kraft stand up pouches
Kraft Stand Up Pouches
Kraft stand up pouches made of black, white, brown kraft paper laminated plastic material, it is the most eco-friendly and high grade choice packaging options.

Kraft Stand-Up PouchesPremium Quality Print | 10K MOQ, Durable Pouch

Kraft stand-up pouches you can also call them Kraft SUPs.  These pouches are common and packaged mostly solid food like sugar, coffee, and pet food in them as these are the most common foods that are stored in these bags.

The laminated kraft paper stand-up pouches do not easily break and are capable of holding the heaviest product. To increase the effectiveness, the pouch is designed in a standing position to avoid any spill-over while on the shelves. We will laminate the Kraft paper with the different barrier films to increase its strength and durability.

  • Low MOQ to 10K for custom print, digital print start from 100 pcs
  • All customize options for a window, valve, tearing, round corners.
  • FDA approved, BPA free, the material can direct contact with food
  • Premium quality and durable for all food products

Kraft paper pouches can also customize with black, brown, white paper. And all the papers we use is FSC certified!

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MOQ100 Pcs by Digital Print, 10K Pcs by Gravure Print
Size70*110+25mm(Min)    320*450+120mm(Max)
Thickness70Mircons-200Mircons (2.5Mil-8Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, Valve, Ziplock
PrintingD-Met Printing, Vanishing, Matte Finishing, Stamping
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Compostable Kraft Stand Up Pouch

In 2019, TedPack present new compostable kraft stand-up pouches to the market. Here below we list something different compare these new compostable kraft stand-up pouches to the standard kraft paper laminated PE material. Standard vs Compostable:

  • Material: Kraft Paper Laminated PE(Polyethylene)  vs Kraft Paper Laminated PLA( Ployetic Acid)
  • OTR and WVTR Barrier: 50 vs 180
  • Shelf Life: 18 Months vs 9 Months
  • Compostable: No vs Yes
  • Price: Low cost vs 45% Higher

So generally we can know that standard kraft stand up pouch’s barrier, cost, shelf life are better than compostable kraft stand up pouch, but due to the strict environmental policy now, compostable kraft paper stand up pouches still promising to the market.

kraft Stand Up Pouches

Ultimate Guide of Kraft Stand-Up Pouches

Product packaging is done as the last thing before realizing product into the market. Although it might seem a simple process, its technical still. That is why a keen eye to every detail on pouches quality, design, and convenience of the pouches must be taken care of.

Kraft Stand Up Pouches

Most product producer and packagers are ditching the traditional plastic and glass containers for reasons that will be explained later on these guide.

At TedPack we have taken our step in ensuring you get quality sustainable packaging alternative.

This article will take you through all you need to know about Kraft stand up pouches.

Here is the content breakdown in chapters.

Kraft Stand-Up Pouches: Definition of Kraft Stand-Up Pouches

Kraft paper can be defined as a pouch film produce from the use of chemical pulp in a process known as Kraft process.

Kraft Stand-Up PouchesOur Kraft paper pouches are made of gusset folds which have been sealed from the sides in an inwards and upward design.

The bottom gusset of these pouches is what makes them self-standing.

Depending on the pouch design you need and the type of product you are planning to package, we have several designs we can offer you. Chapter 5 will explain these more.

But on quality packaging, our pouches are made of laminated film structures.

Apart from the Kraft paper material, we laminate several other materials to achieve the kind of barrier property you need for the product you intend to package. Some of the material we laminate will get explained in chapter 6. But if you needed pouches that will improve your product visibility, we do print product logos, label, and graphics.

We use the latest rotogravure, digital and flexo printing machines to ensure you get the right kind of imprints you intend to.

Lastly, to ease your pouch use experience, improve reliability and convenience, we have several add-ons we can fit on your pouches. More on add-on will be explained in chapter 4.

Kraft Stand-Up Pouches: Uses of Kraft Stand-Up Pouches

In the current product market, Kraft stand-up pouches have confirmed their essentiality and advantage in product packaging.

Kraft Stand-Up PouchesWe manufacture quality pouches, and one thing you need not worry about is whether your packaged product will live to the expected shelving span.

The laminated film structure ensures that your product will be safe from all effects caused by oxygen, UV light, water vapor, moisture, odor and contaminants from the external environment.

Below are some of the products that can get packaged using our Kraft stand up pouches.

Coffee and Tea

Kraft Stand-Up PouchesIf you deal in coffee or tea packaging, Kraft stand-up pouches will serve you best. Our bags are made of material like PET, Kraft paper, PP and many other materials that get laminated together.

But, Kraft paper material takes the outer part for a reason. Kraft paper has a dull look that suggests freshness.  If you need to impress your customers with a fresh from the farm look, then our natural Kraft Paper stand-up-pouches will serve you right.

Apart from the laminated film, these pouches are fitted with add-ons such as tear notches, hang holes, transparent windows and many others.

Lastly, our coffee pouches are fitted with degassing valves to let out the carbon dioxide gas produced by roasted coffee beans.

  • Snack

Kraft Stand-Up PouchesIf you deal in snacks packagings such as crunches, Biscuits, chips, Cakes and other ready to eat foodstuff, you can use our resealable pouch bags

They will preserve your product due to their strong structure and offer simple opening and re-sealing experience.

  • Nuts, Grains, Seeds

For companies that that deal in the packaging of farm nuts, seeds or grains, we have Kraft paper pouches of various types such as side gussets, block bottom, and many others.

  • SpicesKraft Stand-Up Pouches

Food spices can also get packaged in our Kraft stand up pouches. These pouches can get heat sealed, re-closed and they have laminated films for top-notch barrier properties.

At TedPack we are best to go for when you need stand-up pouches for food packaging.

Kraft Stand-Up Pouches: Advantages of  Kraft Stand-Up Pouches

Many companies across the globe produce these pouches but their quality cannot be marched to the ones produced by Tedpack Company. This is because the company uses the ancient brown Chinese Kraft paper that is widely known for its turgidity.

If you decide to use our Kraft stand-up pouches, there are several advantages you are going to enjoy. Below are the main ones.

  • Self-Standing and Strong

While manufacturing our pouches, we always have it in mind that our bags will get handled over a chain from the product producer, packager, retailer all the way to the end product user

Kraft Stand-Up PouchesFor that reason, we manufacture strong but flexible packaging pouches made of laminated film structures. You will not worry of pouch punctures or simple tear.

Lastly, these pouches are self-standing. They can rest on any shelf, table or kitchen pantry comfortably.

The ability to self-stand will improve your product visibility to customers as well as making product arrangement on the shelves simple.

  • Safety

Kraft Stand-Up PouchesThe safety of your products is guaranteed once packaged in our stand up pouches made of Kraft paper.

After heat sealing of these pouches or zipping them using reclosable zippers, you will not worry of moisture, odor, vapor, oxygen or contaminant infiltration.

If you need resealable pouch bags, look nowhere else.

Additionally, all the material we laminate together to produce the film for your very packaging need are FDA approved, and ISO certified.

We manufacture BPA free pouches meaning your packaged product will remain fresh for long and will not get affected by the packaging material nor will there be side effects on the consumers.

  • Sustainable

The world today is all geared towards environmental conservation and sustainability.

At TedPack, we are too in harmony towards the call “Environmental conservation is everyone’s responsibility.”

Kraft Stand-Up PouchesWe use strong but renewable paper and other materials in making our eco-friendly stand-up pouches.

We use scientifically accepted methods in assessing whether our materials will not put any strain on the planet through environmental pollution.

Once you decide to use our Kraft stand up paper pouches, be sure you are using biodegradable bags that are well branded for visibility reasons.

  •  Stunning

For product visibility reasons, we use highly printable materials.

Our stand up pouches offer enough billboard space where we do print your logo, make some good hot stamping, print some visible user guide and all product promotional graphics you deem essentials using the latest rotogravure, flexo or digital printing machines.

Kraft Stand-Up Pouches: Applications (Features)

For us to make it easy for product manufacturers, retailers and end product users when handling your packaged products, we have several add-ons you can decide to use.

But, for every add-on that we are to use, we ensure it is useful to the end consumer. All these add-ons are meant to add user-friendliness, convenience and reliability.

Here are the add-ons we offer:

  • Tin Ties

Tin ties are add-ons meant to improve resealability of your Kraft packaging pouches.

Kraft Stand-Up PouchesFor pouches meant to package large quantities of coffee, tea, spices, grains or farm seeds, you need a reseal feature.

Tin Ties allow you to roll down your bags after scooping the amount you need thus ensuring a uniform seal look. Through resealing, your product will be safe from external hazardous effects like moisture and oxygen.

  • Degassing valves

Degassing valves are much essential when packaging roasted coffee or any other product.

Kraft Stand-Up PouchesWhen packaging roasted coffee, degassing valves give you an option to package your roasted coffee beans without the worry of your bags busting open.

Freshly roasted coffee does release carbon gas immediately after roasting and continues to do so for 7 plus days.

Kraft Stand-Up PouchesIf you happen to package such a product in Kraft stand up pouches with no valves, you are risking exposing your products to oxygen, moisture, vapor and odor after the pouch bursts.

But with a degassing valve, the produced gas will be vented out through a one-way valve. Meaning, your customers will always get fresh and stable products.

  • Round Corners

Kraft Stand-Up PouchesRound corners do help in avoiding injuries caused by sharp Kraft paper corners.

If you are a packager, but you have customers who continuously complain of injuries inflicted by sharp pouch corners, then you need our round corner add-ons.

All to do is ask, and we will have these round corners on your pouches ASAP.

  • Hang Holes

Kraft Stand-Up PouchesIf you are to package tea, coffee, snacks, spices or any product on these pouches and you what to improve shelve visibility, we can add hang-holes for that reason.

These are holes made on Packaging pouches to allow hanging. If your shelves are full and you need to increase your product storage space as well as make them more visible, then hang holes will serve you right.

  • Tear Notches

For easy Kraft pouch opening, we fit them with tear notches. Tear notches are fitted on both sides of the pouch at the top part where one can initiate a tear.

With tear notches, you will be able to make ultra-clean and straight pouch tears.

Whether you are packaging snacks, spices, industrial products, coffee or any other product, a tear notch is meant to coax every user to initiate a tear at that very right and specific point.

  •  Clear WindowsKraft Stand-Up Pouches

When packaging products like coffee beans, spices, snacks or industrial product that a customer must see their quality state before buying, then you will need some clear window.

Transparent or clear windows will serve you a great deal by boosting customer’s confidence in your product.

Depending on your pouch design or preference, we can fit clear windows of different shapes on your kraft stand up pouches with window bags.

We can fit, circular, rectangular, shaped, triangular transparent windows.

  • Re-closable zippers

Kraft Stand Up Pouch

For product safety reasons, we have re-closable zippers to ensure you seal your bags after opening them up. Through a simple press, you will be able to reseal you Krafy paper pouch after scooping the amount you needed.

Resealing ensures your pouches are free from moisture, vapor, odor, contaminant and oxygen effects.

  • Matte & Glossy Finishing

Gloss and matte finishing serve an almost similar purpose but in different ways. For example, gloss makes packaging pouches look shiny thus easily noticeable.

Kraft Stand-Up PouchesGraphical imprints and info printed on shiny pouch surfaces are thus easily visible. Additionally, your pouches are easy noticed no matter how the shelf is crowded.

Matte finishing is most seen on Kraft stand up pouches.

This is a finishing style that makes these pouches look dull. Although they have a dull look, that is what attracts some customers and as well make your imprints more visible.

Kraft Stand Up Pouches: Types of Kraft Stand Up Pouches

Different products need different packaging conditions. In the same line, a packaging pouch used for packaging snacks will not work well for packaging coffee.

For that reason, we manufacture different Kraft paper made pouches. Depending on the type of product you intend to package, we will manufacture a specific bag that will meet your needs.

We understand every product has unique packaging needs. But something such as the use of laminated film structures, provision of several add-ons features and printing technologies remain a common thing to all Kraft pouches

Below are some of the Kraft stand-up pouches that we produce.

  • Kraft Bottom Gusset Pouches

Our Kraft bottom gusset pouches are made of high-quality laminated film structures that form a bottom gusset that enables these pouches to self-stand easily.
Kraft Stand Up Pouches
For quality packaged product protection, the laminated film structure provides consistency and ultimate barrier properties against UV lights, oxygen, odor, moisture, water vapor and contaminants.

Depending on the product to be packaged, we sometimes laminate between 3-7 layers of scientifically choose materials.

Mostly we use the film structure formula of Kraft/AL/PET when we need high-quality barrier property.

If you needed pouches with enough billboard space, our bottom gusseted bags would provide you with enough space.

Additionally, we can make pouch branding through hot stamps, logos, label, graphics and all image printing you find essential.

Lastly, for convenience reasons, we fit different add-ons such as re-closable zippers, hang holes, tear notches, transparent windows, round corners and many others.

Here is a chart showing additional information regarding our Kraft stand up pouches.

Volume (oz)Volume (gram)Width (inch)Length (inch)    Gusset (inch)MOQThicknessDelivery
1283.155.111.6020000-30000 Pcs8-7.5Mil (80-180Microns)30-35 Days
2704.356.302.3520000-30000 Pcs8-7.5Mil (80-180Microns)30-35 Days
31004.757.902.3520000-30000 Pcs8-7.5Mil (80-180Microns)30-35 Days
41505.108.252.3520000-30000 Pcs8-7.5Mil (80-180Microns)30-35 Days
82506.309.052.7520000-30000 Pcs8-7.5Mil (80-180Microns)30-35 Days
165007.5010.203.5520000-30000 Pcs8-7.5Mil (80-180Microns)30-35 Days
3210009.2513.204.0020000-30000 Pcs8-7.5Mil (80-180Microns)30-35 Days
106300011.817.902.7520000-30000 Pcs8-7.5Mil (80-180Microns)30-35 Days
141400014.921.603.1520000-30000 Pcs8-7.5Mil (80-180Microns)30-35 Days

Kraft Block Bottom Pouches

Kraft block bottom pouches are also known as Kraft flat bottom pouches. Many product packagers love these type of bags because of the market they attract.

Retailer and end product user love them due to their stable and sturdy self-standing ability.

Kraft Stand-Up PouchesThe block/flat bottom is made strong to handle the weight of the packaged product as well as ensure stability.

On the sides, you will also enjoy enough printing space from the front, back and the two opposite side panels.

Some of the bag types you will find under this category are side gusset and bottom gusset pouches.

These are ideal packaging pouches for dry goods especially food, grains, powder, coffee, tea, farm inputs and many others.

For convenience reason, you will enjoy add-ons such as tin-ties and zippers for reclosing ability, clear windows to allow product seeing and many others.

Some of the advantages of these pouches are:

  • Self-standing for product visibility
  • 5 panels for printing and pouch branding
  • Easy to arrange on the shelf
  • FDA approved and
  • Eco-friendly

Depending on your packaging needs, we have white Kraft stand up pouches with block or flat bottom gussets for you.

Here is a table showing regular details attached to flat bottom Kraft pouches

Volume (oz)Volume (gram)Width (inch)Length (inch)    Gusset (inch)MOQThicknessDelivery
41003.57.282.3320000-30000 Pcs8-7.5Mil (80-180Microns)30-35 Days
82503.792.71420000-30000 Pcs8-7.5Mil (80-180Microns)30-35 Days
12340583.12520000-30000 Pcs8-7.5Mil (80-180Microns)30-35 Days
165004.37510.8753.12520000-30000 Pcs8-7.5Mil (80-180Microns)30-35 Days
2.2 lbs10005.7513.5420000-30000 Pcs8-7.5Mil (80-180Microns)30-35 Days
2.6 lbs11805.75154.62520000-30000 Pcs8-7.5Mil (80-180Microns)30-35 Days

Kraft Side Gusset Pouches

If you are searching for Kraft stand up pouches for packaging coffee and tea, these are the best ones you can think of.

Kraft Stand-Up PouchesThey are pouches with considerable high storage capacity. The structures of these pouches make them ideal when a maximum filling is needed.

They have side gussets made of fin-seals that run from the bottom to the top of these bags. When filled up, these fins do square out very well thus maximizing on filling space.

Apart from winning the favor of those packaging tea and coffee, these pouches are also used when packaging snacks, food, farm inputs and some industrial products.

Their high and improved visibility owing to their horizontal standing ability saves you considerable strain on product advertisement and promotions. Customers can see them easily on any shelf.

Benefits of these pouches are:

Excellent barrier properties thanks to laminated film structures

Kraft Stand Up PouchBenefits of these pouches are:

  • Excellent barrier properties thanks to laminated film structures
  • The brilliant self-standing ability that makes them classy packaging pouches
  • Improved filling capacity
  • Enough billboard space from five panels that is two side gussets, bottom gusset, back and the front part.
  • Can get fitted with several add-on features for convenience and reliability reasons
  • These are eco-friendly pouches made of biodegradable pouches

Below is a chart to elaborate more on these pouches.

Volume (oz)Volume (gram)Width (inch)Length (inch)    Gusset (inch)MOQThicknessDelivery
26027.51.2510000-30000 Pcs2.5-7.5Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days
41002.67.8751.62510000-30000 Pcs2.5-7.5Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days
82503.510.252.7510000-30000 Pcs2.5-7.5Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days
165003.7513310000-30000 Pcs2.5-7.5Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days
2 lbs1 kg5.316.5310000-30000 Pcs2.5-7.5Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days
3 lbs1.4 kgs5.517.53.12510000-30000 Pcs2.5-7.5Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days
5 lbs2.2 kgs719.254.2510000-30000 Pcs2.5-7.5Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days
10 lbs5 kgs1124.255.12510000-30000 Pcs2.5-7.5Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days
20 lbs10 kgs1428.1253.12510000-30000 Pcs2.5-7.5Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days
40 lbs20 kgs1632.255.510000-30000 Pcs2.5-7.5Mil (60-180 Microns)12-15 days

Kraft Paper Pouches with Tin-Ties

Kraft Stand-Up PouchesKraft paper pouches with tin-ties are used for short-term packaging needs. Mostly, retailers use these pouches for packaging dry soups, confections, coffee, natural products, ready to eat food products and other natural dry industrial products.

The Tin-ties add-on feature can be used as a distinguishing factor of these pouches. The tin ties do improve the reclose ability to these bags.

Once you have poured enough snacks or scooped enough spice, using the tin tie add-on, you can reseal your pouch thus avoiding food contamination or spoilage rate accelerated by oxygen, moisture, vapor or contaminants.

Notable benefits of Kraft paper pouches with tin-ties are:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Recyclable/ reusable
  • You can get pouches customized to fit your needs
  • Easy to reseal
  • Enough billboard space
  • Customizable
  • Can get fitted with several add-ons such clear windows, degassing valves and many others.
  • White Kraft Box Bottom Zipper Pouch with Windows

Kraft Stand-Up PouchesIf you are looking for packaging pouches that are white and can get used in packaging of chocolate, cookies, superfoods, candies, nuts and soaps, then you can opt for block bottom white Kraft stand up pouch.

These are inexpensive pouches used for packaging products that do not need very high or strict storage demands.

But one thing you must be sure of is our laminated box bottom white Kraft stand up pouches will serve the expected storage purpose and product visibility.

Depending on your packaging need, then we can have relevant add-ons fitted on your pouches such as degassing valves, clear windows, tear notches, zippers or tin ties.

For product visibility reasons, you will enjoy enough printing space and quality printing service from us.

  • Kraft Stand-Up Zipper Pouch Bags

Kraft stand-up zipper pouch bags do offer moderate barrier properties with an airtight environment. Their inner lamination structure is appropriate for refrigerated products.

Kraft Stand-Up PouchesIf you are in need of pouches that can keep your products fresh and safe for a long span, then these are the pouches you need.

The laminated film structure offers 6 mil thicknesses that can sure your product are safe from UV light, moisture, vapor and odor.

The fitted re-closable zippers do allow you to reseal your pouches after opening them. But at the initial packaging step, heat sealing is possible a factor that ensures your packaged products are kept safe for a long shelving span.

Additionally, depending on your packaging need, we have add-ons such as tear notches, clear windows and many others that we can fit on your Kraft stand up zip pouch bags

These pouches have bottom gussets that support their self-standing abilities. They can rest well on any shelf, kitchen pantry or table.

  • Black Kraft Paper with Windows

Although these are just but normal Kraft pouches made of laminated film structures, their outer layer made of Kraft paper is black.

Kraft Stand-Up PouchesThey are pouches meant to provide a moderate barrier but a perfect one depending on your packaging needs. Depending on your packaging capacity need, we have relevant bags for you.

For example, if you need 2 oz Kraft Stand up pouch, we will gladly offer you with the same.

You can use these pouches to package candies, chocolates, cookies, snack, spices, grains and many other products.

The clear window fitted is meant to provide a space through which customers can see the product packaged before they buy them.

Clear windows make client gain confidence on the pouches they are about to buy.

For convenience reasons, other add-on features will be available for you. Some of the add-ons are clear windows, tear-notches, hang holes, round corners and many others.

Lastly, remember these are self-standing pouches thus they will be able to improve your product visibility. Whether you will have some graphics printed or some info, customers will be able to see them from far.

Kraft Stand Up Pouches: Material Choice

At TedPack, we are a versatile company. Our main aim is to serve you with the right pouches that you need.

That is why your packaging need dictates every material that we laminate together when manufacturing Kraft stand up pouch bags.

Some products will need us to laminate between 3-7 layers. Every lamination formula we use if for the better of your product packaging.

That is why we use the following materials.

  • Kraft Paper
  • LLDPE (Linear low-density polyethylene)
  • MDPE (Medium density polyethylene)
  • MET-PET (Metallised PET film)
  • MET-OPP (Metallised OPP film)
  • NY (Nylon)
  • CPP (Cast polypropylene)
  • OPP (Oriented polypropylene)
  • EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate)
  • EVOH (Ethylene-vinyl alcohol)
  • PP (Polypropylene)
  • PE (Polyethylene)
  • PET (Poly (ethylene terephthalate)

Kraft Stand-Up Paper Pouches FAQs 

1. What is the MOQ of your Kraft stand Up Pouches 
For Kraft pouches, our MOQ is 10000 Pcs. But you can contact our sales department for more guidance.

2. What are your payment terms? 
We allow 30% payment deposit and the balance payment before we ship your cargo.

3. What are the payment methods that you accept?
You can send us your payment through the Western Union, Paypal, T/T or L/C.

4. Isn’t possible for I to get samples to check their quality?  
Yes, kindly send us the location for delivery, and we will comply.

5. What is your lead time?  
15-30 days

6. Are your Kraft food pouches safe?  
Yes, all our pouches are of food grade level, and FDA approved.

7. Can I get customized Kraft stand-up pouches?  
Yes, we are a versatile manufacturing company. All we need is your pouches artwork.

TedPack Word on Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouches 

If you are in need Kraft stand up pouch bags, we are here for you.

Kraft Stand-Up PouchesWe can proudly say we understand all the details attached to product packaging concept from the initial idea to end product user needs.

For 5 plus year, we remain a notable leader in the manufacturing of reclosable packaging Kraft pouches. We understand every product needs a unique packaging environment.

We are always committed to giving you the best pouches that will protect your product for a long shelving span, preserve our esteemed reputation through continuous innovation and fresh ideas.


Contact us today. We have a customer department awaiting your call. For those who wish to send emails, we replay emails within 12 hrs. But one thing you need to be sure is, all our stand-up pouches are of high quality.

For any order placement or consultation on quality packaging, we are ready to help you. We have been manufacturing market wanted Kraft pouches since 2013, and we are determined to do the same to your order.

Contact us for quality pouches.

Kraft Stand Up Pouches- The Definitive FAQ Guide

What are Kraft Stand Up Pouches?

Kraft stand up Pouches are types of paper made pouches that are used for the packing of various types of products. They are designed in such a way that they are able to stand on shelves, cabinet or anywhere they are placed.

Because of this important feature that they possess, they are being used across industries for the packaging of both edible and non-edible products.

Tedpack manufacture Kraft stand up pouches and other packaging material. Tedpack are also professionals in the artwork and designs of packaging bags and pouches.

Kraft Stand Up pouch

Kraft Stand Up pouch

What is the idea behind the design of Kraft stand up pouches?

Kraft stand up pouches are designed in such a way that they have both gussets at the bottom, and this makes them stand comfortable.

Kraft Stand up pouches also have side sealed edges. These edges are incorporated at the side of the pouches. The side edges run from the top part of the pouch to the bottom of the pouch.

The edges provide stand up pouches with very strong sides, and they also help them keep their balance and remain in a standing position at all times.

Also unlike conventional packaging pouches, side seal pouches are designed to be very comfortable and user-friendly. This is why they are lightweight and easy to handle.

Unlike in past times, Kraft pouches are now in high demand in the packaging business, and this has led many manufacturing companies like Tedpack to start investing it.

They offer a wide array of packaging options and this makes them a top choice packaging bag for various companies across many industries

What additional features can be used for Kraft Stand Up Pouches?

Companies can choose to add more components or features to Kraft stand up pouches in such a way that they are more easy to use for consumers.

Some of the numerous features that can be incorporated to the designs of Kraft stand up pouches by packaging companies include the following:

  • Kraft stand up pouches with punch hole
  • Kraft stand up pouches with valves
  • Kraft stand up pouches with handles
  • Kraft stand up pouches with zip locks
  • Kraft stand up pouches with spout
  • Kraft stand up pouches with round corners
  • Kraft stand up pouches with zippers
  • Kraft stand up pouches with clear window

Kraft stand up pouch with clear window

 Kraft stand up pouch with clear window

Tedpack manufacture Kraft stand up pouches with all of these features, depending on the recommendation of the customer.

Tedpack can also provide assistance and guidance to help a customer choose the best feature based on the product that the pouches will be used to package.

Can Branding and labeling be done on Kraft stand up Pouch?

This depends on the manufacturer of the Kraft stand up pouch.

Tedpack is not only a company that focuses on the manufacturing of Kraft stand up pouches, but they also help in both branding and labeling of the pouches.

Are Kraft stand up pouches waterproof?

Tedpack Kraft stand up pouches are designed to be waterproofed. Apart from being waterproof, the Kraft papers are also resistant to puncture, making them a quality packaging material for most products.

What products are Kraft stand up pouches used to package?

Because of the packaging versatility of Kraft stand up pouches and how popular a packaging material it, it is being used in a lot of industries.

Kraft stand up pouches as used for the packaging of both edible and inedible products. Some of them include the following:

  • Snacks
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Agricultural products
  • Pet foods
  • Washing detergents
  • Pet foods etc.

What are the advantages of using Kraft stand up pouches?

Kraft stand up pouches offers more advantages compared to other packaging pouches or bags, and this is why they are a preferred choice.

Some of the advantages of using Kraft stand up pouches include the following:

  • They are self-standing pouches, and this makes storing them easier than storing other packaging materials.
  • Kraft stand up pouches are very durable and long-lasting because they are made from high-quality materials
  • They offer an option of user-friendliness and improved usability.
  • Kraft stand up pouches have barrier resistant properties against contaminants that are likely to affect the quality of stored products. Examples of the contaminants are moisture, oxygen, Uv light, etc.
  • Kraft stand up pouches are highly printable packaging materials, and this offers a lot of aesthetics benefits that aid brand awareness and advertisement.
  • Kraft stand up pouches meet packaging expectations; this makes them very cost-effective.

Do Kraft stand up pouches make use of degassing valves?

It is important for packaging valves to be airtight so as to prevent the passage of oxygen which could reduce the life span of the product.

In some cases, degassing valves are incorporated in the manufacturing of Kraft stand up pouches, to produce an airtight environment for the product.

Kraft stand up pouches with degassing valves are most important in the packaging of products that tend to emit gas. The type of valve mostly employed for this is the one-way degassing valve.

This valve type makes it possible for the emitted gases to escape, and at the same time prevents the passage of oxygen into the pouch.

For those kinds of products, the implication of not using a degassing valve results in the accumulation of CO2 that later causes the products to burst.

Tedpack manufacture stand up pouches with degassing valve.

Kraft stand up pouches make use of what type of degassing valve?

Tedpack makes use of 2 different types of degassing for the manufacture of s Kraft stand up pouches.; the goglio valve and the Wipf valve.

How many material choices are available for Kraft stand up pouches?

Various conditions are looked into before choosing materials for Kraft stand up pouches. They include:

  • Products packaged
  • Consumers choice
  • Preference of the customer placing the order.

Materials that are used for the manufacturing of Kraft stand up pouches include the following:

  • Cast polypropylene
  • Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate
  • Ethylene-Vinyl Alcohol
  • Aluminum Foil
  • High-density polyethylene
  • low-density polyethylene
  • Linear low-density polyethylene
  • Metallized PET film
  • Oriented polypropylene
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene
  • Polyethylene Terephthalate

What are the types of Kraft stand up pouches?

For various packaging qualities and the packaging of various types of products, there are numerous befitting types of Kraft stand up pouches.

Some common types of pouches are:

  • Bottom gusseted Kraft stand up pouches Side gusseted stand up pouches
  • Flat bottom Kraft stand up pouches
  • Spouted Kraft stand up pouches.
  • Shaped Kraft stand up pouches.
  • Retort Kraft stand up pouches
  • Kraft stand up pouches with zippers
  • Inverted cap Kraft stand up pouches

Other types of Kraft pouches include the following:

  • Laminated Kraft bottom gusseted pouches
  • Kraft block bottom pouches
  • Kraft side gusset pouches
  • Kraft flat pouches
  • Aluminum foils Kraft paper pouches
  • White Kraft strip pouches
  • Metal Kraft strip pouches
  • Windowed Kraft strip pouches. Etc.

 Tedpack are professionals in the design and packaging of all of these types of Kraft stand up pouches

What are Bottom gusseted Kraft stand up pouches?

These are one of the most popular types of Kraft stand up pouches utilized by various industries.

Bottom gusseted Kraft stand up pouches are designed in such a way that the pouch supports the quantity of a product in them.

The gusset edges are attached to the sides of the pouch, from the top till the bottom, this gives the pouch a perfect shape, as well as the ability to stand upright.

A bottom gusseted kraft stand-up pouch can be designed in such a way that the bottom can assume a number of shapes. Some of the shapes used for bottom gusseted pouches include the following:

  • Round bottom gusset shape
  • K corner bottom gusset
  • Plow bottom gusset.

What are side gusset Kraft stand up pouches?

Side gusset Kraft stand up pouches are stand up pouches that have gussets on all sides. As usual, the gussets run from the top to the bottom of the pouch.

At the top of the pouch, the sealing takes the shape of the pouch, and at the bottom of the pouch a horizontal sealing is used.

With this kind of design, they usually have a good retaining capacity for the products that they are being used to package?

One benefit if using side gusset Kraft stand up pouches is the abundance of space for both artworks and branding. This makes it the best stand up pouch for labeling

The material used for this kind of pouch is decided by the product that you want to package.

What is spouted Kraft stand up pouches?

One reason that has led to the success of spouted Kraft stand up pouches in the packaging market today is the fact they are used as a replacement for plastic and glass bottles.

They offer economic benefits over plastic and glass bottles, and at the same time, they give the same packaging productivity.

Spouted Kraft stand up pouches have spouts at the top, and this make them very easy to fill, open, pour and close. The spouts are also designed in such a way that they have fitted caps.

Spouted Kraft stand up pouches require high technology to manufacture, and this is why you need a reputable and experienced manufacturing company to handle this.

Tedpack are capable, and they have all the technology and personnel to manufacture this.

What are retort Kraft stand up pouches?

These are Kraft stand up pouches that are mostly used for the packaging of edible products in unfavorable conditions.

They are designed with film structures through the lamination of various materials so as to give the packaging effect that is desired.

Several layers of the materials are laminated together, and they protect the products from oxygen, moisture, vapor, and other contaminants.

Retort Kraft stand up pouches are the alternative packaging for cans or any other type of food container.

Some edible products that require retort Kraft stand up pouches include:

  • Pets food
  • Organic products
  • Soup
  • Fresh food

Are Kraft stand up Pouch sealable?

Yes, Kraft stand up pouches are sealable, and this helps to keep the contents fresh, and away from moisture and other forms of contamination.

What is the weight of a Kraft stand up Pouch?

The weight of a Kraft stands up pouch depends on both the size on the pouch, the thickness of the pouch and the material that is used to manufacture the pouch.

What are Inverted cap Kraft stand up pouches?

Inverted Kraft stand up pouches are one of the latest types of stand up pouches used today. However not a lot of manufacturing companies design this stand up pouch.

This stand up pouch is designed in such a way that the upper part is the bottom that the pouch stands with.

 This means that the part of the pouch that dispenses the product in it is also used for standing. They

are very easy to use.

They also provide the product with a long-lasting life span, and this is because of the laminated films and other high-quality materials that are used to manufacture it.

They also serve at good barriers against all sorts of contamination, including vapor, moisture, and odor infiltration.

The inverted nature of the pouch gives it a unique look that makes it display all other parts of the pouch elegantly. This makes it one of the best pouch for aesthetics and branding.

Tedpack are professionals in both the manufacturing and the graphics and branding of inverted caps stand up pouches for the packaging of various products.

What application types of Kraft stand up pouches are available?

Kraft stand up pouches are customized and manufactured in such a way that they are able to meet a lot of packaging and market needs.

Due to this, there are a lot of applications of Kraft stand up pouches to meet various demands. Some of the application include the following:

  • Foil Kraft stand up pouches
  • Poly Kraft stand up pouches
  • rice paper Kraft stand up pouches
  • Clear Kraft stand up pouches
  • Metalized Kraft stand up pouches
  • Satin and matte Kraft stand up pouches

What are Foil Kraft stand up pouches?

These are Kraft stand up pouches that are made with different laminated materials but have aluminum foil as the dominant material.

This is because of the benefits that aluminum foil materials have, such as odor barrier, prevention of moisture and oxygen

Foil Kraft stand up pouches are mostly used for the packaging of products such as:

  • Cosmetics and beauty care
  • Medical products 
  • Farm products
  • Laundry products etc.

Across industries, they are one of the most used Kraft stand up pouches, and this is because of their exceptional properties.

Foil Stand Up Gusseted pouch

Foil Stand Up Gusseted pouch

What are rice paper Kraft stand up pouches?

These rice paper Kraft stand up pouches are used mostly for packaging snacks. They are preferred for this purpose due to their texture, great appearance and ability to print on them.

They have a gusset that is folded both upwards and inwards, and they are designed in such a way that they have both sides of the pouch sealed. The bottom gusset gives them a standing position.

Some of the materials used for the manufacturing of rice paper Kraft stand up pouches include the following:

  • Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene
  • Kraft paper
  • Metalized polyethylene

Their top-notch displays properties, together with their ability to for different shapes and the window features make them the perfect type of stand up pouch for packaging snacks and related products.

How many printing services are available for rice paper Kraft stand up pouches?

Tedpack offers some of the most advanced printing technologies for artwork and designs on packaging bags and pouches, rice paper Kraft stand up pouches included.

The printing services are:

  • Rotogravure.
  • Flexo
  • Digital printing technologies.

Are rice paper Kraft stand up pouches FDA approved?

All Tedpack packaging bags and pouches, rice paper Kraft stand up pouches included, meet the requirement of FDA, and a confirmation letter will be sent with the products.

What are Kraft stand up Pouches manufacturing processes?

Tedpack ensures a quality manufacturing process, and this also depends on the demands of the company that is in need of the Kraft stand up pouch.

Two major steps that Tedpack follows for the manufacturing of Kraft stand up pouches include the following:

  • Demand Analysis: Here customers are to give details of Kraft stand up pouch that they need in terms of size, colors, and any other feature
  • Design and Artwork: Here the designers and sales personnel will come up with the perfect Kraft stand up pouch based on the previous step.

Aluminium Kraft Paper Stand up Pouch

Aluminium Kraft Paper Stand up Pouch

Are rice paper Kraft stand up pouches Recyclable?

Yes, Tedpack’s rice paper Kraft stand up pouches are eco-friendly and recyclable.

Is Kraft stand up paper environmentally friendly?

A lot of manufacturing companies endeavor to treat Kraft stand up paper with some chemicals to ensure that they are environmentally friendly.

This makes Kraft stand up the paper a degradable packaging material regardless of what product it is being used for.

How many printing colors are available for rice paper Kraft stand up pouches?

Tedpack printing colors for packaging bags and pouches are 8. If customers have special requirements, they can speak to the sales personnel?

Are samples of rice paper Kraft stand up pouches available?

Yes, Tedpack can send samples to the customer’s location

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