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Thick, classy and affordable perfect for liquid packaging. TedPack is the professional liquid pouch manufacturer.

Customized Your Own Liquid Pouch

TedPack liquid pouch are fabricated by utilizing superior quality raw materials. TedPack offer liquid pouches which are available in variety of sizes, colors and various dimensions.

TedPack liquid pouch are efficient and cost-effective, it is easier to use and reduce hassle and waste unlike traditional and beverage packaging do. Our liquid pouch could be the best packaging option both for your company and consumers.

Our liquid pouches are available in glossy, matte and shiny finishing so our unique and innovative liquid packaging are helpful for seducing and tempting consumers. At TedPack, we are able to offer excellent durability and preserve liquid for a longer time because they are manufactured using different barrier films.

TedPack offer an extensive range of liquid packaging solutions including spout pouches, stand up spout pouches, printed labels and many more. Our liquid pouches are leakage proof and extremely airtight after heat sealing.

MOQ50K-80K Pcs
Size50*70mm(Min)    350*600mm(Max)
Thickness50Mircons-120Mircons (2Mil-5Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, Metallized
PrintingD-Met Printing, Vanishing, Matte Finishing, Stamping

Liquid Pouch from TedPack- Premier Pouch Supplier in China

At TedPack, we have over 20 years of experience packaging liquids such as fruit juice, water, baby food, salad dressing and more. Our liquid pouches are designed based on the product’s specific requirements. You can choose from our stock and custom options to add-on including spouts, caps, hang hole, and other features.

For custom printed liquid pouch, our minimum run starts at 5,000 pieces. Liquid pouches can be printed in up to 10 colors, it can print your company logo, brand name, and other nutritional information. Also, add-on features can be applied according to your choice.

TedPack liquid pouches are better packaging alternatives for your products, it is versatile, cost effective and innovative packaging solutions and also enhance the product’s overall visibility on the shelves.

With the TedPack liquid pouch, you’re always guaranteed top quality and value liquid pouches, that includes FDA approved and BPA free materials, excellent printing quality, and recyclable and environmentally-friendly pouches. By choosing our liquid pouches, you will surely get the perfect packaging solutions for your particular products.

Liquid Pouch: The Definitive FAQ guide

How do I fill and seal spout liquid pouches?

At TedPack , we supply spouted liquid pouches with the top either separate or completely removed. 

This gives you the ease to fill the pouch with your product through the spout, and torque down the cap to reclose.

Spout liquid pouch

Spout liquid pouches

The stand-up pouches can equally be delivered to you with the pour spout and cap intact. 

A void is created at the top of the pouch for you to add your product through it and seal with heat. 

We also create larger voids in the sides of the liquid pouches to enable you to fill and seal with heat.

This gives your product a unique shape or a smaller pour spout.

You can also make use of the automatic pouch fill and seal machines which we offer.

What kind of sealers should I use for liquid pouches?

The rate at which you work will determine the kind of heat sealer you’ll be using.

The job of the sealer is simply to lock each protective layer of your product.

We have two major kinds of sealers that you can use:

Impulse Packaging Sealer, which is the tabletop heat sealer. 

This is usually advisable if you’re handpicking your job because it doesn’t need time to warm up and quickly sends energy to the pouch to join both layers.

Liquid pouch sealer

Liquid pouch sealers

Automatic Packaging Sealer, if your work rate and volume are high, you need to consider the automatic procedure.

This is ideal for heavy-duty sealing and perfect for pouches made from thicker materials.

TedPack offers this special service to you. 

Will liquid pouches be strong for my products?

Our TedPack liquid pouches are strong for various products. 

The liquid pouches are made from multiple layers of engineered barrier films, laminated together to create an incredibly strong structure, withstanding puncture and possessing enough protection of contents from moisture, vapor, odour, and ultraviolet rays. 

Our flexible liquid pouches can be used in packaging beverages, syrup, cleaners, oils, fuels and general liquids. 

These liquid pouches reduce resource usage in terms of raw materials cost, give you an increased choice in spout designs while affording you the opportunity to custom print on them. 

Can liquid pouches be stacked?

Almost every company can supply liquid pouches, but it is important to look out for pouches which result in a higher product-to-package ratio. 

Stacked liquid pouches on display

Stacked liquid pouches on display 

Our liquid pouches provide the shelf impact, differentiation, visibility, and convenience whilst gifting you the opportunity to properly stack and stand your products.

The liquid pouches flexibility makes it most appropriate for a variety of your products, gives you a more effective and efficient use of your warehouse, a wide variety of packaging designs and dimensions, a limitless branding options for your product, the strength of the material is a lightweight packaging and the ease of making modifications on your packaging whenever deemed necessary.

Do you offer advice on appropriate packaging specifications for products?

Part of our customer service operations is to carefully look at your products on request and render advice on the best packaging specification for such products. 

Products such as beverages, detergents, oils, and fuels require different types of pouches in terms of material layers, barriers to overcome the challenges such as puncture, smell, UV lights, and environmental issues. 

At TedPack, we determine the best size and thickness for your pouch considering your product volume and type. 

We’re always in the continuous improvement of our products and services giving out only approved works in terms of quality, health, sustainability, and ethical standards. 

Can I specify my material specification for liquid pouches?

You have the right to specify the kind of materials for your liquid pouches which is still subject to our collective review at TedPack. 

We offer you a wide range of options for the best selection in a bid to reduce material consumption, maintain optimum health, safety, ethical standards and quality for both your product and our company.

Our materials cover products such as drinks, food, cleaners, skin care products, oils, and fuels. 

Are liquid pouches reusable? 

Yes, our liquid pouches are reusable. 

The materials used in the production of these pouches afford you the opportunity to reuse them since they are durable, long-lasting and safe.

We sincerely advise that these liquid pouches after proper cleaning should be used for repackaging the same product previously used for. 

This is also in view of better health, quality, safety, and standards of the companies and the consumers. 

Can liquid pouches be recycled?

Our answer is yes. Our liquid pouches are degradable, compostable and recyclable.

All pouches produced at TedPack can be recycled after use.

The liquid pouch being a multi-layer structure provides the much-needed functionality and provides the solution of recycling challenges faced by such products.

100% of the materials for the liquid pouches are manufactured from recyclable contents to meet the sustainability goals without trading the beauty and performance of the products. 

We will only advise that you seek the proper system available to you for such a process of pouch recycling. 

We, therefore, offer zero waste to you and you can also contact our customer service option for this process. 

Where can I get spare parts and service for liquid pouches?

You can get spare parts and services for liquid pouches from our company offices, service centers or any available bag packaging company in your area. 

TedPack has multiple certified and approved types of spare parts already in stock and also suitable for your various pouch packaging processes.

Do I need a discharge roller to empty liquid pouches?

Yes, a discharge roller is required in combination with a pump to discharge the liquid pouches.

The vacuum created by the pumps empty the liquid pouches.

However, manual type of discharge rollers does not need electricity or compressed air to discharge the pouches. 

This can easily be done by stretching the pouch with a hand winch. 

TedPack offers you extra services of empty liquid pouches especially when you aim to reuse or recycle such products.

Do you deliver liquid pouches on purchase?

Yes, TedPack delivers liquid pouches on purchase. 

The most important thing here is to correctly fill the quote with your desired delivery date and address on purchase. 

We strictly manage, monitor and safeguard your products till they reach you in the very best condition.

However, we charge an extra delivery fee depending on the volume of your product and the place of delivery. 

Our delivery charges are relatively fair and convenient offering both quality, safety, and easy return policy. 

Liquid pouches delivery

 Liquid pouches delivery 

Can I have a sample of liquid pouches?

Yes, you may wish to have a sample of the liquid pouches you intend to use for your products from us. 

We understand that while thinking about packaging for your products, liquid pouches may not be the first thing to register into your mind. 

Having a physical sample of our product allows you to pour in your product and run a quick physical test to check for compatibility of your products with the flexible liquid pouches. 

If a reaction occurs between the two, this gives you the opportunity to make readjustments and affords us the space to give your product the most appropriate liquid pouch. 

The pouches could also be smaller or bigger than your product in reality and this enables is resize the liquid pouches for best fit. 

We offer this service for your general assessment and we equally advise you on the best liquid pouch material to use for your product packaging. 

What is the minimum order quantity for manufacturing liquid pouches?

The minimum order accepted for all types of liquid pouches for manufacturing at TedPack is 50,000 pieces. 

You can make alterations through our sales representatives even after making your order. 

What is the maximum quantity for custom printed pouches?

For now, TedPack has no maximum order quantity for custom print and manufacturing of liquid pouches. 

We offer as much as you order while retaining quality, health and ethical standards for your products. 

Do you form and fill packages?

Yes, we offer special services of forming, filling and sealing of your packages. 

Our form-fill-seal technology which is constantly subject to improvements is fed off a roll and formed into the proper shape for your product. 

We employ the same technology to fill the formed liquid pouch with your desirable product before carefully sealing it. 

It would interest you to know that your product is free from contamination, gives you peculiar sizes and shapes while making your packaged product quickly and readily available for both storage and delivery. 

What is your product/package compatibility testing?

Our product-package compatibility testing measures the effects and the interactions of the packaged contents,  external forces,end-user, and liquid pouches. 

We, therefore, run controlled laboratory experiments, subjective evaluations, field testing and properly document our findings, methods, and analysis through comprehensive reports, clear photographs, and videos. 

Our testing at TedPack can either be qualitative or quantitative although most of our package testing is usually physical tests. 

Do you provide the filling of already made liquid pouches?

Yes, we provide you with the filling of already made liquid pouches with your product. 

This is part of our form-fill-seal technology which automatically fills and seals your product in the liquid pouches.

However, we would not be responsible for the compatibility of your product and the already made liquid pouches in terms of health, safety, sustainability and general ethical standards of production. 

Are liquid pouches packaging flexible?


The TedPack liquid pouch packaging is flexible, containing your products safely and can easily stand up on stores and shelves for better display and marketing. 

Our liquid pouches packaging provides you a lighter and more portable product that fills the store with ease, gives you optimum shelf impact, uniqueness, differentiation, visibility, and product packaging convenience.

Flexible liquid pouches

Flexible liquid pouches 

Can you design the perfect liquid pouch packaging for my product?

Yes. As much as we offer advice on appropriate packaging specifications for your products, we also design the perfect liquid pouch packaging for your products on request.

Our team of experts design pouches for your products in terms of material layers, thickness and size, film barriers to overcome challenges of liquid pouches including puncture and UV lights. 

At TedPack, we opt for the best size and thickness for your products considering the size, volume, and relative density. 

How many colours of liquid pouches can be printed?

At TedPack, we run a multi-colored printing system for liquid pouches. 

We can print as much as 12 colours and beyond for your products depending on your request and our collective assessment with you.

multi coloured liquid pouches

Multi coloured liquid pouches 

We simply meet your colour specifications to give your products the aesthetics, uniqueness, and marketability. 

What is the guarantee of your liquid pouches?

Our liquid pouches at TedPack are reusable, smell-proof, recyclable, puncture-resistant and most importantly long-lasting. 

Our spouted liquid pouches do more for your products and costs you less. 

We equally assure you better performance, better customer experience, quality and value for your money. 

TedPack liquid pouches are approved, water-based inks, ISO, QS quality rating and eco-friendly.

Are liquid pouches packaging eco-friendly?

TedPack liquid pouch packaging are completely eco-friendly for your liquid packaging. 

This gives you a healthier option compared to the bottles and cans used for food and liquid packaging. 

Our liquid pouches use less plastic in the course of production, and this guarantees less space and saves you tangible sums in storage and shipment costs.

Eco-friendly liquid pouches 

Eco-friendly liquid pouches 

How do I get a quote?

We give out our full quote covering the entire cost of your requests on the evaluation of the design and your specific requirements and delivery method. 

You can email us at [email protected], visit or contact our support team on +86 137 1292 4614 for more inquiries.

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