spout bag.

Cast Polypropylene; this material has excellent moisture proof, heat sealability and compatibility with various products properties.

It is especially used for making the inner-contact layer of the Liquid spout bag.

Liquid spout bag

Liquid spout bag

Are Liquid Spout Bags Cost-effective?


The production, shipping and quality control costs of Liquid spout bags are low.

Also, the low production costs are as a result of material reduction as well as low labor costs.

The raw materials used to make the bags are equally affordable making them less costly.

What are the Additional Features of Liquid Spout Bags?

Reclosable plastic spout; it gives a positive spout closure.

Round corners; to improve the appearance of the liquid spout bags.

Hang hole; this is a hole placed strategically at the top of the bag to improve its display options.

What are the Industry Applications of Liquid Spout bags?

Some of the most common industries include:

· Food

Yoghurt, Juice, cold brew coffee, dry spices, nut butter, salad dressings and marinade, cooking dough, powdered mixes, bone broth and brownie/cookie mixes.

· Cosmetics

Air conditioners, Shampoo, gels, hand sanitizer, and other cosmetic products.

· House and Gardening

Laundry detergent, lubricants, cleaners, and dish soap among others.

Are Liquid Spout Bags Customizable?

Yes, they are.

You can customize the shape, size, color, additional features, printing and design of the Liquid spout bags.

What are the Factors to Consider when Designing Liquid Spout Bag?

Well, every client wants a final Liquid spout bag that meets their needs and that of their clients.

To achieve this goal, below are the factors to consider when designing this bag:

· Material

Materials have unique properties which are responsible for the functionality of a bag.

For instance, LLDPE have high-tensile properties, PE has great chemical resistance and CPP provide stability properties.

Depending on the product you intend to package in your bag, you have to use a material that can offer protective properties to the Liquid spout bag.

· Thickness

A Liquid spout bag should not be very thick. It can have a thickness of around 4.5 ml.

The goal is to reduce the amount of material that is used to make the bag, thus making them more flexible.

How thick a bag is, is therefore a key factor to consider during design.

· Appropriate Sizing

The size of your bag should be in appropriate ratio to the volume of product you intend to package in the bag.

Also, the higher the volume of the product, the larger the size of the bag and vice-versa.

· Additional Features

During design, you can include additional features such as spouts or valves, or zippers if they are key to improving the functionality of a bag.

Similarly, you can include a hang hole if you intend to improve the display options of your products.

· A consumers’ Product’s Unique Specifications

A consumer may have unique specifications such as Liquid product compatibility in regards to the inner laminate layer and product.

Then the designer has to introduce these ideas to the design of the bag.

What are the Three Layers of a Liquid Spout bag?

Liquid spout bags consists of several layers of laminated materials, with each layer performing a key role in the performance of the Liquid spout bag.

Every layer provides particular performance characteristics such as:

  • Chemical resistance
  • Puncture resistance
  • Light, moisture and oxygen resistance
  • Tear resistance
  • Rigidity
  • Print receptivity
  • Heat sealablity

i. The Surface (Print) Layer

This is the outside layer of the Liquid spout bag which is printed on.

This surface layer is made using PET, BOPP, and NY materials.

It plays a role in the tear resistance and burst strength.

Further, it protects the barrier layer and the ink.

The print layer also adds to the overall strength of the bag.

ii. The Barrier Layer

The middle layer of the Liquid spout bag is made using a high barrier film.

This film helps protect the liquid products from the effects of UV light, oxygen, moisture and chemicals.

This layer is made using PET, AL and NY materials.

It provides chemical resistance and leakage proof capabilities.

iii.  Heat Sealant Layer (Food-contact Layer)

This inner layer of the bag is the one that comes into contact with liquid products.

Also, this layer is made using food grade materials such as LLDPE and CPP.

While this layer protects the barrier layer, it seals the liquid within. In addition, it provides burst strength.

How do you Manufacture Liquid Spout Bags?

Well, the manufacture process of liquid spout bags is not complex.

The first step is creating the gusset bottom and design of the Liquid spout bag.

Also, the bag is passed through plows that give it its final shape.

You then bond the vertical seals of the bag that are made along the bag’s sides.

The bottom folds of the bag are sealed, in the same way that the seals hold the bottom gussets together at the ends.

Then, the bag is cut apart vertically via the center of the side seals.

This creates the container feature of the bag.

A spout is then fitted to the inner layer near the top edge.

The other top edges of the bag are sealed using heat and pressure.

Finally, the spout is then closed and sealed.

Now it’s your turn.

If you’re looking for affordable liquid spout bag, TedPack is here to help you.

We design and manufacture high quality liquid spout bag depending on your specific requirements.

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