Kraft Coffee Bags

Premium-quality Kraft Coffee Bags to Boost Your Business

TedPack is a top-leading manufacturer of kraft coffee bags in China. We produce superior quality flexible packaging solutions to delight your customers.

  • 20 years in the flexible packaging industry
  • Available in various sizes, styles, and printing options
  • Fast lead time on unique design
  • MOQ starts from 5000 pcs

Your Premier Kraft Coffee Bags Manufacturer

TedPack, a premier kraft coffee bags manufacturer, we offer a complete packaging solution. Also, we can custom-engineer kraft coffee bags as per request. Send us your own artwork; we will give best solution you desired.

Kraft Coffee Bags

TedPack kraft coffee bags are available in several options. Find the best one that matches your business need.

1 lb kraft paper coffee bags

TedPack 1 lb kraft paper coffee bags are available in different styles. The packaging can be added with special features like windows, hangholes, zippers and other accessories. Because of 100% recyclable and disposable material, the content will not be exposed to the harmful effects of contaminants.

2 lb kraft coffee bags

2 lb kraft coffee bags from the TedPack structure ideal for maximum capacity and easy filling. Freshly stored coffee beans and all other food products. The packaging has an extreme barrier against odor, moisture, light, and other foreign matter.

4oz kraft coffee bags

4oz kraft coffee bags are an ideal choice for packaging coffee but it also best for teas, powder products and more. TedPack offer 4oz kraft coffee bags with a clear wide surface perfect for custom label and printing. At an affordable prices, you will get 4oz kraft coffee bags products.

5 lb kraft coffee bags

Looking for 5 lb kraft coffee bags? TedPack has the perfect packaging of freshly roasted coffee and related products. The 5 lb kraft coffee bags give the best protection from moisture, oxygen, and sunlight. Valve, windows, and other accessories can be added too.

12oz kraft coffee bags

TedPack 12oz kraft coffee bags are made from eco-friendly, non-toxic material. It is FDA approved. 100% safe from direct food contact. TedPack has a comprehensive line of 12oz kraft coffee bags options perfect packaging.

250g kraft coffee bags

If you are looking for a perfect 250g kraft coffee bags packaging solution, TedPack is your best choice. We have a comprehensive line of 250g kraft coffee bags for you to choose from. TedPack has 250g kraft coffee bags with valve, pull-tab zipper, and other options.

TedPack Kraft Coffee Bags Customize Capabilities

stand up pouch material-2
Choose The Right Materials For Your Kraft Coffee Bags

TedPack offers the best-quality kraft coffee bags made from quality raw material. We also do custom solutions in selecting excellent barrier material.

  • Printing (Surface) Layer: BOPP, PET, NY, Kraft paper
  • Barrier (Laminated) Layer: NY, PET, PETAL, AL
  • Heat Seal (Inner Food Contact) Layer: HDPE, LDPE, CPP, CPPAL, RCPP
stand up pouch feature-2
Customized Your Kraft Coffee Bags Features & Accessories

TedPack carries a range of kraft coffee bags shapes, sizes, and style options. We also provide custom accessories options as per request.

  • Closure Options: single and double, tap, child resistance, inno-lok, velcro hook & loop zipper closure
  • Valve Options: One way degas valve, double way degas valve, Goglio&Wipf Valves
  • Tin-tie Options: Copper Tin-ties, Iron Tin-tie, Paper Tin-tie
  • Treatment Options: Laser perforation, Cut handle holes, Custom windows, Tear notches, Pouch shaping, Matte&Shiny finishing, De-metallize
stand up pouch print-2
Best Printing Options on Your Kraft Coffee Bags

If you have simple or complex label and design, no worries, TedPack has state of the art printing options for your kraft coffee bags.

  • Flexo Printing: Surface simple print, low cost and easy text & images
  • Gravure Printing: Quality reverse print, medium cost and complicated text and images
  • Digital Printing: Medium quality surface print, high cost and complicated text & images
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TedPack Kraft Coffee Bags

TedPack kraft coffee bags are made for versatile food packaging. It is an eco-friendly, compostable type of coffee bags. Because it is made from natural kraft paper, the content will not be harmful.

TedPack kraft coffee bags are a great solution because it is easy to fill and easy to seal. If you own a coffee shop, store, any businesses, kraft coffee bags from TedPack is your ideal solution.

Store fresh beans and ground coffee in an environmental-friendly way. Maintain coffee taste, flavor, and aroma with high-quality TedPack packaging. TedPack will give you everything you need.

TedPack kraft coffee bags can be added with see-through window, zipper, tearing, hang hole and other features. It is included for a more durable and eye-catching structure.

We have a wide variety of kraft coffee bags that can hold 5-16 oz. There are different shapes, colors, and sizes for you to choose from. Aside from coffee, it is a perfect storage solution of tea and other specialty food items.

TedPack kraft coffee bags have an excellent barrier to protect content against moisture, air, light, and odor. The wide-open space of the surface allows for efficient custom branding and labeling.

TedPack is an expert manufacturer of kraft coffee bags. You can ensure reliable and dependable packaging solutions for your requirements. TedPack kraft coffee bags surely the best for your business.

Here in TedPack, our professionals carefully understand what you want, how bags need to work, and other main aspects that need to review. With the long run in the business, we had sufficient insight into manufacturing therefore we can recommend the best solution that works with your own need.

In TedPack, we want to make sure we satisfy your particular needs. Our engineers have the capability to custom print and label kraft paper coffee bags in small or large quantities.

TedPack has state of the art manufacturing technology where the bags easily handled. From concept design to delivery, we will efficiently work on every process.

TedPack will help you in designing new and unique kraft coffee bags for your business projects. All customization made as per your request.

Please contact us today for an instant kraft coffee bags solution.

Kraft Coffee Bags: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

The beauty of coffee lies in its smell and taste properties.

However, these properties can easily be lost if coffee is not packaged properly.

With the right packaging, the taste and smell of coffee are protected.

In this guide, you’re going to learn about everything you should consider when importing Kraft coffee bags from China.

Let’s get started:

What is a Kraft Coffee Bag?

Kraft coffee bag refers to a coffee package that is made using Kraft paper.

A Kraft coffee bag is lined with polypropylene that is both grease and moisture-proof.

These characteristics make it a suitable packaging for coffee.

A Kraft coffee bag is environmentally friendly because it is made using Kraft paper.

Kraft paper is rapidly degraded and turn into mud that is suitable for farming.

Kraft coffee bag

Kraft coffee bag

What are the Materials used in Making Kraft Coffee Bags?

To understand the benefits of using a kraft coffee bag you must familiarize yourself with the material used in making a kraft coffee bag.

The materials used in making a kraft coffee bag are aluminum foil, metalized film, Natural Kraft, AL, and VMPET.

· Top Layer

The top layer is made using kraft paper.

Kraft paper is a natural and non-biodegradable material that is tear-resistant, has high elasticity, and is durable.

There are three types of kraft paper you can use for your kraft coffee bag.

They include partially recycled, recycled, and virgin kraft paper.

Virgin kraft paper is made using wood pulp.

It is made using bamboo and resinous pine that make is recyclable.

Recycled kraft paper is made from post-industrial and post-consumer recycled fibers using a process by which chemicals are reused and recovered in the production of kraft paper.

Partially recycled kraft bag is partially virgin fibers and partially recycled fibers.

You cannot recycle them 100%.

· Barrier Layer

The barrier layer is made using VMPET film or aluminum.


VMPET refers to metalized PET. Is it a PET that is metalized using aluminum.

A VMPET film has an excellent aroma, light, and temperature barrier.

It is used over aluminum because it has a smooth look than aluminum.

Also, it is environmentally friendly and cheaper than aluminum.

· Aluminum

Aluminum is used for the barrier layer because of its oxygen and light barrier.

It provides exceptional insulation from light and oxygen.

Aluminum material is also resistant to corrosion.

This prevents the food components from corroding it.

Inner Layer

The inner layer of a kraft coffee bag is made using LLDPE easy peel.

LLDPE stands for Linear low-density polyethylene.

Linear low-density polyethylene is soft and pliable.

It is conformable, flexible, and has high tensile strength.

An LLDPE material is strong enough to withstand impact without puncturing or tearing.

LLDPE is significantly flexible.

As such when it is under stress it elongates.

The ability to elongate makes it a suitable material for the inner layer because it can handle different temperatures.

What are the Types of Kraft Coffee Bags?

There are three major types of kraft coffee bags that you can choose from.

They are aluminum foil, plain and printed kraft coffee bags.

· Aluminum Foil Kraft Coffee Bag

Aluminum foil kraft coffee bag is a kraft coffee bag that is made using laminated material.

The laminated material is aluminum.

The aluminum foil kraft coffee bag is moisture-proof and heat sealable.

The surface of the aluminum foil kraft coffee bag is handled using gravure printing.

The minimum order quantity of aluminum foil kraft coffee bag is 20000 pieces.

You can receive a sample of aluminum kraft coffee bags for free.

The aluminum foil kraft bag is available in 10 different colors.

· Plain Kraft Coffee Bag

A plain kraft coffee bag is a type of kraft coffee bag that is plain.

It is rectangular in shape and recyclable.

A plain kraft coffee bag does not have images and texts.

It relies on the appeal of kraft paper to attract customers.

· Printed Kraft Coffee Bag

A printed kraft coffee bag is a type of coffee bag that is made using kraft paper.

It has three laminated layers and it is available in 10 different colors.

Plain kraft coffee bag is 100% or 80% bio-based.

This means that it is made from natural materials such as yam starch and corn that are carbon neutral.

Printed kraft coffee bags can also be used for dried fruits, grains, chocolate, confectionery, and pastea.

What are the Benefits of Kraft Coffee Bags?

Kraft coffee bag

Kraft coffee bag

There is a wide array of benefits that accrue from using a kraft coffee bag.

They include:

  • A kraft coffee bag has a wide face that can be printed easily for your retail application. Printing on the surface of your kraft coffee bag maximize appeal and exposure to your customers.
  • A kraft coffee bag help in reducing the cost of your package. It achieves this by getting rid of the mainstream bag in a box form of packaging.
  • A kraft coffee bag has several laminations that protect your products. In protecting your product it extends its shelf life without the need for refrigeration.
  • Due to its unique natural color, a kraft coffee bag does not need a full printing version. Simple lines highlight its beauty and it has a good packaging effect.
  • The production period and cost of a kraft coffee is low. Also the cost of printing in very low.

Is Kraft Coffee Bag Sustainable?

The kraft coffee bag is a sustainable packaging method and can make your products appealing to your environmentally conscious customers.

  • The kraft coffee bag can be folded after use. This means that it occupies less space in the landfills and trash can.
  • A kraft coffee bag is significantly recyclable. It is made using virgin wood pulp that is recyclable seven to four times.
  • A kraft coffee bag is compostable and biodegradable. A kraft paper is a natural product that is 100% biodegradable.
  • A kraft natural paper decays naturally and creates a rich fertile soil.
  • The chemicals used in making a kraft coffee bag is reused and recovered in the production of kraft paper or other purposes of manufacturing.

Can you Print on a Kraft Coffee Bag?

You can print on a kraft coffee bag using digital and rotogravure printing techniques.

Printed Kraft coffee bag

Printed Kraft coffee bags

· Rotogravure Printing Technique

Rotogravure printing technique uses a copper plate to print medium or complex texts and images on a kraft coffee bag.

A rotogravure printing technique has a minimum order quantity of 10000 bags.

Rotogravure printing technique prints in 9 colors.

Rotogravure provides low prices and high-quality kraft coffee bag.

· Digital Printing Technique

Digital printing techniques print complex texts and images.

The Digital printing technique has no minimum order quantity.

Subject to your requirements you can order up to 20000 kraft coffee bags.

Digital printing techniques provide high quality and high price kraft coffee bags.

What are the Characteristics of Kraft Coffee Bag?

Some of the main features you should consider include:

· Clear/ Transparent Window

A clear window is a transparent window on a kraft coffee bag that allows you to see the content of the package.

You can customize it in different sizes and shapes.

· Tin Tie

You can add a tin tie to your kraft coffee bag.

A tin tie allows for easy closing and opening of a kraft coffee bag.

· Discharge Valve

A discharge valve gets rid of carbon dioxide released by your product.

It extends the shelf life of your product.

· Optional Hang Hole

You can add a hang hole to your kraft coffee bad.

A hang hole that is found at the top of our bag offers a fresh opportunity for product display.

· Re-sealable Zip Lock

You can add a resealable zip lock to your kraft coffee bag.

It allows you to open and close the package.

It also makes a kraft coffee bag reusable.

· East to Open Tear Notch

An easy to open tear notch make it easy for your customers to open a kraft coffee bag without the need for a pair of scissors.

Are there Size Limitations for Kraft Coffee Bags?


There are no size limitations for kraft coffee bags.

You can get a small, medium, or large size kraft coffee bag based on your specifications.

What are the Styles of Kraft Paper Coffee Bags?

To ensure that you choose the right kraft coffee bag you must know about the different styles of a kraft coffee bag.

They are:

· Kraft Side Gusseted Bags

A kraft side gusset bag is a bag with a gusset on both sides of the bag.

The gussets extend when filled with a product.

The weight of the coffee holds a kraft side gusseted bag straight.

A kraft side gusseted bag has two long faces on the back and front for branding.

The kraft side gusset bag has a foil barrier that protects your coffee from moisture, light, and oxygen.

The k-shape and high barrier of a kraft side gusset bag protect your coffee in and out.

A valve can be added to your kraft side gusseted bag to protect the aroma and freshness of your coffee.

You can custom label and custom print a kraft side gusseted bag.

You can add accessories like a tin tie to your kraft side gusseted bag.

· Kraft Stand up Pouches

A kraft stand up pouch has a foil lining that extends the freshness of your coffee by protecting it against moisture, oxygen, and light.

A kraft stand up pouch makes your products appealing on retail shelves because it has additional features such as resealable zipper and a clear window.

The windows can take the shape of a heart, circle, rectangle, or a shamrock.

A kraft stand up pouch is suitable for non-refrigerated products such as coffee.

A kraft stand up pouch offers your products a handmade, artisan appeal that appeals to customers.

A kraft stand up pouch has three layers with the outer layer being waterproof and the inner layer being greaseproof.

The waterproof exterior protects your product during transportation and the inner layer prevents your product from sticking to the package.

A kraft stand up pouch has a resealable zipper that ensures it is well sealed and reusable.

The zipper makes it easy to close as well as open several times.

A kraft stand up pouch has a wide base that allows it to conveniently stand on a shelf.

· Kraft Flat Bottom Bags

A kraft flat bottom bag offers a choice to kraft stand up pouch because it has a rectangular bottom.

A flat bottom kraft bag is a steady bag with eight sealed sides.

The eight sides of a flat bottom kraft bag ensure branding and visibility.

A flat bottom kraft bag is heat sealable. It creates a tamper-evident and airtight packaging environment.

A flat bottom bag is impact resistant, tear-resistant, easy to transport, and easy to store.

A flat bottom kraft bag is made using laminated high-quality kraft paper.

It offers your products protection against ultraviolet radiation, odor, and moisture.

Kraft flat bottom bag has a one-way degassing valve.

Kraft coffe bag with valve

Kraft coffee bag with valve

A flat bottom kraft bag has a top zip lock that enables easy content access.

The flat bottom of a flat bottom kraft bag enables it to stand upright on a shelf for visibility.

Kraft flat bottom bag is suitable for health food, snacks, tea, roasted coffee, solid coffee, and coffee beans.

On a kraft flat bottom bag, you can include a pull tab near the zipper for easy opening.

Based on your specification the minimum order quantity of a kraft quad seal bag ranges between 5,000 and 10,000 pieces.

· Kraft Quad Seal Bags

A kraft quad seal bag is a packaging that features seals on every corner and has a seal on its back.

A kraft quad seal bag does not just maintain the mainstream look.

It also has a printing space.

A kraft quad seal bag increases your product’s shelf appeal and differentiates it from your competition.

A kraft quad seal bag has excellent reinforcement that holds your products.

The reinforcement allows your bag to stand upright on the shelf.

The reinforcement of a kraft quad seal bag has three layers.

The outer layer, the barrier, and the inner layer.

The kraft laminated layer of a kraft quad seal bag creates a barrier.

It hinders erosion from liquid, light, and air as well as increase impact and tears resistance to facilitate storage and transport safety.

A kraft quad seal bag has a frosted window that showcases your products.

A kraft quad seal bag has a zipper re-closure that make it a reusable and provide protection against staling.

A kraft quad seal bag has a valve that removes carbon dioxide to protect the freshness of your product.

All the sides of a kraft quad seal bag can be used to print information, brand, and seal to provide a square shape that amplifies packaging and shelf space.

Are Kraft Coffee Bags Customizable?

You can customize a kraft coffee bag according to your requirements.

They can be customized according to:

  • Various sizes.
  • A range of color options.
  • Different designs
  • The seal of a kraft coffee bag can be customized to the properties of your products.
  • A kraft coffee bag can be customized by adding additional features such as hang holes, valves
  • There are various styles of kraft coffee bags that you can choose from.

Why do you need a Valve in Kraft Coffee Bags?

A kraft coffee bag has a valve that enables excess carbon dioxide released by the packaged fresh coffee to leave the bag and prevent oxygen from getting into the kraft bag.

As such the valve ensure that your coffee remains fresh for long.

Degassing valve in kraft bag

 Degassing valve in kraft bag

Are Kraft Coffee Bags FDA Compliant?

A kraft coffee bag is FDA compliant.

It is made using food-grade FDA approved materials.

Which Coffee Products are Packaged in Kraft Coffee Bag?

A kraft coffee bag is appropriate for packaging various types of coffee.

They are dark roasted coffee, green coffee beans, and ground coffee.

What is a Compostable Kraft Coffee Bag?

A compostable coffee bag is an eco-friendly kraft coffee bag that is 100% compostable.

The sleeve of a compostable kraft coffee bag is made using kraft paper and the inside is made using a plant-based Poly Lactic Acid lining.

It is suitable for granola, dried fruit, nuts, and ground coffee.

Is Kraft Coffee Bag Suitable for other Products apart from Coffee?

Other than coffee, you can use a kraft coffee bag for other products that you want to protect from exposure to oxygen.

Some of these products are candy, pet food, teas, powder products, and cookies.

As you can see, there are many things you should consider when importing Kraft coffee bags from China.

At TedPack, we design and manufacture high quality and reliable Kraft coffee bags.

Contact us now for the best prices on Kraft coffee bags.

We can also support your OEM business.

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