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Liquid Bag is use for all kinds of liquid packaging, like beverage, wine, liquor;All size, color, volume customized available ,start from 100 pcs , delivery within 2-3 weeks.

Liquid BagFDA Approved | Custom Print, Volume, LOW MOQ

Liquid bags are mainly used as a spout pouch for packaging; when filling liquid inside the pouch and heat seal tight, you can directly screw open the tight spout then handy drink them, no undesired liquid will spill out of the pouch.

The most simple liquid bags are stand-up spout pouches, some are made into a shape looking to attract more people to buy it.

A successful liquid bag does not only fill the liquid inside it but also needs with attractive and bright color print on a pouch, it can stand on a shelf easily, and have more area to show all necessary information on the packaging itself, all these features bring us to use a stand-up spout pouch for liquid packaging.

  • Low MOQ from 10000pcs for a start, friendly to start-up business;
  • All materials are FDA-approved and BPA-free;
  • Can be added with round corners, hang holes, and spouts;
  • Use for most kinds of liquid packaging, from drinks to the chemical;
  • Excellent printing quality, up to 10 colors;

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MOQ100 Pcs by Digital Print, 10K Pcs by Gravure Print
Size70*100+30mm(Min)    300*420+120(Max)
Thickness70Mircons-200Mircons (2.5Mil-8Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, Spout(All Diameter Available)
PrintingD-Met Printing, Metallize, Vanishing, Matte Finishing

Liquid bag are for packaging water, drinks, wine or similar liquid products, liquid products can’t in any way be compared to solid products. Once they are spilt, it’s hard to retrieve them.

Therefore, their storage needs to be intact with all considerations in place.

It can be water, juice or your favorite drink. You need them while going out or to store them for future use. The liquid bags come in handy for this.

The liquid bag design and body shape are mess-free as you can pour your product gently into a glass without fearing that it’ll spill. They have spouts for drinking if you are going out with a perfect cylindrical body shape for easy holding.

The functional part of the liquid bag is unbeatable. We’ve tried to manufacture some of them with materials that are compatible with microwave ovens.

The liquid bag usually delivers a smaller footprint in the refrigerator than rigid containers.

They save vital real estate because they collapse as they are used, and often have a smaller form factor than traditional yogurt packages or plastic condiment containers.

In conclusion, the liquid bags can hold from 50ml – 5 liters of liquid. They come in different sizes which perfectly fits your level of consumption.

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Baby Food Liquid Bag

Baby drinks liquid bags are mostly used for the baby under 3 years old, it is customized from 1oz – 4oz volume for all kinds of puree, and fruit blends for baby foods. We have both clear, white, and aluminum versions and start from 100 pcs by digital print.

Drinks Liquid Bag

The drinks liquid pouch is made with 3-layer laminated materials, we have white, clear, and aluminum material options that can be made with matte, spot gloss finishing, and print up to 10 colors printing.

Shaped Liquid Bag

Shaped liquid bags are mostly used for promotion and party drinks products, and are also widely used in ketchup packaging, the pouch can be customized into any shape, but mostly it design for human hand hold volume for easy squeeze and holding.

Aluminum Foil Liquid Bag

Aluminum foil liquid bags are made of gold or silver aluminum foil material and can be also printed on the surface of the pouch, all pouches can be added with different diameter spouts for custom options.

Pet Food Liquid Bag

Pet food liquid bags are mostly for fluid or liquid pet food products packaging, the pouch is made into a corner spout pouch and volumes are up to 350ml – 500ml in size, with high barrier and puncture-resistant material to secure the product’s safety and good shelf life.

Spout Liquid Bag

The spout liquid bag is made with multiple material options, the most common structure is 3 or 4-layer lamination, the pouch is 100% leakage proof, has FDA approval and can be directly contacted with both food, drinks, and chemical packaging products.

Stand Up Liquid Bag

For stand-up liquid bags with a plastic spout added at the corner side of the stand-up pouch, now at TedPack, we can customize start from 100 pcs for a start with digital print.

Wine Juice Bag

Wine liquid bags widely use in red wine packaging, and the volume starts from 1.5Liter to 5 Liters, the pouch is added with a wine tap at the center of the pouch. 100% Leakage proof and good oxygen and water vapor transit rate is the key for this kind of packaging pouch.

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How to fill the liquid bag?

If you’re considering using a liquid bag for your product, then you’re probably wondering how the bag is filled. The following are two common filling methods:

  1. Fill from the spout. It is suitable for liquid bags with a center spout and liquid bags with a side spout. With this filling way, the cap will be packed separately from the liquid bags. It should be noted that filling machines usually have requirements on the type of spouts, such as single or double-neck spouts.
  2. Fill from the top of the liquid bag. It applies to liquid bags with side spouts. With this filling way, the cap will fit on the spout. The liquid bag will have an opening at the top,  then you fill your product into the bag and heat seal the top of the bag.

In addition to providing you with liquid bag solutions, we can also provide you with reliable suppliers to fill your products and provide filling machines. If you need our corporative filling partner, contact us now!

Liquid Bag

Liquid Bag: The Ultimate Guide

In the aspect of the production of the liquid substance, liquid bags are the most suitable that can be adopted.

In this light, this study guide is a quality research that is committed to empowering its subscribers on all there is to know about liquid products and liquid bags.

To simplify its content, it comes in various chapters that focus on a branch of knowledge on the liquid bag.

By the end of all the chapters, you will have been fully enlightened.

Liquid Bag: What is Liquid Bag?

The liquid bag is a term that captures diverse of packaging materials that are specifically created for liquid products.

Liquid BagIts material makeup comprises a refined and polyester film material that has the feature of longevity.

Some liquid bag may also be made up of rubber, polyethylene, metal, and aluminum foil. It is the material makeup that determines the kind of liquid bag that will be produced at the final result.

An essential feature that the liquid bag possesses is that it does not leak.

Also, it is designed for an integral purpose of serving as a resistance to oxygen and to prevent chemical reactions to liquid products.

For your liquid packaging material, be sure to contact TedPack for your specifications.

Demands for liquid pouches, liquid plastic bags, liquid mylar bags, and a clear plastic bag for liquids can be met with the corresponding supplies

Having been briefly introduced liquid bags to your liquid products, this study guide shall proceed to keep you well informed on the comparison of the liquid bags we have to offer and other packaging material for your liquid products.

Liquid Bag Vs Other Packaging Materials

It is not only liquid bags that are made from polyethylene resin, metals, and aluminum foil that you can find in the domain of packaging.

Liquid BagThere are other options and alternatives that are presented to you for packaging your liquid products.

In this session, we will take a critical assessment of the features of this packaging material for liquid products and see the ones that are best for your adoption.

There is a whole lot to learn in determining good packaging material for your company.

To make our comparison easy, this study guide shall present the features that a good packaging material for liquid should possess.

Using these features we will not place liquid bags and some other packaging material like paper bags and bottles under intellectual scrutiny. These three forms of packaging material are mostly adopted for liquid products.

For this reason, they shall be compared and contrast.

  •  Easy Mobility

The major purpose for the creation of goods is not for self-consumption.

Liquid BagThe purpose of production is to reach out to the needs of the people that are the consumers of the product.

For this reason, transportation of the products becomes an essential part.

In the areas of transportation, liquid bags are way better than other popular packagings like a paper bag and bottles this is because they are lighter in weight.

When handling, a liquid bag that will be used to package a liter product weighs five times less than a bottle that will be used to package the same volume.

Also, it weighs twice less than a paper bag that will be used to package the same product.

Therefore, to save fuel and to supply many products at a time, plastic pouches for liquids, liquid mylar, plastic liquid storage bags are your best options.

  •  Barrier-Resistance

The most important factor to consider before getting your packaging material is to verify the one that preserves the nutrients of your products more.

Are you aware?

Liquid BagThe major factors that are destructive to your products are oxygen, light, water, dust, and moisture.

If this barrier is able to break the defenses of your packaging material then your products lose its nutrients and spoil.

Do not be deceived by perception. Even the hardest packaging material may not offer enough resistance to the barriers.

Can you attempt to put your paper bag in water for a day and see the results?

It will definitely weaken the paper. Reports have also been shown of bottles that break because they are exposed in the sun for a long time.

Bottles also do not offer enough resistance for sunlight. That is why product packaged in bottles quickly lose its original taste when placed under the sun.

Do you know that liquid pouch, liquid spout bags, and a clear plastic bag for liquid serves as a terror to the invasion of the barriers?

Soak them in water for a month, and they still retain their longevity.

Also, they generate coolness that is the perfect temperature for your products. And they offer airtight seal that protects from the entrance of dust and oxygen to your product.

Having been enlightened on the essentiality of barrier-resistance, adopt liquid bags only for your products.

  • Flexibility and Storage Space Maximization

The truth is unless your packaging material is flexible and squeezable, you will continually waste under-utilize your storage facilities.

Liquid BagThis is because the packaging material that is not flexible cannot be packed closely without losing its shape.

If you see a paper that is not in good shape on the retail shelf, can you pick it home?

Definitely, the answer to the above question is “No!”.

When you squeeze a paper package, it becomes useless on the retail shelf.

When you try squeezing a bottle packaging material, you leave the bottles damaged and broken.

What will you think of a person who is having a road work or exercise and carries a bottle in his hands?

You will certainly consider that it a stupid thing to do.

Liquid BagOn the other hand, with the flexibility of a liquid pouch, you can squeeze it in your hand or squeeze it in your pocket and sip your energy drink as you jug.

Also, a liquid bag like liquid pouch bags can be squeezed and arranged efficiently on the retail shelf.

Since you are aware of the importance of flexibility and storage efficiency to your adopted packaging material, don’t make a mistake.

In choosing, make liquid bags like liquid mylar, liquid pouch, liquid pouch with should be your one and only option.

  • Refrigerator Criterion

One of the common places you can find your drinks and various liquid products in the refrigerator.

For this reason, it becomes an area of assessment for the packaging materials you intend to adopt.

Do you know?

Liquid BagBottles if not well arranged can break in your refrigerator leaving your refrigerator in a state of mess.

It gives you a cleaning job to do. This ought not to be so.

Also, paper bags may begin to leak after it spends a lot of time in the coolness of your refrigerator.

The paper responds poorly to cold and coolness in excess.

However, with liquid bags. Your product has a perfect duration and suitability in the refrigerator.

Your liquid bags like pouch and mylar and gusset bags are most suitable for any type of atmospheric condition or refrigerator coolness.

There is more comparison to consider, scroll a little bit down and see something more.

  • Artwork Durability

The major aim of all packaging material is to project the image of the brand and producers.

Liquid BagThe packaging material is the best form of advertisements that there ever is. It touches the heart of the consumers more than media advert can ever do.

But there seems to be a problem. It is not all packaging materials that are color friendly and can carry your design for a very long time.

Have you tried making a design on a bottle and see if it will work out? It doesn’t work because bottles are not color friendly.

To advertise with the packaging of the bottle, producers usually paste stickers on the bottles. As you can well conceive, stickers may peel off on bottles.

Also, artwork colors on paper may wash away with time. For this reason, adopting paper for artwork may not give the kind of longevity that is required.

Liquid bags, on the other hand, are absolutely color friendly.

Liquid BagWhen you print your design on them, the outermost layers cover the middle layer upon which the design is made on to ensure permanence and protection from dust.

For the sustainability of your brand details on your products, liquid bags are your top ranking packaging material.

Do you think you have already acquired all that there is to know?

Certainly, not. There is a whole lot to acquire as this study guide gives you quality reasons supporting your use of liquid bags for your product.

Liquid Bag: Why Use Liquid Bags For Your Products?

These are the reasons why liquid bags are the number option for packaging your liquid products.

  • It is hard to Puncture

Liquid Bag

A good packaging material for the liquid products should be one that is hard to puncture.

When designing liquid bags, engineers ensure the outermost layer is hard to puncture.

This is required for your product. The liquid bag has got it featured.

Leakage is an act of irresponsibility on producers. You cannot face that kind of charge with liquid bags.

  • It does not leak

Liquid BagOne of the reasons why rodents and various types of ants and pests are found on packaging material is because they are attracted by the leaked content of the packaging material. A packaging material that is leak-free offers less attraction for rodents, ants, and insects.

This is indeed a deathblow to the barriers that destroy your products in the past.

  • Shield Against Dangers

Liquid BagThere is nothing more dangerous to products than exposure to sunlight, water, oxygen, moisture, and dust.

With the use of liquid pouch and other liquid bags like mylar, there is no limit to the prevention of barriers from encountering your product.

  • Quick Transportation

Because liquid bags comes with squeezable features and light weights, you can transport a large measure of products packaged with liquor pouch in limited time. This also helps to cut cost by limiting the fuel in your tank.

You can be assured of a good advertisement for your brand.

If you want to see this next feature, take a scroll down.

  • Highly Friendly to Design

Liquid bags always stretches its arms of companionship to different colors at all times. With liquid bags, your brand can be well presented lucidly to your audience.

  • Easy to Handle

Liquid BagLiquid bags like the pouches always come in very portable sizes that are easy to handle.

This is very user-friendly in that you can easily grab your liquid in the middle of a tedious day or a hefty exercise.

There is more to this reason, the next reason will get you marveled. Scroll down and see

  • It responds fast to Chilling

Liquid BagAt times, you just have a few minutes to get your drinks or water chilled after it has been purchased.

For this kind of effect, liquid bags are the perfect options. It chills fast when put in the refrigerator.

Take a scroll down and you will see how liquid bags an answer environmental question.

  • Reusability and Recyclability

One of the things to bear in mind in every packaging is how it applies to environmental prosperity.

Some packaging material is hard to recycle and this makes them polite the environment.

In the case of liquid bags, it offers a feature of reusability by which you can use for other things after content has been used up.

Also, it can be reprocessed into another material entirely.

  • Warehouse and Storage Facilities Efficiency

One of the most strategic position in production and distribution of goods in the warehouse.

Liquid BagIf production was to be a soccer game then the warehouse will be the mild field.

This is because it is the place from which the product that determines the goal is supplied.

And after the product has been made, it is the storage point. Inefficient use of the warehouse and storage facilities will give stagnancy to the process of production and distribution of products.

This is because if the storage is too full and nor well utilized, the production will have to be ceased.

Also, if the storage is too full, all the exit will not be too free and the distribution process will be slow.

Do you know the things above are caused when the packaging material is not squeezable and light?

Our designers are aware of this consequence.

That is why liquid bags are made to be flexible, squeezable and light in weight.

This is required for a full maximization of storage space.

There is more feature that makes liquid bags absolutely incontestable when it comes to packaging liquid products.

  • Fast Filling and Total Evacuation of Products

It can be very frustrating if in the process of filling more than half of the product is wasted because the point of filling is not smooth enough. With liquid spout bags, the process of filling cannot be less smooth and faster.

Also, an annoying part for the consumers is staring into the product container and seeing the product therein but yet evacuating seems impossible.

With liquid bags, this is not so.

The process of dispensing products is just as smooth as the process by which the product is filled.

Having been offered good reasons that serve as a solid foundation to build your product on, let us proceed to the next chapter where this study guide shows you the common types of liquid bags that make triumph in the market.

Liquid Bag: The Common Liquid Bags Making Triumph in the Market and Their Respective Benefits

In this chapter, this study guide brings reports from a group of researchers that have been put to the market to know the common types of liquid bags making waves.

A brief comment on this liquid bags will be followed by their benefits.

Fin Seal Pouch and Its Benefits

Liquid BagMaterially comprising both films and foil, fin seal pouch has earned for itself popular names like a vertical pouch, horizontal pouch, and many more.

Having a feature of getting products well sealed in tamper-resistant materials either be plain or printed and transparent or opaque.

When used as an application for your liquid products, it serves as a promising preservative method.

Benefits of Fin Seal Pouch

  • Its seals are highly oxygen-tight guaranteed.
  • Its outermost layer shields against all forms of barriers
  • It does not leak
  • It is light-weight, flexible, and squeezable.
  • It comes in a shape that makes it stand out on the retail shelf
  • It gives meaning to the easy filling and easy dispensing criterion of good liquid packaging material.

There are more to the benefits of the great fin seal pouch above. However, we shall proceed to the next type to keep it all summarized.

Flat Pouch and its Benefits

Liquid BagThe material composition of a flat pouch is drawstrings materials and polyethylene which will be refined and made in the shape of either sack of bag.

Serving as an ultimate option over the years, a flat pouch is distinguished by the way it expands when filled with liquid products.

Also, it comes with numerous benefits that make it ultimately a leading packaging material.

A little scroll down will show you some of these benefits.

Benefits of Flat Pouch

  • It is expandable in the process of filling and though, it has space for an adequate measure of liquid products.
  • Its weight is absolutely light even compared to other liquid bags in the market.
  • It is very easy to grab and handle. Its portability in the hand makes is adaptable during sports and exercise.
  • Its airtight seals are incomparable to others. By the virtue of which it offers a 100% prevention on the detrimental factors.
  • It has enough space on its outermost layer for the printing of your artwork and brand details and it is absolutely color-friendly.

There are still more to the liquid bags that are dominating the market and making both producers and consumers proud.

Gusset Bags and Its Benefits

Liquid BagA gusset bag materially comprises of a piece of added materials that come in primary materials like rubber, plastics, metal.

These materials after it has been fully manufactured, serve as a packaging material for your volumes of liquid product by projecting your brand and preserving your nutrients.

The feature of a gusset bag makes it easily identifiable.

The gusset bag has an expansion capacity by which it has a lot of space within it to contain a high volume of product.

Also, gusset bags come in two distinctive types.

It either comes with a bottom that expands or with sides that expands.

By this features, it earns itself the name bottom gusset bags and side gusset bags respectively.

A little attention downward will make you see the benefits of gusset bags

Benefits of Gusset Bags

  • It prevents your product from being exposed to the destructive factors such as moisture, oxygen, ultraviolet light, and odor.
  • Its versatility and durability comes with a very hard to puncture outermost layer
  • Its filling and evacuating feature come with absolute ease from both manufacturers and consumers perspectives.
  • The bottom gusset bag stands on the retail shelf giving adequate visibility to your graphics and logo
  • It comes in a plethora of color that are all attractive to consumers. Its color-friendly advantage makes it suitable for brand advertisement.

More types of liquid bags are just below.

Shaped Pouch

Liquid BagPrimarily made with polyethylene and other secondary materials, the shaped pouch is designed in shapes that bring about excellence to packaging. Each of this shape has distinctive features that affirm their significance.

Leading in the shapes of the shaped pouch, we have a die-cut shaped pouch, rounded corner shaped pouch, hourglass shapes, and shapes that are squeezable.

Below are the benefits of the shaped pouch

  • It is rich in beauty making consumers acquire it more in the market and on the retail shelf
  • It is the best form of a liquid bag for the advertisement of your brand.
  • It has a good bottom shape that makes it stand up on the retail shelf and remain visible
  • It is 100% protective of barriers and preservative to nutrients.
  • Its transportation process is not tedious at all because it is absolutely light.

More to the varieties of liquid bags in the market.

Spout Pouch and Its Benefits

To those who do not know it to be spout pouch, it is also called fitment pouch.

The excellence and triumph of spout pouch are marked from its distinguished closure and fitment options.

They come in leading closures for packaging materials like squeezable valves, push-pull closures, and screw cap closures.

Below are some of their benefits.

Benefits of Spouted Pouch

  • There is no other liquid bag that offers a better filling and dispensing option than spout pouch
  • It is appealing to the eyes because it has cool aesthetic characteristics in color and shapes.
  • With spout pouch, the longevity of your product is guaranteed. This is because it offers genuine prevention of the menace to drink longevity.
  • It is easy to handle and carry because it comes in easy weight and it is also flexible.
  • It is suitable for refrigeration. It responds to refrigeration quickly because of its respective layers.

Standup Pouch and Benefit

Liquid BagConsisting of more than one polymer layers, standup pouch is primarily made up of plastics.

Also, in some cases, the plastics may be combined with aluminum.

Just as its name implies, standup pouch is able to stand on its bottom making it look majestic on the retail shelf.

Some of the benefits of standup pouch are below.

Benefits of Standup Pouch

  • It looks majestic on the retail shelf because of its standup position. If you are particular about making your brand look royal, then standup pouch is your number one option.
  • It gives lucidity to all the artwork and brand details printed on it. This is because details can be printed on all the parts except the bottom.
  • It offers convenience for consumers when handling because it is light and flexible.
  • Its filling and dispensing is without fault offering over 99% evacuation of products.
  • Its seals are very strong barrier-proofs.

Having seen the respective liquid bags that are on the track of excellence in the market, this study shall proceed to answer the frequently asked questions concerning liquid bags.

Liquid Bags FAQ

1. Can liquid bags be used for other applications like chemicals, gels, lotion?
Yes, our liquid bags are not only FDA approved but are also viable options for the packaging of other non-edible products.

2. What is the difference between liquid bags and liquid pouches?
Liquid bags are more general names and all liquid pouch are liquid bags. However, it is not the case that all liquid bags are liquid pouch because there are other types of liquid bags like liquid mylar and liquid plastics.

3. After the product it originally packaged has been used up, does liquid bags still serve as a guarantee against a barrier when reused for other product?
Yes, liquid bags retain its resistance against barriers even after it has been reused for other application. However, its barrier resistance is more guaranteed depending on the kind of seals of the liquid bags.

4. What is the worst thing that can happen to a liquid bag?
For now, there is none. And no negative report has been given thus far by both consumers and producers. Liquid bags have been put into the scrutiny of pretest before it is offered for sales. So you can rest assured that your liquid bags cannot burst or leak.

5. If I purchase from you, am I required to come and transport the purchased liquid bags by myself or will you help in the delivery of the liquid bags?
The two options are valid. However, the cost of the two options differ. For more inquiries about this, you can contact the customer service of TedPack company.

6. What is the highest quantity of demand I can place for liquid bags?
There is no limit at all to your demands. There are man and machinery capacity to meet all your demands

7. Can you help with the artwork that will be printed on the liquid bags I buy from you?
Yes, we have a team of a graphic designer that is no match for any others in the world. They will gladly render their services to you after an agreement has been reached.

Having given answers to the frequently asked questions, below are the required details propounded by TedPack for granting you the best service.

TedPack Liquid Bags

To help us give you a perfect outcome, you are required to give an appropriate response to these selections.

Liquid Bag

  • State the kind of product you want to use liquid bags for. We may have a little reorientation to give to you.
  • Tell us the temperature your product will have at the time it will be filled in the manufacturing company. We require to know whether it will be hot, cold, or warm.
  • Tell us the transportation option you want for the delivery of your product. Attached to this should be your address. However, this will only be required if we are to help you deliver.
  • Tell us your targeted audience. If it is people who take alcohol, church for holy communion service, sportsmen, basic school pupils, babies, the general populace, and many more.
  • Tell us if you will like your product to lie flat on the retail shelf or to stand up on the retail shelf
  • We do not offer sales on credit. Therefore, it is required you tell us your payment options to know if it is suitable for us.
  • Tell us the exact area you want your closure to be
  • Tell us where you want details like expiry date of product to be and be sure to send a soft copy of your artwork if you already have one.

A vivid response to the formulation above will empower us in taking you all the way to the top in the competitive market.


Liquid Bags have been explained in full six distinctive and insightful chapters.

If you digest all that is in this chapters very well, you will surely deal a deathblow to factors that affect the longevity of your product.

With the knowledge presented in this ultima guide for liquid bags, there is no limit to how much you can soar to the height.

Surely, there is a triumph for you in the market.

Consumers cannot wait to enjoy your product in a well packaged and fitting liquid bags.

This study guide will not only lift you up but it will also help you retain the topmost position among other brands. Success is yours through TedPack liquid bags.

For more inquiries, be very sure to reach us on our email at  E-mail:

Remain glorious!

Liquid Bags-The Definitive FAQ Guide

What are Liquid Bags?

Liquid bags are designed with the objective that they ought to be perfect for simple bagging and storage of various liquid products, as well as other kinds of related items.

It is imperative that Liquid bags meet the expectations and ideas for which they are planned for.

Subsequently, there are quite a number of important reasons why Liquid bags are being used by various organizations for packaging products.

There are various liquid bags manufactured with the ultimate objective that organizations or various companies can pick the types they deem fit for their liquid products, regardless of the industry it operates

Tedpack is specialists in the designing and labeling of various liquid bags.

This is upon the need of the customer.

On the other hand, if you are short of ideas on how to decide the best liquid pouch that is suitable for your products, Tedpack offers various sorts of recommendations.

The recommendations depend on the products that the customer needs them to be used for.

Liquid bag

Liquid Bag

How is liquid bag produced?

The idea behind designing and manufacturing of liquid bags is basically fundamentally coming up with a packaging bag or bags, befitting for liquid items or products alone.

Quite a number of measures are being employed. A good example is segmenting being joined in the designing of liquid bags with the objective that they are ideal for different products, in consistence with the request that is being made.

Other than the packaging of just liquids, there could be some extraordinary fluid products that liquid bags are perfect for.

This is based just on the suitability of the bag to meet the requirements needed for storing the products.

What are the material choices available for liquid bags?

Getting the best material for a liquid bag is noteworthy.

This is in light of the fact that it is an incredible determinant for the idea of the bag that is being produced, as well as many other important factors.

A great deal of materials is used for the manufacturing of liquid bags, and each one has its very own bit of an advantage over another.

The material utilized by Tedpack include the following:

  • Metalized pet
  • Polypropylene
  • Kraft paper
  • Aluminum foils
  • Polyethylene, etc.

Tedpack make use of these materials for the packaging of liquid bags, and you can get the opportunity to find out more about them before placing in a solicitation.

What are the Advantages of liquid bags?

Liquid bags are probably the best packaging options for the different liquid items out there today.

Away from the notion that there are other incredible advantages of using liquid bags, there are various inclinations that make them alluring over different kinds of packaging pouches and bags.

Some of the positive points of interest you should look out for before choosing a liquid bag include the following:

  • Branding of the product for advert and care reason
  • Attractiveness and styling of the products
  • Protection of the products
  • Easy packaging of the products
  • Easy treatment of the products
  • Long term packaging of the products
  • Low cost of collecting

For naming and printing of your liquid bags, Tedpack offer you the most perfect organization options you would ever get, and you can likewise offer opinions and thoughts if need be.

What are the sizes open for Liquid Bags?

At Tedpack, there are various types of sizes that you can choose for your liquid bags. This help the versatility of your product in the sense that you can sell your products in different sizes. It increases value and productivity

Should a customer have various options on sizes, they can examine this with Tedpack, and also make sure to bargains with sales representatives while putting in the request.

Are liquid bags Approved?

All Tedpack packaging bags are FDA and ATSMA asserted. This infers that they ensure the quality and freshness of every product that is being packaged, a great quality for packaging materials.

FDA approval is noteworthy, especially for the packaging of edibles items.

Is there a potential for liquid bags to leak?

This is one of the most important requirements that must be taken serious, hence it has to be considered while designing liquid bags.

It is also befitting that liquid bags have more thickness than other packaging bags and pouches, and this is because they are mostly used for the packaging of fluids.

Liquid bags being designed to be puncture safe is so as to be impervious to cut or leakage. The most important reason is the fact that the whole items can be adequately kept and protected and also avoid been wasted through leakage.

Liquid bags are hereby manufactured so their surfaces are solid and adequately ready to withstand puncture.

Tedpack goes about the manufacturing of liquid bags with overlaid structures that make them strong enough to withstand puncture, and at the same time, escape wears and tears.

How thick can a liquid bag be?

Tedpack liquid bags are expected to have a thickness between the range of 70 microns to 200 microns. In millimeters, this is about 2.5 mil to 8 mils. 

What Additional Features can liquid bags Possess?

A lot of features can be used while manufacturing liquid bags. It might be a feature that is designed to make it extraordinarily easy to manage or one that makes the product very easy to store.

Some of the features that are being utilized in the manufacturing of liquid bags by Tedpack are:

  • Liquid bags with zippers
  • Liquid bags with various body parts
  • Liquid bags with gaps for hanging
  • Liquid bags with handles.
  • Clear liquid bags

clear liquid bag

 Clear liquid bag

Tedpack adds all of these features to the design of Liquid bags. Although, this is based on the requirement of a customer, and the type of feature they prefer for this purpose.

What types of products can go in liquid bags?

Liquid bags are one of the most pronounced packaging materials today, and this is on the grounds that they are required by a lot of industries that are concerned with the manufacturing of liquid and related items

Some of the liquid products they are used for includes the following:

  • Liquid chemicals
  • Vegetable liquid
  • Liquid prescriptions and syrups
  • Juices
  • Beverages
  • Gins and other alcoholic liquors etc.

What is seal Testing of Liquid Bags?

This is one of the most critical techniques for guaranteeing that a liquid bag has gone through its manufacturing stages, and has been adequately manufactured and prepared to be used for the packaging of different products

Seal testing is being carried out with a fixing machine that checks and guarantees that packaging bags and pouches are perfect and approved for the storage of various products

Tedpack uses seal testing for most bags and pouches, particularly for those that are used for the packaging of liquid and related items, for example, oil bags and Liquid bags.

What is weight Testing for liquid bags?

This kind of testing is done significantly to gauge the weight that packaged products can withstand to avoid a burst or tear. It can also be referred to as pressure testing.

Weight testing is very important for liquid bags, and this is because these bags are very vulnerable to tears.

What is drop testing for liquid bags?

This testing is done to evaluate the likeliness of the liquid bag to cut.

Drop testing is very important because, on the whole, it assesses the nature of the material that is used for the production of the liquid bags.

What are the factors or requirements to Consider Before Choosing a liquid bag?

There are different factors you should consider before using liquid bags for the packaging of your products.

Some of the factors include the following:

  • Kind of liquid or liquid to be bundled
  • The materials used for packaging the products
  • Designs and workmanship needed for production
  • The cost of manufacturing the liquid bag

Can liquid bags produce scents, or are they capable of resisting scents from various products?

All Tedpack liquid bags are smell and odor proof. After the bag is being sealed, no matter how cogent the smell of the products is, it would not be perceived until the bag is unsealed.

In like manner, there are a couple of items with rather upsetting scents, for instance, synthetic compounds. Being aroma and scent proof will make it impossible to perceive this smell.

Can insects and other pests get into liquid bags?

Liquid bags are well protected against pests and insects. However, this cannot be said for rodents.

Therefore it is important to keep your bags inside protected areas where rodents would not be able to reach.

Can you add a spout to your liquid bags?

Spout could act as an additional feature for liquid bags. In this case, it is important to keep the spout closed up to ensure air will not enter.

As much as possible too, ensure that the spout is cleaned out. You can also clean it with the rest of the bag if possible.

Spout liquid bag

Spout Liquid Bag

Are Liquid bags eco-friendly?

It is basic that packaging bags and pouches are produced to be biodegradable.

Today, a lot of enterprises has taken to this, and they don’t make use of packaging materials that are not eco-friendly or biodegradable.

Besides this, there are serious government rules and guidelines that are being given to ensure that packaging materials are not a risk to nature.

As a result of these, all Tedpack bags and pouches including liquid bags are produced in such a way that they are biodegradable and eco-friendly. 

Can you add any printed materials on liquid bags?

Tedpack creates simply printable packaging bags, pouches, and packs. The materials used for the production of liquid bags make them genuinely printable.

Tedpack utilizes the latest printing methods for incredibly printing ability, and this is valuable for bags and pouches packaging material because the help to build brand awareness.

Furthermore, for certain items, FDA requires that visible and understandable naming should be on all packaging bags and pouches.

This requires indelible craftsmanship and production, something that Tedpack guarantees.

What is the type of liquid bags?

There are various types of liquid bags that can be used, and this will depend on the material used to produce the bag, as well as the items that it would be used for.

Some types of liquid bags are:

  • Stand up Liquid Bags
  • Flat liquid bags
  • Gusseted liquid bags
  • Clear liquid bags
  • Liquid bags with zippers
  • Flat bottomed liquid bags.

What are stand up liquid bags?

This is a kind of liquid bag that is created with the goal that it can remain standing on itself. This structure makes it easy to store the liquid bags

They are designed so they have gussets that are fixed on the different sides of the bag. The gusset is similarly crumpled upwards and inwards

It is the side component of the gusset that makes it possible for liquid bags to remain upstanding.

Besides, these bags have a bottom gusset that keeps them stable why standing on the table or rack.

Stand up liquid bags can in like manner consolidate other types of assembling features. In most cases, most industries utilize a zip lock and some additionally make use of clear windows.

Stand up liquid bags are arguably the best type of liquid bags since they are created with impeccable overlaid material.

The overlaid materials help shield the items from oxidation, UV light, various microorganisms, etc.

They are also completely printable, and this makes them useful for various companies and also for brand awareness.

Tedpack deals with the assembling and production of stand up liquid bags with the incorporation of any kind of feature that you consider it fit for.

stand up liquid bag

Stand up Liquid Bag

What are Flat liquid bags?

Flat liquid bags are bags used by most industries today for the packaging of their liquid products.

They have the advantage of not being hard to bag and seal, and this is the reason they are easy to utilize by most companies

They are quite different from stand up liquid bags, flat liquid bags don’t have side or base gussets, neither do they have folds.

They are adaptable kinds of liquid bags, and this is an incredible property for liquid bags since they can be utilized successfully to take a lot of features, forms, segments, shapes, styles, and sizes.

With Tedpack you can get various styles for your flat liquid bags.

Flat liquid bags are in like manner easy to adjust so as to meet the essential requirement of the customer. Furthermore, they have unprecedented quality and this adds to their advantages.

They are various kinds of flat liquid bags, and they include:

  • 3 side fixed liquid bags
  • Aluminum liquid bags
  • Vacuum liquid bags

All of these are being produced and structured by Tedpack.

Flat Liquid Bag

 Flat Liquid Bag 

Can you store other products in liquid bags?

The most suitable types of products for liquid bags are fluid or liquid products, and they should not be used for the packaging of other types of products.

Tedpack manufactures various packaging bags and pouches that are ideal for other products. They include the following:

  • Coffee bags
  • Marijuana bags
  • Salt bags
  • Tin tie bags etc.

What is the procedure for submitting a request for liquid bags with Tedpack?

Here is a breakdown of the procedure:

Reach out to the sales personnel, and present a proposition for the plan of your liquid bags

A draft will be sent back. the draft will just take a span of 48 hours; after which it would be returned for appraisal.

As soon as the draft sent in affirmed, production starts and the entire manufacturing will be finished in the following 24 hours.

How long can the contents inside liquid bags last?

It is possible to store products inside a liquid bag for five to ten years. But this depends more on the product that is being stored.

Tedpack manufacture liquid bags to be capable of storing products for a very long time.

What is the printing technique for liquid bags?

Tedpack utilizes various printing techniques. Some of these techniques include:

  • Metallize printing
  • Vanishing printing
  • Matte wrapping up
  • D-met printing

These are incredible alternatives and techniques for artwork and designs on liquid bags.

How smooth are liquid bags?

Liquid bags are made in such a way that their materials are smooth polymers that do not wrinkle or bed easily.

What are the proper temperature storage considerations for liquid bags?

Liquid bags can be stored in various temperature conditions. However, it is important to follow the required temperature for the liquid that is the package.

Can you reuse liquid bags after using them?

All packaging bags and pouches made by Tedpack can be reused and this includes liquid bags.

What is the order requirement limit for liquid bags?

At Tedpack, the request acknowledged for liquid bag is 50000 pcs.

However, there is the plausibility of an exemption depending on the prerequisite a client makes or the criteria of a request being made.

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