Kraft Paper Pouch: The Ultimate Guide

A kraft paper pouch is an eco-friendly pouch that is made using kraft paper.

Kraft paper pouches are becoming more popular in the flexible packaging world.

At the end of this guide, you should know what products you can use kraft paper pouches to package.

You would also find out how to use kraft paper pouches and the benefits of using them.

This is a comprehensive guide that tells you all you need to know about kraft paper pouches.

 Kraft Paper Pouch

kraft paper pouch

Typical Applications of Kraft Paper Pouches

Kraft paper is stronger than regular paper, which puts it in high demand in the packaging industry.

Some of the typical uses of kraft paper pouches are:

  • People use kraft paper pouches, otherwise known as paper bags, to get fruit to ripen faster.

Fruits release ethylene gas which allows them to ripen faster.

Kraft paper pouches have seals that trap this gas inside the pouch, leading to the ripening of the fruits.

  • You can use kraft paper pouches to make popcorn at home. Instead of using store-bought microwave popcorn, you can pop some corn using a kraft paper pouch.
  • You can also cut your kraft paper pouch, and use them to clean windows.
  • Instead of using traditional serving bowls for snacks, you can use kraft paper pouches to serve snacks at parties.
  • You can also use kraft paper pouches to collect compost or materials you want to recycle.
  • Also, you can cut up your kraft paper pouch, and use it as a gift wrapper.
  • You can use kraft paper pouch to add cushioning effect when packaging fragile materials.
  • Again, you can also use kraft paper pouch for storage.

Products you can Package in Kraft Paper Pouches

Due to its strength and versatility, kraft paper pouch is becoming more widely accepted as packaging for a wide range of products.

You can use kraft paper pouches to package products like:

  • Snacks
  • Candy and chocolates
  • Fruits
  • Tea bags
  • Coffee
  • Foods for pets
  • Dry skincare products like scrubs, clay masks, soaps etc
  • Spices
  • Dry farm produce like rice, oats, grains etc

Although you can use kraft paper pouches to store a variety of products, people use them mostly to package food products.

Benefits of Kraft Paper Pouches

Since kraft paper pouches are fast taking over the packaging industry, it is necessary to know their benefits.

The benefits include:

  • Kraft paper pouches are eco-friendly and good for the environment
  • Kraft paper pouches are multipurpose as you can use them for different purposes asides packaging
  • Also, kraft paper pouches are recyclable and decompose easily.
  • Kraft paper pouches are cost effective
  • Kraft paper pouches are not toxic, so they do not transfer any chemicals to their edible contents.
  • You do not need to do too much when it comes to printing on kraft paper pouches. The color is unique and allows for simple printing designs
  • Kraft paper pouches are easy to fold which increases the ease of transportation.
  • Kraft paper pouches preserve the freshness of their contents for longer
  • They are very durable for packaging as they are water-resistant and puncture proof
  • Kraft paper pouches are suitable for packaging consumable foods

What is Kraft Paper Pouch made of?

Kraft paper pouches are paper bags made using kraft paper.

Some kraft paper pouches have aluminium foil lining the interior to better protect the contents.

Kraft paper is very strong which makes it the best material for making paper pouches.

The kraft paper can either be bleached or unbleached.

Unbleached kraft paper pouches are brown coloured, while bleached ones are usually white.

Unbleached kraft paper pouches are sometimes yellow gray or yellow-brown.

Kraft paper pouch bags are also made using recycled paper, or a combination of both.

The proportion of fresh kraft paper and recycled kraft paper depends on the client’s specifications.

Another name for kraft paper is wood pulp paper or virgin wood pulp paper.

How are Kraft Paper Pouches made?

Kraft paper pouches are made by rolling kraft paper into flat rolls or thin sheets of paper.

The producer then cuts the kraft paper into two times the pouch size they want to make.

After cutting, the manufacturer then folds the paper in half and glues the sides together.

This is the process of making a simple flat kraft paper pouch.

You can also fix a separate paper handle using an adhesive force.

Benefits of using Recycled Kraft Paper Pouches in your Branding

The packaging of your product is one of the first things consumers notice about your product.

Packaging plays a huge role in the branding of any business.

Kraft paper pouches have a lot of advantages that touch every aspect of your business, including branding.

Some of the benefits of using recycled kraft paper pouches are:

  • You are helping the recycling process by using recycled kraft paper pouches in your branding
  • Using recycled kraft paper pouches makes your business look more unique
  • Recycled kraft paper pouches are biodegradable and can be converted to bio-fuel
  • Kraft paper pouches are strong and durable which helps to give your brand a good name.
  • Recycled kraft paper pouches are an avenue to make your brand more visible to consumers.
  • It costs less to use recycled kraft paper pouches

Kraft Paper Pouch Types

The different types of kraft paper pouch include:

  • Laminated kraft bottom-gusseted pouches: these pouches are laminated with high-quality materials. These pouches usually contain three layers, the outermost, middle and innermost layer.

The outermost layer is kraft paper; the middle layer is aluminum, PET and PETAL.

The innermost layer consists of LLDPE and CPP.

The laminated material gives excellent protective barrier against environmental factors like moisture, UV light etc.

  • The bottom gusset of these pouches makes them Stand up pouches. The laminated kraft bottom-gusseted pouch also gives your products extended shelf life.

laminated bottom-gusseted pouch

 laminated kraft bottom-gusseted pouches

  • Kraft block bottom pouches: these types of pouches have the ability to contain heavier products, compared to other pouch types.

Kraft block bottom pouches have gussets on both sides and the bottom of the pouch.

The large spaces on the sides of the pouch due to the gussets are great areas for branding and advertising.

Other names for kraft block bottom pouches are flat bottom pouches and box pouches.

 kraft block bottom pouches

kraft block bottom pouches

  • Kraft side gusseted pouches: this type of pouch has a square bottom that stretches out when you pour in the contents.

Kraft side gusseted pouches have degassing valves that serve as vents for letting out trapped gas.

They are very suitable for packaging food items and snacks.

The flat square bottom allows this pouch to stand tall on display shelves.

 kraft side gusseted pouch

kraft side gusseted pouch

  • Kraft flat pouches: these pouches are pillow-like pouches. They are usually small, and are suitable for packaging smaller quantities of products.

There are no gussets on these pouches, but their sides and top are sealed.

Kraft flat pouches are not standup pouches, and cannot stand alone on display.

These pouches are suitable for packaging small quantities of coffee, teabags and other food items.

kraft flat pouches

kraft flat pouches

  • Custom printed kraft paper pouches: these types of pouches are made from long-lasting laminated materials with high barrier protection.

The surface of custom printed kraft pouches make it easy to print on them.

This makes them a great source of advertising.

Custom printed kraft paper pouches are available in various styles like stand up, and gusseted pouches.

 an array of custom printed kraft paper pouches

an array of custom printed kraft paper pouches

  • Kraft paper pouches with Aluminum foils: these are kraft pouches that have a lining of aluminium inside for extra barrier protection.

Kraft pouches with aluminium lining are most suitable for packaging food products because they preserve the freshness for longer.

These pouches also protect their contents against weather and environmental elements like moisture and oxygen.

kraft paper pouches with aluminum foil

kraft paper pouches with aluminum foil

  • White kraft strip standup Pouch: these pouches are made with white kraft paper. They consist of three different layers, the outermost layer, the middle and the inner layer.

The outermost layer is made of MATT BOPP, while the middle layer is kraft paper/PET/PETAL.

The innermost layer is lined with LLDPE.

The surface of white kraft pouches are usually matte to make them last longer.

These pouches also come in different styles and sizes, depending on your specifications and requirements.

 kraft paper pouches with windows

white kraft strip standup pouches

  • Kraft paper pouches with windows: these pouches are different types of kraft paper pouches with a small transparent window.

This is a consumer favorite because the buyer can see the contents through the window before they buy.

 kraft metallized flat pouch

 kraft metalized flat pouch

How Barrier Protection for Kraft Paper Pouches Works

Barrier protection is an important quality for kraft paper pouches because it makes the contents of the pouch last longer.

The contents of your packaging need to be protected from environmental factors like moisture and oxygen.

Barrier protection for kraft paper pouches works in the following ways:

  • Moisture barrier protection prevents dry foods and powder contents from moisture. Products that get spoilt when they come in contact with water benefit from this barrier protection.
  • Oxygen barrier protection helps to preserve the flavor and aroma of products for longer. Certain products like spices lose their flavor when exposed to oxygen.
  • Barrier packaging also protects products from UV light from the sun.

The function of all barrier protection is to prolong the longevity of products and keep them in their freshest state.

Barrier protection for kraft paper pouches also prevents contamination of products.

Branding and Design Options for Kraft Paper Pouches

When it comes to branding you have free rein to choose how you want to customize the pouch.

You get to decide what Design and Artwork you want on your kraft paper pouch.

Depending on the type of pouch, the space on it and the finishing, you have various design options to choose from.

You can print your brand logo on the front or sides of the pouch.

Features and Benefits of Fully Custom Kraft Paper Pouches

As with other pouches, you have the choice of having a generic kraft paper pouch or a customized one.

Some of the add-on features of fully custom kraft paper pouches include:

  • Punch holes: these serve as a type of handle for easy carrying of the pouch
  • Zippers: these serve as closure for the pouch and could also add to the general aesthetics
  • Re-sealable ziplocks: zip locks also serve as closures for kraft paper pouch. The zip locks also ensure that the pouch is re-sealable and re-usable.
  • Valves: these are degassing valves for removing trapped gas from inside the pouches. Having trapped gas in the pouch can cause the products to lose freshness
  • Transparent windows: these are a very important staple, especially for food packaging. The window allows the consumer to view the contents of the pouch before buying
  • Tear notches: these add-ons allow for easy opening of kraft paper pouches.
  • Ergonomic handles: these handles make the pouches easier to carry and transport
  • Hang holes or round punch butterfly holes: these are especially important for kraft paper pouches that are not stand up. For example, the flat kraft paper pouch is pillow-like and cannot stand alone on display. This type of pouch requires a hang hole for visibility.
  • Laser scored opening : this feature is also for easy opening of the kraft paper pouch
  • Tin tie: this serves as a type of closure, but more often it is for decoration. Kraft paper pouches with tin ties still have ziplock closure in addition.
  • Aplix/ Velcro zipper: this add-on is a beautiful zipper-like closure.
  • Hot stamping
  • Matte and glossy coating: these are different finishing for the surface of your kraft paper pouch

All the features above are add-ons and are only present on your pouch if you request them.

The benefits of choosing fully custom kraft paper pouches are:

  • You get to tailor the pouch to your exact taste
  • You have full control over the design, style and finishing of the pouch
  • Customized kraft paper pouches give your brand a unique look
  • Custom kraft paper pouches stand out when on display
  • You have different colour options for custom kraft paper pouches
  • When you choose custom kraft paper pouches, you get to choose what add-on features you want on the pouch.

Benefits of Kraft Paper Pouch with a Window vs. Pouch without Window

In designing you kraft paper pouch, you can choose to either make one with a window or without.

Below is a comparison between both styles:

  • Kraft paper pouch with window allows the consumer to see the contents without opening the pouch.

Kraft paper pouch is totally covered and the consumer has no access to the contents except by opening the pouch.

  • UV light can easily pass through the window of kraft paper pouch with window.

The content of the pouch that does not have a window is fully protected from light rays.

Choosing between Clear Window vs. Dull Window for Kraft Paper Pouches

Kraft paper pouches with windows could either have a clear window or dull window.

Clear windows are totally transparent and allow the consumer to see vividly the contents of the pouch.

Dull windows on kraft paper pouches are a bit translucent and make the products visible but not vividly.

Clear windows are preferable for packaging containing food products.

This is because clear windows allow the consumer to see the color of the product.

Although clear windows allow the consumer see vividly, they also make it possible for light rays to penetrate.

UV light rays are a part of the environmental factors that affect the shelf life of packaged products.

Dull windows offer more protection against UV light rays while allowing the consumer a sneak peek of the content of the pouch.

What are the available Kraft Paper Pouch Color Choices?

The standard colour of kraft paper pouch is dark brown or yellowish-brown.

Asides from this standard colour, there are also other colors available for kraft paper pouches.

Colors like dark blue, red, green, white, and black.

These colors are available at the customer’s request.

 available colours of kraft paper pouches

available colors of kraft paper pouches

Considerations for choosing Food Grade Kraft Paper Pouches

Kraft paper pouches are one of the most common packages for food products out there.

Packaging for food products have to consist of materials that are safe to come in contact with food.

You have to test the packaging material to ensure it does not contain hazardous materials that are harmful to consumers.

Certain chemicals in packaging can affect the taste, flavour or aroma of the food.

Food grade kraft paper pouches have to be in accordance with the food safety act of 1990.

Manufacturers have to ensure that food-grade kraft pouches do not contain toxic materials.

How Kraft Paper Pouch vs Plastic Paper Pouch Compare

Kraft paper pouches are taking over the packaging market, and plastic pouches are no longer as common.

More manufacturers and consumers are adopting the more eco-friendly option of kraft paper pouch.

Below is a comparison between kraft paper pouch and plastic pouches:

Kraft paper pouchPlastic pouches
1.      Kraft paper pouches are eco-friendly.

2.      Kraft paper pouches are made from biodegradable products 

3.      Kraft paper pouches are food safe pouches and are very suitable for packaging food items.

4.      Kraft paper pouches do not contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to consumers’ health.

1.      These are not as eco friendly as kraft paper pouches.

2.      Plastic pouches are not easily biodegradable.

3.      Plastic pouches might not be totally as food safe as kraft paper pouches.

4.      Plastic pouches might contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to consumers’ health.

Although kraft paper pouches are different from plastic pouches, they also have lots of similarities.

Some of these similarities are:

  • Both kraft paper pouches and plastic pouches are easy to transport.
  • They are both flexible packaging
  • Both kraft paper pouch and plastic pouch are easy to store
  • The two pouch types are versatile

Printing Options for Kraft Paper Pouches

Kraft paper pouches come as generic and you can also choose to customize the pouch as you desire.

When customizing kraft paper pouches, the type of printing is one of the factors you should consider.

There are different printing options available for kraft paper pouches.

The printing options available are:

  • Foil printing: this involves printing on metallic paper using heat and pressure. Foil printing is a special type of printing that makes the chosen design look shiny and attractive.

Foil printing sticks permanently to the surface of the pouch, due to the heat applied.

It is a flexible printing form and comes in an array of colors.

  • Screen printing: this is a very popular and versatile type of printing. Another name for screen printing is silk-screen printing and it involves using a printing frame.

You can use up to four colors at once for this printing style.

  • Litho printing: this method involves placing the artwork for your design on a printing plate first. The printer then covers the plate with ink and uses it to print.

Lithographic printing is a printing type that requires special skill and expertise.

The printer has to be careful because applying the ink in the wrong order can ruin the final outcome.

  • Digital printing: this is a more modern type of printing that does not require Printing plates. You can send the files containing the images or artworks directly to the digital printer.

The digital printer then prints out the image on whatever medium you choose.

  • Flexo printing: this method is similar to the old letterpress printing method, and is suitable for a wide range of materials. Flexographic printing uses printing plates made of flexible photopolymer.

Flexographic printing is suitable for large amounts of printing, for example printing of labels.

Apart from these printing methods, some people also use personalized printers to print on kraft paper pouch by themselves.

Click on the link below to see a process of printing on kraft paper pouch

How to Choose Kraft Paper Pouches for Liquid Products

It might be surprising to know that paper pouches are suitable for packaging liquid products as well as solid.

If you want to package liquid products using kraft paper pouches, you need to customize the pouch to suit your products.

First of all, the pouch has to be moisture-proof on the inside, due to its liquid content.

Lining the kraft paper pouch with aluminum foil or any other water-proof material is necessary for this type of pouch.

Furthermore, kraft paper pouches for liquid products have to be really strong and puncture-resistant.

You also need a strong type of closure for kraft paper pouch containing liquid products to avoid spillage.

Closures like spouts are very suitable for kraft paper pouches with liquid contents.

You need to consult with your manufacturer to let them know the products you intend to package with the pouch.

This will enable them to customize the kraft paper pouch to suit your products, in this case liquid products.

 kraft paper pouch with spout closure to prevent spillage

 kraft paper pouch with spout closure to prevent spillage

Proper Finish for Kraft Paper Pouches

When it comes to choosing the proper finish for kraft paper pouches, there is no one size fits all.

Just like choosing printing options, it depends on what the client wants.

Different finishing serves different purposes and give different outlooks, but they all give your pouch a unique look.

Glossy finishing gives your pouch a shiny, attractive and attention-grabbing look.

The only downside of glossy finishing is that the labelling might not be clear under bright light.

Matte finishing gives a less shiny, but sophisticated appearance to your pouch.

The surface of the pouch may look dull due to the matte texture, but the artwork and design are usually vivid.

Other methods like embossing, hot foil stamping and spot UV are also good for finishing kraft paper pouches.

Regulatory Requirements for Kraft Paper Pouch

In manufacturing kraft paper pouches, the manufacturer has to ensure that they meet safety standards.

Kraft paper pouches need to have strong barrier qualities to protect their content from contamination.

The pouches should not contain hazardous chemicals that mix with the products and become a health hazard.

Options for Kraft Paper Pouch Closures

Different closure options are available for kraft paper pouches.

These closures include:

  • Spouts closure: this is a screw-on closure with a cap-like structure. This type of closure is a re-sealable closure type and is one of the most common closure types. Spout closure is suitable for liquid product packaging, because it prevents spillage. The spout of the pouch is also where you fill in the products.

 spout closure on kraft paper pouch

 spout closure on kraft paper pouch

  • Slider closure: this closure is similar to zipper-like closure.

 slider closure on kraft paper pouch

 slider closure on kraft paper pouch

  • Zippers with tear notch: this type of closure has a v-notch in addition to zippers. The tear notches also help for easy opening of the pouch.

 Kraft pouch with tear notch

 kraft pouch with tear notch

Types of Gusseted Kraft Paper Pouches

  • As with other Gusset pouches, there are two types of gusseted kraft paper pouches. There is the side gusseted kraft pouch and the bottom gusseted kraft pouch.

The side gusseted kraft paper pouches have two gussets, one on either side of the pouch.

This type of gusseted pouch leaves enough room on the pouch for branding and design.

The bottom gusseted kraft paper pouch has one gusset at the bottom of the pouch.

Both side and bottom gusseted kraft paper pouches are stand up pouches.

 side gusseted kraft paper pouch

side gusseted kraft paper pouch

bottom gusseted kraft paper pouch

bottom gusseted kraft paper pouch

Sizes and Dimensions for Kraft Paper Pouches

The size or dimension of your kraft paper pouch depends on your specifications and your manufacturer.

The dimensions of the kraft pouch are usually between 70*100+30mm to 300*450+120mm.

The thickness of your pouch is also dependent on your requirements, but is usually between 70 mircons-200 mircons( 2.5 mil to 8 mil).

Limitations of Kraft Paper Pouches

Kraft paper pouches have lots of advantages, but like all things with benefits it also has limitations.

The limitations of kraft paper pouches though are few.

They include:

  • Kraft paper pouches need special storage because over exposure to moisture can soften the pouch. Though kraft paper pouches are strong, they still have paper content which requires a cool, dry storage space.
  • Printing on the surface of kraft paper pouches will be a little uneven due to the rough texture of Kraft paper.

At TedPack, we offer a range of Kraft paper pouches that come in different designs and configurations.

Besides, we guarantee high quality and competitive prices.

Contact us now for all your Kraft paper pouch needs.

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